Hungry Sensibilities

Western Weyr - Maze: Flitterby Nests

Although this stand of scrawny trees is rather pathetic, something has taken a strong liking to them, for the sounds of flitterbys are almost deafening. Little winged critters flash to and fro, trills of happiness alternating with squawks of outrage when someone passes too close to a nest. If you remain quiet and move slowly enough, you might be able to sneak close enough to see the hatchlings.

Curiosity is certainly a driving force for the computer crafter. The maze calls, it certainly does, calls for those who are curious to wander through the labyrinth to find… Whatever lay at the center. At least they weren't given thirteen hours to find the center, however. That is a plus, indeed. And thus, the computer crafter has found her way into… This. Whatever it is. Her nose wrinkles at the sounds of squawks as she passes by a nest, far too close for comfort. Instantly, she jumps away and then, serene sounds fill the area. Kiley smiles to herself and decides to set herself up here, taking a book and reading quietly.

The maze is the kind of attraction a tourist absolutely can't miss. So is it any wonder that Mari's wandered in here? Dressed in her adventuring outfit of a light tunic and shorts, she's charging through the maze with glee, almost skipping as she enjoys the many little interesting things she sees. One of which happens to be a now familiar computer crafter, which causes her to pause. "Hi, Kiley!"

Coming not far behind Mari is Jey, but she isn't traveling with the girl. The dolphineer is dressed in black pants and a white shirt coupled with a pair of heels which were definitely not suited for maze wandering, but she's wearing them anyways. Jeyinshi is being /very/ quiet as comes up behind her before suddenly slipping a hand over the Mari's mouth. "Shhh, that is the very rare Kiley creature. If you're too loud, you'll scare her away."

Kiley's first reaction to the greeting is to release a sound of surprise… That is very much like a scream for the sudden break of the silence. Wide eyes are cast towards Mari and a hand lifts to her chest. "Shells, /Mari/. Don't sneak up on people like that." The book is closed a moment later and she shakes her head. "How are you doing?" It takes a moment for her to regain full composure and a smile settles upon her lips. Though it is all shattered by Jeyinshi and that startled look is quick to settle upon her features once more. "Wait. What?" That statement goes right over her head as she blinks owlishly at her friend. "What does that mean?"

Mari looks a little taken aback by the reactions her bouncy, loud presence gets from the two familiar girls. "I didn't think I was sneaking this time! I thought I was being very obvious… you Westerners are so easy to sneak up on, I do it without even trying, I guess." She has a little laugh at that. "I'm doing nicely. How are you two?"

For reasons unknown, a visitor like many other before him ends up in the maze. It could have been the scream that has him abruptly there, as if crept out of the shadows of some corner, yet the sway in the bridge suggests he didn't appear out of thin air. While exotic in appearance, his voice tends to be more of the norm, only a slight accent even evident, thicker Pernese while still educated in nature: "I heard screams…" he says as he appears on the scene, only to notice laughter and all that. The most exaggerated look of annoyance overcomes him, eyes rolling to the top, mouth parting and a large sigh escapes from between lips when it becomes clear to be just girls fooling around.

Jeyinshi grins as she watches the computercrafter's reaction before walking over to lean on a tree with a small smirk on her face. "We now see Kiley out of her natural habitat, braving the wild as she attempts to find solace in her book. With such a sudden change in environment, will this rare Kiley creature be able to adjust properly? Let us observe." Jey is either drunk, which is highly unlikely since she doesn't smell of alcohol, lacking sleep, despite the hut being built, or…….she's missed her meals today. "I'm doing good Mari, you….uh hey there." The dolphineer's attention turns from the Easterner to the newly arriving rider, a pleasant smile crossing her face. "It wasn't a shriek of terror, don't worry so much, yeah?"

"I tend not to hear anything else when reading." Kiley admits softly, though I suppose yelling a greeting is a good way to get my attention. Laughter slips from her lips and she shakes her head. "Maybe you will have to be extra loud, Mari." Her smile grows wider on her lips before nodding, "that is wonderful. I've been meaning to ask how long you are staying in Western? And are you taking a vacation?" As for her own well-being? She shrugs, "I am doing well enough. I decided to see if I could find some other quiet spots in this maze." However, a visitor is arriving and drawing her full attention but his words cause the woman to instantly darken in shades. "I apologize. I really was frightened, if that changes anything?" There's a notable fidget as she lowers her gaze to the book in her hands. It is Jeyinshi that furthers the coloring of her cheeks, especially as she goes on as she does. "Jey… What are you doing?"

Mari is just confused now. "… Did you two start partying without me? Huh. Well, no time like party time, I suppose." She reaches into a pouch on her belt and retrieves a small metal flask, which she unscrews and takes a long drag from. She holds it out to Kiley and Jeyinshi, grinning. "Party liquor, anybody? It's good stuff. No?" More swigging. "I thought I was being loud." The unfamiliar rider earns a bright grin. "Heya."

A'dmar is mildly disinterested once the discovery has been made that there is no emergency, absently letting his eyes wander away from the girls as a communication is had with an outside source. Vision returns to the girls, namely when Kiley mentions she really was frightened, "Best not call out Thread when there isn't any falling," a version of the Earth's don't cry wolf, a hand shoving into his pant pocket mostly out of idleness. His eyes languidly turn toward Mari, for a time watching her with the flask consuming the liquor inside. Still, his voice questions no one in particular, as if just throwing it out there, "Partying in here? You could get lost easily being drunk…" maze and all, yup.

"Observation of the Kiley creature continues. It seems I have been spotted. It is alright though, I've already secured an escape route in case of attack." Jey's words are just getting more and more absurd. Mari's offered flash however is declined with a polite nod and smile, ruling out the possibility that Jey is currently drunk. It really is lack of food. A'dmar's assessment of party does have Jey nodding though. "Yeah nothing crazy needs to go down here. Remember that oh so fun talk we had the other morning?" The dolphineer certainly recalls it and smirks at the memory.

Kiley shakes her head firmly, "no. I don't believe we have started to party." She's just as lost and confused as Mari, it seems. Her nose wrinkles as the other pulls out a flask and takes a drink. "No thank you." Her head shakes firmly at this. Color continues to darken on her cheeks as A'dmar reprimands her for the inability to control her natural reaction to fright. "I'm sorry." She repeats softly, fidgeting more as fingers tighten around her book. "I'm Kiley." She offers softly to A'dmar as Jeyinshi continues her odd bout of commentary. "Jey… Really. What are you doing?"

Mari continues to look disappointed when the other girls don't take her up on whatever strong-smelling beverage is concealed in her flask. "Last chance." She warns before downing the remainder of the flask. Looks to be quite a bit of liquor. She shudders as she shuts the flask and returns it to her pouch. "Ah, burns so good." Jey's antics earn quite an amused smile from her. "Which fun talk? I have lots of fun talks." A'dmar's concerns just earn a little dismissive wave of her hand. "S'fine."

"Alright…" the rider doesn't seem capable of sticking around too much longer, now that the scream had been sorted out. He does pause for Kiley to introduce herself, glancing cryptically at her for a time, a response lacking for the time being. There in fact isn't one. No name given. Instead: "Enjoy yourselves…" he says with a bland murmur, turning back toward the bridge.

"Uncomfortableness, fear. The Kiley creature shifts nervously under the many gazes that alight upon her. Will she spring into action? Will she remain frozen? Is she—I'm hungry." As abruptly as Jeyin's documentary narration had started, it ends, with a rather strange declaration. And then she's turning to Mari, a hint of a smile on her face. "Oh, you know. That talk about your age and responsibility and craziness? That talk. Would you like to hear it again?" The rider's sudden departure earns a small shrug and a wave. "You enjoy your day as well."

Kiley continues to shake her head at Mari, "no, thank you though. It really is okay." She gives the other girl a very careful look before attention shifts towards A'dmar earns a brief, startled look as he takes off. "That… I think I made him mad." Brows furrow into a deep brown. It doesn't last to long as she startles again, staring at Jeyinshi as she continues. Cheeks continue to darken and then finally she breaks off. "Shells, Jey." She pushes up from where she sits and moves over to the dolphineer. "We're going to go eat." A look to Mari and she smiles. "Come join us." Despite the fact that Jey is lecturing the girl again.

"Oh, no, I remember that talk pretty well. It's fine." Mari assures with a dismissive smirk and a wave of her hand. "Anyways, I'm plenty responsible. Responsible for having a good time!" She raises her arms over her head and lets out a 'whoop!'. The invitation from Kiley earns an increasingly drunken grin. "Sounds good. I need to get a refill, anyways. They've got rum at the food… place… right?"

Jeyinshi waves a hand dismissively at the mention of the rider, "Nah. I think he just a bit too uptight. Oh, food, that sounds good, let's go." The dolphineer pushes herself off her chosen tree and strides over to the other two girls. Another disapproving look is given to Mari and Jey shakes her head, "You have to be responsible for yourself not for having fun. Besides, I don't think you'll get far in the fun department with both Kiley and I here. Whether they have rum or not, you really should take into account how much your body can handle and if you do happen to drink to much then you should make sure someone's there or go to a healer or…" Lack of food is also making Jey more lecture-oriented than usual, but there's no serious tone in her voice like the other day, at this point the dolphineer is just /talking/. And the dolphineer doesn't stop talking, even as the three wander through the maze, finally reaching the end and heading towards the living caverns. Time to eat!

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