Beware This PT Scam

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidates' Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It's early — and yet, PT is already finished with, leaving a class of candidates in varying levels of exhaustion. On the end of more-exhausted is Citayzleat, who is a healer, not a sharding runner. Sprawled on her cot, the healer buries her face in her pillow and grumbles something very unkind about the Assistant Weyrlingmasters. Possibly involving their parentage. Probably involving their lack of a heart. To top it all off, she's got a crossbow settled next to her cot, looking at her. Waiting. To be used. By the not-nature-inclined healer. "Tell my parents I loved them." The candidate calls from her pillow, dramatically despairing.

Riohra comes in looking like he just jumped into the ocean, that is to say he is soaking wet and walking in a pair of shower sandals towel wrap over his shoulders. He is humming merrily as he walks over to check the chore board and frowns a little but shrugs moving over to sit across from Cita on his own cot. He glances up as he starts to towel of his hair saying "you know the safety is off on that here miss healer"

It takes some time for Cita to peel herself up off of her pillows — she does so in phases, shoulders first, then arms, head lolling bonelessly on her chest until she's fully sat-up. "Safety?" The healer blinks, owlish, and eyes the crossbow for a long moment. It takes a probably not-great amount of time for her to locate the bow's safety; and her handling of the thing is almost definitely not entirely safe. She does manage to put the safety on, though, looking somewhere between sheepish and exasperated as she eyes the other candidate. "Thanks. R'hyn and D'nyl would both have dragged me over coals for that." Grumble grumble grumble. "You look entirely too rosy-fresh." Here, she smiles a little, probably to take the sting out of the grumbling. She just hasn't had her klah yet, is all.

Riohra grins over to at her saying with a shrug "It wasn't to hard a work out, they didnt even let me use weights in a pack" he nods to the cross bow saying "I envy your chore today, alot safer than mine" he dries and runs his hand through his hair and then starts searching through his stuff for a better shirt. He pulls out a brand new bow that is decorated with a snake skin along the recurve halves.

That look is definitely a little murderous, but it's been enough days of barracks cohabitation that Rio might be used to the all-bark-no-bite of Citayzleat's looks. Even if she looks like she might take his spleen. "Shells, man." The healer groans, overly dramatic, dropping her head down to her chest in sheerest defeat. Alas, Cita. She was good while she lasted. "Well, if you Impress, you'll need that energy I guess." Cita sighs, then huffs, pulling a wistful face. "I wish R'hyn didn't have eyes on the back of his sharding head. I'd trade you in an instant if it wouldn't earn me a sevenday of whining." She eyes the bow curiously, taking in the decorative elements with probably less of an impressed look than it deserves. Not much for appreciating the finer hunting things, Cita. "That's a nice bow. I bet it's lots less easy than this one to use."

Riohra grins gives her a wink, while she maybe bark and no bite she will also have known that he is the go to guy for help or just venting to so he doesn't mind one bit. When she teases about impressing he just shakes his head and says "oh I got no plans about that, just trying to keep in shape with these lighter work outs." He isn't boasting or bragging just stating facts, as she would know he isn't one much for personal propaganda. When Cita talks about the bow he smiles down and absently runs his hand over it saying "Thanks Kass gave it to me." He pry's himself away from looking at it when she talks shop saying "You could do it, learn to shoot with one you have the posture for it as well as a steady hand."

Cita shoots the other candidate an amused look, huffing her her breath and rolling her shoulders, trying absentmindedly to clear the oncoming stiffness. It's definitely not going to work, like that, especially with her drawing in a little tensely. "I don't know that most plan on Impressing. That's up to the dragonets, isn't it? I'm not planning on it, but…" She swallows, twitches. "Could happen, huh?" A beat, and she considers, rocking a foot back and forth contemplatively. "You don't want to Impress?" The healer draws the question out, careful, curious. The bow does get further contemplation, eyes trailing down the graceful curve of the arms. Cita smiles a little. "That's a good gift for you, isn't it? It looks well-made. Ah," The journeyman ducks her head for the last, properly sheepish. "I…" She makes a face. "Don't like the forest. There are too many things that want to eat me. So I startle easy, even with something in my sights."

Riohra shrugs at the talk of Impressing " I never really saw my self, here so if I do that will be a new adventure but I won't set my sights on it." He glances down the ways at a certain dragon healers cot that is currently empty and adds softly "To many plans already". He is happily drawn back to the bow and nods saying "It is a heavier draw so I get better distance and stoping power" He grins over at her but frowns at her talk of being scared and says "Do you want to use my jacket?"

Cita makes a face equal parts crabby and wistful — an impressive feat, but easily accomplished pre-klah, it seems. "You and me both." The healer grumbles, lets her eyes follow the younger candidate's gaze to the empty cot. She smiles, amused, looking a little like she might start clucking like a happy mother-wherry at any moment. "Plenty of plans. Plenty of time for 'em, if you Impress, though, hmm? It's not a bad life, being a dragonrider." She might a little bit be trying to convince herself, too, but the journeyman continues undaunted. "Stopping power's good, right? Having to follow a sharding wherry for a mile through the forest after you clip it is bad." Cita chuckles, then smiles again, grateful. "No, thank you. I have a wherhide one, but there are felines in there, you know. Their teeth are massive. Not to mention who knows how many deadly plants, and diseases on the felines…"

Riohra grins and nods staying with her saying "Oh I know all about them, wher sports are harder to hunt but nothing is impossible to kill" He takes off his shirt and reaches under his bed for his hunting bag she can see all the scars he has. He pulls out his hunting jacket and hands it over to her saying "just try it on you will see what I mean"

Felines are disease ridden. Give them half a chance they'll decimate the population of Pern. Again! Muhahha. Ahem. Catwin wanders into the barracks, freshly washed from yet another day of Faranth forsaken training. She's looking a little warn out. Actually, scratch that out. She looks positively terrible. THe life of a Sr. Journeyman is a bit softer than she had ever really thought about. And no Litral to make run laps for her. Past people she goes, past empty cots she goes and fce first she collapses onto hers and mumbles into her pillow "Something else can sharding have the wherry, you ask me."

Cita is looking in the general vicinity of Catwin-level worn out, drooping sideways still even though she's clearly trying to remain upright. "They won't put me on the dangerous types. Smart, you ask me. I need all of my limbs, thank you." Primly, she huffs, setting the crossbow down beside her bed again and sighing. The jacket is eyed curiously for a moment, before the healer shrugs, pulling it on, eyebrows raised. "It's sharding heavy. No wonder you have so much energy, man." Cita huffs, surprised, throwing Catwin a wide-eyed look suggesting that she's the only other sane person around. Possibly left on the planet. "We can't possibly need it enough to warrant it. You're right. Don't say that in front of D'nyl or R'hyn, though. They act like you've murdered their canine in front of them." Scoff. Grumble.

Riohra grins at Catwin and nods to her, let the vintner get out her anger at something other than him. He smiles back and nods to the healer saying "It has heavy plastic plates fitted in, it was wood but well to many falls into water and you have to make new ones." Yeah he has done that a time or three… "But next to a crossbow or an dragon I dont think anything can really pierce it. so you can borrow if if you feel you need some added protection. you can adjust it to your size, but it will still be loose on you"

"My opionion, if they are in that desperate need of food, then you get someone more skilled to do it to begin with. Else you're just wasting time and resources that could be be better spent elsewhere." Catwin mutters and then rolls on her side and sits up a bit. "Plenty around that enjoy hunting I would think then to take it away from them. There's a bit of a nod to Rio. She can work on being cordial and all, since they're not stuck together in what is turning out to be purgatory.

Riohra nods to Catwin saying "your lips to the weyrlingmasters ears, I dont mind being in the kitchens but I just feel to cramped in there. I miss my open spaces, ya know." he grins at the vintner as she makes the effort but has learned not to pester her to much right now, he looks back and watches Cita to see if she wants to barrow the jacket.

Plastic plates? The smith still working in the back of the healer's brain takes precedence — Cita takes off the coat, eyeing the armor and its fastenings with something approaching delight. It's certainly a lot less sleepy-cranky than the previous look. "That's ingenius, Rio." The healer says, at length, tapping on the plastic. "The design is great. Do dragonriders use this, too?" She wonders, tap-tapping and smiling sidelong. "Alright. I admit, this might help some. I'll try it out. Thank you." She can accept help, sometimes, the journeyman. She can also accept that Catwin's so right, here. "I'm never going to be out helping a dragon hunt, whether I Impress or not. It's not like we have to." Cita grumbles, kicking the crossbow gently with a toe. It doesn't budge, but she does a little, leaning back and eyeing the vinter with a rueful little grin. "I'm not certain they care, though."

Catwin eyes the jacket a little "I've seen something similar at Xanadu that they train weyrlings with. More a harness than a jacket. Has weighted plates to slip into pockets." She shudders a litle "Shards, what have I let myself in for? It's like apprenticehood all over again." She looks around "I hope know one thinks it funny to dip bedclothes into the middens." she murmurs and then she shrugs at Rio "They hear me, they hear me. Nothing much I can do about that."

Riohra grins and shrugs at Cita "I don't know I just came up with the idea, I tinker with things mostly. Baylee thinks my fishing contraption should be marketed…what ever that means" his grin truly shows that he has no business sense. "but go a head if you think it will be my guest, just bring it back will ya only one I got" He looks over at Catwin "why would they dunk stuff into the middens?" yeah he is an easy target for such things as he probably won't see it coming.

Cita glances Cat-wards, head canting a little thoughtfully. "Are they? Huh. I'll have to write them about it." She murmurs, poking at the juncture between the plates curiously. "Policing wings could use something like. Search and rescue, too. Although," The healer makes a despairing face, scrunching her nose up. "If they put me in a weighted harness, I'll have their sharding livers for lunch. Shells," Huff. "If I knew why I was here, I'd probably be more help. They better hope that that sort of foolishness isn't on the table." Or momma Cita is going to bring the smackdown. Probably. The look of DOOM evaporates a little as she glances back over to Rio, flashing a little smile. "I'll bring it back. Don't worry." A beat, and she scowls, glaring in the general direction of one of their youngest peers' cot. "Tradition? They think it's funny?"

"Indeed, they think it's funny." she shakes her head a little "Anything that has a gross factor is always popular with the kids." she says and then drops back onto her cot. "Faranth help them if they pull a stunt like that near me. I will not be held accountable for my actions for something like that. They're already killing me as it is right now. Any more and I'll drag the young twerps by their ears to the guards for nice stay in a cell."

Riohra chuckles and shakes his head "I will take your word for it, the only person I know who would do that to me is T'ana" he looks up at the time, be it candle or clock "…and she should be well into her romantic weekend with Niki right about now." he grins slyly as he goes about getting ready for his day in the kitchen's he glances over at Catwin and says "I am sure anyone hear would think twice about those sort of things" ….Right?

The healer's lips twist in a wry smile, as she shakes her head and rolls her shoulders, rocking a little in what looks like a vain attempt to psych herself up for movement. "I bet they're the reason we have to do all these laps. Got to redirect their energy somewhere productive." Not like those kids are the ones sprawled out in bed awaiting death or a return of their energy, right? Cita sighs. "Right. I bet that'd work, hmm?" She laughs, eyes dancing, glancing along to Rio and snickering under her breath some more. "You would think so, Rio. Well," A beat. The healer coughs. "Revenge is a fair reason. But as long as you don't go out of your way to irritate people…" She glances towards the cot on the other side of her, wistful, and finally manages to stand. "I've got to get going. If R'hyn comes in after me I'll have to kill him." And that would kind of put a damper on her candidacy, maybe. "Good luck today." Kitchens and training both sound considerably less amazing than sleeping all day. "Thank you for letting me use your jacket, Rio!" Cita wiggles her fingers as she plucks the crossbow up, grumbling all the way out the door.

Catwin gives a nod to Cita and then she lays back down on her cot. "Me, I think I am going to lay here and die. Anyone who disturbs me will die a horrible and painful death with me." she says quietly and she eyes Rio "No exceptions." As for going out of her way to irratate people? She doesn't try to. It just inevitably happens it seems. "Shards but I need a drink." she mutters and then she lies there. Quiet. Staring up at the ceiling.

Riohra grins and waves to Cita as she leaves, "Take care, and remember breath into the shot so you dont faint" he calls after hoping she heard him. He finishes getting dressed and looks over at Catwin, he gives her a small smile and says softly that the vintner my not even hear says "You are doing fine, you can beat this" he turns around and walks out leaving his bed made but the beautiful bow on top as he is the trusting sort.

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