Half Moon Bay Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a couple acres of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

It's midmorning, and the Weyr has already been bustling for several hours. The Corrals have seen their fair share of activity, perhaps due to new clutch on the sands - new eggs mean new visitors, which also means hungry dragons. So Sevran is there, a sheen of sweat already visible across his skin. He's pulling the remnants of a wherry from the corral, mostly just feathers and legs at this point. It's a nasty job, but someone has to do it, right?

Taline may count as a visitor, though she's not one related to the eggs. She's heard about them, of course, and is excited to see them — because she's never actually seen dragon eggs up close before, despite having seen many other baby animals before — but she is still here for recovery from the harsh storms, the rescue, her near-drowning. She's found her way to the corrals simply because she's learning her way around the Weyr, and went out for a walk. It doesn't take her long to spot Sevran's task, and she winces. "Delightful work, isn't it," comes out of her mouth, sardonically drawled.

Hungry dragons indeed! That is what brings Samiryth to the pens! Following her today is Serena as well. She's dressed in her normal clothes, though the blouse she is wearing has to be just a touch baggier since she is now about 2 and a half months pregnant and is just begining to show. Serena will settle against the fence while Samiryth jumps right over to begin her hunt. Sevran and Taline will both get a polite smile.

"Oh, it's not so bad." Sevran's reply is jovial, and he flashes a welcoming smile at Taline. "It's worse if you let 'em sit in the sun. Then they start stinking something fierce." He briefly drops his charge in order to duck through the fence, then reaches through to haul it out. "And I only have to get it this far. Someone else'll come with a wheelbarrow and haul it out of here." He shields his eyes as Samiryth appears. "Ah. 'Morning." This for Serena, who he spots shortly after.

"You," Taline tells Sevran, solemn, "Have a tolerance for smells that I do not have." She tolerates fish stink a lot more than most people, but dead wherry stinks something fierce to her even when it hasn't been baking for a while. "Although I suspect that scent is probably appealing to — " Serena and Samiryth have perfect timing, as they are a brilliant example of Taline's exact point. A smile spreads across her face and she jerks her head briefly in the dragon's direction, " — Her."

Samiryth will turn back from the herd for a moment to trot around toward the two people that are standing there with her lifemate. The green will crane her neck downward so that she can take a good look at Taline and Sevran. After a moment she'll offer a nice enough sounding chuff. Serena will chime in at that point, "She says that she is pleased to meet you both and that her name is Samiryth." She is a lady after all and ladies need proper introductions. Serena will add on her own behalf, "I'm Serena."

Sevran just grins at Taline, apparently taking this as a compliment. For her sake, he pulls the carcass a bit further down the fence line, and downwind from where she's standing. Hopefully that helps the stench. With a slap of his palms against his pants, he treks back the way he came only this time, he's content to lean against the fence and rest a bit. Samiryth's approach is met with a smile, and the butcher turns to offer the green a pleasant smile. "Well met, Samiryth. Hope you enjoy yourself." He turns back to offer a more formal greeting to Serena. "Ma'am," and then Taline, "I'm Sevran."

It's totally a compliment. Or else, Taline meant it as one … essentially speaking. "Samiryth," she says to the dragon, with a bow of her head, "You're very pretty, and I hope you enjoy your meal, ma'am." The dragon, she addresses as ma'am, whereas Sevran is turning that attention toward the rider. Taline isn't entirely sure how to address riders that she isn't used to working with already, so she simply opts for, "Hi. Taline. I'm Taline." Her eyes are not perfectly focused yet, and so she's blinking a little more than someone might when talking directly to people. But she seems perfectly sane and with it.

The green dragon is apparently satisfied that proper introductions have been made. Particularly since Taline called her ma'am. Ladies appreciate formality. Her eyes will linger on Taline for a moment before she turns and waddles out back toward where the herd is so she can have some food to get the day started right. Not that she will have an deliveries or travel to do. Weyrbound. Serena isn't as particular as her dragon, anything will work for her, "It's a pleasure to meet you both."

"Are you native to Half Moon Bay?" wonders Sevran aloud. It's directed towards both, and is polite enough. He readjusts his position on the fence, turning so his back is to the corrals so he can lean against the fence. He keeps an ear cocked in the direction of the dragon, though; on stand-by for carcass disposal perhaps.

"Me?" Taline initially believes Sevran can't possibly mean her — he meant the dragon, right? — but after a moment's thought realizes that there's no reason he couldn't. So she answers only with a simple, noncommittal, "No," and a roll of her shoulders before turning her attention to the greenrider. Serena's probably got a more interesting answer to that question!

The dragon is native to here, though she isn't there to answer the question. She's busy tearing into a herdbeast as we speak. Ito won't be long till she's on her second one as well. The green has been an eating machine lately, "I'm from nearby. Up at Sykan Hold. It's by the Emerald Isle." It's an easy enough trip to make, "Though Samiryth and I have been here for about 8 turns or so now I think." Maybe a little more or a little less.

"Huh. Me neither," Sevran includes, lifting the corner of his mouth in half smile of amusement. "Although," he says to Serena, "Eight turns sounds long enough to call the place home, right? Maybe that's what I should've said?" He squints against the sun at Taline and wonders cordially, "What brings you in?" and just as quickly follows up with, "I'm just around for the 'beasts," and a thumb is thrown over his shoulder to indicate the herds behind him.

That time, he clearly meant Taline, so she should probably answer the question: "I was working on the Blue Fire rescue. The explosion?" It's meant as a question, because she doesn't really know how far what word spreads, or how long Sevran has been around. He may have missed that. It may be hush-hush or taboo to discuss. She hasn't been out too much. "I've been living in the infirmary here, and just now got my own little space for the time being."

In the short while that they have been talking Samiryth has made her way through four herdbeasts. This apparently satisfies the green for now and so she begins to pick up the carcasses one by one and as daintily as you can drag a dead animal she will cross the pen with it to put it near where the other dead ones are being dragged to by Sevran. Serena will chime in, "Sorry. She's been hungry lately. I thik she's sympathy eating for two." Either that or her own hormonal changes are affecting the dragon. Who can say? Serena heard about everything. Being stuck in the queens wing has information perks, "Oh. I'm glad you are up and about. It was terrible what happened."

"Oh," and Sevran's expression goes somber. "I heard about that. Sounded real bad. Are you OK?" Something about the corrals has his attention, and he turns in time to see Samiryth bringing the carcasse. "Ah, thank you! I really appreciate that. Especially with those bigger ones. 'Beast can get heavy." He does push off the fence and go to assist though, so he doesn't feel completely lazy. "Eating for two?" blink. Pause. "Oh! Oh. Congrats!" He reaches out to snag a 'beast leg, and help haul it further into the pile before jogging back to the pair of ladies.

Taline has to think about that question, because it's truly a hard answer: is she okay? What an existential crisis post-concussive syndrome can cause. "I think so," she says quietly, and then laughs as Samiryth gets into helping with Sevran's tasks. "Oh, she's a sweet one, isn't she? I think I love greens." She's met two of them now and they've both been adorable! "Is she happy about a baby coming?" Taline is just going to assume Serena is happy about a baby coming or there wouldn't be one, but how do dragons feel about that kind of thing? "Thanks, by the way, for the words of encouragement."

Samiryth is a very sweet girl indeed. She didn't even get all that much gore on herself or on the ground except for what was necessary. Serena will smile kindly at Sevran and his congratulations, "Thank you." Then she is met with Talines question, "She's very happy about it. She feels that it's partly her baby too. Since she'll never lay eggs it stands to reason I guess." Not to mention the immense feelings of affection she has for the bronze dragon whose rider is the father, "Greens are lovely." Serena is not biased in the least though.

Sevran studies Taline with a quiet, thoughtful, somber gaze. He looks like he wants to say something or do something, but refrains. Instead, after rubbing the dust and dirt and mud from the 'beast off his hands and onto his pants, he'll simply offer, "Well time will help, surely." He goes back to leaning on the fence, doing his best to lounge "productively". There's probably work for him to do, but he'll use the ladies as an excuse to procrastinate. "Is it your first?" he asks, politely but hesitantly, as if unsure whether that's an OK thing to ask a lady. On the subject of greens, he will remain silent.

If there's a way to lounge productively, Taline hasn't found it; thankfully she doesn't have to be productive, either. She's recovering. Which means she doesn't have to do anything, for the most part! Except rehabilitate, which means walking a lot. "That's so cute," she says with an uncertain smile; uncertain, but definitely there. She's regaining her spirit little by little.

The green will plunk herself down by the fence not to lounge. Ladies do no lounge. Ladies recline. So thats what she's doing, but it looks like lounging too, "Yes it is." Serena says answering Sevran's question, "Only 2 months in or so." Which means she's learning it as she goes. Just like Taline is figuring out how to heal one day at a time, "I think it is. The babies father says he knows a green that helps the mother take care of the baby by watching her for her."

Sevran can perfect the art of lounging productively. It's all in the focus. "Really?" about greens watching babies. "I didn't know dragons did those sorts of things." He glances speculatively at Samiryth, and decides, "She does look the type to help out. Very proper." For all that he's known her ten minutes. But this talk of babies maybe makes him a little uncomfortable; he's squirming a bit, changing his position often against the fence. First one arm, then two, then flipped back around again.

"Well, she's clearly helpful, we've already seen that," Taline gestures one-handed at the carcasses Samiryth moved. "So … who knows what dragons could do for babies. I didn't know greens were particularly maternal, but." Perhaps there are exceptions to every rule, or Taline just doesn't know what she's talking about. Because she doesn't actually know anything about dragons. She's all bluster. This is probably the closest she's ever been to one.

"She's very helpful." Serena says as she looks fondly over to the green, "She really enjoys helping out anyone that might need it. It's sort of her thing." One of her things anyway. She will fall silent. Talk of babies is an emotional topic and she isn't blind to Sevran's discomfort, "Dragons do all sorts of unexpected things. They are just like people. All of them are different and personalities don't always line up with the stereotypes."

Sevran considers both Taline and Selena's comments, brows furrowed slightly. "True," of Samiryth's helpfulness. "And you're right, of course," about dragon personalities. He'll take the shift in topic gladly. Babies are indeed an emotional topic, even if his emotional response is discomfort. A soft chuckle. "They sure have different eating styles, that's for sure." A glance is spared for the pile of carcasses.

And emotional topics are not Taline's favorite type of topics. She takes a second to look out in the distance, not really tuning everything out so much as disconnecting from the conversation at hand. And then with a little shrug, turns back to the others. "Do they? Hm. I have to admit, I've never been to a Weyr before. It wasn't really — relevant."

Different personalities, different eating patterns, different everything! Sevran will get a smile, "And its thanks to you that we have all of these fine animals here to make sure that they all get fed." His job might be hard but its necessary and appreciated, "They do." Serena says to Taline, "If you end up sticking around long enough you'll start to see it all for yourself. I'm sure though taking it slow is good." Especially with the injuries she suffered.

"Oh really?" asks Sevran, mildly surprised at Taline's admission. "But you've been around dragons before." It's a statement. "Cause you don't seem scared of them at all, and most people who've not grown up with 'em usually get scared of 'em being this close." Thumb toss towards Samiryth. "I grew up in the Weyrs." Plural. "Well, I don't mind the work," he adds with a hint of a smile, "But usually I'm butching them for the kitchens. But I figured I'd lend a hand while I'm here. Speaking of which," and he squints towards the pile again, "I'd better figure out where my partner's at before these 'beasts really create a stink. Nice to meet you," head tip to both Taline and Serena. "And you, too," is offered to the reclining green.

"No," Taline confirms, shaking her head. "Not really, I haven't. I'm just not scared of things." Whether or not that's true, it will at least be a challenge to find something nearby that would frighten Taline. As far as she knows, there's nothing she's scared of. "I would think dragons usually like butchering for themselves, but it can't hurt to offer help, I guess — you, too, good to meet you," she adds, nodding at the departing Sevran. "Thanks for the introduction. And slow … everything I am is slow, right now." Though her thought processes, at least, are speeding up.

Serena offers Sevran a friendly wave as he departs for his duties. Samiryth will offer him a friendly chuff to boot, "You probably will have to take things slow for awhile. I don't know all about the injuries you got or anything remotely healery but I imagine with something like that it will take a good lone while to find your feet again. Half moon is the perfect place to relax and recuperate."

Taline's smile, such as it is, is a little awkward, but — definitely there, appreciative, agreeing with the greenrider's statement. "Head injury. So — slow is the word. Relaxing is also meant to be the word, but I am usually sort of … tightly wound," she gestures aimlessly with her hand. "It is not my greatest skill, relaxing. I find not having work to do a little bit unsettling, honestly." She's mostly well, now, and so it's hard, just waiting. And then things happen to show her she's not completely recovered after all.

Everyone has been awkward at some point in their lives. It's fine if Taline is slow and takes her time getting her bearings. The healers will help her, "I suppose you just have to take it slow and be grateful you didn't end up dead." Because with what happened out there its lucky more people weren't dead, "I find that relaxing by the tidal pools helps. You should give it a try if the healers say its ok." Seren says.

"I think I will," Taline says, rocking back on her heels, expression relaxing just the way the rest of her body needs to learn to be. "I miss the water. I've just been told I can be in it, for the most part." She's trying to be brighter about things, though it is a good point that, well. She's not dead. A lot of people aren't dead. "I actually thought I was dead, at one point." And that's about as much talking about herself as Taline is wont to allow, so she swings the topic back to Serena! Even if her eyes are lidded a little, and she seems to be growing more fatigued by, well, the second. "Have you seen a dolphin yet, for the baby?"

Positive thinking is important when going through stressful times. Serena knows that all to well. Her pregnancy was unexpected and so there was some nerves and worries in the begining, "I'm glad your not." Because then they wouldn't get to have this conversation, "I haven't seen a dolphin. I've just seen the healers here. Citayzleat is working on getting a speciality in this sort of thing so I'm hoping I'm in competant hands."

Taline knows who Citayzleat is, though she may not have seen her much while conscious. "Oh, well, I should talk to her, then, if she doesn't know the dolphin hall offers classes for healers for that sort of thing — " Taline seems to forget where her statement is going, though that does seem to have concluded it all, and she yawns. "I should also stop being so tired." It's early. Then again, her sleep-wake cycles are a mess and don't necessarily correspond with normal life.

Samiryth will proceed to hop over the fence daintily and begin to move off toward the lagoon to get a bath to get all the ick off, "You should tell her about that. She'd probably be very interested." Serena will smile to Taline, "I'm afraid I have to get going. It's her bath time, but it was really good to meet you. I'm sure that I'll see you around the weyr and I'm happy you are here."

"Mm, yes. We'll speak again," Taline agrees, punctuated by another yawn. Perhaps it's time for her … midmorning nap? How discouraging. But she's getting better, she isn't entirely better. Steps in the right direction. "Have a good bath." As the green and her rider depart, Taline is heading back to her little corner of the resident caverns for a brief snooze, and then she'll hit up those tidal pools.

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