Of Babies and Boys

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's morning, and Ameera has appeared, though at the moment she's standing near josi, scrutinizing the greenrider. Looking at the work Josi's doing she gives a small nod, "Good job, keeping up on your work." Approving of her she sits down at the table, dusting off the table and looking oddly pleased by it's current state of cleanseliness. Turning her sharp blue eyes on Josi, her voice high pitched and authoratative, as if it's just about to make a rude comment, or is in a constant state of sarcasm, "So what has you working so early?" Looking down at her baby and give a very small drink of her klah, her claws, umm hands folded under the cute little boys bottom.

Either she doesn't care, or, well. It is Josi. The things that get to her number many, but are quite strange. She takes a sip of Klah, glancing up at Ameera again. An eyebrow quirks, "It's not work. Not in the sense of my wing. I'm lucky to hear anything from my wingleader." She sniffs. "I want to try to achieve journeyman as a healer. A Weyr can always use more of them."

Though early morning might deter some from the living caverns, and back into the safety of their beds, not all have this option to do so. Among those is the Senior Weyrwoman, a klah mug in one hand, paperwork in the other, and Korrea strung across her front in a little hammock… if she doesn't look the personification of busyness, then someone needs a chill pill. Taking steps from the kitchen with her stuff, she manuvers herself around tables and to one close by to Ameera and Josi. Settling her items on the table, she looks to Josi, then Ameera, "Hello, you two." She says in her typical manner, before 'shh'ing at her little girl, and pulling out a seat for herself. "That shoulder of your healing well, Junior?" Rea flicks through her paperwork, before looking up and raising a brow at Ameera in question, waiting for her reply before she looks back down at her paper work. Thankfully, Korrea is asleep for the most part.

Kh'zan has been forced to go eat and since the brown can't slip in and get it himself and the boy objects to meals just off the hoof, the rider finds himself at the entrance of the caverns. He glances around a little and then slips his way along the sides towards the food. Maybe a quick bite will satisfy Quamirth and then he can go back to working on that motor before wing duties take over.

With a small, stiff, nod of her head Meer gives a quirk of a smile, "That is nice, it is pleasing to see one so productive during the morning hours." When Rea enters she nods, regarding the Weyrwoman and sitting up a little taller to try and catch a glimpse at the child, though she does it subtly, no one need know she has any interest in the second of N'kors mishaps. Leaning back in her chair she looks at the shoulder in question, "It's healing well, though there might be a scar." Fretting for a moment, her hand tickling Koramers tummy as he wakes up, grinning and then hiding it quickly. "How is korrea doing?" She inquires politely.

Josi glances up at Rea and flashes a grin at her clutchmate. Who's come a fair bit further in this world than she, but. That's the thing of luck. When you're in a Wing, you pretty much just wait until the leaders are too old to get in the air, then scramble forward. Being a Healer is her only chance. "It's been a while, Rea. How have you been?"

Rea doesn't initially notice Ameera's peek toward her child, for she absorbs into what she's reading for a moment, before the question catches her attention and she looks back up. "Good to hear it's healing well… won't be too long yet, before your back up to full wing duties, and being able the between. Unless, the healers already approved you for that?" Apparently, she's not keeping up with the healers on her Junior, like she threatened to. A small smile touches her lips, and she looks down at Korrea, tipping the strawberry blonde child a little show Ameera can view her without disturbing the infant's sleep. "She is doing well… spoiled as can be expected for a Weyrwoman's daughter." Rea rolls her eyes, and then catches Josi for the first time, raising out of her chair in a sudden fashion that one would think *would* wake up Korrea, but doesn't. "Josi! Been a while since I've talked with you, lass? How's your Wing been treating you? Well, I hope." She scolds a little, and does the unexpected, giving Josi a side-ways hug before moving back. "I've been, as one can tell." She grins, swirling a finger to indicate the Weyr. As Kh'zan tries to sneak past, Rea catches sight of him, and wrinkles her nose a bit. "'Ey, your not an Istan transfer, are you?" She calls out suddenly to him, a serious tone set to her voice. Uh-oh.

Kh'zan startles and he looks towards Rea. His mouth opens a moment and then he closes it shakes his head. "Umm. No umm ma'am." he swallows as he looks a little nervous "Eastern." he tacks on to the end of that. He stands there in place, not quite moving just yet towards the food as he looks at the other two she's with and then the child with her. He clears his throat. "In umm Seamount wing now."

Rising she looks down at the child, "I can go back to duties within a sevenday, stitches must be removed, but Elinath will be clutch heavy soon enough." Her brows creasing, she leans forward and whispers something to rea, the Juniors eyes glaze over and she turns on her heel. Give a nod to Rea and Josi, "Elinath needs me, and I must get some work done. Have some traders coming in, and I'm going to over see." With a flip of her hair and a sharp turn of her heel she's gone.

Josi returns Rea's hug, before glancing to a near-empty Klah mug. She sighs and rises, nodding a farewell to Ameera, before moving to the klah pots. Need more klah to wake up!

Rea nods to Ameera, watching the Junior rise and leave the living caverns, then looks as Josi makes for the klah pots… making the Senior raise her own brows. "Go take care of Elinath then, Ameera. We can talk of your recovery, later…" She turns to Kh'zan again and nods her head. "Not a transfer with that Istan lot, then… atleast that puts you on one good foot, inside this Weyr. What made you decide to come here?" She flicks her eyes to Josi again as she sits down, adjusting the little hammock over her shoulder. "Your welcome to sit over here, if you'd like…" She says to Kh'zan momentairily, before switching back to Josi. "No kids yet, for you? I've heard most greenriders tend to be pretty abundant, in that respect. Or, just not looknig for that kind of hassle?"

Josi returns, settling down with a full mug of klah. Rea's question causes her to shudder, slim shoulders shaking slightly. "No, no children. I make sure to do everything I can to avoid it once Bali goes proddy. If I manage to attain a rank better than simply 'rider', I'd rather not have children to distract me."

Kh'zan stands there a moment longer and then quickly gets some food and then heads over for the seat and sits down. "It was umm time for well a uh change." he stammers and swallows, causing his adams apple to bob up an down. "The umm Istans. They're um that uh bad? I mean Zorya, she umm well she just um seemed quiet." he stutters some and then stops to take a breath and proceeds a little slower. "She, she wasn't umm she was umm well behaved at the, at the party."

Rea arches a brow a bit at Josi, and then nods her head. "That's certainly understandable, though I imagine easier for those in the Weyr then those in the holds… since most Weyrs have plenty of nannies. But, your right, would make doing your main duties hard." She winces and touches Korrea, before shaking her head. "Nothing ever works out quite as planned, though. How is your green doing? She hasn't shown any favortism amoungst the dragons here, yet, has she?" Rea grins, teasing just a little before her eyes move to Kh'zan, nodding to the lad and clearing her throat, just now noticing his stutter with a bit of a stare. "L'ton is, atleast… I have yet to meet Zorya, though I imagine she was part of the group that asked to move here with him. They can't all be bad, I suppose… but, their rep does nothing to make things better for them… especially after following right behind rider L'ton." She shows her distaste, in just saying the name. Her brows raise a little, "Taira had a wing party? Sounds about right, for her… atleast that's not too unusual. Good way to associate with her Wing."

Josi wrinkles her nose a bit, looking mildly perturbed. "No, she hasn't. It's as if she forgets who is who as soon as she goes up." A distant sigh, "I imagine perhaps that is part of it. I'd really rather not run the risk of ending up wanting a child an finding my bed full of terrible people because my dragon is unable to make smart choices when proddy." She half-listens to Kh'zan, but, well. She has little of the animosity most do.

Kh'zan colors a bit under the stare and proceeds to engross himself in his food, just nodding here and there as he listens to Rea speak. He glances over at her a little at the sound of distaste in her mouth "He umm, that bad?" he asks and then takes a drink. There's a glance over at Josi as she talks about her dragon aong other things.

Rea nods her head a bit, frowning for Josi's sake. "It's true… and considering the amount of times a green will rise within a year, probably easier to avoid the problem of children and Weyrmates, altogether. Though, a few attempt it…" Rea takes a moment to look at Josi's attire, before back up again at the greenrider. "She still quite involved in what you wear, or did that kind of fall away as she got older?" Turning to Kh'zan for a moment, the Senior sniffs, "You haven't heard of L'ton? Well, I'm sure you will, soon enough… he certainly has a history with the women. Not to mention, the one who brought the Istan dragon illness to Western…" She spits the last out, looking a bit furious at the idea. And then she shakes herself, sighing, "But, I shouldn't be trying to dump his problems on you. Formerly from Eastern, right? I'm Rea, but… I don't know your name…" She extends a fomral handshake to the brownrider, and waits for him to fill in the blank on who he is.

Kh'zan frowns a little as he eyes his food and contemplates his answer, then he takes a breath "Heard of him." he pauses again and continues on slowly, enunciating his words a little much and quite deliberatly. "Not met him. Do not trust rumours. Do not know him myself." He takes another breath. "A reason. I left. False. Acu. Zations." he goes silent for a bit and takes a long drink. "Form. My own. Opinions." And with that he goes back to eating, his face red from the exhertion of either talking to distinctly or embarrasment. But he does keep his eyes down. not wanting to chance the looks he may be getting.

Rea is suddenly left with her hand in the air, and is forced to slowly remove it as the arch of her brow raises a little higher, at Kh'zan's effort as talking, now without the stuttering. She coughs lightly, and tries to feign like she never offered her hand at all, placing it on the papers infront of her, while her other hand curls under the sling-hammock that holds Korrea to her front. Josi is earned a nod of understanding. "That's good that Baliceauth has calmed down a bit in that respect…" Rea hasn't heard any recent reports of bowl streaking, involving Josi, after all. "There were accusations against you at Eastern?" She asks of Kh'zan, suddenly being caught to his attention by his words, "I suppose it's true that some rumours filter down that are totally perposterous… experience with L'ton, has led me to believe otherwise, though. I guess we'll find out soon enough, if the same can be said for you." She words are harsh, but the tone is set soothing, or as much as Rea can, in an attempt to take a sting out of the words. Finally, she tries for a more obvious tactic. "What's your name, brownrider?" And she's looking pointedly at him, despite his blushing… she's determined to know it, apparently. She looks a little worriedly at Josi, and a bit of a flush tells on Rea's own cheeks, though weither it is impatience or insecurity around the stuttering and blushing lad, is unsure.

Josi gives a small shrug in response to Rea's glance. She picks up the papers she was reviewing again, trying to help make it seem like Kh'zan isn't so much under a spotlight.

Kh'zan shakes his head "Not me. A friend." he takes a breath and then then he he colors again and looks over at Rea "Kh'zan." he murmurs softly "Rider of umm Rider of Quamirth." He shifts a little in his seat under the grilling but does manage to put food in his mouth and keeps it coming. Can't speak if your mouths full after all.

T'eo enters the caverns quiet uneventfully, gathering himself a bowl of stew and a skin of wine. But when it comes to sitting down he finds himself facing a table full of blushing individuals. Well isn't this awkwardly fitting enough for the likes of Toe? So long as he isn't the one blushing everything must be alright with him. He stands there silently for a moment, watching the brownrider flubber about like a fish and then Josi. Eek! But she doesn't appear to be proddy… or even talking at the moment. That's safe, right? Annnd Rea. Rea and… He eyes the child with grumpy acceptance before sitting unannounced, at a seat beside her. "Man's in a bit of a nervous state, Weyrwoman." He muses quietly, looking pointedly at Kh'zan. "Whatever did you do?"

Josi is very much not proddy. Baliceauth flew recently, so it's fairly safe to be around her. As safe as being around the aspiring mindhealer ever has been. Not that she's put much time and focus into her Healer training in a long time. But! That's to change. She's reviewing some kind of notes or another at the moment, sipping klah. She glances up as T'eo enters, nodding in his direction.

Rea frowns a bit at Josi, and suddenly absorbing into her work. "Well, that was tons helpful, I guess…" She mumbles to the greenrider, grinning a little, "What do they have you doing, just running sweeps, mainly? Been a while since the fires, and it's been pretty uneventful for Archipelago… Keeps you busy enough, though, I suppose?" She inquires of Josi, before she turns to Kh'zan, pleased with herself to actually have extracted the information she wanted. "Well, pleasure to meet you, Kh'zan. Welcome to Western… for however long you've been here." She winces a little in acknowledgement that she /doesn't/ know, smilnig weakly, before T'eo's voice to her makes her blanch a little. Turning slowly, she smiles at T'eo tentively, and holds Korrea a little tighter to her— though weither intentionally or not, isn't obvious. "I… spoke? Which, apparently does wonders for getting myself into trouble." She grins innocently at her Weyrsecond, an absurd attempt at beaming at the older man. "H-how are you, T'eo?" Now who's the one stuttering… ?

Kh'zan gives a little nod and swallows and does mange to not choke on it. That would be mortifying. "Th, thank you." he looks up towards T'eo and then looks quite relieved to have the Weyrwomans attention elsewhere. He takes another breath and goes back to the food, taking more time now to eat it. He does keep an ear out towards the Weyrwoman and her second.

T'eo grunts bemusedly at this, but returns his gaze to the other two. "A couple of winners for dinner conversation I see." Not that he's one to talk. He sets down the wine skin and glass, going through the process of filling it up naturally. "Kh'zan," His turn to pick on the shy one. After all, everyone did it to him. "You're from Eastern then I heard? Did you impress there? How long have you been on the Island?" The "Island", of course, being Western. Certainly not and never will be Ista to Toe. He sits back with his glass and nods to those present. "Feel free to the wine." Whether a comment about it's effects or drinking it, who can tell.

Josi exhales at length at Rea's question. She's quiet a time, before shrugging. "Uneventful. Boring is more like, I imagine. I never seem to be able to get the chance to speak to the Wingleader or his second. So it's always the same old drills. I'd love to do something different. Bali is even more bored than I am. I can usually handle it, but her boredom is gnawing at me." She takes another sip of klah. "It's why I'm going to take a trip to the Healer Hall to see if the Masters will let me work towards a Journeymanship. It'd give me something to do where I might actually accomplish something."

Jolie looks sober, for once as she heads on into the caverns and she bemusedly eyes the company already there. She gives a quick once over on the faces before shrugging and heading close enough to hear the conversation.

Rea raises her brows a little, and in a childish manner huffs and sets her chin on her fist, which is propped by her elbow on the table. As Josi replies to her atleast, she turns to her and continues that conversation a little, "Well, I'm sure the Healer Hall will welcome a helping hand, not to mention the Weyr could benefit from someone with better knowledge in the healing art. Maybe have yo ureport to T'burk, and work with him a little?" She offers, mentioning the Weyrhealer a bit non-chalant as T'eo takes his turn with Kh'zan. As Jolie enters, Rea turns to her and takes in the woman for a moment, before offering her a seat. "How are you, Jolie? Well, I hope…" And not drunk, which seems to be the case with her at the moment. Peering out towards the bowl to take note of the morning decending closer to a more agreeable time, she shrugs. "Guess the rest of the Weyr is finally making use of the day." She keeps a tentive watch on T'eo, though, to gauge the man's reaction. It's his first time actually being in the same room with Korrea, so far… unless he'd seen her with the nannies.

Kh'zan glances back over at T'eo and nods as he swallows and then follows it with water. "I did." he says simply and then looks thoughful "Not umm, too long. Month? Little umm more." he notes and glances over towards Josi as she talks about healing and listens and then his attention shifts over towards Jolie and he then looks back down at his plat. When did he finish it off?

T'eo nods to Kh'zan's brief answers as he takes a bite of his stew. Jolie's arrival, however, takes precidence over the conversation between Josi and Rea. "Jolie." He greets evenly, taking up his glass absently, as if protecting the thing. With a few sips he resumes listening, but his eyes fall on the child Rea bears, brows furrowing. "What specifically, Josi?" He asks, raising his eyes to her. "Because if you're specializing it would be something to concider. T'burk, after all, specilizes in emergency dealings…. though he's not beyond anything else, of course. Her certainly could help get you started."

Josi glances to T'eo at his question, after nodding to Rea with a thoughtful expression. "Well, before I Impressed, I was studying mind healing. I'm afraid that doesn't really help very much as far as a healer in a Weyr goes, so perhaps I ought to look towards something else."
Jolie shrugs as she goes about listening to what is going on. "Oh, I'm fine. Absolutely perfect. Why would you wonder?" She gives a slightly suspicious look toward a couple of the other riders, although she's smart enough to keep her mouth shut for the moment. She moves to take a seat. "So, what's the topic of conversation this evening?" There's a slight frown as she hears about the healers, but she sprawls out anyway.

Rea hrms softly under her breath at Josi, before wincing a little at T'eo, "That's true… that would make a slight difference in what she would deal with, if she was under T'burk's proverbial wing. And quite a jump from what you've been learning, then," She says to Josi, before sending a tentative smile to T'eo, before a sudden seriousness crosses her face, and she stands up, turning and walking over to T'eo. She looks right at T'eo, smiling that tentive smile again. "Want to hold her…?" She asks of him in a small voice, some emotional line seemingly dependant on his answer that she ignores the rest of the group just to hear it. Finally, though, she turns back to the rest and grins at Jolie. "Well, maybe I should ask that question of Ly'am, then. You left him in one piece, didn't you, Jolie?" The grin she shows her Junior is mischivious, teasing. "We're just talking about Istans, and where Kh'zan is from… but, he's not so forth coming, unfortionately. Maybe you have the touch to make Kh'zan here a little less blushy, Jolie…" A grin is then switched from Jolie to Kh'zan. "Though, he says he's from Eastern… I guess they must breed shy fellows there."

Kh'zan colors even more as Rea starts discussing him and he quickly gets up to get something more to drink. Though this early in the day it's only water. He comes back and slips as unobtrusivly back in his chair as he can. He does not join in the conversation concerning Ly'am at all. But he seems at least relieved that T'eo isn't grilling him anymore, though he feels for the riders discomfort concerning the child.

A'ven arrives looking like he's just arriving from between. He's alert and apparently hungry. His stomach growls just then to give him away, "Good evening.", he offers warmly and then looks over the food. Rea gets a tilt of his head as he /notices/ her bundle.

Josi has finished her second mug of klah and she gathers up her papers, standing. "I think I'm going to see about getting Bali the bath she's been begging me for." She exhales in a bit of a sigh, rolling her eyes. "You'd think she was filthy."

Jolie just looks struck dumb for a moment at the mention of Ly'am, then she shows a careful face of indifferance. "Well, he certainly seemed healthy enough when he left my weyr. I've not seen him since." Then she's carefully bland as she looks toward Kh'zan. "You're still turning all kinds of pink? Just what sort of rider are you?" There's a slight smirk for A'ven as he enters. "Is Rea starving you now, too?"

T'eo smirks at Josi. "Oh you'd be surprised." Though he doesn't give much more away but to start in on more of his stew. But he's caught very much by surprise when Rea asks him to hold the baby. He stares at her. Not shyly either, but in this "You much be crazy" way… But maybe it's the expression on her face for after a long moment wherein Jolie sits, Josi leaves, A'ven arrives, Kh'zan continues to blush he slowly nods. Automatically he offers out his hands… mutely too.

Rea looks at Kh'zan blankly for a moment, before pointing a finger to him. "You don't speak more, and I may be forced to asking you to… escorting S'chez around, or something." She looks over at the old bluerider making a fuss across the living caverns, before she finally notices T'eo's action, looking back at the Weyrsecond with a slight frown. She saw the look, after all, she just chose to ignore it. Passing Korrea gently over to the man, the child is relatively awake, just looking around with her mother's eyes — and her father's hair. There's a bit of a bubbly noise made at T'eo, but other then that Korrea is relatively quiet for the moment. As Jolie makes her comment, Rea turns back to the conversation, grinning. "Oh, don't look so shocked, Jolie… someone might think I said something outlandish. It's a Weyr, ya know…" She keeps a goading eye on the sobered Junior, before A'ven's request is heard, and the Senior laughs. "Her, she is Korrea. And let T'eo hold her for a bit, and then you may… no passing her around like a ball, after all." She touches A'ven's shoulder lightly in teasing, and maybe in greeting to her Weyrleader, before she moved over to her chair and sits down, which is relatively close to T'eo atleast so she can keep an eye on the Weyrsecond, and her daughter.

Jolie is looking a little bit peevish as she moves from her comfortable spot, to get up and head out. "Someone is making her demands known for company. And it wouldn't due to upset the lady." She offers a bit of a wave and wanders out.

Walking back in, the older Junior is still carrying Koramer, the little boy tucked close to her body and wrapped loosely in a green blanket. Ameera's hair is still perfectly in place, but she's changed clothes. Hasn't been gone an hour, and yet it seemed a wardrobe change was in order, now in light blue leathers with her hair up in a tail, a blue bow around it though the intericate bow seems to formal to really be cute, and it makes her face look exceedingly severe. Glancing around she looks over to Rea, the Weyrleader and the Weysecond. Carefully, with almost deliberately long steps, she pauses, giving a small "Uhmm" to get attention before continuing, her eyes briefly darting to T'eo and the child. "Has anyone seen Jolie? I had heard she might be near by." The child in her arms wriggles, starting to whine slightly, his little fists going to his eyes. (It's attack of the korspawn!!)

Kh'zan glances over at Rea and then he sighs as he sips at his water and then there's a bit of a twinkle in his eyes and he just speaks once. One small simple little word. She did 'request' after all. "More." His attention shifts and he watches as first Josi and then Jolie leave. Then there's a look at A'ven and then there's an Ameera again and he quietly points back out towards the bowl.

T'eo doesn't notice A'ven much for the moment. Or even Jolie leaving. He takes the baby, eyeing it, as if not sure what to think. All at once, however, he looks old as A'ven jokes him to be, staring at the child in his arms. Holding it rather farther away at first, he now draws her in closer, looking down at her and studying her face. The bubbly noise gets a half smirk, so characteristically Matteo. He opens his mouth to speak to the child, but Ameera's enterance breaks whatever spell had so captivated and he looks up… a faint look of surprise to be surrounded by people still. He eyes the child with Ameera and scowls, yes, flat out scowls at it, before subconsciously pulling Korrea closer to him.

A'ven studies the Weyrsecond's reaction to the baby, all the while his smile growing as he experiences the little one vicariously through the various expressions that play on the man's face. "She's beautiful.", he says lightly, not in any hurry to have a turn now when he sees how much T'eo… is receiving from the girl. Ammera's entrance and her little one get a warm wave, for he takes every one who lives here as a sort of personal blessing. His lips press thinly in pride as he bounces on his feet. This, this place… is home — and always will be in his heart.

Rea covers the smile that comes across her face at T'eo's look, turning suddenly to her Weyrleader in order to keep the beaming look from T'eo's vision, incase it ruins it all. A'ven's compliment earns him a smile as well, and with her familiarity enough wit hthe man, she gives him a semi-hug, as well. "Why thank you, A'ven!" She says softly, before loosening her grip on him. "So, how have you been, my leader?" She asks A'ven finally ,in her usual teasing fashion. "Is Kimmila doing well?" She's looking over to T'eo every once in a while, and when he gets that scowl on his face, she turns to recognize Ameera, "Jolie went out to check on Sevaruth… who apparently claimed her attention. I imagine she'll be on the sands, soon, too…" She smirks a bit at Ameera's suddenly changed attire, and minutely shakes her head. "Sey, more… say more. Most people communicate well through speech. Common practice… you'l lget used to us, eventually." She waves a hand at Kh'zan, touching his shoulder as well, in reassurance. Touchy tonight, ain't she?

Kh'zan looks at Rea a moment and just frowns a bit. He picks up his drink and pushes back and stands up. "I'll umm, leave the, the um speeches for umm for my br..brothers." he notes as he goes for a refill. Then there's a look towards the bowl and escape.

Koramer calms down quickly with a little shush from Meer, the baby seems to respond instantly to his mother voice, grinning up at her with the first signs of teeth coming in. With T'eo look she raises both eyebrows, "Weyrsecond? Is..there a problem?" Looking at Korrea with the trace of a smile, she might just approve of the little girl. Looking to rea she looks at Koramer, pursing her lips she takes a deep breath, "Would you like to hold him?" Asking Rea, she waves one hand at A'ven, offering the little boy over, though she appears very nervous, the red haired baby is just smiling, content as ever, and with eyes that instead of darkening are looking a lighter shade of blue then they started off. Turning to A'ven she says, "How're you, Weyrleader?" Being very formal, though her hands visibly shake with nervousness about her child. Like she might, maybe, possibly, love it.

T'eo watches the other child with still a darkness on his face, "No… none at all." He says simply, eyes raising to Ameera. They're suddenly masked with an all to pleasant look… before he returns to Korrea. Whatever was there before is gone from him now, on edge with the other child so close, but it doesn't look like he wants to give the girl up just yet. His gaze lits over her small face and the half smirk returns. "I bet you've got your mother's brains…" He murmurs. "Your eyes tell me you do." He glances a moment up at the rest and then back, as if any one of them might steal the child he's so protectively holding… well, except Rea. That's fine with him.

"Your brothers?" Rea asks of Kh'zan, even as the brownrider gets up and walks away for… another drink? She watches him for a minute more, before she turns and is slightly tense at the question between Ameera and T'eo, watching for reactions she might not agree to between the two. WHo would play mediator, after all, if not for her? As Ameera offers Koramer over to her, she looks a little shocked at first, her mouth opening, and then closing again, as if trying to loosen her tongue. "Sure, I'll hold Koramer.." She extends her hands out for the boy, looking a little hesitant, especially with the look T'eo just gave to Ameera and said child. Korrea is totally oblivious to the happenings around her, as she closes her eyes just a little, and being close to T'eo's chest, wraps her little hands around the loose cloth of T'eo's shirt, giving another burble as she squeezes the cloth between her fingers. "I think she likes you well enough, T'eo…" Rea says softly over to her Weyrsecond, smiling timidly at him eve nas she sizes up Koramer in her arms.

Kh'zan returns briefly to the table "Harpers." he notes plainly and then shrugs a bit "They've um, the gift of uh, well Speech." he then gives a bow, letting his hair fall in his face a moment and then straightens and brushes it away. THere's a glance for T'eo and the child he holds. THere's a light tilt of his head and then he murmurs again "Duty umm calls." And with that he escapes the caverns for the open air outside.

Ameera looks at her little boy, watching him. The child takes to Rea quickly, looking up at giggling at her. He's got a large smile, though after reacting to her face, he settles tilting his head and watching her, his eyes are going to be Ameera's this much is clear, and they track every little movement. Not content to sit he reaches up and puts his foot in his mouth, with a silly look on his face. Starting to make little coo's and gurgles, the begining of speech, he's really entertaining. Ameera smiles, "He's always like this.." She notes blushingly, the first time anyones probably seen her blush, "He loves to move, and is always seeming to explore." Turning she goes to get a glass of juice, coming back and sipping it idley, though she keeps her eyes on her baby, that's for sure.
The Weyrlingmaster strides in rather quickly, completely decked out in riding gear with even his helmet still on his head - albeit the chin straps are loose and dangling at his chin. Scarf, gloves, his lucky jacket, leather pants and boots that extend up to his knees with buckles tightening them are all pieces used in preparation of a between flight. There's a bit of urgency to his step this morning, at least, he looks on a mission to do something specific now that he's in the caverns. What would that be? He's gunning toward the serving tables, flopping out a pouch from his tool belt and looking ready to pile some food into it. Fortunately for him, he's only briefly glanced at the folks gathered in the caverns, focused on doing something else than witnessing whose practically enjoying brunch when he's already been up since before the crack of dawn. Such is a Weyrlingmaster's day.

A'ven sighs, happy to be around such emotions but, sadly, as much as he might secretly want children someday. (It's really no secret, it shows plainly enough on his face — with his interest and his intensity peaked. He feels oddly left out, borrowing the experience of the others. With a smile and a bob of his head, he returns to the table to get some food, his original errand.

T'eo's expression softens even more as Korrea closes her eyes and clings to his shirt. He lowers his head instinctively, rubbing the tip of his nose on her little forhead before looking up at Rea with shining eyes. Yes, you can ask L'alie. He was like this with his kiddos too. And perhaps this is what he's reflecting on. He looks over at the boy, glancing at Ameera and back. His expression has hardened, but as he watches the kid with the analytical suspicion that resembles one of the colorful tropic avians, his expression is less and less severe aswell. Still… doesn't hold a candle to how he feels about Korrea. He absently touches her little fingers on his shirt with his own.

The red head skims the table for something that he doesn't find, moving quickly toward the platters of meat set out, taking scraps of it and shoving it into his pouch. Shaking his head N'kor quickly snags the attention of one of the kitchen staff who just happens to walk by with an new tray of goods. He makes a few gestures and then manages to convince the kitchen worker to do his bidding, as the individual bobs their head a few time and disappears back into the kitchen. This gives N'kor a chance to pivot where he stands and actually take a good long look at the people gathered now that he's forced to wait a moment in the caverns. His shoulders straighten almost instantly at seeing the knotted ranked gathering and the babes being passed around. He stares incredulously at the lot of them, eyes focusing on T'eo and the little girl that he's holding. In annoyance at what he's witnessing, his free hand moves up to squeeze the bridge of his nose as he swiftly turns back away from him, hoping that none of them really paid much attention to who he was.

Rea hrms lightly at Kh'zan, nodding a little. "Odd, harper children in the same family as a shy one." She comments easily enough when he comes back to the table, before she gives a wave to him. "Nice to meet you, Quamirth's rider!" She calls, as the brownrider exits the caverns for whatever duties he has been called to. Though, it's not much of a wave as she handles Koramer in her arms, giggling a bit as the young boy puts a foot in his mouth. "Look, he's taking after his mom, already!" She says aloud, looking up at Ameera and grinning quickly at her, to show she is teasing her just a little. "He's quite a cute little baby, though. Which, is to be expected, considering his parentage." She grins genuinely, then, and is about to say something more when she catches sight of N'kor coming in, and her eyes flick to T'eo and Korrea. She's risks it, and stands up to go over to where the Weyrlingmaster is, hoping Ameera isn't too offended when she takes Koramer with her, looking tentively over her shoulder to make sure Ameera is okay with the situation. "N'kor… how are you?" When one might expect Korrea in her arms, it's Koramer… she's assured enough to leave Korrea with her father-figure, and the little infant grins avidly as T'eo touches her forehead, little hands reaching out to brush his beard with her fingers, and then touching his own fingers, she curls a hand around one of his, or tries atleast. She's enamored with it, and promptly tries to draw it to her mouth.

Rea's comment illicit what is barely saved from being a snort, Aneera says, "You could say that, he's going to be a handful for his foster mother soon." Slowly, surely, she's relaxing, N'kor walks in and suprisingly, she doesn't even acknowledge her existance. Still watching T'eo carefully, yet overall she seems to be having a conversation with Elinath, at least the glazed look and slight quirk to her lips would suggest. When Rea gets up she watches, looking over to T'eo and saying, "You look very natural at this Weyrsecond, the childs lucky." Catching sight of N'kor and sighing, the prissy little weyrwoman stands up and ventures over towards the food, getting some greens and carefully filling her plate, all the while watching her child carefully.

T'eo chuckles a little as Korrea brushes his beard, wiggling his finger around in her grip to poke her nose lightly instead of being drawn into her mouth. But as Rea gets up, he looks up aswell. If the Weyrsecond could growl, he might have. The presence of N'kor causes him to stiffen and frown, his firey eyes narrowing a little. In fact he might have gotten so distracted as to upset the child, if Ameera's comment hadn't brough him back around. 'Hm? Oh…" He looks ever so slightly proud. "Well… I guess with having two… and then L'als others." He smiles at the little girl in his arms, but gives a guarded glance at the Weyrlingmaster.

Even when Rea's voice comes up from behind him, N'kor takes a little extra time in turning around to greet her. This time when he pivots he seems to portray a coolness about him - maybe the extra seconds it took for him to turn around where to keep his annoyance from showing through? His eyes dart between Rea and Koramer back over to T'eo and Korrea, to Ameera, and back. "Now if only L'ton were here it'd be picture perfect…" he says abruptly, as if it weren't meant to have been spoken, since his facial features tighten after he says it, likely a slip of the tongue. Unable to cover it, he glances over his shoulder as if expecting the kitchen staff to return and rescue him from his own foolishness. Still, his eyes drift back to Rea, "A bit busy." As if the flight gear wouldn't be a clear indication of that point. Sighing he puts a hand on his hip, tilting his head to the side, "You look like you're enjoying pleasant company—" the word 'pleasant' comes sardonically from his between his lips. Blue eyes dart over toward Ameera as she nears the vacinity and instead of shooting daggers at her like he would have in previous months he simply returns his eyes upon Rea, with eyebrows twitching in an unspoken question. He notices T'eo's expression over Rea's shoulder and he steps out to the side a bit to look passed Rea, his body language speaking 'what? have a problem?' … and he looks just as guarded as the other.

Rea snorts just a little, "Shall I have Bennueth call for him, then? I'm sure L'ton would find this event quite amusing, atleast, don't you think?" The tone is not acidic in the slightest, and just as easily teasing. Adjusting Koramer in her arms a little, she might do goog at upsetting T'eo more, despite Korrea in his arms, for the Weyrwoman stands on tiptoes, puts a hand on the Weyrlingmaster's chest to balance herself, and simply kisses him on his cheek, close to those tightly held lips. "Pleasant enough company, certainly." She says quietly, putting herself down on her feet fully after the endearing touch, and smiling at Koramer and touching to little boys nose with a bit of a 'beep' sound. Maybe it's the time of day, but the goldrider seems the least inclined to let the two bronzeriders ruin her day, despite the glaring of daggers over her shoulder. "So, T'eo… I can see she has succeeded in wrapping you around her little finger. I think N'kor and I are going to need to invest in a wooden stick, when she gets older." She giggles a little, and goes back to admiring T'eo holding Korrea, turning a bit to face him and Ameera in the process. Seeing Ameera watching her closely, she has no wish to put the older golderider at further edge, so brings Koramer back to his mother. "Should probably hand him back over, before there is anymore glaring between this duo. He's a cute one, though… people might have to lock up their daughters.." She winks at Ameera and gets close enough, to attempt to carefully pass the young child over. "Plenty of redheads in this room, certainly…"

Ameera watches N'kor, her eyes staying on her baby. Every one of his reactions is watched, and she reacts by stiffening further, looking between T'eo and N'kor picks up on all the tension, her eyes glazing over and she bites. "Elinath, please, you can stay out.. NO. OUT." But it seems headstrong Elinath is off to do something, and Ameera whispers something to rea, taking her child back and looking over to N'kor, giving what might be a little, gasp, bow, to him. Or at least an attempt at courteousy, looking to Rea she raises one brow, "We will see, I will definetly need to keep him from causing too much trouble." Back to the Weyrlingmaster she says, "Good morning, Weyrlingmaster, and.. how've you been today?" She's being nice, it's not even snobby, it's being nice. Oh my. This can't be good. No not good at all.

Perhaps it's the little girl in his arms, but the many possible comments that would be egged on by his bronze to make to the offending Weyrlingmaster are kept behind clenched teeth. He cares about Rea and the little girl enough not to resort to cutting words on how, in Koramer's case, he would take after his father, and certainly L'ton would be well fitting if this was teh case and N'kor were sticking around. He takes a private moment to be pleased with himself as Raenth commends his choices of words in his mind. But as his eyes refocus he's again looking at Korrea. Well, certainly she needed a much more stable father figure. He raises his eyes pointedly to N'kor now, sizing him up in a rather dismissive way.

"Call him?" N'kor says in a tone of voice that is surprised but reproachful as well, features scrunching at the mere thought of dragging L'ton into the middle of this… gathering. "Of course, you could if you wanted to see me get into a scrap—" no doubt about it, it wouldn't take much in his current setting with Ameera and T'eo already surrounding him to provoke him into a brawl, he appears to have that cool just about to cross the line edge to him as it is. The only thing that momentarily distracts him from having his heckles up is the kiss on his cheek and the hand against his chest. The public affection has him dang near petrified until she backs off, at which point he just looks at her like she was the strangest thing in the world. Shaking himself from that moment, he's faced with Ameera's good natured approach. He looks at her suspiciously and even seems to lurch away from her, "Morning…" he says in short, nodding, a second word, "Busy" to answer her question. Then the kitchen doors swing open and the kitchen staff holds out a few bloody scraps of meat. N'kor clears his throat, "Excuse me…" he says to the bunch of them, twisting to fetch the dripping meat. Stuffing the pieces into his pouch he closes it up and makes for a quick turn about, "I've work to do…" he announces as if everyone else was shirking… Stiffly he strides out, pausing only at Rea to squeeze her arm with some affection showing through before he murmurs, "Have a good day. I should be back in a few days. Long trip." A nod, then a stiff motion as he wills himself to kiss her on the cheek in public. It seems like a hard thing for this man to do and then he's off, grumbling to himself as he throws his chin strap on and lowers his goggles.

Rea is half-way glad that T'eo is sufficiantly distracted, and apparently by her own show, N'kor is held at bay as well. She's getting good at this mediator thing. The petrification of N'kor makes Rea blush a little, knowing the man's not used to it, and she typically doesn't show it, in public. She smiles sweetly at him, when he returns the kiss to her cheek, and the blush shines a little brighter, even as she watches him walk away. "Return safely, N'kor," She whispers when he does lean in close, before repeating a bit louder, "Safe journey, Weyrlingmatser. Hopefully this group isn't as bad as the last…" She says with a wince, before she turns to Ameera and raises a brow. "Elinath, again?" She says softly, the rumble of Bennueth outside reaffirming Ameera's words to the Junior gold. "She certainly is an eager one to make sure things are smooth, isn't she?" After passing Koramer over to his mother, the Senior Weyrwoman walks back over to T'eo, putting a hand on his shoulder affectionately as she looks down at Korrea, who looks ready to fall asleep in the man's arms, again. "Are you busy, today, Weyrsecond? You can keep her company, if you'd like… I'm sure you have plenty of experience under your belt, and I've got plenty of paperwork on my desk…" She grumbles the last, frowning, before looking to T'eo and waiting for the Weyrsecond's confirmation, or weither he prefer she take her daughter with her…

T'eo resists the urge to roll his eyes at N'kor and mutters under his breath. Outside on the ledges above Raenth rumble chuckles at whatever was intended, but outwardly nothing more comes. However Rea is approaching him once more and at first he believes it to be to take Korrea back from him. A look of reluctance passes his face, but when he hears he gets to spend more time with her, the change is very quick. So quick, he's actually fully smiling before catching himself, clearing his throat a little, and looking as casual as possible. "Yeah… I can do that. At least until later this afternoon. Then I've got to go make taht trip to Xanadu for a couple days."

[DTU/Project] Elinath senses that Bennueth sends soft waves of heat, the caress of sandy desert with a bird's cry in the distance as the sway of heat boils away any true view across a calm sunset. « Let them figure this out on their own… this is not our battle. They do well. »
Long distance to Ameera: Rea kicks her pro. *Bennueth sends soft waves of heat, ;)

[DTU/Project] Bennueth senses that Elinath fills your mind with soft, fluffy clouds, the place she emits is from no place that could actually exist, fluffy clouds fill the sky and a castle seems to be looming ahead, a bright sunny warm autumn breeze. The smell of leaves fills each word, and everything feels content, «They must learn to get a long, it can't be good for anyone to have such dissention in the Weyr..» She sounds prissy, queenly and proper. Everything about her is proper, giving off waves of authority, power «Though if you wish, I shall leave it.» A wash of orange, «For now»

Rea looks away for a moment, to cover the soft smirk she feels coming on with T'eo's initial look, the mother inside of her gleeful that her father-figure is taking so well to Korrea. Turning back to him, she nods, after allowing the smirk to turn to a more genuine smile. "Alright, then… never hurts for her to get to know you better, mm? If you need me, have Raenth bespeak Bennueth, and I'll come find you." Leaning forward, she gently kisses Korrea on her forehead, before she straightens up a little and hugs her Weyrsecond gently, in a fashion that allows a half-hug without harming Korrea in any way. "I will see you later, then, T'eo… I'm sure I had better go bathe Bennueth for the day, and then get down to paper pushing. Ameera." The last is said as she turns to her Junior and says fairwell to her, as well. Turning again to look once more at T'eo, the Senior turns from the sweet scene and heads out to the center bowl, and towards the lake, "C'mon, love, time to have your daily washing…" She says just loud enough, a glaze setting over her eyes as she says it.

[DTU/Project] Elinath senses that Bennueth sends ripples of her own authority, licks of flame to sagebrush not quite willing to fully catch fire. The smell of incense touches the air, and the warmth enfolds as the chirpping of cicadas becomes constant. « I agree, but for now… we must leave them to figure it out, themselves. For now, we leave the battle to them, but if we must… then we shall step in. » The heat ebbs a bit, softly with a calm breeze, whirling dust upon the desert. « They show signs of peace… »

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