A Friendly Proposition

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary

This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.
Half Moon Bay can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

The infirmary is one of those places that seems to oscillate between busy, and vacant. There's either a steady stream of medical needs, or nothing at all. At least, that's Sevran's impression. Right now is a moment of quiet, which serves the candidate just fine. He's got mop in hand and bucket by his side, methodically cleaning and disinfecting the floor of the infirmary with slow, even movements.

Quiet times are the best times in the infirmary. At least there's no chaos to wade through. Taeski is just appearing out of one of those back rooms of the infirmary though, those that are associated with the mindhealers. He's careful with the door on the way out, making sure to let it gently slide closed before moving right along. There is however an abrupt stop at the fact that /mopping/ is occurring. Slipping and falling on his head? Not something he'd be keen on doing. Besides, that Sevran candidate is somewhat familiar, and so the teen tilts his head just a bit and makes to sidle around the more damp section of flooring. "They really do have you all doing all sorts of chores, don't they?"

"Yup," agrees Sevran, flashing a quick grin at Taeski. "Free labor. Well, sorta. They still have to feed us and stuff, so I suppose it's only fair." Shrug. He dunks the mop in the bucket, wrings it through the wringer-thing, and goes back at it. "There are definitely worse chores. At least this one involves staying dry." For the most part. "Did you need to get by? I can move aside." Nevermind the slip-slidey aisle between here and the door.

"True enough, I suppose.." Taeski does seem rather thoughtful at that for just a moment or two, hands sliding into the pockets of his pants. But he doesn't make any further move to escape from the infirmary. Shoulders even lift, a small smile touching the teen's face. "I don't have anywhere I need to be just yet. Something like..free time right now, I guess." As for the floor, well, it's given another bit of eyeballing, along with the wet parts. "I can get by if I need to. I doubt it'll kill me."

"Free time? What's that?" jokes Sevran, grinning good naturedly. "You're welcome to sit on a cot, if you want," he offers. "Pretty sure they won't mind. As long as you smooth the cover back once you're done." Swish swish with the mop. He attacks a slightly stubborn spot, but the stain gives way easily. "So what do you do with your free time?" he wonders, sparing a glance for Taeski.

Taeski considers, but does move, carefully avoiding the recently mopped section of floor. Fingers briefly trail over the bedding of a cot, reluctant..but he does eventually turn and sit right down on it. Settling comes with a bit of a sigh, tension dropping from him ever so slightly, though his fingers continue to play with the sheet beneath him in an absent gesture. "Free time is when you think too much." There's a vague smirk for that, but the teen's shoulders lift and drop again in a shrug. "When I'm not making my visits here or working? I draw some, I guess."

Sevran lifts an eyebrow at the 'think too much' comment. "Drawing, huh? Are you any good?" He pauses in his mopping and leans haphazardly, arms crossed, on the mop pole, trusting that it won't slip. A glance is spared for the direction Taeski came from, but Sevran's too polite to really pry. It doesn't stop him from looking curious, though.

"Good enough. I can get lost in it, if I let myself." There's a small sniff for that, and Taeski's eyes follow Sevran's briefly to those doors..beyond. He says nothing of it, though, quick to avert his eyes away and back to the candidate instead. "I saw you before, the other night. What did you say you did before being searched?" Redirect, redirect, redirect! Maybe he didn't say! Maybe Taeski just wasn't paying enough attention. But he does at least ask, brows lifting just a little.

"I guess it's an artist thing. My sister says the same, when she's making stuff. Works for hours but doesn't seem to notice. Lost in it." Sevran doesn't really get it, but he tries. Another eyebrow quirk, this time for the 'redirection', but he'll allow it. "Yeah, you did," see him the other night. "I was a butcher, before I decided to accept this," fingers lift and flick his knot. "It was a good life."

Taeski gives Sevran a rather odd look. It's a long stare, brows furrowing and lips pressing into a firm line….then he relaxes again, shaking his head. "I don't like blood." Not a whole truth, but definitely not a lie. He tilts his head instead while watching the candidate, gaze flicking toward that knot and back up again. "You make it sound like you died, or something. Was a good life..and still is, I would think." Fingers give a little pluck at the bedding he's settled on, a smile finally working it's way onto his lips. "Change is..a good thing though."

Sevran laughs good naturedly. "It's not as bloody as you might think! And I didn't mean it like that. Not really. I just meant that it was… well. Good." Eloquent, he is not. "Not that being a candidate isn't good. It's just different. I liked being a butcher. And I was good at it. But it's not exactly on the chore board for a candidate." Shrug. "Sometimes change can be good. Sometimes it's nice to be… steady." He shifts a bit, standing straight so that he can resume moping, moving around the cot that Taeski's sitting on.

There's a laugh. It's small, but it's there, and Taeski smiles still at Sevran. "Well I do hear that baby dragons need cut up meat, so there may be use yet for your skills." He's definitely relaxing, at least. That odd expression has left his face, instead curiously watching the candidate do his mopping duty. "I'm..finding that the whole change thing is good. At least mostly. I've learned how to fix some things recently..since that's kind of what I do now. And I like it. Not something I ever saw myself really..doing. But here we are."

"They certainly do," agrees Sevran, ruefully. There's a knowing look on his face, and he shakes his head. "A whole lot of it. I actually used to help prepare for the hatchings. You know, slaughter and prepare the beasts as soon as the hum started. Had to work a bit fast, but baby dragons aren't picky. They don't care if the cuts are a little sloppy. It's a good way to practice, though." Shrug. "Is the drawing new, then?" he wonders. "Is that the change?"

Taeski makes a face, leaning back a fraction away from the conversation. "I don't.. How about we don't talk about the /specifics/ of what you did?" His nose scrunches somewhat, distaste….obvious. "The drawing? No. ..The working is. The..that, is." There's a gesture off toward those /doors/, though he doesn't look toward them. "Fixing things, is new. I can make stuff..draw stuff. But fixing what's broken? That's new and..well. I like that." There's a puff of air then, shaking himself out of his thoughts with an amused look at Sevran again. "And yet here I sit, distracting the candidates."

"Oh. Sorry," offers Sevran, only looking a little sheepish. "I forget that not everyone looks at it like I do." He swipes the mop back and forth in long, slow movements, silent for a moment. There's a curious, confused expression pulling his brows together. "Not sure I entirely understand you," he admits, though he knows what /those/ doors lead to. But he's not really getting the meaning behind the meaning. "Do you mean actually fixing things? Like broken… ah, chairs or something?" He snorts and swipes the mop again. "Not like mopping requires a lot of brainpower. Seriously. I could probably do this half drunk and half asleep and still make it look good."

There's a laugh again, and Taeski has to shove some hair away from his face to look at the candidate. "Yes, that's what I'm talking about. Chairs..whatever's broken. Not exactly a crafter or anything. But beats the hell out of cleaning latrines." The teen smirks a little at that, though he drops a foot down to tap at the floor. "You missed a spot, though." Probably not, but he's not the one having to mop the floor! "I'm still learning how to fix a lot of the stuff I need to work on, though. So..don't try bringing me anything and expect it to be done quickly."

"Ouch, that's low," decides Sevran, pretending to be wounded. "Latrines are not that bad. And after a sevenday of them, I'm probably a certified expert." At cleaning them. The spot that Taeski points out is glared at suspiciously, but Sevran dutifully swipes his mop over it once more. And then, with a solid *sploosh* it's dropped into his bucket again, wrung, and back to swiping. "If I break a chair, I'll be sure to find you," he decides with a smirk. "Though really… who breaks a chair?"

That smile steadily becomes a grin, and Taeski looks positively delighted for a moment. But he humms just a little, nodding at such dutiful mopping techniques! "Does that mean I should come to you if there are latrine /issues/?" Lashes lower just a bit, but the teen can't very well contain it much longer. He dissolves into laughter a moment later. If there are /latrine issues/, he's running the other way, fast. "Oh, I dunno. Shanatea did tip himself over in one the other night.. That could lead to breaking things.."

Sevran groans and rolls his eyes. Great. Now he's the latrine expert. "Watch it. Or I may just mop you," he decides, picking up the mop and thrusting the business end of it towards Taeski in a very weak threat. It's just for show, and the mop doesn't really get anywhere near the lad, if he stays where he's at. It's an empty threat, and the mop head finds it's way back to the floor quickly. "Yeah, but I don't think he broke it," he recalls. "He was in more danger of breaking his head wide open." Another eye roll.

Taeski is threatened with a mop. Keeping a straight face is..difficult. But both hands do lift in surrender, head dipping just slightly. "Well now I've been warned." Brows lift though, watching the mop end until it's taken away from it's 'threatening' position, and lips quirk up again. "Right, and when some drunken idiots get into a fight in the lounge? Broken chairs, sir. That's the sort of thing that happens." There's a slight wince though at the remembrance of Tea, head giving a quick shake. "/He/ needs to be more careful.."

"Well, yeah. If you swing it at some guys face, it's gonna break." Ask Sevran know he knows. "But normal, day to day stuff? Worst that usually happens is one leg gets loose, or the whole thing goes wobbly. Damn annoying." Swipe swipe. He's making his way slowly down the hall, circling the cot next to Taeski's now. "Does he? I don't really know him. See him a bit in the barracks, but not enough to make any decisions." Curious grey eyes peek at Taeski. "Do you know him?"

Taeski nods slowly, leaning back on his hands finally to watch the continued moppage. "True, but there's plenty of other things in the Weyr to break besides chairs. But I'll be happy to fix any wobbly legs that vex you." His feet do finally rest on the floor again next to his cot, brows lifting. "Do I know him? Only a little, and he's nice enough. Likes to be called Tea, a little strange..that sort of thing."

"Tea?" asks Sevran, frowning. "Like, the drink?" His expression says 'huh' even if his voice doesn't. "So you're not friends then?" it's conversational, really. "Hey, lemme ask you something," and he pauses again to, once more, lean precariously on the mop. "You have friends?" It's innocent, and curious, and not really meant to be as invasive as it probably sounds.

"Like the drink, yes." Taeski smiles a little at that, shrugging. "Shana/tea/ and all. I get it, even if it's odd." The question about friendship though has the teenager blinking, shooting a bewildered look towards Sevran. "I wouldn't say that..we're /not/..exactly? I don't know him very well though." His gaze falls away then, brows furrowing just a bit in thought over the topic itself. "It's not exactly something I've really considered. But it's—do I?" He looks again at the candidate, eyes wide for just a moment before shrugging. "My cousin Valerian is my friend. Does that count?"

Sevran considers the question in silence, his mouth downturned in a frown. After a moment, one side quirks up in a grin, and he shrugs good naturedly. "Sure. I mean, why not? My sister's my friend." Back to moping. "And I think that's perfectly fine. So sure. That counts." Shrug. "Who needs more than one, right?" right? Just who is he convincing now? "Does your cousin live here?"

"No, he lives down in Xanadu." Taeski isn't about to get into a conversation about /other/ family that he does have living in Half Moon though. That's a whole different can of worms. But the teen looks curious nonetheless, quietly looking Sevran over. "I figure most people would want more than a single friend. Hell, most could use them. Right?" He puffs out another breath though, a vaguely pleased look flitting across his face. "I'm glad it counts, though."

Sevran frowns a bit, intent upon his work. Or maybe intent upon a thought in his head. "Yeah, but, only having one friend doesn't mean you're weird, right?" It's rhetorical. Probably. "I mean, some people aren't the 'friends' kind of people, right? Nothing wrong with that." He stops again, this time to roll his shoulders, stretch his back, and work a crick out of his neck. "And you have more than one, then?" he wonders, an eyebrow lifting.

"Depends on who you ask." Taeski is /certainly/ not one to be judging on if a person is weird or not. But he does get up, finally, giving his arms a slight stretch behind himself before meandering around the cots. He's careful about the wet floor though as he approaches the candidate, shrugging. "I'm not a good judge of all that. And I'm not good. ..Friend material, anyway." It's added almost as an afterthought, really, but he does manage a smile, leaning just a bit into Sevran's mopping space. "But I could be one, if you want."

"Hm. Why do I feel vaguely rejected?" asks Sevran, though it's good natured in tone and expression. He's not insulted or anything, though he does look a little rueful, a vague 'I've heard that before' kind of look on his face. "Meh, maybe it's just a family trait I've inherited." He's just gonna grin and shrug and keep on mopping. "Sure. I mean, why not? As you said, people need 'em right?" Friends, that is.

Taeski snorts a little, amused. "Some family traits are better than others." The teenager clicks his tongue just a little bit though and moves away again, offering Sevran his own space back. Not /everyone/ likes being all…crowded. He turns and takes a seat right back down on his cot though, crossing one leg over the other calmly. "I've found that they really..really do. But don't say I didn't warn you."

Sevran has personal space, but he doesn't seem terribly threatened by it's invasion. Maybe he's used to it. "What exactly are you warning me about, though?" he wonders. "I mean, do you plan to backstab me? Spread vicious rumors? Get me drunk and take advantage?" He's mostly joking. "Cause if not, then I don't think I'm too worried. Besides," and this time there's a bit of a wicked glimmer in his eyes, "You don't know me, either."

Taeski barks out a little laugh, raising a brow right over at Sevran. "While that last one might /sound/ tempting…no. I don't much like alcohol anyway." His expression shutters though, grimly watching the candidate before turning his gaze elsewhere. There's a delightful shelf across the room, after all. Full of random things to stare at. "You ask around the right people, I'm sure they'll tell you plenty. Long and short of it, I'm a renegade. Or was. Still am? Depends on who you ask. I hurt people, and I go in /there/ every day to make sure I don't do it again." There's a bit of fingerpointing for those mindhealer doors, before Tae's head turns again, looking a bit sideways at Sevran. "No, I don't know you. But I barely know myself, so one step at a time, yeah?"

Though he's been generally amicable and friendly, there's a little stiffening of his shoulders and a slight hardening of his expression as Taeski confesses his situation. Sevran considers this information, a long silence stretching out between them as he concentrates on moping and thinking. "But you're here now." At the Weyr. "Does that mean you've left that behind you?" It's a pretty serious question, and his voice carries a very serious tone. "Did you like hurting people?"

Well there isn't an immediate outburst. That's…good. Right? Taeski even looks a little surprised when there's no mop flailing. Eyes do briefly widen though..then return to normal, head shaking just a little from side to side. "I thought I did. Like it, I mean. But what you're taught and what you realize are..different sometimes. When you get a little older." Brows furrow just a bit, turning a thoughtful look back again onto that rather safe shelf. "Being here now, I thought I left it behind. Had an…outburst..I guess. Pretty recently. Hurt someone." He clears his throat then and sits up a bit more, straightening his shoulders. "It's been dealt with though, and I'm trying to make sure that doesn't happen again, so..yeah."

Sevran continues to maintain the serious tone, and serious expression. "I'm not sure I understand," he admits. "You either like something… or you don't. Not that you can't change as a person, but, how do you go from liking to hurt someone, to not? I mean," and he goes back to moping just to give himself something to do, eyes on the floor now, "you got kinda squeamish about my job, but it's just 'beasts. Didn't you get squeamish with the people?"

Taeski shakes his head just a little bit, brows furrowing. "You don't question it when you're brought up that way. It's just..normal. Until you realize it's really not." Hands come up, rubbing over his face and back down again with a bit of a groan. "I don't usually talk about this stuff. You know, outside of..with a healer and all." There's a bit of a frown for that, making a face over it before he shakes his head. "I said I don't..like blood. It's not that it makes me squeamish, really it's that I don't.. I just /don't/. I don't want to be around it, or think about it if I don't have to. I shouldn't have brought it up."

Sevran is just going to concentrate on mopping for a bit, lips pressed together in thought. A few swipes side to side, although it looks like he's now mopped the same part of the floor at least twice already. "I guess," he offers at last with a shrug. "I don't know anything about it, so who am I to question?" and a bit of that tension is gone as his smile returns. "Well, you don't have to talk about it," he points out. "You could've said 'I don't wanna talk about it' and left it at that," he points out helpfully. "And yeah, you did say that." Only this time, there's no apology.

Taeski holds very still for a moment, keeping quiet as Sevran goes through his mopping motions. …And again. But there's a slight release of that tension once the candidate is smiling again, nodding once. "I know. But I kinda figure that it's just…I'd rather people hear it from me. Hiding it..doesn't do me any good." There's a small smile at that, feet beginning to tap on the floor lightly next to the cot he sits on. "People know, and word gets around. I don't want someone to be upset that they /didn't/ know if they find out later after being around me a while." The teen's head finally tilts though, brows lifting as he peers back at the candidate. "Don't want to lose a friend over it, and all."

The doors to the infirmary part as J'en pushes them open with one hand, already slipping out of his riding jacket to reveal the blood red tank top he usually wears beneath it, folding it over a forearm. He's paying no attention at all to those already inside, casting a dark look as he turns back towards the way he had come in, half turning that direction again. A completely healed six inch long scar is all that remains of the slash that was once there, bright pink but not particularly very thick. It slightly offsets some of the outer branches and a few leaves of the tree tattoo that sprawls down that upper portion of his arm from being sewn back together. "I'm goin' see?" he hisses, brows furrowed and teeth clenched. Whoever is on the other side does something that makes the bronzerider seethe even more, now grumbling to himself as the doors shut, finally turning back to the room.

Sevran's head tilts to the side, considering. "I suppose you've got a point there. It would sound worse, coming from others." Maybe. At least he's finally attending to his task again. Mop is lifted, carried back to the bucket, only this time the bucket is picked up and carried along with the candidate. Down to a new spot, a few cots away. Bucket down. Mop in. Wring. And back to work. "Is that what we are now?" he wonders. "Friends?" A glance at Taeski, and then at the door as J'en enters. It's like icewater over Sevran, as recognition dawns on his face, and he's frozen for a moment, eyes pinned to the bronzerider. Seriously. Sev has the worst luck.

"Well I did offer before. The rest I guess is up to you." Taeski does smile at that, looking almost as relaxed as he had been before. The more tense of topics has been bungled through, after all. The teen isn't exactly used to the whole..friendship forging thing, after all! But he looks pleased enough by it..although the expression freezes on the teen's face when there is a bronzerider stomping in with hissing and everything. He doesn't look, though. His head doesn't even creak ever so slightly in J'en's direction. He /should/ get up and hurry out of the infirmary, but alas, it seems that he's frozen right in place for the time being. After all, leaving would mean going in J'en's direction in the first place. So instead he just..doesn't move.

Golden eyes land upon Sevran first because he wasn't tucked out of the way but rather all out and in the open, staring at him as if J'en were about to descend upon him like a griffinhawk and carry him off like a small prey animal. A dismissive sort of snort is exhaled through his nostrils, his gaze sliding slowly over to the all too familiar figure over there on that cot who was purposefully not looking his way at all, his expression utterly blank. Little by little, his lashes lower and his chin rises up, the only change in his usual demeanor being the hardening look he gives Taeski which boarders dangerously into a penetrating stare of his own. "J'en?" A healer calls over, breaking the spell of silence that had been cast and drawing the bronzerider away. "Yeah." Flat. Toneless. He walks away, heavy boots thunking against the tile floor as follows the healer towards the back of the Infirmary and the curtain around them is closed.

When those golden-brown eyes find him, the corner of Sevran's mouth lifts, a sort of ironic-smirk that says everything and nothing in the same moment. Yup. Worst luck ever. But maybe he's safe in the infirmary, cause he relaxes fast enough, turning his attention back to his chore. A heartbeat later and he offers a salute and a "Sir" for good measure. See? He can learn. The sudden silence is rather obvious, though, so Sevran glances at Taeski, studying his posture. Hm. "Know him?" he asks.

Taeski can breathe again when J'en moves on to the back of the infirmary. Does that count as being far enough away? There's a curtain and everything. The air comes out in a rush though, eyes closing for a moment to collect himself. Only then does his gaze dart off towards where J'en had gone. Sevran is given a quick look though, and a shaky smile. "You could..say that. Used to be my weyrmate." Another breath is taken, calm managing to settle in again as he shifts from the utter tension to get to his feet. He clears his throat a little though, looking just a bit…embarrassed, really.

Sevran's eyebrows shoot upward and he doesn't even try to disguise his surprise. "Really? Huh." A look to the curtain where J'en disappeared, as if to make sure he's not about to suddenly appear and overhear them. His voice drops, just in case. "I'm guessing it didn't end so well?" At this point, the mop is just for show. Distraction reigns supreme.

Taeski does in fact look pained for a moment. "Putting it lightly." Fingers lift, scraping back through his hair nervously before his throat works, swallowing down hard. "Something happened and I reacted…beyond badly." Indeed, there's even a bit of absent rubbing of his own arm, right where the scar on J'en's arm is. "It's why I come here now. I mean..the Weyrsecond ordered it and all, but I wanted to anyway. I've never been..afraid of myself until then, so I just..yeah." Awkward now, the teenager just shifts on his feet again.

J'en is revealed to be sitting on that cot beside his jacket back there when the curtain opens not very long at all after it was closed, left that way by another infirmary worker bringing the first some paperwork and shuffling off again. The bronzerider pays no mind to either younger teen as the scar on his arm is examined, focused on the wall to his immediate right. "It looks completely healed to me, I don't think you need to come back for this." Jae nods once, but remains quiet, obeying the woman's request to turn his head towards her so she can shine a penlight into each of his eyes and takes a look at his lip. "Any headaches? Dizziness? Trouble hearing?" Exhaling softly, "No," he replies. She scribbles down some things on his chart, nodding herself. "Everything is all healed up then, but make sure if you feel strange at all to come back, okay?" Running a hand through his short dark hair, J'en drops his palms behind him and nods. "Yeah, okay, whatever."

Eyes back to the curtain or, rather the bronzerider behind it. Sevran utters a soft, "Huh. Yeah." This whole situation is getting more complicated by the second, and Sev can't help but shake his head a little, give another rueful look, and mutter something under his breath. "Can't say I've ever been afraid of myself ever," he offers louder this time, meant to be heard by Taeski at least. "Well. This is awkward." He might as well call it like it is. Ahem. He'll just go back to mopping. Like a good candidate.

Taeski can at least look over, staring for just a moment when the curtain is pushed back again. However, he turns his attention on Sevran instead, offering a small smile. "Sorry.." Indeed, Taeski is full of awkward times! He's still shifting though, and he gives a small shake of his head. "I should..really be going before he comes out of there." He straightens himself though, looking a tad better despite /all/ of the awkward going on. "Thank you. ..For listening." And hey, at least he's sincere, moving over to at least offer his hand to the candidate.

Other than his new scar, nothing about J'en had changed since the last Taeski saw him, so he was eating and sleeping well enough from the looks of it. He appears oblivious to any looks being cast his way, focused on the infirmary aide and her soft chattering about being careful and such. "Okay, you're good to go. I'll let the Weyrsecond know that you're cleared physically to resume full duties." Then her voice drops and whatever she says brings tension to the bronzerider's shoulders. "I ain't missed an appointment," he growls lowly back at her in a conversational volume, grabbing his coat as she nods and releases him from her care. "Have a good day." Shoving himself to his feet, Jae snorts much like he had at Sevran at the start, "Just gettin' better and better." This is muttered, slipping his jacket back on and tugging it over his still tight shoulders as she walks away. Now he looks to the other two boys, likely unaware of their conversation, but the proximity to one another and the extended hand by his former weyrmate seems to be enough to end whatever morbid curiosity he might have had. Adjusting the collar of his jacket, he starts for the door without a single glance spared their way again.

"Forget about it," says Sevran, giving Taeski a genuine smile. "Seriously." He bends down, snags the bucket and drags it out of the way for the teen to pass. Stands. Accepts his hand and gives him a firm squeeze. "You're welcome. I mean it." And he does. "I'm sure I'll see you around." There's a friendly smile for Taeski, and then a long look at J'en. There's a comment hovering on the tip of his tongue; his whole expression says he is just *dying* to say something to the bronzerider. But something holds him back. Maybe the sudden seriousness that has descended like a cloud over the infirmary. Maybe Sevran's own self-preservation. Whatever it is, the comment goes unspoken, and the Candidate goes back to his chores.

Taeski nods just a little, looking a tad bit relieved. And when he turns? J'en is /already/ making his way out and heading in position to make it awkward for /him/ to escape the infirmary. Well no! No sir! "Thanks again!" It's called over his shoulder as he makes a quick dash for the exit ahead of the bronzerider. See? He's doing what he's supposed to! Not at all lingering when he shouldn't. Nevermind the quick look over his shoulder at Jae as he passes. No, other than that he keeps his head down and marches right along on his way.

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