A Quiet Chat About This and That

Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise manuvers required for the rescue and protection work that Western Weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Of all the weyrlings, there's at least one who's perhaps not entirely happy about having been moved back into the barracks. That would be Rou'x - and while she's not protesting verbally (yet), she is sitting outside beneath the overcast, storm-threatening sky, curled up in between Indianath's dark leather-coloured forelegs. He's awake, but looking drowsily down at his weyrling as she whittles away at a piece of driftwood, knife flashing beneath the dulled electric lights that surround the area.

Zi'on has come to inspect the fields. Of course he knew about them being moved back inside. The order may have come from him after the previous stormy night. The weyrleader didn't want weyrlings getting sick on his watch, of course. Not that they were his anyways. But the bronzer had gone ahead and bought some nice new cots to replace some of the old rickety ones in the barracks and replaced some of the old bedding as well. Suldith lumbers behind the weyrleader. "Looks like it might storm again later…" There's a warble given to the brown by the bronze. "Rou? Everything alright?"

Indianath greets Suldith in return, a deep rumble of a sound from within his chest. Rou'x turns to look at the Weyrleader, her knife paused against the wood she's working on. "Hey, sir," she greets him, giving a knife-handed salute as she shuffles around in he dragon-limb nest to be able to look at the bronzerider all the better. "Yeah. All's good. Right, Indy?" Her honey-hued gaze is tilted up to her lifemate, and she rests her hand against his chest. "He's not shitting everywhere any more. It's an improvement."

Suldith lumbers over to lay down across from Indy. Zi'on sits down with his back against the bronze, near a wing in case it starts to rain. Zi'on laughs a bit as Rou fills him in as to how things are going. "He was shitting everywhere before? That sounds wholly unpleasant. I'm glad to hear he's doing better though. Whatcha making?" He looks at the wood curiously. If she's making anything, and not just wittling for fun. "My da's a woodcrafter by trade. He used to make me these little wooden soldiers when I was a kid."

"He got into some bad meat, dincha, Indy?" Rou'x sounds slightly reprimanding as she looks up to her lifemate, shaking her head at him. "Dunno how it got there, but he found some in with the oil barrels… and fog n' fire, sir, it was bloody /awful/. Dragon shit's bad enough as is, but when he's got a bad tummy? F— I mean, stuff that for a laugh." She shakes her head, brow furrowed. "He's learnt his lesson at least, and so've I. How're you and yours, sir?"

"Bad meat, eh?" The bronzer looks at the brown. "I see. Probably a little spoiled. At least he's feeling better. Dragon poop is something else. They only eat meat so it smells up something fierce. Once they can between though they do their business there. Which is good because then we don't have to clean it and also because they get privacy." Zi'on chuckles a bit. "We're fine, I suppose. Same old same old I guess. Glad to see everyone's moved back inside. Was getting sick of the weyrling complaints. Though I think some of you still got wet in the storm, so I'm sure I'll hear about that, as well."

Rou'x goes back to her whittling, digging her knife point into the wood to make an indent. "I'm making a dragon, by the way," she says belatedly, "'s'not gonna be a very /good/ one, but it's a start. Won't be no complaints from me though, sir. What's a bit of water?" Even if it was a storm. "Outdoors is damned nice. Sometimes when you're stuck inside with all them bodies… all the people, all the dragons n' all, it just feels a bit too much, y'know? You just need a bit of fresh air, yeah?"

Zi'on nods to her. "Still though. I don't have any talent for things like that. I still have some of my toy soldiers though. If they haven't rotted away. The ones that weren't given to my younger siblings." Zi'on shrugs a bit then. "Some of the weyrlings aren't as resilient as you are, Rou. I can't have sick weyrlings, that doesn't make anyone happy. You could always ask the weyrlingmasters if you can sleep outside? Actually I miss sleeping in the barracks sometimes. There's a lot of people around, a lot of dragons. It can be cozy, if a bit cramped. When I moved to my weyr it felt lonely. Still feels a bit lonely sometimes."

"D'you fancy a swap, sir? I'll take a weyr and you'll have my cot in there - it's near Kali's, y'know." Rou'x clicks her tongue in her cheek and winks suggestively. "Even back in the Istan dorms I felt th'same, y'know. I'm from somewhere that's pretty tiny compared to a big Weyr an'all - all them people sleeping in one place makes their air all weird n' stuffy. Add in baby dragons farting all over't place n'… well… y'must know what it's like, right?" Her nose wrinkles in distaste. "I dunno if I'd want to be outdoors /all/ the time, but I like the broody storm air. It's all fresh n' stuff."

Suldith lifts his head and huffs. "Suldith does not want to live back in there. Not with all the farting baby dragons." Zi'on laughs. "And being near Kali would only be a torment for me. I want her in my bed, not in the bed next to me. The temptation would be too overwhelming. Besides, if I'm feeling that lonely I can always visit someone else. One of my parents or a sibling or something." He grins to her. "I grew up in that, so I'm pretty used to it. Other than the baby dragons bit. I only got used to that for a short while. Suldith didn't fart very much, either. From what I remember."

"S'long's your not visiting them in the way you'd like t'visit Kali, I'd say that sounds a good idea, sir." Another wink from Rou'x, which she pauses her whittling for. During the pause she holds the crude carving up for the Weyrleader to see. "D'you think it looks like a dragon? I reckon it looks like the back end of a runner, t'be honest." There's not much to it yet; a rough approximation of a body, a little more definition to its head. "No frickin' clue what to do about wings on it, though. You grew up here, sir? S'at right?"

Zi'on blinks at Rou, then laughs. "No. No. None of that. I might be a Shipton, but Ihave no desire for anything like -that-. If I was that desperate I'm sure Enka would indulge me. But I'm trying not to do that. I want to stay faithful to Kiena." He tilts his head a bit when she holds up the carved piece of wood. "Looks more like a runner in general. Hard to tell without wings, guess they could be folded back, though." The bronzer shakes his head. "No. I grew up at Ista. Then a little at Telgar, then I came here when I was twelve. Impressed a couple of turns later, so I was done growing up after that, I guess." He laughs. "Once you get a job you're considered grown by the weyr, more or less."

Rou'x blinks in confusion, her eyes remaining narrowed. "A Shipton, sir? Not quite sure what one of them is, but I s'pose it can't be so bad if it means you're not gonna be getting cosy with folks you shouldn't, right?" That confusion eases up a little when he goes on to talk about being faithful, and a grin tweaks one corner of her mouth lopsidedly upwards. "Faithful's a good thing, y'know? I, er… I saw Ryeokie. He was here last sevenday or so. I know we never had nothing to actually miss, but I miss it all the same in some weird way." Her shoulders are shrugged then, and she lowers the carving down into her lap. "Ista… I think I remember you saying something about that before."

"It's the name of the cothold my father is from. They were… known to marry cousins and whatnot. Keep things within the family." Zi'on peers. "My da didn't agree with most things going on there, so he left and impressed. I don't know too much else about the cothold. I've never been there, actually." He grins to Rou. "It is a good thing. Sometimes I think it's easy just to miss that kind of company. Hugs from my ma are nice and all, but they can't satisfy a certain kind of closeness." The bronzer nods to Rou. "My parents were weyrmated while we were in Ista. When they split, my ma moved to Telgar not too long after and took me and my siblings with her. Why? You thinking of moving back to Ista after you graduate?"

"Nu-uh. Ista's alright n' all, but I live at Western now, sir. D'you not remember I asked if I could stay, even if I got left dragonless on the Sands? This feels more like home than anywhere's ever felt." Indianath croons his agreement to that, lowering his head to wuffle at Rou'x's hair. She reaches up and strokes his muzzle, gazing soppily up at him. "I sorta miss what might've been with Starboy, but it's hard to miss it properly when I've got /him/." With both hands curled around her lifemate's muzzle, she draws him down to kiss his soft hide. "What we've got makes everything else seem sorta lukewarm by comparison, or something like that."

Zi'on nods to her, smiling. "Yeah. I remember. But maybe you changed your mind? Anyways, we want you to stay here. But if you'd be happier at another place obviously you should go there." Zi'on chuckles. "I suppose that's true. I'm sure Starboy would still have you later on though. If he hasn't found another girl. Unless you've moved on, too. You could find yourself a nice older guy here amongst the riders at Western." Zi'on grins a bit. "Well, I would hope you're not planning for your dragon to scratch the itch you wanted Starboy to scratch." Clearly Zi'on has picked up on this nickname.

Rou'x's laughter at that final comment is loud and raucous, and it takes her a good while to calm herself enough to reply to the Weyrleader. "Why d'you think I'm so eager for us t'be outta the barracks and /alone/, sir?" That sets her off laughing again, and Indianath raises his head to escape the wobbling, quivering pile of giggles his weyrling's been reduced to. Finally, she gets a hold of herself enough to sit back up properly, shaking her head over at Zi as she dabs at her tear-filled eyes. "Shit, sir, but that's /hilarious/. I'm pretty sure I'd find m'self someone a whole lot more suitable than Indy here, for scratching /that/ itch… I'd've said I'd ask y'self, but if you're doing that whole faithful thing…"

Zi'on chuckles as she laughs. "I dunno? Wait, is there someone you're crushing on in the barracks, too? Or is it just knowing there's all those bodies in there?" Zi'on laughs. "I know, I was teasing. Dragons can be good at getting their rider laid, but generally that's from flights." Or from girls swooning over the weyrleader taking a notice of them. "Heh, had it been a turn or so back I would have gladly scratched any of your itches. As it is now I love Kiena. It's hard to give something like that up, I guess. Maybe it makes me sort of a sap or something. Most of the time I'm not even sure if she feels the same way."

"Yeeeah, you're a bit of a sap, but I guess it's not so bad, yeah? That whole love thing's gotta be good for /some/ people. Never tried it myself, but there's plenty of time for it, I guess." Rou'x shrugs her shoulders. "I was only teasin' you back, sir, I'd not wanna get in there between you and Kali. She's alright, you're alright, so you're alright together, y'know?" It's Rou'x-logic, not necessarily the very best. She shifts her weight around a bit, then grins as she runs a hand over her hair. "There's someone cute in there, sure - and there's someone cute who's already graduated, too. Don't mean I'm crushing on 'em, though… maybe just fantasizing a little." Wink wink.

Zi'on grins and nods to Rou. "Well, it's hard to recommend it. It can be the greatest feeling in the world. Or it can be the worst, depending on the situation. It's a lot easier not to get heartbroken if you never fall in love in the first place." Zi'on blinks a bit at Rou-logic, then shrugs. "Sure, I guess. If you and Kali wanted to keep something on the side though…" He laughs a bit. It wouldn't bother him! As long as he got to participate. "Heh. Yeah? Who's the lucky guy? Or girl." He blinks then. Did she mean him? "Well, just be sure your dragon doesn't broadcast your fantasies out to the weyr. It would be a little embarrassing."

"He's pretty good about keeping it in, sir, and I'm not sure I'd go s'far's to call the one guy 'lucky'. I reckon he's pretty much the opposite, t'be honest. He's nice n' cute n' all, but I don't reckon I've got /those/ sorta feelings for anyone, actually. Not strong ones right now, anyways. Though…" Rou'x pauses, looking hesitant for a moment before she continues. "Ryeo n' I did hug a bit out in the bowl… and we kissed. Just a littl'un, no tongues nor nothing. Nothing to get the blood boiling, anyway. I wouldn't've done it if I didn't think Indy was fine with it all, n' he was. He's not told no-one, anyway."

"No? It's not S'ol, is it? He seems like he might be the type that prefers men." Zi'on nods to the brownie a bit. "Yeah, it's better to keep it that way until you graduate, really. It's made things difficult for Kali and I as it is right now, since I never know what to say to her half the time. I don't want to get her blood boiling, it wouldn't be fair." Zi'on frowns a bit. "Well, fair enough, but don't make it a habit. It's far too easy to cross that line, and sometimes even our own dragons can surprise us. Don't make me take a hard line, Rou." Zi'on gets up then an stretches. "Anywho, looks like things are cleaned up here, so I'm happy. Guess I ought to get back. I'll see you two around."

Rou'x stands as the Weyrleader does, touching fingers to her temple in salute. "No worries there sir, I'm in no rush t'go snogging no-one, and Ryeokie's in Ista anyway. That's the first time I've seen him since we were on the Sands together… that's a lotta time to catch up on, and that just - just came natural, I guess." Indianath looks upwards as a rumble of thunder rolls across the sky, and Rou'x turns her own gaze to the heavens, too. "Looks like we're gonna get s'more rain, sir. Guess you moved everyone back indoors in perfect time, yeah?" Her lopsided grin is as soft as her honeyed gaze is, until she drops it to her booted toes. "Hope y'get back before it starts t'pour, sir." As for her? She's moving over to her dragon's side, while Indy obligingly raises his wing for her to creep under.

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