A Day In A Tree

Western Weyr - Maze: Treehouse

The treehouse is built sturdier than any constructed for overactive children. The ceiling is high enough to allow most people to stand without stooping, and the lighting is entirely natural, provided from a number of windows on every side. There's enough room for a fair number of people to be comfortable with a number of chairs and a couch arranged around a low coffee table. The wooden floor is covered with a collection of brightly colored rugs, and a cupboard on one wall holds decks of cards and board games.

Lately, Jeyin has been appearing in places that dolphineers really has no need to be in. The other day it was a herb garden today….well today, it seems to be a treehouse. Breakfast as already passed, and most in the Weyr have gone off to do their work, but this doesn't seem to be the case for Jey. The petite woman is layed out on one of the sofas in the empty treehouse, her arm bent to cover her eyes and block out the sunglight. Steady breathing and movement of her chest make it seem as if she's asleep. Or it could be the sea colored pajamas with little dolphins on them that she's wearing. Either is a pretty apparent tip-off.

What brings Kiley up to the tree house? Curiosity, of course. The computer crafter, rather than doing more research after breakfast, has made her way up to the garden. At least, briefly before deciding to wander and getting lost in the process. The rope ladder that leads up to the tree draws her attention and up she goes. Once in, there's a curious tilt of her head and she looks around the little place. "Huh." She smiles to herself and then spots Jeyinshi sleeping there in her pajamas. Brows lift but she says nothing, making her way over to one of the windows and peeking curiously out of it. "Amazing. Never imagined this sort've thing at a Weyr." A soft chuckle spills form her lips before she's wandering over towards the dolphin crafter. "Jeyinshi.."

While the cat's away, the mice come out to play and while the mice are out doing their thing, this cat is looking for a more comfortable place to perch and take care of business in peace! Though, it's not so much a business but more a matter of distractions. Quietly, he slides a small leather bag across the floor of the tree house as he carefully slips inside. The young man sighs, rubbing the back of his neck as he mutters to himself quietly, eyes glancing around the room and here is where he notices the other occupants. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything?" Sororn says quietly. The trader pauses, glancing between the interesting pajamas and his own bag for a moment before sending that gaze over his shoulders. Options weighed, he grabs his bag and pulls it closer, quietly rustling through it's contents in search of something.

Sound! The dolphineer's eyes pop open at even the slightest noise, but she doesn't take the arm away from her eyes just yet. It isn't until Jey indentifies the familiar voice that she bothers to take the light obstructing body part down. And then there's another voice, one she doesn't recognize. But that doesn't seem to phase her. The dolphineer sits up, hair sticking out in several directions. No doubt that her face is slightly bloated as well. Despite her messy appearance, the eccentric dolphineer simply smiles at the two arrivals and shakes her head. By the way she's acting, one would think she's dressed up and ready for a normal day. There's certainly no embarassment. "Hey Kiley. And no, you're not interrupting anything. I just woke up." As if that wasn't obvious.

Kiley peeks at Sororn curiously as he joins them up in the treehouse, her head tilting slightly before she straightens and shakes her head in a negative response. "Not at all." A polite smile is given to the man and then her gaze drifts to his bag when he begins to search through it. "I'm Kiley. Journeyman computer crafter." Her introduction is brief as Jeyinshi begins to sit up, so attention is drawn to the other woman. "Did your tent get messed up? Why are you sleeping up in a tree?" Does not compute! The woman looks entirely lost for the moment in which she asks the questions before she's taking her time to explore around the treehouse once more.

Sororn pauses from his searching and glances up with light eyes. He smiles, nodding his head to each before clearing his throat and offering his own introduction to the pair. "Sororn, trader and wanderer for the most part." He glances down once more, removing a small pair of pliers and a little spool of silver material, placing them on his lap before the digging continues. He frowns and begins to rub the back of his head once more, ruffling the already messed blond strands upon his head. With a sigh, he shakes his head and resigns to removing a tin container, adding it to his items. Here, he pauses, taking a moment to glance around the tree house.

"What're you doing Sororn? Oh, I'm Jeyinshi, journeyman dolphineer." Which might explain the dolphin pajamas. Except that….those kinds of cute clothes are exactly what Jey would /not/ wear. She leans back on the sofa, bringing her legs up, folding and crossing them as she watches Kiley's progress across the room. "Ah no, though considering how flimsy it is, it might break down in a few days." But hopefully her hut would be built before that ever came about. "Sungie and I were doing any night training, so I thought I'd spend the night in the weyr. But the dorms were kind of crowded so I decided to stay in a quieter place. One where I didn't have to hear any midnight chatter." Jey motions at the treehouse and the couches, "I'd found this place the other day and it didn't seemed to get used much. So here I am. Spending the night in a tree." The dolphineer says the last statement as if sleeping in a treehouse was the most normal thing in the world and the obvious answer to her sleeping arrangement problems.

"Well met, Sororn." This brings Kiley's attention back to the trader, curious of the objects he begins removing from his bag. This draws all her attention away from her searching and focuses it entirely upon him, watching with interest for what comes next. "Are you making something?" She wanders back towards Jeyinshi and looks to the dolphineer once settling near by. "Shells.. I hope you and Kelthero finish the hut before then." Lips press into a thin line of concern, "if you need somewhere to sleep until then I wouldn't mind sharing my room with you, at least until the hut is finished.." A nod follows for the explanation as to why the other woman sleeps in the tree house with concern etching deeper in her grows. "I don't imagine sleeping in a tree is that comfortable in most cases. But really, if you need some place to sleep without too much noise you can come to my room. It'll be quiet until I get my laptop… Then it may be a little bit noisier."

A brown flit comes swooping in, eyes whirling red as it flops in and lands closely to the trader. It begins to hiss lightly before letting out one angry trill, puffing up and bobbing his head. Yeah! What he said! Sororn groans, collecting his things and they're placed back into the bag. If Faustus is here, that means they're looking for him again. "Can never get a moments peace these days," he mutters. The trader stops, he quickly reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper, quickly writing a note and holding it out to the flit with an unimpressed look. "They can wait! It's about time they get ready for lunch, might have something for you." Leave for the bait, lizard! He glances to Jeyinshi as his hands are freed of the note and he's slowly pulling his items out once more. "My family permitting, I'm trying to get some projects done before they leave again. I'm assembing necklaces with some sea glass I've been collecting." Nothing major, just a boy playing with his shiny things. As the little tin is taken up, he begins to unclip the latches on the lid before adding, "Could be worse, could be sleeping in a wagon with the smell of animals and the shrieks of children just outside."

Jeyinshi laughs, "Don't look so worried Kiley, it's pretty nice up here. The couch is comfy and it's pretty secluded. And I'm pretty sure there aren't any dangerous people running around the Weyr so I'll be alright. But staying in a room every now and then would be nice. If I start getting cricks in my neck you'll be the first person I'll run to for proper living arrangements. Thanks." The dolphineer smiles genuinely at the other woman before she turns to look at Sororn, raising an eyebrow, "Ah, that seems interesting. Sea glass? Could I stop by and look at them once you're finished? Quick question though…what is sea glass exactly?" The dolphineer continues to watch the emptying tin curiously before wrinkling her nose at the thought of shrieks and animal smells, "I honestly prefer sleeping trees and sand. It's much more pleasant that way. Though I guess…well I really do need my place in the dorms to keep my clothes and such."

Kiley looks to the firelizard with a curious uplift of her brows, especially for the groan the man gives while putting his things back. A brief look of disappointment flickers across her face. "Necklaces? You make some? And what is sea glass?" Her question reflects the other woman's, and she smiles. "I'd like to come see them as well, if you have the time." She tilts a look to Jeyishi for her laughing and wrinkles her nose just a bit. "Of course, but.. If you need a proper bed to sleep on in your hut that isn't a cot or anything, I can show you what I learned when I was a candidate and they dropped us off in the wilderness. I, however, missed having a proper room. You can come stay with me whenever you want." Her smile grows brighter for her friend before attention returns to the trader.

Sororn glances up to Jeyinshi and grins, slowly nodding his head. "Sure, I'll bring the case down to the weyr since I'll likely have to report in this afternoon. Um, sea glass is actually old pieces of glass be it bottles, windows or laterns of different colors that were lost at sea. Mostly from ships that sank or old cargo that fell over board. The broken pieces are rounded and smoothed out by the sand on the ocean floor as the tides come in and out forming these fine pieces. Some people try to copy them with machines but the quality isn't as pure." The tin is tilted so her eyes can see, the small pieces in whites, blues and even a cloudy sea green, each a different size and shape with the help of nature. "Red is hardest to find and the most rare." He takes up a strand of the silver wire and his pliers, unravelling the roll and here he leans in closer, eyes concentrating on the little piece of frosted white glass as he begins to slowly wrap it.

"Wilderness? Wow, they sure put you some hard stuff. It's been a while since I've done some real camping. If you could teach me I'd really like it. Even if I don't have a bed it's fine. I really just need a sturdy roof to keep the rain and wind out so that the sand doesn't get wet. As long as it isn't wet, I can pretty much sleep on any surface. Sand, grass, even dirt if I have to." And by the look in her eyes, she certainly has had too. Jey smiles brightly at the computercrafter and nods, "Great. But you offered, so don't complain if you start getting sick of me." She teases lightly before turning to listen to Sororn's explanation. "Shards, those are beautiful." The dolphineer leans forward to get a better look at the glass pieces, "Sungie and I've found a lot of glass pieces like that. I usually throw them away so they don't pollute the water…but if you can use them, maybe I should bring them to you from now? Hmmm….if I asked for a piece made out of sea glass, is there someone that would be able to make it for me?"

Kiley hms softly at the explanation that the trader gives, moving from her place beside Jeyinshi and drifting over to look a little better into the tin that he offers to see. Another hmm follows, more appraising than the first and she smiles. "They are lovely." She agrees and then shifts to fold her arms across her chest as she looks to Jeyinshi. "Mhm. We had to find out own food and cook it. I don't like it, being in the wilderness. The only thing that kept me sane was the fact that there was a lot to learn. I can show you how to make a bed out of materials found in the wild and it is a good bed, really. They say sleep is important." The woman insists firmly, giving the other a bright smile. The question the other presents to the trader earns a curious uplift of her brows and she looks between the two.

Throwing sea glass away? Sororn glances up at Jey from where he sits and peers at her like a small child whose parent's have thrown away a special toy. He blinks, clearing his throat before offering a friendly smile. Would be giving up a craft secret but sometimes it's for the best. "If you ever spot any, let me know. I use it a lot and if you're ever in need of marks, a handful of decent sized pieces will get you a fine amount." It's in demand, afterall. He finishes the first of the stones, merely adorning it with a silver wrap that ends in small curls like the small tendrils of sea foam that rinse across the shore. Another piece is taken up, a faint aquamarine hue, and he begins to work with that long piece before glancing up. "I could make it for you. I usually deal with the sea glass, my brothers and sisters use different materials. Beads, polished stones, buttons, anything other than gems since they're kinda over done. You can only do so much persona-" With a squawk, the little brown flit reenters with a note in his mouth, the ends clearly chewed on. Sororn sighs, taking up the note and slowly he unrolls it. "If there's a design you have in mind, I can show you what I have or we can sketch something out. When my family leaves, I stay here in the weyr so we'll be able to arrange something." Frown. The letter is crumbled up and tossed into his bag before he sighs, glancing up at the ceiling and quietly muttering to himself before his current project is placed into his bag. Those hazel eyes glance at the firelizard with a look of irritation and the finger wagging begins in the little brown's direction. "They always do this to us, right when we're about to get some work done, they spring some chore on us at the last minute, Faustus. There's twelve of them, yet they need /me/ because they're all idiots and lazy! I'm going to see if I can just work under Veredis instead of the wagon." Mrrr. The trader sighs, gathering his things and placing the bag upon his shoulder before rising to his feet. "Well, ladies. I must be off. Jeyinshi, I'll be sure to bring some samples up a little later. Perhaps at the end of the lunch hour, right when people head back out. Kiley, well met and I hope to see you both again." With a crooked smile, the trader maneuvers back down the rope the way he came. Faustus flutters his wings, tilting his head from side to side as he glances at the pair. Naw, they won't fit in his sleeping box, otherwise he'd offer. With a little farewell peep, he extends his wings and vanishes the way he came.

Jeyinshi grins, "I can imagine it almost driving you insane. What with no computers and such. I'd go half insane if the sea wasn't so close by. And not being able to see Sungie?" The young woman shudders at the thought of not being able to see her dolphin. "The only wild food I've had to catch is fish. And since I've been raised by the water all my life, it really wasn't that big of a deal. Sleep /is/ important though. Don't worry, I won't be lacking in that department." The dolphineer grins a bit before returning Kiley's look with a curious one of her own and shaking her head. "You….you're always giving people looks. And I really don't understand them. Tell me what you're thinking." But then the dolphineer's attention is turned to Sororn and she nods her head, though eyes widen in slight surprise. "People pay marks for that? Meh, I don't really need them. Though depending on what you'd prefer I can pay you in marks or sea glass. I've got no idea what kind of design. But I just wanted something nice that would remind me of the sea." As if she didn't go there everyday. "I'll see you after lunch then!" One, two, yup, now it was three people that Jey had working on projects for her. The dolphineer chuckles and waves after the frustrated man before turning back to Kiley and leaning back on the sofa, "So anything new of late?"

Kiley listens to Sororn speak, smiling before attention is drawn to the brown that returns with a note. There's a soft chuckle that remains mostly to herself as arms fold and she returns to listening. When he finally departs, she nods a farewell. "Take care. I hope to see you again as well, I'd love to see your wares." The smile lingers on her lips as she turns attention back to the other woman and divulges her reasons. "My brother is a smith who specializes in jewelry. He sometimes shows me examples when he visits me. I'm curious to see what other people make." Laughter follows the assessment about the camping and she nods. "No computers, no technology, no electricity. It is probably the same feeling as with there being no ocean." The final is a rather idle thought and she nods, "I learned how to make a fishing rod from a friend of mine, who also taught me about the bed. But, as long as you're resting." She relents with that. The mention of looks is given, a brow lifts slightly before she shrugs with cheeks coloring. "I don't know. I guess sometimes I'm just curious when I look at them. I don't really… Try to contort my face into any certain way or anything.. I never noticed." Eyes widen slightly before blinking, shoulders dropping into a slight shrug. "There's nothing entirely new. I was thinking of specs for laptops…" And then, she goes on about the different types of laptops, the components and various other things that may bore the woman. Topics continue from there and eventually, they do part ways to go about their days.

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