The Heroism of Bronzers

Wilderness - Ridge
The path from the jungle finally peaks at the ridge, and with enough vegitation cleared a panoramic view spreads out of the land below. A wooden bench sits patiently for passers-by to stop and sit and rest.

"It's out here!" Teila calls to the bronzerider as she labors quickly up the path leading to the ridge overlooking the jungle. "Tei?!" Comes a boy's voice from somwhere beyond. The view is spectacular, the weyr visible not too far beyond… but wasn't isn't visible is the boy from where this voice came. Teila creeps towards the edge, but keeps a good foot's distance as she points frantically downward.

N'kor had been running outside the Weyr, a typical thing for him to do to alleivate his stress. But what he hadn't expected was to run up hill chasing after a young girl. Nasrinth was already alerted that there might be some trouble as well as other chains in command, so it was to be assumed that the search and rescue wing would be soon notified, as well as the healers. But for the time being, all that could be done was that the man was jogging behind Teila, "Tell me what happened?" He says between heavy breathing - not laboured, but heavy as if he's been running for a prolonged period. As he approaches the ridge, he hears the boys call but can't pinpoint the location until Teila points downward. "Keep back," he quickly warns her, putting a hand on her shoulder and moving her further back away from the edge. Well, if he was afraid of swimming he was a junky when it came to rock climbing. Having done his fair in Igen when he was on the search and rescue wing and in High Reaches in the days before he impressed, he has enough experience to climb without gear, although at a danger to his own neck. Still, he crouches low and then shimmies toward the edge of the ridge, looking down once at the edge…

Aereo is visible just over the edge. Battered and bruised, he holds his arm to his skinny form and his ankle wityh his other hand. It appears when he'd fallen he'd slid down the rock face onto a very narrow ledge over looking another 20 foot drop to another ledge. "We were…" Teila hesitates, "…trying to see who could see the farthest down. He didn't think I could see some of the stuff I saw so he, er, got closer." And as T'eo's son, the rest is history. "He slipped." Aereo, below, looks up to the reddish head of the bronzerider. "Is my dad coming?" He asks, looking oddly composed for his cradled arm and ankle.

The ridge of rock he's shimmied himself on seems stable enough, his fingers already groping and testing the rock… some places a man could simply pry loose layers of rock, but thankfully this was not the case - not completely. Some rock did come off in his hand, so he'd have to be extremely careful when it came to climbing down. He listens to Teila's story for a moment, nodding absently to it, but he calls down to Aereo, "Are you ok?" There's a pause, "Whose your dad?"

Aereo shifts a little, very slowly and obviously painfully to see N'kor better. "My arm hurts real bad…. and my ankle. Hurts to touch stuff and stand. T'eo's my dad. T'eo and Raenth. Are there dragon's coming?" A hopeful look passes over his face… but what he doesn't see is the most dangerous of all. A pair of gleaming gold eyes peer from the shadows along the ledge to the right. The only indication is a flick of a fell tail tip. The feline, however is anxious and agitated by this spindly thing on it's ledge and makes the mistake of allowing this to show with the flick of her tail tip. Otherwise she is well well camoflauged.

"Alright, take it easy," he calls down toward the young lad, "I'm N'kor, and I've got some riders coming. My bronze is coming as well. I told Nasrinth to talk to Raenth." He tells the child to calm him, thankful and relieved that although the boy fell, it just seems like broken limbs and not a broken neck or back. "Just stay put and don't move." He's about to consider getting the young girl to do something when a flick of motion catches in the corner of his eye. He has to blink three or four times as his eyes dart toward where the blur of motion came from. He lurches forward in his attempts to study the ground and rock around Aereo. There.. he sees the slightest motion of breath. The animal is so well hidden that the man isn't sure he's seeing what he's seeing. He watches the spot for any other signs of motion, to make his eyes see what gets lost in the blend of it's surroundings.

[DTU/Project] Raenth senses that Nasrinth comes like distant thunder, a rumbling that grows with the smell of smoke on the horizon - just a hint that some where something was burning, « Tells yours there is trouble. Mine says it is your's ki.. hatchling that is in trouble. »

Aereo nods to the bronzerider looking visibly relieved. "Okay," He says, but looks about to where N'kor now turns. And after a while of staring confusedly at the rock face he sees it too. Panic starts to set in as the gold eyes flick from his to N'kor and back. "N'kor…. sir…" Aereo breathes, swallowing, "That's… there's… a feline, sir." His voice rises on the last sir. But the beast, confused and agitated now by all these chatterings of multiple creatures decides that, with her cover blown, she'd better put up a good fight. A deep growl emits from her, tail twitching now obviously as she looks between the two. "Wh..what was that?" Pipes Teila from behind, having not heard her brother. This doesn't please the feline whose ears flatten to her head. She shifts her weight, focussing on the one on her ledge. She could take it out, and maybe those other would go away.

The man sees it now that it moves a little more, perhaps shifting it's weight is what made N'kor react with haste. He waves to Teila, "Stay back.." then he's calling down to Aereo, "I'm coming lad!" With out further adue, the man pivots where he had shimmied on his stomach so that feet can flip over the ledge first. Rocks crumble around him, bouncing down the ledge side. He knows there's only a limited time to make it to the boy before the cat decides to pounce. In a rush he lets his legs pull him down and searches with his boot for a good foot hold. Soon as he finds it, he lets his weight sink down on it, fingers holding him to the rock as the foot holds keep. Taking a breath he starts to manage the rock face, looking underneath his arm to note the progress of the feline. In seeing her ears flatten, he hollars in a deep grumbling voice, "GET out of here! Get!" He can't afford an arm wave, but he at least hopes his voice is enough distraction to the boy practically given to her on a silver platter.

The feline is alarmed. That wasn't supposed to happen. She rocks back on her haunches, tail lashing, but the loud noises from this spider-like two-legger is more than she wants to handle. She gives an unpleasant yowling growl, lashing out in the air at him with her clawed paw. But between these she is retreating, feeling a bit more insecure about this plan. She sits back a ways, watching… clearly her home is not too far from here for her to plant herself so.
Aereo watching in amazement as the man climbs down. But the yowl and fast movements of the feline draw his attention back to her. "Look out!" He yells, though her backing up proves no danger… yet. "She's not going away!" Panic taking hold again. There is a worried moan from up above as Teila is forced to wait, unknowing.

N'kor hears the feline like growl and spitting, pausing in his way down as he notices her moving and then leaping at him. The call from Aereo also warns him and he's able to keep out of distance and takes the warning from the feline in stride. "We must be around her den… just stay there. I'm almost to you.." With no lie, the man makes his way cautiously but quickly enough down the rock. There's a few times where it turns harry and he slips, but he manages to catch himself despite not wearing gloves and feeling the rocks bite into his flesh. He takes only a minimal risk by jumping down the rest of the way, stumbling nevertheless at a rock sliding underneath a boot heel. Catching himself, he glances over toward where the feline sits, pulling out a belt knife regardless that the cat is merely sitting in wait. Shifting toward the boy, he crouches by, looking at the arm and the ankle, "Where does it hurt in your arm? Can you move your fingers at all?"

Aereo eyes the feline the whole time of N'kor's decent, but she just growls threateningly, seemingly still daunted by the proposition of two. Less easy a kill than an injured cub. "I… I don't want to be down here anymore." The boy states rather obviously as her growls continue. But in response to N'kor's questioning he nods at his ankle and touches his arm. "My arm and my ankle… It hurts real bad." he slowly moves the arm as if to show but winces very quickly. There's a decent bloody scrape on it, but beneath that the swelling as begun. Less blood for his ankle, but definitely swelling there as well. But from above Teila lets out gasp. "Raenth!" She yells, and sure enough a bright copper dragon is rising from the jungle ahead. He's riderless, but that only means one thing… « Mine comes. » He projects with grave seriousness into the minds of the three. The feline is distracted, but not pleased. She snarles again, but Raenth keeps his distance, not wanting her to goad into attack by fear. "Daddy?" Teila yells above, her footsteps can be heard as she heads back towards the trail. There's some voices undescernable, but one deep enough that ut must be T'eo. "Dad." Murmurs Aereo, looking at N'kor hopefully.

"You won't be down here much longer," N'kor says in a reassuring voice to T'eo's son, keeping an eye on the feline incase the cat decides to attack. At this point, just having the animal watch is enough to keep him on his toes. "Dragons can't get down here to get us… there's not enough room for their wingspan from this ridge to the next. So you'll have to be moved. It will likely be painfull as we have to haul you up, but if you're T'eo's son, I doubt that will matter. You look as tough as he is." He says with a nod of his head, his voice sincere when speaking about T'eo, but if any adults were around to hear it they'd know he was saying it to encourage the boy. The appearance of the dragon quickly puts N'kor at ease, pivoting to put Aereo behind him as he regards the feline and then upward. Cupping his hand over his mouth he calls out, "We need a rope and a rescue harness!" A rescue basket would be better but, for the moment, he assumes that such equipment wouldn't have been brought along. A glance over his shoulder at Aereo, "I think so kid. Just take it easy. We'll get you out of here."

You'd be surprised what the former Search And Rescue leader would have brought with him to save his son. Raenth stays aloft, but indeed it is T'eo. "N'kor?" He calls out, for once not any animosity or derision in his tone. "Aereo? You both okay?" "There's a feline, Daddy!" Teila explains, clearly right beside him. The feline in question is most not pleased. She slinks back a little more, but her lack of full retreat is ominous. "It looks like she's going away." Aereo says hopefully. "We're down here dad!" He yells. The feline's ears flatten more at the noise. There's scuffling, an instruction for Teila to stay where she is, and much as N'kor's head had popped over the edge before, there comes T'eo's. Whisps of black over-long bangs drooping down from his plaited hair. He takes in the scene, looking lastly at the feline and frowning. His eyes unfocus a moment, talking with Raenth, and then a frown. "Well do the best you can." He murmurs, and overhead the bronze circles tightly above before peeling off into the trees again. "I wasn't sure of the sitution… If I get back to Raenth we can drop the hammock. My only worry is the updrafts will be hard for him to keep steady. Should have called one of the blues or greens… But…" He shakes his head after eyeing the feline again. "No time… I have some rope on me. That would at least get him up here." You know, where there's no cliff's edge to bash into. He looks to N'kor with a worried seriousness. They were, after all, in this together right now.

"Yeah!" N'kor calls up in acknowledgement of the voice calling down to him, keeping his eyes on the feline as his fingers curl together. "Toss me a knife would you?!" N'kor calls up, having been jogging, he's just in long board shorts and a wife beater, not really that well protected. "And maybe get someone with a bow and arrow out here pronto!" The fact that the feline hasn't retreated means she's waiting for a moment to strike. The red head looks up for a fleeting second as he catches some sound above, seeing T'eo's head pop over and for a second their eyes meet but there is no animosity there - some how bad feelings are completely forgotten in this dire situation. "Get the rope down here, fast! We'll secure it around the boy and you'll have to hoist him but. It's our only option!" Or risk a dragon bashing into the rocks.

T'eo nods and disappears a moment. "Teila… take this end and walk to over to that rock." Some shuffling. Meanwhile Aereo is looking pale but less frightened now with his father here. Still the feline doesn't like this plotting. She twitches her tail back and forth. After a moment T'eo reappears, lowering the rope with a plainsman's knife tied to the end to better avoid losing the thing or otherwise hurting someone. "Let me know when you've got him secure… Aereo, Weyrlingmaster N'kor is going to tie that rope around you, okay? I want you to pull your hurt arm in tight and hold on with your good hand." The boy nods. "I'm going to hoist you up slowly, but you give a call if you get stuck, okay?" His voice is level, but tense and Aereo nods once more. "N'kor… when he starts to come up I don't trust that feline as far as I could throw her, but I'll have to get Aereo to safety before I can help. Raenth's sent for back up so we should have a couple guards here soon… I just don't know if it'll be soon enough." Again the gravity in his face is sincere, but not an edge of fear worked into it. He's clearly given that talk before, but despite that, his words are just as sincere, as if N'kor were one of his own wingmen or sailors.

N'kor stands back a ways until the rope is lowered with the knife attached. He doesn't fumble long before he's got the knots out so he can grab that knife, which in short gets tucked onto his waist line for now. N'kor looks up once more before he takes up the slack of the rope, moving toward Aereo as T'eo talks his son through what's going to happen. "Don't be nervous. You'll get out of this fine. Just hold on tight and if I see you're stuck you know how well I can climb rocks. I'll be right behind you." This said as the red head starts to tie knots and make a stronger weave of rope to have Aereo hauled up in. In fact, as he constantly looks over his shoulder he's made a makeshift harness with a foot strap, "This goes underneath your good foot, it'll help support you." He fits the rope around Aereo, tying and lashing the ropes quickly. Some how, in minutes, the man has made it so that the rope will not put pressure underneath the bad arm nor put any on the bad leg. He really ought to be on the search and rescue wing himself. He doesn't look panicked either, he merely seems to do what has to be done, smiling encouragingly at the boy, "Courage now. You're ready to get out of here. Here. I'll help you stand." Putting an arm underneath the boy's shoulder, he helps support Aereo, turning his eyes up and flashing a universal signal to T'eo that the boy is secure.

Aereo nods to N'kor, positioning himself in the rope harness as needed and bearing on the Weyrlingmaster for support. "Thank you." He murmurs. "You'll be okay, right? I mean, she's staying over there." He nods towards the feline. But at that moment T'eo, who disappeared at the sign, starts to pull him up. Aereo looks back around quickly to focus on the rope and the cliff wall. Slowly and rhythmically he's being lifted. Though no one would know save Raenth, T'eo actually tends to use sea-calls in his head for such things, hence the steady rhythm. It's a secret Raenth would never betray, but makes amusing reading. As Aereo is lifted the feline does indeed feel more emboldened. She's stopped growling, but has crouched low as the young twolegger calls much of N'kor's attention. If he turns back to notice these changes it is entirely too late. She's not getting out of this stressful mess without a meal, and leaps forward with a savage bellow, claws outstretched to take him down.

Supporting the kid doesn't seem much of a burden for the Weyrlingmaster, though he does remain supporting him until T'eo starts to hoist him up. N'kor nods at the boy with confidence showing through, "I'll be fine. Just concentrate on holding on." The bronzer watches with squinted eyes, narrowing his eyes on the length of rope, trying to determine if the angle of the rope will cause any problems with snagging or fraying. Backing away from the cliff face slowly, his senses tingle as he hears the rocks behind him shift… It happens in rather slow motion. His awareness sky rockets. His eyes widen and his breath catches as his chin turns to catch him a glance of what's happening behind his back. A blur of fur is what greets his vision in those split seconds… In fast motion the cat is large enough that her actual savage leap has caused the red head to crash against the cliff wall. The man pivoted just enough to prevent his vitals from being slashed, yet he still gets pinned up against the cliff face all the same with a snarling hissing beast tearing into his flesh. The sounds caused by the entanglement are both human and feral cat, hissing spitting, a painful hollar, a painful cat-like sound… the struggle to survive is on, for both man and beast.

T'eo and Aereo are both very aware of the noises at once. But as Aereo jerks aroudn to look T'eo has to prop his foot on the rock he's been using to avoid losing his grip. "Boyo! Hold steady!" He calls. Teila behind him looks beside herself with panic. "But the Weyrlingmaster!" The boy can see the scene all to well below him. "Dad!" I know!" T'eo growls, but more from effort than anger. "I need to get you up here so I can go help!" Aereo seems to understand, pulling himself close to the rope again and allowing his father to continue to pull as he listens to the horrible sounds below.

The feline's plot had worked! Not that she's a particularly cunning beast, but she rips into the man's flesh with her knife-like claws, snapping with her teeth for his throat, but the angle of the fall isn't helping her any. She instead sinks her teeth into his right shoulder just below his neck. A failed attempt, but still a crippling one.

Life and death flash before one's eyes in situations like these. It's back to the basics. A primal struggle to survive. Kill or be killed. Some where while the pain sears through his body as those lare feline teeth sink into his shoulder and he fumbles to keep them away from his neck, his other hand desperately searches for the knife. Though he does lash out at her using the rock face behind him to kick with his feet, thrashing upward into her rib cage. He also knows that if she gets her own back feet up, he's done for. The feline's back claws could shred a man to bits in seconds with their powerful thrust. However, it's likely that the position he's fallen in will prevent her from doing that for at least a few moments. With her teeth crunching through bone, it causes a tingling sensation in the said arm, making it rather useless, and so the knife is gripped in the other. A sloppy swing has the knife strike her shoulder blade.. not nearly her neck as he was aiming for.

T'eo can now see Aereo's head just at the cliffs face. He secures the line, with Teila to watch it and rushes forward to pulls his son up. As he does so he can see the struggle going on below. Aereo is scooped up but his aching arms and carried over to the bench that overlooks the view, but rather than place the boy in it, he sets him down near it. "Teila, help your brother get untied and stay with him." He directs before promptly kicking him foot through the wooden slats of the bench. Perhaps it was adrenalin, for it certainly shouldn't have given way so easily. He wrenches a piece from the hold, sharply spintered at one end, and pulls his bootknife out. It only takes a moment and Aereo's rope is sawed through. He unsecures the line to give him a few feet, knots the end, and he's over the edge. "Dad!"

A bellow of anger and pain comes from the feline as N'kor stabs her shoulder. She struggles with her claws to stay on him, but her roar had caused her to release with her jaws. Rocks fall over head, but she pays them little heed. This one is not getting away! She scrapes against the rock and the backs of his legs, trying to get her grip before quite suddenly something has fallen on her, jerking her sideways… and is beating her head relentlessly! T'eo had acted very recklessly, but also very sailorly, swinging from the dangling rope towards his target. He'd almost overshot, but grabbed desprately to the feline's strechy flesh. Unluckily for N'kor, but more so for him, she'd focussed more on not rolling over, her uninjured foreleg digging into N'kor's back and ripping as she's torn back. But her hindlegs can't get the grip and as she flails under the sudden smacking with the bench board, she find herself rolling over. She twists to avoid it, but it leaves her very exposed to her original prey.

Due to the felines motions his intentions of pulling the knife free went hindered and he loses grip of it as it falls to the rocky ground underneath them, just out of reach. The shock of the pain racing through him from her numerous attempts at getting a hold of him makes him even slower to respond, but he's still got enough sense to keep her teeth away from his face and neck. Still, his fingers stretch for the knife he dropped and desperately cries out as he can feel her claws shredding more of his flesh. He was going to die. Even Nasrinth couldn't do anything about it, the poor beast left to wing dangerously low with pitiful attempts to reach N'kor. But this was between the feline and N'kor.. and luckily at least T'eo is the one that causes the feline to shift on him, even if she does drag her claws through his back.. By this time, blood is every where and his hand is slick with it as he reaches for the knife.. It must be his own adrenaline that finds him reaching that extra distance to grab it, or his good fortune that T'eo was being wreckless for once in his life. With time running out, he grasps the knife and leaps at the feline with it, plunging it into her breast…

There's wheezing roar and a lasting flail of sharp and bloodied claws, but it doesn't last long as T'eo grunts and shoves, rolling the feline out fron N'kor's grip and over the edge… knife and all. But perhaps that was a little dumb, because he finds himself scrambling along the edge, digging his knife into the loosed rock. His feet search the clifface, getting a small wedge by which to push himself back up from, and with a good amount of wiggling and grunting he is back on solid… ledge. Joy. He lays there a moment, gasping. "Raenth…" He says alloud between pants. "How… far away?" And attempts to roll himself over. His fingers hit sticky dirt.. blood. He raises his eyes, not even registering Raenth's answer to look at N'kor. "Shards, man." He murmurs. "Come sit down…" Tho he has to shove himself into standing position in the first place… taking off his vest as he goes.

The weyrlingmaster staggers back as T'eo flips the animal over the edge… Thankfully T'eo can save himself at this point because N'kor's taken a heavy seat on the ground with the portion of his back which hasn't been clawed up resting against a boulder there on the ledge. He's sort of slumped against it, with his right arm limp at his side and his legs kicked out and also showing signs of scratches and gashes. His head is bowed and his red hair tusselled up, short pieces clinging to his sweaty forehead. The red head looks to be breathing normally though it seems the man's concentration is fierce for him to keep his body from going into shock. His blue eyes snap over at T'eo's voice, and amusingly enough, even as N'kor looks at the gaping wound and fleshy tears on his shoulder, he grunts, "I can't heal this by myself. I think I need help…"

T'eo tosses his vest to the side and starts shredding bits of shirt. "You think?" He teases, and indeed the tone, though tired and gravelly, is definately joking. "Well, that's awfully insightful of you. Here… hold that to your shoulder." He hands him a large wadded up chunk of shirt. Both men are not visible from the ridge, sitting on a ledge below it where N'kor is bleeding heavily from many gashes and a bite mark in his shoulder, curtosy of a protective feline. "Teila?!" T'eo calls. His daughter and son are sitting next to a broken bench, with rope scraps beside them. The boy, Aereo, clearly has a broken arm and sprained ankle. The girl, Teila, is unscathed, but frightened. She looks visibly reassured, but still tentative at her father's voice. "Dad?" Comes her nervous reply. "Yeah, we're alright… the feline's gone. Folks are coming and I need you to help them with your brother and stay with him, okay?" There's a lack of dragons for the updrafts reaching up the ridge are too dangerous to get closer than a few leagues above and below the plateau for the giant bronzes, however Raenth and Nasrinth are circling as close as they ever dare, looking out for help and for their own riders, projecting the severity of the sitution as help comes near. "Thank you… by the way." T'eo murmurs after a moment. "I'm forever in your debt for my son."

N'kor looks like hell, to be frank. He's propped up against a boulder with his good side more or less supporting him, though it's hard to tell good from bad because there happens to be blood just about every where on him. He's only in board shorts and a wife beater, nothing to really protect him. "Didn't have my lucky jacket…" he hisses between his teeth, his eyes rolling a bit as if he would pass out, yet he seems to gnash his teeth and fight off the suffcoating dizziness. It might even look like, for those who just arrive on the scene that the two men below, should they be pointed to them at that moment, could have likely been the cause of the blood mess, as the feline body is not visible. He takes the bundled cloth as T'eo positions it, holding it there, "I'm feeling really woozy…" He proclaims even as he holds the cloth over the puncture and tear wounds. His head rolls down a bit, "I'm in bad shape…" he murmurs, closing his eyes as he collapses a bit more against the boulder, unable to fathom the strength to keep himself up right. His eyes open however at T'eo's last, taking in the man's words with a nod, grunting "We're square…"

Not entirely unexpected, and yet seemingly by miracle the Weyrleader's whistle and voice are heard, dropped as it is now to a light basso so it will carry. "Hello…!?" His voice does indeed carry. "Glyith got your distress message… say your most urgent needs first!" "More are on the way…" A'ven chuckles a little, "That'll teach every dragon in this weyr to wear their straps and be ready to fly…." Not everyone is a healer ready to jump at the call, after all.

The worried calls of Raenth and Nasrinth doesn't fall entirely on deaf ears, and from the direction of the Weyr comes the form of Bennueth, spreading her wings to catch the draft as it brings her far above her wanted destination. Correcting her attempts to drop her rider to the ridge, she croons worriedly to the two bronzes that fly over head, circling once as Rea looks down over Bennueth's shoulder to the ridge, and then the outlaying land beyond that might allow her to land. Less then a minute, and the gold turns on wing again, bringing herself about to a spot that she can lower her rider down, the Weyrwoman extending her straps and harness to scale down Bennueth's limb and land on ground that's relatively close by… but still a bit of a walk. « She comes. » Hot desert winds relay to dragon above, and rider below, the golden queen flying up to watch as her rider ascends to the ridge, Rea taking a moment to try to pick her way over the where she sees the bronzes, and now Bennueth, circling about. "N'kor… T'eo?" She calls out, to make direction of where they are on the ridge, since her view from the ground isn't like the one available to her in the air. She hears A'ven then, turning to look to her Weyrleader, seeing if maybe he sees their location. "Bennueth heard Nasrinth's worry, and we struck out as soon as I could make sense of where they were…" She tells to him, turning back to the ridge.

T'eo fixes his mouth in s grim but determined line, doing his best to bind the worst of the wounds first. He wraps a scrap of shirt around and ties it. If only he could get to his emergency kit. But Raenth said help was coming. "C'mon, Nalk, stay with me.. just a bit longer. You're not getting out of my company that easy yet." He goes for a patch of claw marks next, straining his ears for voices as Raenth continues to badger the rescuers. Teila looks up at the voice. And in a moment she's on her feet running towards him and the Weyrwoman. "Ooh! Weyrleader, sir! My dad! My dad and the Weyrlingmaster! They're over the edge! And Aereo, that's my brother, sir, he's over here… there was a feline… and N'k-that is, the Weyrlingmaster, he went over after my brother and then my dad showed up and…" Hearing Teila's babbling, A'ven's call and Rea calling their names, T'eo is on alert. "A'ven! Over the edge, quick. N'kor's got the worst of it, I fear!"
The use of a nickname has the red head blinking a few times, a sluggish response as his eyes slide toward the Weyrsecond. Despite the circumstances he smirks at the other, only to reach out at T'eo with a hand to grasp a bundle of T'eo's shirt, holding him there for a moment. There's a look that passes from the Weyrlingmaster to the Weyrsecond, it's an unspoken truce, a silent understanding. Whatever he was going to perhaps say is taken away as he sucks in a breath as T'eo wraps cloth around his lower leg wounds, his hand dropping from T'eo's shoulder with a nod.

A'ven makes preparations to descend. Now is not the time to let a little thing like, 'I've never done this before' get in the way. He ties a strong climbing line to Glyith's back leg, with some apologies to his friend for using him for such base purpose — and begins to make his way down like life depends on it…because it very well might. He calls back to Rea, "We're going to need a better system than this, it's not fast enough, can you rig something better for the others to get down here?"

Rea hears T'eo's call to A'ven, and his children up on the ridge and makes a quick dash for them as A'ven uses Glyith as a line down the cliff. "It's alright, we'll find some way to get them up here, and safe…" She says to Teila, hoping the gentle reassurance will calm the girl a little. Looking over the edge a bit, Rea tries to get a look to the view below, and gets a bit of a glimpse of T'eo and N'kor, covering her mouth at what she sees. "N'kor!" She calls in a bit of agony, seeing a part of his shoulder past T'eo and the Weyrsecond binds up some of the wounds on the Weyrlingmaster. If she had meant to calm, she had failed for a moment at this, as the horror crosses over her face… it isn't until A'ven speaks to her that she forces herself to look away, and come at hand with the situation. "Right. I think D'nier has some experience with cliff scaling… Miner background and all." She says to A'ven with a bit of a quivering voice, before her eyes glaze over a little, pausing a second, "Bennueth says they're on the way…" She frowns a little, seeming at odds with this element. She's got basic idea in first aid, and dragonhealing… but, cliff scaling was never one of those things covered in her training. It takes a few minutes, but the rider does show up with a few ropes at hand, along with a few of his own wing, Archipelago. "Took a minute or two, mm?" Rea nods to the riders, who answer the distress call a bit later then the Weyrleaders, but are probably a bit more prepared, with ropes and the like. Stepping over to T'eo's children, she has a look at Aereo and Teila. "Are you two alright? Lets have a look at that arm, mm?" The Weyrwoman says, gently examining the child's arm, and ripping away one of her long-sleeves in order to wrap and possibly sling the broken limb.

T'eo watches Rea as she peeks over the edge. He looks from her to N'kor and back. The expression on her face and the sound of her voice cut him as much as if his own child had made such sound. "He'll be okay, I promise Rea." And the arrival of the Archipelago wing is welcomed. The riders decend with an emergency sling and pullies… as they should. He kicks himself for not having brought them with him origionally. "Go head and lower it down… I can get him in it." He directs and the canvas is slowly lowered. Teila looks to the Weyrwoman at once, her brother having been watching the other riders as they lower the sling down to his father and N'kor. Teila gives him a nudge, rousing him. "I'm okay… Is the Weyrlingmaster going to be okay?" He lets her examine his arm, however. But neither child has seen N'kor or their father since T'eo lept over the edge. "Is dad okay?" Teila asks, biting her lip in much the fashion of her mother. T'eo sets the canvas out beside the younger bronzer. "N'kor? I need you to brace on me and just scoot over here onto this." He gently puts his arm around the man's toro where the wounds are less.

A voice calls from above, and the bloodied red head crans his head up - which was a bad idea for the instant he does it he's nearly consumed with a sickening dizziness. He has to instantly draw his head back down, abruptly thankful for the boulder there or else he'd be flat on his back by now. Something's going on overhead and he attempts to focus on T'eo, and he abruptly laughs at the situation, which turns into a groan of agony after a bit. "My pain tolerance is high…" he starts with a shudder as he tries to prop himself up back instead of sitting there limp against the boulder, slinging his good arm around T'eo, sucking back another breath, "Get that.. feline pelt for me.. would ya?" He says with a comical tone to his voice as he shuffles over onto the canvas accordingly, grunting quietly to T'eo, "We'll go for beers, you and I." It's not a question, it's spoken as if fact.

A'ven arrives at the bottom, looking scared and sweaty, just in time to stablize N'kor for what he knows may not be an easy ride back up. There are rocks up there, after all, big jutty sharp ones. Of most immediate concern, since N'kor seems to be breathing and talking okay, is his blood loss. A'ven slips off his emergency bag and tends to that, improving T'eo's hasty work, and adding a pungent red herb to stop the bleeding. Mind you, the herb stings pretty bad, but a little discomfort to save a life is a good trade. He props up N'kor's head and covers him with his own jacket. "He might not make it to the top if we don't treat for shock…" A'ven says. He recites an old mnemonic, "If the face is red, raise the head — if the face is pale… raise the tail.." under his breath, tucking in the blanket.

If Rea had known her call would cause pain, she probably wouldn't do it, but considering she's over with T'eo's young children, she's blissfully naive that she has caused more harm to the Weyrlingmaster. Someone has to care for the injured child, after all… even though a rescue attempt is happening behind her. She smiles at Teila and Aereo, keeping her voice genuine despite her own inner doubts. "They'll be perfectly fine. See those riders?" And she points to the Archipelago Wing behind her, "Western has them trained to deal with things like this al lthe time… your d-dad, and N'kor, are in the best of hands. A'ven's a Journeyman Healer, too!" She adds the last, looking over her shoulder to A'ven and his efforts, before turning back and swiftly wrapping the boy's arm, and then ripping what's left to stabalize his ankle — just to make sure, since she isn't an official healer. "Your dad is fine… he's playing hero!" She adds a bit, with a grin to cheer the two children, finishing the touch on Aereo's ankle and making sure both wraps, and the arm sling, hold well.

"SON OF A B" is N'kor's immediate gripe with A'ven's treatments… perhaps purely out of the added shock of the stinging red herb being applied to his skin.. His hand immediately shoots out and grabs a hold of A'ven's collar… drawing him close in an abrupt reaction from the added pain seeping deep into his bones. He holds A'ven close if the other man doesn't do anything, looking ready to punch him square in the face or something.. but, his other arm is out of commission and the fire that's racing through his body due to the addition of the herb makes him slowly loose grip on A'ven's shirt. His arm starts shuddering a bit and there's a string of curses coming out of his lips before he starts to slump back, "Son of a…" he repeats and starts to go in and out of consciousness…

T'eo gives his signature half-smirk as he helps the man shift into the sling. "Sure…" T'eo murmurs. "Maybe you can find me one I like, vintner." PleHe looks up to the Weyrleader, allowing him room to attend to N'kor. When N'kor swears aloud T'eo moves forward to help restrain him, but after a moment it's irrelevant. Aereo winces as Rea binds up his arm and leg. "It's my fault." Says Teila quietly. "I shouldn't have dared you Reo, I'm sorry." Aereo shakes his head, but remains silent now. He watches the progress beyond them while Teila moves on to tell Rea what happened. "I found the Weyrlingmaster on the trail… and he climbed down after Reo without a rope or anything! Cause there was a feline… I didn't see it… They made me stay back. But then dad came and they started to pull Reo up and there was roaring and yelling and Dad almost lost Reo… and then he pulled him up and he kicked in that bench over there…" She points at the wooden bench with a board missing and a hole splitting the seat in two. "And took the rope and just hopped over the edge…" She looks over at the ridge again too. "I don't know what happened after that. There was yelling and growling and then Dad called to us and said they was okay…" She pauses. "And then… then you guys came." She finishes a bit lamely.

A'ven tries to soothe N'kor in his pain, "I know… I know it hurts…" "Just try and relax.", that's what they all say — except that A'ven is saying it through gritted teeth as he holds back his own wince from the strength of N'kor's grab for his collar. "Well, now, that part of you is strong at least.", he quips. "Hold still and try to be calm, we'll get you out of here and then…" He begins to think about the best way to get him to Healer Hall or at least Western for advanced care. "Can't risk between… if we can help it." he says to himself. ".. A relay would take too long…" He nods to T'eo and tugs the rope, hopefully the people at the top will get the idea to start pulling. While N'kor is headed up, A'ven looks to T'eo's son, concerned eyes sweep the boy head to toe, silently cataloging and taking note of the injuries there.

When the scream reaches Rea's ears, she forces herself calm by shutting her eyes, her jaw ticking slightly as she grits her teeth together harder then she probably should, while Bennueth about calls out, twisting overhead with the two bronzes, a crying little whail in worry. Shaking herself a little, Rea forces herself to focus on Teila's explenation as she finishes the bandages on Aereo. "It's not your fault, you couldn't have know that feline was down there… there used to not be felines on these isles…" She mumbles off, placing a hand on Teila's shoulder to reassure her. "Don't blame yourself for things you can't control, lass… it'll eat you, if you do." Rea would know that, from personal experience. Turning to Aereo, she smiles a bit at him. "Think you can make it on your leg, or would you prefer to use me to lean on?" She inquires of the child, figuring him old enough to know his own capabilities. "We'll get us all safe back to Western, in no time… and the Healers there can take a look at you all, to make sure everything is well…" She turns to the ledge where the others are, "How's it going, down there?" She calls, waiting for a response from A'ven, and potentially those down the side, though those at the top are giving her a thumbs up.

—- End Log. FTB.

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