Sevaruth's Flight

Western Weyr - Eastern Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together. You can easily detect the weyr kitchen cavern entrance to the south, thanks to the aromas of fine western cooking.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

Jolie is not quite running, because that would be unbecoming but she is moving in a hurry as she heads down from her weyr. Although, she's at least a bit more placid than most riders before a flight. "You're running a bit ahead of schedule darling. But that's okay." Then there's an abrupt stop as she eyes the riders standing around. "Well, alright. I guess you're right on time."

R'san's too busy trying to get his crates of glassware off his large brown to notice Jolie's appearance at first. When both her voice and her comment penetrate, he begins to work even faster. "Ok Chenolth. Just let me get the last of these goblets off, buddy." The brown rumbles cheerfully. He tosses his head in an eager motion that sets his bells to jingling and R'san chuckles. "That's m'boy!"

Dwarfed by the huge form of his bronze, Ae'gus stands at the foot of the great dragon staring up accusingly at him, even though it's very obviously one of mocking intent, "Do y'always have to find a glowing female when I'm starving?" he quips upwards at his lifemate, though there's a general lightheartedness in his tone, "I suppose I'll be adding another hunger to my list now." A pointed glance is given to the glowing gold across the way, but he makes no move to further attempt to restrain his dragon. Still dressed in his riding gear, the man makes a point to try his best to remove his goggles with dignity, but just ends up with half of his hair standing on end. Upon noticing Jolie, his hand quickly jumps to his head to try to smooth down the wayward strands, always looking as though it was magnetically attracted there. Halinith only has half a glance to spare for his 'starving' rider, but he does let out a chuff of amusement at his predicament before his attention is turned steadily towards the gold that has obviously caught his eye.

A small sandy brown lounges in the bowl, barely old enough to take an interest in females, more interested in the gathering of dragons and riders across from him. While the brown might be curious, his rider is more intent on making sure that they are anywhere other than Western when this particular grouping takes to the skies. Quietly he pleads, begging the little brown to get up and leave, but despite the dragon actually getting to his feet there is no attempt at leaving.

Jolie turns slowly to watch as a few more dragons arrive and then merely raises her eyebrows at Sevaruth, before the queen stretches testily and swings her head around to look over the bowl. Then the rider merely shrugs as Sevaruth makes the short flight from bowl into the corrals and she nods once to the grouping of riders. "My weyr, back up toward the stairs."

Western Weyr - Sevaruth's Ledge
Not an overly large ledge, it looks somewhat new to being in use now. It opens onto a large area where Sevaruth usually sprawls and also provides her with a vantage to look out unto the bowl. Further back it narrows and comes to resemble most of the other ledges of riders by being sectioned off by niches in the rock and rooms separated by hanging curtains. Near the back is the bed, piled with a mismash of pillows and blankets and a few even tossed on the clothes presses. The only other major furniture here is a desk, papers and random assorted things piled or stacked, in massive clutter. Not much else has been done to decorate the place, except for windchimes made of glass, hanging out over the ledge, some of them glinting usually from either sunlight or torches.

Dragons> Sevaruth flies in low, barely skimming the wooden fence around the corrals and she drops heavily on the first beast she can catch, snapping its neck quite efficiently. Though as she bends to eat there is a brief power struggle and she snarls in anger at an unseen opinion. Eventually though, she gives in to simply blooding the beast, red staining the bright hide crimson flecked before she settles to simply shredding the carcass in fury at being denied food.

Jolie had barely the time to arrive up in her weyr and be assured that the hides of wine were available before she stops and starts muttering to herself, her eyes closing. "You're old enough to know better. We've gone over this time and again." Then she finds a seat, still shaking her head emphatically and letting her fingers dig into the chair's back, nails scoring the wood.

Dragons> That small sandy brown pleases his rider for a less than a second. His wings spread, he makes to take flight, but he doesn't crouch to let his rider mount and when he leaps it's in the direction of the pens. A cry of "Noooo." follows, soon swallowed by the sickening crack of a beast's neck as the brown lands on it. He's slow to blood, more intent on watching the others taking part in this particular game of tag, but eventually his head does dip so he can rip at the throat.

Following the despaired cry as his lifemate joined the race, a young brownrider heads up towards Jolie's weyr. His face is pale, drained of all colour, and there's a moment where it looks like he might faint or throw up - neither of which is really wanted at this point in time. As soon as she's in sight of the goldrider he mumbles a quiet, "Sorry." and goes back to berating his lifemate mentally.

Dragons> Chenolth slips into the sky as soon as the last crate is removed from his back, not even awaiting the removal of his harness. With his brown off the ground so quickly, R'san merely shrugs and heads after Jolie to her weyr. The short flight to the corral is over quickly and Chenolth wastes no time in settling on his first kill. The large buck was already stirred up by the quick actions of the golden queen and it goes down with an exceptionally loud squeal and snapped forelegs. One for tradition, Chenolth bites through the back of the neck, and then opens the jugular with one sharp talon. His dark muzzle drops to drink, darkening farther with the thick ruby liquid.

Dragons> Quamirth isn't one to move too much along the ground unless he has no other choice. For being quite low to the ground and with his short legs, he's more lizard than dragon like, even if he is a sight better looking than a crawlie. However, the glowing gold has taken his mind off the uncomfortableness of moving along the ground. She is watched, how she bloods her kill, the shredding of the carcass and then he moves with lightning speed onto a young buck, snapping hits neck and burrowing his nose into the blood and letting it fill him with energy. He then trumpets after he brings his red dripping nose up.

With a jaunty smile, R'san strides into Jolie's weyr and peers curiously around. He seems relaxed, and rather happy-go-lucky. That is at least until his eyes settle on the wineskins. Instantly, disgust crosses the riders face and he shakes his head. "Some things never change." With this comment, tension begins to slip into the set of his shoulders. He drifts farther into the weyr, nodding once at Jolie in a wary but familiar way and eventually finds himself a piece of wall to hold up.

Dragons> There is a subtle grace that Halinith attempts to maintain as he wings in upon the swirl of backdraft produced by Sevaruth's swift passage into the Corrals. In some attempt to soothe the raging temper rising within the queen, the bronze keeps his distance and begins a quick and aerobatic sweep around the herdbeasts. Banking to one side, he begins to corkscrew in a spectacular manner, quickly driving the panicked animals in one direction and then the other as though he were playing some sort of odd game with them to watch them scatter in all directions. But perhaps there's a method to his madness, as with a gentle flick of his wing and a soothing croon at Sevaruth, he sends an offering of several stampeding herdbeasts out of the hoarde of animals towards the hoarde for her to have an easier catch of them. Satisfied of his maneuver, he gives his wings a sharp snap and drops like a stone, landing squarely on a squealing buck that dies almost instantly under the massive weight of the bronze. Halinith lets out a chuff of pleasure as he clamps his jaws around the neck of the beast, draining it dry.

Ae'gus filters in amongst the last of the group following Jolie, still carrying his riding goggles and wearing his wherhide ridding jacket. Despite his best efforts in the bowl, a good portion of his hair is still sticking on end as though someone had just ruffled their hands through it. He stands uneasily at the fringes for a moment before moving to the forefront of the crowd. Perhaps not wanting to draw too much attention to himself, he lingers there, fiddlign with his goggles and turning them through his hands.

Kh'zan finds himself being moved along with the crowd. He looks quite out of place and a little unsure of himself. But he's not going to deny his dragon. At the others around he finds himself a spot just a little out of the way and he settles himself down as he looks at the other men and then over to Jolie herself and runs his fingers through his hair.

Dragons> With this warm and cloudless Autumn day, Odryth was sunning his hide in the bowl. His dark bronze nearly melding into the earth with the warmth of the day. As the gold flies over him to the corrals lazy eyes open to follow her path. It is not long before he too is following the comet's trail and heading into the corral. His whirling gaze settles on the queen at first before instinct drives him to the beasts that are scurrying around him. With a practiced pounce, he lands upon a buck snapping it's neck in an efficient manner before sinking fangs in to blood the creature.

Dragons> Sevaruth isn't about to completely waste her time on blooding, although she moves from her first beast to the next with a slinky sort of grace. That second beast is downed in an instant, turns of experience put to use so that even amidst the bawling, milling chaos she has her pick. Now, she follows what her rider wishes with a bit more acceptance, blooding before she moves to shake the dust from her feet and wings and the blood from her body as she moves from feeding to air in a seeming split second. Wings come down harshly, almost hitting the ground as she rises, shooting up out of the bowl area and heading out away from the weyr toward the sea.

It is with a bit of surprise that Ly'am was caught by Odryth's sudden interest in the gold. He was in the baths and there was a scrabble into clothes before he found himself in this grouping of men. His hair still dripping wet, his feet bare and his clothes sticking to damp skin. Even as he is striding into the room he is trying wring the excess moisture from his hair as emerald eyes look around the room at his competitors before settling on the prize, Jolie.

Jolie relaxes slowly, some of the tension leaving her and she uncurls her fingers from the chair with a rather deliberate movement. "And sometimes, R'san the wine isn't here for me, but for others." But then she's off to ignoring each of the others in turn, before studiously looking down to study her fingers, before her eyes drift closed again and she can feel the freedom of flight.

Dragons> The sandy brown stretches his neck, scenting the wind like a hound. Feet shuffle, wings flicker in and out, impatient and almost overenthusiastic as he croons towards Sevaruth. As soon as she takes to the sky he throws back his head and bugles out a cheer. The game is on. Wings snap out and he launches, nearly taking out another brown in his excitement of being in his first chase.

The young brownrider lets out a groan, slides down the wall, and buries his face in his hands. The word wine register enough that his head jerks up a little, but at the same moment there's a cry of joy echoing in his head. "Not playing." he mutters quietly, not daring to look at anyone.

Dragons> The dark red of blonde nearly melts into the dark bronze of Odryth's hide as he looks up from his depleted kill. His reddended orbs whirling with the lust for blood and gold, each fighting for the other at the moment with the knowledge he will need the blood to out fly the larger bronzes, the older bronzes. He snakes his head back and forth for a moment until he finds a beast to his liking. Once again he rises up and drops down onto the creature with efficient movements, putting the creature quickly out of it's misery with a quick jerk of his head, before once again fangs sink in to gather energy and nourishment. As the gold rises, Odryth looks up, the beast sliding from his fangs before he gathers up to launch himself into the air. Over a half turn ago this dragon came to Western weak and recovering, but recovered he has in the Western air. Wings made strong from swimming in the sea stroke through the air instead, launching himself after the gold.

Dragons> Like the golden jewel, Chenolth is also experienced in these matters. However, his experience is primarily in Ierne Weyrhold and Sevaruths very actions cause the large brown to misjudge his next attempt. The prey goes down poorly and his blooding is quick and messy this time. Much of it is lost in the dirt or lost into the dark, sweet chocolate hide. His back happens to be to the queen so as she darts into the sky, and hes set in perfect alignment to rise after her in a race towards the sea. With each wing beat it becomes clear this brown travels with his own accompaniment in a soft ringing jingle.

Dragons> Still clutching tightly to the neck of the carcass in his jaws, Halinith gives a slight flick and tosses the drained body away from him with little interest. With much horrified squealing, panicked tossing of heads and general chaos, the nearby herdbeasts begin to scatter in alld irections to escape the flying dead comrade. It's almost as though this particular move was what the bronze expected, as he takes a few loping strides before barreling straight into another buck, swiftly bowling it over and clamping onto its neck before it can struggle up. Some urgency is beginning to flow into his veins as he keeps a watchful eye on Sevaruth, a soothing croon escaping him every so often like a prelude of music to the coming dance. despite all his games and the showing off of his hunting prowess he appears keenly aware of the movements of those around him. Even as he drains the last of the blood from his latest kill, he shifts restlessly from foot to foot with his tail swishing back and forth causing several tufts of grass to uproot. He's rewarded for his vigilence as he catches sight of the glowing gold practically springboarding off towards the sea. With a further flick of his head, he sends his latest carcass flying even further from him as he makes a graceful jump into the air, pulling at the wind to gain altitude. The waltz has begun.

R'san drops a stiff, playful bow to Jolie at her telling barb. "My apologies, m'lady." There's a suprising heat in his eyes which belies the wary actions from earlier. While she might be lost in her own queen, R'san is very much lost in the lust of his brown and the two females have become intwinned in both minds.

Ae'gus twists the riding goggles in his hands tightly until the leather in them squeaks in protest. He almost sees to sway a bit as the dragons take ot the air, as though the sudden change in altitude made his senses reel momentarily. Still, he gives his head a shake like a dog attempting to clear its head before focusing back on the things in the weyr - Jolie in particular.

Dragons> Sevaruth has no interest in those she left behind, or those who wish to follow as she revels in the glory that is flight fueled by instinct and the warm blood within. While too large to accomplish the daring acrobatics of those smaller, she still has the grace to move in looping arabesques as she heads up ever higher into the clouds. She's choosing a path that leads far away from land, even those small islands that seem to speckle the seas in the area, and out toward where the winds move faster with nothing to interrupt their path, except for dragons gone astray.

Jolie might as well not be there, for all the attention now paid to those in her weyr, instead all of her attention focused inward on her dragon and Sevaruth's joy translates into hers as well, a smile lighting her face as she moves to brush at her hair, mistaken in the belief it is windblown.

Dragons> Sandy legs claw at the air, desperately trying to run up a thermal to get closer to that fleeing gold. While she loops he follows with his head, having to duck quickly to dodge the stronger downbeat of a bronze as it passes him. A bugle, annoyed this time, precedes his changing direction and trying to inch higher and faster. A glance down distracts him momentarily, /islands!/. But it's fleeting and his mind clicks back onto the gold again.

If it were possible to back further into the wall than he already has the young brownrider would be carving his own niche and fleeing through solid rock. Sadly such is not possible and he contents himself with making himself as small a target as possible. Every now and then a whimper comes from his direction, but nothing discernable in terms of words.

Ly'am gives up on wringing out his hair as he spots Jolie, the object of his desire…or is it his lifemate's. Slowly the two meld into one with each drop of blood ingested. The competitive nature drawn out of the young man and his bronze. The need to prove themselves amoung the older riders. His eyes unfocus as he joins his lifemate in the flight. "Control it Ody…" He murmurs.

Dragons> Chenolth threads the looping ribbon of Sevaruths flights of fancy, playing merry music with each wing beat to accompany her aerial dance. He pushes after, using enough strength and power to keep up with the golden one, but cant seem to prevent himself from expending more in his own joy of flight. Once clear of the land below, Chenolth becomes fully immersed in the timeless ballet of glowing gold, wind, and glorious sunlight. His sails spread and he besides to take counterpoint to Sevaruth, bellowing his joy in a brassy bugle.

Dragons> Odryth bugles his intent to the gold, as his dark wings strike against the air. There is no fancy moves from the young bronze, no he flies straight out to sea, trying to keep focused on the direction and not wasting his energy with unneeded moves. He has yet to return to a hundred percent from his illness and he must compensate in other ways. He can not just rely on his youth and energy, he must take notes from the older bronzes. Those bronzes and browns that now seek to take his price away. As the little brown gets close to him, he dips to the side to bump into him, roaring to the dragon. Yes flights do bring out the competitive nature in this creature.

Dragons> It's as though all sense of steadfastness has been left behind on the ground as Halinith soars outwards across the sea, skimming deliberately low across the smooth surface like he merely was there to marvel at the rippling effect his wingbeats make upon the blue-green expanse below him. A mighty downbeat from his wings causes a veritable explosion of sound as a rising fountain of splash and spray follow him on his way upwards. With fluid movements like the most graceful dancer, Halinith dips his wings to one side and then the other, almost seeming to be pirouetting and dipping with the gusting wind across the water. Matching each of Sevaruth's elegant ovements with one of his own, the bronze begins to look like an advance echo as he speeds up, banks and slows down in time with the gold in some facade of syncronized flying. Cutting regally through some low lying clouds, Halinith downsweeps several more times to dispell the clinging mist as he soars ever onwards, skipping merrily across the bright sky with deliberate steps and sweeping movements in some attempt to put himself ahead of the others.

Dragons> Sevaruth has started just barely to drop back, her lead being eaten away by inches as the first fine signs of strain begin to enter into her looping flight. Still enough ahead to continue the aerial display that she started with, rising up upon heated thermals only to suddenly fold her wings and streak down toward the ocean. This last dive of hers leads her nearly to the water's surface before she begins the long and slower climb back up into the skies and escaping once more the bonds of gravity as long as blood fueled desire can hold out.

Ae'gus begins to sway slightly from side to side to some internal music, as though he were itching to start dancing across the weyr in time to his dragon's wingbeats. As though driven onwards by the flight upwards, his riding goggles are given another ominous twist. Hopefully they aren't broken by the time the flight is through, considering the man's knuckles are nearly white from clutching at them so tightly.

Jolie as her dragon slowly tires, Jolie looks up and around the room at those faces gathered before she bites at her lower lip and then ignores them to react once more to Sevaruth's graceful turns. "Yes, all of them are fine."

Dragons> The sandy brown bellows as he's struck, lashing out with his tail towards Odryth. His movement almost becomes a teasing game of tag as he flicks and then appears to drop out of the way, though he isn't running to be chased he is chasing. As Sevaruth drops back down towards him he sends out a wave of feeling, welcoming her back, but then she rises again and he gives a little confused croon. She ran away again. Running away! Chase! He wings on forwards, trying to follows her movements but this time paying much more attention to the other males.

"Ow!" The young brownrider stiffens suddenly then, quite unexpectedly, bursts into tears. He mutters something unintelligible, voice full of wail and incoherence, looking up just long enough to wipe his nose on his sleeve.

Dragons> Odryth hisses at the nearby brown again before he becomes focused on the gold once more. She is the prize, he only must catch her. He continues his steady path through the air as the others dance and swirl around, strong wings stroking against the air around him, taking him ever closer to the queen. His movements are fluid, like molten bronze moving through the air. The heat burning inside him, wanting…needing to be quenched by Sevaruth. The steady flight takes on a new urgency though as she dives down toward the water and he tucks his wings in tight to his heaving sides to gain some more inches and feet. He pulls out of the dives only a moment after her, wingtips snapping out to catch the air even as talons drag the water briefly.

Dragons> Chenolth skates across the wind filled skies with the smooth gliding movements of an ice dancer. He mirrors his partner, the darling Sevaruth, in a looping spiral up one thermal and then dives down with wings tightly furled. Here though, age does tell for while the queen might be staring to tire, the large brown is well on his way. He pulls up well short of the waters surface and gets a face full of mist from the wind swept ocean. He calls encouragement to his glowing queen, sailing slightly above and behind. When she begins her second assent, hes already got a little height and a shallower path to trace which will hopefully make up for the weary muscles of the dark brown wings.

"Leave it Odryth…focus." Ly'am hisses through clenched teeth, running fingers through his dripping hair in an anxious gesture. He is pacing a small path as he tries to focus himself, focus his dragon on the prize. There may be apologies later to the poor brownrider…if he is in the mind to think about it afterward.

R'san is oblivious to all that goes on around him. Like his brown, the only thing that exists is Jolie and the comments from others fall on deaf ears. Not one to mutter, R'san's reactions to his dragon are all physical. His hands grip the desk tightly and an odd ripple seems to cross his back. It is as if the rider were trying to strengthen Chenolth's wings with his own power.

Dragons> As the gold's strength begins to wane, the tempo of Halinith's flight begins to rise, flittering from a previous sedate waltz to an upbeat quickstep. Flicking his wings open rapidly to catch the wind with a loud SNAP, he jerks off to one side and then to another, matching Sevaruth's languid drops and turns with a rapid tapdance of his own. Hopping and leaping nimbly from tuft of cloud to tuft of cloud, the bronze skips along at a breakneck pace, shifting his tail through the whistling wind to maintain some semblance of balance. Just when his aerobatic movements reach a frenzied intensity, his beloved dance partner decides to make an unexpected shift in his carefully prepared steps. Yet, with nary a wobble or a stumble in his tango through the air, Halinith immediately folds his wings against his body as though he were planning on doing such a thing the whole time. The wind expels the bronze downwards in an outwards twirl, sending him spinning towards the sea water far below in pursuit of Sevaruth. SNAP. Several feet from the water's surface he lets his wings catch the air to slow him down, sending up a towering line of spray upwards as his tail tip drags across the waves.

Ae'gus sets to twirling his goggles in his hands now, rather than threatening to strangle the things. Around and around they spin, nearly becoming a blur as the frenzied dance in the sky begins to reach a peak. It's difficul to tell whether the an is more with his dragon or more in the room - part of him stares at Jolie, while the otehr part still moves with every dive and turn his dragon makes in the air.

Dragons> Sevaruth is starting to fade faster now, her energy level dropping and as such she finally seems to notice that she is not out here all alone in the skies. Others have joined in the flight, and they aren't that far away. She continues to fall back, moving closer to the pack as she turns into once last double rolling loop in the air to both watch them and see just which are prepared to catch as her wings fold in and she begins to fall.

Dragons> The little brown lets out another crooning cheer as Sevaruth begins to come back down to him again. He knew she would! With a little happy tail flick he changes direction, zipping towards her with every last ounce of energy in his body. Much to his chagrin there's a bronze in his way. As he ducks to the left he finds another brown, bigger than he is. Another change of direction, to the right this time, another bronze! Not fair! His croon this time is more of a whimper as he drops down, aiming to get underneath them just in case she manages to drop all the way through.

Unaware of or no long caring about the fact his nose is dripping like a leaky roof, the young brownrider finally risks a glance over at Jolie. It doesn't last long, however, the young man glancing round his competition nervously and then trying to once more back his way through the wall. Another glance, this one at the exit, and he begins to inch that way in the hopes that everyone forgets he existed.

Dragons> Chenolth plays his own crescendo as the flight nears the climax. With bells ringing their joyous song, the fudge brown puts paid to the last of his energy reserves. His princess is dancing ever closer and needs a lift before the final bow. Though those ratty suitors gather near, he must soldier on and catch her golden form. One final loop from Sevaruth gives Chenolth his chance. As she rounds the final bend, he pulls one sail in, side slipping over her side and making a desperate grasp to capture his dream and make it real. Legs extended Chenolth reaches for hope.

Dragons> Odryth's wings stroke the air with increased vigour as he notices the gold flagging. Now is the time to strike, now is the time the energy he has held back. The energy he has not expended will be used. As the crowd of males thicken, he whips out his tail at the brown on one side of him, snapping his maw at the bronze to the other side of him. How dare they get this close to him, to her! He calls to the fire burning within his molten hide, wanting to escape him and flow into the gold. He bellows as he pushes himself once more to the limit of his ability, talons extended to the gold as his tail drops down ready and willing to ensnare her tail. As she folds her wings in, his own tuck to his side to fall down after her, ready to snap out, to hold her to the skies should he exceed.

Dragons> Odryth's wings stroke the air with increased vigour as he notices the gold flagging. Now is the time to strike, now is the time the energy he has held back. The energy he has not expended will be used. As the crowd of males thicken, he whips out his tail at the brown on one side of him, snapping his maw at the bronze to the other side of him. How dare they get this close to him, to her! He calls to the fire burning within his molten hide, wanting to escape him and flow into the gold. He bellows as he pushes himself once more to the limit of his ability, talons extended to the gold as his tail drops down ready and willing to ensnare her tail. As she folds her wings in, his own tuck to his side to fall down after her, ready to snap out, to hold her to the skies should he exceed.

As the flight starts to reach it's climax, Ly'am's own attention turns toward the goldrider as his lifemate's being is focused on Sevaruth. His dark emerald gaze falls upon one of the males after another as he stalks closer to the goldrider. Competition? Hah! Hardly. He is young and strong, he will prove to them that experience doesn't always win the day.

Jolie is anxious, hands twisting against each other as she falters slight when Sevaruth does and her eyes blink open then to stare around the room although she ends up focusing on nothing in particular.

Dragons> Skidding across the watery dance floor beneath his talons, Halinith begins to pour the last of his waning strength into his final performance. Up goes his altitude, up goes his speed and up goes the tempo of his powerful wingbeats, slowly causing the shifting rhythm of his dance to escalate to near latin intensity. Caressing the wind lightly with his wingsails, he coaxes the rushing air to do his bidding for the final time, skidding into a tight spiral at the last moment as he speeds towards the falling gold at a charge. Just when it looks like he might be on a headlong crash course, he darts lightly to the right in a quick movement, holding out his wings and tail in an attempt to pluck Sevaruth into his willing arms. To twirl her around in a sultry samba through the sky, as though she were a rose that deserves the most special place in his dance. Out goes his neck as he strives forward, trying his best to block out any other male as he surges in his last bit of strength.

Dragons> Sevaruth is caught in her fall, kept from plummeting to the watery expanse below by Odryth and only then, as they both begin to rise again does she accept her catcher and extending her own wings to help. For her, all the other chasers disappear and she concentrates simply on the dragon with her, as they both move to return back from the sea.

Dragons> A tail! There's a tail coming through! The little sandy brown pounces, recoiling in horror as that tail turns out to be brown and not gold. His wail is echoed by the brownrider in the weyr, both fleeing almost immediately.

Dragons> Odryth binds his tail with Sevaruth as he catches her. Talons delicately holding her from her fall as wings snap out to hold them aloft for as long as possible. There is a delighted croon as his neck slinks along hers. There are others here? They are most assuredly forgotten.

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