A Soak in the 'Spring

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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hot Springs

Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumored that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

The sun is sinking low into the horizon, casting long shadows. The heat of the day still rises from the rocky Weyr surface, but the cool of the night is coming quickly. Regardless of how hot and sticky the day is, the hot springs still finds itself occupied. At least, it's occupied by Sevran. He's sunk deep into the pool, the water up to his chest. He's reclining, head rolled back against the stone and arms stretched out. The picture of relaxation. His eyes are closed, perhaps leaving one to speculate whether the candidate is even awake.

Riohra walks in carrying a large jug of water on one hand and a heavy towel in the other. When he enters he looks at the other person floating and grins nudging him gently with his toe just to make sure he isnt dead.

Sevran is not a dead person, thankfully. The nudge rouses him; muscles momentarily seize up as he opens his eyes and looks for the source. "Oh." There's really not enough tone in ascertain meaning. "Hi." At least that's more friendly. With a quick yawn, covered by the back of his hand, Sev wakes himself a bit more fully. "We met before." But apparently, names escape him.

Riohra grins and slides into the water "Didn't mean to wake you Sevran" see he remembers names, leaning back the taller man says "Riohra" in way of breaking the fog of the other fellows mind. Taking a swig of water from the jug Rio offers it then to Sevran, "your looking abit flushed"

"Riohra, that's right," he says, rubbing his eyes with one hand. He'll blame it on the drowsiness. "Ah, thanks." Sevran takes the jug gratefully and probably chugs more than Riohra was offering. Not sorry. But he hands it back with a grateful look. "Kinda dozed off I guess." Stifles another yawn.

Riohra grins and doesn't mind it is a big jug, "not safe to do that my friend, you could drown or worse" he grins and sinks down to his neck in the water "How you getting along?"

Chores are done! Judging by the flour dust and oil stains on Krenn's clothes, he's just finished up another shift in the kitchens. He wanders in and starts shedding the horribly grimy garments, looking around for a pool with familiar faces.

Sevran snorts. A dignified response, truly. "Wasn't my intention," he remarks dryly. "I've no intention of drowning in this pool." Rolled shoulders to work out some kinks. "But thanks for the wake-up call either way." Sevran may be a familiar face. At least, he's a candidate, and he lives in the same barracks. "What'd they have you doing today?" he wonders conversationally. Cause that's what people do, right? Small talk?

Riohra grins "Had me working with some of the riders shadowing them to learn what it is to be a rider." he looks over and sees Krenn he waits till he is about half way undressed then feline call at the other man with a whistle and a grin.

Krenn pauses at the whistle, arching an eyebrow before turning to see a pair of candidates in a pool. He greets them both with a smirk and a bit of a wave. "Hey there." He says with a chuckle. "Nothing better after a long day, yeah?" He asks rhetorically, prying off his boots.

"Oh yeah? You got that assignment too?" notes Sevran, curious. "Get anyone interesting?" As for his own assignment, he'll stay silent and mysterious on it. There's an eyebrow lift for the whistle at Krenn, but his opinion is hard to discern. "Oh definitely," he agrees. "Highly recommend. " Hence the current soaking. Another yawn is stifled. At least they are coming less frequently.

The day is waning. Is it at all unlikely that more and more people are beginning to wander towards the spring after a long day of working? Probably not, but Taeski is certainly one of them. He's minus shoes even by the time he makes his way through the cavern archway. Bare feet pad through small puddles left by dripping departees, small splishes of noise coming along with him. Voices bring only a faint pause though in his trek, dragging his gaze over those few familiar faces he's at least acquainted with. The teen's head tilts just a little, lips curving /ever/ so slightly into a smile before he simply moves on to grab a towel at one of the ledges, then begins the process of removing his overshirt.

Riohra grins saying "N'mon, rider of Brown Odamith, he is a transport wing rider but it saws pretty enlightening" he takes another swig of the large jug of water next to him as he soaks in the water. He stretches out under the surface and there is a loud crack as he seems to have popped his back, becuase youngman sighs happily.

More candidates? There are so many of them around. Krenn greets the latest with a little wave before he finishes getting his clothing off, wasting little time before he moves to join Riohra and Sevran in the pool. He sighs, relaxed. "That's exactly what the day called for." He says, eyes shutting immediately. "So. How you two settling in?"

"Transport? Got to leave the Weyr then, yeah?" wonders Sevran, perhaps a little wistfully. For Krenn he just offers a half-smile, wry. "Settled alright. Been in those barracks now for about a month." *Those* barracks. The ones he has to share. Taeski's entrance? Completely missed by the butcher-turned-candidate.

Taeski looks over his shoulder a moment. "I didn't think they let you candidates leave the Weyr." Evesdropping? Butting into conversations? Yes please. But at least Taeski manages to sound pleasant for his intrusion. He's still in the process of getting clear of his clothing though. The undershirt he pulls off in fact reveals a rather large expanse of his back to be covered in ink, a tree done in black and red working right up his spine. Once free of his clothing though, he sets it out of the way on the nearby ledge, simply walking right to the edge of the water to ease himself down into the heat. Eyes close momentarily, taking in the sudden soothing temperature before his lashes lift again, peering at the nearby candidates.

"They do," notes Sevran, "So long as we are with a dragonrider escort. Plus, it's way too soon for those eggs to hatch." Shrug. "Safe enough being with a mature, transport rider I suppose." Not that he got to go. There's no pout, but maybe a bit of a jealous gleam to his eyes. It passes quickly. And then the greeting. "Hey Taeski."

Kassala had heard of the hot springs, and after gathering a few things in the dorm, the dragonhealer turn candidate heads in their direction. Humming lightly beneath her breath, she enters the cavern, and once there, glances about curiously, taking note of the group that she partially knows or have seen at least, in the dorms, the night before. A recent addition to the group is the red head. Wearing a sundress, she will pause, peeling it off to reveal the two piece suit beneath. Shy? Self-consicous? Maybe a little. Of course, she's not realized the guys are nude! She glances towards the pools, choosing one near theirs, and offering a quiet nod of greeting, "Hello.."

"Sevran." A soft echo of greeting comes from Taeski, still absolutely motionless in his enjoyment of the water. Hot water /is/ one of the most wonderful things in the world, after all. There is eventually a move to grab at some of the soap that lingers nearby. There's dirt after all that lingers in places, especially around the teen's hands. Lips quirk upward just a little though, eyeing the candidate. "I'm sure you'll get a turn." Soap equals lather, and soon enough his hands are coated in suds. There's a glance upward when Kassala makes her entrance though, calmly blinking before giving a nod to her.

Sevran has been in the water far too long at this point. His tanned face is looking a bit flushed, and after a quick inspection of his hands (wrinkly), he decides to hop out. He stands, back to the ledge with his hands on it, and hops up to sit on the edge, legs from the knee-down remain in the water. There's only a momentary pause before he leans far to the side to snag his waiting towel, drapes it over his lap and uses the edge to wipe his face. Ah. Better. "Yeah, sure," he agrees with a grin. "Just never knew being Weyrbound could seem so… restrictive." Kassala is given a friendly greeting in the form of a lifted hand and an amiable "Hey". He's seen her 'round.

Taeski offers a faint laugh at that, amusement rather evident on the teen's face. "Did you do much traveling before? You were a..traveling butcher?" Is that a thing? A brow lifts curiously though, before he gives a small nod, still in the process of washing. Gotta get that soap in before /he/ starts getting all wrinkly too! "I think I get it, though. Not being /allowed/ to go anywhere is different than choosing not to go." There's a glance over though when the candidate pulls himself from the water, before he minds his /own/ business, thank you.

Sevran is perfectly covered up now, thank-you-very-much. There's a choke of a laugh in response to the traveling-butcher suggestion and a shake of his head. "No, I think you hit the nail on the head with that last one. It's the forced house-arrest. Though yeah, I did travel more before. But not because I was a butcher." He rubs a bit of dust that has decided to cling to his still-wet arm. So annoying. "Split my time between Igen and Ista in my… youth." not that he's old or anything.

There's another brief glance in Sevran's direction, brows lifting just a bit. There's no attempt to pry though in the mention of time shared in two places. He simply lifts a shoulder in half a shrug. "I haven't been to either. …And you're not allowed to say 'in my youth' unless you're secretly an old man. It simply sounds weird." Taeski gives a /suspicious/ look at the candidate then. Maybe he's /far/ older than he appears to be! He does a bit of soap rinsing then, ducking his head into the water next. Wet hair…sticks to his skull. As wet hair does. "I hate between, so I haven't left the Weyr too much since I came here. Just sometimes."

Sevran is not oblivious that look. A corner of his mouth lifts in an amused half-smile. "You can ask, you know," he says. "I don't bite. Well. That might be a lie." He leans forward to cup a little water in his hand, splashes it at his arm and finally seems satisfied that the dust/dirt/mud is gone. "Hm. Older than you, by the looks of it," is his wise-ass remark. "But I really just meant that I used to. Haven't for the past Turn or so." Shrug.

Taeski does not take offense! He's..well. Not exactly a tall person. He's probably easily mistaken as being a few turns younger than he actually is. Though there's a roll of his eyes a moment later, snorting. "I do bite." Fingers shove through his wet hair, keeping it out of his face for a moment before giving a small shrug again. "So you went back and forth between Igen and Ista. A family thing, I'd imagine." It's not exactly a question about it, after all. He can still get away with not /prying/. He turns himself around eventually then, folding his arms on the edge of the pool of water to lean there, watching the candidate. "I've been here myself between two and…three turns, I think?"

"And you would be right," Sevran tells him. But the mischievious grin on his face says he's not going to say any more. He's enjoying this game, so long as Taeski plays along. It's no fun when the other person gives up. "And what drew you to here?" he wonders. See, he's not afraid to ask questions.

Questions! Well they're at least ones he's not afraid to answer. Taeski drums a finger against the stone lip of the pool for a moment, considering. "Wanted a normal life, and my mother lives here." Lips curve up, smiling slowly at Sevran. "Seemed like a good idea at the time." He tucks his head down on his folded arms then, simply resting there. "Still is, I think."

Sevran has a dry grin and a soft 'Heh' with some sort of humor in it for the artist. "How ironic," he decides. "I'm here for the exact opposite reason; my mother is most definitely *not* in Half Moon Bay." That was a freebie. He'll quirk an eyebrow at Taeski. "As long as you're happen, right? Then it's probably a good decision." But curiously. "Where would you go, if you did leave?"

Taeski raises a brow slowly at that. "So you want to be /away/ from your mother?" See? He /can/ ask questions once he gets curious enough about things. The very idea seems somewhat unsettling to him, though he shakes his head a moment after. "Can't judge that, I guess. Family isn't..always the best thing." There's a soft laugh though that follows, looking up at the candidate again. "I'm not sure if I'm exactly happy, but I'm working on that. If I..left? Like..if I didn't live here, or just..visiting? My cousin, Valerian said I could come stay in Xanadu if I couldn't be here anymore. And I did take a trip out to Monaco recently once they let me start moving around more on my own.."

"It's a bit more complicated than that but, essentially yes. That is exactly why I am here." Well. Why Sevran came here originally at least. "Yeah. If you had to live somewhere else, where would you want to live? And don't overthink it," he admonishes. "Your first choice."

Taeski blinks slowly. /Not/ think about it? He shrugs after just a moment though, offering a small smile. "Xanadu. It's far too cold there in the winter, but Valerian is there. Another cousin of mine, too. We don't…exactly get along but it's not like she can't stand me, either." The teen shifts, finally straightening up again a little. "I like having family near me."

"Your family must be very different from mine," decides Sevran, though it's good natured. "Alright, Xanadu. Pretty good choice. Mine would be anywhere cold, actually." Shrug. He shifts, pulling his legs from the water and crossing them beneath him, scooting back until he can lean up against something. Towel remains firmly in place. In a more serious tone, quiet enough to not be overheard easily, he asks, "How're you feeling?" Cause they're friends now, so he can ask that, right?

He doesn't even bother to hide the laugh. It's short, but Taeski shakes his head again, still looking throughly amused. "I imagine some of my family is..vastly different from most." His hands move in front of him in a gesture akin to scales, weighing the two sides. "Mm, I'll take the ones that live in Weyrs as opposed to the ones that don't." There's a faint sniff given after a bit, and a sigh for his own skin that really /is/ starting to get a bit wrinkled with all the water. "It snows in Xanadu in the winter. It's absolutely miserable." Of course, the fact that he says it like he's trying to sell it rather than dissuade Sevran to visit, might betray the fact that he doesn't mind it /as/ much as he says. He heaves himself out of the water then, dripping his way the few steps to pick up his towel and wrap it around his waist. The question however gets his attention, casting a look at Sevran that's quite easily bordering on soft. "Tired and a little waterlogged. ..But alright."

"Probably a good choice," agrees Sevran, if the 'not in Weyrs' family implies who he *thinks* it implies. "And snow is exactly my point. I've lived in a freakin' desert, and two different jungles. After eighteen-turns, a guy can get pretty sick of humidity." Says the candidate currently lounging in the hot springs. "Good," he decides firmly. He pulls himself to his feet, clutching towel out of laziness rather than modesty, so he doesn't have to bend and pick it up. "Done?" with the bath. "I'm ready for a change of scenery."

"Mm, yeah. I'm done." Taeski makes a face at Sevran's excitement for snow though, giving a quiet huff of noise. "Well snow's freaking cold. Granted, I doubt I'd want to be in a desert, either." There's a hand waved back at the water again, before the teen makes for his clothes to start redressing himself. "At least Xanadu still has places like this so it's not /totally/ frigid in the winter." He pauses though in the process of pulling his tunic back on, glancing at Sevran. "You should go. To Xanadu, anyway. Or at least somewhere cold and enjoy a day there." Vacations are wonderful, wonderful things!

Sevran follows, presumably for the same reason. A pile of clothes has been left in a lump, heaped on top of his boots in a vain effort to remain dry. The towel is now utilized to remove any remaining moisture before he starts dressing with practiced ease. "I will. But that's gotta wait a bit. You know. Till the eggs hatch and I'm free." A grin is beamed at Taeski. "Assuming I don't come off the sands with a whole new set of responsibilities." Shirt on, pants on, Sevran opts to just carry the boots. Towel is tossed in the general direction of wherever used towels are deposited.

Taeski gives a bit of extra towel-rubbing to his still wet hair, even after he's dressed again. There's a nod though, leaving it there like a cowl for the time being before giving Sevran an amused look. "Freedom or responsibilities. What choices." Taeski did not bring shoes with him, thus he remains barefooted for the time being. There's just a little more rubbing though for the extra water on his head..then the towel is tossed as well, leaving him with a bit of a wild mess that he just doesn't seem to care much about just yet. "But if there's any choices for the now, I'm going to get something to eat and go to bed, I think."

"Freedom does sound tempting," agrees Sevran, with a wry tone of voice. "But I signed up for it, so I gotta see it through." Shrug. "Probably a good idea." The food and bed. "I'm gonna go for a walk." For no explained reason. "But it was good to see you… out. You know?" Since the he only really saw him the one time, in the infirmary. "Don't be a stranger."

Walks need no explanation! They are the thing people do with their legs! At least Taeski doesn't seem to think it's odd or anything. There's a smile though, and a nod for 'seeing things through'. "That's what I keep saying. Seems to be working out." He may not have a hatching in his future, but he at least has goals! Fingers work briefly at straightening out the overshirt he wears, folding up the longer sleeves just a bit. "I can't be a stranger anymore, can I?" Friends are not strangers! But he does smile, giving a tilt of his head as he moves to head on out of the caverns and over the slightly damp floor. "It was good to see you, too."

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