Hide and Seek and Swimming Lessons

Western Weyr - Coed Dorm

Cots are lined up in neat rows, giving the room an organized feel to it, even if a few of the cots are not as neat and tidy as others. A long curtain cuts through the center of the room and is all that seperates the womens side from the mens. There isn't much in the way of privacy here, though a few people have made privacy screens for themselves that they set up around their cots while sleeping.

It's one of /those/ nights. Those nights being the ones where Jey isn't sleeping on the beach or in a tree. For once, the dolphineer has come back to the Weyr's crowded dorms. While many prepare for sleep, Jeyin lays on her stomach in her cot, a notebook and pencil in hand. As quiet as she is trying to be, the strange clicks, squeals, and whistles coming from her are hard to miss by anyone passing by. Every once in a while the soundeffects stop and she scribbles something into her notebook, but then it's right back to the strange noises.

Speaking of strange noises, there is a shuffleshuffleshuffle, the sound of someone scooting on their stomach across the stone floor and, incidentally, under cots. There might be some hasty whispering somewhere down the line of beds, and some scrambling further on, but the shuffling noise is definitely heading away from that. It's approaching Jey, somewhat at a diagonal, as someone rather unstealthily makes a scramble across the way and semi-slides right up beside the girl's cot. There's a glance over his shoulder, and ont Patori lets out a slight whoosh of air, possibly in relief, or possibly at the realization that there's somebody still awake at this hour. There's a tiny squeak of surprise, though with all the other sound effects, who's going to notice?

Jeyinshi stops her random noise making as she suddenly notices the movements…coming from underneath cots? She looks up from her work, slightly puzzled and then surprised at the sudden appearance of a boy. "You are….playing hide and seek? Is my cot base?" The dolphineer can't seem to think of any other viable explanations. Especially since the boy didn't look like a criminal or some shady person. Jey sits up a bit, closing her notebook and tossing it to the side as she folds her legs underneath, sitting up on her knees and looking about the rest of the dorms. "Did you win? I don't see the others."

"Sshhh!" comes from the floor beside the cot, Patori remaining flat on his stomach despite the nearest sounds of awakeness being far down the line, over on the boy's section. "I'm not here," he informs Jey, a little bit wide-eyed and barely above a whisper, peering back over his shoulder again before daring to lift up enough on his hands to peek over the neighboring cot. There's some frantic eyedarting, and Pat lowers himself again, finally turning to the girl, "Can't let them find me. They, um.." he seems to think about this a second, "..Yeah, hide and.. seek." Catching his lower lip between his teeth briefly, he looks her up and, well, up, from his vantage on the floor and then mumbles, "What's with all the funny noises?" Quick topic for the win.

Definitely not hide and seek. The dolphineer lays back down on her stomach though, opening her notebook. She's only using it as a cover though, the pencil may be in her hand and the work in front of her, but the dolphineer is peering past the notebook and kind of hanging over the edge of the cot to talk to Patori. "What'd you do? It can't have been too bad." Jey looks more than a little interested in what's happening. She certainly isn't going to let go of the topic completely, though she does get slightly distracted by the question and chuckles softly. "I was speaking dolphin. That was their language. It's kinda strange if you're not used to hearing it."

"I didn't do anything-" Patori protests, quickly hushing himself after a second and looking sheepish, again catching his bottom lip between his teeth and darting a glance over his shoulder. There's a hesitant glance back at Jeyinshi, but since she seems to be at least playing along, the boy relaxes just a little and settles back on his stomach, propped up with arms crossed in front of him, occasional looks given beneath the cots. There's definitely rummaging further down the line of beds, and maybe someone tossing covers aside on some empty cots, but not moving closer with any speed. There's a blink from Patori though, eyebrows rising, "Speaking dolphin? I thought shipfish just talked like us?" clearly confused, brows then furrowing a little, "Huh." Possibly, this kid doesn;t get out much, looking a bit pale, despite that Western knot stuck to his shoulder.

Jeyinshi laughs softly, "Alright alright, you didn't do anything. Calm down. Though….they're seraching pretty thoroughly for you. Not some jilted girlfriend coming after you is it?" Curiosity getting the better of her, the dolphineer twists her torso casually, as if she was stretching her back. Of course, the real motive is to try and catch sight of whatever is happening back by the other cots. After a few moments of looking, Jey turns back around and rests her chin on the notebook, looking back down at the boy. "Mm, they can. But they're not too good at it. They can't talk in complicated sentences, so we have to learn their language. And communicate in it for the younger ones that still haven't learned our language. It's all rather strange."

The news of thorough searching gets another bit of eye-widening, and Patori promptly shoves himself up again too peek over the neighboring cot, just briefly, before darting down again. A couple of older, or maybe just bigger, boys are very clearly making their way down one side of the dorms, eyeing up cots and checking for something. Or someone. Pat flattens himself to the floor, looking momentarily miserable, but Jeyinshi's suggestion gets his eyes practically large as SAUCERS. "/What?/" is squeaked out, the very mention of a girlfriend having the boy coloring suddenly, "No!" That might have come out a bit louder than intended, Patori cringing down for a few seconds, but apparently it wasn't loud enough to be heard way down where the other boys are searching. As for dolphins, Pat does some lower lip nibbling, eyebrows again neaking together, but he doesn't venture a word for some time, till he seems sure he wasn't heard. "..It sure sounds strange, how cn all that you were doing be.. words?" There's a pause, and a more quietly mumbled, "Must be nice, talking to them."

Jeyinshi raises an eyebrow at the pair of burly boys. Patori's exclamation soon has her looking back down and the dolphineer raises a finger to her lips. "Shh. You just looked the age for it so I asked. Hmmm…you bump into them or something and they decided to start a fight?" By the tone of her voice, the dolphineer doesn't approve of these boys conducting the search. "Want me to chase them off with a broom or something? You can't stay down there and hide forever. Be a man and confront them, or be a man and tell someone about it. Either way is a good one." The assessment of speaking with dolphins is met with a chuckle, "Jealous? I have to say that it is nice. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Next time you're being chased, come down to the lagoon. You'll be safe enough in the waters with Sungie. He'll talk your ear off too."

"..Something like that," Patori groans quietly, head lowering till his forehead is resting on crossed forearms as he hides on the floor between the cots, edging very slightly under the neighboring one, before lifting his head again. Again nibbling his lower lip, he darts an apprehensive glance at Jeyinshi, but her suggestions only have his face coloring even more. "N- no.. it's fine. They'll go away," though he sounds more hopeful than anything else, shoulders hunched briefly, gaze darting under the cots as he begins scooting again. "Just need to avoid them till they give up." Scoot scoot. The boy does blink at that next suggestion, "The lagoon?" There's a bit of a pause, and then a mumbled, "..I cant swim." Right. He lives on an /island/, and can't swim. Another pause, and a quietly ventured, "Singie is.. your dolphin?"

Jeyinshi peers at the boy for a few more seconds before shrugging. It seemed like she was satisfied with the answer for now. Jey does snort a bit at the hopeful tone before shrugging. "I guess they'll get tired eventually. Pity though, I really wanted to try the whole broom wielding thing. I keep talking about it but never get a chance." The dolphineer sounds completely serious, and maybe even disappointed that her services aren't needed. "You can't swim?" This comes as a definite surprise to the dolphineer, but after a few moments she waves it off. "Yeah Sungie's my dolphin, well, partner rather. And he's trained in search and rescue. So people like you are his specialty. If you want to play in the water he'll either teach you how to swim or take you around, but he won't let you drown. Even if I'm not around just call his name a few times and he'll pop up, I'll let him now. So the option's open, take it if you want, don't if you'd rather not. But uh….just don't get squished by those brutes alright?"

Patori peers back, albeit at a slightly awkward ankle as he tilts his head up. In fact, the dolphineer gets a bit of a stare, Pat's mouth opening for a second as he starts to say something, hesitates, and then seems to think better of it. Probably trying to figure out if she's joking about the whole broom-wielding thing, he does finally say, "I.. don't think it would be a good idea." Though he's looking more embarrassed now than anything. The question on swimming has his eyes lowering to the floor, again with the lip-nibbling as he eyes the stone, shoulders jerking in a shrug, the offer of learning to swim with the dolphin not getting a response at first, expression hidden as he ducks his head a bit, hair falling forward a little. There are some seconds of silence, before the boy lifs his chin a little to peek properly up at Jeyinshi with a softly mumbled, "..I'm Patori." Lips tugging up slightly, he adds, "Haven't managed to get squished yet."

Jeyinshi lets the boy wonder whether she's serious or not. Her humor is rather strange after all, and she never /does/ bother to clarify about her jokes. "Perhaps not. Though it would certainly provide an evening's worth of entertainment." Her voice is a complete monotone and just as confusing as her previous statements. Patori's nervous movements are taken into account and Jey tilts her head a bit, "You afraid of the water?" His introduction earns a smile in return and she moves her hand as if to shake, before realizing that this would all look kind of odd considering their respective positions. So instead she settles for a nod and a whisper, "I'm Jeyinshi. And lets keep you that that way. Being squished isn't fun at all."

The commentary on it being entertaining, whether meant jokingly or not, does earn a little more of a twitch of a smile, Patori's lips tugging upward just so at the corners. The hinted amusement disappears entirely at the dolphineer's question, though, the boy mumbling a bit quickly, "No." A pause, a darting glance back under the cots, and another slight jerk of his shoulder, rolling back into an awkward sort of shrug, "Just.. never learned." But again, he catches his bottom lip between his teeth, possibly just a nervous habit, or possibly something else. There's a head bob at the introduction, at least, and a mumbled, "Nice to meet you," before nodding slowly, the weyrbrat agreeing, "Yeah.. it really isn't."

Jeyinshi sees the nervous habits, and perhaps she's being insensitive, but the dolphineer doesn't back down. It isn't in her nature. "Well, if you do want to learn, come down to the beach. There are plenty of shallow areas that are easy to learn in. And Sungie won't be the only dolphin around to help. We've got a pretty big number of unpaired dolphins. Who knows, you might just find a partner. Faranth knows we need more pairs." There's a bit of a troubled frown with her last sentence, something obviously bothering her. But the dolphineer doesn't remain that way for long, shaking her head to clear the thoughts in favor of smiling down at the boy. "Nice to meet you too…as strange as the circumstances are."

Relentless wins out, apparently, even as Patori hunches low with his chin nearly to the ground. "Maybe.. maybe sometime," is mumbled, about coming down to learn at the beach, though this time when he bites down on his bottom lip, it's held there a few seconds with eyes sliding sideways, a long look given the.. floor. He does blink back up though, just in time to catch that troubled frown on the girl's face, his own brow creasing slightly. "More pairs? What's it like? I mean.. it's not like having a firelizard, is it?" Laughable as the question might possibly be, the boy seems sincere, or at least genuinely curious.

Jeyinshi breaks into a wide grin at the concession. If they weren't in the middle of pretending Patori wasn't there Jey might've reached down and very rudely ruffled the boy's hair. Right now she was definitely holding back the urge to do so. "Great! Take your time and come when you're ready. We'll all be waiting." Was her voice too loud? Jey looks back to check on the two bigger boys just in case, but doesn't seem alarmed by anything she sees. Patori's question doesn't earn any kind of laugh. It was a question many asked and Jey was more than happy to talk about her craft. "No, it's not at all like having a firelizard. The closest thing I can call them is….well, friend. A dolphin chooses you. I've never seen a case where a human hasn't accepted a dolphin's offer. You rely on eachother for work, you get into fights, you laugh, you play, you're each other's equal in every way. But they aren't permanantly bonded to you. If somethings happens, they can leave you. Not that I've ever seen it happen. Does that kind of make sense? Or am I being incoherent?"

Patori's hair is very ruffleable; it's got that unruly little boy look to it, fine stands curling all over the place, though if she had leaned down, the poor lad might have died a little of embarrassment, so perhaps for the best. The volume of Jeyinshi's voice gets the slightest cringe, and a quick look back over his shoulder, but it seems the other boys have either given up or gotten bored and found their sport elsewhere, as even the search seems to have ended, or been taken out of sight. Maybe they just didn't think to check the girl's side of the dorms. In any case, Patori lets out a slight breath for that, and then turns back to peer at Jeyinshi, "..All be waiting?" his own voice grows very small, eyes widening again, "How.. how many are there?" There miight be the slightest coot under the neighboring cot, though if he's edging away or trying to escape, he's doing a poor job of it. "Um," the talk of the girl's craft, though, earns another curious look, green eyes flickering back toward her, "that.." again briefly catching his lower lip between his teeth, "..sounds really nice." It's said so very softly, before Patori is nodding a little with a slightly firmer promise, "I'll come.. see. About the swimming."

Jeyinshi also breathes a small sigh of relief once she realizes the searchers have left, but she doesn't move from her rather odd position. Patori isn't really either after all, and it was easier to talk to this way. She chuckles softly at the question and looks up, counting to herself mentally. "Well…in Sungie's pod…there might be 20 or more. I don't remember the exact number. They won't all be there unfortunately, some will be off training or patrolling. But they'll all be excited. If word spreads to other pods though, we'll have a crowd. Perhaps I should tell the chatterboxes to keep it under wraps…." Jey looks to the boy, her eyes and tone asking him what he'd be most comfortable with. "Yeah, it really is nice. Different than normal, but nice. And I'll let them know. They'll probably make some sort of lesson plan up themselves. If they're excited as I think they'll be, I'll hardly be allowed to do anything but watch you guys."

Eyebrows sneak upwards, the boy clearly surprised by the number, asking without thinking almost, squeaking out, "A crowd?" Again he bites down on his bottom lip, this time a bit harder, and there's a slight wince, though at least he doesn't appear to have actually hurt himself. He doesn't meet Jey's gaze, though, missing the silent question as he darts a look beneath the cots again, as if checking the coast is clear. Eyebrows rise again at that last part, though Patori just bobs his head and mumbles, "It.. sounds like is could be fun." Though whether the thought of dolphins getting excited over it is a good thing or not, might not be clear from the way hes totally edging under the cots, "I should.. get to bed. Um, thanks," cheeks touched with pink as he glances back Jeyinshi's way, and then he's gone like a slippery little crawly, not waiting for a reply as he's scootscooting under the cots and into shadow, the shuffling as he makes his way down the dorm fading after awhile.

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