Market Search (Kassala is Searched)

Ierne Weyrhold - Marketplace
Bright banners and colorful flora line the wide square full of shops, stores, and sidewalk vendors. The proud proprietors are mostly traders who specialize in certain items or crafters who wanted a place in which to market their wares and they decorate their establishments in bold, eye-catching ways to attract cliental. A single massive banyan tree sits in the center of the square, surrounded by clusters of stone benches. Children and firelizards play among the nooks and crannies created by its aerial roots. A broad avenue to the ferry port leads to the south, while a smaller roadway heads southwest to the weyrhold proper.

It's turning towards evening, the sun above starting to curve towards the horizon. And yet those merchants at their booths are still hawking their wares! Kassala is currently bent over one booth in which many different weapons are found, talking with the owner as she looks over a long bow that's for sale. She raises a hand, indicating a height above her own, nodding as she listens to the man.

Hands shoved into the pockets of his jacket, J'en makes his way through the marketplace. He appears he may be on the lookout for something particular, seeing as he's walking by stalls containing everything under Rukbat that anyone could possibly want with but the most fleeting of glances. A jewelry stall tucked off to the side seems to be his destination as footsteps slow and his forward path diverges, coming to a stop in front of a display for body peircings.

Finally, a smile appears upon Kassala's face as she nods her red head several times, "Yes, perfect! Thank you!" Marks are exchanged, and the lovely handmade bow is set aside for her, "I'll be back to pick it up!" And thus said, she turns away, heading to another booth that was on her list of places to visit. It would just so happen to be the jewelry booth that J'en is headed towards, the rider almost bumped into, "Oh, sorry!" She pauses, allowing the rider to go first, humming to herself. The young woman is practically buzzing with some sort of excitement, certain plans coming together very nicely this evening.

Not so out of it that J'en doesn't notice Kassala's approach, golden eyes flicker to her as she apologizes remaining there for several seconds past what might be considered polite, nodding his head once for her apology. There isn't an expression to speak of on the bronzerider's face, save for the slight lowering of his lashes right before his chin tips upwards, turning away and going about his business. She might not hold another of his thoughts, at least not while he was leaning over the display he'd chosen. Each of the handcrafted peices is considered in turn, his gaze lingering on one or two of them longer than the rest.

Kassala doesn't think anything odd of the rider, her own mind taken with a few thoughts of her own. She's dressed for classes that day, wearing the uniform of the Dragonhealer school, along with her knots. Another nod is given to J'en before she turns, and moves towards a display to the side, considering bits on display, teeth to worry her bottom lip a little as she considers each one. Most seem to be various pendents, some simple, others quite complex.

Now a frown, slight, appears to turn down the corners of Jae's lips. Straightening his spine, he flags down the person in charge of the stall and has her pull out two practically identical thin silver loops, which are placed on a square of silk for his appraisal. Back down he goes, leveling his eyes with them and leaning in close enough to scrutinize every single detail. The two chat about the differance between stainless steel and silver, mostly on the whole tarnishing issue and whether or not it was toxic over time. The bronzerider's voice a rumbling deep tenor that sounds naturally gruff and somehow toneless. At some point, "Just gimme the steel, I ain't riskin' it." Sweatdrops abound for the lovely jewelry counter girl, she takes his purchases off to wrap it up while J'en mutters to himself and digs enough marks out to pay for it. One escapes, rolling across the stone to bump against one of Kassala's shoes.

There's a soft murmur from Kassala as she finds something she likes, her head bobbing in a silent nod to herself. Yep, that one there. Before she might call over the girl running the booth, she's been snagged by the rider, so she stands quietly to await her turn. Of course, she's curious, and her attention turns to their conversation about the bits of jewelry, the red head tiptoing a little to peer at what's held in the cloth. Turning away as the final decision is made, she glances about, though soon hears the drop of a mark from nearby. Glancing down, she spies it at her foot, and bends down to pick it up, offering it over to J'en, "You dropped this, I think." Where someone else might have been quick to lay claim to the mark, she's honest and offers it back.

The two pieces, were exactly the same plain loop, except one was much more expensive as it was made out of steel of course. After payment is counted out and waits the girl's return, J'en busies himself with fiddling with the peircing already threaded through the well healed hole there at the left corner of his bottom lip, managing to unlatch it and gently remove it, just about the time that Kassala comes around with his lost mark. Looking down at her from his height as he pockets the discarded jewelry, ignoring the girl as she returns, until she clears her throat. "Dun move," he growls softly and low, tending to the completion of his purchase before he gives his attention back to Kass. He stares her down hard, but about three quarters of the time he doesn't exactly seem to be seeing her at all those golden brown eyes of his distant, until finally he tsks and sets about putting his new jewelry into place. "Leketh says 'e thinks yer the stuff of dragonriders and we got eggs at 'alf Moon Bay. Ya can head back with us if ya want, give it shot."

Kassala looks at J'en curiously as he gives the command for her to stay there.Still holding the mark out to him to take, she waits for him to finish up his transaction, still waiting for him to take that mark. And yet, as he speaks, she blinks a few times, "Wait.. what?" She's confused for a moment, brows furrowed a little, "You're from Half Moon Bay?" The girl is likely looking at her now, having seen her waiting to ask about something in another case - wouldn't wish to miss a sale, right??

New lip ring in place and gleaming beautifully unlike the tarnished silver one that had been there to start, J'en is fishing in his pocket again, leaving Kassala literally holding the mark and showing no sign that he cares to take it back. A single brow arches at her confusion, glancing himself down to the ornate looking knot pinned to the shoulder of his riding jacket. It was there, plain as day, it displayed him as Wingleader of Half Moon Bay's search and rescue wing, Archipelago. Beside it, a Journeyman of the computercraft, but that knot was not nearly as fancy. "Yeah, what of it?" he asks, having pulled out a white candidate knot and was now holding it out at her expectantly.

Sure, the knots are on his shoulder, but Kassala just seems surprised that she might be Searched, is all. It's not till he pulls out the candidate knot to hold out to her, does she look from it to him again, "You wish me to stand?" The question is asked a moment before she laughs softly, soon to nod her head, "Yes… okay.. sorry.. it's been a long day of testing." And she was up late the night before studying! Reaching for the white knot, she will exchange it for the mark in her hand, "I need to let the headmaster know at the school.." It's starting to settle in that she's going to be standing. At Half Moon Bay. "Wait.. Riohra is there!" And this but brings a certain impishness to appear upon her face, "Let me get something here, and pack and then I'll be ready to go?" Bouncing from one topic to another is she as she puts on the candidate knot before turning to the girl at the booth who offers her a word of congratulations before seeing what Kass wanted. "That pendant there. Two of them. On leather chord." Her voice drops briefly, whispering something to the girl who nods her head, and takes the two pendants to a back table to quickly hammer a few stamps into each, likely some words or something, before wrapping them up and bringing them back to the dragonhealer turn candidate. After an exchange of marks, she nods to J'en. "I'll be right back.." After stopping by the weapon booth to pick up the bow, she hurries off towards the nearby dragonschool to get her things, and let the headmaster know where his student will be found.

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