A Prelude To A Flight

Western Weyr - Weyrwoman's Office

Behind stout, ornately carved hardwood double doors decorated with fancy brass handles and a stout bolting lock, the Weyrwoman's office is a sanctum of paperwork, bureaucracy and lots of red tape. It is here that much of the running of the Weyr takes place — where the meetings of the domestic side of the Weyr are held and daily matters are handled between the Senior and her juniors as well as the Headwoman's staff. The walls, painted a cheerful soothing shade of sage green, are adorned with paintings and tapestries of life around the Weyr. To one side, a large desk of skybroom wood holds court, piled with paper, and file folders — the heavily padded chair behind it meant for the comfort of the working weyrwoman, along with chairs for visitors and guests set in front of it. Part of the desk is curving away, this holding a small computer that can be used for word processing and file entry. Along one wall, a row of short bookshelves hold scrolls, books and other means of record keeping; the oldest and most fragile of the relics being kept behind glass casings. Hand-woven carpets cover the floors, buffering the feel of hard stone and giving a softer feeling to the room. A sideboard on the wall opposite the entrance is kept stocked with drinks for refreshment, and a comfortable couch with a side table and an ornate reading lamp can be found in the middle of the room. The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

It was time! Time to deliver the desktop and the print to Enka's office. Zi'on has jumped the gun and dropped off the laptop to the proddy goldrider already. It's morning in Western, but not too early. The bronzer straps up the couple of boxes with the rest of the computer items to Suldith, swings by to pick up Kiley, then it's off to the wyerwoman's office. So here they are with the boxes of things. The bronzer heads right in, it's hard to knock with a big box in your arms anyways. "Computer delivery!"

Kiley is following after Zi'on, carrying the smaller of the boxes to save it from falling if the bronzerider would've attempted to carry both. A pleasant smile is on her lips that borders complete excitement. Though as he walks right in, she lingers briefly at the doorway before following after him. "Sorry if we're intruding."

Enka really ought to be getting work done, really. She's been in her office for a while and there's stacks of papers all over the place. It does look like she's found a new assistant, or at least managed to round up one of the weyrbrats to work for her because there's a young girl in the office with her asking questions "Where should I put this, ma'am?" to which Enka replies with "Over there, thank you, Becka." When Zi'on and Kiley enter the room, she looks up, smiling slightly. "Aint intrudin' at all." the goldrider assures the computer crafter. "Thanks for bringin' the computer by." There's a wry grin for the bronzer as well. "Might as well put it over here." A space has been cleared on the desk.

Zi'on looks about and grins. "Reorganizing?" The bronzer heads over to the spot where Enka motions to and puts the box on the floor next to it. He helps Kiley put her box down as well. "Alright… how to we start putting this thing together?" He asks the computer crafter. There's a brow raised to Becka, then. "Finally found someone to replace me, hm? I guess I don't have to tell da that I'm going halfsies on duties then?" The questions are directed at Enka. There's a smile to the brat. "Hi Becka. I'm Zi'on and this is Kiley."

Kiley looks about to the stacks of papers with a soft hum, that smile growing just a little wider before she's looking to Becka. Brows lift slightly before attention falls back to Enka and she smiles for the assurance given. "You're welcome." Her tone takes an excited hint. The box is put down with Zi'on's assistance and then she considers the desk and the rest of the room. "Well, first we'll want to get out the computer and hook it to the monitor. We plug it in then and I can get adding additional programs in." She looks to Enka, "and if the paperwork is all prepared I can get started on inputting some of that today. Or whenever you'd like." She looks again to Becka as Zi'on introduces them and she smiles brightly at the younger girl.

"Yep," Enka nods, tossing down another stack of papers onto the nearest vacant surface — her office chair. "Tryin' to see where everythin' is, and what papers Kiley might need to put in on the computer. Most important stuff first, it's all over there on the table." she can't help but miss that raised brow from the bronzer, and chuckles wryly. "Becka's just helpin' me out right now, seein' if she'd suit, but it all depends on her." she glances over at the weyrbrat who looks to be about fourteen or so. "Still are goin' to need you helpin' me, Zi'on, so don't worry about tellin' your da that plans have changed." Becka's smiling a bit, shuffling some papers together. "Hi," she says, and then ducks her head rather shyly. Not all weyrbrats were that outgoing after all.

Zi'on nods to Kiley. He figures that means 'start unpacking everything' which he does, setting it all out on the open desk space in front of them. He'll watch Kiley and try to learn how to get everything set up. Just in case it needs to be moved later when Kiley wasn't around or something. There's a nod to Enka then. "Sounds like a good plan. You seem to be a little more like yourself today." He winks at Enka. He ought to knock on wood or something though. It was still early, after all. "Heh, well, alright then. Once Kiley gets to work I can help you two out." There's a smile to the weyrbrat. Zi'on figures Enka chose a shy one on purpose. Likely because she wasn't a rambunctious troublemaker.

The next stack of paper is considered, the smile continuing to grow upon Kiley's lips before she looks around to consider the rest again and settling upon Becka for her shy response. She nods again to the girl, perhaps meant to be reassuring before she's turning attention to Zi'on as he begins to unpack everything. She certainly lights up even more for the sight of the new computer. And once all is out, she moves to examine the finer details, checking for breaks or cracks. She finds none, thankfully and then sets into quick work of putting it all together. An explanation of each part and why they are connected in such ways are given to the observing Zi'on.

Enka's still holding some paperwork in her hands — this particular batch being a set of file folders — and is looking curiously at them for a moment or two. When the new computer is unpacked, the goldrider gives it an appraising glance. "It looks really nice." she comments. "Way better than that old piece of junk." Poor old computer sitting there in the corner. At least it's been dusted off and doesn't look quite so unloved, but it's obsolete materials now in light of the brand shiny new one. "Mmmhmm," Enka nods over at Zi'on, grinning a bit with amusement. "Feelin' much better today, thanks. Nothin' a little bed rest won't cure." Oh, is that what it was? It's still plenty early in the day, the goldrider could definitely surprise anyone. Becka looks a bit overwhelmed by all of this, just gathering papers and keeping a low profile. Hence that's likely the reason Enka would consider her as an assistant.

Zi'on tries to absorb as much information as he can from Kiley. But by the time it's all over his head is swimming. "Ugh. I ain't never gonna remember all of that Kiley. I think maybe I could put it back together though at least." There's a nod about it looking all shiny and nice though. The computer crafter is certainly in her element. He smiles to Enka. "Well, I suppose that's good. You got some transfer papers I can fill out for Kiley, then? May as well do that now while we're here. Then you can point me to any of the unfinished paperwork to start on."

Kiley beams brightly, "it's one of the newer models." A glance over to the old forgotten thing. "That one must've been one of the very first models.. Or maybe something after those. It does look really old." Back to the new one, "it'll work faster and it should be easier to understand." Once all is set up she moves to plug it all in and turning a look to Zi'on. "I can write it down for you. Or you could just come get me if you need to move it, it's not an issue. I normally can drop anything in favor of a computer." Once plugged in, she's moving back to the desk and turning it on with an obvious sound of glee. "So," pause, "the paperwork nearest the desk is what we want in first?"

"Nothin' but the newest for me, huh?" Enka offers Kiley a cheeky sort of smile, satisfied now that all the files and paperwork have been sorted into reasonably understandable piles with the most important stuff closest to the desk for easy input. "It was here when I moved into the office," Enka explains to Kiley about the old computer. "So you're probably right that it's really old." Amazing that it still barely manages to run, eh? "Oh it's very good," Enka smiles sweetly at Zi'on. "Very good indeed." Ahem, yes, the transfer papers. "Comin' right up." The goldrider has to lean over the desk to get them out of the top drawer, but she's soon waving them around with a flourish. "Deal is, you fill 'em out, I'll sign. Won't even make you have to ask nicely for 'em." Because she's offering them over with a teasing smirk. "Yes," the weyrwoman comments to the crafter. "First paperwork to be put in is right there."

Zi'on nods about the computer. "It does look nice. All the other weyrwomen will be jealous, Enka." He shakes his head. "Eh… It's alright. I'll just come get you if we need to move it." He laughs. "Well, I'll make sure we have to move it at the most inconvenient time for you then, Kiley." There's a laugh then for Enka as she brandishes the transfer papers. "Well, if you don't give them to me then Kiley will have to go back to the hall. And you'll be stuck inputting all this mess by yourself. But yeah, I'll fill them out." He moves over to grab them from her. The bronzer whispers something in Enka's ear before grabbing something hard to write on and settling down on the couch to fill them out.

Kiley grins, "of course, ma'am. And the newer the easier to learn." Kiley again considers the old computer as Enka explains about it, nodding in understanding. "Poor thing. The older ones generally are hard to understand and they were far more fussy. No wonder no one wanted to use it." There's a soft coo of sympathy towards the computer and she sighs softly with a hint of remorse. But it is all fleeting as she's drawing attention to the new computer as the start up finishes running. The delighted hum returns and she begins to type away at the computer with her ear still focused on the conversation of the others. "Wonderful. I'll get started on those once everything is set." Her gaze briefly pulls away from the monitor to fix her gaze upon he bronserider, chuckling softly. "There is never an inconvenient time when there is a computer involved, trust me." The whispering goes unnoticed as full attention shifts to the monitor.

Enka is all smiles for sure, grinning from ear to ear as she surveys the office, the brand new computer and those within it. "I like the thought," Enka puts in to Zi'on, "of makin' other weyrwomen jealous, bet they don't have half as nice a computer as I've got now. Goin' to be the envy of everyone." Sure, just keep bragging there, right? "I'm hopin' I learn a lot usin' it," she nods over at Kiley, watching the computer crafter fuss over the shiny new hardware. "The newer the better, thanks for gettin' the specs together and figurin' everythin' out for me. Saves me a lot of time." The whispering from Zi'on must have been good or something, because the goldrider laughs, giving him a wry secretive look before he's settling down to write. Becka's still over by the far end of the room, having finished with paperwork, she's waiting around for a moment before Enka spots her. "Thank you, Becka, that'll be all for now." That's a good cue for the 'brat to scuttle off, grinning shyly at the room's other occupants before she's gone. Enka takes to hovering around Kiley then, watching the computer crafter type.

Zi'on mumbles to himself a bit, trying to figure out all he needs to put on the many fields of the transfer papers. "You ain't got any relatives at Western or at the hall, right Kiley?" Why do they even care? He chuckles a bit. "Not even if you was in the middle of a bath or something?" That time seemed pretty inconvenient. Zi'on grins to Enka and nods. "You'll have to invite them over to show it off or something." There's a sly grin to Enka after his whisper. He gives a smile and a wave to Becka as she exits. "See ya later, Becka." A few minutes more and he gets up with the paperwork. "Alright. I need signatures, ladies." He presents them with the filled out paperwork.

Kiley laughs at this, "I'm sure they would be, if they aren't claiming that the computers hate them. A more organized office and more free time, they'd certainly be jealous." She concludes with a firm nod before she smiles a little wider, "and I'll teach you, so you won't have to worry about not knowing what to do or get frustrated." As for the thanks, she shakes her head, "it wasn't a problem. I'm quite happy to help and to show how helpful and amazing computers can be." She'd likely lead a revolution if she was the type. She looks up and gives Becka another polite nod before she takes off and quickly returns to typing a few things in. "Right, so. Paperwork can be pulled up by doing this," there's a slow demonstration of what to type in order to get it up. "Right now it is empty, so I'll start entering that soon." The escape key brings them back to the previous menu and she then moves to the calculations, slow enough for Enka to see. "This is the calculations. Now you just type in the numbers, and then you can add or subtract. It does multiplication and division as well." There's a quick run through on how to work that before she's dropping back into the paperwork. "I'll bring in a program for easier submission later today, I just need to get the program." She glances over to Zi'on and shakes her head. "No. Why's that?" There's a soft chuckle and her gaze returns to the monitor. "As long as you're not screaming 'boo' at me again." Hands draw away from the keyboard to jot in her signature in the appropriate spot. "Thank you."

"Jays," Enka certainly sounds pleased at the way things are unfolding. Brand spanking new hardware, and all seems to be going according to plan. Super duper. "They'll be green with envy they will, and definitely won't know how nice a neatly organized office can be." She chuckles softly, eyes fixed on watching the computer crafter for a moment, although every now and then, her gaze strays over to Zi'on for a second, and then she glances away. "I'll be sure to show it off," she replies, rather dolly in fact, in one of those occasional looks at the bronzer. "And you can be sure, Kiley," she informs the crafter, "I'll tell 'em just who got this for me." Word of mouth and all that, could be good for one's reputation. With Becka's departure, the room is much the same as it always has been, the girl had been pretty quiet and withdrawn after all, and Enka is engrossed in watching the mini demonstration. "I understand that," she bobs her head, "seems to make more sense." Zi'on gets another mischievous little smirk, and she reaches for a pen to scrawl her own name in the indicated location. "And there you go. All done." Weyrwoman's seal of approval. Transfer pretty much complete.

Zi'on laughs and nods to Kiley. "That's true. Though I guess part of me feels bad. Maybe we should get the other weyrs on the hook with all these, too. You can be the pioneer then Enka. They're put you down in the harper's songs. You'll be famous then, like uh… Lessa or someone." The bronzer catches some of the lessons. It seems easy enough to him, so he'll probably be trying it out while he was helping Enka in the office here until her dragon rose. "I dunno, the sheet wants to know if you do." He grins to the computer crafter about interrupting her bath with a 'boo'. "No promises on that." There a grin and an eyebrow wraggle to Enka. Once the papers are signed, he folds them up neatly into thirds and then tucks them into an envelope for Kiley. "Here you go. You can hold onto them. Unless you want me to make the delivery to your master or whoever needs to get them." The bronzer leans on Enka's shoulder then. "So what's next, boss?"

Kiley laughs again and nods her agreement, "indeed." There's a glance to all the paperwork and then back to the computer once inventory is taken on each stack. She grins widely at Enka and nods, "I appreciate that. Thank you. Maybe we'll have a few more weyrwomen wanting new computers for their offices." Another thoughtful hum, this one more appreciative for the potential work. With the understanding and confirmation from the other woman, she beams and then takes a paper from the first stack, beginning to type to match the format of the paper and explaining how to duplicate it. "But, I'll bring the programming later so you won't have to worry about that so much." Her gaze flickers up from the paper and towards Zi'on as she chuckles. "If you want to travel to all the Weyrs and spread the word about how amazing these new computers are." She trails off with a shake of her head, chuckling a little more as she continues to type into the paper. "That's odd," for the transfer papers to request that. Her head shakes at the lack of the promise, the envelope is meet with a curious look before she's taking it and settling it neatly beside her. "My laptop will be ready for pickup in a few days time, if you want to take me then and we can drop it off while we get that."

Enka laughs, amusement writ across her face for a long moment. "I'd love to have Harpers write ballads about me. Or more specifically, just /one/ Harper." Take that biological-mother-person-who-doesn't-associate-with-her-kid. "Though I dunno if I'd ever be someone like Lessa or anythin'." After all, Enka's just your average run of the mill goldrider, plus the math problem. What is with all those looks between Zi'on and the weyrwoman anyway? It's like they're trying to carry on a facial affair or something. Sheesh! Enka bites her lip slightly, giggling softly at the expression from the bronzer, and when he's leaning on her shoulder, she'll certainly lean right back. "What's odd?" Enka asks curiously of Kiley, peeking sideways at Zi'on and winking a bit at him. "Next thing we gotta do is pack up that old computer." she nods over at it. "And then take a break. Anyone need anythin'? Klah, cookies? Real food?" She can send down for something then.

Zi'on laughs. "Maybe I'll spread the word. As long as I get a cut from each computer that gets made from them. I can do deliveries, too. We can be rich. Like pirates." He grins to Kiley. Then he nods to her. "Ah, I didn't realize you were going to have to wait for it. Sure, we can go whenever. Just let me know." There's a brow raised to Enka. "One harper? An ex or something?" If Zi'on knows about Enka's mother then he's not thinking about her right this second. Enka could be as great as Lessa! As it turns out there hasn't been any life-threatening global catastrophes though for her to help overcome. Maybe they are having a facial affair! Or something. "Wanting to know if you have relatives here or at the place you're moving from." The bronzer grabs the empty boxes and starts to pack up Tinkers, oldest computer on Pern. "Hm. I dunno. Are you getting something?" It's a general question to both women, really.

"I'm sure Zi'on could commission one." A teasing look is sent towards the bronzerider and Kiley grins. There's a shrug, though and she doesn't comment much on that after her own little addition. The looks between the two are certainly unnoticed by the woman who is entranced by the new shiny computer, and the feel of the keys beneath her fingers. "Oh, odd that they'd ask about family. But, I guess they could figure that someone is trying to avoid the family, in which case that may be bad. And then there's the fact that they could be moving near family and that would slow their work. But, that is simply an assumption on my part of why they'd ask." She shrugs then considers food for a moment before shaking her head. "I generally don't eat too much with intensive computer working." She looks back to Zi'on and laughs, "pirates? Really? You can see if we can work something out with the Hall if you can get a cut for being the one spreading the word." For the bit of her laptop she gives him a sheepish smile, "I may have requested a few features to be added to it."

"Sure," Enka remarks, grinning first at Kiley and then at Zi'on. "In fact, I ought to pay commission for gettin' me set up with this." she waves a hand over at the new computer. "For both of you." There's a secretive little grin in Zi'on's direction, before she laughs. "Sure, an ex. Or somethin'." Because if one can disown one's parents — or at least just one — Chaya is definitely an ex-relative in the goldrider's book. Oh totally, Enka could probabvly even invent some kind of global catastrophe for her to rescue. One could see it now…. drunken painted wherries flock around Pern, havoc ensues. Goldrider valiantly drives them off single handedly. News at eleven! Maybe the bronzer and Enka just like trading looks. Or something. Definitely or something. "Could go for some klah," she admits. "And maybe a sandwich." There's a pause. "I'll just have some food brought up then, you can have some if you want or not."

Zi'on laughs. "Not right now I couldn't. I'm broke. I'll need to find some treasure. Then I'll commission hundreds of ballads." No mention of whether they'd be about Enka or about himself, though. He shrugs. "I have to say 'yes' no matter when I transfer to." There are so many Shiptons, they're basically everywhere! The bronzer can't go anyplace without someone related to him living there, really. "Just don't want to make sure they're fueling a family feud or something, probably." He peers at Kiley. "Well, don't get to excited and forget to eat anything." There's a grin to Enka then. "I'm sure we can work something out for a commission." The bronzer finished packing Tinkers up and seals the box. He writes 'Tinkers' on it in a marker. "Ah." Is said to Enka about the harper. "Sounds good. I could go for klah and sandwich." But he didn't want to be the only one eating, apparently. The bronzer rubs his head a bit. "Hm. Time for a haircut." Even though he's only got a thin layer of hair to start with.

Kiley grins and shakes her head, "it wasn't too much trouble, there's no need for a huge commission or anything at all. I'm happy to help." Fingers type type away and she considers the weyrwoman with a brief glance, not questioning any further but adding in: "He'll have to know eventually if you want him to commission them." She beams a cheerful smile and looks to the monitor then the paper she types off of. "That'd be lovely, thank you." Another shake of her head for the mention of treasure along with a soft chuckle. "Probably. They want to keep their noses clean and out of the emotional drama." His warning is also met with a shrug, "I can go awhile without food. I've forgotten plenty times before.. But you can remind me later." The next paper in the stack is taken and added into the computer, humming happily.

Enka is busily scrawling a note on a bit of paper, and then sending it off via firelizard express, courtesy of one of the trio of 'lizards that see her as an all-in-one-perch-and-food-provider, brown Quake, in this instance. "I'm sure you could find lots of treasure around here, Zi'on." Enka glances up at the bronzer, "wasn't there some pirate activity around here some Turns back?" Before Enka impressed and moved here of course — why, it was way back when Rea had just been a candidate. "There's bound to be treasure buried on some island or another." When he grins at her, she chuckles, looking teasingly smug. "Tell you what, you come talk to me about that, and I'll see what kind of commission I can give you." And then she's looking over at Kiley for good measure. "It's not really a secret or anythin'," she remarks, "just that one Harper probably wouldn't want to write ballads about me that much." she does frown, tap her chin and then waves at the crafter. "Shells, girl, you deserve a little somethin' for the help. Everyone wants a little pocket money for somethin'. I aint goin' to load you down with marks, but it's the least I could do."

Zi'on laughs. "If she gives me a raise I could commission one a lot sooner. I can even ask your ex to write it. I won't tell him who it needs to be about, though." There's a nod to the computer crafter about not getting involved in emotional drama. "Don't want to make a problem where there ain't one, I guess." He peers at her. "Well, alright. I'll just bring you something later, then." Of course she should eat now, too. "If Enka brings her laptop over can we both enter data in? Might go quicker that way, plus Enka and I can get a turn to practice without slowing you up." There's a nod to Enka about the pirates. "Yeah. Something like that. I don't think they've been back, though I have spotted some seedy-looking ships on water-sweeps every so often. So they must still be out there. I just need to follow a ship to find the treasure." And not get himself shot out of the sky in the process.

Kiley blinks and gives Enka a curious look, there were really pirates around here? There's a chuckle and the woman tilts a quick look to the bronzerider, lifting her brows in an expectant way or encouraging him to go out searching. She looks back to Enka and smiles pleasantly, "I see." Cheeks flush a little and she gives a small nod in agreement. "Thank you, ma'am. I could save up for a few things." The next paper is snagged and she hums once more, an idle sound of agreement to Zi'on. "Right. And then they'd have family breathing down their necks if there were an issue." A soft chuckle and there's a nod of thanks for his agreement on the food. "Yes, you can. You could work on the next pile so the both of you get some practice with the formatting and such. I'll get the program on both as soon as we break for the day." Her brows lift and there's a questioning glance given to Zi'on. "They really still come back? With the islands being so close to the Weyr I would imagine they'd be done with it all."

There's a sound on the stairway, and a lower caverns worker bustles in with a basket of food in one hand, and a pot of klah in the other. Enka watches as the woman sets out cold cuts and bread and other sandwich fixings along with plates and whatnot, on the table near the couch — luckily not atop any important papers or documents — and then departs. "Food's here," the goldrider announces, pouring herself a mug of klah. "You could ask, Zi'on, but I doubt she'd be willin' to take the commission, but if you aint tellin' her who it's about you might manage. Chaya's a bit prickly about matters pertaining to me." Which is an understatement seeing as the woman washed her hands of her offspring turns ago. "Ought to go get my laptop then." she speaks up. "Wouldn't be too long." After all, her weyr's only just a little further way up the stairway after all. "There's still pirate activity out there," Enka nods. "Not so much this close to the Weyr since then, but it's a big ocean out there with lots of little islands to hide on."

Zi'on nods to Kiley. "That'll work out well. We'll have all these papers entered in no time. And this office will be running a lot more efficiently, right Enka?" That's her cue to go get the laptop. Or tell Zi'on to go get it, which would be easier. At least for Enka. There's a shrug. "They usually pass themselves off as merchants. But I think they're selling us stolen cargo. Ya know?" The bronzer gets up to help himself to some foods. "She? Oh… Chaya. Ain't that your ma? I could always not tell her what who it's for." He grins. "Then she won't know." Zi'on fixes himself a sandwich. "I can go grab the laptop after I'm done here. You want a sandwich, Kiley? This herdbeast looks awesome."

Kiley glances towards the door and focuses her gaze on the caverns worker. A pleasant smile is given and she watches the food be set out. Her gaze flickers back towards the computer and the next paper. "But, wouldn't simply asking her to take the commission show that you've actually done something with yourself." Pause, "if you'll excuse me for being so bold.. But it sounds like that is the sort of thing you want to prove.. Whether she takes it or not." She nods to Enka's statement about the laptop, peeking up and then considering. "I see. It would be a bit of a hassle to have someone out there constantly to keep watch, I imagine…" Another nod, this time her gaze is directed towards Zi'on. "It'll be faster with two computers, certainly." Shoulders drop into a shrug for the comment about pirates and merchants. "If you suspect they are, you could always search into it?" And then, the talk of the sandwich draws her attention back to the food settled out and.. She actually pulls away from the computer to make herself a rather small and flimsy thing. "You convinced me."

"It's a long story." Enka remarks to Kiley, the mug of klah in her hands, although the goldrider has made as yet, no move towards assembling a sandwich. "Whether I've made somethin' of myself or not." Without going into the details, that is. She frowns darkly for a moment, her gaze drifting off towards the direction of the doorway. "Yeah," comes the answer at last, Enka not quite glancing over at Zi'on. "That's her." It would certainly be noted that Enka actually hasn't /claimed/ the woman as her mother, but she's not denying it either. Maybe it's better to just ignore the situation — out of sight, out of mind. "Oh dear," there's a twinge of surprise in her voice just then as she steps away from the table and actually lingers in the doorway of the office, gaze directed out towards the bowl itself.

Zi'on laughs. "Well, I would hope Enka ma already knows she impressed a gold by now. Ain't like it's a big secret or something." He looks at the goldrider. Clearly some mama issues there with the goldrider. He doesn't want to press. Especially not in Enka's current state of mind. She might go all ragey and murder someone, like him. "I don't think the pirates ever come here looking to make trouble. They know better after what happened to them last time, I would think." He grins as the computer crafter makes some food for herself. The bronzer peers over at Enka as he eats his sandwich. "Uh… uh-oh." There's definitely some dragon congregation going on, all centered around the gold. He looks to Kiley. "Uh… I'm gonna take Enka… out of here." Another sandwich is slapped together quickly. Comfort food, maybe? "We should go, Enka!" Push push.

Kiley nods once and certainly doesn't press, only to nod again. "I'm sorry." That is the only thing the computer crafter can think to say bite munching on her meager sandwich. The surprise from Enka only draws her attention over there once more and there's a curious blink of her eyes. "Hm?" Attention shifts to Zi'on in question, unable to say more on his previous statements as he's taking Enka. "Uh.. Right. I'll be adding in more papers." There's a pleasant smile for the pair and she doesn't ask, merely finishing the sandwich and going right back to work.

Definite dragon congregation starting here. And Miraneith's at the thick of it, starting to back off from her chasing of her male followers as a more urgent need presents itself across her mind. Flee! Enka's acknowledgement of Kiley's words is given with a slight nod. "It's nothin' for you to be sorry about," she says, which is rather generous considering the mama issues the goldrider definitely has. The majority of her attention seems to be elsewhere though. "Lagoon shore," she says in a brief short tone to Zi'on. "We'd better go." An apologetic look is shot at the computer crafter, and the goldrider's bolting down the stairs, running pell-mell.

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