Adventures in Babysitting

Half Moon Bay Weyr - [TP] Fruit Garden
Situated just outside the weyr's bowl is a sprawling garden of fruit trees. Far too regimented to be considered an orchard, neat rows of trees dot what might be better called a courtyard, forming a neat, even grid of shade. Carefully contrived sunbeams dapple light onto the occasional bench, or tiny grottos where firelizards and small avians gather to pick at seed and offerings left in small bowls. In the far corner is tucked a fountain, its soft babbling heard throughout the space. This is mostly due to the garden's clever system of irrigation, trees kept watered despite the predominance of flagstones by a spiderweb of grooves that lead from the fountain into the trees. Water bubbles constantly through the little tunnels set into the stone before eventually being recycled into the lagoon somewhere beyond.

It is just after the noon meal and the day is cool, as winter is slowly starting to set into the weyr as a whole. Today Riohra is walking through the fruit garden with what seems to be a long trail of youngins in tow. There are at least eleven of these little charges ranging from ages four to ten turns old. The tall man is pointing out the changing of some of the trees as well as animal tracks from the smaller fauna that inhabit the area.

And Baylee is along for the ride! Watching 11 young children might be something that is a challenge for just one person so she'll be there standing quietly observing, making sure that the little ones don't get too far out of control because the adults are very outnumbered here.

Krenn isn't exactly someone with a lot of childcare experience. No younger siblings, not much time spent around the young ones since he left for his apprenticeship at the crafthall. So he's a little out of his league here, but at least he's giving it his best effort. Hasn't lost a youngling yet! He shoots Riohra and Baylee a little smile. "You two have a lot of experience with kids, then?"

Riohra grins back to the little group as they start exploring the area, he will say over his shoulder "I got two sets of blood twins under me, but the families that make up our hunting clan just raise all of us together." He will walk around quickly to pull a pair of boys down from a tree and send them along after an imagery critter he points out.

Baylee shakes her head at Krenn's question, "Not as much as you might think." she says as she drifts over toward Krenn with a little smile on her face, "But I'm enjoying seeing you with them." She'll move past him to get a better view of two of the little ones who are lagging behind the rest of the group, "It's the sort of thing that will get you points." Yes. There are still points to be had despite what she had said the other evening. "Though it seems that Rio does." With all that talk of twins she will smile, "Lots of experience."

"Doesn't sound too dissimilar to how the weyrs handle things." Krenn replies to Riohra. "The nannies tend to raise all the little ones collectively. Well, they do when us candidates aren't doing it, at least." He says with a chuckle, moving around to that tree and leaning against it to try to block any others who might get ideas about climbing. He then shoots Baylee another grin. "There are points again now?" He jokes.

Riohra grins and ruffles the hair of one of the girls who is showing another how to count with stones as he passes back over to the two candidates. "So I got to ask, what are these points you two talk about? Are we being graded or something?" says with eyebrows raised obviously lost to what is happening between the pair "Because I am not really good with exams, more a pass or fail kind of thing."

Baylee listens intently to them both describe the different child rearing policies of different places. It's of course different from what she is used too, but thats becoming routine for her now. She'll smile sweetly to Krenn, "You never know when there are points to be had. I have to keep you guessing." she'll say to Krenn before looking back to Rio and just shaking her head, "It's more of an inside joke than anything else. I'm grading Krenn." Rio won't have to worry, "I bet there are exams though. Probably just like the hall."

"The points are Baylee's own little invention. Something to keep me on my toes, as she says." Krenn says with a smirk at the girl. "She's probably got them all written down in some little notebook somewhere. As for the rest of us… well, candidacy doesn't have any formal grading or written examinations. But make no mistake, we're always being watched and judged."

Riohra leans against another tree listening to the other two candidates as he keeps his eyes on the eleven children that are in the area. Some are playing together some are just exploring the area. He tosses Baylee a grin as he sort of understands what is happening saying "Well just don't go telling Kassala, I don't want to have to start thinking I am being graded" the Winter air is cool but not cold enough to need a jacket.

Baylee just might have a running tally written down somewhere in a notebook that is not hidden under her pillow with Krenn's name written in it with little hearts around it. That would not be appropriate for a candidate so clearly not. She'd have to take points away from herself and then where would she be. She might end up with less points than Krenn. "If you don't think you could pass you might need to be." she says with a grin, clearly indicating she is joking, "I'll have to give her the scoop." Then Rio can earn points right along with Krenn, "I'm sure she'd love to give it a whirl."

Sevran is walking through the gardens, minding his own business and lost to his own thoughts. Whatever those thoughts are, they make the butcher-turned-candidate smile a weak, humorless smile. It's the sound of familiar voices that catches his attention and wakes him from his reprieve. He wanders their direction, and is rather a little shocked to find them with a bunch of… children. "Huh. We're growing babies in this garden now?" he wonders, clearly joking.

So the points are a competition now? It's probably a good thing Krenn doesn't know that. He'd be even more baffled by the whole thing than he already is. "Rio, I can assure you Kass is keeping some sort of score for you." He jokes with a wink before looking back to Baylee. "Well, I'm fine with it. I'm confident I can withstand scrutiny. Besides, you already know all the worst dirt about me and you haven't run off screaming, so the way I see it, I'm in the clear." Then Sevran arrives, greeted with a joking grin. "It's a weyr. I'm sure at least one baby has been made in the gardens." Krenn won't risk a joke any more risque than that with the little ones running around.

Riohra grins at Krenn as a small group of kids around the eight turn old range walk up and ask "Where are the baby planets Mr. Krenn?" Riohra gives Sevran a wave but does his best to look away so the rest of the group doesn't see him stifle I laugh.

Baylee can only smile and shake her head, there's another point gone for Krenn. So sad. She'll just shake her head disapprovingly. Though that won't last long before she greets Sevran, "Hello." she'll say to her fellow candidate, "I'm Baylee." she introduces herself before indicating the others, "Have you met Krenn and Riohra?" Maybe they have!

"Touche," is Sevran's grinning response for Krenn. He sinks to the ground near the other candidates, though he eyes the little human beasties suspiciously. "I doubt there's anywhere in this Weyr that hasn't seen the conception of a child or two. Or at least the attempt to conceive." Grin. "Hey Baylee. Riohra." He'll leave the child-watching to them, and just kinda… observe over here. In safety.

Krenn may not have all that much experience with kids, but he knows better than to give a straightforward answer to that question. "Those ones. Right over there." He points to a row of recently planted saplings. "You can tell they're the babies because they're smaller than the mommy plants." Clearly not what the child was asking, but hopefully an answer which would placate him. Krenn has this parenting thing down. At Baylee's question, he nods a little. "We met, briefly. Don't think we got a proper introduction, though. I'm Krenn."

Riohra grins as he watches the kids scurry off to look at the plants that Krenn suggested. The other kids that make up the rest of the eleven are spread about the area. "Hey Sevran, how are chores for you today?" Rio will walk past the Journeyman and give him a pat on the shoulder for a job well done as he moves to retrieve a group of kids who are going to far out the eyesight and herd them back towards the group.

Nice save Krenn! Baylee will smile approvingly as she moves to stand at his side, though she'll continue to glance in Sevran's direction, "You must want to watch the little ones too. The more the merrier." She isn't above drafting the man to help out with chores! It's fun to draft! "Don't you think he'd do a great job with the little ones Krenn?" she asks the journeyman.

"Thanks, but I'll pass," is Sevran's quick but friendly reply to Baylee's offer. He'll just go ahead and ignore that she tried to recruit him, even if she is eyed a little suspiciously by the tall brunette and he makes a point of scooting backwards to put some distance between himself and them. See, they watch the kiddos. He's just here to lean on this tree over here. "They were good," he answers Krenn, seizing on the change of subject merrily. "Dragon washing." Which, for some reason undisclosed, appears to be incredibly ironic to him, given the look of dry humor that crosses his face. "You'll seem to be enjoying yourselves though. Good day for it out here."

Krenn agrees with Baylee immediately. It seems like a very fine idea to recruit Sevran, and there's no way he's letting his fellow candidate escape that easily. "Oh, don't be so modest! I'm sure you'd do a great job helping us out. Everyone likes a fellow candidate who goes above and beyond, right?" He shoots Baylee a conspiratorial wink.

The fruit gardens are alive with sound now, not just from the eleven excitable children running about all between the ages of four to ten turns. Some are climbing trees some are playing games with each other and others are taking to pushing the limits of their current play area. The latter group is being herded by Riohra back to the area with bribes of 'dragon flights', as he will pick one up and 'fly' them through the air which only adds the noise as they squeal with joy.

Baylee catches the wink from Krenn and her grin widens. It is time to zero in on Sevran and playfully urge him on, "I had that chore the other day. It wasn't so bad. The dragons we were washing were better behaved than Feyruth." That gold was a crazy creature! "And /this/ chore. Is even easier. All you have to do is stand here and make sure none of them wander off. Or get into too much trouble." she'll say as she redirects a young one back in the direction of the group. It's just like herding felines! She'll indicate Rio, "He's our resident master at this." Yeah. Rio's got this down, "So if you just watch him you'll be great in no time."

Sevran gives a quick shake of his head, though he does offer a half-smile at them. "Yeah, that sounds like a lot of work," though not really. "I think I'm good. I'll just watch you guys and take notes." Mental notes. "Dragon bathing is pretty nice, if you have the ride dragon," he agrees. Riohra is eyed from the side, and Sevran shakes his head. "See, you don't need me. You got him."

Felines, kids, all equally troublesome, right? At least Krenn can say there have been no major disasters on his watch yet. "Ah, dragon watching. Either a very boring chore, or a very good chore if Baylee happens to be doing the same within eyesight." He's probably risking a jab from Baylee, given how close by she is right now. But it seems like he can't resist the teasing. "Ah, c'mon. The more the better. You know you want in on the fun."

What was there about there ONLY being 11 kids? There's another six coming out with Kassala, two of the younger girls holding her hands while the other four are trailing behind. "They said they were out here…" Ah, yes, there they are! "Sure, you can go.." She answers one boy who takes off to join his friends. The two holding her hands remain, "Can you help us make some flower garlands?" The question comes to which Kass nods her head, "Sure. Let's find some flowers…" Waving to the other candidates, she sits near a large patch of clover with varying shades of white and red flowers.

Riohra blinks as another boy joins the little group and looks around, counting heads "Wait I thought I had eleven…" He looks over at Baylee, Krenn and Sevran, nope they didnt shrink so where did these ones come from. He starts looking around and then sees the reason for the influx of energy, he will wave at Kassala before he goes back to playing with the kiddos.

It seems that Sevran is a slippery one. The candidate is good at evading! Baylee will see if Krenn is good at evading by sending a little elbow in his direction at that comment, "You shouldn't blow your chances to earn some points by playing nice with the kids." Though she will soften her tone a little and add, "You can flatter me all you want when you get done. Keep your mind on the little ones." Then the children multiply like fungus! Brought on by Kassala, "Hello." she'll say to Kass. Kass and Rio seem like they might be on the same page with kids, "You both have this down."

And then suddenly, the group of kids goes from a dangerous eleven, to an impossible seventeen. Sevran is suddenly a whole-lotta nope. "Yeah, actually," he says climbing to his feet and dusting himself off. "I think I forgot something I gotta do. Back there." Which is anywhere but here. "But thanks. And ah… good luck." And before anyone more attempts can be made, he makes a beeline out of the garden.

Kassala chuckles softly, waving to Riohra, then turning to look towards Baylee, "I've helped herd dragons and flits. And the occasional kid as well around Ierne Weyrhold…" With flowers plucked, she goes about tying and weaving them together, showing the younger girls how to do it. Before long, she's got other girls wanting flower crowds as well. She offers a quick smile to Sevran as he makes the quick get-away, waving to him before returning to crown-making.

"Hey, I kept them off the tree. That's half the job done, right?" Krenn replies to Baylee with a grin, clearly joking a bit. Alas, his plan to get reinforcements ends up backfiring, and the candidates are more outnumbered by kids than ever before. "Huh. Where do they keep coming from?"

Krenn then spies one of the more adventurous littles making a break for it. "Hey! Don't wander off now!" The candidate gives chase. And he's off!

Riohra grins as he sees what Kassala is doing as it seems some of the boys have flocked to him and are starting to climb the hunter turned candidate. He stands up so he can keep an eye on the others but grins as a pair of kids sneak up on Baylee trying to put a creepy crawly into her pocket.

There are far less kids running around the hall than there are around Half Moon, "I think that they just spring out of the ground." Seventeen kids vs Kassala, Krenn, Baylee, and Rio isn't remotely a fair fight. The candidates are outnumbered and out gunned. It's good that none of the children have any weapons. Not that they need them. "You did good." she'll say to Krenn but it doesn't make the situation any easier. It's hard to keep track of the ones they were watching when they are bouncing all over the place. And then Krenn is off chasing the kid. Baylee will turn on the pair and shake her head, "I don't think so."

Kassala winks at the other candidates, "It's not so bad. It's the older ones you really have to watch." With most of the girls now sitting around her trying to make their own crowns, it would seem that Rio and Baylee are left with the boys. She hides a hint of a grin as she spies the two trying to sneak up on Baylee, though it's Rio that will find himself presented with a flower crown by one little girl who is fairly insistant that he wear it… or she'll start crying!

Kassala pages: Husband's company kept two apartments for foreign workers that would come into town to do work. His company got bought out by another who decided they weren't going to keep the apartments. This past week, they had a silent auction of the items in the apartments along with some other equipment. One washer from one apartment had a scratch and a small ding… we won it for $25! *does the happy dance*

Now it will be Baylee's turn to run off after some errant children. She will wave to Kass and Rio as she goes. This may be the last they see of each other if the children have their way! "See you when I get back!"

And then Riohra is down, as the group of boys that were climbiing on him send the tall hunter tumbling down into a pile of laughs as he starts wrestling with them.

Laughing as she watches Rio taken down, Kassala grins, not minding a bit that the other candidates left them with all the kids. For now, the red head is content to help the girls, going so far as to suggest they pick some wildflowers then to take to their mom's or even to put in the living caverns on tables to brighten up the tables for the evening meal. Eventually, the nannies will show up to help guide the group back, leaving the pair of candidates to escape to attend other chores.

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