Logic vs. Fantasy

Western Weyr - West Tunnel

This tunnel leads to and from the storage caverns and the main tunnel leading into the Weyr from outside. The lighting is much the same as the main tunnel, but the tunnel is not near as wide.

Late evening has come upon Western, the day's hot sun finally hidden behind the horizon. Many have gone to the caverns for the dinner service, others simply head back to their rooms, ready to unwind. But no Jeyinshi. The dolphineer is heading to the storage caverns of all places for whatever reason, but first she has to figure out how to get there. Jey seems to be wandering quite aimlessly, glowbasket in hand. Every so often she comes across a door and pokes her head in…only to pull it back out with mild disappointment. Not the right place apparently.

Idris had been spending the evening in the nearby records room, getting dusty from her endeavors. She comes out with a dying glowbasket and a sheaf of loose papers filled with her notes, and heads down the tunnel. She nearly passes by Jeyinshi in the dim light, but at the last moment the burst of recognition sets in. "Hey it's you!"

There's one that isn't joining the usual throng of weyrfolk for dinner, not tonight at least. Dressed in full formal uniform, from leather vest to short sword, Kelthero is on duty at the moment right at the very entrance that Jeyinshi seeks. The young guard is in work mode, expression completely neutral. Most likely, in reality, he's completely bored out of his skull. Of all places to patrol, the inner tunnels are his least favorites. He's instantly alert, however, the moment he hears Idris' voice carry down from nearby. So with heavy boots thudding down the tunnel, the guard is surprised to see familiar faces. "What're you two doing here?" he asks, all business - until a slight, slight smile tugs at his lips.
Long distance to Kiley: Jeyinshi supposedly pemitted it to you, did it work?

Jeyinshi pops her head out of a room just in time to be greeted by Idris and breaks into a teasing grin. "What, forgotten my name already Idris? Is that…what were you doing in the records room? That's the records room right?" The dolphineer doesn't seem to know much about the rooms branching off the tunnel. Hey! What's that sound? Jey turns at the boot stomping to see Kelthero and raises an eyebrow at the serious exprssion. The trace of a smile then earns a mock saulte from the dolphineer. "Looking for the storage caverns…SIR!" Someone was in good humor today apparently.

"Just some research- /Jeyinshi/," Idris says lightly, tucking the sheaf of papers surreptitiously down into a pocket. "Yep, records room- what are /you/ doing down here?" Hearing the thudding boots, she swings around to face the oncoming guard, expression worried for a moment. When he comes close, the baker grins, "Faranth, thought we might be in trouble for a moment there but oh, it's just you. Just loitering, you know- can't we loiter?"

Kelthero grimaces at Jeyinshi's mock salute and reply, before glancing back over his shoulder quickly. Once he realizes it's just the three of them, the guard drops the serious act. "Don't have to be so sickly formal, Jey." He mutters, looking as awkward as he feels, but mustering up an actual smile this time all the same. Kelthero then turns to Idris and frowns for a moment, thinking. "Some of the stuffier guards might have issues. But I'm neither. So yes, you may." He jokes lightly, before his attention turns back to duty at hand, stepping off a little to check on some of the side tunnels. As much as he wants to socialize, the guard isn't about to be caught slacking off.

Jeyinshi chuckles softly at Idris' reply before moving back to lean on the wall. "The hut looks great from the outside, but the inside is terribly empty. I was hoping I could find some stuff to liven it up. The emptiness in there gets kind of creepy at night." The dolphineer shudders a bit at the thought before smirking over at the guard. "Shards, you lose your sense of humor once you got on duty…Sir?" Jey's smile is one of the evil teasing sort as she says the last word. "If a stuffier guard comes by we'll deal with it then. As long as we give them an actual reason we wouldn't get in trouble right? Two girls our age and size aren't exactly suspicious, are we?"

"Oh I don't know, I think we're pretty suspicious, running around with our fading glowbaskets and cheerful faces," Idris snickers and leans against the wall next to Jeyinshi. "We might be on nefarious business- maybe we're just looking for or coming from a late night 'encounter' if you know what I mean." Eyebrows waggle just a bit, teasingly.

"No, you're not suspicious. But the stuffier ones might be as bored as me and might just turf you out just to have something to do." Kelthero replies even as he steps into the entrance of a smaller room or two, his voice fading in and out as he does. When he returns, he's smirking towards Jeyinshi. "Drop the Sir, seriously. It sounds… weird coming from friends." Hey, he may not be in a humorous mood but at least he's being honest? Idris' final comment however earns a snort of amusement from the guard. "Well then, don't let me interrupt." He teases back, glancing between both baker and dolphineer before moving off a little to peer back down the tunnel from the way he came.

Why is Kiley in the tunnels? Well, from the looks of it: she's not causing trouble at least. In fact, she seems to be briskly walking towards somewhere else that is deeper into the Weyr and likely more quiet. However, the sight of the trio has her slowing down and looking quite frazzled for a moment as eyes widen just a fraction before calming. There's a glance around for others before she's slowly approaching. She carries her laptop in a case at her side, slung over her shoulder for easier transport. "What are you three up to?" Though her tone isn't one of lecture, she is entirely curious as her brows lift with the question.

Jeyinshi laughs, "Shhh, don't let Kelth over there know about our midnight trysts. He might ask them to up the patrol down here. Then where will go?" So what if it's not midnight? She'll pretend it is. Kelth's comments earn a raised eyebrow. "Do people seriously call you that though? I just kept saying it cause I didn't think they did. Huh." Jey shrugs, turning back to Idris and catching sight of Kiley in the process. "Idris and I are coming back from special encounters. How about you?"
Idris is on a roll! "What, you /don't/ want him to join?" She winks at Jeyinshi, leaning over to give her a shoulder bump, and grins wider at Kelthero. "Handsome guard on duty, two young, gorgeous women off to have certain escapades? Why /wouldn't/ you interrupt, hm?" Her expression is taunting in a good way, smile just on the innocent side of suggestive, and Kiley's entrance brings a chuckle. "Making trouble, of course. You're not?"

Kelthero turns back from his inspection, half-hearted as it was, and suddenly sees three faces when there were just two moments before. His brow quirks up and the guard glances at Kiley in a similar curious way. "On duty." He simply replies. Then to Jeyinshi, he grins slyly. "And how do you know we don't already know?" And he leaves it at that and then simply shrugs. "Some do, some don't. I prefer not to be. Maybe if I were higher ranked in the guards… but it's just odd." Idris' comment has the guard blushing a little, a slight reddish tinge that creeps up his neck and his cheeks. He coughs, but can't seem to come up with a reply.

Kiley flushes instantly at Jeyinshi's words, coughing softly. "Uhm. Well… Uhmm. I was.. Going to go do some work… Outside of my room." Cough. Poor computer crafter is another shade of red as she's looking between Idris and Jeyinshi with wide eyes. "What? What…? You…" A look between the two and the red is firmly coloring her cheeks, luckily nothing permanent. There's a visible fidget as she struggles to find the rest of her words. Whatever does come out is a stutter and slur of words.

Jeyinshi flushes a bit, but turns to Idris. "Trouble. We might be worse than the weyrbrats, eh?" She's decidedly avoiding looking or even saying anything to Kelth for at least a bit it seems. Kiley's discomfort though earns a grin and a wink. "Don't worry too much, nothing we'll get imprisoned for." As if that was comforting. The dolphineer pushes off the wall with a smile then. "Anyhow, you three have fun. I've a tryst in the storage caverns to get to. I don't want to be late, so I'll see you three around later." Jey grins before heading off to the caverns, ready for her encounter with…..interior design materials!

"Oh indeed- how much longer is your shift, /Sir/?" Idris throws in one more bit of suggestion and a wink. As Jeyinshi announces her leavetaking, Idris gives her a charming grin, "Tell'em not to wait up for me, hm?" Moments later she can't hold the act anymore, and dissolves into a bout of laughter. "Oh Faranth, your faces…" The chortle turns into a coughing fit, and finally with a few deep breaths Idris is composed once more, smiling. "So, anyway. Work. Yes, work. What are you going to work on in these darkened tunnels, hm Kiley?"

Kelthero is most likely in the same boat as Kiley right now, but not purely out of embarrassment. He is a guy, after all, and Idris' comments have probably put his mind into a track that is not at all clean. His expression, however, remains blank. One perk of having to be so neutral while on duty, right? As Jeyinshi moves off to the storage caverns, the guard's gaze follows her for a moment before his attention is brought back to Idris. The "sir" is noted with a frown, the guard smirking slightly as he replies. "An hour, maybe less." Obvious he did not pick up the suggestion. When the baker dissolves into laughter though, Kelthero shakes his head. "Wasn't expecting that." He mumbles as an excuse as Idris composes herself.

Kiley eyes Jeyinshi, "but…" And whatever protest there was ends there for the next words from the woman has her cutting off and staring owlishly after Jey as she departs. Idris' laughter draws her from the shock of it all, but it does nothing to lessen the owlish look that is almost firmly in place. "Work? Oh. I was going to go to the record room because it was quieter." Her laptop case is gestured to. "I have a program that I need to finish and I wouldn't have finished if I stayed in my room." There's a visible fidget as she shifts the laptop into a different position so that she may hold it tighter. A brief look is sent towards Kelthero and she gives an apologetic smile.

"So, do you have to practice being completely deadpan for duty? Do you ever just need to… laugh?" Idris grins at Kelthero, more serious now that her laughing fit is over. "I couldn't do it, I know. I could barely stay serious just now, you know, it's all Jey's fault, she brings out the crazy in me." There's a chuckle and she nods at Kiley. "The record room? Very quiet- I just left, there's only one or two other people in there right now, I think. Could've been ghosts, though," Idris winks at Kiley, the teasing glimmer coming back into her eyes.

Kelthero returns the apologetic smile with one of his own to Kiley - or tries to at least. The laptop case is given a quick, brief look, mostly curiosity. The guard is not tech savvy at all, so any gadget earns instant interest from him. "Shared room?" he asks Kiley, again simply out of curiosity. "Can be tough to get peace of mind when you're crowded in with others." Idris' renewed laughter has the guard grinning. "It does take practice. And I'm laughing not, aren't I?" Well, he's grinning at least? "And yes, Jey is good for that." Kelthero then turns away from both women for a short while, striding off down the tunnel a little and pausing, head tilting … but it's nothing and the guard returns again.

Kiley nods, "thank you for letting me know, Idris. If it wasn't… Well, I'd probably have to find somewhere else to set up for a bit of time." The computer crafter chuckles softly, though the talk of ghosts really doesn't earn much of a comment besides: "those are simply stories. There's nothing logical behind them." But, she says this with a smile before she's casting it towards Kelthero as well. The question earns a shake of her head, "I was getting distracted." Cheeks color and fingers play along the case. "The candidate barracks were always full in Xanadu, it was hard to keep your thoughts focused on one thing. It was like that in the apprentice dorms at the Crafthall as well."

"I suppose you are that," Idris smiles at Kelthero. "You've got the expression, anyway, so you must be laughing inside." Eyebrow rising at Kiley, she counters with, "Psssh, most stories have /some/ basis in reality. Anyway logic has no place in storytelling or fun. Logic can be so dreary, I think. Much better to imagine and suspend disbelief."

"What isn't logical?" Kelthero asks when he approaches again, glancing over to Kiley. When the computer crafter mentions candidate barracks, his brow quirks up again. "Not hard to be distracted. Sometimes it's hard enough to even sleep." To Idris, he grins again. "And so I was and still am." Now he actually chuckles, until he's distracted again. This time, there is the sound of footsteps and the guard flashes an apologetic look as he heads back down the tunnel. Turns out it is another guard and most likely Kelthero's replacement. They converse amongst themselves briefly; the newly arrived guard pauses only to glance down the tunnel at both Idris and Kiley before Kelthero catches his attention again. Eventually, the other guard heads off and Kelthero wanders back in a far more relaxed manner. "Well, I had the time wrong. Seems I'm off duty… now, actually."

Kiley gives Idris a curious look, "but the basis behind ghosts would merely be that someone was trying to pull a prank on another. But I didn't realize that you were telling a story, otherwise I would not have said anything. Stories need not have logic because one can change the logic to match the story they want to tell. But, without logic then things begin to become distorted and the world would simply cease to exist. But, logic is all around you." She points out simply, smiling a little wider before attention flickers over towards Kelthero. "Ghosts." Once that information is supplied she gives a nod of agreement. "Sleeping with so many others around you is hard, not to mention dressing properly when there are guys around." Her attention shifts briefly towards the approaching guard, eyes following them as they converse and then another smile settles upon her lips when he returns. "That is great."

Idris just stares at Kiley, expression turning to a disbelieving grimace. She doesn't really have words. "Right…," she gapes at Kiley as she half-listens and twiddles her fingers awkwardly. She frowns at Kiley when the girl finishes. "Are you for real? Wait, that's rhetorical, don't answer." When Kelthero returns, Idris just shakes her head. "Ghosts," she mumbles the repetition of the word, head still shaking slowly. "And apparently logic."

"Ghosts?" Kelthero echoes, only to frown afterwards at the unfamiliar term, only to give a further puzzled look to Kiley when the computer crafter goes on about logic. "You… lost me there for a bit. Basically, you're saying not to put too much belief in stories?" he says, a hand coming up to scratch at the back of his head. The guard then simply shakes his head, glancing over to Idris and grinning crookedly. "Ahh, I figured as much. I think."

Kiley looks right about to answer that question until Idris points out that it is rhetorical, instead she smiles. "Programming has a lot to do with logic, what can be done, and what can't be done and the limitations of that. And then there's the possibility of being able to break those barriers and extend the realm of possibility." She goes on to explain before attention flickers towards Kelthero. "Yes. Exactly, especially stories about things that couldn't have happened. If you isolate the illogical parts and stick with the logic behind it, it is easy to fill in what truly happened rather than simply believing that some of these things did happen." She is lost in any apparent discomfort from the other two she speaks with.

"Spirits, you know. Of those long gone," Idris prompts Kelthero to explain the word, but her moment of explanation dies as Kiley goes on. She mutters things under her breath, expression warped in a moue. "No, no, no," she finally speaks up. "It doesn't /matter/ what truly happened, not really! The stories are about color, bringing the past to life, bringing anything to life, giving us mere mortal weyrfolk a vision of what's happened as colorful and crisp as Pern right now. Who /cares/ about the logic? I don't! I want to know what F'lar did with his spare time, how he wooed Lessa, the epic journeys F'nor took, the intensity of Kylara's craziness and what exactly she did to Brekke and where could Moreta have gone to when she disappeared. I don't care how possible it was that Jaxom had a white dragon or not, I want to know the color, and so do all the weyrbrats in the caverns at storytime!" Vehement! "The reality might be lost in the centuries, but the stories keep it all alive, the oral tradition might change the facts but it means we'll never lose it completely!"

Kelthero listens politely enough as Kiley goes into her explanation, but it's clear by the guard's expression that not all of it is quite being absorbed and understood. He's not lacking in intelligence, per say, but this seems to push the limit of his understanding. "I guess." He says, giving the computer crafter a smile even as he continues to frown in thought. "But isn't the whole point of having stories to enjoy the illogical?" The guard hesitates in asking the question, as if unsure if he's making any sense. Idris is next to get the puzzled look, when she explains the word. "Interesting concept." Is all he has to say on that matter, but clearly that concept also goes right up and over his head. Then the baker's fiery reply earns a large grin from him and he laughs, despite it not being really al that funny. "Well said, well said!" the guard muses.

"It is a term from earth that has returned to society with the finding of AIVAS. I'm sure there's stories about them at Landing if you ever get a chance to visit. Or, I could likely find some for you to read when I stop there next." Kiley offers cheerfully before attention flickers back towards Idris and she smiles at the other girl. "But you want to know those details, there has to be logic behind the stories otherwise if you can't believe what happened, then why would you want to listen. There needs to be a glimmer of logic behind each story otherwise you'd lose the authenticity of the story and thus you lose out on being in this world unless you can believe every word that was said. Unless it is a satire story in which people ride fish like dragons." Snicker, "then there needs to be some basis for which one needs to understand to know that there could be some glimmer of truth behind it. There must always be fact and reason behind these stories in which you seek, because you can relate to them. If there is no logic of something that you can bond with, how can you be enthralled in their world? Sure, people know the records that point out that these things happened, but what you seek needs to have logic behind it. Even if you do not /see/ the logic, it is there." The computer crafter shrugs just a bit and she smiles, "I, myself, like seeing the logic behind things so that I may understand it fully rather than blindly following what is told to me."

Kelthero earns a small grateful look before Idris throws her arms up when Kiley continues on the same vein. "Oh whatever! /I/ don't always need logic, even a glimmer. If there was a story about people riding fish like dragons, I'd still want to hear it in vivid detail. I love a good suspension of belief. So does every child and everybody who loves a good tale. Logic has its place but I don't need it thrown in my face! Does anybody tell you that talking to you is like hitting your head against a wall?"

"Ahh that would explain why I'm not familiar with it at all then. I've heard so much of Landing but could never seem to find the time to get there." Kelthero replies, before giving Kiley a surprised look. "Really? You'd do that?" There's another pause, and the guard adds. "How often do you visit?" He then lapses into silence again, trying to listen carefully and follow along. It's not long though before he's lost again though and the guard shifts a little on his feet, crossing his arms loosely over his chest. His head tilts to the side a little, considering some tidbit of thought. "You've got a point there, Kiley. I tend to like the logical side of things at times. But then there's times when I don't." Idris' reply earns a chuckle from the guard at first, before he sobers up at her last comment. "Aw, common now. It's not that bad!" he admits. "Everyone's entitled to their own views."

"I will have to see if any of the other candidates remember the story about the people riding the fish like dragons. It was brief, but…" Kiley chuckles softly before she's giving the other a very blank look. All signs of friendliness is void and she gives a curt nod. "Forgive me for wanting to have a proper discussion." She gives another nod to Kelthero, "I can do that for you. I visit every few sevendays, depending on my work load and Zi'on's. I shall ask him later." This all remains rather distant, even as Kelthero agrees with her and jumps to her defense. "Good night." She turns, then, to head back the way she came.

"Sure, sure," Idris mumbles at Kelthero, not apologetic. "Nobody ever accused me of having too much tact. If that bothers you, well, fine." She's annoyed and she's not going to make nice just for the sake of making nice. She doesn't back down or turn away, expression remaining indignant. "You want a discussion? Discussions can't all be nice and pretty and the 'logical' you love. Sometimes people have differences! I won't be sorry I don't agree!"

Kelthero notices the sudden change in the computer crafter and glances between her and the baker. "That'll be great then, I'm curious about these… ghosts. No rush though." When Kiley turns to leave, the guard makes a rather bold move and attempts to reach out to gently lay a hand on the computer crafter's shoulder or at least halt her departure for a moment. "Don't." he says in a low tone, before raising his voice for both to hear. "I'm sure it wasn't meant like that. Right?" And he gives Idris a pointed look. Seems the guard wants everyone to play nice. And he closes his eyes for a moment when it's clear that she's set in her opinions too. "Doesn't matter if you have tact or not, but discussions are supposed to be /respectful/ too." Kelthero chimes in, frown deepening. "This is turning more into an argument because you seem to be taking it so personally!"

Kiley doesn't turn when Idris calls out, steeled in her expression and form. It is when Kelthero reaches out to stop her does she stop, for a fraction of time she remains facing forward before looking towards him. His words are met with a shrug, "words that are said in such a heat are normally intended the way they come off." She states simply, she aimed to keep me from speaking, and I am silencing." There's a flicker of emotion that quickly plays along her features before returning to that blank one. Instead she focuses her gaze upon Idris. "I didn't expect nice or pretty, nothing in life is always nice and pretty. There is hurt, there is cruelty, there is starvation. There is death, there is pain, there is murder, there is thievery. There is reality. Reality is harsh. There is differences, but that is what makes people so special. Along with dragons, dolphins, firelizards. They are all different with different personalities. But you know what makes those beautiful? The ability to put aside differences so easily. Humans are fickle creatures who are sometimes unable to put aside these differences and they see only what makes the other different and they focus on these points and bring people down for these reasons. Maybe they are not as pretty as they like, or they are not the weight that people like, or maybe they simply have something that they like that others don't agree with." She pauses on this tangent and draws a slow breath. "You words were uncalled for, a discussion is an offering of different views, I said nothing that would call for you to reprimand me in such a manner or for you to strike at me with harsh words. I do not care if you do not agree, for Jeyinshi is my best friend and we don't agree all the time and yet that is what makes our friendship what it is. You were rude."

Returning Kelthero's pointed look with a glower, Idris shuts her eyes and breathes in deeply, cutting the other two out of her thoughts as Kelthero holds Kiley back. While Kiley speaks, Idris is silent, expression glimmering with annoyance. She opens her eyes towards the end of the reprimand, as the heat slowly leaves her face. When she finally speaks, her voice is even, calm. "Fine. I don't care, not enough to argue and definitely not enough to apologize for something I don't think is wrong." She's shaking her head. "I've got places to be and better things to do with my time." And then it's she who is brushing past them to head back to the weyr proper.

"True, they are." Kelthero agrees, unable to really deny the truth when it's so plainly visible. He seems relieved that Kiley hadn't left, being able to reach her in time even though it seems like the situation is deteriorating beyond salvaging. The computer crafter's response to Idris earns a slightly stunned look from the guard - he was apparently not expecting that. Blinking to absorb all of that, he turns his gaze towards Idris now, ready to mediate between the two. Irony of it all, he's off duty and yet here he is, between the two of them and trying to keep it peaceful. He watches Idris carefully, and then suddenly she's approaching them to brush past, although the guard also tries to move again to block. "But you're not in the wrong either!" the guard tries to explain; now starting to sound frustrated as well. "Can't you two just agree to disagree?" he asks, glancing between them both again.

"I never said you were wrong for your thoughts." Kiley notes, again her tone is without any obvious emotion as her arms hang rather limply at her side. There is no visible stance of defense or defeat, each movement is neutral. Her gaze flickers briefly to Kelthero but then she's watching Idris take off and then Kelthero taking off to catch her as well. "I never said I disagreed with her having her own opinions…" Then the first bit of returning emotions is nervousness as fingers play with the strap of her case and her gaze instantly drops to the ground as she attempts to vanish right in the spot. And if Idris doesn't manage to be stopped, she visibly falls apart with trembling being the main indicator. "I need to get back to work…" And, before Kelthero can reach out for her, she flees back to her room.

"I /have/ agreed to disagree," Idris points out, pausing only briefly when Kelthero moves to stop her. "People like me can't win against people like Kiley. There's no use in trying, I don't know why I bothered in the first place." And then Idris is stalking off down the tunnel.

Kelthero gives up in the end, biting back his comments when both Kiley and Idris go their separate ways despite the guard's attempts to fix the whole situation. He gives a brief sigh of frustration, shaking his head. Women. He'll never understand them. So off he stalks, no doubt back to his cot in the shared rooms to change and probably go haunt the recreation caverns or Tiki Lounge for the remainder of the night.

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