Fire and Water (Meeting Jazhira)

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Monaco Bay Weyr - Glass Forges**

Out of utter silence ghostly flames spark to life and dance as Half Moon's youngest Queen makes her presence known and extends greetings to the queens of Monaco. « We come to congratulate. » Bells chime.

Szetamirath seems bemused by the contact. « Well, well, a new player takes the stage. » Orchestra swells, strings and woodwinds crashing and clashing as she welcomes Chauth with red carpet unfurled. « Come, my dear. You are welcome. »

Who cares if it's DARK outside? The fires are still burning, the electric lights illuminate the area, and Jazhira is no stranger to the glassworks. What could go wrong? Don't answer that - tonight, the real answer is NOTHING. No longer clad in catsuit and robe - to the disappointment of a fair select few of the Weyr's males (and a female or two) - the weyrwoman is once again more sensibly garbed in skirt and blouse, heavy gloves on her hands as she wields her long pipe, manipulating the molten glass gathered on the end. Her hair - less lurid scarlet, more copper-washed black - is bundled back in a mess of curls, her cocoa skin damp from the humidity and the heat of the fire. Szetamirath is nowhere to be seen - yet - but the soft swell of music dancing through everyone's mind hints that the queen may be lurking nearby.

Having done the business of pleasantries and manners Chauth falls quiet once more, the stillness of a feline that is ready to inspect new surroundings the instant her rider frees her of her straps. Hopefully none of the residents mind the gold leapfrogging ledges and sticking her nose in places she possibly shouldn’t. Eventually she will settle. Maybe. As for the dolphineer, it’s a matter of quick discourse to locate the glass forges, the former dolphineer clad in typical island attire, though the trade mark wetsuit did not make an appearance. Bare foot, and in a fluttery wrap dress she makes her way to the crafting area, but upon seeing the molten glass, she remains in the door way, without so much as clearing her throat to announce her presence. Possibly transfixed by the molten glass, or possibly not wanting to interrupt the delicate work, or possibly re-thinking the entire visit.

"Don't be afraid. I haven't burned anyone but myself in at least six turns." Jazhira doesn't turn towards Tanit, too busy pulling the pipe from the oven, but the soft chirr above the doorway suggests that at least one firelizard spy is lounging in the rafters. Still spinning the pipe, she balances it along her arm and against her elbow, weilding it one-handed as she uses a paddle in the other to shape the gather into a long, sinuous form. "Of course," she adds slyly, amber eyes alight in the glow of the fire, "that just means I'm due. Kidding! Kidding. Monaco's duties. You would be Tanit, yes?"

“One of the things you learn growing up on an island with an active volcano is to stay away from anything molten.” Tanit laughs, “Half Moon’s Duties to you. I suppose Chauth makes it obvious these days. I do sort of miss the anonymity.” She does step in closer, though mindful of the molten glass looking for an empty counter space upon which to perch. “I had no idea you were a glass crafter, though.” Sea-green eyes focused on the process with curious interest.

"To be fair, yours was a name - and a face - I made a point of learning." Jaz has absolutely no qualms about stalking the other weyrwoman, pausing briefly in her work to cast a grin towards Tanit. "Given who else you Impressed with. But - yes, long gone is any hope of being anonymous," and her voice is ripe with sympathy and shared pain. "Although, I sincerely hope your lifemate isn't as eager to thrust you into the spotlight as mine." She places the paddle down and holds up a finger, sliding the gather back into the oven and blowing evenly down the rotated pipe for several moments. When she pulls it out again, the glass is once more glowing hot, ready to be shaped further. "Journeyman before I Impressed - it's why I was here, in fact, to be Searched. And you?"

“I’m not sure whether or not to take that as a complement or threat.” Tanit laughs, at last lighting on one of the counters, “But our social circles do seem to intersect in some – odd places. To be honest I had intended to congratulate Sev on his first clutch win, but I believe he and his weyrmate are off snogging somewhere. I figured it would have been rude not to extend congratulations to you as well.” Talk of the hall earns a smile and a rueful tip of her chin, “I was a pearl diver before I joined the Dolphincraft, impression was never originally part of the equation.”

"I find it rarely is," Jaz replies simply. "I never thought I'd Impress - certainly not to a queen. I thought for certain the harper with us - Kaitlyn - would be the one if there was a queen. But, no," she adds, with just a hint of a sigh. "Szetamirath had other plans, and I've learned not to argue with her unless it's important." Slowly the glass takes form as she trades her paddle for thongs, pinching and pulling until it's time to heat the glass once more. "I knew a dolphineer when I first got here. Kalen." Sorrow coats her tone. "I haven't seen him since before I Impressed, though." Shaking off the sadness, she pulls the piece out, once more going to work. "You know S'van, then?"

“I’m glad not to be the only one utterly shell shocked by the experience.” The lanky woman stretching as she relaxes. “Kaitlyn, I’ve met her – very fixated on appearances.” For some reason this brings a grin to Tanit’s lips. “Kalen was one of the Journeyman who helped train me at the Hall, I had heard he was struck by lightning some turns ago, but I’ve not heard much of or, really from him since.” For S’van, the former dolphineer nods, and a more affectionate smile blooms. “We got to be very close when I first came to Half Moon, he is a good friend to have really. I think you’ll find him to be the kind of person you can rely on to do the right thing, even in difficult circumstances.”

"I miss Kalen," Jaz states simply. "He was my best friend for a while. Now S'van," she adds, shaking off the sorrow, "He's a bit of a stick in the mud," Her voice is cheerful as she shapes and forms the glass. It's a statuette, the glass tinted gold and red as it flows from feet to head, a lithe, feminine form gowned in firey hues. Although the frame is nothing like the short, plump weyrwoman, anyone who was here for Szeta's maiden flight might well recognize the goldrider's infamous robe - although the statue wears it better. "But he was sweet after the fact, and I've enjoyed working with him as Weyrsecond. Shame he's so fixated on his weyrmate though," she sniffs with a nose wrinkle. "I'll never understand the appeal of tying yourself to another person."

“I think I can understand the feeling.” She says of the Dolphineer Journeyman, “I will check with the hall for you next chance I get if you like.” The statuette shape is not recognizable to the dolphineer but talk of the Monaco Weyrsecond earns a warm smile. “I don’t know that there is anything wrong with tying yourself to someone, though –“ She leaves the thought incomplete with a shake of her head. Instead, “There’s something about seeing two people that have a connection that goes deeper than just bed warming, I think there is a beauty in that kind of devotion, even if it is inherently impractical in the lifestyle of a Dragonrider.”

Jazhira's expression shows she doesn't quite share Tanit's worldview - but she's happy to let the other goldrider believe as she will. Her only response is, "To each their own. For myself, I've no interest in forming a permanant bond with anyone. It's enough to share a child with someone, to have friends with excellent benefits. I've too much in my life, between my craft and Szeta, and now Ellira, to concern myself with yet another person." Her teeth flash white against her dark skin as she grins, sliding the statuette into the fire for a reheat. "Still, if it makes him happy, more power to him." She'll not remark any further on his choices, regardless of her personal opinion - but she will give Tanit a sly look. "Someone got your fancy?"

Tanit laughs at the look given and holds both hands up placatingly. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with living that way either, I admire your ability to stay – detached truth be known. And to be honest, the fact that you have decided to raise Ellira rather than foster her.” As to that sly look? Tanit laughs, even as Chauth lands closer near by to nose about the craft area. “If I were the kind of person who was capable of that kind of devotion, I never would have met Chauth.”

"Oh, Ellira is fostered to one of the headwomen," Jaz replies, matter of factly. "But I spend time with her daily. She'll know her mother," she adds, a bit fiercely, "and her father, no doubt, should he stay interested." If she has doubts about Z'tan's ability to do so, she certainly gives no voice to them, her own tone affectionate as she speaks of the bronzerider. "I'd raise her myself, but I know little of children, and between my duties, my dragon, and my craft…" She trails off, sending a significant look at Tanit - after all, who would know better than another weyrwoman? "You have a dragon," she points out logically, "therefore, you are capable of devotion. Better," she murmurs as she puts the finishing touches on the statuette - at least as far as the actual blowing is concerned, "to say that your devotion does not define you."

“I don’t think you have to worry about Z’tan staying interested where his kid is involved.” Tanit notes with a soft smile. “Children aren’t as complicated as people think they are – at least not when they are that small.” It isn’t a judgement as much as an observation. “Dragons are a hell of a lot more difficult.” She studies the figure as the finishing touches are added, giving the elder goldrider’s words a chance to sink in dissecting them, digesting them. Finally, “I think impression is something different all together from that kind of Devotion. From the moment Chauth broke her shell, she stole my breath away. She is a part of me, for all her obnoxious antics and flaws – we belong to each other. I’m not sure human companionship can come close.”

"I'm not sure I'd want it to. One person in my head was bad enough. Two is all I need." Jazhira's smile is amused as she steadies the statue over the anvil, then taps the join of glass and pipe with a mallet, snapping the connection. She hefts the woman in her hand, holding it up to admire the play of light through the scarlet and amber. "I don't know why I always seem to work with fire colors," she muses. "It's how I see the world, I think. I'm a passionate woman, Tanit. I live and love with equal verve and vigor. I love having many friends - male and female - and the benefits that come with honest, no-strings-attached loving. I don't want to lose that freedom, and I've never met anyone that makes me want to. I don't know that I ever will. But you know," she adds, as she places the statuette down on its side and begins to file down the nub on the base, "I don't think I'm missing out on anything. I'm happy. I hope you are, too."

“Interesting piece.” She notes Studying the piece as Jazhira does, and the words that follow earn laughter, not the dismissive kind, but warmer closer perhaps to understanding. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with living that way either, there’s a beauty in that too, and a strength.” The dolphineer slips from the counter to the floor, rolling onto the balls of her feet with ease. “You know, I don’t really think much on whether I’m happy or not, happiness is really just a byproduct. In my life at least, it’s more about the process – and discovering the things and people that add joy to my life.” She shrugs, “It was interesting meeting you at last, and a pleasure at that.” The dolphineer making to depart, possibly to keep her life mate from causing too much more mischief.

Filed down, Jaz sets the piece on the anvil, checking the cast to ensure that it's even. "I have a few more additions, but she's almost done. There's power in passion, Tanit. Don't ever forget that." Amber eyes glitter as she gazes at the other weyrwoman. "And happiness is as happiness does. Don't forget to find some for yourself, wherever you can, whatever it may be." She takes the statue and begins to crate it away, preparing to take it to her own personal workshop. "I'm glad we finally had a chance to meet. I'd been meaning to make it to Half Moon for a dragon's age, but I just never found the time. Thanks for coming - and don't be a stranger," she adds, just a bit wickedly. "I would enjoy seeing you again. Farewell." Inclining her head, she offers a final salute to the younger woman, then sets about stuffing the crate with straw.

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