Little Weyrling, Little Weyrling, Let me come in

Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise manuvers required for the rescue and protection work that Western Weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Everyone knew the good weather wouldn't last forever. And as summer moves into fall, Western starts to move into the wetter season. Last night's storm wasn't a big one, but the few hours of rain certainly left everything nice and soggy. The barracks may have been locked to the weyrlings, but last night one of the weyrlings managed to break in, and whoever wanted to get out of the rain could. Though they would risk getting caught the next morning of course. So this lovely morning leaves Western with clear skies and sunshine peeking over the horizon. Also the order from on high to finish the cleaning and get the weyrlings out of the training field, as they'll need the space soon for fight practice. And so T'per is out early, making those who snuck inside scrub the floor again, and rousing anyone who is actually still sleeping. The rest of the weyrlingmaster staff is around as well, hanging up clothes lines and things and setting out bins for trash. "Up, up! Everyone out of bed, put some clothes on! Look lively! We're gonna clean this place up once and for all! Strip those beds and get the mattresses dry! Have your dragon flap his or her wings! Make sure all your clothes are dry or hang them up! Up up!"

Tarieth is a not happy little dragonet and she bounds away from her shivering, and still sleeping lifemate to flap her wings at T'per and bugles harshly at him, sending also harshly to his dragon. « My own is not meant to sleep in the rain! Rain is wet and cold! He will be sick! And he is a nice tidy one! » Bugle. S'ol wakes suddenly to the sound of his green's racket and hastily grabs his glasses and throws them onto his face. "Tari! Tari! No no its all right! You kept me pretty dry with your wings over me dear heart! I'm all right I promise!" He's really really afraid of this T'per guy. And he hastily starts to hang up the blankets on his cot. Fortunately he's smart and he's kept all his clothing folded up neatly in bags under his bed. He rummages through them to find not-worn clothes to wear. Geez, he even packed away his dirty laundry too.

Keely wanted to sneak in to the barracks. She really, really did. But Geimhreath wouldn't let her. Her things got packed into her trunk and a rain jacket spread over the top. The teen has not slept. It's clear by the bags under her eyes and the state of disarray she's in. Her things aren't, oh no, but she is. The icy blue nudges at his lifemate, who stirs a bit to blink at T'per. "Cleaning… the field?" She looks around in dismay. It's muddy, there's things all over. The teen blinks furiously and rubs her heels at her eyes. "Oh Faranth…" She gets up and starts struggling with her mattress, but sadly… it's fairly waterlogged and she starts to struggle. Someone won't be sleeping on a bed for a while - that thing may never dry.

So who was the (un)lucky weyrling who broke down the doors to the barracks once the rains came? It certainly wasn't Kiena, since the weyrling can be seen stretching out from where she's huddled against Ujinath's side, wrapped in a soggy blanket. The blue is calmy watching T'per and Tarieth, the green getting a snort of agreement for her harsh bugling. The blue is no more impressed that his had to stay out too. Rolling her shoulders slightly, Kiena slowly and groggily gets to her feet, rubbing vigorously at her arms to try and get some circulation and warmth back in. "Shardin' cold," she grumbles and then at the commands, groans. "Make the one's who busted in the doors of the barracks clean the field." Mud is ignored, but at least the teen is stripping off the sodden sheets and anything else drenched by the rains in preparation to hang them at least. The clothes she wears are damp and soaked in places, but she makes no move to open her trunk and change. Why bother, if they're just going to get muddy now too.

As the weyrlings all shuffle about T'per continues to bark orders at them. No idles hands here! "Pick up those soggy mattresses and lean them against the wall over here. We'll decide later if they can be salvaged. Move your trunks to the tables over here, open them up and hang anything up that needs to dry. Refold everything that needs it. Then use the clothes and buckets over here to clean the off, inside and out. Don't worry about the one that snuck inside, they're getting theirs already. They get to finish the detailing inside, then come out and do this. If you break the rules, you're gonna have a bad time I said. And they're having a bad time." T'per's green, Aspenth is meanwhile waddling about to round up the dragons so she can lead them in their morning exercises.

S'ol watches morosely as Tarieth reluctantly joins the older green, but she's clearly not happy and her distemper follows in the stiff unhappy posture of her upturned nose and tail. S'ol gives a little unhappy whine and starts doing as T'per said, having trouble moving his trunk since he's been using it to keep his heavy items in like shoes and books and his rider gear. He opens it, is relieved to find none of those items are wet, and then starts inspecting the stuff in his leather bags. Some clothes are wet, and he hangs those up, folds the dry stuff back into the bags, then goes to move his cot. This is unhappy work, he hasn't smiled all warning and tears prickle at the corners. He says quietly to Keely as he passes by her, "I'd rather have been in the barracks sleeping dry and still have to do work, then not. And What does he mean by detail work?"

Geimhreath utters a low rumble, headbutting Keely again. She reels a bit, but places a hand on the pale blue head with a soft pat. "It'll be okay," she says, glumly. Clearly the teen doesn't think so, at this point. "Cleaning it again, I guess," she says to S'ol. There's a grunt as she starts to move her mattress, but it really is soaked through. Likely something funneled water right onto her spot… which may be why she didn't get any rest. There's a strained moment and the thing falls over into the mud. She doesn't even swear. The girl just stares at it and turns to focus on checking the things in her trunk instead.

Kiena grimaces, shooting T'per a bit of a narrowed look for his barked orders but the girl complies at least. Once her blankets and sheets are hung up, she works on dragging the mattress over next, helped partially by Ujinath until the blue is called away by Aspenth. He lingers though, hesitant until Kiena pauses long enough to reassure him. Then he's off and she grumbles, "I ain't going to break no rules. Just don't see how we all pay for other's stupidity…" Opening her trunk, she stifles a bit of a curse when the first few layers of her belongings prove soaked, but it's mostly clothing — a few shirts, a pair of pants and closing it, she stomps through the mud to go hang them up too to dry. On her way back, as Keely's mattress falls over into the mud, Kiena pauses, also staring at it and then to the other weyrling. "Y'need help?" she drawls.

S'ol is pretty quick with getting things done. So he also goes over to Keely to ask if she needs help. "I can move your cot if you want? You don't look to well, do you need to see a Hea…" and then he sneezes. Once. Twice. And then he gurgles a bit and runs to his packs for grab a clean dry something, one of his shirts, to cover his nose when he sneezes a third time. His sneezes, by the by, are tiny little squeaks. A-chee!

Aspenth gets all the dragonets spaced out properly, then goes into morning stretches and wing-flares. Maybe even some flapping. Really it's mostly to keep dragons away from grumpy riders. T'per joins several of the other staff in inspecting trunks. "I still see mud on the bottom! Those shirts aren't folded properly. We need to get this all taken care of right, or we're gonna have a bad time next time the barracks are inspected. Someone give Keely a hand with that mattress!" T'per himself picks up Keely's trunk and moves it to a table for sorting and cleaning. "Once you're finished with that, have someone help you move your empty cot-frame into the row we're starting over here." Some of the staff have already grabbed empty cots and are moving them into a tight row.

Keely glances to Kiena, then to S'ol. Her shoulders slump in defeat. "Yeah. I thought I'd picked a safe spot, but it was like a damn waterfall at one point." She bites into her lip and glances to T'per, then back to the mattress. "I guess.. grab the other end?" A long soak in the hot springs will likely be best after this. Cold, wet, muddy… it's gross all around. "I swear… if we get back in there and someone starts making a mess of their stuff again, I will…" but she keeps the rest of the threat to herself, lest the wrong person overhear. She's soaked, exhausted, and really grouchy. No illness, just a general weariness and displeasure. And until they can have alcohol to drown sorrows in, people might just have to deal.

Ujinath, once distracted by Aspenth into the wing stretches and flares, is keen enough to remain with the other dragons without protest. Kiena glances over to S'ol when the greenriding weyrling begins to sneeze and she has to stifle a laugh behind her hand. Even when she masters her expression though, her voice still caries humor to it. "You okay?" she asks, "You ain't coming down with something are ya?" To Keely she can only grimace as she sympathizes in a way, then crouches down to grab one end of the mattress and waiting for the others to take up their sides. Her trunk and empty cot will have to wait it seems. "Maybe they'll all smarten up now?" But even as the words escape her lips, its obvious Kiena doesn't believe it for a second and her smirk only backs it up. She's in no good mood either, but she's trying her best to keep it held back, unless her usually sharp tongue land them all in worse trouble.

S'ol waits until T'per is far out of his hearing range and his back is turned to mutter, "He reminds me of my mother," and returns to find…well his empty cot frame is no different from the others. But then again, it doesn't matter which one he grabs, he's more likely to get a better one than the one he had! "I'll be fine," he says to Kiena.. Unfortunately his words to her carry no weight with an already anxious green, who, upon hearing her lifemate sneeze, deserts the line and comes bounding back over. And she had been doing so well in her practice! "No no Tari! Its just a sneeze, I'm not going to die! No I don't need a Healer! Go back to your lessons, we'll get in trouble!" She fusses over him for a moment and only goes back reluctantly. S'ol shakes his head as soon as she's back to her place, looking rather chagrined now. "Ah, she does well in everything, but I'm still trying to convince her she doesn't need to be physically near me for me to be safe." he goes back to pulling empty cots into place.

T'per moves over to where Keely has dropped her cot. "Pick up the other end, Kelly. You two, S'ol and Kiena. Go move your cots in line with the others. Let's go! The sooner this is over the sooner things will be back to normal. And then we can all sit down and have a nice breakfast." Aspenth gives a trumpet to the young green as she gets out of place. Then she starts leading the dragons on a parade around the field. Once things are all set in place T'per spreads a tarp of some sort out in front of the entrance to the barracks. Then he starts calling out more orders. "This and everything past this tarp is the mud-free zone. There will be no mud here! Load up your trunks and then put them on the edge of the tarp. No stepping on it with your muddy feet! Then strip off any of your muddy clothes and shoes and put them on the ground next to your trunk. If you get your bare feet muddy you're gonna have a bad time!"

Geimhreath is fairly focused on the lesson and exercises, but likely sending encouragement to Keely as she struggles through her side of things. It's fairly clear the way her eyes will unfocus sometimes. She blinks a bit at T'per, "Keely," she corrects, but it's spoken fairly quietly. Maybe to avoid getting in trouble for correcting a Weyrlingmaster. She takes a deep breath and grabs her end, readying to get the thing moved and done with.

"Alright…" Kiena murmurs towards S'ol, though she gives him a long and lingering look, as she doesn't quite fully believe him. But this is no time to go prying or pushing at fellow weyrlings, so she lets it drop, since Tarieth has fussed over him enough. T'per is barking orders again too, which has her muttering a few choice words under her breath. "Yes, sir!" Is all she says loud enough to be heard and then when Keely grabs her side of the mattress, Kiena lifts on hers. It won't be much help, but it's better then none and so long as neither drop their respected ends it's likely it's dragged to where it's needed to go. By the end, the teen has to stop, bent over slightly with her hands resting on slightly bent knees as she catches her breath. "Too /early/ for this," she complains and when T'per spreads the tarp and then orders them to move the trunks, it takes all Kiena has not to make some snarky remark or roll her eyes. Instead she just sighs and glances both to Keely and S'ol in turn. "You guys need help with the trunks too or we on our own for this? Dunno about you two, but I need some /food/. Faranth knows what they'll throw at us after this. And I ain't about to go half my day on an empty stomach."

S'ol pulls on his trunk with about as much enthusiasm as he pulled his cot. Which is to say, as quickly as a skinny, scrawny armed feminine guy like him can do without straining anything. A slow, but productive dragging speed. He stops at the tarp, then looks down at his feet. "Oh," he bends down to pry his feet out of the boots. "I'm glad I have some dry shoes and socks in my trunk," he whines. "My feet are already c-c-chee!" he sneezes again. Great. Maybe he is coming down with something!

T'per doesn't hear Keely's correction. He's busy! And likely just had a momentary slip up while his mind is on other things. Since Kiena is helping Keely with her cot, T'per moves off to help cot frames be moved into place. Some of the other weyrlingmaster staff is checking the beds over, making sure they're fit or moving them off to the side if they're not suitable to sleep on anymore. Same with with the mattresses. Those that are deemed unsuitable are loaded into a large cart by a couple of drudges. "First things first, once you're out of your muddy business, bring your trunk inside and put it down next to your new cot and couch." And the first person inside of the barracks will find what the troublemakers are up to inside. That is, dressing new beds with sheets and making sure the floor is spotless. Also on a table is a breakfast smoragsboard, fruit, eggs, cheeses, bread, sausages, pastries. All set up, but no one is allowed to touch it. Just yet, anyways.

The mattress moves. Thankfully. Keely folds arms across her stomach as she catches her breath. She glances to Kiena through hair plastered across forehead and scowls a little. A general scowl, though, not fully directed to the other blue weyrling. "Don't give 'em any ideas," she mutters, before turning to go through her trunk that T'per had, fortunately, already moved to the tables. The rain jacket did its job and her things are blessedly dry. She only needs to clean off the sides and bottom of the thing. Maybe someone passed it along through their lifemate, but word does reach her that there's food inside. This is exactly the drive Keely needs to get her trunk to the tarp. She strips down to her underclothes, leaving the muddy stuff with the rest outside. Then it's inside to get the cleaned trunk to a spot. "Oh roof, I'll never take you for granted again."

"I know, I know," Kiena grumbles back to Keely, not at all ruffled by the scowl and likely giving one of her own as she moves into the line to get her trunk through and then herself, careful for once not to track mud in and wiping any that is clinging to her stuff off well before the staff or assistants come to gather her belongings. She doesn't change from her clothes, save to take off her muddied boots and clean them after she's stepped to the safety of the tarp. Scrounging then, she grabs a new pair and dons them while the old are left aside, likely to be gathered later. News of the food brings a relieved sigh and Kiena's mood seems to brighten, "Well, there's a perk." She chimes in with a small grin that fades once she realizes they won't be able to touch it. So she'll stare at it wistfully, following whatever last orders T'per gives in silence and moving as swiftly as she can without cutting corners. She knows better then that!

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