Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio

As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.

Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

The lounge is always a wonderful place to settle when the sun is out and the weather is hot. Cool drinks are served in the lounge, also making it a prime spot to want to cool down. And the patio gives the added bonus of cool and a chance to enjoy the nature while also remaining somewhat indoors. Kiley settles here with a cool drink, her gaze out on the water from the patio and sipping idly at her drink. It is still early enough to be considered morning, at least. This morning is a lazy morning from the computer crafter as she continues to sip away at her drink, lost in thoughts amongst the waves of the lagoon.

Apparently taking some advice to relax more often, Kelthero wanders out onto the patio from the lounge, a drink in hand as well. The guard is in his casual clothes, swapping boots for sandals and uniform for a loose fitting short-sleeved tunic and light fabric pants, most likely off duty either for the morning or full day. It appears too that he is looking to enjoy nature - or is he keeping a watch on the lagoon waters? His gaze only lingers briefly on the waters however before the patio itself is scrutinized, only to spot the familiar computer crafter not far off. Approaching slowly, he waits until he's close enough before speaking up. "Morning… Kiley." he hesitates briefly on her name; hastily continuing on before his stumble is hopefully not noticed. "Mind if I join you?" With his free hand, he gestures idly to the other vacant chairs.

Kiley peeks up as Kelthero approaches and speaks, a smile forming upon her lips as she inclines her head in greeting. "Kelthero." If the stumble is noted, she is polite enough not to say anything on it, instead shaking her head and gesturing for him to join her. "Please do. How are you?" Her smile grows a little wider, "I haven't seen you much since our first meeting. Have you been working a lot?" She lifts her drink to take a sip and then she considers, "oh. Would you like a drink? I'd happily buy one for you, it is rather hot today." Idle observations before her gaze is drifting out towards the water and she hums softly. "Did you get working on Jey's hut? She was completely destroying it the last I saw her."

Kelthero moves to take a seat across from the computer crafter shortly after she gestures for him to join her and returning the greeting with his own slight nod. The guard immediately leans back into the chair being careful not to spill his drink on himself but seeming pleased enough to be off his feet for once. "Thanks. And I'm well. Yourself?" He then chuckles, smiling in return. "I have been. Odd shifts, so I haven't been able to cross paths with familiar faces for awhile now." Kelthero then raises his one hand, where he still firmly holds his drink. "Already have, but thank you for the offer." At the mention of Jey and the hut building, the guard frowns. "No, not quite. I've been meaning to contact this fellow by the name Lorenze. Offered to help, seeing as he claims to have experience." He then gives a curious tilt of his head. "You said she was destroying a hut?" This seems new news to him and news that leaves him looking puzzled.

"That's good to hear. I'm glad you're doing well. I must say that I'm doing wonderfully, myself." Kiley smiles though her gaze doesn't quite settle on the man sitting across from her. "Ahh. Guess that is to be expected as a guard and not having a truly free schedule." Her nose wrinkles just a bit and then she's drawn fully from her thoughts when he raises his drink, startling a bit and flushing a sudden shade. "Oh. I didn't notice… I am not all here, yet. Ahm. Well, when you finish this one I can buy you another." She chuckles softly and lifts hers to sip quietly from it, watching him curiously. "Ah. So you met Lorenze as well. He seems as if he may a smooth talker from what Jey has said, but I've not met him." The woman chuckles softly and then sips at her drink as she slowly begins to focus again. "Oh. Her tent. She destroyed her tent and I'm not sure where she's staying now." There's a soft sigh and she waves a hand, "I'm starting to talk like my boyfriend."

"Glad to hear you're doing so well yourself." Kelthero replies with a bit of a grin. If he noticed Kiley's distracted gaze, he makes no comment on it. Instead, the guard merely shrugs his shoulders. "I kind of like it, the odd hours. But it does make it hard to squeeze in free time." When the computer crafter flushes over the sudden appearance of his drink, his grin only widens. "Well, it is still morning… not everyone is at their best this hour. But I'll take you up on that offer." With that, he tips his drink forwards slightly in agreement before taking another sip of it. Kelthero then snorts softly. "Huh, sweet-talker is right. Nice enough guy, I suppose but he does lay it on thick. I met him only briefly, up in the maze." Here the guard gestures again with a flick of his free hand to the vague direction of the living caverns. Back to the issue of the tent and he's frowning again in a puzzled way. "Her tent? Why would she do that?" He seems to mull that over his thoughts silently for a moment before Kiley's next comment earns her a curious look from the guard. "Ahh, you've a boyfriend? Good for you." For once the guard isn't teasing; he seems sincere enough in his tone.

Kiley smiles widely and gives a slight nod, easily settling onto the topic of the hours. "As long as you keep busy, you're content?" She observes with that smile growing a little wider upon her lips. Laughter slips out as he provides a defense for her slip up and she nods her agreement. "That is true. Thank you. My thoughts and mind seem to be elsewhere, it will return soon enough. Just let me know what you want and I'll get it for you." Her drink is sipped from before she settles it down on the little table beside her, with her arms coming to fold across her chest as she leans back in her seat. "Was he flirting with Jeyinshi?" She questions with a curious lift of her brows before her gaze briefly flickers over towards the direction of the living caverns. "I like the maze, I found Jey sleeping in a tree house the other day." Her tone has a hint of disbelief before clearing and she turns another shade of red. "Well, um… Stuff happened inside it. She felt it was best to tear it down. I wonder where she's sleeping now, though." Lips press into a thin line before it relaxes into a smile. "Yes. Thank you. He is another computer crafter."

Smiles seem to be contagious, as Kelthero's own smile widens or perhaps he's simply making up for the hours lost having to keep neutral expressions. "Exactly. So long as I'm busy, I'm happy. Although this…" and he gestures now to the patio, "…is still new. I was never one to really take time and relax. Was told to give it a shot though and well, so far, so good." He muses, before chuckling softly. "Everyone's mind wanders at some point, I find. Can't be helped." Drink is sipped at once more before also being carefully placed aside and the guard settles deeper into his seat, a slight frown creasing his brow. "Hmm, I suppose he was but he seems the type that flirts with all and any girl, you know what I mean? All Jey had to do though is warn him off and he stopped. So he's not a bad sort, not in the least. His sense of humor is just in the wrong place." Kelthero is the one to laugh now. "Ah, she told me about that. I like the maze too; it's quiet and peaceful. That tree seems safe enough if she needs it." Noting the shade of red the computer crafter turns at the fate of the tent, the guard's curiosity only intensifies and he gently tries to work more information out of Kiley despite her discomfort. "Inside of it? Was it vandalized?" he asks, frown deepening for a moment, most likely thinking it the cause. Then he flashes Kiley a grin, coming back to the topic of boyfriends. "Ahh, how nice. You two must have lots in common?" Kelthero logic again, at it's best!

Kiley nods her agreement easily, "I enjoy being busy, myself. Constantly at work and doing what I enjoy." There's a glance around the patio and the computer crafter chuckles softly, "the same with me. I constantly worked as an apprentice so that I could reach my promotion more quickly. And the weather here is different than the last Weyr I was at, so there is more time to try and enjoy the weather. I'm glad that it is working out for you." Her hand reaches for her drink once more and she sighs softly, "it is true. The mind often wanders, especially when content." She sips from the drink as she listens to him speak, her eyes curiously examining the guard with her brows lifting. "At least he stopped when she warned him off, at least. That is good. Humor can be a tough thing, everyone finds different things funny." When he laughs, the woman follows and offers a grin. "I wasn't expecting to see anyone up there. But it is quiet and peaceful, I don't blame her. A tree house isn't a proper place to be sleeping, though. At least a hut is something more table." Fingers tap along the glass as he questions her more, cheeks coloring a little more. "No. Um. It was used." Pause, fidget and she sips at her drink, carefully avoiding his gaze. "During a flight." She doesn't elaborate more than that, however, as fingers continue to tap nervously along the glass. "We do. He's a genius, however, so sometimes I get lost when he talks about some things."

"Good way to go about getting a promotion. If you love what you do, why not put all you have into it?" Kelthero admits while loosely crossing his arms over himself. "I haven't considered moving up the ranks though. Kind of like where I am now." Giving the computer crafter a curious look, he quirks one brow up slightly. "You're not from Western then, originally?" The guard then looks away, out towards the waters. "I'm surprised it's working out so well here for me. Figured I wouldn't stay too long at the Weyr, but… it stuck." He shrugs then, glancing back to Kiley with an amused look as he reaches for his drink and finishing it off. The empty glass is then returned to the little side table and the guard shakes his head. "Good point about the humor. Sometimes certain things go right up and over my head. Jeyinshi is real good at confusing me like that." He admits with a grin. "Hmm, stable yes. But that tent wasn't so stable either." When the full story is finally shared, even he fidgets a little, nose wrinkling slightly and equally avoiding looking directly at her. "Ugh, really? That's…unfortunate. Now I feel terrible I haven't gotten back to her sooner about the hut." Kelthero gives a bit of a frustrated sigh. "I thought they had guest weyrs or the like for… that." Elaboration isn't needed and he seems all too happy to switch the topics again. "Genius, really? How so?" he asks, hopefully prodding for information on much safer and less embarrassing grounds.

"Yes, but then you lack in the growth that you would normally face taking it at a pace that is deemed 'average' among those who are around you." Kiley points out softly, "either way, you suffer for it. But as long as you enjoy yourself, there is the possibility of not facing regret." The woman hums softly and sips at her drink yet again, "what would be the next rank for a guard? I'm not too sure about the ranks and positions there." Her head shakes at the question, smiling warmly. "No, not originally. I'm from Cove Hold, and from there I went to the Computer Crafthall. Then I was posted in Xanadu Weyr. I had my posting transferred to Western more recently." She finishes off the rest of her drink and settles the empty glass beside her, leaning back and crossing her legs. A right smile settles upon her lips as she nods her understanding. "That is much of the same for me, I didn't want to leave Western. This is a very nice welcoming Weyr." Her head tilts and her gaze considers the water, "I don't get most humor, so I have you there. I've had a few times where I don't understand Jey's jokes." A soft chuckle slips from her lip and she peeks at him, briefly. "I did not approve of the tent, either. I don't believe it is comfortable at all to sleep on the ground, even if the sand is softer than rock." Then, she carefully avoids looking towards him as he reacts to the full story. "it isn't entirely your fault. No one knew that it would be located on the beach." There's a deeper coloring returns to her cheeks but she doesn't say anymore than that, burying the topic far far away, instead settling on talk of her boyfriend. "He knows everything about computers, he knows so much details about everything and it is amazing."

Keltherolowers his gaze for a moment, frowning slightly and pulling ever so slightly at his lower lip as he considers Kiley's words. "Perhaps." He replies simply at first and after lengthy pause. "I have thought about it, but it would mean more responsibilities. None of which I feel ready to tackle quite yet. And the next rank up from mine is Sergeant. They're not commonly known and can be confusing. Took me forever to keep them straight when I first signed on as a guard." He gives an amused snort at that memory. "From Cove Hold to Xanadu Weyr, eh? I've never been that far, but I've heard of them." The guard then nods his head in agreement, shifting in his seat now to drape both arms over the armrests of his chair, his gaze still watching the computer crafter. "Western is very welcoming. Mind you, this is the first and only Weyr I've ever stepped foot in." Kelthero then laughs. "Really? The tent wasn't that bad of an alternative. No, it's not comfortable but there are far worse options." The guard grins crookedly then, his amusement sobering off a little as Kiley speaks fondly of her boyfriend. "Sounds like he loves what he does just as much as you do. I take it he's a Journeyman as well?"

Kiley considers him as he lowers her gaze, attempting to gauge his reaction rather than his words at first before she smiles at his first response. Her gaze flickers away and towards the water of the lagoon once more. "More responsibilities means more marks, more things to do, and maybe a more steady schedule in which you may visit with those you know." She offers thoughtfully before chuckling softly, "you don't want to confuse the other guards, then?" Fingers tap along the arm of her chair, thoughtful as she considers him from the corner of her eyes before turning full attention to him. "Perhaps something to look into when you feel ready." A nod comes for his next statement, chuckling softly. "I'm pretty well traveled for a computer crafter. I actually didn't intend on staying in Western beyond my project, I was supposed to go to Ista next and then to Fort. I'll get there eventually, but nothing permanent or as long as I stayed here." The smile that plays on her lips grows a fraction larger, "it is a very welcoming Weyr. A wonderful place to stay and I hear that the winters are mild." For his laugh, her nose wrinkles just a bit. "She could've been sleeping without any shelter whatsoever, that is true. Catching cold and sleeping on nothing." Relenting, she shakes her head just a fraction, dismissing all other thoughts. Though she does brighten a bit. "He is. He's younger than I am, but he is incredibly smart." And she is certainly smitten. The guard and computer crafter sit near one another on the patio, the chairs across from one another and each with a small side table beside it. There is a nice view of the lagoon to the side of them. It is still morning and the day ticks by slowly, not even close to being noon.

Mari wanders in from the beach, where the tourist from Eastern has obviously been spending most of the morning. She's dressed in a black bikini, with a matching sarong tied around her waist to add a little modesty. If that wasn't enough evidence of her morning activities, her skin has that glow from hours spent soaking up the rays of the sun. Now it's time to get a little something to drink and maybe find a little company. Visiting a strange weyr is less fun all on one's lonesome, after all. She hops onto the patio in sandal-clad feet, eyes scanning for empty seats near fun looking people.

It's another late morning for Jey. And by the way she's walking into the Tiki Lounge with her blue dolphin printed pajamas, she spent the night on the beach, not in the Weyr nor in a tree. The dolphineer has at least thought to brush a hand through her hair and tame it down a bit. Jey's flipflops shuffle against the floor as she begins making her way through the tables only to stop when she spots two familiar faces. A smile spreads across and Jey invites herself to sit at Kiley and Kelthero's table. "Alright you two, what kind of gossip is being spread amongst you? Is this a break or a day off for you guys?"

"Much more responsibility and far less time." His tone low and thoughtful, Kelthero replies after a shorter pause this time. "I'd be responsible for those below me, not just my own hide. Marks would be a bit better, true. But I'm happy where I am now. Maybe in a few Turns, when I'm older I'll consider it." He does give the computer crafter a quick smile though. "That's quite a list and a lot of distance to travel. And did you complete your project already?" he asks, curiously enough for how little he knows of it. The guard then grimaces in a joking manner. "I'll welcome a mild winter over the tales I've heard of some of the winter's in the more northern parts of Pern." It's another laugh then, the guard seeming quite relaxed so early in the morning. "I'll take your word for it then." He replies with a grin, most likely noticing how smitten Kiley is with this boyfriend of hers. "Is he posted here too?" Kelthero seems in quite the relaxed mood, almost slouched in his chair and dressed in casual clothing and sandals rather then his uniform. He seems pretty focused on the discussion too between himself and the computer crafter, so he is unaware of the arrival of other residents or visitors alike. Probably doesn't help either that his chair faces away from the entrance, so he doesn't notice Mari's arrival and probably wouldn't have realized Jeyinshi arrived too. He's quick enough to sit up though as she abruptly joins them. "Now why would you assume we're spreading gossip?" the guard teases, overplaying an innocent look. "Day off for me, unless there's an emergency."

Surprise of surprises, the morning isn't the time to really find people drinking in the tavern. So there is, perhaps, a bit of a shortage of people to be friendly with. Naturally, Mari's gaze gravitates to the group of young people sitting together, and a little smirk crosses her face as she decides that these are the people to make friends with. She goes about this in a rather silly and bizarre manner. Noticing the guardsman has his back to the entrance, and therefore her, she sneaks up behind his seat and places her hands over his eyes. "Guess who?" She asks with a chipper tone, knowing full well that he has no idea who she is. Kiley and Jeyinshi are given a broad grin, giving the perhaps incorrect impression that Mari knows what she's doing.

Kiley notices Mari's entrance only for the fact that she faces towards the entrance a little better than Kelthero, and the fact that she's focused on the guard brings her attention more fully to the front. Her eyes follow, briefly, before she's nodding a greeting. It only lasts so long as Jey is quick to join them and she offers a smile towards the dolphineer. "I don't believe that facts count as gossip. Unless, they do… Then we were gossiping." Yeah, she's not going to lie and perhaps the joke went a little over her head. Instead, attention flickers back towards Kelthero and she nods agreement. "In a few Turns, that sounds wise. As for my project, I'm nowhere close to being finished, yet. But soon enough, I'll have enough information. Then I will need to find layouts for models for computers, then I'd need to start building, and after the building there is the programming and the software making, and then trials to figure out what is working and what isn't and then beyond that more trails before it'll finish. It'll be /Turns/ before I'm even close to being done." A content sigh slips from her lips before she chuckles, "I don't much like the snow." She admits. "No, he's no posted here. But, he visits." And that is good enough for her. Attention settles upon Jeyinshi and there's a shake of her head. "I'm taking the morning to myself. I have lunch scheduled with Nik, and then more paperwork needs to be entered into the computer. We can do your lesson today if you'd like?" And then Mari is sneaking up behind the guard, brows lift at this with surprise written all over her features.

"You /were/ spreading gossip weren't you? Look at you, trying to be innocent." The dolphineer teases back, motioning to his now sitting posture. "Come now, out with it." Day off! Kelthero may have just dug his own grave. "So unless there's an emergency, that means you're free to help me start building the hurt?" Jey throws a rather sly grin in the guard's direction, which slowly fades as the unfamiliar woman covers his eyes. There is perhaps a small hint of irritation as she watches them, though whether it's directed at the guard or the woman is uncertain. After a few moments, Jey turns to Kiley, though she still watches the pair from the corner of her eyes. "Yeah…no that doesn't exactly count as gossip. But the lesson sounds good cause it looks like Kelth might be kind of…..busy….today. Um, so Nik. How's he doing? You're supposed to let me meet him some time!" Jey usuall isn't this slow with her words, but her attention is obviously elsewhere at the moment. Elsewhere being across the table.

Poor Kelthero, one moment enjoying drinks among two familiar friends and then suddenly he has a pair of hands over his eyes. The guard doesn't exactly freak out, per say, but he does go really stiff and tense, the hands that had been so casually draped over the armrests now gripping them quite firmly. Mari may be lucky he stopped his trained reflexes to sudden sneak attacks. As he has no idea who the Eastern visitor is either, the guard can only give one answer. "Not sure." And to be a complete spoilsport, he goes to move his head from Mari's reach, twisting in his seat to glance up and behind him. She gets a long, searching look before he finally relaxes again. "Do you do that to everyone you meet?" the guard asks rather bluntly. Jokes may go over Kiley's head, but tech-talk goes way over Kelthero's. So for a moment he can only give the computer crafter a puzzled look as he settles back into his seat. "I can't even begin to grasp half of that." He admits. "But I understand enough to see how long it'll take. It'll be worth it though, right?" He missed a bit of conversation while blinded and distracted, but he does eventually turn his attention to Jeyinshi and grins widely at the dolphineer, "Yes, I'm free. We were talking about your hut. Or rather, the demise of your tent."

Upon seeing the wary and irritated looks she receives from the two women at the table, Mari begins to think that this might've been a bad idea. It certainly doesn't help when the target of this little prank tenses up and briefly looks like he might ponder violence. Her easy smile slowly turns to a very awkward, nervous look. "… Not everyone. Wouldn't work as well if I did that. Though apparently it doesn't work very well in the first place." She edges back a bit, sheepish.

Kiley looks between Kelthero, Mari and Jeyinshi with brows lifting slowly up her forehead. Though she focuses a little longer on the dolphineer. "Wonderful. Well. Ah. Lessons would be wonderful. We can work out a proper time. Nik is lovely. He'd like to schedule a day for it, so when you are free we can meet after lunch? He plans everything down to the minute, so we will need to schedule it." This doesn't seem to bother her, at all, if the smile upon her lips is any indication. Finally her gaze returns to settle upon the guard. His admittance earns a sheepish smile, "yes. I'm sure it did. I'm sorry. It is worth it, yes. I'm looking forward to it, if it is even possible. Nik will be helping me when the time comes, he didn't say it was impossible so there is the possibility." Cheeks color a little for the talk of the tent and she very carefully turns attention to Mari. "Perhaps it would be something you do more towards people you know better? A friend, perhaps?" Her tone is one of confusion, mimicking the look on her face.

"Really? I don't think so. You should probably escort this nice young lady around." The dolphineer's tone is certainly pleasant, she's even got a small smile on her face…a smile that doesn't reach her eyes. "I'm Jeyinshi, a dolphineer. Why don't you join us?" A hand reaches out, pulling over a chair and motioning Mari towards it before turning back to Kiley. "That sounds wonderful. If you're free after lunch today then we can do the lessons, unless Nik is free too, then we can all meet together. If not then another day. I'll leave some time open for me and Sungie after lunch in our schedule, then you guys can schedule it amongst yourselves and pop by whenever you're free. Speaking of lunch…shards I'm starced. Haven't had breakfast yet." The dolphineer looks positively despondent at this realization.

"As a first greeting it's rather startling and I'm not one to be really snuck up on." Kelthero admits while turning his head to look up and over his shoulder again at Mari. He does notice she's edged away a bit, so he gives her a light smile. "No harm done, though." He's about to add more, but Kiley beats him to it and so the guard only nods is head in agreement. So instead his focus comes back to the computer crafter and he grins. "Well, here's hoping Nik is right then and it all comes together in the end." He says, his tone sincerely hopeful, faltering only when it comes to fitting the name of Kiley's partner, as he only has the nickname to go by. Jeyinshi's comment earns her a long look from Kelthero as well, one that ends in confusion. "What I do now?" he asks, his tone not quite as teasing as it usually would be with the dolphineer. The guard then glances towards the entrance to the lounge at the mention of food. "Do they offer food here, I wonder?"

Mari looks for a moment as though she's pondering just out and out fleeing the tavern. "Y… yeah. It always works over in Eastern, but I guess the difference is that people know me out there. Even if the person I'm trying it on doesn't. Sorry." Luckily, the dolphineer's invitation has her feeling much more at ease. Her smile grows steadier as she accepts the offered seat. "Thank you so much. It's nice to meet you, Jeyinishi. I'm Mari. Eastern's duties… so, what's good here?" She asks with a little grin at each of the three.

"Nothing. I'm just…tired." That may just be the worst lie she's ever told. "Western's duties and all that other nonsense. I'm not really one for formalities like that, so don't worry too much about that kind of stuff." The smile Jey throws over at the newly met girl is a genuine one this time, but for some reason or another she scoots her chair a bit closer to Kiley. More talk of food has the dolphineer looking around for a waiter. She successfully flags one down and orders… thing. Klah. After she's done, Jey points the waiter in the other two's direction should they want to order something as well.

"Apology accepted." Kelthero mentions as Mari explains the reasoning behind the stunt. In the end, the guard does chuckle over the whole matter. "It does help to know the person though." He then gives a polite nod of his head as greetings are offered, replying with his own. "And I'm Kelthero, guard posted here from Torince Hold. You're visiting, I take it?" He then looks puzzled. "Good as in… the food? Or something else?" he takes a guess, seeming unsure of the question. Jeyinshi's obvious lie is well noted by the guard, as is her sudden scoot closer to the computer crafter. He watches her carefully, his expression openly puzzled now. "Long night?" he asks, before noting what she orders. "Or still half asleep?" Kelthero tries to tease again, only to end up sounding awkward. He slumps back into his chair then, arms loosely hanging over the armrests. When the waiter turns to them, he simply waves a hand in polite dismissal.

Kiley looks to Mari as Jeyinshi invites her to join them and her smile grows pleasant, "I'm Kiley. Journeyman computer crafter." Attention shifts back towards Jeyinshi and she nods, "I'm free after lunch today. Nikolas has today planned. Maybe tomorrow? Oh! Could he meet Sungie? I want to surprise him and see how he reacts." The computer crafter actually gets rather excited for this, entirely bright and chipper. "They have the /best/ burgers." Kiley chirps up about the meals that they serve but is quick to move on and offer a brought smile to Mari. "Well met, Mari." She greets easily, leaning back into the seat. The waiter that takes the order is given a curious look and then she's ordering a burger, notably asking for half on another plate, and two drinks as well.

Mari seems relieved when Kelthero accepts her apology, relaxing a little in her chair. At his question, she responds. "Food. Drinks. Whatever you'd recommend here… Torince Hold, huh? I've never been. What's it like?" Kiley's recommendation is eagerly accepted, as the Easterner beams at the waiter. "I'll have a burger as well. Oh, and something with a lot of rum in it. Thanks!" Starting the party early, apparently.

Jeyinshi nods, "Yeah kinda. Sungie and I were out watching stars…so I'm tired." The guard's awkwardness isn't commented on, but Jey isn't exactly acting normally at the moment. Kiley's bright smile is met with a pretty wide one of Jey's own. "Great. Then today we can do computer lessons! And of course he can meet Sungie! He's been lonely of late and it'd probably amuse him to no end." Jey listens to the computercrafter's order before tilting her head curiously, "Is Nik going to be here soon? What's with the half order?" Whatever Jey's reaction, the waiter doesn't seem to care, simply taking the orders from the other two girls with a pleasant smile and nod before trotting off.

Kelthero seems to notice Jeyinshi's change in behavior but chooses not to focus too much on it for now. "Ahh, sounds like a nice night all the same." He says, giving the dolphineer a quick grin before his attention moves back to both Kiley and Mari. He quirks a brow when Kiley orders the burgers, seeming surprised at that. "Huh, I hadn't known they served food. Figured it was a drinks-only sort've place." And wasn't he proved wrong? To Mari, the guard smiles, "It's a Hold primarily used as a getaway for those needing a break. Good for the mind, they say. Pretty laid back atmosphere." Then he simply shrugs. "As to what else is good here, you got me. I'm still to newly posted here. I tend to stumble upon things still I had no idea existed."

"The burgers with fruit in it are pretty amazing." Kiley notes to Mari with a grin, her attention flickering towards Jeyinshi and the computer crafter nods. "That's wonderful. Thank you, I can't wait to see his face when he meets him. We'll do the lessons today and I'll let Nik we can meet Sungie soon. I do hope it cheers him up, I can't imagine a sad Sungie." Her head tilts to consider Kelthero, grinning. "Zi'on shared his burger with me, though I still haven't tried everything. They've actually got a fair amount of food. They do fruit trays as well."

"Is Sungie your dolphin?" Mari asks curiously of Jeyinshi. "I've never actually met one before… what's being a dolphineer like? It seems like a lot of fun." Next, she turns her curious questions to the guardsman. "A laid back getaway, huh? What kind of stuff do they have? Are there nice beaches?" Kiley's comments on the burgers earns more grinning. "Can't wait. A burger does sound great."

"Mhm, it was fun. But he's off sleeping now, too young to go without enough sleep. Like a baby. So I guess it's a good think Nik can't come today." Jey chuckles a bit before settling back in her chair and grinning. Whatever was wrong with her didn't matter. When she talked about Sungie, the dolphineer couldn't help but smile. "They do have good burgers and everything else is pretty great too. When Taki isn't free to pack me lunch or dinner I come down here. Poor cooks get run around like crazy when I order." The dolphineer smirks a bit at her own ability to eat absurd amounts of food. What's it like being a dolphineer? Jey smiles and leans forward on her elbows, "It's great really. And yup, Sungie is my dolphin. Full name, Haesungie. It's a lot of hard work, especially since Hae and I do search and rescue. But I love it."

"Ahh, see? Another thing I've yet to discover. Never had these… burgers. So I'm only just going to take your word for it and try it out some other time." Kelthero admits, chuckling. His brows rise at the mention of fruit trays though, looking a little put out that he missed that. He side glances over to Mari again, smiling slightly at her question. "It does, but a lot of them are private, meant for those seeking respite. Fishing is really big and it's quite beautiful at times. Quiet, peaceful and relaxing. If you're purely looking for entertainment, I'd recommend Sykan Hold." The guard then shrugs. "Aside from that, there's not much else in Torince Hold. Which is why I asked to be posted to other Holds, other areas and eventually wound up here." He then lapses into silence for a moment, settling down deeper into his chair if that's even possible. His gaze settles on the dolphineer for now, listening to her as she talks of Sungie and her Craft to Mari, but then his attention drifts off back out over the waters for a time.

Kiley grins, "they are great. It does sound really good at the moment." There's an impatient glance towards the inner parts of the lounge, frowning visibly before turning attention to Jeyinshi. "How do you know he's sleeping? Or did you simply see him go off to sleep?" Utterly curious, her tone hints to this as she waits impatiently for the waiter to return. And, perhaps sensing he was needed, he returns with a few trays. Food and drinks are settled upon the table and Kiley slides a drink over towards Kel and then a half of her burger towards Jey. "If you'd like one, Kelthero, you can ask him and I'll pay. Enka gave me some extra marks." Her drink is taken and she sips from it before happily digging in to her half of the burger, listening to the conversations idly as she sates her hunger.

Mari looks at Jey with wide open eyes. "Search and rescue? So you two are like… heroes, saving people in distress? Wow. That's really amazing. I can see why you love doing that. You must be so brave." She leans on the table a little as she looks back to the guard, curious. "So what do people who don't fish do, if the beaches are mostly private? And, I mean… well, /no/ offense, but some of the holder beaches I've been to are a little… stuffy. What's Sykan Hold like? I've never been there either." When the food and drinks arrive, she seems gleeful. Particularly about the drink. "Oh, thank Farnath." She grabs the fruity, heavily spiked beverage and starts chugging like a champ.

However short the motion was, Jey still shifts uncomfortable under Kelthero's gaze before turning back to Kiley with a small chuckle. "I saw him sleep when we dozed off this morning, I woke up and he was still unconcious." When the waiter arrives the dolphineer beams at her friend and gives Kiley a quick shoulder bump. "So that's what splitting it in half was about. Thanks! Next time I'll treat you. We can do a barbecue kind of thing out on the beach, courtesy of me and Sungie. Bring Nik. And you two should come too." The talk of heroes soon has her shaking her head though. "Oh no. We're really not as important as that. And I'm really not too terribly brave. I just….it's kind of like need combined with enjoyment that makes me do it. If that makes any sense."

Bringing his gaze in from the waters, Kelthero isn't too surprised when one of the drinks is offered to him, as it was a previous agreement made. He does give the computer crafter a broad grin though, taking the drink firmly in hand and raises it slightly. "Thanks again, Kiley. And I think I'll pass on the burger. Unless you want to split the cost of one of those fruit trays you mentioned?" He's not about to let her go paying for everything, it seems. Taking a sip of his drink, his attention turns back to Mari. He gives her a bit of a crooked smile. "No offense taken. Torince Hold is more of a healing place. There isn't much to do because that's the point. Sykan Hold is… active. It's a hotspot for gathers, quite popular." And judging by Kelthero's tone, not his personal favorite out of all the Holds the Emerald Isles have to offer. As Mari all but attacks her drink, the guard gives an awkward chuckle. Then it's back to glancing to Jeyinshi and Kelthero grins at the dolphineer, "A barbeque? Sounds like a good idea. Another way to unwind and enjoy good company."

Kiley listens to the talk, curious of the different locations and then she adds in softly: "Ista has black sands." She smiles and then continues eating her burger, letting out a soft mm. "The fruit in it brings out an entirely different flavor." A curious look is given back to Mari as she chugs the drink, eyes widening. Her head tilts, as she watches. It is when Jeyinshi speaks to her that she startles and turns full attention back to the dolphineer with a flush in her cheeks. "Ah. I see. I was wondering if you had connections like with a firelizard." The shoulder bump is returned, though more timid she beams a bright smile to her friend. "You're welcome. You don't have to treat me if you don't want to." She doesn't fight this too hard, relenting with a nod for the invite and reaching for her drink once more, sipping from it as her gaze settles on Kelthero. "You're welcome. We can split the cost of the fruit tray. Fruit is good for you."

"And what kind of things do people do at this Sykan Hold gathers? Do they have nice beaches? Warm weather?" These are recurring concerns for Mari, apparently. She's making shockingly short work of that drink of hers. Jeyinishi gets another beaming grin. "You save people's lives for a living! That sure sounds heroic to me. I feel better knowing people like you are out there." Glug glug, down goes more rum. The talk of a barbecue has her looking excited. "Now you're talking. Is this going to be one of those crazy weyr parties with drinking and dancing and swimming and truth or dare?" She finally lifts her burger to take a bite and beams at Kiley. "Ooh! You were right. This is very tasty… and I've been to Ista's beaches. They're gorgeous."

"Mmm, Sungie and I can prep some seafood dishes. If you guys want ovine or something I can probably get some from the kitchens. What're the preferences? Maybe….hm, maybe it can be like a hut-warming part or something. As absurd as that sounds." Jey chuckles a bit before biting into her burger. Mari's chugging has the dolphineer eyeing her caerfully though a smile does light her lips. "Thanks! That really means a lot." Crazy parties. Jeyin gives a definte shake of her head before leaning back. "No, it most certainly won't. If you guys want to, we can do that stuff, but it really won't be a large party. I really don't think I could cook for a big number of people. But truth or dare sounds fun. Swimming is an of course and drinking….well why not. As long as we don't get too wild….excessive drinking and swimming does not mix well. Half of the calls Sungie and I get are for saving drowning drunks."

Kelthero chuckles a little at Kiley's response to his offer of going half and half on a fruit tray. "That's the truth, for sure. To be honest, I find fruit to be the best of snacks. I'm never terribly hungry in the mornings and don't want to waste one of those burgers." He then grins a crooked grin and his gaze focuses back on the Eastern visitor. "Weather isn't much different then here, really. And they do what all people do at Gathers. Entertainment, plenty of food and even more socializing." The guard doesn't out rightly say partying, because in all honestly he wouldn't know, being the stick in the mud he usually is. Mari's next comments earn her a startled glance from the guard. "Shards, I hope not. Otherwise I will not be with you guys enjoying it. I'll most likely be on duty making sure it doesn't go out of control." He seems quite serious about this, at least until he starts to laugh, which he quickly stifles by taking another drink. To Jeyinshi, he grins again and adds, "I think that seafood would be great. Nice change of pace. And why is a hut-warming a bad idea? Makes sense to me!"

Kiley is peeking at Mari again as she continues to drink and chugs it down, brows lifting again. Though it is the final game that has the holdbred woman flushing, "we.. Should not play that. No." Firm shake of her head as she finishes off the rest of her burger before peeking at Jeyinshi. "That sounds great. We could do half of ovine and half seafood. That indulges both crows rather than leaving people feeling left out." The computer crafter tilts her head in consideration before she nods agreement. "There should be someone watching so that no one drinks too much and then goes splashing into the water." Her drink is taken again and she sips from it, "breakfast is supposedly the meal you should et most in and then dinner is supposed to be the smallest meal. That's what this healer and I spoke about once." One can imagine how interesting /that/ conversation was. "Are you not allowed to speak with anyone while on duty?"

Mari looks at first disappointed by Jey's insistance that it will not be a 'crazy party', but this slowly fades into a look that is more simply confused. "But… if the party has swimming and drinking and truth or dare, doesn't that make it kind of a crazy party? And if we have swimming and drinking and truth or dare, why not dancing too?" It hardly seems like the worst one on the list to her. More bites of the burger are enjoyed. "What other kinds of craziness do weyr parties usually involve?" She asks Kelthero with wide eyes. Kiley's opposition to her suggested game earns more confusion. "Why? What's wrong with it?" She asks before another bite of burger.

Jeyinshi smirks, "If it gets out of control, Kelthero won't be the only one on duty. If I Sungie and I have to be on patrol for faltering swimmers, I won't be happy. But I can probably get a few of the dolphins to keep watch. So….no, no big party, but it will still be fun. It isn't a bad idea or anything I guess." Jey bites into her burger…only to realize there's just a bit left. She polishes it off rather quickly. Kiley's insistence on not playing that game earns a raised eyebrow, but then Jey sobers up a bit. "Kiley's right atually. Not that game. A crazy party isn't defined but what you do exactly, but what degree you do it. Though…you seem young, have you been to many parties yet?"

Kelthero had obviously missed something, because the guard is giving Kiley a confused look. "What game?" he asks, frowning a little. "And really? Shells, then. I've got it completely backwards." There's a short laugh and then he's shaking his head. "I can talk, but I can't neglect my duties either. So I'd probably be stationed say… near the pathways or near to the water. It'd be hard to enjoy a party and be a guard at the same time." He chuckles a little at that idea, taking another sip of his drink before setting it aside. Leaning forwards a little, the guard props his elbows on his knees, his gaze moving between all three women around him. To Mari, he simply shrugs his shoulders. "I wouldn't know. I'm too new to Weyr life to know the party atmosphere." He admits. Jeyinshi's remarks earn her a smile and the guard adds in, "It's true, we'd both kind of be caught in a tough spot if this got too big. It can still be fun with just us plus a few more, people we know."

Kiley shakes her head firmly, "because, things happen in that sort of game that is… Indecent. Very indecent things can happen." She colors a little more and sips at her drink, carefully avoiding looking up from the table. "A small party would be better, something that doesn't really need to involve the whole Weyr and nothing that needs to be… Big." Fingers play along of the glass of her drink before she's taking a very long drink. Her gaze lifts to consider Kelthero. "Truth or dare." She quietly informs, clearing her throat after a moment and straightening. "Ah. I see. Well, we could bring you food and something to drink and talk with you, so you'll be partially involved. But if it is something small, we wouldn't really need you to guard. We could plan it around your schedule and Nikolas' so that both of you can attend."

Mari frowns a little at Jeyinshi, obviously defenisve. "I'm not young! I'm sixteen turns." She says this as if confident it will make her case. "… I guess I haven't been to a lot of parties. But I've played truth or dare! It's fun. Why, what's wrong with it?" There's a lot of confusion on this point. The last of her rum is consumed, along with the last of the burger. Kiley's further remarks on the game seem to pique her interest, a mischievious smirk on her face. "Have you played? What sort of indecent things happened? Huh?"

"Hmmm, who else should we ask? It'll be us, Nik, probably Lorenze and….well I've got about 10 other names in my head. I guess I'll just have to see when the time comes. And really, if we're the ones building the hut, we shouldn't be standing duty at the party." Kiley's remarks earn a raised eyebrow and small smirk, "I was thinking more about the other part of the game, not the crazy dares part. But that's a pretty good reason too." A bit of a /look/ is directed at Mari and the dolphineer shakes her head. "It's too early to be asking those kinds of things." Whether Jey is referring to the time of day or the length of acquaintance between the girl and Kiley is uncertain. Perhaps she means both.

Kelthero finally clues in when Kiley supplies him with the name of the game he missed. He gives a slight snort of amusement. "Eh, if some want to play I don't see why not. Not like you have to join in." Clearly, he's never played nor witnessed this Truth or Dare. "I don't think it'll be a problem, but that'd be one way of doing it. I could probably talk to some of my fellow guards, see if they'll do it if we really need it." He then turns to regard Mari with a curious glance when she defends her age. "Still young to be wanting to go to crazy parties." The guard remarks, his smile a tad crooked. Kelthero then gives Jeyinshi his full attention again and nods his head, "So Nikolas and Lorenze too then. Still a smallish group by party standards and I agree. I'd like to celebrate with all of you after helping with the building. Doesn't seem right not too, guard duty or not."

Kiley colors darker and shakes her head firmly at Mari's questions, avoiding saying anything on the topic. Her fingers tighten around her glass and stares intently at it. Then, she drinks it with a little more passion behind it. Flustered passion. Attention shifts towards Jeyinshi and there's a surprised look before she nods, "yes. But. Ah… The questions can be inappropriate." She adds in, mixing it in with the first. When Kelthero notes the ability to op out the woman nods, "I'm not playing. Ever." Pointed look towards Mari and she finishes off the rest of her drink all at once.

Mari frowns a little again at Jey's remark on her little interrogation, either out of disappointment or embarassment at realizing how tactless she's being. Kelthero's comment on her age brings only more embarassment. "What age /is/ old enough? Sixteen turn olds are old enough to be weyrwomen. How can you be old enough to run a weyr but not old enough to party?" This logic makes sense to her. Kiley's insistence against playing has her obviously intrigued. "… You played." She says, certain.

Jeyinshi nods and smiles a bit at Kelthero, "Yup, still not too big. Even if there were about 15 people I don't think it'd be that big. If it got past 20 we'd probably need the guards and dolphins. But seriously, if you're not able to come to the party, I'll reschedule it." The game, everything seems to be converning the game right now. "Whoever wants to play can play, it's not like it's some official thing. It'll just be a swim with the tide kind of thing." There's another sigh in Mari's direction and she raises an eyebrow. "If a girl of 16 turns Impresses Gold, she still won't be allowed to drink and party for a while. Not until the dragon mature. After that, the girl will be older too, and probably won't be partying as much given the amount of responsibility she has."

Kelthero shifts awkwardly where he sits as he notices Kiley's growing discomfort. Eventually, he chooses to lean back in his seat again, reaching over to grab his own drink but never quite taking his gaze away from the computer crafter. "Alright." Is all the guard says at first, before adding his own, "I don't think I will play either … doesn't seem like I'd be missing much." When Mari points out her logic on ages, the guard turns to her and seems prepared to reply, only to falter into silence. Wait a minute. Stumped, the guard glances down at the table, brooding over that fact. Seems she won that round on him. Jeyinshi comes to his aide though and the guard quickly juts a finger at the dolphineer. "What she said." He says lamely. Yeah. "You'd really reschedule it?" Kelthero muses, grinning at Jeyinshi. "So kind of you. But I seriously doubt it'll come to that."

Kiley nods to Mari's statement, "yes. But that doesn't mean that I wanted to or that I enjoyed it." The computer crafter settles the empty glass onto the table, lips pressing into a thin line. Though she relaxes once Jeyinshi states that the game isn't official. She settles back into her chair more easily, "I don't believe we should be over fifteen people… Any more would be rather busy and crowded." She is content to leave her attention off of playing the game, instead, attention shifts to Mari with a lift of her brows. "That is an entirely different matter, a dragon choosing someone is different from someone choosing to do something. The duties of a weyrwoman are nothing like a party, considering what I've learned when helping weyrwoman Enka get all the paperwork into the computers…" She shakes her head firmly, "entirely different than parties. It is hard, straining work." To Kelthero, she lifts her brows curiously as she watches him, attention shifting between the guard and dolphineer.

Mari beams at Jeyinishi, seeming to feel that she has the upper hand in the little logic argument now. "Ah, but what if a twelve turn old impresses gold? Then by sixteen she'd be a weyrwoman and be free to party and drink and do all the crazy things I hear happen at weyrs. Like mating flights and stuff. I hear /those/ are crazy parties. And if someone can run a weyr, how can they not be responsible enough to party?" She looks quite pleased with herself, beaming as she leans back.

"You wouldn't be missing much. And I'm not really one to play either." Jey might not look as uncomfortable as Kiley, but there's a tightness about her expression that's certainly noticeable. "What? Didn't think I had the kindness in me?" The dolphineer smirks teasingly at the guard, "But no, it probably won't come to that. And you too Kiley, if you're going to miss it, I'll reschedule." Mari….is rubbing Jey the wrong way, she has been since the beginning it seems, though Jey isn't about to state why just yet. The dolphineer turns to the girl with a serious look in her eyes. "She is allowed to party and drink, but that doesn't mean she does crazy things. She's still reponsible for the weyr. Mating flights are not crazy parties, they're natural. Partying is one thing. Going crazy when you're partying is another. Where exactly are you getting this image that it's okay for a Weyrwoman or /any/ rider for that matter to act like a half-crazed drunken teenager? Responsibilities and duties come first. And they need to keep the Weyr's image intact."

"I can't even begin to imagine how much duties a Weyrwoman must face, let alone most riders. Well… I've an idea, but still." Kelthero admits, "So I can't picture being able to party wildly while in a position like that." His drink is now drained in two long pulls and the now empty glass is set down with an audible clinking noise next to his previous glass. Mari's next logic bend earns her a long look from the guard, which turns into another sideways glance to the other two women. "I… don't think mating flights can be considered crazy parties. Those are two very, very different things." The guard manages to say, a deep frown settling across his expression. Mari's logic hurts Kelthero's head, it seems. Or those two drinks are hitting home - or both. Regardless, there's a bit of a muffled sigh and the guard is suddenly rising to his feet. "Well, it's been a lovely morning chat." He muses, stretching a little to ease the ache in his bones from sitting for so long. "I need to take care of some things. Send a few messages. It was nice seeing you again Kiley. And nice meeting you, Mari." There's a grin and a smile for each, but he turns to Jeyinshi specifically before leaving. "I'm going to try to reach Lorenze. Either way, we'll be getting to your hut soon. I haven't forgotten!" With that, he gives one last grin and then it's a quick wave of farewell before he saunters off the patio and up the lagoon shore.

Kiley blinks, "girls are not allowed to Stand until they are fourteen." She points out softly before giving the girl a little skeptical look. "Responsibility is /not/ partying." There's a soft cough and an uncomfortable shift of attention. The empty glass is taken again and the woman begins to chew on the straw in her glass despite there being nothing left. "Nn. I'll let you know. I can move my schedule around more easily than Nik can." As Jeyinshi sets the other girl straight, there's a notable relaxation as she leans back into the seat. Her gaze flickers to Kelthereo and she nods a farewell, a hand friefly lifting to wave before settling upon her glass once more.

Mari now seems appropriately chastised, frowning with embarassment and looking down into her empty glass with a saddened look. "… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insult weyrfolk, or riders, or anything like this. I just heard that Western was a good place to come and have a good time, and I thought… well, I'm sorry. No insult was meant, really." The departing guard earns a little wave goodbye.

"I'll be waiting!" Jey breaks into a smile and waves after the guard before turning back to Kiley and nodding. "Great. I'll start getting the logistics and such planned out, and tell Sungie. Though…I've a notion that he isn't going to be the only dolphin that shows up. Chatterbox that he is, the entire pod will know within a day." She chuckles softly before taking a sip from her mug of klah. No alchol for her just yet. She's still got a lot of work to do. Plus drinking and swimming would be hypocritical of her. Mari's apology earns a small sigh before the dolphineer looks up, smiling with ease. "Ah, don't worry about it. I'm not offended or mad, I'm just telling you what it's like. Or what I believe it's like. Western is fun, there's no doubt about it and you can still have a great time here, but you don't need to go crazy to enjoy yourself, and that's really all I was trying to teach you."

Kiley looks to the apologetic Mari and nods for the apologies. Though she isn't the one to accept them, being recently transferred, herself. She continues to chew on her straw until Jeyinshi speaks with her. "Wonderful. Let me know when it is planned out and I will ask Nik." A bright smile settles upon her lips, a soft chuckle. "That may be fun, having so many dolphins about. I think I would like to meet the rest." Her glass is settled down again and she shifts from the chair. "I'm going to go pay for our things. And then I'm going to go finish a few things before Nik arrives." A polite nod for the pair and then she's going into the inner parts of the lounge.

Mari gives a little wave to the departing Kiley. "Thank you so much for the drinks and food and everything!" She manages a chipper smile, but is looking a little glum once she speaks to the dolphineer. "I feel like such a dork… oh well. At least all of you have been nice to me. Thanks for that."

"Alright Kiley, thanks for food, and have fun!" Jey waves after the departing computercrafter before turning to Mari with a chuckle, "You're not a dork. I come from Rubicon, I've seen girls your age act far stupider and crazier than you can even begin to imagine. That's the only reason I know what I'm talking about. But anyhow…it's about time I get going too. I'm not about to let Sungie sleep the entire day off. If you're sticking around I'll let you know the date too, if not, I can send a message up to Eastern. Either way, it was nice to meet you, see you around!" The dolphineer throws a departing smile over her shoulder before shuffling out to the beach…./still/ in her blue dolphin print pajamas.

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