Contingency Plans

Hearth Nook, Half Moon Bay Weyr
This smaller room is separated off the main living cavern. The focal point is a big stone hearth, which always has a couple pots of stew and klah bubbling over it. Thick carpet lines the entire space and the room is has several cushy chairs and sofas spread around. There are no electric lights here, only glow baskets to keep the cosy effect.

Elixyvette is no stranger to hard work, but then, she’s also not ever become quite acquainted with not having a measure – or too much – of her own independence. For someone who has spent their life being regulated by one rule or another, these new and more restrictive rules are more exhausting than the work itself, it would seem. She’s yet to shirk any of her duties, though most have been carried out with little said and even less to be read into her reactions, yet this afternoon she’s gone and curled up in one of the comfortable chairs before the hearth in the little nook away from the more heavily populated cavern. At the foot of her chair sits an empty mug; evidently klah or tea hasn’t kicked in.

Riohra steps in from the larger living cavern he is carrying a pot of fresh Klah and his own mug in one hand and has a book in the other. He spies the curled up from of Elixyvette and grins as he moves to sit near in a chair across from her. Best let her sleep for now, he pours the hot liquid into his mug filling the room with the smell of the scented blend.

Whether Elixyvette has truly been sleeping or doing a good impression of someone who is is debatable, for she stirs remarkably quickly for a person supposedly sleeping heavily enough to block out the world. Amber eyes open, guard goes up, and she slowly uncurls and drops her bare feet back to the floor, narrowly missing her empty mug as she settles her gaze on Riohra. “Do they need me for anything?” she asks, perhaps a little too directly.

Riohra looks up mid pour and shakes his head “not right now we are on break, would you like some Klah just brewed” he asks as he holds the pot up to show. A warm smile plays across his face as he adds “Though I think your making the others look bad the way you drive your self like that.” He sets the book down on his lap as to free up his other hand if she indicates she would like a refill.

Elixyvette mirrors a shake of her head back at Riohra, following it up with a simple, “No, thank you,” as she adjusts from that curled position to sit a touch too straight for it to be comfortable, though perhaps the padded nature of the chair makes it more than it might be. “What else is there to do?” is plainly rhetorical. “There’s work to be done, so it ought to be done. If it highlights that some of the others haven’t developed a work ethic, there’s little I can do about it. If they feel bad about looking bad… perhaps there’s an argument that they should.” She doesn’t sound judgemental with it, but matter of fact.

Riohra grins and sets the pot down and nods to her “Oh I agree, I find it refreshing to have someone who can keep up.” he holds up his book and asks “have you read this one yet?” it is ablue bound book afew hundred pages thick. He sips his Klah and looks over at the woman turning over another question in his mind.

“I haven’t had much opportunity to read much about dragons,” Elixyvette has to admit, giving another tiny shake of her head. “What time I have has to be spent keeping up with the region’s politics, or I’ll be of little use to any of my clients while I’m playing catch-up, assuming I leave the Sands alone.” Which seems to be the assumption she’s making. “My…” a flicker of uncertainty passes through her gaze, bringing to the surface what is perhaps the first indication of any true emotion, “…weyrmate…” Is that the word she wants? “He’s a bluerider. His dragon is the only one I’ve spent any real time around.”

Riohra tilts his head at her as he sips his klah “may I ask what it is you do then? that you would have to be up on politics?” he sets the book between the two of them now as he leans in to listen to her. When she shows that faint flicker of emotion he gives a small smile saying “Well that is probably going to change as we will have all kinds of duties from shadowing riders, to helping on deliveries” he taps the book and adds “As well as bathing and washing down dragons”

“I’m a Harper,” Elixyvette states, refusing to put that in the past tense. “Senior Journeyman. This has… interrupted the pursuit of my Mastery.” ‘Interrupted’ seems to be the safest word and yet not the right one at all, no matter her care in selecting it. “It wouldn’t be prudent to allow myself to slip behind when the future is at the mercy of creatures who will likely wish for a younger partner.” As for the reminder of what their duties will and do entail, she merely declares, “I’m aware of the content of our tasks, thank you,” as if she could erase that moment’s emotion from ever having existed. “What did you do before this that affords you more reading time than I?”

Riohra smiles warmly, if her nature is to put him off she will have to try harder, “I am a Hunter by trade, from up at Fort. Trapping, and catching game. as well as other jobs. Not so important as yours job but it suits me. and it allows me time to learn new things and meet new people.” he takes another drink before leaning back and saying “How close are you at being a Master of your craft?”

“…Months.” That single word response is uttered rather wistfully, yet that moment is all Elixyvette allows herself before she confines herself to the present; to the here and now. “Should my masters consider my work to be worthy.” Reality cannot be avoided, after all. “Would you return to Fort, if you left the Sands without a dragon?” she questions. “…I think I should find somewhere else to be. Another post. Go back to a Hold, perhaps. Or maybe Ierne.”

Riohra smiles and nods “Well if I am left on the sands, I would return to Fort. It is home now, I got friends and Family that will be there..” looking back at her when she says she would leave says “But didn’t you just say your, love is here?” he is genuinely confused now. “wouldnt you want to stay or are they looking at a transfer.”

“I said he is a bluerider, not that he lives here.” Surely Elixyvette cannot mean to be pedantic about it, but her line of work has led her to wish to be a touch too precise at times, it would appear. “He lives and works at Ierne Weyrhold. We grew up together at the Harper Hall, but our paths diverged for many years.” She slides a long look towards the fire, though she makes herself look back at Riohra, another moment’s weakness put behind her. “I don’t expect many of the others to put together contingency plans, but it’s something I can’t help but do. I’ve had my life already. Many of you… everything is ahead. You have it all to come.”

Riohra nods and says “I am corrected, Thank you” that statement like this youngman, seems honest and heartfelt. As she looks at the fire he looks down at the book and has the same wishfully longing look as well. He does turn back his own attention as well but keeps the emotions at the for-front of his mind “We have a plan, should anything short of one of us falling ill we will make our dream come true.” He grins over at her and says “Not all of us youngsters like to walk through life with out a path to follow”

Elixyvette finds it easy enough to incline her head and echo, “I am corrected,” back at Riohra, her tone one that carries nothing more than acknowledgement; nothing condescending or sarcastic. Reaching down, from beneath the chair she retrieves her socks and puts them back on, then slips her feet into her boots and swiftly does up their laces. “If you’ll excuse me, I had better get back to work. I promised one of my apprentices whatever time I can claw back this evening.” Just as she moves past his chair, she pauses, hand reaching as though she might settle it on his shoulder, but she opts to gently ruffle his hair instead, should he not prevent her. Whether it’s a motherly gesture or one of companionship, she doesn’t seem to know – and she doesn’t linger to find out.

Riohra nods and says “See you at meal time” he bends down to pick up the book about basic dragon healing. By the time he settles in his hair is being ruffled, making him crane his neck around the chair to watch his new friend head back to work saying “She is nice, a little odd but nice..” his face breaking open in a wide grin as he goes back to reading. After a moment or two he says more to himself than anyone in the area “I like her, if she is hide bent on moving I may see if me and Kass can get her to come back to Fort with us. I am sure she could find away to put her skills to use and maybe even have a little fun”

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