Early Morning Drills

Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise manuvers required for the rescue and protection work that Western Weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Pre-early morning drills, the weyrling training field is full of young dragons and their soon-to-be riders, stretching their wings and warming up for the flight lessons to come. Rou'x is mounted on Indianath's back, the pair walking around while the brown dragon flexes his wings wide, tucks them back to his side, and then flexes them out again. It's an awkward-looking sight for sure, but the brunette weyrling is chuckling over something as they hobble about.

The tricky thing for Keely is that Geimhreath just does not seem the same size from day to day. That's the only real explanation for the fact that the blue's straps, which fit fine — and were cleared by a Weyrlingmaster — yesterday are now sliding down his side when she tries to mount him today. The teen is standing there, scowling, as she puzzles over the straps. One side has been double-checked to ensure it's tight enough… She's circling around to the other, mumbling to herself.

Indianath comes up alongside his blue sibling, and Rou'x slips down his side to land a little heavily, but not entirely gracelessly. She's learning! "Heeeey, Keee. Whatcha doing?" Indy wuffles a greeting to Geimhreath, reaching out his stubble-dusted muzzle to eye the straps that seem to be giving the pair so many troubles. "Didja try tightening them up a bit, if they're slipping off? Maybe taking them in a notch or two… or letting them /out/ a notch or two, even?"

Geimhreath rumbles a soft greeting to his clutchmate. The pale blue seems somewhat frazzled by the whole thing, shifting himself around to make it easier for Keely to get where she needs to. "I've tried so many different combinations already this morning," she grouches, "They fit /just fine/ yesterday."

"'S'alright! No point getting grumpy over it, yeah?" Rou'x's the picture of calmness! She's also got lucky with straps that slipped on without too much fuss. "You wanna give that side a tug, while I have a go at the other? We'll get them sorted, yeah?" Indianath looms over the weyrlings and Geimhreath. «Your straps are not fitting,» he points out the obvious, a hint of aged leather colouring the tropical florals of his mindscent.

"It's just frustrating," Keely says, fussing with a buckle. Bleedover from her lifemate, perhaps. She glances up to Rou'x and gives a small nod, "We'll see if that does it… Thanks." Geimhreath rumbles somewhat at the brown, « I told her to remake them this morning. She said they're perfectly servicable and it would take too long. » His own voice is like a fire; a soft, small one at the moment, tinged with incense.

With the straps tugged at and possibly in place, Rou'x steps back around the blue dragon to lean up against Indianath's foreleg. "Fingers crossed, yeah? It can't get any /worse/ though, right? Not unless the damned things go n' break on you…" Which she's hoping won't happen. «Sometimes you have to go with what's quickest,"» rumbles Indianath, his mindvoice filled with tropical humidity, a lush forest of scent and colour. «You cannot know what will be right and what will be wrong until you try it.»

There's a snort from Geimhreath as he shifts into place for Keely to try mounting once again. « Quickest is rarely best. Things must be done /properly/. » The fire grows a bit, myrrh drifting with the smoke. "Oh Faranth… they'd better not break. The weyrlingmaster that checked them seemed to think they were well enough." She gets a good grasp and pulls herself up into the proper position. The straps, thankfully, seem to be holding properly this time.

"Theeeere y'go!" Rou'x claps once Keely's in place, grinning up at her. It doesn't take her long to clamber up into position on Indianath's back - they've been practicing that whole speed-mounting, by the looks of it. From slightly higher up on her lifemate's back, the brownriding weyrling cocks her head at Keely and calls out to her: "How's Geimhreath doing in his lessons? Do you think he's nearly ready to fly?"

Keely gets herself strapped in, double-checking over everything. She does so somewhat half-heartedly, as it's all fine already. Still, the blue seems insistent upon it before he'll lumber forward at all. Geimhreath extends his wings steadily. "Uhm…" she reaches out to pat one of the ridges upon her lifemate's neck. "He sure thinks so."

"So does Indy. He can't /wait/ to get airborne… all he keeps talking about is how we'll go on adventures once we're able to get away." «Ista. Landing. Xanadu.» These three places are shared with Geimhreath, along with excitement and high expectations. Rou'x leans back to still look at Keely as Indianath moves off at an awkward walk. "He dreams about them. Isn't it weird, getting to share things like that? He's dreaming about all these places that he's never been to, that /I've/ never been to, but that he's picked up from somewhere."

"Hunh." Keely seems somewhat uncertain there. She moves a little awkwardly with Geimhreath, but she's getting used to the sensation. Never much into runners was she. "I guess it's weird. I dunno. Geimhreath doesn't have anything like that." « Travel simply for the sake of travel? What of diplomacy, gaining allies? »

«Travel for the sake of /discovery/,» comes Indianath's jasmine-laced reply. «For finding treasure, for seeking excitement!» Rou'x yawns, leaning forward comfortably over her lifemate's neck in a loose sort of hug. "Doesn't he? Indy's got me pretty excited about going exploring when we're free to. Ir'e and I were talking about it before the Hatching, I might ask him to come, too… maybe even S'ol might come. Indy said Tarieth was interested."

Geimhreath does not seem certain about this. « Excitement. How… well, it's not very inspirational, is it? What about yours? Would you not want to see her raised to loftier goals?" Keely fusses with a strap, adjusting it as she feels herself start to slide. "A lot of Weyrs are… much and the same. Ierne and Xanadu aren't, but others." She shrugs, "Holds. Craft halls. Landing. I would like to see those places."

"Landing's top of our list of places to go! Well, other than searching out some jungle-type places. A sevenday of getting lost together and hunting would be /awesome/… but Indianath's going to be too big to fit between the trees, I think." Rou'x strokes her lifemate's hide, nose wrinkled in slight disappointment. "He's keen to see Landing, though. He's hoping there might still be some excavation to be done." «Mine will become what we want to become. What else is there?»

"Yeah, I think Tarieth might be the only one small enough in the end." Afterall, Geimhreath's been getting fairly large, too. Not brown-large, but large enough that trees would pose problems. Keely pats the blue along his neck and he lumbers forward, practicing the movements as they've been directed. « Everything. »

Indianath's free-spirited mindset does not agree with Geimhreath's, and the brown sends him a zephyr of tropical warmth before withdrawing conversation. Rou'x, on the other hand, is all too happy to keep whittering away. "She's pretty tiny, isn't she? If y'put her beside Indy, she's barely half his size - but then, he's bigger'n some of the bronzes, aintcha, Indy?" The brown dragon stretches out his wings, warming them up. "You could come too, if you wanted of course. We should /all/ go, maybe? Or maybe just a group of the best of us."

"I dunno why yer inviting Ir'e then," Keely says, with a bit of a roll of the eyes. "He'd be more likely to get us into trouble than be useful." Geimhreath shifts to stand on his hind legs… which doesn't work for long, but he's able to manage. "Tarieth /is/ tiny. It's adorable, though."

"I reckon Ir'e'd be a good person to have, actually." Rou'x sits up on Indianath's back when she sees the Weyrlingmaster coming over into the fields. She looks back over to Keely, tilting her head towards where the other weyrlings are gathering to indicate they're heading that way, too. "Besides. It was gonna be me and Ir'e in the first place, so I couldn't /not/ go with him, yeah?" A wink is cast bluerider-wards, and then they lumber off to join in with the lesson like the good little weyrlings they are.

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