A Hut Raising

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

The sun has risen on Western and it slowly begins to make it's way across the sky as mid-morning comes upon the weyr. People begin to slowly fill the beach, hoping to make the most of their day before the heat drives them indoors. But off to the side, farther along the shore, the beach seems almost deserted…except for a large stack of flat woodboards upon which is…a woman. Dressed in shorts and a shirt, Jeyinshi lies on the wood pieces. Her arm is draped across her face, covering her eyes and on her stomach there's a medium sized red, metal box. At first glance, it seems as if the dolphineer is sleeping, but the combed hair and slightly tensed muscles indicate otherwise.

Among those slowly heading for the lagoon is one figure that sticks out for the sole fact that he's obviously not dressed for swimming. Kelthero veers off once he hits the shore; dressed in a short-sleeved tunic, work pants and boots despite the warmth of the early morning. The guard is also carrying a large sack slung over one shoulder; a smaller bundle tucked under his arm and a decently sized water skin in his other hand. It's not hard to spot the stack of boards and definitely not hard to miss the dolphineer on top if one knows where to look and so it doesn't take long for Kelthero to cross the lagoon. "Sleeping on the job already, Jey?" he calls out in his best teasing voice as he swings the large sack off his shoulders, letting it fall to the sand with a muffled thump and the clink and clang of various tools within. The smaller bundle and water skin are treated a little gentler and set somewhere safer. Then he simply crosses his arms across his chest, looking straight at Jeyinshi with a grin that he privately hopes doesn't betray his nervousness. "Ready for this?"

Jeyinshi takes the arm from her eyes, opening one slowly towards the sound of a familiar voice. If she's at all surprised by the arrival, she doesn't show it. Instead, she chuckles softly and makes a small face at the guard before dropping the box on the sand and swinging her legs down to sit up. "I couldn't help it, waiting for you got so bording that my eyes just closed on their own." The dolphineer teases back before standing and straightening out her clothes. Clanking bundles get a cursory glance, but Jey's gaze is quick to head over to the smaller bundle before finally coming back to rest on the guard. "Ready!" Jeyin plants two fists on her hips, lifting her chin up and smiling widely at the guard. She's the picture of confidence. All of which is completely unwarranted. "You….haven't seen Lorenze have you?"

"I'm not that late!" Kelthero begins to fire back, only to frown a little. "Am I?" He then chuckles, a hand coming up to scratch the back of his head when she makes a face at him. "Okay, so maybe I am a little late getting out here. I had to stop to get a few things." His hand now gestures idly to the sack, bundle and water skin, noticing Jeyinshi's wandering gaze. "Extra tools, snacks and water." He gives by way of explanation, followed by a grin when the dolphineer stands and straightens herself out. "Great!" Kelthero's bright mood seems to falter a bit for a moment and he gives a bit of a shrug. "No, I haven't. I tried sending a message like he requested. I'm guessing you haven't seen him either?"

"Not really. And even if you were, all would be forgiven. Because of that." Jey points to the snack containing bundle. Of /course/ food would solve everything with her…well, almost everything. "If I've sent a message, he hasn't replied." The dolphineer shrugs casually as she says this and turns to begin taking down pieces of wood. Nonchalance is slightly ruined however as the dolphineer's eyes move, directing a sidelong glance at the guard. "Have you seen Mari lately?" The sentence is also said in a pleasureable manner, though as the words leave her mouth she turns her gaze back to the wood, hefting a piece up and swaying a bit under it's weight. "I've got the structure plans somewhere. Lets get this unstacked first though."

"The food?" The guard turns to glance where he's stashed the food bundle and water skin and then chuckles. "Well then, remind me to always carry snacks from now on." He teases lightly, before continuing in a more serious manner. "Can't be working on something like this and not have something to refuel with. Sun will probably get to us by noon." The guard predicts as he steps forwards to help Jeyinshi with the boards. "Ah, pity. His experience on building would have been nice." He turns his head to give the dolphineer a wide smile, but it all but vanishes when she asks him about the Eastern girl. So rather then a smile, she's given a frown and a puzzled look that borders on annoyed. "Uh, no? Why would I?" He looks tempted to prod the dolphineer further, but holds his tongue - perhaps wisely. As she sways a little, the guard takes a hold of the other end to steady the weight. "You have the area marked out where you want this thing too?"

"I'll write you a reminder note." The dolphineer smirks a bit before her face falls into a small bit of a frown. "Nah, I don't think we really need him. We've got two good heads, we can figure it out ourselves." Jey pretty much avoids looking at anything but the wood as she shrugs, "I don't know….you two seemed to like each other enough…." She begins walking backwards, heading a little ways off and nodding, "It's not really marked off per say. I just know that I want it riiiight….here!" Jey suddenly stops in her tracks and begins lowering her end of the wood beam. Once its on the ground she slips a hand into her pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper. "Here are the plans. It looks simple enough right?" She crouches down, straightening it against against the sand and looking at it closely.

"Good point." Kelthero's reply is simple and quick, as the guard is more focused for a time on getting a good hold of another plank of wood and then safely lifting it from the stack. He does notice that Jeyinshi is avoiding looking at him when she replies and it finally dawns on the guard. "You're not jealous, are you?" he blurts out, unable to catch himself before he speaks this time. He smirks, "I was being friendly to a visitor. That's all." There's truth to those words and in his eyes - he at least is staring directly at Jeyinshi even if she won't make eye contact with him. But he's not here to pick arguments with the dolphineer; he's here to help build her a hut. So when the plans are pulled out, he carefully drops the board he had been moving and wanders closer to glance down at it. "It does look simple. We should be able to do this no problem." Kelthero eventually gives his agreement after a moment or two of thought.

"Jea….lous?" The dolphineer looks up sharply before looking right back down and sitting fully on the sands know. "Why would I be jealous? You were just being friendly. Of course I'm not jealous." She's either in denial or far too proud to admit it, or perhaps its a mixture of both. "Right? Nothing too fancy or anything that'll stick out. But it does have that sort of porch kind of thing I was talking about earlier. I'll probably be able to do all the cooking for the barbeque out there. And it's only one room, so we don't have to worry about getting walls and such put up. I don't need actual windows, just a couple of squares cut out of the wood that I'll cover up with some cloth or something. Sound alright?"

Obviously not buying into her reply, Kelthero's brow quirks upwards at Jeyinshi's reaction. "Alright." He says, drawling it out a little as he hesitates on either pushing the dolphineer further into admitting it or simply letting it drop - he chooses the latter. "Just wanted to be sure." As the plans are reviewed, the guard nods his head along in agreement, a grin slowly returning to his features. "Even with the patio, it'll be easy enough. So, it sounds all right to me. If it's what you want, we'll do it!" With that, Kelthero moves away a little to where he dropped the larger sack earlier in the sand. Crouching down, he unfastens the one end, "I guess we start by some digging? Figure we'll have to anchor this thing that way." He asks while he begins pulling out various tools and roughly organizing them.

"You don't believe me." She doesn't believe herself. But then she drops the subject, instead looking over at the bag of tools, slightly surprised. "We have to dig? Hmm….that makes sense actually. Did you bring an extra shovel? If not I can start cutting up some of the wood." Jey stands, walking over to look at the tools over the guard's shoulder. "I guess the hammering and nailing comes later then. I brought extras of those in that box over there." The dolphineer hitches a thumb towards the metal box smirking a bit. "One of the smithcrafter's also gave me a lock for the door, that's in there too." After what happened to her tent, a lock was the one thing that Jeyin had /forced/ herself to get.
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"Not for a second" Kelthero quickly replies, but does it with a smile before letting the subject drop for good. He then chuckles, "Yeah, we have to dig. Not too deep, but enough that your hut is going to be stable and not topple over in a strong wind." At the mention of an extra shovel, the guard rummages around and manages to find two decently sized ones, sliding one over closer to the dolphineer. "Here's one, if you want it. Otherwise, you could start cutting wood if you feel comfortable with that. Actually, maybe it is better if we split tasks at first." When she gestures to the box, he follows with his gaze and then nods. Standing, he takes a hold of the other shovel, driving the tip of it into the sand as he leans on the handle. "A lock?" Kelther begins to ask, then remembers what Kiley told him. He coughs slightly, trying not to grimace. "Ahh, well, that'll be for the very last, I think." Shaking his head, he straightens and takes a deep breath. Glancing back to Jeyinshi, he hoists the shovel over his other shoulder as he asks, "Mind if I keep the plan with me for a second? Need to figure out the measurements."

Jeyinshi nods, "Oh, that definitely makes sense. When we're on call during storms I'll have to stay out here. If it blew over…." The dolphineer shakes her head before looking over at the tools, eyes settling on a saw. The way she smiles at it with complete and utter confidence should probably be a source of worry. Jey looks up at the sun then, sighing, "Shards, mid-morning and it's already getting hot out. At least this area of the beach is pretty deserted. This would take longer and be much more difficult with vacationers running around." The dolphineer picks up the saw then, taking it over to the moved wood and placing it down before picking up the building plans and striding back over towards the guard. "We should probably get the measurements done before I start cutting, shouldn't we?"

Speaking of vacationers running around making things difficult, here's one of them right now! Mari comes jogging down the beach away from the more densely crowded areas, clad once again in her black bikini (apparently the only article of swimwear she owns). So much for peaceful productivity away from the throngs of tourists. Her jogging draws down to more of a walk when she spots the construction, and turns even slower when she spots the two familiar people working at the hut in progress. "Heeeey!" She calls out with a grin and a wave, turning to head in their direction.

"Exactly. I'd feel beyond terrible if you got crushed…" Kelthero adds in, unable to keep the humor out of his tone even though he meant to be serious. He doesn't seem concerned that the dolphineer seems eager to work with the saw - not yet at least. Right now the guard just seems anxious to start digging. He's watching the sun too and seems to already be feeling the effects of the warm morning. "We better get the worst of this out of the way by the noon hour or we'll be baked alive." He notes, before chuckling. "I'd seriously question your judgment if you had chosen a spot in a high traffic area. This will be just fine, I think." Reaching out, he gently takes the plans from Jeyinshi's hands, frowning as he does his best to commit the measurements to memory. "Mmm, yes. Measure first, that much I know." Kelthero replies, glancing up briefly to give the dolphineer a quick smile before looking away and at the swatch of land currently slated for work. He frowns at it, most likely trying to work out the measurements in his head. One thing to read it and then do it, it seems. But he's distracted when a voice suddenly calls out and the guard turns to see Mari heading their way. The wave is returned with his free hand, the other is currently gripping the handle of a shovel resting over his shoulder.

Idris strolls down the beach to join the gathering, for once out of her apron though not without a touch of the kitchen in the large basket she's carrying. "Hey! Too many people in the kitchen so I'm done!" the baker beams, and swings up the basket. "Figured I'd bring along lunch stuff for later." She sets the basket down, and a glance would reveal a cold box that likely contains meats, cheeses and fruits, bread, crackers, fingerroots, cups and a jug of water. Idris takes off a backpack and props it against the basket, then removes an umbrella and shades the basket against the sunshine. All set to wait. That done, Idris meanders closer. "So… what can I do to help?"

Kiley is wandering out to the lagoon with a purpose, not just to meander about. She is free from her laptop again and she is alone as she searches. It is the gathering that draws her attention and she brightens as she makes her way over. "Jey. I was coming to see if you had started." And from the looks of it, she has. The computer crafter smiles a little and then considers everything there. "How long will it take you to make it?" A questioning look is then tilted towards Kelthero, with her brows lifting. It lingers for only a brief minute as she turns attention to the others and nods greetings to both Mari and Idris. "Hello you two. How are you doing?"

Jeyinshi looks up at the sound of a girl's voice and smiles before waving. "Hey Mari. Enjoying the beaches?" The greeting is short however and the dolphineer turns back to Kelthero, grinning cheekily, "Would you? I thought you might throw some kind of party or something once I got crushed. No one to make you do paperwork or manual labor anymoreeee." Soon enough however, Jey's own expression is turning a bit serious as she studies the plans. The sudden arrival of even /more/ people soon has attention wandering though. Idris is spotted….with food, and Jey breaks into a wide grin before giving the guard a quick shoudler bump. "Look. Everyone knows to bring food when I'm around! Heya Idris. Have I told you that you're my new favorite kitchen worker yet?" The little gathering may have just turned into a hut-raising party. "Kiley! We just started. It'll probably take a few hours yet. Still getting the foundations and measurements worked out at this point." Jey looks around at each person, smiling before shaking her head and laughing softly. "I should've told Sungie to come this morning instead of this evening. He would've been so excited to see so many people here."

Mari shoots the guardsman a grin. "I would've tried sneaking up on you again to see if it works better this time, but I'm not sneaky enough to manage that on a wide open beach." She looks over the construction in progress, curiously. "Is this the pre-party hut building?" Because that's how it works. The construction is a prelude to partying, which is the main event. "Neat. Uhm, anything I can do to help?" Not that she's exactly dressed for it, but she seems eager to pitch in all the same. Jey's question earns a bright smile. "I love this beach! It's so warm, and pretty." The familiar Kiley approaches, and earns a wide grin and wave in return. "Hey yourself!" The other new arrival, Idris, is someone she doesn't recognize, but beams at all the same. "Hi! I'm Mari."

Kelthero seems surprised when Idris also joins them and then Kiley not too far behind. The food basket brought by the baker is given the longest look however and the guard is soon grinning. "Ahh, well it looks like I didn't have to pack snacks after all." He muses, shaking his head a little. To Kiley, he simply shrugs. "Hopefully just the day. Maybe a day and a half at most?" he offers, seeming not too certain himself, unlike the dolphinee. Jeyinshi's shoulder bump earns her his attention and her reaction to the food has the guard laughing. "Well, you're all set now, aren't you?" he muses, before glancing over at Mari. "Ahh, probably best you didn't." he admits with a crooked smile. At the mention of the foundation, the guard lets out a slight sigh. "Ah, speaking of that foundation, I better get started on it. It'll most likely be the longest part." Not to mention hard work. Kelthero moves off a little from the gathered group, still close enough to overhear most of the conversations. Slipping the shovel from his shoulder, the guard drives the point of it into the sand so that it'll stand on it's own. He then digs the toe of one of his boots into the sand and begins to roughly sketch out a line, no doubt plotting the areas to dig. While he may seem focused on the task, he's also quietly listening and occasionally giving little side-glances over to the others.

"Oh, once or twice!" Idris grins at Jeyinshi, arms raising enthusiastically. "You're my favorite dolphineer, though you have yet to introduce me to your dolphin friends!" Swinging arms providing the momentum to turn, Idris looks to Mari and Kiley. "You can call me Idris, and I suppose I'll feed you, too," she laughs good-naturedly and adds for Kelthero, "Never had to pack snacks when I'm around- now what can I do besides bear gifts of food?" As long as she doesn't have to get super dirty doing it.

"Ah. I don't believe I will be much help and I have lunch with Nik. I will watch, if you don't mind. I'm a little curious to see what you will do." Kiley beams a bright smile towards her friend before glancing out towards the water, "but would you have been able to work with Sungie around?" Brows lift higher in question with a soft chuckle slipping from her lips. To Mari she smiles but shakes her head. "They're making a hut for Jey to stay in rather than a tent, I don't think any party has been planned quite yet, but perhaps once it is finished." As for the time line for the hut, she nods to Kelthero and gives everything another calculating look before she's moving away, just partially and finding a comfortable place to park herself. She looks to Idris next and nods, "we've met twice." She reminds softly before her attention flickers back towards the guard as he begins plotting everything, curious.

"No, sneaking up on Kelth isn't a very good idea." The look on Jey's face isn't exactly pleasant when she says this and no doubt her reasoning behind the statement is different from what the rest have in mind. But Jey isn't about to be a complete stick in the mud or spoil sport. Eventually a smile crosses her face and she laughs, "I think it'd be less dangerous if you tried playing that game with me. If his reflexes lose control…." The dolphineer leaves that thought hanging before following Kelthero over towards the foundation and kneeling down where the wood and saw were. She picks up the tool, eyeing both it and the would carefully. Jey's head turns slightly as she grins at Idris, "Good! I'd have been heartbroken if I wasn't. And don't worry. After the hut's raised we're having a barbeque. You'll end up meeting more than you'd like. Help though…" The dolphineer looks around carefully before pointing to the plans, "Could you guys read the measurements and maybe make marks on the wood. After that you guys can hand it to me and I'll start cutting." An understanding nod is given in Kiley's direction before she's chuckling again, "No…no, I don't think /any/ work would've gotten done with Sungie around. He'd be spraying us with water until we had no choice but to play with him."

Kelthero pauses from his work long enough to glance over to the assembled group, frowning in thought for a moment when he overhears a few offers for help. The guard sucks in some air, letting it out slowly as he mulls things over in his head. "I'm sure we could figure something out, if some of you are wanting to jump on board." He says, grinning as Jeyinshi pretty much goes about spreading out the tasks, leaving her to it. Her comments though on his reflexes earn her a side-glance though. "I'm not that dangerous, really! But there's some truth to it. I don't startle well." Kelthero then grins widely before going back to scratching out the rough line in the sand. At one point, he does end up moving father away from the group before working his way back around. He then steps back, tilting his head a little as he double checks his work, a hand coming up to scrub at his chin thoughtfully.

Mari looks a little worried at the warning she gets from Jeyinshri, peering between her and the guardsman. "Oh… okay. I won't do that any more." She says with a little nervous smile, playing it off with a laugh as she looks back to the dolphineer. "Maybe I should sneak up on you next time!" Kiley's remarks on the party bring her spirits down further. "Oh… well, the sooner this is done, the sooner we party, right? I'll have to do my best." But first, introductions need to be made. She beams ear to ear. "Feed us? You're a baker? Ooh! I like you already." She says with merry laughter before she moves to help read the measurements as suggested.

"Er, okay?" Idris shrugs at Kiley. "Yes, Kiley, maybe?" Shot in the dark, maybe it's right? Mari gets a winsome grin. "Now what if I was an awful baker? Not that you have to worry, I'm fabulous of course." At Jeyinshi, Idris nods. Directions are good. Idris can do directions. She moves to the plans with Mari and peers, then glances at the Mari. "Shall I make marks, you read measurements?" She shuffles through the plans for a marker and moves over to the wood, at the ready.

Kiley watches Jeyinshi pass out orders, smiling from her spot where she sits in observation. Fingers lace together and her gaze flickers briefly before settling on Jeyinshi with a laugh. "Exactly. It is best that you advised him to come later, I'm sure when the time comes, he'd be happy to meet those who still remain. Oh, and I've almost finished with the paperwork. Everything is still organized, I'll get some folders so that they can be transported back without an issue. I will also have a disc containing them all for their computers at the Hall and a disc containing the program for an easy way to submit everything. I will inform you when all is ready so that you may take it back." Mari's spirits fading is met with an apologetic smile from the woman before she's nodding agreement. "The sooner it is finished, we can have that party we were speaking about the other day." As for Idris, Kiley chuckles softly and nods. "Kiley is correct. How are you doing? Are you completely prepared for that gather now?"

Jeyinshi laughs, "Alright alright, he's not dangerous. You're not dangerous Kelth!" The dolphineer yells over towards him before turning back to Mari, "But yes, if you're going to sneak up on someone here, I think I'd probably take it best. Sungie does the same thing kind of. Instead of hands over eyes though, it's sneaking up and knocking my feet out from under me in the water." Awful baker? Jey looks over at the other girls before grinning and shaking her head, "You /are/ fabulous. No one's better than a baker that lets me filch their food. Especially when it's delicious." The dolphineer begins to measure the one piece of wood she did prepare herself in front of her, though motions evenutally stil as Kiley reports on her program. "Already?" A look of pleasant surprise crosses the dolphineer's face. "That's great! Shards, I'll have to make a visit down to the Hall as soon as I get everything figured out. They'll be excited to no end. Thanks Kiley, I seriously owe you."

Kelthero is quite focused on his task, it would seem and perhaps he's purposely done it, leaving the women to their own talk. He seems satisfied by the marks laid out and turns back to gather his shovel. When Jeyinshi yells towards him, the guard simply grins again, one that also includes the others. "Thanks for clearing that up!" he fires back, before gripping the shovel with both ands and turning to the real hard task - digging. He sets up a pretty good rhythm right off and sand begins to fly - politely away from everyone else of course. Dig, toss, dig and toss. Pause. Repeat.

Mari grins and nods to Idris' suggestions. "Sounds good to me. I don't know a thing about building huts, but I know at least enough to read off numbers when they're read to me!" She says with a little giggle. She starts doing just that, squinting at each mark made as she measures and reads the number. "If Jey and Kiley like your food, I'm sure it's worth the praise. And anyone who offers me free food is a good friend to have."

"Oh, I'm ready enough. It's constantly evolving, you know," Idris shrugs at Kiley's question, and hearing Jeyinshi she blushes just enough. "Oh, really, stop, I'll get a big head, you know!" Idris laughs and distracts herself by starting to mark the pieces of wood, holding them out towards Jeyinshi once marked. "Let's get a chunk of this done, shall we? It's getting hot and that cold box won't last forever you know."
Kiley chuckles softly, "it isn't that hard to get the program coded, really." She insists, though, maybe she worked on it for quite awhile. "You're welcome, Jey. It wasn't a huge issue to deal with, mind you. And I enjoyed the work. I will write instructions on how to work everything as well, so you don't have to memorize everything when trying to explain." A bright smile settles upon her lips and there's a shift of position to look towards Kelthero as he works, thoughtful. Her head tilts just a bit before attention flickers towards Mari, watching her work as well now. The computer crafter is just taking in every action and such that centers around the building of the hut. Though not entirely as she's looking to Idris with a grin, "the best things constantly grow and change with time until they reach a proper stage that one could consider perfection."

Jeyinshi grins and grabs the wood willingly enough. The saw is set to the wood once more and begins moving the saw back and forth. Her motions begin slowly, but soon the dolphineer is hacking away at the piece of wood rather violently, her other hand keeping from moving. Jey pauses to wipe the sweat from her brow before turning back to her task. "I'm only giving you and Kiley compliments where they're du—OW!" Jey yelps as her hand slips and the saw's teeth glide over finger instead of the wood. Dropping the tool, she brings the finger up to her face and peers at it. "Huh…blood. Guess I cut my finger. Kind hurts." Instead of panicking, the woman looks downright indifferent about.

Kelthero is still busily working away at setting the points for the foundation, where they'll be putting support beams and the like in later. It doesn't take long though before the guard has one side dug out. Even so, the guard sticks his shovel upright in the sand again, pausing to catch his breath. Mid-morning or not, that sun is /hot/ and he's not exactly dressed for a day at the beach. In a not-so classy move, Kelthero ends up using his own tunic as a cloth, lifting the front up to wipe at the sweat that's now lining his brow. Then he's trodding back towards the women, passing them as he finds the spot were he stashed his water skin. Unscrewing the cap, he comes to a stop not far from Kiley, taking a few long swigs of water and then nearly choking when Jeyinshi suddenly yelps and the guard has to hastily swallow before speaking. "Shells, you okay?" A few short strides and the guard is by the dolphineer, a hand reaching out for her wounded one if she doesn't move away. "Can I see?" He doesn't seem squeamish about blood, looking more concerned that someone got injured at all.

"Yeah! We've got to enjoy your delicious treats before they get warm." Mari agrees with Idris with a wide beaming smile. "But hey, maybe after that we can go swimming to cool down? The water is soooo nice today." Mind on her work? Not really. But at least she continues measuring and reading off the marks. She's having a pretty merry time working right up until she hears the dolphineer cry out. This brings genuine concern in her eye. "Oh, /ouch/. Did you hit the bone? Do you need a healer?" Panic. "Is it bad?" She asks Kelthero, trusting his opinion. Guards would know.

Idris continues marking wood and setting them up for Jeyinshi to cut, moving in something of a rhythm until it is interrupted with Jey's shriek. Startled, Idris skews the marker across the wood and looks up with some alarm. Face blanches for just a moment, then she sets down the marker and picks up the tool to peer. "Looks like it couldn't of gone too deep- here's some cloth for pressure," Idris /would/ have towels in her pockets. Granted they are dish towels, but they are mostly clean.

Kiley's attention shifts to Jeyinshi to watch her work, incredibly studious in her gaze and about to protest when the word compliment comes up. But the other never finishes her sentence and there's a startled cry from the computer crafter. "Jey!" Worry floods her tone and she hesitates from rushing on over, especially as Kelthero is already striding over. Her eyes follow him over and there's a worried frown settling upon her brows, bottom lip settling in her mouth before beginning to chew on it. As Idris joins in to help, the computer crafter simply looks sheepish and rather awkward as she remains seated.

Jeyinshi doesn't pull her hand away, though her attention is more on the wood in front of her than on the injury. "I hope I didn't get blood on this. Do you see any?" She stares at it for a few more seconds, searching before the panic she's caused finally registers. The dolphineer looks up, shaking her head, "No, no it didn't hit the bone. Just a cut." The offered cloth is taken willingly and Jey begins to press it to the wound, but not for long. A wince of pain follows and she brings the towel away, looking at both it and her finger with annoyance. "That was one of the stupidest things I've ever done. Now we're going to be set back for a bit. At least most of it's done now…"

Kelthero glances quickly over to Mari and shakes his head. "No, it's minor." He says after viewing the cut, his gaze settling on Jeyinshi even though his reply goes to everyone. He shakes his head though when the dolphineer's concern seems to be chiefly on the wood rather then her own hand. "It's fine. But you need to get that bandaged properly. One thing I didn't bring was any first aid supply." The guard gives an annoyed click of his tongue over that lack of thought on his part. "I guess we'll take a break then? Jey, do you have supplies nearby?" He glances to the others, including Kiley from where she's still seated. "Or do any of you? I can always make a quick trip to the infirmary otherwise, while the rest of you stay here?"

Mari seems a little reassured that the injury to Jeyinishi isn't serious, panic staved off for now. "Oh, good. You had me worried for a second there. You're a hero who rescues innocent swimmers. You need all your fingers!" Thinking on how to help, she turns to Idris. "Did you bring booze? Booze is a great painkiller." Cures all ills! Kelthero's suggestion earns a frown and a shake of her head. "I don't. No place to put it."

Idris shakes her head ruefully. "Sorry, plenty of food, no first aid kit. I fail at being mom-like," she laughs a little bit then looks over the wood, setting the cutting tool back down next to it. "Doesn't look like there's any blood. Though hey, you'd always be able to say you put your blood into your hut!" Look on the bright side of life indeed. Moving towards the basket, she adds, "No booze, either, but yes, seems like a good time for a break to eat, hm?"

Kiley winces as she looks to Jeyinshi, her nose wrinkling just a little bit. "I think you should care more about your finger, Jey…" Comes the soft insistence from the woman as she slowly pushes to her feet. Kelthero's question is met with a shake of her head, "I didn't believe that you were starting to build or anything. I should have fetched something before I left." She doesn't make her way over towards the three, mildly uncomfortable if the look on her face is any indication. "Perhaps you should go to the infirmary?" Her gaze flickers towards Idris with a wide eyed surprise and more fretting begins as the woman twines her fingers together once again.

"Don't worry about bandages Kelth, this towel will do for now." There's a bit more wincing as the dolphineer wraps the towel around her finger. The relative size of her towel compared to the finger makes the entire look a bit shabbier however. Mari's words earn a small chuckle, which is certainly a good sign. "I'm no hero really. I'll be the one ending up with a big head if you keep going on like that. Food though, that sounds perfect. We've put sweat into this sharded thing and I guess blood too now. A rest is well deserved don't you think? And don't look so worried Kiley, it's just a flesh wound." Perhaps the dolphineer was being carefree about this because she'd seen worse in her job or perhaps she just didn't want to admit to the pain in front of so many people. The latter was more likely.

Kelthero gives Mari another look, but this time it's a bit of a disapproving one. "No booze." He says in a blunt tone at first, before lightning his tone and adding with a tight smile. "Not right now. Perhaps later." Last thing he needs is people getting into the booze and then handling tools. One cut finger is enough! To Idris, the guard chuckles at her comments. "One way of putting it, I guess." He then frowns, realizing he doesn't actually know Idris, having been busy when the greetings passed around. He'll have to ask her name later - for now the guard seems focused only on getting Jey's wound tended to. Turning to Kiley, the guard smiles reassuringly, possibly noticing her discomfort. "It's okay, I figured I'd ask before I made the run over. I don't think it's serious to warrant bothering the Healers." he admits, seeming prepared to go after all - at least until Jeyinshi speaks up. Kelthero hesitates, giving the dolphineer a long look and then peering at the towel wrapped finger. "You sure?" he asks, not exactly convinced.

Mari looks worried when Idris fails to produce free liquor along with the free food, then even more when Kelthero rebukes her suggestion. "Oh… okay." She says a little worriedly, digging one foot in the sand in a slightly embarassed gesture. "You should maybe still see a healer, be careful. If there's rust on that saw, you could get a nasty infection."

Kiley gives Jey a serious look, "it is still a wound." Another firm insistence before her gaze flickers over towards the guard, however, the smile goes without being returned as her lips are turned downwards into a frown. "It may not need the healers, but it should be tended to properly." While Jey is protesting Kelthero leaving, the computer crafter is certainly gesturing for him to go. Though it is Mari's statement about infections that really sends her off. "Go to the infirmary, Kelthero. Get some redwort to clean it, numbweed and some bandages." Then a firm look is turned to Jeyinshi, "infections mean you could lose your fingers. Do you know how bad they can get?" She's going off on a tangent, now, lecturing about things she's read about.

Jeyinshi shrugs, "I've got an extra pair of clothes lying around over there. I can use the shirt instead of the towel." Rust? Redwort? Numbweed? "Noo. Do not go to the infirmary. I don't need redwort or bandages or numbweed. The saw /isn't/ rusted." The statement is accompanied with a pointed look towards both Mari and Kiley. Jey's gaze then turns to the guard and her uninjured hand moves up, ready to grab at his shirt if he does begin standing. "I've had far worse injuries this is just a shallow cut. My fingers will /not/ fall off." Now the dolphineer just sounds exasperated that she's done such a stupid thing. "We've got water right? Let's just wash it off a bit and put pressure on it to stop the bleeding and then that's it. First aid done."

Kelthero catches Kiley's gestures and she certainly has the guard's attention even before she starts to order him to go. He hesitates again, looking between computer crafter and dolphineer. In the end, he sides with Kiley but is snagged by Jeyinshi. It doesn't take too much to have his tunic freed from her grip though. "At least let me get some bandages?" he asks, trying to compromise at least, giving the dolphineer a look that almost borders on pleading. One thing the guard doesn't enjoy is being caught in the middle. "I'm sure the cut will heal just fine, but I think everyone will rest easy if we at /least/ use proper bandages. It'll just take me a few minutes. You can all help set up the food and we can relax a bit. Deal?" Now the guard turns serious, seeming to put his foot down on the matter.

Mari still isn't buying it. The tourist frowns with worry at the dolphineer. "But… you also swim all the time. Even if the saw isn't rusty, can't seawater cause all kinds of infections? You should really at least get it cleaned and bandaged." She nods to second the assertions from Kelthero.

"Fresh water coming right up," Idris digs through the food basket and pulls out the water jug and the clean napkins. "And some more towels. We don't need napkins to eat! The blade didn't look rusty to me, I think you'll be fine with a good cleansing. Here, hold out your hand," Idris nods to Jeyinshi as she returns to the dolphineer's side and kneels, setting the water down but holding the napkins. She nods to Kelthero, "Let's just see if it's even still bleeding? It might be just fine now that there's been a little pressure on it- peel off the cloth, careful like, we'll just see how it's going."

Kiley is quick to return that pointed look to Jeyinshi in a true clash of wills. "At least /clean/ it properly. Water isn't cleaning anything, sure it wipes it off but there can still be infectious things lingering." She looks pleased as Kelthero appears to be going, but the dolphineer is catching him. The compromise is met with a frown, "I still think you should get the redwort." But she relents after a moment with just the bandages with a nod, even more so when Idris is providing water that isn't sea water. Cheeks flush a sudden shade of red and the woman offers a soft apology before settling back in her previous spot.

Jeyinshi turns her own pleading look the guard, shaking her head in a negative. The serious look he gives her is what finally makes the dolphineer relent….kind of. There's an almost imperceptible nod as she agrees silently to the deal and makes no further grabs for his shirt. "Saltwater isn't really all that bad. If it's a major wound it can turn out badly though." Further concern from the group only has the woman's mouth settling into a hard line as she pushes her hand towards Idris. The towel is unwrapped slowly, revealing the finger and the previously swift loss of blood now down to only a tiny trickle. Jey's mood doesn't say somber, especially not after Kiley's apology. She throws a grin towards the computercrafter and shakes her head, "Don't be apologizing. You were worried. If it were you I'd be the same way. Since it's me….well. Anyways, just another good difference between us, see?"

For a moment, the guard seems pleased with Jeyinshi's final deal, but pauses again ."I guess we could wait and see." Kelthero agrees reluctantly to Idris' suggestion, craning his head a little to watch as the baker kneels down next to Jeyinshi. He frowns though, most likely still stubbornly set on going for bandages, so he fidgets a little in impatience, turning to glance back to Kiley and gives a bit of a helpless shrug. He tried? To Mari, he gives a confused look. "I thought salt-water is good for wounds?" the guard ponders, before shaking his head. When the dolphineer reveals the wound finally, Kelthero takes another good look at it and then smirks. "Looks like it's already healing shut on it's own." He observes, seeming to relax a little. His mind had been made up though and he turns away to head across the lagoon and to the infirmary as promised, flashing Kiley a brief smile as he passes by.

"Saltwater can be good. It cleanses. But it also hurts," Idris shrugs, and takes Jey's hand to pour water over, then wets down a napkin and wipes the area clean of blood. She takes another napkin and sets it over the wound and gives Jey's hand back. "There- just hold pressure on that until Kelthero brings back something to secure it with." She takes the dirtied towel and napkin and rinses them with a little more water, wrings them out, and stuffs them into a skirt pocket. Standing, she moves back to the basket of food. "So, who's up for some lunch now?"

Kiley smiles at Jeyinshi and shakes her head, "we've got quite a few differences." She agrees, but certainly doesn't press any longer. Instead, she lingers with that friendly smile upon her lips and then looks to Kelthero as he shrugs. A shake of her head comes as her silent response with her lips quirking into a bit of a wider smile. And when he takes off, she waves and nods her approval. But attention is quick to return to those gathered. "I'm still waiting for Nik. I'll be joining him for lunch, otherwise I would stay and help. Thank you, though, Idris."

Jeyinshi looks a bit glum as the guard goes for bandages. "My wound's closing though…" There's a bit more muttering as the dolphineer watches Kelthero's disappearing figure. After a few moment she turns and grins at Idris, "Thanks. And food. That's what I needed in the first place. I hope you packed a lot, blood loss has definitely increased my appetite." She's really just using the injury as a shameless excuse to eat more. A smile and wink are also thrown in Kiley's direction, "More than a few. But we decided that was a pretty good thing, right?"

It isn't long before Kelthero returns, walking at a brisk enough pace across the lagoon shore and nimbly avoiding the flow and crowd of people gathered there now. He has the sterile bandages in hand and when he reaches the construction site, the guard heads straight for Jeyinshi. The bandages are offered and Kelthero gives her a grin despite the serious look in his eyes. "Here you are. I know you don't want 'em, but it'll put several of our minds at ease." Once they're passed over, the guard then moves aside to pick out a spot to sit and relax, eventually settling on one near to Kiley's own spot. He's tired now and looks it, the heat of the day not helping matters at all. Having been gone, he's missed most of the conversation passed between the women, but he does begin to eye that coolbox Idris' brought.

Food will heal all ills. Seriously. Idris pulls a larger napkin out of the basket and lays out it, then opens up the cool box and starts setting food out. "Dig in, folks, dig in. Sorry, no napkins," She grins, and waves them over while she's setting the food out. There are meats, cheeses, a loaf of soft bread, sliced fruits, sliced fingerroots, and, naturally, bubblies. There are cups for water, though the jug's contents have been diminished to rinse Jey's cut, and too many plates- she'd had to guess how many people might be present. Food set out, Idris makes herself a plate and settles down to eat.

"We did agree on that, yes. It still stands." Kiley insists with that smile upon her lips growing all the wider before attention shifts from her friend to the returning guard. The bandages are given an appraisal before she's nodding, entirely content now. "Thank you Kelthero." She nods to the guard as he settles near and then peeks over towards the food that Idris has before peeking at Kelthero. "I can go over to the Tiki Lounge and get you a cool drink? You look tired." Whether he agrees or not, the computer crafter is off and fetching a pitcher of cool juice with glasses for all. Drinks and food are shared, and then building is resumed.

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