Busy Busy Lunch

Western Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It is lunch time, busy as it is. Few tables are free as per normal, and as normal: Kiley has managed to snag a table by herself with her laptop keeping her company.. While the food on her plate is untouched, her drink is occasionally sipped from as she types away. From the looks of it, there is the visible signs of sleep deprivation upon the woman's features. After a few more moments, the typing stills and a disc is inserted into the laptop and she finally relaxes with a slump of her shoulders. "Done." This is noted towards no one in particular as she grabs her plate and eats with it suspended off the table and away from the laptop while her eyes are glued instantly upon the screen.

It's another one of those rare days that Jey has decided to eat in the caverns instead of on the beach, or in the kitchen, or in the Tiki Lounge. Today she'll have a proper meal for lunch. The dolphineer makes her way into the busy caverns dressed in casual clothes, which of course include her high heels. By the looks of it, the dolphineer hasn't been to the lagoon….yet. Jey makes straight for the food tables, filling up 3 plates and grabbing two glasses of juice before peering around the caverns. She easily spots Kiley and takes a moment to balance her meal before heading over and slipping into one of the empty chairs, uninvited, but with a smile on her face. "I thought I'd have to come drag you out of your room soon. Lots of work?"

Kyldar has loaded a plate with fish, wherry, bread, cheese and fresh fruit, and to this has added a little bowl of soup and a mug of klah. She glances about, with a nod here and there to those whom she knows. "Hello," she greets, approaching Kiley. "Busy as usual?"

Kelthero seems to be braving the lunch crowd today as he enters the caverns from the lower caverns. He picks his way through to the serving tables, muttering a few apologies along the way. Having just come off another shift, the guard is dressed in his most comfortable casual clothes and looks to have an appetite to rival most. Grabbing a plate, he doesn't even seem to take notice of the food he selects, he just piles as much as he can grab and as quickly as possible before making his escape. Next comes the trick of finding a table and once more, no empty ones can be found. His wandering gaze does find Kiley and Jeyinshi however and with a relieved grin, the guard heads over to join them. "Hey you two. Mind if I join you?" he asks, glancing between them.

Idris is, unusually, on break in the midst of the lunch hour. She has been on duty from the wee hours of the morning, and her apron is dusty with flour and kitchen grime. She leaves the kitchens with her tray already filled with soup, soft rolls, a sandwich, and too many of the freshest batch of bubblies. Her face is pale from the long morning, and she is slow to move through the serving line to add icy water and hot klah to her tray. Glancing through the crowd, she has a wan smile to see Jeyinshi moving ahead of her, but grimaces when the only empty table includes Kiley. Nevertheless, she joins the table, sitting at the end and giving a nod to those already seated. "How's the food today?" Not like she was in the kitchens helping to work on it all morning or anything.

Kiley peeks over at Jeyinshi as she speaks, "told you I'd work in public areas so you could find me." She notes with a soft chuckle, settling her plate down before shifting to allow the other some more room. "Mhm. Everyone keeps changing their deadline so I'm ending up working more than I need to. I had to cancel lunch with Nik to make sure that I could focus and that he wouldn't try to… Help." A soft chuckle before she smiles cheerfully at Kyldar, inclining her head in greeting. "Ma'am. Very busy. How are you?" Her gaze flickers over towards Kelthero as he heads over, shaking her head and gesturing for him to sit as she takes a drink. "How are you Kelthero?" She reaches over to grab her plate once more, her gaze flickering again to the screen and tensing just a fraction as she hears Idris speak. Then shoulders relax once the screen confirms something. Instead of getting more food in her mouth, she returns to typing and then finally removes the disc she entered. It is slipped into her bag and she offers a friendly smile towards Idris, "the food is great."

Jeyinshi looks up at the approach of a vaguely familiar rider and smiles, "Heya Kyldar. And Kelth! Hey Kelth! And wow…Idris and…..oh shards, it is hard listing names. Just heya everybody." That's the extent of Jey's introductions for now. Idris' question earns a grin though and the dolphineer motions to her plates. "Do you even have to ask? The food's great. So great that I think Kelth might be competeing with me to see who can eat the most." Jey teases at the guard before settling back in her chair and sipping from one of her juice glasses and grinning over at Kiley. "Well I'm glad you are. While it might be fun for me to come knocking at your door with a broom, I doubt that you'd enjoy it as much. Though it's sad you had to cancel with Nik."

Kyldar steps up to the gathering knot of people and gives a nod to Kiley. "I'm quite well, thanks," she says. She sets her soup and klah down, freeing a hand to rub her neck. To Jeyinshi she says, "I dunno. I might be able to outpace either of you, if it came down to an eating contest along about now, now that the morning sickness phase is passing."

"Well enough. Just got off duty and I'm starving. Usually tend to avoid coming here during the lunch hour." Kelthero admits, flashing Kiley a quick grin as he takes a seat across from the computer crafter. Not even seconds after his plate is on the table and he himself settled comfortably is the guard tucking into it, pausing long enough to glance up to Kiley and add, "And you?" The laptop is noted. "Work, I take it?" The guard then snorts slightly in amusement at Jeyinshi's remark. "Hey Jey. And I'd loose in a contest like that against you. Hands down." He teases back, grinning to both the dolphineer and then over to Idris' as he catches the last bit of her question. "Food is great, as always!" he agrees and then promptly returns his attention to his lunch.

Idris always has a smile for Jeyinshi. "Of course I have to ask, I have to feed my ego, you know." She leans against the back of her chair, stretching her arms behind her head for a few moments. She has a laugh, "Don't get sick competing- too much food is as bad as too little!" But the laugh is shallow, and as the baker brings her arms back down she catches a glance of Kiley. Quickly looking down, she frowns at her tray, expression flickering between tired and annoyed. "I've left on an oven. Enjoy your meals," she is quick with the flat farewell, nodding to those at the table as she backs her chair up, takes her tray and scurries back to the kitchens.

Kiley gives Jeyinshi a look, "what is with you and the brooms?" Though it brings a smile to her lips along with a soft chuckle. "Perhaps not. And it is fine, he had work he had to do, so I figure that he will have some free time for once. He never seems to do much in his free time." She shrugs and reaches over for her juice once more. Her gaze returns to Kyldar and she smiles warmly, nodding her head. "That is wonderful to hear." Pause, "how much longer until you start showing?" She brings it to her lips after that, taking a sip before allowing attention to drift past her laptop to the guard across from her. The cup goes down before she closes the laptop and settles it back into the case. "I'm fine, thank you. Just got the last minute details finished for this program that wasn't supposed to be done for awhile but they changed their schedule." Her head shakes but nothing beyond that before giving a very slight shrug. The attention she settles upon Idris is quick to retreat, brows lift and she says nothing in response before attention settles onto her plate and she picks thoughtfully at the food there.

Jeyinshi laughs, nodding at Kyldar, "You might be able to, but I don't think I'll try and find out just yet. Having any strange cravings yet? Dad said Mom always wanted to eat pickled fingerroots. Even /I/ wouldn't touch that." And Jey eats everything. She winks at Kelth before digging pretty eagerly into one of her plates and making quick work of it before reaching for another. She pauses as Idris suddenly departs and calls after her, "You feed me, I'll feed your ego! See ya!" Kiley's question is given a smirk, "What is it with you and the looks? Bu really, if you two don't have much to do, go somewhere. Somewhere not here. That's what the girls with boyfriends do. Or so they tell me they do. Apparently it brings you closer."

Kyldar sets her plate down and takes a seat. "I've already got a bit of a bulge," she says to Kiley. "And as for pickled fingerroots, no," she says to Jey. "Though I was wanting to smear this fish with some redfruit jelly." Pause. "Anyway, V'ine seems to be taking it all well so far, though I expect both of us to be becoming considerably more anxious in coming months." To Kelthero: "Hey there. And yes, the food is always great. Well, usually, at least."

"Good to hear it's completed." Kelthero replies between bites (not polite, after all, to speak with one's mouth full!), glancing over to Kiley. Deciding to pace himself a little, the guard leans back in his seat, stretching his legs out under the table and promptly slouching a little in the chair. Ahh, nothing like relaxing! When Jey winks at him, Kelthero simply grins. It's then he notices Kyldar when she greets him and with a bit of a sheepish look, the guard nods his head politely towards the greenrider, following with a light smile. "Sorry I didn't notice you before." He then chuckles. "Food here is better then some, including my own cooking. Name's Kelthero, posted guard from Torince Hold." He offers as a greeting, before picking away at his food again.

Kiley listens to the talk of cravings with a slight tilt of her head, making no comment before she's turning attention back to Jeyinshi and coloring a bit. "Is it bad that I'm looking at people?" She chuckles and shakes her head, "we can't just leave spontaneously or anything, Nik has his whole day planned so if we're going to go somewhere it has to be pretty planned out. I think what we're doing now works just fine, however." Shoulders drop into a slight shrug before attention shifts to her plate for a brief moment, considering before she's looking towards Kyldar. "I see. I'm happy for you both. Are you hoping for a specific gender?" Her attention shifts to Kelthero and she chuckles softly, "complicated is always a good thing. At least when it comes to work."

Jeyinshi laughs, "Now that /is/ an interesting choice of food….one I don't think I'd like to try particularly. I'm sure the two of you will be great parents though. Don't get too anxious, yeah?" Almost as quick as the first plate was demolished, the second plate also empties and the dolphineer stacks them neatly. Before dragging the third plate over, she finishes one glass of juice and places it on top of the rest of the dishes. After a few bites, the dolphineer looks to Kiley with a grin. "Nah, it's not bad to look. Just like it's not bad to talk about brooms." Right? The logic doesn't exactly follow but oh well. "Mmm, that's true. But you two seem to be doing fine anyhow. You guys were cute together."

Kyldar nods to Kelthero. "Good to meetcha," she says. "Kyldar, journeyman harper and rider of green Sinasapelth." She tucks into her lunch, stuffing her face hungrily while Jey and Kiley talk, and after a while gulps down a swig of her klah. "Nothing wrong with looking at people," she says after swallowing. "It's quite natural, even." To Jeyinshi in particular: "Yeah, well, getting anxious is pretty much natural also. We'll manage to keep it to a sane level though, I'm sure."

Kelthero politely listens in on the conversation between the three women, finally cluing in as he glances over to Kyldar again. "I guess some belated congratulations are in order." The guard grins, before fidgeting a little. He's not at all familiar with that sort've topic and it shows. Instead he focuses on finishing off his lunch, pushing his plate aside and most likely near to Jeyinshi's own discarded dishes. "Nice meeting you too, Kyldar." Kelthero replies, before pushing back his chair and standing. He gives all three a bit of an apologetic smile. "Sorry to run off on all of you, but I wanted to do some exploring. Found some interesting beaches and jungle paths just outside the Weyr." He then raises one hand up in a quick farewell wave. "'Good day to you all." And with that, the guard takes his leave, heading out towards the center bowl.

Kiley's attentions come to shift and settle upon her plate, eating from that and humming softly to herself for a moment before her gaze settles on her friend. The now empty plate is forgotten as she smiles at her friend, "right." She doesn't argue this logic, simply chuckling to herself before she's reaching for her juice. She sips from it with a happy smile settling upon her lips. "Thank you, Jey. I really like him." Fingers play along the cup before she's finishing this off as well and settling it upon the now empty cup. "Thank you, Kyldar. Ah… Jey says that sometimes I give 'looks'. I don't know what kind. And I don't even notice." Brows furrow a little bit thoughtful as her attention slowly shifts towards Kelthero. "Have fun." She lifts a hand in a farewell before settling back into her seat.

Jeyinshi nods, "I don't doubt it. But yesh, I doubt you guys will go crazy with it or anything." The disappearing guard earns a wave though when she turns back to the women there might be a bit of disappointment in her eyes. The look is fleeting though and Jey proceeds to finish of the last of her food, leaning back with a contented sigh and holding her stomach. A grin is thrown in Kiley's direction and she shrugs. "Good. And the looks, well, she always looks curious about something. Which is good."

Kyldar gives a waves toward Kelthero as she bites into a fresh redfruit. "Looks are still natural anyway," she comments after swallowing. "Though you really ought to be aware of your own habits." To Jey: "We're both pretty level-headed. Well, I know he is. I can go a bit off kilter sometimes when Sinasapelth goes proddy, but otherwise I'm a stable person, or so I like to think."

Kiley hums softly, brows furrowing but still making no comment on the anxiety and whatnot of it, merely listening and looking curious. Though the look is not directed towards any one person until she's looking towards Jeyinshi, but the look is practically gone then. "Curious? I'm normally curious about a lot of things." She agrees softly, brows furrowing again with her thoughts in consideration to the other woman's words. Fingers tap idly on the table, mimicking typing. She glances up again and nods, "I'll try to be more aware of the looks and my habits." She promises and smiles a little easier.

Jeyinshi grins, "Ah, that's expected though isn't it? I haven't met a rider that hasn't gone a bit strange when their lifemate is proddy. Natural thing, but one that doesn't last too long." A bit of a sigh escapes her lips then and she idly moves her eyes to the ceiling for a few moments before looking back down with a smile. "You are curious about a lot of things. I think that's best. Being indifferent is just horrid. You've got to feel something otherwise you're not really living."

Kyldar chuckles. "Fortunately it hasn't gone much beyond railing at the kitchen staff and suchlike people around the Weyr." Then: "Curiosity is a good thing. It means you're open to new learning and new experiences."

Kiley considers quietly before shrugging, "I've only met one rider while proddy and that was Enka. She seemed the same, to me. But, I don't know…" The computer crafter shrugs thoughtfully, tilting her head a fraction before grinning at Jeyinshi, "I am. I suppose curiosity may be better than feeling nothing, I am still human." She peeks curiously towards Kyldar but nods at her experience and then speaking of curiosity again. "I love learning what I can, seeing what I can, and experiencing what I can." Fingers tap a little more firmly on the table, "I kind've messed up the other day with Idris, we started talking about stories and I pointed out that stories always have some bit of logic behind them, some have different logic than the rest but there's still logic. She got mad."

Jeyinshi laughs, "I'd hate it if you weren't human." She might be imagining Kiley as a robot this second, but she won't say it out loud, especially since she doesn't like the thought. "So /that's/ what all that noise was about? I would've come out but I was climbing some shelves and by the time I got my stuff and was back on the ground everyone seemed to have left already." A small frown forms on her face and she shakes her head, "Perhaps you two will be able to make up one day? It could've just been a stressful day and so the two of you kind of blew up at each other."

Kyldar finishes the last of her wherry, though other stuff remains on her plate, and chases with a swig of klah. "Enka," she says. "I knew her back at Ista before she came to Western. Grace under pressure comes naturally to her, it seems. Any kind of pressure that is." Then: "Never stop learning. If you stop learning, you stop growing. Never stop experiencing, if you stop experiecing you stop living." Finally: "As for that incident, well, I'm not one to judge."

Kiley laughs and gives her friend a little shake of her head before she's smiling widely. "I'd still be human if I was completely emotionless, it would simply be very, very different." There's a shift as she leans to rest her elbows upon the table, folding her arms there. Her nose wrinkles a bit and brows draw into a deeper frown. "I don't believe I was 'blowing up' at anyone. She said talking to me was like slamming her head into a wall, and I did nothing to warrant it but I stopped talking when she said that, I said I was trying to have a discussion. Then she was angry at me for saying this, saying that discussions aren't all nice and pretty or full of logic and that we wouldn't agree on everything. And I never really said anything to warrant this. I was upset and then told her my thoughts again, but I wasn't angry or trying to keep her from expressing her opinion." Her attention shifts back curiously to Kyldar as she speaks of Enka. There's soft sigh and she nods, "I would do anything to be able to face pressure with grace. I'm not graceful at all." Fingers tap along her arm, now, instead of the table and she offers a sheepish little smile. "Thank you, I'll try to learn and experience everything I can."

Jeyinshi listens to the story, frowning as it continues on. The dolphineer's reaction to the whole thing is rather anti-climactic and the woman simply shakes her heads. "It sound sto me as if you two are simply the kind of people who naturally don't get along. If the opportunity arises, it might be good to try and talk to her again. If she still doesn't listen then, it's her loss, not yours. I don't think you should dwell on it too much. There are people that won't like you. Shells, there are tons that don't like me, many without rhyme or reason as far as I know. The best you can do is try and patch up, or just ignore it."

Kiley considers quietly and murmurs, "I am not sure if I should apologize… Or, should I… Act as if nothing has happened? Do I bring her something? Do I bring her a story that shows that I like them to? I was simply trying to point out that every story has a sense of reality to bring some believability to it. And that some, in order to not be frightened that you rule out the illogical." There's a visible fidget as she comes to lean in and rest her head on the table, "I probably said everything wrong and came off being condescending." The computer crafter frets even more before she sighs softly, "thanks, Jey…" Up, she peeks towards Kyldar and giving a slight nod of farewell to the other woman.

Jeyinshi waves after the departing rider with a smile before her expression turns more serious and she directs her attention back to Kiley. "What you need to do really all comes down to what you want. Do you care that she's mad at you? Will it hurt you if the two of you continue on like this? If not, then I'd say you could simply give her a simply apology and act courteous. If you feel strongly about the subject, don't apologize and simply explain your view. But it seems to be that you're more sorry of the way it turned out than about what you said. So I think you should tell her just that. But bringing something…I wouldn't do that. To me, words are what's most important, nto gifts. Tell her that you like stories too. Explain to her one of the ones you like, that's a really good idea." The dolphineer scoots over a bit then, leaning over to give the other woman a tight hug, if she doesn't move away. "You're welcome. And thank you for telling me."

Kiley frowns and sighs, "I've never really had anyone mad at me before." She states simply, then considering and then nodding to her friend once hearing all the advice. "I'll apologize and act courteous and if she doesn't accept that, then I'll not bother her anymore." She seems content to leave it at that, though adds softly. "One of my favorite stories is one of the ones we made up during my candidacy. Both are pretty funny. I'll have to see if someone remembers the whole story and I'll share it with you." A soft chuckle slips from her lips and she easily returns the hug her friend gives her. "You're welcome."

Jeyinshi nods, "Yeah, it's kind of hard, but it's one of those things that'll come along in life eventually. That sounds like a good plan though, just don't let it get you too down or anything." The mention of stories those seem to perk the dolphineer up a bit and she grins, "When you get those stories don't forget to tell me….oh, maybe you can tell them when we have the hut warming party? It seems like a far better alternative than truth or dare. Though Mari might be a bit put out, I at least will enjoy it."

"It was easier when it was just the computers." Kiley admits softly, though her tone doesn't linger in regret. Instead, she looks rather curious, tilting her head just a bit as she considers. Slowly, she sits up again and smiles. "I'll take it as an experience to learn from, I'll analyze it later." This seems to brighten her mood and she's entirely content. "I'll see if I can get a ride to Xanadu after my work is done. I'll tell the stories at the hut warming, then. Maybe we can give everyone a chance to tell a story?"

Jeyinshi grins and winks, "Ah, but if it was just computers you wouldn't have been able to meet me right? And then where would we have been?" The thought of story telling sends the dolphineer smiling all over again. "That sounds great. I've got a few dolphin stories that are rather….interesting. Well, interesting is one word for it. Anyways, they should be fun! Just got to set a date for this thing now."

Kiley laughs and nods, "you have me there. But, I don't regret the changes I've made." She insists, cheeks coloring a little bit and a happy smile settles upon her face as attention drifts elsewhere. "So many things would be different, but I'm happy to finally have a few friends." There's a curious peek towards her friend and a bright smile settles upon her lips. "I'd like to hear them. I'm looking forward to this, now. Let me know when you pick one and I'll talk to Nik about coming."

"Well I'm speaking on behalf of those who aren't here, but I'm sure they'd say that they're happy to have met you too." The dolphineer grins before nodding, "Yeah, I'll set the date as soon as I've decided mine and Sungie's schedule for this week. Ahhh, I wish I had a boyfriend to take with me. But alas, my love life leaves much to be accounted for."

"Thank you, I hope that is true." Kiley smiles a little wider before tilting a look towards Jeyinshi and lifts her brows. "You pick your own schedule too, hm? I like that about my job… Except for when people decide to change when they want their projects done." Nose wrinkle, "it isn't so bad, though. Just makes the pace change." Then, she stares at her friend for a moment longer before she shrugs. "Don't you like Kelthero? Why not ask him to be your boyfriend?"

Jeyinshi nods, "Sungie isn't fully trained yet so we don't patrol. I have to be on call sometimes, just in case there's an emergency, then I go out with an unpaired dolphin. Other than that, it's my own schedule. Really though, I wish they wouldn't do that to you so much." The dolphineer frowns in disapproval for a few seconds before promptly choking on thin air at Kiley's questions. "Of course not! Why would I like Kelthero? I've got Sungie. I don't know where you're getting such a crazy idea. You and Mari. Don't know what's wrong with the two of you."

Kiley nods in understanding to the other woman's schedule, thoughtful but making no comment on it. "It's only been a recent thing, probably because something came up and they needed it faster than they thought they would in the first place. But, as long as I get them done, I'm happy." She considers the other woman as she chokes on the air, brows lifting with surprise before settling into something more relaxed. "Because, you act different around him. Especially when there's other girls." Yes, she was watching. "There's nothing wrong with it, really… Though, I'm one to talk. I did the same thing about Nik."

"As long as you don't get sick from being overworked or anything I'm happy. Health comes before work." Jey says this in a rather decisive manner. As relaxed as Kiley's posture is, Jey's is tense. She sits straight in her chair, fingers idly tapping at the table as she looks over to the other woman. "I don't. You've just caught me at bad times when you've seen us together." Yes, that's it. That's what Jey will keep telling herself. "And I act perfectly normal when there are other girls around. You're around when he's around and I don't do anything particularly odd."

Kiley shakes her head, "I don't get sick too easily, if I did… I don't think I would have lasted so long on the Yokohama." She chuckles softly and then gives her friend one of her more serious of looks. "You get /looks/ when you're around him." Using the term her friend has used so often. "Even at the different times, you still have different looks. Just… Think about it?" The computer crafter chuckles softly and pushes up. "I need to get this disc delivered. I'll see you later?"

"Yeah yeah." Jey waves off the thinking about it part with a bit of a frown on her face. "I'll…figure it out somehow. But yes, you need to get your work done! I'll see you around! Hopefully I'll have a date set by then!" The frown finally disappears and the dolphineer waves after her friend. But once Kiley's gone, that same worried expression crosses her features again. This will probably eat at her for a while yet.

Kiley smiles and doesn't press the issue, at all. "You will. I'll see you when I'm more free again. I've got two other projects that will need full attention." And off she goes.

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