Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidates' Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It is just after the evening meal when the candidates are released from their and can go out and relax, or just doze on their cots. The room is active with people coming and going from the Baths to freshen up after hard days duties, one such person is Riohra. The tall hunter is wearing his swim shorts and sandals with a towel draped over his head as he enters the room.

Baylee sits on her cot. She is not doing anything all that exciting. Just writing in her little notebook. Though she looks up when she spots Rio come in and offers him a wave, "Hey Rio." she says as she puts down her notebook and replaces it underneath her pillow. "What have you been doing today?" Always a topic of conversation since they always have different chores to keep them busy and it pays to compare notes.

There's relaxing and there's what do you do with too much time on your hands? You work. Or at least Catwin is. She's swipped inventory lists from Litral and is going through them and cross-checking things. She's muttering a little, not along the lines of too many descrepenies, but that it's not takin long enough to go through because of it. She glances up briefly, makes note that it's Rio and not something even more catastropic and goes back to her perusing of paperwork

Riohra grins as he looks over at Baylee saying "kitchen detail, AGAIN. But I think it has more to do with my ability to lift and clean the pots well than actually help with the cooking." he chuckles good naturedly and then asks "How about you?" He will give Catwin a wave but sees she is busy so wont try and disturb her yet.

Baylee shrugs her shoulders a little, "Just had some lessons. Nothing too exciting, but they help me figure things out. There's just alot to learn." She nods at his description of kitchen duty and smiles, "Nothing wrong with just cleaning. If you don't have much talent for cooking I'd rather you didn't. Then we'd have to eat it and we'd know it had been you. You'd be all kinds of popular."

Sevran is ignoring the general noise and chaos of the barracks as best he can. Seated on his cot cross-legged, there's a hard clipboard on his lap and a pen in his hand. He's moving very carefully, a look of intense concentration on his face as he moves the pen over the paper in a rhythmic, repetitious way. A glance is spared for Riohra for his kitchen-detail exclamation, but otherwise he's the picture of a studious, ah, student.

"I've no wish to be poisoned by some ill thought-out attempt at meal prep. And I do hope you clean the pots properly. This idea of sanitized garbage is utter rubbish." Catwin remarks without looking up. Several long days of no drink, does not a happy Catwin make. Nor a steady one. As she makes checks and marks her hands shake. She does now shake the pen at Rio "And don't even try to say something witty. You're not." Ouch?

Riohra grins and nods "oh I am decent, just not as skilled as others. Besides still not used to working in the cramped spaces" Catwin gets a cheese large grin and sticks his tongue out at her, yup not even phased by that. He passes Sevran careful not to bother the man while he is studying as he makes his way to his bunk and sits on the edge, "what do they teach you in lessons Baylee?"

"Mostly just things about Half Moon." Baylee explains with a smile, "I already knew how to read and write and stuff like that, so they have me doing history and general knowledge that will help me around the weyr. All that stuff that I didn't know when I got here. Lots to figure out. But I'll get there." she says with confidence in her voice, "Just takes time is all. Like anything else." Catwin's remarks to Rio are heard but Baylee says nothing. Catwin seems touchy today and you don't touch a cranky kitty unless you want to get bit, "I'd probably leave her alone Rio."

An eyebrow is lifted, and Sevran's grey eyes fix Catwin at her cot. With a sigh, he sets down clipboard, caps the pen to protect his cot, and sits back. "No, I'm with Catwin on this one," he decides, one hand on his neck as he works out a knot. "We've no business cooking the actual food. Food poisoning is no joke." Hands move to rub at his tired eyes, dark circles apparent for all who care to look.

The chances of Rio ever leaving things alone? Catwin has a better chance of being to partake in her booze again. Cheeky grin is ignored and then she's nodding to Sevran. "Indeed, food poisoning could take out more than half of the candidate choices and then where would we be? Dragons climbing into the stands? Wandering out into the bowl? Just leave the cooking to the cooks. We're not in woods of fort to be eating over a spit after all." At least Catwin isn't the only who doesn't seem to be sleeping well or getting any sleep at all. They'll go down in history as the group that feel asleep on the sands.

Riohra grins and raises hands saying "I promise if you all die of some horrible indigestion it wasn't me" he leans over and looks for something "that is strange I usually keep it here…" he starts looking around his bunk. While not frantic he is moving with a purpose as he hunts for something.. saying to no one in particular "Oh come on, She just gave it to me I cant have lost it already.."

"That isn't very reassuring Rio." Baylee says, "Is the kitchen really that bad? It hasn't been that bad when I've had kitchen duty. Should we not be eating tonight?" The thought of getting sick off food and then having to do chores and lessons the next day is not very appealing. The man's concern at whatever it is he has lost is not unnoticed but neither does she say anything. She's with Catwin and Sevran on this food issue.

"It's not that bad," is Sevran's dry response to Baylee's concern. "He's just exaggerating." Heavy sigh. Another stretch. Very carefully, so that he knows where to find it later, Sevran sets his work under his cot and stretches again. "Need help?" he offers.

Catwin purses her lips as she watches Rio and then sighs "What is it that you lost this time?" Is she implying he makes a habit of losing things? Or is she just being obnoxious again? Or both? Course, the she is likely only one particular person. "I'm sure Kassala will love to know that you lost something she gave you. What does hat say? Hmm? Or are you saying we have a theif in our midst?" There's a slight furrowing if her brow, that would definitely not be something she'd be happy to know about.

Riohra is searching and just answers questions automatically not actually focused on tones or implications "My Necklace, it is on a bronze colored chain with arrow and small disk" he starts rummaging through his footlocker "I doubt anyone would take it, not worth much but to me. And it probably says that I am a wherry-brained idiot"

If there is a thief that person should be thrown out of candidacy. Still none of her things had been touched so she thinks is more likely that Rio lost it. She'll glance about the room as he describes his necklace and sure enough there it is hanging on the hook, most likely where he left it, "Rio. Is that it?" she asks as she points in the directio of where it hangs. She's going to venture a guess that the answer is yes.

Sevran didn't really get an answer, but he's already halfway off his cot when Baylee points out what hopefully turns out to be the necklace. But instead of sitting back down, he'll wander over near Cat and claim an unoccupied cot next to her. Hopefully the owner won't find him there. "Hey Cat," he asks, leaning over, "Got anything on ya?" booze. He means booze. It's not meant to be mean or anything. He actually has no idea if she's got it or not, but figures he'd ask. "Cause I feel like I could use that one-drink we're allowed."

Catwin rolls her eyes as Baylee seems to find saif necklace. "Really, Rio?" She shakes her head and would well roll her eyes again, but one is rather enough. Back to paperwork and then suddenly there is a Sevran and she's looking up at him as he addresses her, her face blank. Then as he continues on, her face starts to get stony. "What is this? You figure I can't hack it? The local drunken vintner is bound to be nipping it on the side, isn't she?" She snaps. "And since I am, I'd be dumb enough to keep it here where it could be found on any random inspection. Is that it?!" Maybe that's a no?

Riohra looks up and relief washes over his face as Baylee points out the necklace, he gets up from his kneeling spot at his footlocker and walks over to gently take it off a hook on the wall saying "thanks, though I don't remember there being a hook there before" Shrug doesn't matter it is back he sits down on the middle of his cot and puts it back on with a happy smile as he looks at it.

Baylee nods and shrugs, "I haven't really paid attention." she says as she lays back on the cot doing her best to get ready to tune out the argument that is brewing between Sevran and Cat. The candidate barracks are a show where there is a one drink maximum. "Least you found it though." she says with an intake of breath before she lets it out in a sigh.

Um? "No?" offers Sevran apologetically. "I didn't mean anything other than what I asked." Which he may now be regretting. "And we are allowed at least one." But maybe cold-turkey works for her? Hissing Cat aside, he's not gonna leave from his new spot, and just lounges back, ignoring the fact that he's probably just invaded someone's cot. Surely they wouldn't mind. "What is it, anyway?" asks Sevran, being conversational. "Other than the obvious; a necklace."

The reappearance of Taline comes somewhere in the midst of the debate; she is certainly not drinking, and has not in some time. It's not her cot that Sevran and Catwin have invaded, but the one next to hers, so she gives them both a suspicious raised eyebrow as she sits down on her cot and tries to find where she's lost her hairbrush in her things. Taline's space: a little bit of a disorganized mess, but she keeps the disorganized mess safe in its borders.

And in walks Mr. Hotstuff himself. Or so he would like to think. Heyyu, Herder Extraoridinaire. Eye candy for one and all. He struts in, nothing but his pants and boots one. Chest is glistening and hair is wet and dripping from a recent bath. The appearance of someone on his cot brings a broad smile to his face. "Well, what did the Cat drag in now?" he says winking at Catwin as he sidles over to Sevran and sits down next to him. It's his cot after all. "Aren't you a sight for sore eyes."

Catwin scowls at Sevran "Yes. One. And only one. ANd then no more after that." she then sighs "ANd I've already at that allotted one. Heyyu gets the look of death and then she's turning away to try and go back to her papers. Rio gets hardly a look "Well may Kassala put it up there so you wouldn't lose it." she states blandly.

Click!! The sound of a latch being opened is so soft only those close by would hear it, but what happens next everyone can see. From under the bed a cord zips up passed where the head of the cot is, it climbs up to a pulley and stops as a large box that has been bolted on hinges to the wall falls forward and dumps?.Glitter!!! The shimmery stuff pours all over the tall hunter and spills out over his bunk and even on to the floor, when it is finished Riohra is sitting in easily a few inches of the stuff as it is spread out and possibly onto other bunks and candidates nearby.

Life in the barracks is never boring. When you jam so many different personalities into an enclosed space things are sure to happen. Like Sevran killing Heyyu and Riohra getting covered in a layer of glitter! Ya know. Normal day sorta things. Baylee will just ignore the arrival of Heyyu since Sevran gets to be the one to deal with that though she'll sit up on her cot once more after the glitter dump. Unsure if she should laugh or be concerned. Both emotions battle for supremacy on her face with no clear cut winner, "Rio. I think you have a little something on you." Or alot of something.

"Oh," is all that Sevran offers to Catwin. That, and a slightly sympathetic smile. There may be more he wants to say, but the appearance of the Herder-candidate has stolen the words from him. "Uh…" and Sevran pushes himself upright, back against the wall to give Heyyu more space, though there's a stubborn part of him that's loathe to release his territory, even if it's not really his. And again, whatever Sevran may have been about to say is stolen by a cascade of glitter. "Hm."

Heyyu smile charmingly at Sevran "No need to hurry away, I'm more than happy to share a little space with you. Gets lonesoe at nights, and hey you can pretend you're me too if you want. Take over my chores and all. They've been getting in the way of real work. Like relaxin." As glitte falls Heyyu can't hep but laugh merrily "If you wanted to shine, I've some body oil you could have borrowed."

Living with people. It's not, and never has been, Taline's thing. She's intensely private, prefers quiet during her break times, and … well. At least these people are interesting, and Baylee finally gets an amused (if slightly sardonic) smile out of the aloof dolphineer. "I think you might be right about that," she says with a quirked smile. She's still brushing her hair as she looks from Baylee to Riohra, and then to Heyyu and Sevran. And then back to Riohra, because how could anyone look away? And is anyone going to claim responsibility?

Whatever Catwin might have said is gone in the explosion of glitter, glitter everywhere. "Great. Wonderful. Just bloody brillant. Who's dumb idea was that? Do they know how hard glitter is to get fully and completely cleaned up?" Fingers go to her temples and rub them. "I find out who's responsible…" The threat idly hangs there in the air.

Baylee has a talent for understatement, and Catwin is right glitter is hard to completely clean up. You find yourself picking the bits of it out of things forever. Her first comment though will be to try to save Sevran, "You know that sort of thing isn't allowed." Baylee is trying to be helpful here since she doesn't want to see anyone get into trouble. Also because they all have to live here and there are some things that can't be unseen. Though her face does drift back toward Rio who is apparently so surprised he can't speak, "Did Kassla do this?" she asks. Who else knows Rio well enough to want to do this to him?

Heyyu is briefly, but not entirely, ignored as the glitter continues to fall. "Wasn't me," says Sevran. He has neither the skill, nor inclination, to craft something so… "It's way too messy." There's a slightly sour look, because glitter is obnoxious, and it spreads like a plague, and is sure to invade all of his things as well. And sparkling is just not something Sevran wants to do. "My vote is on Baylee," because she pointed out the necklace. "Or that girl, Kassala." Because he's going to assume the necklace came from her in the first place. "Got plenty of my own chores," says Sevran to Heyyu, offering the muscled man a firmer-than-necessary pat-pat to his bare shoulder. "And yeah. Think I'm done here," and he hops off the cot to give Heyyu his space. Or maybe just to get *out* of Heyyu's space. A look for Baylee, "Nor is it desired." At least not with him.

"Whoever did it has to clean it up," Taline says, matter-of-fact, firm in her statement without sounding snotty or mean. This just is the way it is. Glitter is a disastrous mess and everyone else shouldn't have to suffer. The weyrlingstaff might kill them all if it doesn't get cleaned, but Taline is so not dealing with anyone else's mess. Thankfully she seems far enough away it hasn't directly gotten onto any of her things, but with everyone in there … well, before long it's bound to be in that hair she's brushing.

There's a shrug and Heyyu stretches out on his cot. Boots and all. There are just some things you don't take off. There's a smile for Baylee "Oh, I'm sure they won't object to sleeping, so long as nothing else goes on." He winks at her and then arms are behind his head and he closes his eyes "Let me know when the glitter is all cleaned up. I'd hate to get it all over my boots.

But there are some meanie-butts in the weyr that won't even let Catwin have her own booze, so thus how will she share it out? Now that might be an idea. Somethings bound to snap in the too dry vintner and why not go out in a bang? "Sadly, the powers that be are just as likly to say that we are all responsible." she sighs and gets up off her cot. "This is all just too much without something to lubricant the mind."

It's been a long day, and it's an exhausted Citayzleat that trails into the barracks in her pajamas. Ignoring the flock of firelizards that swarms her, landing on beds all along her path, the healer makes her way all the way to her cot without paying any attention at all the the chatter around her. Until she sees her cot, anyways. Her cot, next to Rio's. Her cot, covered in an utterly unreasonable amount of glitter. The candidate blinks. Pivots in a small circle, staring wide-eyed at the other candidates. "What." Cita starts, stops. Opens and closes her mouth a few times, not seeming terribly able to come up with words. Catwin, though? Catwin's got the right idea. Not that the healer can open her mouth without making a strangled, ragey kind of noise. Hey look. She's broken.

Baylee shakes her head indignantly at being accused by the man she was just trying to save. Figures. No good deed goes unpunished. "It was not me." she responds with a finger pointing at Sevran, "I've followed all the rules since I got here." Because Baylee is a good girl who always does what she is told, "Why would I want to dump glitter on Rio and make a mess? I'm not cleaning it up." Baylee will then sit back against the head of her cot with a huff. Citayzleat sadly goes ungreeted because of huffiness!

"I won't tell if you don't," murmurs Sevran to Cat, dry but truthful. With a resigned look, he heads for the glittermess as well. "Maybe we should have a game plan for this?" clean up. Taline is passed, a flick of a glance going her way along with a gentle smile. However, there's a bit of a snark in his voice as he speaks toward Baylee, "Oh yeah? You seem pretty friendly with Krenn. Sure there's not something going on when the lights are out?" Ouch. Someone's grumpy. "If you're not gonna help, move over there," and he points away from the glitter-bomb. "Hey," to Citayzleat. "Yeah. Welcome home." Glitter. "Wasn't me," he repeats.

"As far as we know," suspicion lines Taline's voice, though she isn't looking at anyone in particular here; she likely doesn't know any of them well enough, and even if she did … never make an accusation you can't prove. "No one currently in here is responsible, but someone is a total shitter." Who is on literally everyone's list at this point. She looks more closely at Cita then, then back to the cot the healer-candidate is looking at, then … "Oh, no. That's yours, isn't it. I'm so sorry." Genuine, utter concern for that — having your stuff glittered is a fate worse than death. But she is definitely not going to help clean it up. Unless maybe Riohra and/or Citayzleat actually ask for it. Maybe.

Heyyu is so going to sleep this one out. Yup. Cleaning up glitter bombs is not on his bucket list. Light snores can be heard from his direction.

Catwin eyes Sevran a moment and then she's heading out the doors to disappear for some minutes. She doesn't remember the size of the just one ever being stated or anything. Nope. Who can remember a little detail like that.

Baylee 's face goes a deep shade of red, "I'm not doing anything with Krenn." she says hotly, "We are just friends." she protests. There is no point in protesting her innocence any further either about this particular set of circumstances or her innocence in general. She will instead just stare at her feet and do her best to ignore what is going on around her. She does feel bad for Rio and Citayzleat and anyone else but is wrapped up in her own frustration at the moment.

Riohra for his part in all of this just sits quietly and waits for the sparkly colors to stop falling. Everything he owns is covered in the multicolored shimmer of glitter, is footlocker that was open has at least two inch deep fill. It is in his hair on his just washed skin, probably in places he isnt going to be to happy about later. As luck would have it, his face and eyes are not covered in the sparkly stuff as he was looking down at the time. He glances around from under his new shiny hair style at people around, someone did this but who?

"Yup. Sure," continues Sevran, though the blush on Baylee's face, coupled with her expression, have him looking a little guilty. He'll find her later to apologize. "Someone grab a pillow case and a broom?" he orders, though it's in a gentler-tone than he could have used. "If we don't start now, it's just going to spread." As it is, the glitter has already started creeping up and down the hall between the cots. "We'll probably have to take all the bedding outside and give it a good shake, though it's gonna need washing to rid it completely." Ya think?

Pressing her lips together, Taline says nothing. Taline waits. Taline isn't even braiding her hair at this point; she's holding still and waiting to see which way the tide of peer pressure goes. Is she going to end up stuck helping because everyone else who is half decent is, or can she just stay out of it because she's wholly innocent in this matter? Is there anyone in the room who isn't?

Cita seems to have transcended — far from this pern-ly plane, into a land wherein somebody is getting a foot up their backside. Or worse. "Hello." Sevran gets a look, just slightly narrow-eyed, but the healer apparently decides he's not lying, and huffs. "Thanks. Looks like I got in at a good time. Sharding…" Breathe. In, out, don't think about all the glitter. Taline's concern actually gets something like amusement, lips pursing, head shaking minutely. "Any idea who it was?" The candidate asks, then pauses, turning a little to eye Rio. "Did you get any in your eyes?" She asks, turning back to her cot and jerkily snatching the bedding off. With any luck, it'll stay in the bedding as she gathers it up into a careful ball. Baylee gets a curious look over the bedding, but her cot's probably not going to clean itself off.

Baylee stays put just staring at her feet. Though she can't help but let out an irritable sound, this never happens at the Hall. Sure there were jokes and ribbing but never anything this massive, even if they would have had access to all kinds of good materials. She'll look up from her feet and try to check and see if any glitter got on her cot. Thankfully not too much managed to get that far but it irritates her none the less. She'll get to her feet and begin trying to brush the glitter into her hands, "I say we make whoever did it eat it."

Riohra reaches into his bag trying to to move to much to shift anymore of the dreaded stuff, and pull out a bandana and wraps his hair to keep the glitter from escaping. He will say to Cita "No, I am good" but there isnt a smile that there usually is, no, no, there is that cold look of someone who is going to be wanting to put quarrels in to another. He reaches for the edges of his bedding as he starts to untuck the sheets to contain the evil that has be fallen him as he says "I will clean it, no point in more of you getting set upon"

"That's not gonna work," says Sevran, casting a glance over at Baylee and her attempt to gather the glitter. At least it's said gentle, a true attempt at help. "It'll just stick to your hands. You have to find something else for it to stick to, or it'll just cling forever." Ask him how he knows. "No idea," he answers Citayzleat, empathetic to her situation. "But it'll be OK. We'll get it cleaned up." He's helping. Thankfully, someone has heeded his call for a broom and a pillow case, so he'll just gently, oh so gently to avoid a cloud of it in the air, start sweeping the glitter on the floor into a little pile.

Now there's an idea. Cita pauses, pointing Baylee-wards in a 'I like it' kind of fashion. "It wouldn't hurt them too bad. Miserable going down, though." She muses, thoughtful, as she sweeps glitter with a hand from the top of her clothes press and into the pile of clothes. "Best to get a mop, maybe? Or…" The healer trails off, frowning a little; shrugs, nodding back around at Rio. "Good. Careful not to, it'll irritate them." She sighs, and shakes her head, denying the saneness of going in on the cleaning alone — "We can keep it internal. No need for anybody but us to see it." Or, you know, find whoever it was and take turns booting them. Things like that. "Static." Cita nods Sevran-wards, brows wrinkled, but apparently she can't figure out a far-reaching solution for the static. So, pillowcase and broom it is, maybe. "I'll dump these in the wash and get a mop. Gimme, Rio." She pauses next to the other candidate, waiting for the bedding.

Sevran is right of course. You'll just get it stuck to your hands, which is exactly what is begining to happen. Baylee growls. There's nothing for it. She begins to roll up her bedding, making sure to put her notebook under the cot with the rest of her things first so she doesn't lose it. Someone is gonna die! And poop glitter for a turn! Maybe both. But at least the funeral will glitter and shine and the deceased will look fabulous. So lifelike with a twinkle in the eye still, "Rio who would want to do this too you?" The mystery can be solved as they clean up.

Riohra has slowly scooted most of the glitter on to his own clothes stuff into the sheets and hefts it saying "Best let me carry this" Even the hunter is straining abit under the weight of trying to move it all. He starts to slowly move most of it out there is still a lot but he is taking the bulk with him.

"I think we need to get the giant pile," toward which Sevran points, "reduced first. And sweeping seems to be doing OK for that." But yeah, they're gonna need a mop or something. It's awkward, but somehow he manages to use the pillow-case as a sort of collection device, sweeping the glitter in. There's a thick sheet of it still on the floor, but the bulk does seem to be reduced. "If you have something sticky, that'll help get it off your hands. "But try not to sweat." Just makes it worse. He scoots out of the way for Riohra and Cita, then picks up the pillow case. "This is probably a gonner."

Cita does not know the culprit, but she's in the vicinity of 'gonna kick at anthills until she finds out', in which 'anthills' means 'butts'. "I can't think of anybody. Unless…" That other candidate — Heyyu, maybe — is suspiciously quiet as they clean, and he gets a long look. Rio's insistence on carrying his own bedding and clothes gets a huff from the healer, who nods Sevran-wards. "Fair enough. There's so much of it." She sighs, and darts out with a quickness, likely eager to be done with the cleaning. Like that's going to happen quickly, pffft. The candidate is back quickly enough, slightly more glittery than before from the run, and dragging a wheeled mop-cart behind her. "I mean, unless you like your pillows glittery it's definitely done for." Sevran gets an amusedly arch look. "Shells. Rio, really though. Who?" Cita ventures, grabbing her mattress and upending it, dumping off what remains of the glitter.

Riohra moves all the bedding out side to be dealt with at a later moment coming back in shrugs "No idea, though I am sure someone thought it would be an easy mark" hey looks they were right. He closes his foot locker that is also filled with the stuff best just add to the mess in the air. He is looking at all the others in the room now, some candidates at the back of the room are trying to hide laughs while others are just falling all over themselves. They get a narrowing of the eyes stare as the tall man goes back to work, saying "oil will help like for dragons or cooking, it could be just like when you want to de-shell hard boiled eggs" look helping.

"Are we sure Rio was the target?" asks Sevran, glancing between them. "I mean, Citayzleat's caught in the mess too, right? Maybe however did it thought it was her necklace and was trying to target her?" He offers a half-hearted shrug. What does he know? The pillowcase is gripped tightly at the top, shaken gently to get the glitter in the bottom, and then opened again in an attempt to add some more. Sigh. "Is there a smith apprentice in the barracks?" cause they would know how to rig something like this, right?

"Well, they're wrong." Cita makes a noise like an angry feline under her breath, stalking around to the less-glittery edges and starting to mop — she'll work her way into the center of the blast-zone eventually. If she doesn't beat somebody up with the mop, first. "True. Slippery on the floor, though." She murmurs, then pauses, glancing Sevran's way a little wide-eyed. Apparently, the thought of somebody wanting to prank her is both surprising and alarming. "Me?" The healer blinks, then the glare goes up a few notches, swept around the barracks thunderously. "I hope not. Shells and shards, the mess. It's going to take half the night to get this inspection-ready. And you know they'll inspect come morning, it's inevitable." Cita snorts. "Smith?" This is contemplated as she mops careful swaths, dunks, and mops more. "I don't know. I think Chelhir is? They'd know a thing or two about springs like that, though."

Riohra has gotten a rag out and has soaked it with water as he starts to wipe down cots and boots, dodging the angry mopping of Cita. "Well if I wasn't the target who ever is the one behind this isn't that smart." he is still sparkling as he cleans "Do you really think they will want to inspect after this? I mean if they knew wouldn't they just leave us alone to clean it?"

Baylee was already irritated at being accused of this, but much like a slow burning wick she is just growing angrier and angrier. She wanted to have a nice quiet night where she could write in her notebook and relax. But no. Someone had to go and make a grand gesture of stupidity. As she takes her own bedding out to put in the wash she'll pass by Citayzleat, "If they inspect and find glitter we'll all get in trouble." she says stating the obvious, "Where do you even find this much glitter?" Maybe the better question to ask is who would have had the resources for this? "Thats got to be expensive." Apprentices are hardly rolling in Marks. Though it's tinfoil hat time, "Maybe they did this." she points up with her finger. The powers that be, "Maybe its some sort of test to see what we do." Or who we kill? Ya know. Details.

Sevran snorts, agreeing darkly, "Of course they will. That's the way of things." Inspections after a disaster. He's done his best, so he ties off the pillow securely and tosses it towards the door. That one's headed for the trash pile. "Gimme a rag," he offers. Baylee is eyed suspiciously, Sevran perhaps wondering if she's losing her mind. "Why in the fu-" sigh. "What reason could they possibly have to glitter-bomb a candidate. Especially considering the damage it could cause if Rio had been looking up?" Nope. No good. "I don't think this is a test."

Cita snorts, lips pulling up into a brief, dangerous kind of smirk. "They weren't real smart, either way." The healer promises, solemn. "That's just the way things work. Last time, they inspected on a day it rained, once." She sighs, longsuffering, carefully mopping around Nadarya's cot on her other side. Thankfully for everybody, the other candidate's cot is mostly untouched. Glancing in Baylee's direction, Cita nods, making a cranky kind of face over her broom. "Does sharding sound expensive. They'd have to be rich and stupid." Or, you know, maybe just plain stupid. The idea of one of the Assistant Weyrlingmasters glittering cots gets a thoughtful look, but — "R'hyn knows I'd murder him, and that's not E'mi's style. Don't think D'nyl or Sunny would, either." She sighs. "Be easier if it was R'hyn." You know. Lots easier to murder somebody if you know it's them. Cita sighs again, grabbing a spare pillowcase from her press and offering it to Sevran. They're useful for everything, aren't they. "Shells, it really could have hurt him. I'll sharding…" Mutter mutter mutter mutter.

Riohra is on his hands and knees lifting the legs of the cots to make sure none of the shiny junk is left in the barracks. "Well that would rule out Kassala, she wouldn't do something to hurt someone. Or Krenn, he is a good sort." he just balls the rag and adds it to the pile then gets another one saying "I wonder if we can just burn this stuff and not have to wash it?"

The paranoia is real. Everything might be a test. Krenn had said just the other day that they were always being watched. It's enough to make a person think funny, Baylee annouces, "Who here is rich and stupid?" she annouces loudly. If there were people doing other things she's darn well going to interrupt them to get answers. Apprentices aren't known for being wealthy unless their family is. Journeymen a solid maybe. "I'm sure they would notice if we started burning things." she says to Rio. "We don't want to be calling attention to ourselves." She just sighs. "Krenn isn't that inventive." Least she doesn't /think/ her friend is.

But asking the barracks at large about their wealth and intelligence isn't at all attention-grabbing? Sevran just eyes Baylee from the side, a 'yeah, ok,' look on his face that says it all for him. Crazy. "Or that cruel," of Krenn. "I don't think it was him." New 'case in hand and he's going to try his best to get the rest of the glitter off the floor, but it's kind of a losing battle at this point. There is going to be glitter, probably for Turns. "If anyone asks, we could always say it was a craft project gone wrong." No rule against crafts projects, right? "You know, maybe we're going about this all wrong. We're talking as if it was one person, but what if it was a group?"

Cita considers the problem as she mops, careful to dunk as much as she can off of the mop between passes. "They might not have known." She murmurs, contemplative. "That it could hurt you." That is. Baylee's loud question gets a snort of laughter, the healer glancing over her shoulder at the other candidate. She does glance around, though, you know. Just in case. "They might notice. But I bet we could set a bonfire on the beach and it'd be normal enough…" Really, she's just throwing darts here, and throwing darts is not a safe proposition for anybody else around Cita. "A group?" The healer frowns, dunking the mop again and eyeing the water. Full of glitter. About time to be putting in some fresh water, there. "You know, that's not a bad thought. But who would have the motivation to?"

Riohra nods and has move to get out of the way of the mopping now, he will pick up heavier objects for Cita to mop under. "Or the time, i know I dont. Between chores, and everything else who would be able to pull it off?" he looks over at the chore board and starts to ponder.
Baylee has done her best to clean up her cot and at least help a little with the cots around hers, and unfortunately she has gotten some glitter on her hands, not to mention some on her clothes, though not too much, "I'm going to go and get this off me. If you guys work out who did this don't do anything to them without me." She wants in on whatever the group decides as a punishment for the malefactor! They must be punished! She will walk out of the barracks toward the washing area to deal with this.

"Well," ponders Sevran aloud, "If it's a group, all those problems are solved." He pauses and starts ticking them off on his fingers. "One for the brains; coming up with the idea and building it. A couple for the supplies, either Marks or end product. And if they're multiple culprits, they don't need as much time." He seems pretty convinced this was a group effort. But his look of confidence waffles a bit at Cita's comment. "Yeah, that part I don't have an answer for." Motivation. "Maybe just sheer malice?" Baylee is given a chin-jut in response. 'See-ya'. "I don't think we should be considering revenge," he remarks.

Rolling her head Rio-wards, Cita nods, making a scrunchy face of disgust and irritation. "Clearly, they need more to keep their brains and hands occupied." The healer grumbles, eyes alight. "I can think of some things to keep them occupied. Think it's about time for a deep-cleaning of every cot frame and the walls in the infirmary." She sighs, wistful, and waves Baylee off with a nod. "Oh, don't you worry." She huffs, dunking the mop and accepting the help of objects-picked-up with a thankful nod. "True enough. Easier to do things in a group." You know, like the cleaning. They're on the side of good, here. Huff. "Could be malice. Sharding little wherry-brained —" Beat, and the candidate snorts, bringing out the near-feral grin again. She's been taking lessons. Or maybe she just really wants that revenge. "Well, nothing says revenge like turning them over and supervising their punishment." Cita's a simple healer, really. Not a lot of fun for a prank, but, you know, effective?

Riohra just has a flat look of well mad, which doesn't seem to sit well on the usual happy face saying "I would rather we handled it with out turning them over, maybe out behind a shed or something" He will look over at the Healer as she grins saying "But we got to catch them first, it isnt as if there are receipts for things coming and going from the weyr are there?

Sevran sighs heavily. "Rio, seriously?" is asked, giving the hunter a look that clearly says Sevran does not believe him. Behind a shed indeed. "No, Cita's got the right of it. If we figure out who's behind this, we gotta turn them in and let those in charge take care of it. No sense in getting yourself kicked out." Or worse. He stands with a huff, rolling his shoulders to rid them of the tension, then rubbing an arm over his eyes, careful to keep his glitter-coated hands free. "Ugh. I think that's about as good as it's gonna get down there." On the floor. "Well, I'm frankly out of ideas on that one. If you can't think of anyone who'd hold a grudge, then there's probably no way we'd figure it out." Shrug. "Might need to just let it go."

Cita chuckles under her breath, shooting Rio a darkly amused look. "It'll end with us on the flogging block, then. Much as I'd like to take them and stick my foot up their —" Twitch. No. Best not finish that thought, lest she actually go about kicking those butts until she finds the right one. "Can ask the riders in Seamount if they got any shipments of it, recently. They might know. Might have been somebody hitching a ride to Ierne, though." The healer makes a face, then tilts her head Sevran-wards, nodding. "They might listen to us, for punishment." She points out, sighing crankily and eyeing the glittery swath she's mopping into the floor. It's never going to come up all the way, though. It'll still be there in a hunded sharding turns. Let it go, though? Oh, no. "I've got four firelizards who can keep an eye out. Well. Three, with any sense. Can borrow…" The healer counts, squinting into space. "Six or so more. For the job. We'll find them." And make them PAY. RAH.

Riohra grins and nods saying "Finding them would be good, I don't know who would do it but I would like to know at least why it was done" he moves about trying to trap any of the larger clumps as well as dusting off other bunks who might of been on the secondary contamination.

This is getting out of their league, or so the look on Sevran's face says. "You know, we may never figure it out," he offers dryly. "It's unlikely, firelizard spies or not, that whoever did it is going to attempt the exact same prank a second time. So how would spying on the barracks help?" Sevran. The reasonable party-pooper. "Could just tell the supervisors and let them figure it out." It is, after all, their job to do such things. "I'm done, though," with the glitter clean-up. He ties off the second pillowcase and tosses it at the first. Another one bites the dust.

Humming agreement under her breath, Cita plops the mop into the bucket for the last time, uses it to push the thing along towards the door. "We'll figure it out." She assures, with the serene Knowing of somebody who usually gets her way. The healer even grins for Sevran, amused. "You'd be surprised. Granted, there are a lot of false alarms on what they think 'suspicious' is, but…" She trails off, shaking her head. "I'll figure it out. They'll try to escalate, or gloat, or trip up somehow." Shrug. "I'm going to fetch new bedclothes. And another bath. Shells." And the candidate waves, pushing her glittery mop out of the barracks and muttering under her breath. Doom!

Riohra watches the Healer leave and sees how Sevran is warn out too and says "I will go and talk to the supervisors, let them know what happened if it comes to that. But I think your right, no point in fussing over it now" he turns to walk away for another shower and says over his shoulder to the room "I mean it isnt like they are dumb enough to do it again right" there is a dare in those words as if he hopes they do. He gives a wave as he slips out of the barracks and heads for the water at a full trot glitter leaving a sparkling trail behind him as he runs.

With a soft *whump*, Sevran flops back on his cot, one arm coming to rest over his eyes. A hand is lifted to signal that he's aware of Cita and Rio's debarting, a little flick of the fingers to say 'Bye'.

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