New Friends, New Discoveries

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Rukbat is high in the sky but it isn't quite lunch time yet, out in the waters of the lagoon are two freshly washed dragons. The blue and brown move to start sunning themselves happily on the sands of the beach as the candidates sit down for a break. Riohra passes a water jug over to his other two cohorts and grins saying "Well that was a new experience"

It was a new experience indeed. At least these dragons were far more behaved than that one they met the other evening. Baylee will gladly take the water jug and take a quick drink from it, "Yeah. I must say this is all just really strange." She hadn't thought when she came to Half Moon that this would be on the agenda of activities. She had no way of knowing she'd be searched or anything like that. It's going to take alot of getting used too.

Krenn takes a swig from the water jug once it's free, giving the other two a grin. He's still in his swimsuit, having known in advance that washing dragons in clothes was a recipe for getting soaked. "I keep forgetting this is all new to most of you. They're pretty amazing, aren't they? The dragons, I mean. Majestic creatures."

Riohra nods and leans back on his elbows, "it is amazing, though i thought I was active before." stretches out his sore leg muscles and grins over at Baylee "Good job today washing the top of that blue, you did a better job than I think I could have" he takes a drink from the water jug when it makes its way back to him

Baylee is in her swimsuit too. You won't be washing a dragon in a dress. That would just be crazy talk. "Yeah they are." Baylee says with a smile but there are still so many questions, "Ok. So we basically do what they ask us to do and then when the eggs hatch we see if we get chosen?" That seems to be the gist of it. She'll offer a smile to Rio, "Thanks Rio."

Krenn grins and nods in agreement with Riohran. "You're a natural, Baylee. You did a fine job too, Rio. 'Course, Baylee looks better doing it." He teases with a little bit of a wink and laugh before going on to answer her question. "That's the long and short of it, yes. The chores are supposed to build character, discipline, and fitness to prepare us for riderhood, but honestly it's mostly just to get the weyr some free labor. Anyone told you about the egg touching’s yet?"

Riohra looks at Krenn "they do that? like actually on the sands?" he grins out at the water as he gets lost in a day dream for a moment.

It seems that being a candidate will not stop Krenn from teasing, not that Baylee minds, "And you are now a candidate and can't do anything about it." She can tease a little too, "So we're slaves? I can do that. It's just like back home at the hall." The life of an apprentice, "What's an egg touching?" she'll ask. It seems Rio's just as curious so the resident expert will have to fill them in.

No candidate rule about teasing, is there? And Krenn's never minded tiptoeing up to the line, as long as he doesn't cross it. Or, as he puts it "No harm in just admiring, right?" He says with another wink. "I mean, you were an apprentice before. Not like much has actually changed on that front." The topic of egg touching earns an even broader smile. "I've never gotten to do it myself, but egg touchings are supposed to be pretty intense. You touch the shells and the mind of the dragon inside touches yours. It helps them evaluate us, figure out who they want for a lifemate. 'Course, they won't be for a while. The shells need to harden first."

Riohra comes back out of his revere and says "At least you two are used to it, as a hunter I have always made my own rules and schedules." He grins over at Krenn and winks at Baylee as he teases "so you going to try to find the Queen in that bunch? you would make a lovely gold rider Krenn"

Thats just weird! Touching eggs and baby dragons seeing into your brain, "I'm not sure what they would find in my brain." Baylee says with a little shrug before she sends a glance with narrowing eyes Krenn's way, "You'll get yourself in trouble if you get noticed admiring." In trouble with who though? She wouldn't want to see any of them get in trouble, "I've never really gotten to do that." She'll shrug her shoulders, "So the greens and golds are females and the others are all males." she says though its more of a question.

"Pretty sure even the strictest weyrlingmasters couldn't punish me just for looking at you. I'd have to be blind not to notice." Krenn just keeps going, teasing smile up all the while. "I keep hearing that it's impossible to describe without experiencing, but they hear your thoughts and you hear theirs. It's how a lot of people pick their favorites." He nods at the last question. "Yes, but males don't always go with males, and vice versa. Greens, blues, and browns can impress to men or women. Bronzes only ever impress men, golds only ever to girls." He grins. "Got grand ambitions of being our next Weyrwoman, Baylee?"

It is an honest question, or at least Riohra thinks so. He turns his head to look at Baylee "Do ya? because I could see you being good in charge." He glances at Krenn and says "But honestly what about you Krenn? Grand ambitions of Weyrleader still in tact?" He is having a great time with his two friends, mostly because he is not the one under scrutiny.

Baylee snorts and shakes her head, "No. No grand ambitions here." Baylee is just a simple weaver after all, "I don't want to run or be in charge of anything. Except my own life." And sometimes thats hard enough, "Krenn…" she says with a little sigh, is it a happy sigh or an exasperated one? Probably a little of both, "It's just so strange." She knows Krenn has dreams that are bigger than hers, "Yes Krenn. Do you want to be in charge?"

It's just after chore time, and Krenn, Riohra, and Baylee are relaxing on the shore after a day spent washing dragons. Krenn, being the one with marginally more experience with weyr life, seems to be trying his best to do a little Q and A. "You sure, Baylee? You are a stickler for the rules. Seems like a good trait for someone in authority." The questions posed to him earn a shrug and a smile. "The way I figure it, I don't have any control over it. So why bother worrying? A dragon of any color could choose me. Or no dragon could choose me. I'll be fine no matter what, and I can't really do much to influence the outcome. So why stress about it? If I find a lifemate, I'm sure I'll love them no matter their color."

Riohra tilts his head at Krenn, and nods "Sounds about right, I mean it isnt like we have to make those choices or even if we did we dont have to now." He looks back out at the water where the dragons are playing and says "You two would make good riders, and wingmates it seems. you complement each other well, but that is just my opinion."

Baylee can't argue that she does like to follow the rules. She'll smile to Krenn and shake her head, "Yeah, but there are lots of other things that go with being in charge of things. That is alot of responsibility and I'm glad I don't have to maket he choice." Because as the others pointed out they don't get a say! They get what they get or they don't! Though this does get her thinking. What if Krenn impresses and she doesn't? Or vice versa? Or what if they both impress? What does that mean? So many questions, "Thanks Rio." she says with a smile, "I'm not sure what makes a good rider, but I'll take your word for it."

It would seem a certain red head has come to the weyr to visit a certain hunter. With her hand raised to shade her eyes, Kassala looks towards the beach, and once spying the small group, heads in their direction. She waves, should Riohra look her direction, and if not, waits till she's within easy calling distance, "Riohra!" Excitement can be caught in her voice, along with the excess energy that seems to fill her form that hurries closer as she laughs, "Finally found you!" Someone had been looking all over the weyr for him. Now, let's see if the hunter notices the new pure white knot on her shoulder vs the usual one of an Ierne Weyrhold dragonhealer.

Krenn gives Riohra a little bit of a grin. "Did you say wingmates or weyrmates?" Definitely intended as more teasing for Baylee. "Well, I'd certainly be honored to fly alongside both of you, if that's what fate has in store for us. You're both level headed and hard working. Everything beyond that can be learned. Or so I've heard." He looks up at the sound of Kassala approaching. Her arrival earns no shortage of amusement. "Looks like you have a visitor, Rio."

Riohra turns his head in surprise as he hears his name being called. His eyes are wide with surprise but not as wide as the grin that now seems to plaster his face as he gets up from the group with out even as much as a be right back. Nope, the young hunter just makes a straight line towards the red head and scoops her up at the waist to give her a little spin in the air. He sets her down and hugs her tight saying "It is good to see you, come and meet Baylee, and Krenn, they are great you will love them." his voice is full of excitement but he never looks away from her face…what knot?

Baylee just rolls her eyes upwards at Krenn's teasing, "You saying you want to be my werymate?" she asks. Not even really all that sure what it is. Though she just might have a little inkling giving all the teasing that Krenn does in general. It's just then that she hears someone call Riohra's name and then Rio is off and hugging, "Careful Rio. You'll get in trouble next." she says with a gleam in her eye. Baylee is going to be handing out de-merits. Not! She's guessing this must be his girlfriend. Or at least she hopes so! Otherwise that would be strange.

There's a squee of excitement as Riohra picks her up and spins her about, laughter soon following, "Hey, you're going to make me sick!" Kassala tease him before he puts her back on her feet. As he speaks of the new friends he's made, inviting her over to meet them, she nods, turning to both Krenn and Baylee as they reach the other two on the beach, "Hello! Nice to meetcha both." Amusement still lingers on her face as she waits a little longer. Will he notice?

"Does that really sound so terrible?" Krenn continues his teasing of Baylee, grin going nowhere. "You'd get to come home to this every night." As if the statement wasn't enough, he sits up and does some totally unnecessary flexing, the sort which might actually be impressive if he were actually a little more muscular. He then looks back to Kassala and Riohra, a little amused. "We actually met once before, very briefly. It's nice to meet you under more relaxed circumstances. I'm Krenn." Rio might not notice, but Krenn definitely spies the white knot. "Oh, and congratulations."

Riohra grins as they walk up "Did you?" He grins happier than a freshly bathed dragon, look there are two over there to compare him too. He smiles and puts an arm over her shoulder playing with the knot, "Why congratulations? did you finally make Rank three in school love?" as he says this he finally looks at the white knot in his hand. He looks at it, then her, then it again, and laughs and gives her another side hug with a kiss on her cheek "See I told you, you were special"

Baylee offers Kassala smile. She's heard of her through Rio but now she gets to meet her! "It's good to meet you Kassala. I'm Baylee." As if that wasn't obvious, but its still polite to introduce yourself! The next person she'll address is flexing man, "You still have alot to prove yet before we get to that point. Besides that crazy guy said its all on hold now so you don't even get any points now!" No more point for Krenn till after Candidacy. Baylee also notices the knot but says nothing. Rio's going to have to figure out this one himself.

Kassala laughs, nodding to Krenn in thanks for the congrats, then glances back to Rio, waiting.. waiting.. AHA! He finally gets it! Hugging him back, she smiles, "Thanks. J'en came by the market at Ierne and the next thing I knew, I was being offered the knot and chance." Still, she does peer at Baylee, soon to add, "If you Impress, it's longer than that. Not till after weyrlinghood." Just thought she'd throw that in there, though she blushes a little as she glances aside at Rio.

Krenn gives Baylee another of those amused grins. "No points even? What, I can't build up points and cash them in after candidacy?" He ponders for a second. "That… probably sounded more suggestive than I actually intended right there." He chuckles a bit and looks back to Kassala. "No rule against flirting. Just got to keep ourselves from getting too frisky." His grin turns mischievious. "Which reminds me, we haven't figured out what we're all doing with our evening. We should do something fun. Welcome Kass to our little group properly."

And with great happiness comes great sadness, Riohra has slowly come down off his happy high. The young man has started putting together the events the others are talking about and nods. Though he still clings to Kassala, that too is fleeting as he starts to change his demeanor, he knows the rules and won't mess it up for anyone especially for Kass. He still smiles and says "I agree Krenn, and maybe go drag Catwin out too she has been missing since she impressed" glancing around to see if he can see the Vintner turned Candidate anywhere.

Oh yes, the poor Vintner is around, in fact if anyone happens to be looking in the general direction they can see her coming up from further down the beach and looking much worse for wear. There are some heavy bags under her eyes and Catwin is looking noticeably pale as well. There's a sheen of sweat on her face, but that could be because she's also jogging. In a tunic and a long skirt. Her hair isn't even pulled back. Now, it's stringy and wet from sweat. Her skirt does seem to be floating a little more than it generally does, perhaps because there's nothing in its various pockets to weight it down with.

"Nope. No points even." Baylee says with faux haughtiness, "And there will be no cashing out." she says to him with her finger pointing in his direction, and then she falls silent as she considers how they will spend their evening, "I'm not sure what we could do." What sort of fun is a candidate allowed to have? "Won't they be watching us and making sure we go back to the barracks when our work is done?"

One last half hug is given to Riohra before he pulls away from her, though Kassala catches his hand for a squeeze as she looks at him for a bit longer. "It'll be good." She assures him before pondering, "Well, I was given the general warning to be in the dorm for curfew. So I'm guessing ifyou're done with chores, then you have free time before needing to be in?" At least, that was how it was done when she was a beginning student at the school to some degree.

Krenn nods to Kassala's assessment of Baylee's question. "Yep. They don't work us for every single hour of daylight, at least. Between the end of chores and curfew, our time is our own. I suggest we do something fun with it." Krenn gets another mischievious look. "I hear truth or dare is traditional." He spies the jogging Catwin, whose appearance puzzles him a bit. "Who jogs in a skirt?"

Riohra grins down at Kassala and gives her a wink, he is fine…well maybe. He looks over and sees the Vintner jogging and says to the others "Don't know, but it might be good exercise have you ever done it Krenn?" He pokes fun at the other young man, before he motions with his head saying "I will go ask her while you all put your heads together and think of a plan" he grins and starts to jog after Catwin.

Well, obviously Catwin does, or else she wouldn't be in a skirt now, would she? As Catwin nears the group she starts to slow and then when she see's one of them break off from the pack she slows even more. When she see's who it is she stops dead in her tracks. There is a wary look on her face and she takes a half step back. Her lips are flatlinned and she stands there. Waiting.

Baylee probably wouldn't jog in a skirt but ya can't knock it till you try it. "You are something." she says to Krenn with a roll of her eyes, "That cannot be a traditional game of candidacy. It just can't." Catwin will get a small wave as she stands there but Baylee will say nothing. Catwin has got a weird look on her face and so probably better to let someone else speak up first.

As Riohra volunteers to fetch up Catwin, Kassala turns to the others, "I think Truth or Dare may not be the best game… unless you state up front, it can't get us in trouble." The dares, that is. Taking a seat on the sand if they're seated, she hmms, "I'm not exactly sure what to suggest, besides food and just hanging out."

"Can't say that I have. I'll have to put it on the list. I'm open-minded." Krenn jokes with Riohra, chuckling and waving to Catwin in greeting before he looks back at Baylee. "Candidacy is a bunch of young people thrown together in close quarters. Does it really shock you that truth or dare would be traditional?" He gives Kassala a shrug. "We could just make it a rule up front that you can't dare anyone to break the rules. But if that's too much for you all, we can do something tamer."

Riohra slows and stops his usual four to five feet away from Catwin holding up his hands at her reaction " Hey just here to offer you an open invite to come and join us this evening for a little hang out." He motions with his hand over to the group sitting around in the sand and adds "Kassala would like to see you too, but since she just got searched I am sure you two can catch up if your not up to it"

There's a flicker of a glance to Baylee and Krenn and then a slight dip of her head in acknowledgement. As the words Truth or Dare reach her ears, however, and her face just goes blank. Even the flat lined lips is gone. She then rubs at her ears a moment and blinks a few times and makes herself focus back in on Rio. "Hang out? Why?" she asks a little and then when he gets to Kassala she ohs a moment and then looks over at the young woman. There's a deep breath and then a shrug "Why not."

Baylee can only roll her eyes once more, "You wouldn't look good in a skirt Krenn. Stick to your normal clothes." At least it implies that she thinks he looks good in his other clothes right? Thats something at least. Kassala seems to be on Baylee's page. No rule breaking for this group. They are all going to make it right to the end without getting thrown out! She'll watch Catwin closely and smile when seh decides to join the group. Candidates have to stick together.

Kassala doesn't touch the issue with skirts and how Krenn looks in them or his other clothing. Her attention seems to be on Rio and Catwin, picking up on the Vinter's mood a little. She'll wave to Catwin when Rio and she both look in the direction of the group before commenting, "I just got here, don't want to be sent straight back to school." She's a good girl, good student, after all!

Krenn shoots Baylee another mildly wicked sort of grin. "Oh? You think I look best in my regular outfit, then? I suppose that explains what impressed you so." He says with a chuckle. The amusement is going nowhere. "What exactly do you all think happens when people play truth or dare? It's not that scandalous, I promise. But like I said, we could do something more tame. Maybe… darts? Pool? We have a pretty good rec room here."

Riohra nods to Catwin and starts walking up to the beach to the group and adds his thoughts saying "or we can go look at the eggs, I havnt done that yet. how about you all?" He moves to sit down next to Kassala and gives her a little bump with his shoulder, before he glances back to see if Catwin is following and will give her a kind smile if she is looking.

"I have." is her plain and simple response. She does follow, if only because she really must say something to Krenn. Well, maybe not must, but her filter is a little bust at the moment "Generally is has been used as a means to elicit embarrassment or partake in risque actions. I have seen people dared to streak naked across the hatching sands. There have been kissing and fondling. I have heard some of the most embarrassing questions asked. It is not a game that can always be taken lightly." There's a little bit of heat to her voice. Certainly much more than is typical. She does give a little nod to Kass as she comes up to the group. "I heard, you've been Searched. Congratulations."

Baylee listens to what Catwin has to say and nods, "Maybe the eggs would be safer." She'll look back over to Krenn who had best not be doing any of those things. If he thinks the weyrlingmasters would come down hard she'd come down harder! Oo Rah!

Kassala nudges Rio back as he resumes his seat next to her, the smile warmly given as Catwin joins in. "Yeah, I've heard such things as well about Truth or Dare." She won't comment if she's played before or not in the past, but it's safe to say she likely has. At least once! "I wouldn't mind seeing the eggs, though a game of darts could be fun as well. Wage some chores or something?"

Krenn does seem a little surprised by the amount of fire in Catwin's response. "… For the streaker's sake, I certainly hope there weren't eggs on the sands at the time." Doesn't seem like the kind of thing a brooding gold would tolerate. "It's really not normally like that… but fine, fine, I get it. No truth or dare." Krenn pauses, then adds "Tonight." much more quitely. "I hadn't realized some of you hadn't seen the eggs. Those should definitely take priority. They're gorgeous."

Riohra stares up at Catwin from his spot on the sands as she explains the game and shakes his head "Yeah that truth or dare game sounds a bit dangerous." He will nod with the others assessment and say "so then go watch the eggs and then maybe cards or darts? I don't know about betting chores though, don't want some poor sucker to end up with the bad ones for the next seven day" he pointed looks at Krenn when he says that.

The mention of how gorgeous the eggs are does bring a small little smile to Catwin's face. "The blue one is really pretty." she murmurs softly. She does eye Krenn a moment opens her mouth and then closes it again and takes a breath and then adds. "I don't make bets." There. Simple and to the point. No added mess or anything.

Kassala looks around, then nods, "Sounds like egg tour first. Then darts or something.." She glances to Riohra, grinning just a little, "But see, there's the fun of it. Betting so that someone does end up with your least liked chore for a day or two? Been there, done that back at school my first year."

"You know, we should actually compare our most and least favorite chores at some point." Krenn suggests. "We might be able to work out a few good swaps without even needing to bet." He gets to his feet, stretching a bit. "Should probably change out of my swim trunks before visiting the galleries. I'll meet you all there?"

Riohra looks down and realizes he too is in his swim clothes and stands up careful not to shower anyone with sand and says "Same here, and I need to get my shirt back from the weaver, I patched that tear but I guess it didnt take." he offers his hand to Kassala to help her up if she needs it, and grins "I still don't think darts will be a fair thing. But it is your call"

Catwin just stays silent for the most part and lets the others do the talking. Fine by her. She looks at her clothes, frowns a moment and then shrugs. The can deal. "Well, meet you all in the galleries then." And if they hange their minds and go do something else first? FIne by her as well. There's a brief glance where Litral is entertaining a small crowd. Though he's now sporting a new knot himself.

Kassala shrugs, "I don't mind a good game of darts." She says once helped to her feet. Dusting off her bottom, she glances to the two guys and others that might be heading to change, "Hmm.. I don't need anything, so guess I'll meet you guys at the galleries? " When it seems Catwin is heading that way as well, she gives the vintner a bit of a smile, "We'll get a good spot, hmm?"

"Works for me." Krenn says with a little wave. "Since I'm swinging by the barracks anyways, I'll see if I can scare up some of the others to come egg-gawking with us." And he's off!

Scene shifts to the Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Grounds

Leaving the guys to head back to the dorm, Kassala walks towards the hatching grounds with Catwin. The occasional glance aside is given to the vintner, concern perhaps to show upon her face, though she doesn't comment. As they climb the stairs to the galleries, she edges along the front, as close as she might get to the eggs, and allows her gaze to finally take them all in, "Oh.. wow.." Colors here, fading soft colors there, each one unique and different. "So, which one did you like?" She asks aside of Catwin.

Catwin follows Kassala up towards the front row. She settles down and then leans forward a little "That one right over there." she murmurs as she points out the Storm's Aegis egg. "That one really caught my eyes." she notes softly "Though they are all rather curious in colors."

Kassala looks to the egg that Catwin points out, smiling at it for a moment, "Makes me think of a storm coming in.." At least the side she can see at the moment. Letting her gaze slide from one to another, she chuckles softly, not wishing to bother the gold upon the sands, "I'm not sure which one I like. I'll have to study them all.."
Catwin hmms a little and nods "Somewhat. Kinda reminds me of the way I've been feeling of late." she notes softly and then wipes some of the wet sheen off of her face. "I keep wanting a drink. And well, that's kinda forbidden right now." she notes and then shrugs. "Litril won't even let me come near and all. The cheeky lad, but I did tell him to stand strong and he's the authority now to keep it from me."

Riohra steps up from the bowl, he slowly climbs the stairs as he is looking at his shirt in his hand he changed back into his working clothes for the climate. He has a large white bandage on his right shoulder but slides the shirt on before he gets to the ladies. He walks up and stands between them giving them both equal spacing as he looks over the eggs. "Krenn and Baylee said they would catch up I think they had something they needed to talk about" his tone is warm but hushed.

Listening quietly, Kassala doesn't make any judgements, but nods quietly as she continues to peer at the eggs, "Have you asked a healer? There might be some herbs that could help you a little?" Help soften the cravings, that is. As they are joined by Riohra, she glances back to him, "Ah, okay. So, which one is your favorite?" She asks of him then, curious as to which might have gained his attention.

Catwin shakes her head quietly and simply answers with a "No." She doesn't elaborate anymore on that, and sits back in the seat when Rio catches up with them. She arches a brow though and then shakes her head a little about Baylee and Krenn, not that she voices what must have gone through her head. No, she'll turn her attention back onto the eggs and gaze at them in sweltering heat. "Imagine having to be stuck out there with them all the time." she murmurs softly, more to herself than anything.

Riohra looks over at the eggs and then points to the Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter, "that one with the bedrock looking base, kinda sums up how I feel about now." he leans in a seat of his own and nods to Catwin not glancing but says "It will sure dry you out. I had to do that when I first got searched spent the few few days drinking nothing but water then the evenings sitting in the hot springs to sweat it out." He looks at Kassala and says "have you picked yours yet?"

That's the only time Kassala will mention the healers helping, for as Catwin answers with the single word, she but nods her head. "If I can help.." The offer is made silently before Riohra joins. Listening to his choice, she turns back to view it, "Bedrock?" She asks of him, not certain what he means, though she considers, "I'm not sure. They're all pretty in their own way. This is the first time I'm seeing them, so…" A sigh is given, "I like… I guess… " She points to Wavelengths of Light, then towards Mnemonic Memories. "They're both interesting. Look like you'd have to get close to really get a sense of them."

Catwin peers towards the one Rio likes. "Like you've just gone up in flame and then just washed out?" she murmurs really as opposed to just asking it." There's a glance for Kassala and she's about to say something negative it seems by the look on her face and then she pauses and shrugs a little. She shakes her head but more to clear it. She does say. very quietly. Barely audible really "Thank you."

Riohra will nods at Kassala's choices, he wont mock them because after all he is one. He will give Catwin a glance and a slight nod of his head, he heard her but will let it lay. Leaning back he grins down at the eggs "well i figured one or both of you would be here eventually but me yeah never saw that coming."

"I could easily see you as a rider, Riohra. You have the strength and honor that many riders show.." Kassala says with a nod of her head before glancing to him, "Brown.. even a bronze." That's her opinion, of course. "Though I could see you on a playful blue as well. Hopefully not one who's into trouble… you get into enough on your own."

Ain't that the truth? Rio does seem to find his fair share. More than his fair share. Look what he's having to put up with from Catwin? Course, she wasn't mocking his choice. Maybe it just comes out that way. But talk of colors and such? She doesn't participate. More than enough time to ponder about that. "I never figured I'd be here. ALmost thirty after all. Egg dreaming is for the kids."

Bronze?… is she crazy? Riohra peers at Kassala now to see if she is pulling his chain, maybe, maybe not always the sweet ones that end you. He looks back out and says "I could see you as a Gold dear, or at least a brown or blue. But I am bais" at the talk of egg dreaming he grins at Catwin and says "Just goes to show you never know what life with bring you" He sticks his tongue out at Kass like the little kid he can be and says "And I dont get into trouble, trouble just follows me around and waits till I am not looking"

"Are you calling us all kids?" Kassala asks of Catwin, laughing softly, "Maybe we are, but we're allowed to dream. Even you old farts." A quick grin is paid to Catwin to show she is just teasing before she nods, peering at Riohra, "Gold? I… " She wrinkles her nose a little, but glance back to the sands, "I dunno. Brown I wouldn't mind. Would certainly be a help to my healing. But then, I would be welcome to any color.." Even green! The last gains a snort of laughter that is soon cut off so as not to bother the queen on the sands, "And then it pounces?"

Catwin hmm a little "Just goes to show." she murmurs quietly. She purses her lips a little as her thoughts seem to drift elsewhere until Kassala laugh brings her bck to the present and she frowns momentarily as she sifts through the conversation. "Suppose I am." she says, certainly not denying it and certinly not looking at Rio as she agrees with Kass. "Gold would be most helpful with dragonhealing. No dragon can refuse them. Though any can certainly help."

Riohra shrugs saying "More like trouble beats me over the head and rifles through my pockets for lose marks." He motions to Catwin with a thumb saying "To be fair though, Catwin has kept me out of a lot. Especially the self inflicted trouble I seem to get my self in, but that is behind me now.. or at least I hope" he exaggeratedly looks about the room to find the imaginary trouble.

… Trouble is waiting, waiting, waiting. Just waiting for Rio to get close enough and then the gaping gold maw will close in around him and. GOBBLE HIM UP!!!! …

"Gold would, yes, but I highly doubt that I would attract a gold." Kassala anwers all too honestly. She's just surprised to be here, now of all times. Leaning back against Rio's leg, she relaxes, only to giggle softly, "Your middle name should have been trouble.."

Catwin mutters a little under her breath "Who's to say it isn't?" There's a glance at Rio and then a shrug "I didn't do anything." she notes after a moment and then hmms at the eggs "I've no clue what attracts them to whom and I'm not even going to try now." she murmurs.

"Oh Shards dont eat me" is called out as Riohra pitches forward from his seat. It seems he dosed off for a moment, he looks around frantically as if being chased by something. His eyes focus as the fear fades a way and looks at the other two people here sheepishly.

"I don't know either. It's almost magical, when you hear the riders talk about it." Kassala says quietly, watching the eggs and the way the light bounces off of them. When Riohra jerks himself awake, she pulls herself from his leg, glancing to him over her shoulder, "What's trying to eat you?"

Catwin startles and is up and out of her seat and moving away from Rio "Shards! Are there bugs on the seats?" she exclaims as she eyes them warily and then is shaking out her skirts and frowning some "I think I'd better go see about changing. Don't need to them crawling all over me."

Riohra shakes his head and says " sorry sorry just a bad dream. it seems once i dried out they show up more." he does start disentangle himself from sitting near Kassala and will stand to stretch saying "i shouls probably see the healers about that and they will want to check my shoulder" he bends down like he is to kiss Kassala bit will stop himself and have a confused look on his face as if he doesnt know how to proceed.

Kassala frowns a little, glancing between the pair before turning back to Riohra, "dried out?" A pause, and then, of course, the red head would latch on to something, "What's wrong with your shoulder?!" The question is asked even as he leans in to kiss her, though at his hesitation, she turns to allow him to kiss her cheek. That is allowed, right? Still, she'll jump up, eyes narrowed upon him, "What. is. wrong. with. your. shoulder?" Utoh. He better answer or face her trying to take his shirt off to find out!

Still shaking out her skirt, Catwin pauses and looks at the two a moment and then decides the better part of discretion is to just quietly slip on down out of the galleries. Exit, stage right. There's a minute pause as she looks thoughtfully out to the sands one more time and then is gone.

There is a long debate in the young mans mind, let her take his shirt off or not… But his good sense seems to be moving faster as of late and he explains "Oh I was doing a chore and fell it isnt anything crazy, I promise." He bends down on one knee so she can look at the lightly bandaged wound on his shoulder that has been well taken care of it won't even scar.

Kassala would tell Catwin goodbye, but her attention is upon Riohra and his most recent injury. If not trouble, then injuries follow, sometimes together! As he kneels down so she can inspect it, she shakes her head at him, "You need to be more careful." Concern colors her voice, leaving her to sigh again as she rights the bandage, then looks to him, "This is going to be strange, hmm?" Them both being there together, candidates.

Riohra stands up but does look around for Catwin and sighs that he missed her. with a shrug he will turn back and say "I dont know about strange, but the word trying comes to mind. But I will be better so you dont have to worry about me so" he pulls out the necklace he has been hiding under his shirt and gives it a kiss instead of kissing her. "forever" he says in a quiet voice.

Laughing, Kassala winks at Riohra, "Indeed. Trying is a good word as well." When she seeks the necklace, she smiles all the more, tugging out her own to kiss, "And always." She'll show him hers, that the words are printed there, "I saw them and thought they were fitting… wanted you to have something while you were here and all.." Then she chuckles, "And then I got searched."
Riohra grins and stands next to her hands behind his back as he starts to walk with her down the steps saying "We will make it work. Besides, with you here. I feel complete." He looks out at the sands one more time then escorts Kassala down the stairs saying "You still want that game of darts because last time I won your…." what ever else is said is trailed off as the pair leave the cavern.

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