Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge

The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

It is about time for lunch, and while many turn to the Weyr for meals others also turn to the lounge for theirs. The reason for this being that there is a difference in variety offered in both, and this is what leads Kiley to be sitting inside at a table by herself. Her ordering has been done, from the looks of it, and she sits quietly with her laptop on the table and her eyes glued to the screen as she types away at something. There's only a pause so that the computer crafter may lean over to peek at the journal beside her for a brief moment before typing resumes. She doesn't even notice when the waiter returns with her drink, or perhaps she does because the typing stills and she's reaching over to take a single sip before placing it neatly down in the previous spot before fingers return to the keys of the laptop. There is a bustle about the lounge, people talking and going about their business, and there appears to be no room for any sort of silence.

Normally, Keelyra would be busy at work in the kitchens at this hour. Serving or preparing food for the living caverns. However, even a weyrbrat needs a day off once in a while. Much like the shopkeep likes to look for wares at other stores, Keely likes to eat elsewhere when she has the chance. Variety: it's important. The teen meanders into the Tiki Lounge, ambling her way towards a table.
It seems that no packed lunch or dinner has been prepared for Jey, so the dolphineer must find another quick way to satisfy her hunger. And thus, she finds herself at the Tiki Lounge. The dolphineer has no high heels or strange blue pajamas on today. No, today she seems to be earnestly working by the looks of her clothes. Jeyinshi enters the Lounge, her wetsuit unzipped and folded down to hang at her waist. A towel is draped over head, perhaps once used to dry her hair, but now acting as a sort of hood to shield from the sun. Eyes search the area idly before lighting upon a familiar figure. With a smile on her face, the dolphineer heads directly for Kiley's table and peering at the laptop from over the woman's shoulder as she lets out a low whistle. "Looks complicated."

His mass of shortish wild curls as usual looking as if he rolled out of bed just a moment ago, Nikolas enters the Tiki Lounge. Clothes wrinkled and disheveled, he pauses just within the doorway to yawn and adjust the strap of the laptop case across chest. Dark eyes scan the room though in the meantime, falling upon Kiley where they pause perhaps in recognition before flickering to Jeyinshi. After all it was her low whistle of impressedness that had drawn his attention over there to begin with. A twitch of a brow, and the the computer crafter rolls a shoulder, feet carrying him past Keeyra's table, glancing to her with a nod of greeting before he continues on towards where his fellow crafter and the dolphineer are located.

Kiley jumps slightly at the sound of a voice behind her, tensing slightly before peeking over her shoulder. "Jey," she smiles a greeting and gestures to the seat beside her for the other to join. "When the waiter comes back you can order something as well?" She shifts to rearrange herself so that her friend may sit more easily, settling her glass to the same side where her journal is to add more space for the other. It is this movement that draws attention over towards Nikolas, and the woman brightens visibly. Attention flickers to settle upon Keelyra as Nikolas glances over that way, brows lift in a curious manner but she does not call out a greeting towards the other computer crafter. Instead, there's a gesture to the seat across from her before she's typing a few things and then closing the laptop to settle it into the case beside her. "I was working on a program, I still have some work that I need to do along with everything else. I figured I would try to get most of it done during lunch." This is to Jeyinshi as she looks back to the dolphineer.

Not quite settled yet, but getting there, Keelyra glances at Nikolas upon being greeted. She flushes a bit and stammers an absent — nearly unintelligable — greeting in return as she grabs for the chair at her chosen table. Though still a girl, her height tends to give an air of being somewhat older than she is. If you don't look too closely at her face or lack of defined womanly characteristics. Her clothes, for once, are nice and clean: clear she hasn't worked in the kitchens today. She settles in and draws a slow breath, perhaps regaining composure. Bright eyes then seek out someone to take her order.

Jeyinshi grins a bit as she slips into the offered chair, "Yeah, sounds good. Hopefully he won't take to long." The sudden brightening has the dolphineer also looking towards Nikolas and Keelyra and she sends a friendly smile towards both before leaning towards Kiley. "That's him isn't it? I'll give up swimming if I'm wrong." Which shows just how confident the dolphineer is in her belief. She nods along to Kiley's explanation of the work before leaning back in her chair and idly reaching a hand up to continue drying her hair. "Shards girl, you always have so much to do, it's a wonder we ever see you." A soft chuckle escapes the dolphineer's lips before the stammering Keelyra earns her attention again. "Our waiter will be back soon, why don't you just come over here? We can order together."

There is a second's pause at the flushing that his fleeting greeting had received from Keelyra, brows sinking low upon his forehead in a flicker of concern before the man shakes it off, going on his way. He mutters under his breath along the lines of, 'Something must be going around' in a dismissive way before arriving at Kiley and Jeyinshi's table. "Afternoon." he says plainly, offering a hand in an abrupt thrusting out motion towards the dolphineer. "Nikolas, journeyman computer crafter." All very blunt and business like without all that pesky warmth and friendliness getting in the way of efficacy. He looks then to Kiley, nodding, and then takes his seat across from her, removing the satchel from his body and setting it gingerly upon the table before him.

"Depends on my food." Kiley notes thoughtfully, smiling a little wider than before. It is when Jey turns on her that the computer crafter's cheeks darken considerably along with a soft giggle coming forth. "Yeah. That is him." No giving up swimming for Jey. Cheeks remain a nice shade of red before a more cheerful laugh escapes her lips. "Well, if I vanished entirely, two people have threatened to drag me away from the computers. So, I try and keep visible as much as possible while still getting work done." She reaches for her drink and takes another sip, her eyes moving over to consider the blushing Keelyra as Jeyinshi invites her over. Brows lift slightly but there is no visible reaction or protest as she sips. She settles down the glass and her attention shifts back towards Nikolas. "This is my friend," a gesture towards Jeyinshi, "the one I wanted you to meet." She leaves introductions to Jeyinshi while attention focuses on the other computer crafter with a dreamy little smile fixating upon her lips.

Keelyra looks between Kiley and Nikolas as Jeyinshi extends the invitation. The teen seems mildly concerned, but brushes it off as she gets up and makes her way over; snagging an extra chair if need be. Once she's sat back down, she folds in on herself somewhat and watches in silence. No moves made to interrupt the conversation… yet, at least.

Jeyinshi looks the man up and down, raising an eyebrow at the briefness before breaking into a soft laugh and giving the hand a firm shake. "Jeyinshi, journeyman dolphineer." The words are said slightly louder, the introduction also extending to Keelyra. Her attention is back to Kiley soon though and she grins, "I recall giving you a similar threat." The dolphineer continues to dry her hair before nodding. "I'm supposed to be showing him the wonders of talking dolphins and such, right? I think Sungie's going to have fun whenever the two meet." Fun meaning he'll probably irritate everybody.

Nikolas nods and shakes the hand in a firm but brief exchange, "Ah, yes. The Dolphineer." Again, fact. Hand extracted, the man extracts an elastic from his pant's pocket and uses it to tie back his hair, creating a short poofy curly ball of hair at the back of his neck rather than all over his head. He says nothing about the promise of talking dolphins, though he does exchange a sort of look with Kiley, with a twitch of indecisiveness before dark eyes once more come to rest on Jeyinshi, "Indeed." he says, and spares a moment to observe Keelyra's migration from her own table to the one that he is currently at with the other two women. Again, bobbing his head just barely before attention wanders elsewhere. "Ah, Kiley. I believe I left my notes in your room last night, would you mind terribly checking beneath the bed for them at your earliest convenience? I am going to need them next sevenday." This said, clear and crisp without emotion or deviation, he turns then to flag down a waitstaff.

Kiley is drawn from her staring as Keelyra joins them, smiling at the girl and offering a polite incline of her head in greeting. "Kiley. Journeyman computer crafter." A smile is given in her direction before attention is returning to the woman beside her, chuckling. "You are one of the two, Zi'on is the other one. And, I have to say I'm thankful that you two would, because I would miss spending time with you." For the talk of dolphins, a wider smile settles upon her lips, nodding. "Right." Attention flickers over to Nikolas then, brows lifting for the look on his face and she murmurs, "aren't you curious, Nik?" The waiter returns then, with the food for Kiley, settling the plate down and then considering the three that have now joined the table. He begins taking orders, then, while Kiley's attention returns to the other computer crafter. "Ah. You did? I will get them to you tomorrow, then. During lunch?"

There's a furrow of brow once Keelyra is included in the introductions. Like she's weighing options. The girl finally does speak though and fortunately, it's not gibberish like it seemed when she returned Nikolas' greeting. "Keelyra, ah…. Kitchen aide." That's a rank, right? Clearly she's feeling out of place in this gathering of journeymen. She even shifts slightly so her vest covers up her ratty, old Western resident knot.

Jeyinshi grins, "Ah well, whether you care about his talking or not, maybe you can use the experience to….well I don't know, but I'm sure the two of you can somehow make the visit productive." At least, that was the image Jey had of the couple. "No need to be grateful, it's part selfishness of course. It'd be lonely without you around. I can only spend so much time with Sungie as company." The dolphineer smiles easily, raising eyebrow and smirking at the forgotten papers but choosing not to comment and instead turning to the waiter. "3 burgers, a side of fried tubers and 2 glasses of juice. That'll be all for me. How about you guys?" Jey sends an expectant gaze toward the others. "Kitchen aide?" Keelyra's title earns a /very/ bright smile from Jey. "/You/ child are amazing….unless you hinder my kitchen raids." Initially pleasant, the tone of the last sentence swiftly deteriorates to deadpan, another dose of Jey's humor being spread about.

Nikolas places an order for a glass of water with a sprig of citrus, and a single meatroll before releasing the waiter's attention, though if only to shrug absently at the question initially posed to him by Kiley. "Curious, yes. If for no other reason than for your insistence that it will be enjoyable and an experience that I would regret missing." he states, looking to the woman casually, hands coming to rest upon the table. Fingers just draped on the edge of the table before him. Though there is a sort of side glance given to Jeyinshi, not because of the topic of dolphin meetings but rather for her order, brows lifting upwards but he makes no comment. He nods though for Kiley about the notes, "Tomorrow it is." He then slides dark eyes towards Keelyra, listening and watching the young girl as she responds, hands drifting ever closer to the computer satchel on the table. Only once the tips of his fingers touch the case, does the tension that few likely knew existed in the first place, melt from his shoulders.

"Well met, Keelyra." Another incline of her head is given in greeting before attention shifts to her burger. But rather than digging in, Kiley takes the time to cut the burger into sections. One section is taken and she nibbles on it thoughtfully, "it will be an interesting experience. I think that, alone, would be productive." A soft chuckle is released before attention settles fully upon her friend. "I would be lonely as well. I can imagine how spending all your free time with Sungie could get… Difficult." The rest of the burger section is placed in her mouth and she chews before taking a drink. "I've got everything I need." When the compliments from Jey go to Keelyra, there's a bit of laughter that the computer crafter releases along with shaking her head. No comment is made before attention settles on Nikolas and she lifts her brows just a fraction. "It is an experience, and if you don't experience a few new things now and then, you lack the knowledge that could help you later." She insists with her brows drawing into the slightest of frowns before taking another section of her burger. "Wonderful." This is said in confirmation to their meeting before eyes settles upon him and another dreamy smile comes to settle upon her lips. "What are your tasks for today?"

Keelyra stares at Jeyinshi in confusion for a moment. Finally, she blinks a few times and comes back to herself. "I… I guess so long as you aren't taking… anything we need for meals?" She's obviously very confused by this. "If you really need something, you can always just ask… I can cook most things they serve in the caverns." She may not be fantastic at it, or able to do it at a large and fast volume yet, but she's getting there. Her order is similar to Jey's, but about half the size.
Jeyinshi grins, "Oh we'll see just how productive it is." The smile on the dolphineer's face says that she's ready to make it the most unproductive day the either of them have ever had…or try to. Oh yeah, knowledge about dolphins. "Of course. What if you end up drowning in the ocean for some reason and need to transport a message. If one of the dolphins come to save you then you should know that you can give them the message to deliver." The entire situation sounds ridiculous, but Jeyinshi sounds serious enough about it. Perhaps because of experience. "You might be sorry for offering your cooking services to me one day. I'll let you take it back while you still have the chance." The amount of food Jey was eating today werved as a warning itself.

"As you say," Nikolas says plainly to Kiley for the talk of experiences new and refreshing, the waiter showing up with their drinks, taking his and sipping from the contents of his glass. "I am sure that whatever is to be gained from such an experience shall be revealed in time." This is toned as if he had little doubt of this, as if just for Kiley saying that the meeting was something that her fellow computer crafter was lacking that it was truth. He hmmm's to a degree in response to Jeyinshi, "Yes, we shall see." Fingers curl around the case on the table, just the tip of one pinky curling and uncurling in a sort of comforting caress. Glass still in his free hand, he watches and observes the conversation between kitchen aide and dolphineer, saying or adding nothing.

Kiley chuckles softly, "you can make anything productive, Jey, it simply depends on what sort of goal you place for yourself." She insist with a cheerful smile as she begins to finish off the rest of her food and rink. There's nothing more said for the moment as she is intent on getting her nourishment. "That is also a good reason to learn, if someone does happen to get lost out in the ocean or something." A brow lifts before she chuckles and finishes that last bit of food. A smile is given to her fellow computer crafter, nodding her agreement with his words. A firelizard pops in and drops off a note in which the computer crafter reads quietly, after a moment she folds it and carefully gathers her things. "It appears that they want their program a sevenday early. I need to go make sure I finish by tomorrow." Around the table she walks and she's brushing a gentle kiss on Nikolas' cheek. "I will see you later." And then with a wave for the others, Kiley departs.

A few more blinks at Jeyinshi's reward from Keelyra. The girl swallows and gives a small shrug, "Uhm… I mean, just so long as you don't ask too often." Her eyes widen a bit, "I'd rather cook something for you than risk the chef going for supplies for dinner and not finding them there. Those are generally my responsibility." Which is why Zi'on found her lugging a large basket full of ingredients around the market. She watches Kiley depart, brow furrowing. "That… sort of work seems very hard." Kitchens. She knows kitchens.

Jeyinshi simply shakes her head at the pair of computercrafters before beginning to dry her hair again. A curious glance is shot to the case and the caresses it is receiving. "Is that….your laptop?" The dolphineer is pretty sure of the answer, but she can't help but to ask. Kiley's sudden departure earns a slight frown and wave. "I don't think that's proper of them, but ah well, I'm sure you'll do fine. See you!" Keelyra's apparent discomfort simply earns another small chuckle. "No need for you to worry about any of this. I've already got…." Jey begins uncurling her fingers, counting aloud, "One, two, three, four….four people in the kitchens that I'm allowed to filch food from." By filch from she means receive pre-ordered food from. But it sounds less interesting that way.

Dark eyes slide to Kiley again, as she speaks, and remains as she eats. Of course he's glancing away if she even once happens to notice his quiet observation, finding this wall or that floor the most interesting by far, until her gaze wanders elsewhere itself. He shifts some in his chair beneath her smile, eyes darting to her, away, and back again before lips twitch upwards for all of a second and he rediscovers his fascination with the floor. Just there. Yes, most interesting. Luckily his food arrives, and it rescues him from the awkwardness at least briefly, distracted until his fellow computer crafter rises and drops a kiss to his cheek. Lashes lower, and chin lifts just so and he murmurs something low to her before Kiley sweeps off and is gone. "Yes, it is." he says to Jeyinshi, curling fingers allowing him to pluck up the satchel and he rises from his chair. "If you'll excuse me." Meatroll is taken from the plate and he starts for the door, glancing once to Keelyra for her statement before he too disappears from the lounge.

"Four." Keelyra repeats the number as she blanches briefly. "I… I see. Well, I'll… uhm. Yes. You probably have it covered." She can't comprehend how someone would /need/ that much food. As Nikolas departs, she just watches him. A mixture of confusion and… what might be admiration, but is probably just gaga eyes.

Jeyinshi smirks silently at the interaction between the computercrafters before shrugging at Nikolas' sudden departure. "It was nice meeting you. Hopefully next time we meet, Sungie will be there too." A small wave is directed at the departing figure before she turns to Keelyra with a smile. "Yup. Though having five isn't a bad thing either." The poor girl is spared any more of Jey's strange comments and mannerisms by the arrival of the waiter, laden with the rest of their food orders. Perhaps she will be talked at, but Jey herself will do no talking. Food is her only focus now.

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