A Nervous Search (Catwin Searched)

Shanatea - Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 4:20 PM

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

People: Shanatea K'ten Catwin Taeski Riohra

Obvious exits:
Lower Caverns (LC) Rec Cavern (RC) Large Storage Cavern (ST) Kitchen (K) Hearth Nook (HN) West Bowl (WB)

Taeski is here. He's made himself a quiet little place at one of the tables with a plate of fruit and vegetables. It's a calm enough setting, despite the fact that the teen is barely paying attention to the food. Oh sure, there's a carrot sticking out from between his lips, but his hands are occupied with a few sheets of paper instead, brow furrowed as he concentrates on what is written on them. The side of his head where the hair is longer has been clipped back out of his face for the time being…as it helps with not getting hair in his /food/ of all places. After a bit though, he shuffles one paper to the back of the stack, then reaches for a chunk of fruit to toss into his mouth. Concentration…engaged.

Riohra steps in from the lower caverns, the sent of fresh clean clothes seems to be clinging to him as he makes his way toward the Klah pot. He talking over his shoulder saying "so then how do you not get the colors to run on to the whites when you wash them?"

Shanatea grumbles loudly as he enters the caverns, also smelling of laundry. "Ugh, laundry. If I have to fold another Weyrwoman's bra, I may have to just go drown myself…." he comments to Rio as he makes himself a plate. Mmmmm, man food. Ahem. He then spots Tae, grins at Rio, and points, then goes to flop down at Tae's table. "Oh hi….." Yes, so casual. "I see you are here, and I am here, so maybe we can eat here?" Oh, so smooth….

Catwin is silent as she slips into the caverns. She has a clipboard in hand and is going through a number of pages thare on it. She makes her way over to a quiet area, which just happens to be at the same table as Taeski. But hey. Another pencil pusher with paperwork? She should blend right in. Course, she doesn't say anything as she sits down because she's still reading and now she's marking off a few things.

Taeski /very/ suddenly has a table with /extra people/ at it. There's a bit of a blink over the sheaf of papers when Catwin sits down all silent-like, gaze darting abruptly to the flopping of Shanatea. There's a bit of a stare, really, before he reaches for something else to start chewing on, lips curving ever so slightly upward at the candidate. "So you are." Quiet agreement, really, but at least the teen seems faintly amused by it all. Enough to finally drop the papers down flat on the table, anyway. They contain..diagrams? So many pictures rather than words! Perfect. He leans then on one arm, head tilting just a bit at the paperwork laden Catwin. "…Yeah. Hi." Alas, she picked a table that has people! Shanatea is quick to have his attention again though, even as he still nibbles at his own food. "Doing alright then, I take it?"

Riohra did follow Shanatea over to the other table, though by choice or accident has sat down on the other end away from the workers. He starts eating his own food he glances and nods polity but is really just focusing on his meal at the moment.

K'ten wanders in from the lower caverns, the back of his hand hovering over his mouth to unsucessfully stiffle a yawn, pausing just beside the serving table to blink owlishly at all that activity going on. "Wait, what time is it?" he mutters to himself, tossing the long runnertail of loosely waved platinum blond hair off his shoulder and behind him where it needed to be, because this helps with time of day. Pale green eyes narrowing, he watches the candidates and residents suspiciously for several moments as if their activity and movements are going to give him any further information. Nose scrunched, the bluerider turns his gaze to the food and studies the dishes being served might reveal what he needed to know.

Well that didn't work out quite so well. Things aren't quite so quiet now. Catwin looks around a little and then she her gaze narrows briefly as Rio is spied and then deliberatly she looks away from him and she gives a nod to Taeski. "Hi." She notes as she goes back to the paperwork. It's an inventory list and a bill of lading and she seems to be cross checking things between the two. Without even looking up at K'ten she murmurs "Dinner time it looks like." is said simply.

Taeski is not helpful. No, there've been people to blurt out time of days to the poor confused rider wandering about. At the very least though he doesn't pick up his work again. He tugs his plate closer though, calmly crunching on a vegetable here and there. Rio's noticed as he too sits down, head canting just a little to the side for the unfamiliar candidate. A breath of a sigh brushes past his lips though before he shakes his head, turning a vague smirk onto Tea. "Trying to make sense of all this stuff is making my head hurt..that's how it's going. You're doing alright?"

Shanatea peers at the papers in front of Tae for a moment and shakes his head. "They're probaly even worse upside down." he comments, shaking his head. "Who me? Ah, I'm doing pretty good. Folding bras and stuff today, what a chore." he notes, shaking his head again. "Not my favorite chore. Suppose thats why they call it a chore…." He sees him eyeballing Rio and points, "Thats Riohra, Rio that is Taeski." Yes, he'll make introductions, even if he wasn't asked to do so.

Nearly jumping completely out of his skin and muscle, K'ten turns wide eyes upon not the murmuring Catwin but rather the louder Shanatea, he'd been so focused on scrutinizing the food he'd forgotten about everything and everyone else. "Oh! Um, thank you." softly said, flushing brightly red across his cheeks, and hunching his shoulders as he grabs a plate and puts a few things upon it. He was a tiny, skinny thing, probably no older than fourteen or fifteen. "Um, could I have some of that bread too please?" The kitchen lady behind the serving table is offered a soft bit of thanks after she gives him what he's asked for, snagging a cup of juice before finding himself a place to sit somewhere around the vinter's general area.

Riohra looks over at Shanatea, he can do all the talking for now no point in letting the food get cold. Rio glances around the room in time to miss Catwin's glare, returning his attention to the meal. He does get abit nosy and looks over at all the papers Taeski has in front of him.

There's a brief glance at the diagrams on Tae's papers, but that's about it as Catwin turns back to the marking off things in the inventory after going through the bill of lading. Tea's remarks about washing bras and murmurs something about remembering to do her laundry as candidates have interesting habits with laundry.

"They probably are.." Upside down diagrams? Definitely not fun to try and make out. Thus, Taeski doesn't even react as Rio gets interested in them. He simply glances over the candidate, brows lifting just vaguely at the introduction Shanatea gives. "Uh-huh." There goes another chunk of fruit down into his mouth, the teen watching rather thoughtfully before he finally reaches over, rather slowly sliding all of those papers out of view and under his plate. No more oogling his papers! Once again though he leans on his arm against the tabletop, Shanatea pulling on his attention. "Doing laundry doesn't sound so bad. Just…tedious." That's not to say he looks terribly delighted at the idea of handling all the Weyr's bras. Indeed the teenager wrinkles his nose just a little at the mention of it. The blushing bluerider is given a bit of an eyeing when he walks to his place to sit though, quietly assessing before shaking his head just a tad. At least there's a smile on his face though.

Riohra shrugs at the papers being pulled away and goes back to his food, though he watches Shanatea for his reactions. Knowing well that the young man likes to play the fool only to turn the tables at a later time. He sips his Klah and waits to see if he is getting dinner and a show as well.

Shanatea is a hyena, always with the grinning. He takes a few bites of fruit, tuber and bread before shrugging. "I'd rather muck stables, or clean the guest weyr or anything but laundry. The folding and the carrying. Ugh." Its almost a wail, poor tiny little Tea and his big ol' world issues, so tiny. Laundry. He could really have something worse like…. tidal wave dodging or something. "Even kitchen and Caverns work over laundry. However, the nice part about laundry is that you're mostly alone." There ya go, Tea! Always look on the bright side of life….

Sevran steps by just in time to hear Shanatea's comment regarding laundry. "I'll happily trade ya," he offers, pausing to grin at his fellow candidate. "A sevenday of latrine duties for laundry? I'll take the laundry."

… For life is quite absurd. And it has quite definately gotten that way. Catwin casts glances at all the young folk around here. Why did she ever think that using a table in the living caverns was a good idea as a place to finish working on things? Alone? Alone would be nice about now and Catwin looks around a little as if looking for the best possible escape route. She then sighs, shakes her head and gets back to work. "Could be worse, could be dredging out the middens."

Taeski's observation isn't missed, the bluerider nearly tripping and dropping his food as he pays more attention to him than where he was going. A flurry of apologies and K'ten moves quicker now with his chin tucked in. Is he blushing harder? Yep. Though it doesn't take long for this to remedy itself as soon as he was seated and settled, the spot he'd picked out having a pretty good view of everyone that was about and chatting peacibly, visibly relaxing and his cheeks finally beginning to cool. Picking up his fork, he seems happy to just sit and watch everyone, lips stretching out into a gentle smile. That hair, flipped back away from his shoulder again, before eyes distantly gaze forward sightless and he murmurs to seemingly no one inaudibly. Then, he's back, a serious expression on his face as he begins to slide his gaze puposefully now from face to face.
Taeski reaches over finally, fingertips giving a rather gentle flick to Shanatea's ear for all that complaining. "I'm sure if you tell someone you'd rather do /anything/ than laundry…ah. There. Problem solved." That hand promptly gives a bit of a wave at Sevran as the candidate offers his /delightful/ chore, casting a look back to Tea again. "Interested in that trade?" There's a small shake of his head though as he finally finishes off what's on his plate, chuckling softly to himself. "Mostly alone is only good some of the time, I think.." Yep, Catwin is also given a wave and a nod for her suggestion as well. So many things worse than laundry. But alas, poor K'ten and his almost-tripping. The teen blinks just a bit and tilts his head, offering to finally speak up for the poor rider. "..You alright?" Well at least it's something!

Shanatea shrugs and nods, "I'm sure." He ponders that a moment and considers. "Nah, we'd probaly get in trouble for trading anyways. I suppose bras can't be the worst thing in the world." he comments, finishing his plate in record time and turning to the tea in his cup. BWAHAHAHA. Tea in Tea's cup. Ahem…. At the flick, her turns and just pouts ADORABLY with big puppy eyes at Tae and blinks innocently at him. "I guess I'm just used to being mostly on my own as a Dolphineer, just me and 'phins…." he comments thoughtfully, and then his attention goes to K'ten as if he's worried for the poor boy, which he seems to suddenly be.

Riohra misses the blue-rider's retreat so doesn't see him, when the over candidate offers for Shanatea to trade gets a grin. Rio then gives a laugh saying "On your own? since when? Every time your at the lagoon you have another girl on your arm"

Sevran is only mildly disappointed when his offer is not accepted. He knew it was a long shot. "Probably right about that," he agrees. "I'd probably get another seven' for trying to trade!" He smirks slightly and continues on his path, heading over to grab some grub and a glass of water before returning to the group at the table. "Mind if I join you?" he asks, just a touch hesitant. Strangers and all.

With the direct address of Taeski speaking to him, K'ten distractedly hovers before the grey-eyed teenager, unable to say a single sharding word. Dumbly, he just nods and drops his head enough that maybe the safety of shadow can be found and the fact he was blushing all over again. Not a word though, no. Can't do it. Eyes shift off to Shanatea, but quickly they just go elsewhere, the hue deepening and rising up to his ear tips. Then Riohra and increasing the bluerider appears to become almost irritated, "Why is everyone in here so stupidly attractive, Miireth?" he mutters under his breath, a groan uttered as his sweep takes in Sevran as well, shoulders slumping. "Ugh. Like, everyone." Catwin is last to suffer his scrutiny, but here he locks in and stays, perhaps not so subtly inching his way closer towards her. "Um…e-excuse me?" It's not very loud, but rather timid, and a very poor attempt at getting the vinter's attention.

And the people just keep rolling in. Catwin eyes Sevran and shrugs "It's a free Weyr." she murmurs and then just drops the rest of the sheets down as she looks over at K'ten. So much for work at the moment. "Yes?" she asks as she eyes the stumbly as a kitten, K'ten. "Did you need something? I certainly can't answer your question concerning the genetics of the people of this table, maybe the healers are a harper or someone who is more versed in the whys and wherefors of inheritance. Perhaps a beastcrafter even?" She offers in such a quiet tone that it doesn't seem at all sarcastic and indeed as if offering assistance.

Taeski is unmoved by /pouting/. He looks right back at Shanatea quite evenly, despite the smile that stretches just a bit wider on the teen's face. Nope, there will be no caving to the pouting of candidates! "If the dolphins are with you, then you're not alone." It's a soft statement, but then Taeski hasn't really raised his voice much at the table. His grey-eyed gaze flicks towards Sevran though, watching the candidate when he returns to the table. There's a gesture towards an empty seat though, offering a small nod for him. "No one minds." So sayeth the teenager! At least he sounds somewhat kind about it. The hotness of those around the table? Well that's not /Taeski's/ fault. There's very nearly a laugh that manages to come up from him though, managing to stifle it before it actually becomes noise. He doesn't interfer with the rider's attempts to get Catwin's attention though. He does watch a moment at least, taking a sip of his own water in the meantime.

Shanatea nods his head cheerfully at Sevran, "Plant it here, bruv." He comments, waving to the open seats of the table. "You too, rider." he points to K'ten. "Plenty of space all around." Yes, Tea is quick to offer hospitality. "The name's Tea. Candidate and Dolphineer." he adds, greeting the newbs to the Weyr. He likes to be friendly, oh yes he does. His eyes shift then to Tae, giving him a warm grin and then he sips his……tea. "Maybe not, but they don't talk nearly as much as people." he adds innocently. He then glances at Catwin and waggles a finger, "Cat, manners. I know we're all heathens here, but you don't have to scare the poor boys." He grins gleefully at her. Then he looks at K'ten again. "If it helps, I also have a pretty-boy twin, and we're originally from Xanadu. Twice the genes."

Riohra tilts his head at K'tan, tips of his ears turn red but is saved from talking by Shanatea. He nods to Sevran and moves slightly to make room for the other candidate "I am Riohra, from Fort" he offers by way of greeting. The comment Catwin says about who to ask about genetics gets a slight smile, but the when Tea tries to engage her that makes him grin.

"Thanks," replies Sevran, flashing a grin to anyone looking, even the poor, uncomfortable K'ten. "Sevran, Butcher… aaaand candidate." If perhaps a bit reluctantly. "Nice to meet you, Shanatea. Riohra." The unusual concentration of jack-pot genetics goes over his head completely, or at least he will pretend he didn't hear anything. He takes a long swallow of his water before digging into his meal. "Fort, eh? Kinda far from home aren't ya?" It's amicable and friendly in tone.

K'ten might as well have been set on fire by the vinter's statement, pale green eyes wide, everything from the neck up brilliantly red. "Wha…?" He looks like he'd rather die then deviate his gaze now, swallowing thickly as he scrunches himself all up into a sort of bluerider ball of embarrassment, his 'condition' only worsening as Taeski laughs, and Shanatea speaks of his twin. T-two of them? Trembling hands rummage around in his jacket as if what he needed more than anything was in there, perhaps the lungs he wasn't currently using? Gasping in, he slaps a white candidate knot onto the table in front of the woman, "MIIRETH WANTS YOU TO HAVE THIS BYE!" Scambling to his feet, the diminitive boy almost falls over again as he quickly makes for the exit without looking back.

And this is why Catwin shouldn't talk to people without having some drink in her for a bit. She blinks at Tea and frowns at him "Scare him?" she asks looking a little confused and then there's a white knot. She stares at a moment or two before saying anything. Actually she looks a little shocked. Her mouth opens a moment and then shuts. She looks up at K'ten and is startled to find him retreating. "What? This can't be right, cannot it?" she asks as she looks around at the others around her and then back to the retreating K'ten. Maybe she did scare him?

Taeski is apparently /rude/ when it comes to introductions. He /waits/ after all, thinking about it for a time as Sevran settles down before he actually speaks up again. "Taeski. Not candidate. But from..er…here." That may not be /technically/ true, but he does live at the Weyr, so it's where he's from /now/. As for what else he is besides not being a candidate..he offers no input on the matter. He merely takes another sip of his drink and /blinks/ when K'ten all but scrambles out of the caverns after tossing down a knot at Catwin. "…Well that's new." Indeed, the teenager actually looks mildly bewildered about the whole thing. Eventually though he shrugs, smirking a bit at Catwin's own confusion. "Seemed like he was pretty sure about it. Or terrified."

Shanatea blinks and then GIGGLES evilly. "HA, poor boy was so terrified of you, and yet, his dragon wants you to stand. Welcome to washing bras and cleaning latrines, Cat." the candidate leans back and looks smug, tilting his chair up on two feet. BWAHAHA….oh crap! He tilts it too far and falls flat onto his back with a groan. "Good thing I wasn't holding my drink. He chuckles, picking himself up from the floor….."Oops." he looks sheepish.

Sevran's attention is suddenly turned to Catwin and her impromptu Search. "Wow," he murmurs. "And I thought mine was…" bad? Sudden? He doesn't finish that statement. Instead, he'll stuff a chunk of bread in his mouth to eliminate the need for speaking, at least temporarily. "Nice to meet you, Taeski," he offers after swallowing. He grins, then jumps up, startled as Tea goes tipping over backwards. "You OK?" he asks, mildly concerned.

Riohra nods to with a grin Sevran "Not the farthest I have traveled" he looks down at Shanatea when he falls saying "you know you cant fly yet right?" he gives the dolphineer a wink. As to Catwin getting searched he smiles and says "congratulations".

Right now Catwin could really use her flask, but since that was left behind while accepting a load of booze, she doesn't even have that to fall back onto now. She looks over at Taeski as the teen speaks up and then nods "I didn't mean to terrify him." she murmurs softly and then she's jumping as Tea falls backwards "Better hope you didn't break the chair, I've seen people have to sand and refinish all the furniture for things like that." she notes and then she's looking at the knot again and looking quite bemused and something else, though it's quite nebulous and gone. Hope? There's a glnce for Rio. She purses her lips a moment and then says. "Thank you."

And there goes Shanatea. Taeski flinches visibly at the sudden crack of the chair hitting the floor, but he's quick enough to shift out of his own seat and offer the fallen boy an arm. His other grabs the toppled chair to right it as well, peeking at Tea with concern rather..evident. "You didn't break your head open?" Hey, that /can/ be a concern! He's quick to regain his own seat though, settling down with an eye kept on the dolphineer candidate. Lest he fall again!

Riohra will nod to Catwin and give her another smile. He then turns his attention to Sevran "so what did you do to get a Seven day of latrine?" he glances back to Shanatea nope he is fine. He does how ever help right the chair for him, least he could do.

Shanatea takes the offered Taeski arm, since he was the only one to offer, and drags his butt up. He gives Catwin a play-glare. "No broken furniture, promise….MOM." and with that he sets his chair upright and then grins at Tae, "Thank you, Tae." Ahem. "No broken head. Just my pride." Like he had any pride anyways? No. "Congrats Catwin. And Rio, and Sevran. To candidates." He holds his tea up in an impromptu toast. Yes, see, he's attempting to heal that pride now. Can one really know how this boy's head works? Nah.

Seeing that all is well, or at least Shanatea isn't dead, or bleeding out or something, Sevran reclaims his seat, offering an eyeroll for the situation. Chew chew chew. "Pissed off a bronzerider," he states. Swallow. Swig of water. "Apparently, breathing and existing in the same space is a crime." Eyeroll. He stuffs the last half of his bread into his mouth and brushes his fingers across his tunic to remove any crumbs. "I advise against bronzeriders," he decides, standing. "Nothing but trouble." With a shrug he grabs his glass, offers a half-hearted toast to Tea "To us?" so excited. "And now, back to those candidate chores." Fun times man. Fun times.

No broken heads, that is no small relief. Truly. But still "Good think it's not broken. Really shouldnt treat the furniture like that." Catwin notes and then she eyes her paperwork "Well, I'd better let Litral know there's been a change in plans." she notes after a moment and then she's looking at Sevran and frowns a moment "And just which bronzerider was that?" she asks after a moment as she runs through a very short list of bronzeriders that are mite testy."

Taeski lifts a brow slightly at the toast to candidates, smirking ever so slightly. No, he doesn't lift his mostly empty cup of water. He might be the odd man out of the candidate party, but at least he doesn't seem to mind it. There's a snort though after a moment. "Broken pride? More like bent. It'll bounce right back, I'm sure." The fact that Sevran's punishment of latrines had to do with a /bronzerider/ though gets Taeski's attention. The teen blinks and just /looks/ at the candidate a moment, expression deviating to almost…guilty before giving a small shrug. "Probably was having a bad day, is all." Or something like that, anyway. Lips press together for just a bit then, before he gets up, gathering his cup with him. "I'm getting a refill."

"No one you want to meet," is Sevran's reply to Catwin. "Just… stay away from all of them." Cause that's totally possible in a Weyr, right? Sevran offers a final good-natured eyeroll for the group and heads on his way.

Riohra does join in the toast and smiles at Sevran "Later." he grins over at Shanatea "speaking of, how is your brother?" He leans back in his chair but doesnt try to tip it, no point in making a repeat performance.

Shanatea chuckles at Tae's response. "Well, yeah, you're probaly right. Bent is more like it. You can't keep a good dog down." He notes, then waves at Sevran. "Bye." he calls after the young'n. Tea acts so old, he's just a young lil puddin' too. He does look Catwin's direction. "I don't know if it would help, but there's a cot near mine thats empty." It is an attempt to be helpful without being helpful. He knows how it is to not want help. He shrugs at Rio, "Haven't seen him for a wee bit, hoping he'll come this way so I can chat with him soon. Miss the poor wee lad." Yes, Tea will never stop rubbing it in that he's older.

Catwin catches that almost guilty look of Tae's and muses to herself a bit and just nods some to Sevren as he leaves. She's still mostly in her own thoughts as she absently fingers the new knot. That is of course until Tea opens his mouth. An expression of horror passes briefly and is then completely shuddered. All she says in response is "Hrm." She quietly stands up and murmurs something about seeing about some things being moved. Seems that some of the implications of candidacy are starting to sink in and she's looking just a little bit pale. "Excuse me." she says and grans up the paperwork and starts heading out.

Taeski comes back with his glass of water, eyes following Sevran as the candidate leaves. Yes, there's a long look for /that/ one. But he settles back down, a bit more subdued than before. Shanatea and his brother? It earns an eyeroll, given what he's /heard/ of the twin, after all. At least it seems to brighten him back up a little, shaking his head. "Send him a note or something. I'm sure he'd visit."

Riohra grins and nods "If he can stop chasing that gold rider, Etzlix I think her name was.." he gives Catwin glance and smiles her way, no point in freaking her out as Tea is already doing a fine job of that.

Shanatea nods slightly and waves, "Bye Cat, see ya later…." and then he considers this and nods to Tae. "You're probaly right." he comments, peering briefly at the ceiling as if it was all the answers. T is only a LITTLE crazy, yanno. Good kid most of the time though. "I think thats her name, moony little bean." He says this quite affectionately, because who wouldn't love an adorable crazy little brother.

Taeski gives a quick shake of his head, making a face. "Oh, I am not getting into this conversation again.." At least he looks a little more amused than weirded out by it. But the teen does shuffle those papers out from under his empty plate, getting back up again. "I'll leave you both to it." Moony convo? No, definitely not for him! He gets moving, quietly heading right back off to the caverns.

Riohra nods and picks up the dishes and stacks them on the table looking at Shanatea "I am sure he will grow out of it" He glances after the Vintner as she leaves and comments "This is going to a very interesting adventure my friend."

Shanatea nods and stands, streching. "Well, ok. I suppose I have things to do. No more chores, we chore'd all day, I'm gonna go out and chill on the beach." he comments, nodding a bit. "Very interesting." he adds.

Riohra nods and grins "I got an extra chore to help with but you enjoy that water" he pats the shorter young man on the shoulder and heads down to the Lower Caverns.

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