The Real Girltalk

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

The days have passed at the usual pace, people doing their tasks and going about them as per normal. Kiley, now a full resident of the Weyr is settled at the beach with a brand new laptop settled on her lap. Paperwork is no where in site, so it is likely that whatever it is she works in is a new program or something of the sort. She sits far enough from the water for it not to be an issue while still enjoying what the beach has to offer. The sun is shining and the day is bright and all is well, or in the world of the computer crafter: all is well. A smile is firmly upon her lips and a look of bliss firmly in place.

As per usual, Jeyinshi is at the lagoon. Her attire however, is unusual. The dolphineer isn't dressed in a wetsuit or bathing suit, and dry hair seem to indicate that she hasn't been in the water at /all/ today. Instead, the petite woman is walking on the shore, several sheets bundled in her hands and held as far from her body as possible. She carries two poles under her right arm and a broom under her left. Unfortunately, the sheets seem to be obstructing her view, because the dolphineer almost doesn't see Kiley until it's too late. Right as she's about to careen into the happy computercrafter, Jeyinshi launches into a quick sidestep in turn, saving any problematic collisions….but dropping everything in the process. "Ah shards Kiley….sorry! I didn't see you there."

Kiley is far too enthralled in her typing to really notice the impending doom that is approaching, at least, not until the doom decides to take a side step and skip her entirely, her eyes fly up and mouth opens for a soft sound of surprise to slip out as Jeyinshi saves her and the laptop. "Are you okay? No, I was in the way. I'm sorry." Her attention drops to the dropped items and brows furrow. "Is that all okay? What is it for?" A curious tilt of her head as she looks towards the other woman. "How are you doing?" Just full of questions she is, and despite the potential of being squished she is entirely cheerful in her tone of voice.

Jeyinshi grins and shakes her head, "It's not your faul, I wasn't watching where I was going, the sheets were kind of in the way." She makes a small face at the pile of said obstructions before reaching over and picking up the broom. Instead of picking up the materials immediately, the dolphineer drops down to sit beside Kiley and begins balancing the broom on her palm, handle side down and bristle side in the air. "All /that/ is the remnants of my tent. Certain circumstances have made it necessary to dispose of them." She snorts a bit, but doesn't seem particularly angry about the impending destruction of the tent, more amused. "But I'm doing pretty well! How about you? I see you've got your laptop." Jeyinshi smiles and leans over a bit to curiously gaze at the computer.

Kiley blushes a little, "I could pick a more out of the place way, really." There's a slight fidget before her gaze is drawn towards the pile of things and the materials there. Relief soon fills her features as the other sits beside her and there's a brighter smile for her. Her eyes are drawn to the broom that is balanced in her hand and then back to the pile of things. "What… Remains?" Mouth opens and then close and then there's a coloring of her cheeks as things begin to connect. "Shells. I'm sorry." She quickly looks back to the woman and the color grows darker. "I'm… Really wonderful. I did get my laptop, yes… Shells. Everything has been /amazing/." Fingers quickly return to work and typing. "I spoke of my feelings to Nikolas. I believe we are.. Daring. Of some sort."

Jeyinshi dismisses the comment of out of the way places with a wave of her free hand before snickering, "I was the one that tore it down. They….well, let's just say that after Mir's flight was over, I wasn't the only one that had used the tent. I needed to get rid of it soon so we could put the hut up anyhow." The dolphineer shrugs a bit before looking up at the balanced broom and raising both her hand and it higher. Her attention returns to the computercrafter at the last bit of news however. "You did? You are?" Jey breaks into a wide grin, "Shards Kiley! Congratulations! You have to introduce me okay? I want to see your perfect man."

Kiley colors another shade of red for the confirmation that comes from the dolphineer. "Shells. Shells." More soft swears follow and the woman's ears redden as she attempts to distract herself with more typing. "I. Uh… Guess that's good that it worked out that way." Cough. "Hopefully you'll finish your hut soon. And with a lock." A careful look is tilted towards the other before her attention is drawn to that balancing act with the broom. "I did. We are.. Sort've. We aren't too sure about what this dating this is, but we do our own thing." She smiles shyly and nods, "I'll introduce him, of course." A soft sigh slips out and she murmurs, "I really don't believe I ended up kissing him. There were so many emotions involved. It made my head spin."

Jeyinshi smirks and moves as if to bump shoulders with the older woman, "You don't have to get too worked up about it. Flights are flights. But yes…I /will/ be investing in a lock for the hut." She chuckles a bit before throwing the broom up in the air and catching it before laying it in her lap. "I pretended to threaten Sungie with the broom. He stole it and balanced it on his nose. I wish I was that adept." A nod is directed at the computercrafter for her explanation and a warm smile, "That's good. Whether it's called dating or not, as long as you two are comfortable with what you feel, then it's something to be happy about." Jey's eyes widen a bit at the mention of a kiss and she sits up straight. "You guys kissed? That's great!" She pauses for a second before laughing, "This Kiley…./this/ is proper girl talk."

"I'm not used to them, Jeyinshi.. This is my second time in a Weyr during a goldflight and the first time I had no idea what was happening… I'm still getting used to the concept of it all." Kiley gives her a shy little look, "locks are good. Do you have the materials you need yet?" There's a soft squeak as she launches the broom up and then catches it again. "Oh! That's an interesting trick. But, I imagine you don't want him stealing a bunch of things and balancing it when he should be focusing on training." She slowly closes the laptop and then runs her fingers along the surface. "We don't generally talk feelings. Or really address them. Feelings and emotions usually cause more problems than needed, I think we face things in a more logical mindset. And, I'm happy with that." Cheeks flush and she murmurs, "yes." Her gaze drops and there's a soft bit of laughter. "I don't see why girls believe gathering and talking of kissing is fun."

"Ah, that would explain it. Sorry, I hadn't realized that. We're pretty free up at Rubicon, so I'm kind of used to this kind of stuff. Not that I'm saying I was involved or anything. I just…well, I saw a lot of stuff." Jey shakes her head a bit, smirking at a few choice memories before nodding at Kiley, "I've got all the wood and stuff. And two helpers. Kelth and Lorenze." There's a small headshake at the second name before the dolphineer turns her attention back to Kiley. "You don't always have to talk about feelings with someone you're dating. From what I see, you two have a basic understanding that you like each other. And that's really all you need. Feelings…well, you're right, sometimes talking about them makes things worse. Though not all the time. Sometimes it helps. But for right now I don't think you have to worry about that." She laughs softly at the computercrafter's last comment, "So you're finding this painful rather than fun?"

"Ah.. My family is very strict traditional." Her legs shift up and she holds the laptop closer to her chest, arms wrapping around it. Kiley peeks over at the other before nodding in understanding. "It is still different. I am having a hard time getting over it. At times I feel like it isn't a huge deal and then something happens and makes it seem like an issue." The woman chuckles softly before her brows furrow. "Who is Lorenze?" Brows are drawn into a frown as she considers the name, but her head shakes after a moment. "Well, you use emotions when involved with people. You use feelings to dictate, normally… That is what I've heard and observed, at least. I'm still exploring this, I'll come up with a better conclusion once I have more time with it, I am sure." The woman smiles a little wider and she glances away. "It's not /painful/. But it just seems the odd sort of topic. We could speak of the day, the weather, so many other things rather than men. But women the Hall talked about men a lot, too."

Jeyinshi nods, "Just give it some time. You haven't been around this stuff much, so of course it'll take some time to adjust. Even with all the exposure I've had, when Golds go up I still get a bit unsettled." Lorenze. The dolphineer sighs a bit. "He's a wandering artist. I got roped into modeling for him a few days ago. He's also a flirt and smoothtalker, though I set him straight on that. No going after me. I /think/ he's given up now…hopefully. He's nice though, at least, when he's not trying to hit on me." There's a difference between emotions and feelings? Jey looks slightly puzzled at Kiley's explanation before shrugging, "I really don't know the details. I just know that I feel things and those are what give me my personality." Kiley's reasoning seems to be somewhat amusing to the dolphineer and she winks, "Ah. But you see…women live thouch each other when they've got no love life of their own. They need the excitement. If one does have something interesting happen to them, there's a bit of a drive to let everyone know about their happiness…or sadness, whatever the case is. That's why girl's feel that sort of need." Or so Jey thinks.

Kiley sighs softly, "mhm. Even with my time in Xanadu, quite a bit of it still brings the shock." A sigh of relief slips forth and the woman smiles a little wider, "I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one greatly unsettled by it. I wonder if it still unsettles others. I have heard the riders that chase and lose are always affected." Brows lift for the other woman's sigh and the explanation of who, exactly, is Lorenze. "I see. Is he a harper then? Or is he just someone who enjoys making art?" Cheeks flush a little bit and she murmurs, "not that there is anything /wrong/ with emotions, Jey. I just don't like to resort to them when dealing with most things. I try to avoid it, but I'm unable to. When I can, I certainly try. Computers don't have emotions and they are easier to understand. I like that understanding. I guess, though, it would be wrong for me to say I hate emotions as I like being happy." The wink and explanation earns a laugh from the computer crafter and the woman shrugs her shoulders, "that seems rather silly."

Jeyinshi grins, "Yeah, definitely not the only one. And yes….they are definitely affected by it. Some uh…some came to deal with said affectedness by coming to Rubicon. Which isn't to say we're barbaric, though a lot of Pern seems to think so. The hold is just free, maybe even freer than some Weyrs." Which is honestly saying a lot. "No, Lorenze isn't a harper, he's just a wandering artist." Jey shrugs a bit as she listens to the other woman's explanationi and nods, "No, I didn't think that's what you meant. It's just another of those things where we don't see on the same level. You like understanding, I like the mystery of it all." The dolphineer lays back on the sand with a small chuckle, "All women are silly. Us two are just a bit less sillier than the rest. That's apparently one of the few things we have in common."

Kiley huhs softly, nodding slightly in understanding with her brows drawing into a slight frown before she's shifting to stretch out again. She drops back onto her elbows and considers the sky as she listens to the other speak. "I see. I can't say that I've met many artists who are not harper's. But, that is likely my own fault." She chuckles softly and then glances over to Jey with a smile settling upon her lips. "Mystery is good if one can solve it in the end. Emotions are a mystery that are entirely different each time and there is no solution. It would be impossible to determine, you cannot even come up with a formula to possibly understand it." Eyes close and she shakes her head, mostly the gesture is to herself. Another peek over to the other woman and she grins. "There is no problem with having that feature in common."

Jeyinshi shrugs, "Yeah, he's the first like that I've met. But well…they're out there I guess." She shrugs lightly before once again listening to Kiley's reason…and failing to see eye to eye. "I like the mysteries that you can never solve, the ones where lead you in circles and always keep you wondering. Being unable to understand, that's what holds the allure for me. Anyways…." The dolphineer trails off, standing and hoisting the broom over her shoulder before turning around to gather her old tent's remains. "I need to get these things put up and thrown out. Sungie's expecting me later otherwise I would've stayed and talked longer." Jey gives the computercrafter an apologetic grin, "I'll see you around then? Unless you're coming up to the Weyr. In that case, I'll have to ask you to be my eyes. Don't want to crash into anyone again."

"If he's still around, maybe I'll meet him. Especially if he has an accent.. Though, I've kind've slowed down on that to help finish getting the paperwork into the computer." There's a laugh as Jeyinshi, again, disagrees with her. Kiley beams another smile in her direction. "We both have things that make us happier than the other. Even if it is opposite." And yet they get along, this makes the smile grow wider. "Okay. I should let you get to that. I should probably go back to the Weyr, anyway. I'll make sure you don't crash into anyone." She pushes herself up and holds the laptop close. "Or I can just make sure no one walks in front of you besides me." And with that, she's shuffling in front of the other, beaming a smile as she passes. "When you're ready, we'll get going."

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