Vacation, baby!

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio
This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

Evening draws over Half Moon Bay slowly, storms out over the ocean lending a dramatic sunset and cool breeze to an otherwise oppressive day. The Weyr bustles with life, wings coming in from sweeps and going out for evening runs, and the bulk of the patio is occupied by dinner-ing Weyrfolk. Somewhere in the winding path of benches and foliage is Citayzleat, who is neither eating nor studying; in fact, she hasn't even got a book on her. The freshly re-minted Candidate is instead staring into space, methodically picking string after string off of the knot sitting in her hands. She doesn't seem to realize she's doing it, completely focused on the middle-space that might be a potted citrus tree, or nothing at all.

Serena has spent the day doing Atoll Wing things mostly paperwork. Which means at least she has missed out on the hottest part of the day, and now that theres a breeze it is far more comfortable to be out and about. Serena did come to the patio to see about finding something to eat. She's dressed in her normal blouse and skirt, though now being about 3 months into her pregnancy she is sporting a little baby bump and some of her clothes have had to be let out a little bit so as to still be both wearable and comfortable. Serena moves onto the patio and there is Cita! It's been a few since she bumped into her healer and so she comes closer, not hovering, just closer and looks down to the knot in her hand, "A candidate huh?" she asks.

The soft noise of somebody else's footsteps doesn't rouse Cita from her staring into space — she's rather intent on that tree, and completely demolishing the knot in her hands. Deft fingers pluck without any real direction, stilling only when the healer jerks, startled by Serena's (definitely not at all) sudden appearance. "Oh." Cita clears her throat, glances shiftily side to side, then back up, smiling weakly. "Sure. Yeah. A candidate." She certainly sounds sure. The young woman rallies, though, scooting over in case the rider wants to sit and dredging a warmer smile up from somewhere. "How are you feeling, Serena? You look great." She greets, messy-runnertailed head falling to the side curiously.

Serena will sit herself down beside Cita with a quiet little 'umpf', "Thanks." She sure doesn't think she looks great and she's only going to get bigger! New clothes will be in order before long which will please her dragon to no end, "I feel ok. The morning sickness has largely stopped and now it's just feeling tired and getting bigger." Not to mention being itchy! "What do you think about standing?" The greenrider doesn't have to take a massive leap to guess thats what she's been thinking about as she's been working on the little white knot.

Cita hums under her breath, shaking the lassitude off enough to listen attentively, nodding. "That's normal." She smiles, sympathetic, leaning back a little and picking at the hem of her blouse instead of the knot. "Are you eating well? You might be a little less tired if you eat more." The healer can offer some sort of solution, anyways; or hope for one, anyways. "I'm glad the sickness wore off so quickly, though! That's great, Serena." Cita smiles, but it turns a little brittle around the edges for the question — quickly, she glances away, shoulders heaving in a shrug. It takes a moment for her to formulate a response, but when she does, it's slow, as sure as she can manage. "I think the hatchlings are going to need riders." Ah, facts. Well, facts don't change?

Serena nods her head, "I think I've been eating well enough. Though maybe I should try to have a little more." She never was one to just pig out, "I know that Samiryth has been eating like crazy too. I think it's affecting her too. I've noticed little differences about her." She'll join Cita in leaning back doing her best to get comfy, "D'lei came by the other day and brought some bubblies with him that we shared. It was nice." she says with a happy sigh. Though Cita's problem is not going beneath her notice, "They do." she agrees. Dragon babies need humans to live, buuuuuuuuutt. "Just cause they need candidates doesn't mean you have to be one if it makes you feel uncomfortable. It's a big commitment. But you know that already and don't need me to tell you." She's sure of that! "There could be a little green, gold, blue or brown out there for you." Serena is partial to green but don't ask her!

The healer's mouth twists in a wry grin, and she nods, nose wrinkling up. "Maybe Samiryth's eating is letting you feel full?" She wonders, unsure — this isn't quite her area of expertise. The bench might not be the best place to get terribly comfortable, but the breeze is better than the stale air inside, maybe, and Cita crosses a leg over a knee and relaxes a little. "That does sound nice!" She agrees, huffing an amused noise under her breath. "He sounds like a good man. Xanadu's bubblies are rather good." Cita waggles her head a little, and huffs again, this time quieter as her eyes go back to the tree she's been making eyes at. She's quiet for a moment, collecting some thought or other, before one shoulder hitches a little. "I just wish it was better timing, is all." She admits, like it pains her — but the last thought brightens her outlook, warming her expression greatly. "My older sister's blue is very handsome."

"Maybe." Serena responds with a little shrug, "I guess it's possible. We are in synch most of the time." One of the joys of having a lifemate. No the bench isn't that comfy but it's hard to get comfortable anywhere these days so Serena just makes due, "He is a good man." she agrees with a little smile, "He could have just told me this was my problem and left me to it. Would have been his right." But D'lei didn't! Hence the goodness, "They were really good. I hope he'll bring more when he can." Hopefully that will be soon! "I'm not sure if there is ever a good time for big life changing things. But it doesn't mean they aren't good." She nods approvingly when she mentions her sisters blue, "I didn't know you had a sister." she says with a smile "I'm sure though her blue is handsome." Most dragons are pretty cool looking, "Maybe if you stand you'll get a blue if it runs in the family."

Cita's thoughtful for a moment, making a soft noise of understanding as she nods. "Maybe try adding a snack between your meals, then? A 'roll of some sort." She suggests, then settles back a little, watching lightning play in the tops of the high clouds far offshore. "Well, isn't that pretty common?" She wonders, thoughtful — "A lot of riders don't raise their babes." The hold-born healer kind of frowns, but shrugs, accepting that facet of Weyr-life without much complaint. "That he's around to help you is great for both of you, I bet. I imagine he will, though, if he's able! It's not a far hop between." Cita flashes a brief grin, that doesn't quite flee this time the subject of her changing life comes up, although she does stare at the sky like it might have all the answers. "True enough." She sighs, but the sorrow is fleeting, replaced by wry amusement. "I have six sibs. Two of them are riders; Ril's on blue, and Teray's bronze. Ril's blue is a lot smaller!" The healer grins. "The smaller, the better, I bet." She's definitely with Serena in her partialness to greens, there.

Serena is hold born too, "Yeah. Most don't, but nothing says you can't. I've heard people doing all sorts of things. Just up to the parents I think. I'll be happy to raise mine." she smiles. Scary but good! "Yeah. He said he'd be there and I trust him. He's going to help move some baby stuff in when things get closer." That is still a good way down the road though. "You do have a nice sized family." she says grinning, "Blue's are so much smaller than bronzes and greens are smaller still. It's nice when they are small. Less work bathing and oiling." She shrugs with a little chuckle, "I'm not sure what I'd do with a male dragon. It would be weird having a boy in my head."

Evening has settled over the Weyr, a storm off-coast lending an energetic sunset and pleasant breeze to what had been a long, oppressive day. Citayzleat, formerly slowly picking apart the knot still a little mangled in her lap, now sits next to Serena on a bench somewhere in the maze of foliage. The healer fidgets a little, but smiles at the greenrider, waggling her head thoughtfully. "I'll raise mine, even if I do Impress." She agrees, for solidarity's sake. "You're going to be a great mother, Serena. Oh! Hey, that is helpful of him. Hiring out somebody to move furniture is expensive, isn't it?" The healer makes a face, but it's fleeting, settling into a wistful kind of smile. She plucks a little at the hem of her shirt, scuffs a foot on the pavers as she responds. "It is a big family. It gets bigger all the time." A beat of silence, and the healer continues, lighter. "They get big pretty quick, though. I don't know," Cita considers the merits, then shrugs. "Xermi's there a lot, and he's not bad. Maybe it's just something you get used to?" She ventures, unsure.

Serena is three months in at this point and so is begining to show at little bit. Other than that she looks pretty much like she always does. A look of surprise registers on her face, "I didn't know you were planning on having kids. Is there anyone special in your life?" Up until this point Cita has been her healer and Serena has felt comfortable with her in a professional capacity but knew precious little about her personally. Her compliment earns a smile, "I hope so. Don't really know what I'm doing but you figure things out as they happen." She'll lift her hand to point down at the knot, "Just like that. You'll figure that out in time." Whe she mentions 'Xermi' Serena will cant her head to the side, "I'm not sure I know who that is. Though I do know we get used to alot of things we didn't think we would. People are pretty resiliant like that."

It's like Xermiltoth's been cued, the mere mention of his name invoking his presense with a whirling rush of wings overhead. It could be any dragon with enough daring-do in their spirit to fly so low over the patio gardens, but Xermiltoth's mind is peculiar, always has been, unbridled as it was the day he was born. « THERE YOU ARE, » gets boomed pleasantly into Citayzleat's mind, but worry not, Serena, you are not spared - words spill over into the greenrider's head, too, perhaps explaining Cita's confusing words: she's had a dragon in her head before, if only because the 'Xermi' in question has no qualms at all about bespeaking humans. « WE'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU, » the bronze continues, even as he wings back overhead, presumably to report the healer's location to his rider. « If you want to hide from R'hyn you'd better do it now, » he adds in a piss-poor stage-whisper that still leaks into the minds of both women, mischief underlined by flashes of black and white diamonds. It's true, though - there might be just enough time for Citayzleat to make a break for it before the bronzerider appears at the top of the stairs, windswept and panting for the madcap dash. "You-" breathe "-are a hard woman to find-" woosh "-when you're being a butthead," Heryn wheezes as he approaches, blue-grey eyes fastening on that mess of a knot Cita's got there before flicking a bright smile in Serena's direction. "Hey!," he says, still a bit breathless. "You look great! Doin' good?" Don't mind him. He probably ran from the far side of the weyr like an idiot. He'll just be over here, breathing.

For her part, Cita looks a little surprised at herself — but throws it quickly, rolling her shoulders and looking a little sheepish. "Lots of them. Ah." Anyone special? Well. That's a question. A question that gets an amused shake of her head; not a 'no', exactly, possibly exasperation. Thankfully, babies are a relatively easy topic, and one the healer seems pretty comfortable with. "They're not so bad. Not at first, anyways, and by the time they're real bad, the nannies'll have them during the day while you're working, hmm?" She ventures, lips pulling up into something like a grin. And lo! As if called from the heavens, there's Xermi, loud and perfectly demonstrating his presence. The healer makes a face up at the dragon, shaking a finger scoldingly. "You're going to get leaves in peoples' food, Xermi!" She calls up, but she's laughing, shaking her head in slow chagrin. "Thanks, buddy." For the heads-up. Today's not the day to leave Serena to deal with R'hyn, though, so she stays put and just eyes the bronzerider with an arch look as he slouches into view looking like a man who's run all the way from Fort. "That's Xermi." Cita offers sidelong to Serena, just in case she missed it, tapping fingers on her knees for a moment before she answers Ryn. "I'm sitting out in the open. Just because your brain's too scrambled on babies to think," POINTED LOOK. "Doesn't mean it's my fault." The journeyman presses her lips together, definitely Not Smiling, in spite of herself. "Sit down before you fall down, Ryn, shells."

The question of who is Xermi is answered very quickly. Serena is /not/ used to having another voice in her head other than Samiryth. Not even Garouth has spoken to her directly and if any dragon would have reason it would be him. This throws Serena for a loop causing her to lift her hand to her head. It also warrants a response from a certain green who is resting daintily in one of the bowls nearby, « Darling. It's increadibly uncouth to blast your thoughts all over the place. It makes some people uncomfortable. » It isn't exactly said in anger but there is an undercurrant of irritation. Remember the green is comping with her riders pregnancy hormones and it's bleeding over a bit. Serena is able to look up again when R'hyn arrives and compliments her, "Thanks." She's getting lots of those compliments today, "Yeah, but your dragon is loud." she says, seems Xermi is going to get it on both ends, "Anyone I know?" Serena will ask Cita finally recovering her train of thought from before the bronze interupted.

From a distance there comes a sing-songed hum laced with glitter and gold, acknowledging Citayzleat's chiding, but with absolutely no intent to modify behavior. It's the draconic equivalent of a cheeky grin, there and gone in a wink before the dragon focuses in on Serena's green, tone sunbright and spirited as he responds with a jovial, « THEN YOU MAY CALL ME UNCOUTH. IT SUITS ME. EVEN HAS THE -TH. » You know, in case she didn't get he was making a joke. « BUT VERY WELL. I WILL DESIST, » he trills, pleasant to the end, and just like that he's gone out of Serena's mind, heat and diamonds and all vanishing as though it never was. He doesn't apologize, but he won't be likely to bespeak the rider again, so… it's something? R'hyn's a little sheepish about the mental invasion, at least, wincing for the commentary on his dragon even as he shrugs. "I know. He doesn't like leaving anybody out," he offers by way of explanation, finally seeming to catch his breath enough that he can straighten and fix Cita with a look, playful and sarcastic as his drawl when he says, "And where were you the entire rest of the day?" Calling her out on avoiding him? You bet. The invitation to sit is at least met with an amiable nod, though, unwilling to further crowd their bench, he simply drops to a sit before both of the women, reclining back on palms, legs crossed before him as he tunes in to that tiny fragment of returning conversation. "Yes, Cita. Do we know them?" A beat, and then a twitch of his gaze to Serena. "Who are we asking about again?" Sigh.

Cita makes a sympathetic face for the bronze above — she might scold, but there's considerably more outward affection when she waves him off than for his rider. Or you know. Most people. "He doesn't mean anything by it." She even speaks up at some look or other from the greenrider, sheepish and fond; even if the look she tosses up at the bronze is somewhere between amused and quelling. "Uncouth? Really?" She calls, and there go her eyes, rolling in a grand fashion. Serena's question gets a briefly startled look; apparently, she thought she'd escaped that line of questioning, and the laugh it elicits comes out a little garbled and strangled. "Well." The candidate drawls, slow, somewhere between amused and horrified. "Not really. Nobody special. I'm too busy, anyways — shells, I was busy enough being a healer." The amusement drops again, and Cita's jaw tenses a little as she returns to staring hard at that tree she's been trying to laser-melt all night; pausing only to flash R'hyn a glare. She does drop her legs to prop her feet on the rider's knees, lifting a challenging eyebrow before shrugging, trailing thoughtful gaze back to her tree. "Are you enjoying Atoll duties, Serena?" Beat, foot-waggle. "We're talking about who we're making babies with." That, at least a little amused, only eventually replying to the rest with a snort. "I was assigned to the nannies, today." And she resumes plucking at the knot, feet wiggling aimlessly.

Samiryth seems content that the bronze's intrusion has come to an end and goes back to resting comfortably. Though she will make note of the bronzes uncooth behavior. « I will have to seek you out later to give you lessons in manners. » Run Xermi! Run! The green's mind is a rainbow of light refracted by gemstones of all colors. Serena nods as the bronze departs her mind, grateful that another voice is gone. It's crowded enough as it is in there, "I suppose thats polite of him." The rest of R'hyn's words go over her head though she'd guess that Cita had been hiding out! "Being a candidate will be very busy." Serena knows that full well and it does cause a twinge of nerves in her, "Who is going to help me deliver the baby?" She'd hoped that it would be Cita but now it's looking like Cita is going to be taking on other responsibilities. Serena will try to quell the nerves though and shrugs, "I miss being able to travel. It's difficult just being cooped up in an office all day." If Serena had a drink she would have snorted it, "Thankfully I already know who I'm making a baby with." One question answered at least! Though she won't ask the obvious question of who Cita is making a baby with. NOPE. Too polite.

Xermiltoth's diamonds whirl a dizzying circle in Citayzleat's mind, pleased beyond measure for her defense of his person, even as the dragon's bright, tenor laughter spills from the corners of his golden mind. Yes, really. « I THOUGHT IT WAS CLEVER, » he says before the dark bronze's attention shifts back to Samiryth, and there's something about the quality of the dragon's heat that changes, as though all of that incredible mind focuses in on her and just her/. The great beast explores Samiryth's refracted rainbows, mingling his diamonds and gold betwixt and between her gemstones before offering a low-rumbled, « I look forwards to it. » More like run, Sami, run! R'hyn, meanwhile, smirks for Cita's garbled laugh, brows tilting up at odd angles, impressed at Serena's ability to elicit surprise from the healer-candidate. Some part of him is smart, though - he doesn't comment just yet, instead shifting forwards to flip sandals off the woman's feet when she drops them to his knees, thumbs setting to absently kneading at soles and arches. "Hmm. Candidates are still afforded time to practice their craft. Depending on when you're due, I'm sure she'll be allowed to attend you, if that's your preference," he says as though he isn't an assistant weyrlingmaster and can't help make that happen. Pff. "She's an expert by now, anyways. Helped us with three deliveries in the last month alone. You couldn't ask for anyone better." Alas, though the praise is glowing, the fond edge to the bronzerider's voice doesn't belong to Cita alone - his gaze goes distant, soft, clearly distracted by thoughts of his own children before he reels his focus back in with a sharp laugh. "Oh, that. She's having our babies, of course," he says with a gaudy, teasing wink, nose wrinkling with a horrible grin to show he's joking even as he shrugs. "Plenty of time to ponder that, at any rate, and plenty of littles to play auntie to in the meantime, yeah?" As though that makes up for it! "Sorry about being cooped up, though. You were in transport, right? Big change, that," he says, tone openly sympathetic for Serena's plight.

"Very clever." Cita deadpans, lips thinned to hold back laughter that may or may not want to emerge. Bless Xermi. Tilting a grateful look in Serena's direction, Cita hums, nodding her head sideways at the rider. "It is busy." She agrees, but shakes her head for the next — Ryn, playing helpful, beats her to the punch. And he starts a foot massage that gets him raised eyebrows and narrowed eyes; she KNOWS what you're doing, pal. She doesn't kick or do anything else rude, though, and might be trying not to smile still. Maybe. "I'll be tending to you the whole time, just like before, Serena. You don't have to worry." She nods, firm, looking a little like she'll fistfight anybody who'd try and tell her otherwise, the bronzerider included. "He's right. We do still have our crafts. I wouldn't be here if we didn't." The healer smiles a little, lopsided, and breathes something like a rueful laugh for the greenrider. "Well, you can make short hops from now 'til six months, if you want to visit places. Your baby will be okay." She offers, smile going a little more warm. "Healer's orders, three days minimum on a beach somewhere in Ierne?" Eyebrows twitch in what might be a waggle, and Ryn gets the last of that warm look, quickly hidden in turning her head to watch the high clouds retreat over the sea. Or are they coming to land? "They were the only ones, in fairness, R'hyn. It's not my sub-specialty yet." But, you know, she's doing her homework. And digging a heel into a knee absently, for all that she snorts indelicate laughter. "You both do make pretty babies, but you'll have to buy me so many drinks." The candidate teases right back, but her tone, too, goes on towards soft — useless. It's the baby-talk.

Samiryth is a lady! And a lady does not find forwardness attractive in the slightest. She huffs loudly so that the passersby int he bowl jump a bit as they go about their business. The rainbows and gems vanish, replaced by the sound of a sewing machine furiously working. It's a thrumming sound with a metallic edge to it, « Just what exactly do you mean by that? » the green questions. The bronzers words are listened too and her response is a simple one, "Yes. I would much rather have Cita deliver my baby." She's already formed a connection with the healer and having someone else there would just seem wrong at this point. Though at he continues she'll blink and just stare at him, "What?" She was unaware of R'hyn and Cita being a couple. Unless he's just pulling her leg of course, his mood indicates thats possible. "Yeah. I was." she says cautiously, her mind still focused on the status of Cita and R'hyn's relationship. Cita's response to R'hyn would seem to indicate that there is something there? Though it isn't her place to pry. Besides the information the healer gives is met with a wide smile. She is going to stay with her and there is the other part of what she said! The prospect of getting out of the weyr is clearly appealing, "When you say short is it like distance or just like not doing too many hops in a day or what?" Serena would want to be absolutely sure that the baby wasn't at risk, "Because I would love to visit Xanadu and surprise D'lei."

Xermiltoth's laughter rolls like the distant thunder, whirling eyes fixated on the passersby that Samiryth's startled from his high perch on the bowl's edge. The bronze's mind explores the mechanical whirring, adding a quiet beat-boxed melody behind the repetitive noise for one measure, two, three, just enough to make it a song before finally, he finds words again. « Merely that it has been some time since someone has managed to teach me something I do not already know. I look forwards to it, » he repeats, no less intense for his lack of usual shouting, but no longer fixating on her with the entirety of his attention. Diamonds scatter back to the winds, gold fading out to something pleasant, distant as Rukbat but no less present as his thoughts drift. R'hyn can only grin, beatific, for Citayzleat's accusing look, expression somehow managing to convey innocence despite evidence otherwise. Is he sucking up to get back into her good graces? Damn right he is. But suddenly there's staring and questions and R'hyn reviews the conversation under the scope of an outsider and laughs, a slightly-hysterical little noise that ends with a drawn out 'aaah.' "Shells. That probably sounded awful, sorry. It's—" Complicated. He almost says complicated, but stops himself because of everything that word means, though he's not quite sure how else to put it. How do you define a friendship that transcends the term, describe what a person means to you when the answer is 'the world,' even if they aren't yours by any traditional definition? So he settles for, "An inside joke. Cita's been my friend since before I knew what friends really were. She's patched up my weyrmate and delivered my children. She's my people." It's said with a fond pat-pat of the healer-in-question's feet even as he shifts to retrieve sandals and slide them back on her feet before carefully extricating himself from limbs and conversation. "But I've been gone too long. Xermiltoth says the weyrlings are debating mutiny if they don't get their betweening lesson today. Better go douse that fire," he drawls, offering both women a nod of farewell. "I'll see you in the morning for PT, Cita. Serena, I hope we cross paths again soon. Take care, I hear Xanadu is pretty in spring." And with a wink, he's turning tail, jogging back towards the bowl with Xermiltoth in pursuit, a scattering of diamonds flashing in Samiryth and Citayzleat's minds before he, too, is out of sight.

Oblivious to draconic flirting-slash-arguing, Cita smiles at Serena, nodding firmly. "I'll be there. We won't have you having to get to know another healer — wouldn't that be a pain." Huff. The poor greenrider's confusion goes right over Cita's head — but apparently not R'hyn's, and when he replies, the healer pauses her contemplation of the lightning-patterns. Blinks. Opens her mouth, mid-explanation, closes it, and crosses her arms over her chest, hunching her back and looking generally mulish. She's mad, and she's going to stay that way okay. She's definitely not looking away because that's a touching thing to say and she's maybe a little touched. "He wants my babies." She sums up, after a long beat, and maybe the candidate's voice is a little too rough to really sell the playful tone, but. She tries? "You'll have to try harder than that, R'hyn!" That's after his retreating back, loud enough that he probably still hears it. It sounds a lot like the start of not being mad for the rest of eternity, maybe. "Don't brag about the babies! You'll distract Nrela, she's baby-mad." That's even louder, before Cita subsides, favoring Serena with still another sheepish look. Shrugging shoulders helplessly, she sits back again, quiet for a thoughtful moment before huffing a sigh, head shaking. "You should be fine to go to Xanadu — just bundle up more heavily than you might otherwise normally. Xanadu is gorgeous in the spring. You could get the bubblies fresh, if you went for a few days." She smiles, encouraging. Hey, she's a great influence, Cita.

Someone is very full of themselves. And for once it isn't Samiryth. The sewing machine will continue to pound away as she says, « If it's been that long since you've been able to learn anything new it's possible that you never really knew anything at all. » Sami is going to have the last word on that. She will huff one more time and then stand spreading her wings and taking to the sky. She is going to return to her ledge where bronzes will leave her alone. Huff. Serena will just glaze over the fact that someone who just left wants to have Cita's babies. She'll wave a goodbye to R'hyn as he departs to go do a lesson. The wheels are turning in Serena's mind at this surprise, "I will go. I've been wanting to go there and see what has been going on and this will be the perfect time." she muses mostly to herself but Cita is not left out, "Yes. I can get them right out of the oven." Serena stands up with another umf, "Thank you Cita. For everything." For the advice, and for sticking with her so she won't have to do this alone. Who knows who the replacement healer would even be, "I'll really bundle tight to make sure." She will glance away for a moment before offering her a smile, "Don't stress to much about the candidacy thing. If it happens it happens. Not like we can control it anyway. Though…" she says pausing a moment, "If you impress a green keep her away from the bronze. He's a terrible flirt." Though this isn't said harshly, more of a joke really. "I'm going to go back and do some packing for the trip. See you later Cita!" And Serena will be off and walking toward the bowl to get a ride back up to her ledge.

Cita smiles wide for Serena's acceptance of a vacation — she leans forward, elbows on knees, and taps her thumbs together thoughtfully. "I'll talk with the others in Atoll and let them know. It'll do you good to get away for a few days." The healer nods, more or less to herself, expression distant for a moment as she contemplates the intricacies, perhaps. "Right! Make sure you try the spiced redfruit-porcine. It's better than it sounds." She directs, and stands, a tiny warm grin working its way up as she toes her sandals back on carefully. "Of course, Serena." The healer-candidate huffs, then looks away, rolling eyes up skyward for a moment and swallowing. "Not much control, no." And isn't that just the rub. Cita laughs for the last, though, pointing in a 'that's a good point' kind of way. "I'll have to do my best, won't I?" She chuckles, shaking her head in amusement and raising a hand to wave the rider off. "Safe travels, Serena! Enjoy the flowers for me!" And she's off, too, her contemplations redirected to some new direction.

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