Deliveries, Dragons, and Candidates

Western Weyr - East Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together.

Janja is seated on Feyruth's foreleg, looking up at the golden head just above her and nattering away. Javelin is chasing his little sister around in squealing circles in front on the gold and their mother. "No, dearest, they aren't old enough to go find their own dragon yet. They have to grow some more." The queen rumbles a grumpy sound.

C'vryn is nominally watching the children, or possibly just watching Janja instead but he is quite definitely not leaning on Feyruth, or indeed all that close to her. "Besides, I should think that she'd want to make sure that were for one of her clutches. Not just any old other dragon."

Today, Krenn, Baylee, and Riohra have drawn that most exciting of candidate chores: running errands for riders! They carry parcels wrapped in brown paper, just big and heavy enough to be unwieldly. Krenn is looking around the bowl, trying to spot someone or something. "I think that's them." He says, squinting at the pair of riders and the dragon. "There's a gold with them, so, pretty decent chances." He makes his way over. "Weyrwoman Janja and C'vyrn? We've got your packages."

Package carrying time! Baylee is right there with the others doing her part in this endeavor. It isn't all that different than running deliveries through the hall but the end result is someone with a big gold dragon. That is new. She'll keep close to Krenn since he seems to have the situation well in hand. There is so much she doesn't know and he'll be helpful for giving cues, "Hello." she will say softly in greeting.

And Riohra is bring up the rear as he gazes around, following the other two candidates. He keeps looking around taking in most of the sights, and never stops smiling. When Krenn points out the intended recipients for the packages he gives a slight bow as not to drop anything he is carrying in the shoulder satchel. "Afternoon" he greets and gives a small smile and wave to the child present as well.

Janja sighs mournfully. "Well, you'd think so. But Eliryn spilt a whole bottle of blue paint in her wallow this morning and she demanded I get rid of them." She glances up at the gold who's busy watching someones else approaching. A puzzled frown crosses her face at the queen's distraction but she takes the time to aside to C'vryn. "I had to send them to the nanny for most of the morning. And I ruined my favorite dress picking up that painted sand." Hearing her name, Janja whirls about with a squee of joy. "OOh! That must be the new cloth." Either the nearest of the strangers or the added squeels of children and rider seem to upset Feyruth who rumbles out a warning sound. Both children quickly dash a bit closer to dad and farther from gold.

C'vryn has new leg attachments, well one at least in the form of his daughter. Javelin is a bit braver, although not enough to be that far away. "That would explain the noise I heard when Emmy and I got close. We decided not to interrupt whatever all of you were doing. Seemed safer." An eyebrow arch at the packages. "Oh, those would certainly be for Jan. I don't think I ordered anything at all."

Krenn looks relieved to have found the right people. Or at least relieved to be able to put the package down soon. "Sounds about right." Krenn says as to the guess of the packages' contents. Apparently he didn't ask what they were carrying. "I'm Krenn, these are Baylee and Riohra." He offers by way of quick introduction. "Where would you like these put, ma'am?" He gives C'vryn a quick glance. "They said both names, but… well, s'pose it doesn't matter." Best not to question the riders.

Baylee follows Krenn's lead and just stands there with the packages she's carrying. It's safer sometimes to let other more knowledgeable people do the talking. There are still so many questions she has and after this is done she's going to grill Krenn, but for now she will wave as best as she can while not dropping anything when her name is mentioned. Her eyes do find the kids though and they seem scared of the dragon. She can hardly blame them. Dragons are intimidating, and this one is especially large.

C'vryn errms softly. "Why don't you take delivery of this stuff, Jan. And I'll meander the kids over to the Caverns so they can get a meal and maybe some playtime with some of the other children? That way it's just you and Fey to look though what you bought, and take up to the weyr."

Riohra grins and nods to C'vryn, then looks back questioningly at Janja. He isn’t annoyed at the weight but does want to see more of the Weyr. He glances at Krenn, he is the easy talker and knows the Weyr let him make the hard questions.

Janja slides neatly off the dragon's leg and hurries over to the candidates turned delivery persons. Without even a thought to the poor folks with packages in arms, she begins poking at and peering through to tags and labels. "Yes. Oh, I've been waiting ages for this one." she mutters, moving on to another tag. Without glancing up, she calls to her 'mate. "Thank you, Ryn. That would likely be best." After circling through Krenn, Baylee, and Riohra she actually looks up to /see/ the young folk. "Hi. Thank you. Please bring them right over here. I'll send my brown for her cargo nets and we can load them all up." She grins happily as if she's bestowed a present herself, yet with each step the others might make towards Feyruth's side, the gold becomes more agitated.

Krenn nods to Janja, his look of relief remaining. Almost time to set the packages down! He follows over as instructed, heading right over and looking for somewhere sufficiently non-dusty to set his package down. He then turns to help Baylle and Riohra stack the rest. "Whew!"

Baylee will be grateful for the help Krenn offers but as they get closer to the dragon she'll become more nervous herself. The big gold seems to be in a bad mood. And when something that large is in a bad mood you give her a wide berth. It's bad enough when people are in a bad mood, but a dragon? How do you deal with that. At least Krenn doesn't seem overly concerned so that has to be positive right?

Bad mood? who is in a bad mood it is a great day to be alive. That is Riohra, as he carries the boxes he glances down at Baylee giving her a reassuring grin, then moves to place the packages where Krenn points out. He says over to Janja "If you require help with the straps I could give you a hand Ma'am" with a merry tone.

Janja nips on her bottom lip as Feyruth whips her head around for a nice close look at the candidates. " Just be still for a moment. She'd like a look at you. It's alright, really." Though who that's intended for is not really obvious. For a long moment, Feyruth's head and neck hover over each of the three: Krenn first, Riohra next, and finally Baylee. Then she lowers her muzzle to just touch Jan's shoulder. "Dearest, I'm certain they respect you. You're perfect." The last is said with a joyful glow but the rider's distraction ends with the arrival of a brown and a gold firelizard, holding a cloth bag between them. The pair drop the bag at her feet and disappear. "Do you know how to put the nets on?" Jan asks of Riohra with a nod at the bag.

After the inspection from the gold, Krenn seems to find it a good idea to suddenly bow to the dragon. "Of course! The only reason we didn't bow and salute was because our hands were full. Wouldn't want to damage the delivery. No disrespect meant, of course." He offers quickly, glancing to Baylee and Riohra with a smile that says 'back me up on this, please'.

Baylee will follow suit when it comes to the bow. No sense in not being polite. Especially if the gold is worried about respect. Baylee will nod in agreement. Yes. What Krenn says. He does the good mouth noises, "Definitely." is all she'll say in agreement. To risk saying more would be a bad idea in her mind. Better safe than sorry.

Riohra follows Krenn, and Baylee best not to be the odd man out. He smiles saying "the utmost" as he bows to the gold and holds it for a few beats, the stands up and nods to Janja "Yes Ma'am, I help my cousin T'ana with hers alot. She is delivery rider for Fort Weyr, sometimes she even takes me on them for extra help." He isn't bragging just stating facts as there is no, pomp or bravado in his voice.

Feyruth continues to stare at the three while her rider bends down to scoop up the bag. "Alright. You can put these on. Oh, this is Feyruth if you weren't sure." She hands the bag over to the young man. "What about you two?" She askes the others, one hand reaching up to lightly stroke the gold's chin. "Are you familiar with dragons or their straps?" She seems very curious but is still keeping a careful eye on how Feyruth reacts to any of the goings on.

Krenn smiles at Feyruth until he's certain the dragon is satisfied. Only then do Janja's questions seem to register. "Hmm? Oh, yes! My parents are riders, actually. Grew up around them." He smiles lopsidedly. "And I'm with the tannercraft. I've helped with straps a time or two." Off to help with the loading.

It's time for Baylee to diverge from the other members of the group, "I'm afraid I know next to nothing." Best just be honest with things like that. There are many things that she doesn't know, but she is capable of learning and she will no doubt. The other members of the group have a distinct experiential advantage.

Riohra strides easily over but moves slowly so the dragon can watch him the whole time. His movements are practiced, he keeps and eye on the Feyruth incase she wants him to move a different way. He is still smiling warmly and even talking to the great gold "You are a lovely one, Feyruth" his voice is soft like he talks to the deer or elk he hunts. He slowly starts to attach the netting to the straps, if the dragon should object he can quickly pull away.

Feyruth narrows her eyes at Riohra but makes no other moves as he sets to arranging her nets. Janja remains at her head but turns to watch how everything is attached. "Well, um." She eyes the other woman. "What did you say your name was again? I'm just terrible with names." The rider giggles (yes giggles) nervously. "Make sure to get the balance right." She waves Krenn to join with Riohra. "I wonder if he tanned any of my designs?" The question could be to Baylee if the other feels like, but is likely just thoughts spoken aloud.

"Lovely indeed." Krenn agrees quickly with Riohra, probably doing what he can to keep smoothing things over. He nods quickly to the instruction from the rider. "Can do!" He declares chipperly, quickly assessing the weight balance before loading up his share. "Don't worry, Baylee." He calls out as he works. "You'll catch up quick."

"I'm Baylee." she will say with a slight smile to Janja. Doing her best to play it cool. As to what work Krenn may or may not have done she couldn't really say, "Maybe. I know he's good with leather. I have been working on some things with him." Though probably not straps or anything of that sort. Baylee will nod to Krenn, she hope so. Otherwise this is going to be a huge disaster!

Riohra keeps his slow steady pace making sure to follow Janja's warning about balancing. He is still talking in that softer tone "I am Riohra, or Rio. And it is a pleasure to meet you and your lifemate" He glances over at Baylee and says "if you want to see Baylee you could step over to either Krenn or myself and watch us closer." He turns his attention back to Feyruth "I am going to adjust the lower balancing strap on the netting is that alright, Feyruth? or would you rather have your rider do that?"

"Shhh." Janja soothes, as Feyruth begins rumbling a bit again. "Oh no, watch out!" But even as she's saying it Feyruth is spreading her wings in a 'balance check'. Nor is the gold being too careful of those around her. While Janja's hair and skirt are blown around, it's possible one of the others might get a slight bump or even be startled back into a stumble. "Feyruth, that's not nice." The rider walks over to check on if everyone is ok. "Did she hurt anyone?"

Krenn does, indeed, get caught off guard. Usually he can trust in his ability to charm the dragons into calmness. Not today. He ends up staggering back, nearly losing his footing. Not that he'll admit it! He just smiles and tries to act like everything went just fine there. "All okay!" He says, trying and failing to sound completely at ease.

Baylee wasn't standing in the line of fire, so to speak, so she is perfectly fine. Though she is standing stock still with a smile of fear plastered on her face. She doesn't respond to either Krenn or Rio. She'll just nod her head quickly in answer. She looks completely fine right everyone?

Riohra was in mid lean as the 'incident' happens, though he has good reflexes he isnt that fast and half falls, half rolls backwards in a summersault landing him flat on his back. He shakes his head to clear it as he glances around. He doesn't move and waits for the dragon to settle back down before standing up again. And dusting himself off "That was probably my fault" He bows to the Gold dragon and her rider "My apologies" when he does the back of his shirt at the shoulders is clearly ripped.

Janja sighs relief that at least no one was seriously injured. "I'm sorry. Feyruth is…well…She has her ways." If dragons could snort it sounds as if that's just what Feyruth does. "I think it would be best if I just finish up here and let you three get back to your assignments for the day." With this statement, the gold settles herself back down again and waits oddly patiently. "You all did well. Not many are willing to help with Fey any longer."

Krenn salutes to the departing rider and gold, waiting until they're out of earshot before dropping the pose. He breathes a sigh of relief and shoots Baylee a smile. "I promise most dragons aren't usually like that." Then he looks to Riohra, concerned. "You okay? You're not bleeding, are you?"

Baylee has little choice but to take Krenn's words as the truth. This has been her only up close experience with dragons so far, "I hope so. Because why would anyone want to be a rider if it was like that? It would be like having to walk on eggshells for the rest of your life." No one would want that. No one sane anyway. She too will look over to Rio, "Yes. Are you really ok?" He looked like he took a bad hit.

Riohra grins at his two friends, yes friends they said so first so they are stuck with him. "Oh they are, Korvath and Guitaith are great with people. she just might not be feeling well is all" he looks over at his shoulder and touches with a finger gently. "Oh I ripped my shirt, and there is probably a little scratch. But I will clean it later, could i borrow a sewing kit Baylee?"

Krenn takes a look at Riohra, pondering for a moment. "I don't know, Rio. It looks pretty bad." He says, trying to sound serious. "I think you might need to take the rest of the day off to recover. And you obviously need your two best friends to keep an eye on you to make sure you recover properly." Yes. Very serious.

Baylee nods her head to Rio, "Sure Rio, but I think Krenn is right." Though she's being sincere where Krenn probably isn't, "After you take a tumble its good to get off your feet and relax." Baylee will follow her two friends in whatever they do.

Riohra will object but with the urging of his two friends will be escorted to the infirmary where the 'minor' injury is cleaned and stitched up. The three will spend the rest of their delivery duties laughing at the face the young hunter makes when the healer will apply the antiseptic to his skin.

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