Of One's Own Making

Half Moon Bay Weyr - The Weyr of Leketh
The interior is almost what you would expect, considering the occupant's choice of riding leathers and straps. Everything is black leather, chrome and glass. Immediately upon entering the space opens up into a small living space which comfortably contains an enormous four cushioned couch, and two armchairs to match. There are two glass tables, one tall and thin situated between the chairs, and the other short and squat nestled in the middle of the setting complete with a blood red shaggy looking carpet beneath. Along the back wall is a fully stocked bar with a black stone slab counter and four tall chrome stools which seamlessly blends into a matching kitchen type area, with all cabinets for storage recessed to save on space. An island serves as both food prep and an intimate dining area with two more of those stools, a refrigerator tucked into a nook where it will not be in the way. To the right, a long row of bookshelves leading to a reading area, a strange looking machine set up on a desk across the way which occasionally makes a mechanical whirring sound, but the single chair pushed up against it says that it probably not as intimidating as it appears. The lighting in the main area is all recessed up into the ceiling, with a panel beside the entryway to control them.

To the left is complex bit of construction carved out of the very rock itself. On the bottom level is a private bathroom with latrine and a glass encased shower, as well as a workbench laid out with various tools of a computer crafter's trade, a single rolling stool the only place to perch. To access the upper level, one will have to climb. A set of stairs depicted by industrial steps affixed into stone lead up to a loft of sorts. A railing prevents accidental falls, and is just wide enough to support the low set king sized bed with its black and red bedding and two small nightstands on either side. Atop them are small electric lights which turn off and on with but a single touch. An upright piano has been tucked against the wall across from the stairs, the stool before it small enough to fit beneath, and a storage space for clothing is hidden behind a silky red curtain just there to the left. All and all it is maximizing space and convenience, but certainly lacks a warm and inviting vibe.

Going to bed early had proven futile as J'en laid awake flat on his back, staring at the ceiling with an arm draped over his forehead. It hadn't been long, a couple of months maybe, since Taeski cut himself out of his life with a single swipe of his blade. Since then, there had been only a flight lust fueled encounter with R'en and a few infrequent visits with Kielric. Receding. Drifting. Waning.

What was the point?

Visits with longer and longer periods of time between, his own libido slowly dying, until he no longer felt any need to seek his comfort. Physical desire had only lead to one mistake after another and never with the necessary emotion to cement it in place. Now that all his connections to others had been severed, he'd filled his days and nights with duty and drills until exhaustion and unconsciousness swept him away into the sweet embrace of nothingness. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Until him.

Shoulders tight, teeth clenched, the bronzerider was unable to stop the growl that escaped him into the silence of his weyr. Why was he suddenly everywhere, seeing things he was not meant to see, stirring things up and setting his blood on fire with but a single glance? He'd done his best to avoid him to set him straight and deflect that budding curiosity. Defilement. Anger. Cold.

He was unafraid.

That kiss had been a mistake, one of epic proportions, J'en had let him get under his skin, let his attractiveness and long searching looks affect him. He was so much like himself, but he wasn't damaged or broken like him, looking at him with those eyes that reminded him of everything he'd lost. All he had wanted was to sully his innocence, to batter himself against his steadfast pride, to drag him down into his darkness. Just for a moment. When their lips met, he'd expected to get the same reaction he'd gotten from L'kan when he'd made him Wingsecond. Shock. Surprise. Disgust.

But, he answered in kind.

A miscalculation, nothing more. At least that's what he told himself, rolling onto his side and blankly gazing out past the railing to the emptiness his weyr. Empty. The sentiment resounded with him, echoing outwards, and lost. It was done and over. Jae had tasted of his mouth, his tongue, and felt his body against his own. The surprise came in when what he'd thought was dead and gone, returned to the full force of life, and he was grateful when he was pushed away. But he asked him questions he didn't have any answers to, no matter how desperately he wandered the haunted halls of his own mind, and he'd lost himself there until suddenly he was standing before him. Leaning in against him. His desire burning into him and chipping away at his resolve with his unreasonable demand. Again? No, he'd answered. Not again. No. No. No.

He wanted more.

He took what he wanted, refused to be denied, and there had been lips and tongue and teeth. A second kiss and every part of him screamed for him, wanted him, ached for him. A taste was not enough and if J'en hadn't pushed him away he would have let him take him, right there. Against the fence of the corral. In broad daylight. He was dangerous. Far more dangerous than Jae ever could have anticipated, because he'd somehow found a crack in his defenses and was trying to worm himself inside. So he fled. Escape. Run. Hide.

What does he want?

J'en suspected he had some idea already and secretly prayed that he was wrong, because the thought alone scared him more than the heavily armed renegades which had once stolen away Sundari's children and Ila'den. Who'd stood in his way. Who he had slaughtered mercilessly in order to achieve his goal. No. He would not allow it. He would not let anyone else in. Curling up tightly, he hugged his pillow to him and buried his face into its softness. He would have to avoid him, that's all there was to it. Avoid him and hope that he would lose interest. Find something else to occupy his time. Someone else. Anyone else, but him.

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