Wandering Artists and Past Scars

Western Weyr - Maze: Waterfall

Water comes from the fish pond, draining slowly over a dam down a series of steplike shallow forms causing a cascading effect of the water. Each of the steps has a different colour of rock in it, making a bit of a rainbow that the water flows down, shimmering crystalline clear. It points the way toward a pond, water cutting a deeper swath suddenly through it, where soft sand has been added to the bottom of the pool instead of the rocks. Across the base of the waterfall hangs a suspended bridge which swings as people walk across it.

The Western Weyr maze looks beautiful in the autumn. Exactly the sort of thing that would draw an artist seeking inspiration. The waterfall is particularly inspiring in the midday light. Lorenze is sitting on a rock a short ways away from the pond, sketchbook and pencil in his hand as he works on a drawing of the scene.

Through the damp mists, a lone figure appears, pausing by the very edge of the area. Kelthero looks both amazed and quite lost, still dressed in uniform but unarmed. The guard's gaze moves over every square inch, particularly the waterfall itself. It's after studying that interesting piece of landscaping that he finally notices Lorenze seated and drawing away. Now the guard looks surprised, probably not having expected to run into anyone else. He glances back over his shoulder, probably caught in the decision to stay or go. In the end, he chooses to stay and begins to approach the waterfall and pond. "Beautiful spot." Is all he says out loud to announce his presence.

Perhaps her previous chance happening on the herb garden had inspired Jeyinshi to explore more. Or maybe she was lost again, though she would never admit it if she was. The dolphineer is dressed in her everyday clothes, the outfit consisting of skinny plack pants, a plain white t-shirt, and her heeled boots. In her little adventure through the maze, the dolphineer happens to catch sight of a familiar guard and comes up to peer over his shoulder, with a low whistle. "You found a pretty nice place, Kelth. Ohhh, hey Lorenze!"

Lorenze looks up from his drawing at the sound of the guard's voice. Noting the uniform, he smiles and gives a little salute. "Good day, Guardsman. It certainly is beautiful, isn't it?" He agrees with a beaming smile. Then Jeyinishi makes her appearance, and his grin grows wider. "Hey, Jeyinshi! Wasn't thinking I'd run into you here. C'mere, I have something for you."

Kelthero turns around with a slightly surprised look when he hears Jeyinshi's voice from behind him. "Were you following me?" he jokes lightly, before glancing back to the waterfall and pond. "Hmm, it is really pretty. This whole maze-like area is! Never thought they could build something like it in a Weyr." The guard then glances over to Lorenze again, chuckling a bit as he's saluted, nodding his head politely in return. "I'm off duty, just haven't changed. So no formality needed. I'm Kelthero." He offers, before grinning. "And it is beautiful. Are you sketching it?" The guard then tilts his head a little, looking back to Jeyinshi, apparently curious to see what Lorenze has for the dolphineer.

"You do?" The dolphineer looks puzzled for a few seconds before she snaps her fingers and nods. "Shards, you finished it already?" Jeyin walks over to the artist, peering curiously at the new painting as she waits. She turns slightly, grinning at the guard, "If I was? That makes you one inattentive guard and me one very stealthy dolphineer. Perhaps I should join you profession." The dolphineer teases mildly before nodding. "It's pretty amazing. Especially with how complicated it is. I really like the pond though." The dolphineer moves over to the fish pond, dipping her fingers in the water and smiling as the fish come to her. "They can sense I'm of the sea." And once again, her deadpan humor shows itself.

Lorenze gives Kelthero a wide grin and a nod. "Sure am. It's coming along rather nicely. Think I might do a watercolor of it before I move on… I'm Lorenze. It's nice to meet you, Kelthero." A hand is held out, offering a shake. He then turns his grin back to the dolphineer. "Not the painting, I'm afraid. I wouldn't dare try to get your ward to pose without your presence. No, I just thought I'd give you a little token of my appreciation." He pauses in his sketch to reach into his bag, retrieving a small, gift-wrapped parcel. "Here."

"I'd love to see that day, Jeyinshi." Kelthero laughs, shaking his head a little as he moves forwards to accept Lorenze's offered hand. "Good to hear it's coming along. Nice meeting you too." He replies before stepping to the side to find his own spot to sit nearby. "How much of this place have either of you explored?" he asks, looking to both Jeyinshi and Lorenze as he does. "I'm beginning to wonder how far this place extends." And probably wondering if he can't get patrols here at the same time. There's another snort of amusement at Jeyinshi's comment about the fish, but the guard seems to have lapsed into silence for a moment, most likely watching the exchange between the dolphineer and artist.

Jeyinshi looks over at the parcel /very/ suspiciously. "I meant the other painting…and I'm /paying/ you for them. I don't see why you need to give me a gift. In fact, I'd rather you keep it." With that, the dolphineer turns her attention back to the guard and shakes her head, "Not much. Just this place and treehouse. I sleep up there a lot since the dorms get noisy and the hut isn't ready yet. Kiley didn't approve, said I could use her room…which I might. But I like it up there." Jeyinshi shrugs a bit before laying down on her stomach and continuing to play with the fishes in the water.

Lorenze gives the guardsman's hand a firm shake, grinning broadly. "It's my first time here, myself. I'd heard of the famous Western maze, had to come see it. It's as beautiful as I'd heard… hard to imagine candidates built this whole thing, isn't it?" Jeyinshi's response to his offer just earns amused grinning. "Oh, come now. Yes, you're paying me, but I can get you a little gift all the same, can't I? It's called a gesture of kindness. Go on, take it. I bet you'll like it." He even moves over to crouch by where the dolphineer lays by the water, waggling the parcel by her face annoyingly.

"The treehouse?" The guard frowns for a moment, trying to recall if he's ever seen that particular part of the maze. In the end, he only shakes his head. "Don't think I've been there, but I guess it'd work better then most sleeping arrangements. What didn't Kiley approve of?" he asks, before turning and giving Lorenze a much surprised look. "/Candidates/ built this? Because that is hard to imagine… I didn't think they'd have the time to or resources." Surprised or not, Kelthero does give another sweeping glance of the area, whistling in appreciation much like he did when he first stumbled on the gardens. He then grins, joining Lorenze's side in the issue of the gift. "He's got a point, Jeyinshi, regardless of the fact he knows little of the deal struck between the two. It /is/ a gesture of kindess and a rather nice one too."

Jeyinshi frowns at the sudden intrusion of her space and sits up. "I don't know what you want from me." The waving in her face is what finally what gets her to agree and she takes the parcel, opening it carefully as she sighs. "Kiley said I shouldn't sleep on couches in trees. I guess I can see her point. Part of the disapproval may have been surprise though. It's not everyday you climb up a tree and find your friend sleeping there." Kelthero's last comment earns a small frown, "You wouldn't be saying that if you heard what he was talking about last time."

Lorenze looks up at the guardsman and raised an eyebrow. "What I was told was that some ambitious weyrleader thought the whole place up. The next time there were eggs on the sands, instead of having regular daily chores, the whole candidate class was tasked with working on the construction. I hear they finished just a couple days before the hatching." Lorenze seems quite pleased with Jeyinshi taking the parcel, even if she does it with great annoyance. He retakes his seat. "It's a candy assortment. Got it from this Baker Journeyman I know. Good stuff, very delicious. Thought it might provide a pleasant energy boost when you're working."

"I guess so…" Kelthero begins in reply to Jeyinshi's sleeping arrangement issues. He frowns for a moment, one hand coming up to scrub at his chin thoughtfully. "Surprise or not, a treehouse is better then a makeshift tent sometimes. Honestly though, it all comes down to getting that hut of yours done." The guard admits, with a slightly crooked smile. That smile falters a little when the dolphineer frowns at him. So he frowns right back. "What? How was I to know?" he asks, before his attention turns back to Lorenze. The guard leans back a little where he sits; looking quite impressed by the bit of history the artist shares with him. "Ambitious is right! Rather smart way of doing it, really."

Jeyinshi looks down at the candy and smiles a bit. So what if she didn't quite trust the person who gave it to her? It was FOOD. "Thanks Lorenze. I'm sure it'll taste great." The dolphineer scoots back a bit before laying down and dipping her fingers in the water again. She turns her head to the guard and shakes her head, "You weren't. And yesh, hut building. The supplies are all in now, so if my previous snapping hasn't chased you away, would you mind stopping by and helping?" Jey grins a bit before looking back at the fish, though one ear remains perked at the the men's conversation.

Strangers with candy are always trustworthy, right? Lorenze is beaming at the response his gift receives, evidently far more positive than he was anticipating. "Glad you like it. Let me know which ones you like best, I can set you up with more. The butterscotch is my favorite." He grins over at Kelthero. "And I haven't a clue what she was talking about. I'm a perfect gentleman." He interjects himself in the conversation about the hut. "I can help, if you want. Put together a couple huts back at Ierne when I was working there as a handyman."

Kelthero laughs a little, glancing over to the dolphineer. "I'm hardly scared off. I made a promise, so I intend to keep it. I should have a full day off within the next few days. I can always pop by the lagoon then." The guard then turns his attention back to Lorenze when the artist grins at him, "I'd hope so!" He says, grinning back in a way that almost makes it seem like a warning. But it's not long before the guard is chuckling, obviously only joking around some more. Then it's back to looking surprised as Lorenze offers his help. However, Kelthero wisely keeps his mouth shut on this, but he does turn to look at Jeyinshi, no doubt waiting on her response. It's her hut they're discussing, after all!

"Um thanks. I'll let you know." His sudden claim of innocence earns a snort from the dolphineer and she sits up, edging her way over so that she's now sitting next to Kelthero…and away from Lorenze "You know…the help is much appreciated, but it's really a small hut….ah shells. As much pride as I have, I'll be the first to say I don't know what to do. So if you're around, then I've no problem with you helping." Jeyin listens to Kelthero, nodding as explains and then grins. "I should hope you weren't. But that sounds good. Sungie'll enjoy it to. He's been chattering nonstop about the visit since I mentioned it."

Lorenze grins at the dolphineer, despite her snorting and edging away from her. "Well, perfect! It's the least I can do. Actually sounds kind of fun, it's been over a turn since I've done any construction. It'll be just like old times." He looks back to Kelthero. "When're you going to be going back? We should probably work together. It'll go much faster with more hands."

If Kelthero is surprised by Jeyinshi suddenly sitting closer to him, he doesn't let on much, only giving her a brief sideways glance. "I was going to say… it might be a good idea." The guard admits, looking over to Lorenze and then back to the dolphineer. "Really? Sungie is excited about it?" he says, before focusing his attention solely on the artist once again. "Well, glad you're so keen on the project." Kelthero then lapses into silence, brows knitting together as he organizes his thoughts. "Depends where I'm posted next, if I'm only going on the Weyr's borders or further out. Also depends if it's on runnerback or by foot." The guard grimaces at the latter, obviously showing his preferences. "Shouldn't be long though." He then nods his head. "I agree, it would go much faster as a team, although I know nothing of building anything like a hut."

"Thanks again. It really will be a big help. Though it's really not anything complicated. I pretty much just need a roof over my head. Something that isn't a tent." Jeyinshi glances over at the guard as he asks his question and raises an eyebrow. "You….did you forget that you promised to play with Sungie? That's what he's most excited about. I've been getting an earful about it for days." The dolphineer sits back, listening to the two converse and nodding her head at intervals.

Lorenze grins at the guardsman from his seat at the rock. "Well then, you and I should get along just fine. I supply the knowhow, you supply the raw guardsman strength. We'll have a beautiful hut up in no time at all. Just send me a message when you're ready, I'm set up in the guest rooms. My schedule is fairly flexible." Jeyinshi's comments in favor of simplicity earn a dismissive handwave. "Nonsense! We'll set you up with a proper quality living space. You'll live like a weyrwoman!"

Kelthero's cheeks suddenly color a little, as does his neck as a bit of a blush of embarrassment creeps across his features. Even so, the guard does try to feign innocence. "Of course not! I… uh, oh shells." He sighs as he gives up. He's just one that can't lie. "I did, for a moment there." And now he won't forget! "Sorry, Jey. But I do intend to come out and play with Sungie, honest." Lorenze's comment on strength earns him a snort and the guard shakes his head. "I'm not that strong, so don't expect me to do /all/ the heavy work alone. But I'll send word once I'm back." Chuckling again, he quirks a brow at the artist's last comment. "How's that sound to you, Jey?" he asks, glancing over to the dolphineer.

Jeyinshi shakes her head decisively and frowns in Lorenze's direction. "I've no need for extravagance. And I don't want to make it noticeable either. It's not like a weyrwoman lives in all comfort and such. Even if there is one that does, /I/ don't want to. I'd like to keep it simple." Kelthero's admission has the dolphineer looking slightly hurt, whether the expression is genuine however, is uncertain. "Yeah…just don't forget okay? I'm the one that will have to deal with the moody aftermath." Jeyinshi shudders a bit at the thought of Sungie throwing a tantrum before chuckling. "It sounds absolutely unlike me and a definite no. If something like that is what's built, I won't live in it." The final sentence is accompanied by a serious look towards both men.

"Alright, alright. I'll keep everything simple. But I will at least insist the place has a proper design sensibility. It wouldn't do to have such a graceful creature living in an ugly hut." Lorenze insists with a wide, cheesy smile. His attention then returns to the guard. "Alright. When your duties allow, send me a message and we'll build a nice, simple hut, free of frills and comforts."

Kelthero has the decency to look a little ashamed at the dolphineer's hurt look, genuine or not. "I won't forget, okay? Especially if it's going to upset Sungie so much." he says, sounding truthfully honest in his promise this time. The guard then can't help but laugh at Jeyinshi's reaction and rejection of the idea of a fancy hut. "And you know something?" the guard adds, glancing towards Lorenze. "If I know Jeyinshi well enough…" There's a grin flashed at the dolphineer. "…she's dead serious about not living in it if it's fancy." Kelthero then raises his brows at the artist's remark, shifting a little awkwardly where he sits. But then it's all smiles again and the guard nods. "Will do, then."

"Well then, we'll keep it simple." Lorenze agrees with Kelthero. "But simple doesn't have to be ugly. I'm sure we'll come up with something appropriate for our lovely dolphineer friend. Any job worth doing is worth doing right, after all."

Kelthero gives a slight cough, obviously looking a little awkward now at Lorenze choice of words. Or maybe he agrees in a way, but he's a master at keeping his thoughts to himself. "Better to do it right, then have to do it again." He replies with a nod of his head. The guard seems to pause for a moment, expecting Jeyinshi to jump in, but it would seem the dolphineer is distracted. So Kelthero simply continues on, deftly switching the topics away from the hut building for a bit. "You mentioned Ierne Hold earlier. Is that where you're from?" he asks, bending one knee up as he crosses his arms over it, leaning forwards in the process.

Lorenze goes ahead and digs the hole deeper with his choice of words. "Absolutely. And such a gorgeous dolpineer certainly deserves a good home at the very least, even if her tastes will run towards the simple side." Danger? What danger? All sails over the artist's head. The mention of Ierne has him grinning again. "As much as I'm from anywhere. I've been on the road my whole life. Ierne was about as long as I stayed anywhere, half a turn or so. It was nice, but it didn't stick."

Danger would be saying words like that in front of a guard who has a pretty good friendship (or so he thinks, anyways) with said dolphineer. But Kelthero has more patience then he did when he was younger and he keeps his smile and good-natured humor regardless of how weirded out he feels. So he's not the true danger, not yet. He only nods his head to Lorenze's final comments on the hut, but curiosity gains a foothold when the artist answers his previous questions. "Ah, so you're a wanderer of sorts? And I've never been as far as Ierne Hold. Not yet anyways. In fact… Western is as far as I've gotten so far." He admits, grinning.

Jeyinshi has been quiet this entire time. Is she listening? Perhaps. She might even be stewing, because the frown on her face is certainly becoming more apparent. "Lorenze…..you really should stop saying such uncomfortable and unnecessary things. I don't respond well to flattery." The annoyance is apparent, but the dolphineer has also learned the art of patience…she does work with Sungie after all. Jey stands, brushing off her legs and moving back to the pond…on the other side, away from both men. "Irene huh? That's certainly interesting."

"Nope, never been. But I'll take your word for it. I guess if I'm ever transferred out, I'll have to apply for Ierne now. I was thinking of Landing, but if not there, then Ierne it is." Kelthero grins at Lorenze, before flinching slightly as Jeyinshi was apparently paying attention all this time after all. He looks disappointed when she moves away, glancing at her with a 'what'd I do?' look. The guard shakes his head then, before giving the artist across from him a disbelieving look. His hand comes up to pinch the bridge of his nose for a moment as he almost groans at the hint of the joke that Lorenze almost shared. "Don't go there." Kelthero pleads to him as he lower his hand, fixing the other man with a look, sounding half-heartedly serious.

Jeyinshi lets out a sigh of relief at the apparent backdown of the artist before returning to the men and sitting back down beside the guard, a small smile on her face. She lets out an audible groan at the potential joke and shakes her head, "You know what. I can get you an infinite supply of fish. Sungie will kill them and serve them to you fresh." Return one bad joke with a strange one. Apparently that's the way the dolphineer works.

"Ierne wouldn't be a bad place to settle down at all. If I ever get tired of wandering, I can't imagine a better place to wind up." Lorenze agrees with a wide smile. "And hey, I stopped myself before I finished the joke, didn't I? Supply your own punchline." Jeyinshi's return joke, odd as it is, has him laughing. "Oh, couldn't do that. I'm sure he works hard for those fish, let him keep them."

Kelthero decides to join in on Jeyinshi's little joke once she rejoins them. "And I was from a family of fishermen, so I could brush off those rusty skills and show you how to prepare all those fish Sungie will so painstakingly bring in for you." He adds in, grinning widely as he does. "And I don't think it's wise to return a dolphin's gift." Actually, Kelthero has no idea what would happen. He just throws that in. The guard then chuckles heartily, his amusement eventually fading off as he regains some seriousness. "Beautiful enough to make a wanderer settle? Well, now I will have to see this place sometime." Kelthero then glances around the waterfall and pond again, smiling. "But right now I'm kind of liking it here at Western. Have to admit, it's the longest posting I've had."

Jeyinshi laughs and hitches a thumb over at Kelthero, "Now now, when you've got someone so willing to prepare the fish for you. And a dolphin giving you all he's got, you really shouldn't return. If he's offended, I can't guarantee any safety if you ever go out swimming. He might just find you and drop you in the middle of the ocean." The dolphineer smirks a bit before also looking around and nodding, "I like it out here too. There are still a lot of places around here I haven't seen. But Irene would probably be a nice place for a vacation. Sungie would also get a little time off that way."

"I know lots of good places for vacations." Lorenze adds with a chipper smile. "Ista is just beautiful. You have to see the black sand beaches. And those Istans sure know how to party! Booze everywhere. Eastern's pretty in its own way, too. All highly recommended. You two need to do some traveling!" Lorenze grins at Jeyinshi. "Well, if you ever need anyone to show you Ierne…" He pauses, catching himself. "… Uh, I can recommend several good people for it. Not me."

Kelthero snickers as the dolphineer runs with joke, flashing her a grin. "Exactly why when I visit to play with Sungie, I'll be sure not to offend him." He muses, shifting his position again and stretching his legs straight out in front of him. "Ahh, vacation would be nice. Can't even remember when I last took one." The guard admits with a shrug of his shoulders. "Which probably means I'm overdue." As Lorenze starts to list off places around Pern, Kelthero tilts his head to the side a little, giving a low whistle when the artist is done. "You weren't kidding when you said you were a wanderer. Never considered visiting those areas. I mean you're speaking to someone who comes from a place where going to Torince Hold was a grand occasion."

Jeyinshi smiles easily at the artist now that there's no strange comments coming from him. "Yeah? Well if I'm ever down that way, it'd be nice to get a tour. You can ask those people if they might be free." She grins teasingly at the guard then. "Imagine what would happen if I'd told him you /forgot/." Jey might be holding this over his head for a while. "Last time I had a vacation….was when I went back to the Hall for one of the family's yearly parties. And I guess that isn't a proper vacation at all, is it?"

"You would /not/ do that to me, would you?" Kelthero asks, mockingly acting hurt and shocked by the dolphineer's threat. He knows by know though that she's only teasing. Well… maybe. The guard then chuckles, looking up at the clear sky for a moment. "I'd say it counts, maybe more a half visit, half vacation. Better than my record though!" he admits, glancing over to Jeyinshi and grinning. He then looks away, towards the pond and as he drifts into thought, his expression seems to drop a little. He catches himself though and soon his back to his usual self.

Jeyinshi grins and leans over to bump shoulders with the guard, if he doesn't dodge her. "If you ever do that again…perhaps. Or maybe then you can deal with my wrath. I don't know which one's worse really." She leans back a bit, staring up at the sky and closing her eyes, "Guess it is better than your record. You should come with me for the next party. Kiley might come too if she isn't busy. It'd be a sort of vacation." The dolphineer shrugs lightly before bringing her head back down and catching sight of his expression. "So…what's eating you? Are you really just depressed about no vacations?"

Kelthero doesn't dodge and simply takes the bump to the shoulder, swaying only a little to the side. He blinks for a moment, not quite sure how to react, but decides to go with it anyways and leans back over to (gently) return the favor - unless the dolphineer dodges him. "Both are probably equal and trust me, I've been thoroughly warned and I will not be testing those waters." There's a heartbeat of a pause and then the guard groans. "Oh shells, I didn't mean it like that." Kelthero then gives Jeyinshi a curious side-glance. "Where are these parties again? If my duties allow it, I could probably make it. Or find some excuse to get myself temporarily posted there. Then it'd definitely be a half-vacation." The guard then starts slightly when Jeyinshi calls him out and he looks away. "Not depressed, no. Just thinking back on some things. Old vacations." He answers cryptically.

Jeyinshi takes the bump to the shoulder with a grin…which is quickly replaced by small groan. "Ah, you went and did it didn't you? But don't worry too much, even I slip up and make those types of jokes sometimes. It's 50 times more unpleasant when it's /coming/ from a dolphineer." She leans back after that, smiling, "They're at the Dolphincraft Hall. Near Rubicon River Hold and Xanadu Weyr. If you do get time, you could make a kind of tour out of the area I guess." Old things? Old vacations? The dolphineer peers curiously before folding legs and turning to the side to face him. "Were they….unpleasant vacations? You get this strange look sometimes…so I really can't help but wonder."

"I'm sorry, it just slipped out. Honest!" Kelthero grins, laughing. "Oh really, is it that much worse?" When the location of the party is revealed, the guard frowns a bit in thought. "Hmm, I could probably manage that, although I've never gone that far. I was being serious earlier when I said Western is as far as I've been." The guard grins. "So I wouldn't mind a tour if I do make it, because I am /definitely/ going to be lost." As Jeyinshi turns to face him and calls him out again, Kelthero's frown returns, but deepens. There is no smile now and he doesn't reply at first, shifting awkwardly where he sits before finally speaking. It's obvious though that he's picking his words carefully, looking at the dolphineer as he does. "One unpleasant vacation. Turns back, when I was younger. I… made a mistake. And it cost me, in ways." He then shrugs. "I guess I still brood over it. Past is past though, so… I don't want to bog down our conversation with my issues." Now a crooked grin works it's way back onto his features.

Jeyinshi grins, "Much worse. We're the ones that should know best /not/ to say them." She nods a bit and lifts a hand to her chest, pointing at herself, "Well if you make it, just leave the tours to me….or you chould go with my brothers…and I think you'd find that far less pleasant." Her joking manner fades however, as the guard falls silent and she looks up at him with a serious face, listening. The dolphineer nods her head before looking back up to the sky. "You're not bogging down the conversation. But if you don't feel comfortable telling me, then that's fine." A small sigh escapes her lips and she shuts her eyes, frowning a bit. "I…I made a mistake too a while ago….an unforgiveable mistake. That's why I'm here at Western."

"Ah, good point. We should know better." Kelthero agrees, before grinning. "Oh? And how is it that you're brothers are the less pleasant?" Pause. "Not that'd it be unpleasant touring with you!" the guard hastily adds in, once he realizes how that could be interpreted. Again, the grin falters, replaced by some weak smile. "It's not that I'm uncomfortable in telling you." Kelthero begins only to hesitate, as he seems to still turn some inner debate over in his mind. It takes a deep breath or two before the guard can spit it out. "It's that I worry it'll change your opinion of me." Then he looks completely taken back by Jeyinshi's admission. "Really?" he asks. "I never would have thought."

"I certainly hope it wouldn't. But ah…lets just say you'd get less sight-seeing and more talking done around them. No offense taken though…for now." The dolphineer chuckles softly before hugging her knees to her chest and gently resting her chin on them. "It won't." Jeyinshi says this firmly, in a slightly louder voice before softening again and continuing. "The past is the past. What matters is the person you are now and how you've changed after that experience." Perhaps the dolphineer is a bit of a hypocrite though, because she herself seems pained when talking of her own experience. "Yes…really. I'm in a sort of self exile right now. To be frank, I really just ran away from the hall…ran away from teaching the apprentices."

Kelthero seems to relax a little now, having not realized how tense he was getting as the dolphineer somehow talked more of his past from him. Inhaling deeply, the guard actually does smile for a moment or two. "Well said, Jey." He replies, before listening carefully as she shares her own past - at least the part that isn't normally shared with everyone. He doesn't give her a sympathetic look, but one that shows he understands, in a sense. "Sometimes that's what someone has to do. Not the greatest of ways, but there are worse paths." He pauses. "If it's not too much, why did you decide not to teach?" Kelthero then leans forwards, bending his legs and resting his elbows on his knees. Folding his hands together, he seems to stare at them for a long time before he speaks again in a low voice. If the dolphineer can trust him to share, then he can trust her. "I was raised in a family with rather backwards ideals. I felt trapped, so I fell into the wrong crowds as a kid. Learned to vent my frustrations in bad ways." He closes his eyes for a moment, only opening them to glance over to Jeyinshi. "My father took us, my mother and siblings, to Torince Hold… a vacation of sorts. I got into a fight over something I can't even remember now. Pointless, probably, but it was bad regardless. Long story short, I was disowned and left there to struggle on my own. Not easy… but I did it." He then spreads his hands open. "And now look. A twist of irony and I'm a guard."

Jeyinshi smiles weakly and nods, "It's the best solution I can think of, and the one I try to live by. Just trying to move on. And running away…it isn't the best solution, but it's the only one I had the courage to take." Even as the guard relaxes, the dolphineer begins tensing up at the question, hugging her legs a bit more tightly and looking towards the ground. "I…I used to teach. I was in charge of the paired up apprentices who would be doing search and rescue. We went out for a storm exercise during the night." Jey suddenly takes a deep breathe, shutting her eyes tightly and shivering a bit. "I didn't teach the pair enough, didn't pay attention. They swam out too far and…..and the dolphin came back without his partner." When she opens her eyes again, the pained expression remains, but she shakes her head a bit, attempting to clear the thoughts as she listens to Kelthero's story. "I'm sorry. It must have been hard, dealing with that. But you came out alright, more than alright even, you came out great. Have you…have you ever seen them since then?" Jey's voice is quiet, slightly hesitant as she asks the last question.

Kelthero is quiet, but listening all the while as Jeyinshi goes through her explanation. He doesn't try to prod her or encourage her, just simply a silent listener. In the end though, his expression does take on a sympathetic look and for an awkward moment the guard almost seems to move a hand to rest it on the dolphineer's shoulder but loses confidence and draws his hand back. "I'm so sorry, Jey. No one should have to go through that." The guard pauses again, once more choosing his words carefully. "You can't blame yourself for that though. Accidents happen, even to those who are prepared. You're still a good person, despite what happened." He says in as gentle tone as possible, before shaking his own head, unable to think of anything more to say. Jeyinshi's words bring a light smile though. "Heh, thanks. I try. It was really hard to change, at first. Old habits die hard, right?" At the mention of his family though, the guard simply glances down. "Not a word. I'm sure my father has a hand in that too." Here, his tone turns bitter. "Stubborn old fool comes from a long line of equally stubborn close minded fools who can't seem to accept change. Once his mind is set, it's set."

Jeyinshi watches the slight movement of the hand before looking back to the ground and nodding, "I keep trying to make myself believe that. But…I just don't have the confidence to work with the apprentices again. I only trust me with myself and with unpaired dolphins. Perhaps one day….one day it might be different. The only reason I can even work with the unpaired dolphins is because Sungie partnered with me…without him I would've given up on my craft…" She sighs a bit before quieting to listen to Kelthero's story and frowning slightly. And then she reaches her own hand out, gently reaching for his shoulde, meaning to give it a small pat or rub if he doesn't move away. "You did well. And maybe one day he'll come around. He hasn't had the chance to see what an amazing person you've become. Until then, you can only keep working, just being the best you can….I'm no real family, but if you ever have the need for some….well, I'm here."

"Lucky for Sungie then that he found you before you made that decision. And don't even feel that you have to return to teaching, Jey. As bad as it sounds, enjoy the time you have here and now. Nothing ever said you have to go back to it, right?" Kelthero does his best to be reassuring and inspiring in a way, but the guard is far out of his comfort zone. When he sees the dolphineer trying to do the same gesture he flaked out on, he tenses for a moment, but doesn't flinch away. So her hand does reach his shoulder and his opposite hand comes up to lay over hers, unless she moves it away. "No, he won't. Jey, his way of thinking is warped. His sense of the world… he's very stuck in the past, in the older ways. Older ways of thinking." The guard lets that drop though, in favor of giving Jeyinshi another surprised look. "…that means a lot. Thank you."

Jeyinshi nods, "Yeah, I'd probably still be holed up in my room if it weren't for him. But you're right. I have to enjoy the now, but I don't have to go back. I know it deep down, but I think I just really needed to hear that from someone else. That someone being you." Rather than moving her hand away, Jey turns it to the side a bit, moving her thumb to give the guard's hand a small rub. "Perhaps he won't then, maybe he's to stubborn to change. But somewhere there, I'm sure he still loves you. Maybe it's just the way I think. Perhaps I'm too optimistic, but that's what I want to believe." The corners of her lips lift in a small smile then, "You're welcome. And I mean it. You're one of the few people here I'm really close with, and I'd like to think I'm the same for you. Though being family with me and Sungie might make you tired after a while."

Kelthero looks a touch sheepish for a moment. "Well, I'm glad I could help then in a way. I'm always willing to listen if you just need to talk or vent. Better then keeping it bottled up. Trust me… I tried and well, you know how that turned out." When Jeyinshi doesn't move her hand away, the guard smiles a broad smile, the first probably in a long while. "Hmm, perhaps." He says, eventually and a touch reluctantly moving his hand from the dolphineer's. "In his own way, he probably did." Kelthero then looks surprised again for the third of fourth time this afternoon alone. "Really?" he pauses for a moment, trying to absorb that and probably looking a little comical as he does. "It is the same. I mean… you're one of the few I'm close too to. And that I can trust." The guard smiles, "You wouldn't know what you know now if I didn't trust you." He admits, before chuckling softly. "Still, even if you guys did tire me out I'm still thankful for the offer."

Jeyinshi grins then, both at his sheepishness and at his words. "Well then, if I ever feel an urge to start attacking people with brooms, fish spears, or any other weapons, I'll come talk to you first. Maybe it'll save some people the injuries." The removal of her own hand is more than a little reluctant, but it also falls away as she stretches her legs out again, uncurling from the ball she'd been huddled in before. "Yes really." Jey smiles widely at the guard before chuckling softly, "I don't tell anyone I don't trust either. I also don't let just anyone help build my future sleeping areas. Mmm, if you're thankful then don't think about throwing us away ever. Even if you get tired of it. Alright?"

"Yet another way I'm reminded never to get on the wrong side of you. Bad enough to I have to be careful when on duty, but I don't want to be constantly watching my back in fear of sudden attack by broom." Kelthero teases, most likely half out of habit and half to further improve the mood after both their somber tales. As Jeyinshi stretches out, the guard follows suit, shifting on his spot so that he can lean back comfortably. He keeps close enough to the dolphineer, however still cautious not to invade her space too much. "I didn't think you did. I figured that'd be something only among friends." He hesitates for a moment, suddenly recalling some idle thought. "Hopefully you're not put out that that Lorenze had jumped in too, now that I think of it?" The guard deems it safe enough to mention him, now that the wandering artist has long moved on to another spot to work. Kelthero then looks shocked at Jeyinshi's final remark. "I'd never do that to you or Sungie! Trust me."

Jeyinshi chuckles softly, "Brooms are kind of deadly. Just imagine, all those bristles, coupled with my fury. I don't wish that on anybody." The dolphineer winks before also leaning back. She doesn't seem at all aware of the guard's precautions against space invasion. The mention of the artist earns a small snort and laugh. "Well at first I did. The first time I met him he implied that I should go nude so he could paint me. That of course did not happen. The flirting was seriously getting to me back there, but he seemed pretty turned off at the end, so now I don't particularly care. I don't hold grudges. And I wasn't mad or anything, just annoyed. Besides, we need someone that knows what they're doing." Jey shrugs a bit before grinning cheekily at Kelthero, "Good. Because you probably couldn't get rid of us if you tried."

Kelthero gives a mock shudder as Jeyinshi goes on to describe death by broom. The guard's mood seems to have lifted overall. "Neither do I. I'd say I wish no harm to anyone but…" he juts his own thumb at the uniform he's still wearing. "… Sadly that'd be a bit of a lie." At the laugh, he grins - at least until the words "pose" and "nude" are caught. Then his expression goes blank for a moment. "He what?" Uh oh, looks like somebody's mind stalled. Blinking, he shakes himself out of it before glancing back to the dolphineer. "Rather…ambitious of him." Is what Kelthero chooses to say in reply. What he really thinks is probably not polite. "Ahh, I just wanted to be sure because things were…awkward for a moment. But it's true, we need his skills for that hut of yours." He then snorts in amusement. "I don't doubt that for a second."

Jeyinshi smiles, "It's ok, I wish harm on people too sometimes. Though I've got less means to act on it, and maybe less inclination." The blank look makes her laugh a bit and she begins waving a hand in front of his face, but when he begins talking again, she drops it. "Yeah, ambitious is one word for it. Just as long as I'm not part of those ambitions again it's fine. Other than that part he's a pretty interesting fellow. Sweet." Hut building. "Awkwardness? Was I really acting so obviously different than usual?" The question is half-rhetorical really.

"I think everyone does, at some point. Most just don't act out on it, thankfully. Or I'd be worked to the bone!" Kelthero muses, leaning back even more now that he's relaxed again. He's propped himself up on his elbows, legs slightly bent out in front of him. "Oh, he was. Seemed to know quite a bit about this place." And he lifts one hand up long enough to gesture to the surrounding waterfall and pond. "And good vacation spots." He then grins, chuckling again. "You were, a little. I won't lie." The guard then glances up at the sky briefly; frowning when he notices how low the sun seems to be. And it's probably then that he realizes he's not yet gone back to the dorms to change or eat. "I think it's about time I head back and change. Maybe get some food before the daily rush." He stretches out before moving to his feet, pausing to dust off his pants and to give Jeyinshi one last wide smile. "Thanks again, Jey, for the offers and for listening. I'll drop by the next time I'm free and we'll get to building that hut." He then turns to head back towards the swinging bridge, but not before he pauses one last time to wave. "Take care!" he says over his shoulder, before disappearing the way he came earlier before.

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