A Risky Game of Poker

Western Weyr - Recreation Cavern
A large cavern with gaming tables, dart boards and other sorts of things to keep people amused. There is a bar on one side of the room that will provide liquid amusment as well.

The recreation cavern is really a little on the wholesome side to be much of a regular Mari hangout. So is it any wonder that she's managed to find the seediest possible way to enjoy it? She's at the poker table, sitting with a group of fairly young looking rider men, grasping a couple cards and staring at them with utter confusion. The flask in her other hand and the gentle swaying she's doing suggest that, surprise surprise, she may not be totally sober.

So what if Jeyinshi is a horrid darts player? It isn't going to stop her from trying to become Pern's dart champion! That's all a joke really, but the dolphineer /does/ seem a bit frustrated that she can't seem to get any better at the game despite practice. Metal darts thud silently on the wall and a few near the rim of the board. Jey looks at them with dismay before going to collect the infernal objects. As she begins walking back, she spots the slightly drunk looking Mari and the crowd of men. A shout out isn't given, though the dolphineer does silently raise an eyebrow.

Mari continues to stare at the cards for a moment, as if they contained writing in some language she utterly fails to understand. Out of the corner of her eye she spots Jey, and a little smile crosses her face. "Jey! Heeeey Jey!" She calls out with a wave of her hand that succeeds in exposing her cards to all of the men at the table. Not a card shark, to say the least. "Wanna join us? We're playing strip poker!" This might explain the all too amused looks some of those riders keep giving the tipsy tourist.

"Heya Mari, what're you playi—STRIP poker?" The dolphineer's eyebrows certainly fly up at that. A quick detour is made to the bar and Jey grabs her own drink before heading towards the card table and pulling a seat up beside the Easterner. She twists the chair around, sitting in it backwards and resting her elbows on the back rest as she sips idly at her drink, carefully eyeing the men around. "I'll join only if we're on a team together. And you guys….are you also playing /strip/ poker?"

"'Course we are." One of the men, a brownrider with a cocky grin, replies to the dolphineer. Mari seems quite happy at the prospect of having Jeyinshri on a team with her. "Yeah! You can help me out. C'mere…" She leans in to show Jey her cards, which she's likely seen already. "Are these good ones?" She tries to whisper, failing utterly. "… You guys don't mind if we're on a team, right?" Mari asks, wide-eyed. The men snicker. "'Course not. Though you both have to put up the stakes if you lose." The cocky brownrider says with a laugh.

Jeyinshi frowns at the cocky man before peeking over at the girl's cards. "Seeing as how you guys are taking advantage of her drunken state to make quick work of her, I'll wait until next round. I have to warn you though…I'm pretty good at this." There's a bit of a glint in the dolphineer's eye as she looks at each man in turn and smirks. "What do we have to up the stakes to? I've got some pretty nice stakes." Does she mean wooden weapons? Quite possibly. "Say….do you fine men like swimming? I've got just the penalty for you all if we win." A penalty which would probably involve dolphins dumping men in the middle of the ocean.

"Hey, nobody's making her play." A bluerider with a beard says a little defensively. Mari, for her part, does not seem to appreciate the lack of wisdom of her actions. "Yeah! It sounded fun." Jey's remarks about swimming has the brownrider snickering again. "You gotta put up your clothes along with hers, obviously… and a'course we like to swim! Especially with two fine young ladies like you." Failing to get good advice on her hand, Mari frowns. "Alright. I bet… this many!" Very unwisely, she shoves in all of her chips.

"No, you're not forcing her, but you certainly got a nice view of her cards just now, didn't you? Don't even /think/ of counting this round as part of the official game." The brownrider's words earn a definite scowl and shake of her head, "You won't be getting these clothes off me if it's my last day alive. But you can try. And when you lose, I'll let my dolphin deal with you. I'm sure you're fond of sharks, he knows just where some gather at night." Jey seems momentarily involved in threats, but Mari's sudden bet has her attention snapping back to the game. "Oh no you don't!" The dolphineer tries to rake the chips back towards her. "You are not betting. You are /folding/. How much sharding alcohol have you had?"

"Uh-uh, no dice, dolphin lady. Your friend bet, and you're on her team now. Shoulda spoke up sooner." The brownrider with the cocky smile says. The bluerider is less certain. "Uh, I don't know. If they're on a team, don't they have to agree to…" "Nope." The brownrider cuts him off. "Dolphin girl said she was sitting this round off. I call." He throws down a much better hand. Mari peers at it with confusion. "… Does that beat these ones?" She asks, turning over her rather pathetic hand. The men burst into laughter. "Yeah, yeah it does." Replies brownrider. "Alright, ladies. More clothes for more chips." Mari pouts. "I'm bad at this game." She says before starting to shed her tunic. Good thing she went swimming earlier, and has her bikini top under for modesty's sake.

Jeyinshi downs the rest of the drink before /glaring/ at the brownrider. "You…you are insufferable. Anyways, she bet all her chips right? And they're all lost. So game over, the end. Only one article of clothing gone, and it's her shirt." The dolphineer sounds rather stoic as her gaze stays on the cocky man. "I'm not getting any chips, so unless you want to donate to the fund…." Perhaps it's a hopeless attempt to get the pair of girls out of the game, but the dolphineer is saying it with such confidence that a few of them just might listen. "And I'm not trading my clothes in for chips. Honestly, don't you guys have some sense of deceny, this being a rather public place and all?"

"You ain't never played this game before, have you, dolphin lady?" The brownrider observes with with his insufferable smirk, a remark that draws more laughter from some of the other men. "When you lose all your chips, you give up an article of clothing and get more. Game doesn't stop until somebody's lost everything. Anyways, it's late. No kids here." The bluerider counts out more chips to give to Mari, but the brownrider holds out a hand to stop him. "Hold on. If only half the team is paying stakes, they only get half the chips. That's only fair." Mari pouts at this, but seems either too drunk or confused to protest. She looks at Jey with uncertainty as their half-share of chips are given over, and the bluerider deals out a new hand. "Do you know how to play this game?" She whispers, very concerned.

"No, I haven't played it the way you apparently mean for this to be played. Probably because I'm no drunken fool that attempts to take advantage of young ladies." Irritation once again boils up in the dolphineer and she leans forward to stare at the brownrider once again. "What wing are you from? I'm sure your Wingleader would be proud to know you're stealing clothes from some 16 turn old inebriated child. Or maybe the Weyrwoman would be more interested in all this." The very small amount of chips given is taken and the dolphineer throws one from hand to hand casually. "I do know how to play poker Mari. And I'm not bad at it. It's the strip part I haven't had practice with, but that shouldn't affect the actual cards."

Mari, sadly, seems to react negatively to this particular argument of Jey's. "I'm not a child!" The men also laugh yet again at the dolphineer's protests. "That's right, she ain't. And you go ahead and tell our Weyrwoman. We're visiting from Igen, you'll be in for quite a trip ahead of you." Says the mouthy brownrider. He looks at his cards and grins at Mari. "I bet." He shoves in a sizeable number of chips. Mari peers at her cards with confusion. "… Are these good ones?"

Jeyinshi looks down at Mari with a frown, "You're frustrating that's what you are. How the shards did you get yourself into this kind of game? You play this with people you know, not deadbeats like these guys." The brownrider's statement about Igen only earns a rather superior look from the dolphineer towards them. "Heh. As if I'd even bother with that. It's our Weyrwoman I'd tell. But I don't think I'll even need to do that. It'd be far easier to deal with you lot ourselves." Jey looks over at Mari's cards, giving a sharp nod. "They're good cards. Don't worry." And then she bets 25 chips to match the brownrider's own amount, effectively losing half of them.

"I figured it would be a good way to learn, because we're not playing with money." Mari explains her drunken logic to Jeyinshi. Apparently, she values her marks far more highly than her dignity. She seems very trusting of Jeyinshi's playing, continuing to grab the cards. The men still seem very confident. "I'll call that." Says the bluerider, pushing in chips. "And I'll raise." Says the brownrider, putting in enough to require all of the girls' chips yet again. Mari looks trustingly at Jeyinshi. "What do we do?"

"If you want to learn you should've asked me instead. I wouldn't have asked for money, or your clothes." The brownrider's call earns a snort from the dolphineer and it almost sounds as if she's amused. "See? If you bet low, guys like these think your hand is crap. Let them raise as much as they want and then, figuratively speaking, you take the rug right out from under them." The previous 25 chips are joined with remaining 25. "This is what we do Mari. And then we make them sorry to have begun this game."
Mari still seems very confused and uncertain when she gets this advice from Jey. "Oh… okay. You know better than I do, Jey." She pushes in the remaining chips and throws her cards down, face up, beaming. "We call." The men eye the hand and throw down their own cards. Mari looks at all of the cards with confusion, whispering to Jey. "… Did we win?"

"Oh yes Mari, we won. Which means you /will/ be keeping the rest of your clothes on." There's a pointed look at the girl before Jey turns to the riders and smirks, "Really, you men, always rushing about to show just how great you are. Learn a bit of patientce from your next girlfriends alright?" The dolphineer rakes the chips towards them before peering over at the men's chips. "Oh look, a few of you are getting kind of low aren't you? One more round, maybe two and then it's out to meet the sharks."

Mari grins gleefully as she rakes in the chips. "Yay! Thank you, Jey!" The men grumble a bit, and the bluerider deals another hand. The girls are in much better shape now, though still only about equal in chips after Mari's earlier big loss. "I think I've got the hang of it. Bet strong. All in!" Mari shoves all of the chips in without even looking at her hand. She somehow appears proud of this, like it is a brilliant move.

Jeyinshi moves a hand to swat at Mari if she isn't quick enough to move away. "You! You haven't learned a thing you wherry-head!" The look on the dolphineer's face turns from pinched to relieved however as she takes a look at the hand and then turns a bright smile to Mari. Was the expression just an act to throw the men? Or was the hand really that good? Jey certainly isn't giving away the answer to that, instead, she looks expectantly at the men. "So men, you going to back down from a challenge like this? I mean…you /do/ have the guts to bet as much as two little girls, don't you?" It seems like Jey is /deliberately/ pushing buttons now.

The brownrider and the bluerider look at each other, trying to figure out how to play in response to Jey's bravado. "… I fold." The more conservative bluerider tosses his cards in. The brownrider, however, just laughs. "Oh, come on! She didn't even look at the hand! Don't let these little girls push you around. We're gonna have that one naked in a couple minutes here. I call." He grins toothily and throws his cards down. Mari looks very uncertainly between the rider and Jey. "… Did I do bad?"

"Not at all Mari. In fact, thanks to you, we've won!" Jey reaches one hand out to ruffle the Easterner's hair, if she doesn't move away, and with her other hand, the cards are revealed, the hand looking /significantly/ better than the brownrider's. "Aigoo, look at how the almighty have falled. You're certainly not getting Mari naked. How about it, ready for a little trip down to the lagoon? I'm sure your dragon will get to you before the sharks have had a proper taste."

The brownrider looks quite upset. "… They're cheating. They had to cheat. No way they just got a hand like that by chance without even shardin' looking!" The bluerider is less livid. "I don't know, I think she just got lucky. Anyways, they did get your chips." "Shut up. We're leaving. Never coming back to this rotten weyr. Lucky shardin' dolphin riders." Being very bad sports, the men simply storm off. Mari blinks in confusion, putting her tunic back on. "So… we won?"

Jeyinshi laughs at the disappearing backs of the riders before leaning her head down on the poker table, eyes sliding over to Mari. "Pity, I'm sure Sungie would have had /such/ fun with the men. But at least the waters don't have to be dirtied by the likes of them." The dolphineer makes another face at the thought of the men before smiling widely at the Easterner. "We won. Next time you want to play poker, you come look for me alright? For now though, I think you should stop the drinking and get some sleep. Get the alcohol out of your system."

It's really a good thing the men left when they did, because it's obvious Mari is reaching the point where the alcohol is making her crash. She half-slumps out of her seat and onto Jey, wrapping her arms around the dolphineer. "You're a good friend, you know that, Jey?" She asks, eyes half-shut. "Hey, let's have a sleepover! I wanna see your new hut. The guest quarters here suck…."

Jeyinshi laughs as she catches the falling Easterner and shakes her head. "The guess quarters here aren't bad. But alright alright, a sleepover is fine. I've got extra bedrolls anyhow." The dolphineer chuckles softly before standing and pulling Mari beside her, allowing the girl's weight to fall mostly on herself. "Mk you. If you can't walk then just keep leaning on me." After a few moments the dolphineer begins to make her way out of the rec cavern, carefully avoiding tables, chair, and people that seem to be in their way.

Mari beams happily and drunkenly as Jey gets her to her feet. A lot of leaning is required for her to get anywhere. She's doing fine until they pass the bar, at which point she starts trying to steet them towards it. "Hey! I need a refill." She insists, wagging her flask at the dubious bartender.

Jeyinshi momentarily gets dragged in the bar's direction, but it isn't long before she's dragging the girl back. The whole scene looks rather comical really. Drunken easterner leaning on a frowning dolphineer who's desperately trying to get her away from the alcohol…all while wearing heels. "You do /not/ need more alcohol from here. You know what….I have alcohol in my hut." Lies. Complete and utter lies, but the dolphineer is banking on Mari being too drunk to notice. "Lots of really good alcohol." Or maybe Mari would pass out before it became an issue.

Mari is drunk enough to believe those lies. Hook, line, and sinker. She looks very thrilled at the idea. "Oooh! What kind of alcohol! Lead the way!" She's a giggly mess as she slumps against Jeyinshi, easily dragged. "I haven't had a sleepover in forever. We can drink, do each other's hair, drink, tell stories, drink, practice kissing, drink…"

"Very wonderful alcohol. We'll do hair and tell stories. And you'll drink. And you can practice kissing…with your pillow. I hear pillows are very effective for that sort of thing." Jeyinshi chuckles softly at the girl's drunken antics before steering her back towards the entrance and off towards the lagoon. A hut with imaginary alcohol was awaiting them!

Mari laughs brightly as she continues staggering along towards the imaginary alcohol. "Nono, we gotta practice on each other. Otherwise, how're you gonna know what to do with that rider boy you like? But we gotta get more drinks first. Lots more drinks." It's a good thing Mari will be passed out long before she can actually attempt any of this.

Jeyinshi stops in her tracks and looks down at the girl with raised eyebrows. "I already know how to kiss. I've had far more practice than you have. So we won't be practicing on each other. What I'm curious about is who this rider boy I'm apparently in love with is? Because as far as I'm concerned, there isn't one…..ah yes, drinks first, lots of drinks." The realization that Mari's words were simply drunken chatter had apparently taken a few seconds to register with the dolphineer.

"Oh, you know… that boy. Not a rider boy, what'm I saying? He's a guard. Helped you build your hut. He's cuuuuute. But don't worry, I'm not gonna touch him. You got dibs." Mari continues slurring this near nonsense. "Yay drinks!"

Jeyinshi freezes. "I don't know who you're talking about. I don't like anybody and nobody likes me." The dolphineer is in serious denial at this point. "I also don't know any guards." The lies continue to spout from the woman's mouth now, her pride forcing her to use every bit of quick thinking skills to deal with this sudden situation. "Forget boys…you should think about drinks. Drinks are wonderful."

Mari blinks, confused. Sadly, this seems to set her on the entirely wrong path. "Wait… so you /don't/ like that guard boy? Really? Huh, I was so sure… is it okay if I make out with him, then?" Mari is just on a roll tonight. Luckily the drink offers do help to keep her mind on that track. "Yes they are. Mmm, I feel so /toasty/!"

"NO!" What is she saying no about? At least the dolphineer isn't shrieking, just saying the word emphatically. She doesn't have the capability to shriek just yet. "It is /not/ okay if you make out with him." And why is it not okay? Jey isn't about to admit anything, she's just going to keep saying no. "Aren't there other boys you can make out with?"

Mari is very, very confused, and somewhat taken aback by the shrieking dolphineer. "… So you /do/ like him?" She asks quietly. Not too drunk to make that deduction, apparently! The question earns a little frown. "No. I don't know very many boys. And you won't make out with me either. Do /you/ know people I can make out with?" She sounds very hopeful.

Jeyinshi is /not/ shrieking, she /will/ not. Instead, the dolphineer's voice seems to be going lower and her statements more and more intense. "No, of course I don't like him. I don't like anyone. I'm too buys, working." Nope, this sort of thing is not happening to the dolphineer. She won't admit to such nonsense! "You're right, I won't make out with you. But I don't know anyone you can make out with. Sorry. But hey, you still have the pillow. And you can keep that pillow forever once you're done practicing your kissing on it."

Oh, no. These words seem to be the trigger than sends Mari from the jolly and cheerful stage of drunken antics to the melancholy and depressed stage. She sniffles a little. "Nobody wants to make out with me. I'm /ugly/." Lots more sniffling.

Jeyinshi /stares/ at the suddenly sniffling girl. "What in the….no, that isn't what I meant! You'e not ugly. I just don't know anyone who would like to make out with anyone. And I don't make out with girls so I can't really help you there. I'm sure there are plenty of boys around that would want you to make out with them. You just have to find the right one!"

The good thing about Mari's unpredictable drunken mood swings is that they swing back just as easily. Rubbing tears away from her cheeks, her eyes suddenly look wide and hopeful. "How do you find the right one? How did you find the cute guard boy?" She looks at Jeyinshi as if expecting great wisdom.

"I…I…you are being /incredibly/ difficult. Why do you keep bringing Kelth up?" Jey continues to just /look/ at Mari before sighing and smiling a bit. "Anyways, you'll know he's right. Mmmm I guess…your stomach goes a bit tingly and you can't help but notice everything he does and how he reacts. And who's around him. And then you just want to see him all the time. You brain gets kind of messed up….I could probably explain this more elegantly when neither of us has had any drinks, but yes, that is the basics."

Mari seems to think on Jeyinishi's advice for a moment, being as thoughtful as she can in her extremely intoxicated state. "A lot of boys make me feel that way. And a lot of girls. Am I doing something wrong?" She ponders as she sways along.

Jeyinshi laughs and shakes her head, "Not really. That's just you being a teenager, hormones and all that nonsense. But there'll be one that you won't be able to live without. The one whose disappearance would make life seem kind of meaningless. One day you'll find him or her. But that day you will hopefully be completely sober. Unlike now."

"Hey, I'm a little tipsy, but I'm still totally with it." No, she's not. But Mari sure thinks she is. "So that's how the guard boy makes you feel? That's so sweet." Her eyes go wide. "Have you guys… you know…" She looks around, and whispers. "Done it?"

"He does NOT. And we have NOT. I already told you that I'm too busy with work. Stop talking about him." The dolphineer is not scowling a bit at the drunken girl. "Isn't there something you'd rather talk about than my non-existant love life? Honestly. There must something that's more interesting. Like booze. Why don't you give me a list of nice booze."

"Oh." Mari is obviously disappointed by the lack of scandalous gossip. "Your love life is less nonexistant than mine, anyways. You're lucky, Jey. I wish I was pretty like you, then cute guard boys would want to me out with me." At least the promise of booze derails her train of thought again. "Oh! I like rum. And wine. And beer. And… what's that one they make out of tubers? That stuff's good… what kind of booze do you have, Jey?"

"Hey now, you're plenty pretty. If you were any prettier you'd have boys jumping you. And you would get tired of that fast." Jey laughs and ruffles the drunken girl's hair again…before reverting to a small frown. "There are no guard boys that want to do anything with me much less any that like me. And I'm really not that pretty. You're wearing drunk-goggles." Booze? What kind of booze does she have? "Uhh…I've got all of that. Rum, wine, beer. You name anything and I have it!" No she doesn't, but hey, Jey is pretty convincing right now.

Mari is pretty easily convinced. All the alcohol in her system has her being extremely trusting and compliant. Which makes it a very good thing Jey rescued her from those Igen riders earlier. "Oh, boy! I can't wait. We'll drink all night, and do our hair, and tell stories. But no makeouts. I know you don't like makeouts."

"Mhmmm, of course, stay up all night and tell stories and do hair and no makeouts. Unless you really take a liking to the pillow." Jey grins, her tone teasing as she speaks to the drunken girl. A few more minutes of walking brings the girls to the dolphineer's hut and Jey opens the door, shooing Mari in. "Alright you, get your butt moving. Time for some sleepover fun!"

"I am not going to make out with a pillow!" Mari replies with a pout and a bit of a huff. "Jey, you need to promise me that you're going to find a nice boy or girl for me to make out with. If you won't let me make out with the cute guard boy, you owe me!" How does that work? Who knows. Off they go!

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