Does he like to destroy things?

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

It's about mid-morning and many riders can be seen out on the bowl preparing for the day ahead. Ze'an is one of them, though he seems to be taking his time getting ready. "Orykoth, just don't move too much. No, you can't see what's inside. Remember what happened the last time? Yeah, I don't want a repeat of that, we got chewed out by Taira." Ze'an runs a hand through his hair, tying a couple of things to Orykoth's side. He pauses, chewing on his lip, "I think that's good enough, lemme get out my checklist."

The goldrider must have been something of a laze-about this morning, for it's from the direction of the eastern portion of the bowl that Enka comes, clear indication that she must have just woken not long past, some papers tucked hither and thither under her arm as she wends her way between preparing riders and dragons, pausing now and then to chat with one or two, and observe a dragon or two carefully. Her destination, as it would seem, is the living caverns, but there's no pressing hurry and no urgency in her step. It's then, that she comes to a stop near Orykoth and his rider, smiling faintly as she watches the young blue. "How is he this morning?" comes her query.

Ze'an turns his head to arch a brow and then he quickly moves his hand up in a salute, it's habit, after all. "Err, hello ma'am, he's doing pretty good, this morning. We haven't destroyed anything…" There's a slight hesitation as if to add 'yet' but it never comes. "How are you fairing this morning, ma'am? We were just about to go out and try to deliver some stuff but…"

"Please, call me Enka," the young goldrider manages a smile in Ze'an's direction. "Ma'am just sounds so stiff and formal, the kind of thing /I'd/ be sayin' to an old auntie or something." Her smile is inviting, cheerful enough. "I aint one to stand on ceremony." she pauses, observing the young dragon briefly, and continues on. "I'm well enough this mornin' although I think I overslept." Her shoulders tilt in a hapless shrug. "Happens to everyone, I suppose. At least the day's off to a good start." She wonders, you see, at that slight hesitation in the bluerider's voice. "Does he like to destroy things?"

"Enka, then. I'm Ze'an, and this is Orykoth." A hand waves to the blue dragon whom curiously sniffs at Enka. And if she doesn't get out of the way fast enough, he may nudge his muzzle at whatever pockets she may have. "Ory, stop, this is the Weyrwoman." He rolls his eyes a little, turning his attention to Enka. "Err…well…you see, it isn't really him." He coughs quietly into his hand, shifting uncomfortably in his position. "Orykoth just likes to get into stuff, he's really curious, he needs to know about everything. And well…he gets himself into things sometimes and I just make it worse because I'm so clumsy…and accident prone…" He shifts again. "Oh, I haven't really slept in since I impressed, Orykoth likes to be up at morning and he drags me out with him. At least we haven't gotten new furniture yet. I've been afraid of fixing up my weyr…"

Enka laughs, shifting the notebooks further under one arm, and flapping her hand in Orykoth's direction. "I see he likes to investigate pockets," she remarks, drolly so. "'Fraid I haven't got anythin' for you," she informs the blue matter-of-factly. "Don't think we eat the same things in the same way." Right, she's not going to go gnawing on raw meat, now is she? The blue's rider gets another smile. "It's nice meetin' you, Ze'an." she comments, and then that free hand of hers is moving upwards, covering her mouth for a moment as if to hide a little chuckle at the rest of the young man's words. "Oh," comes the simple statement after that, "I see." Yes, she does at that. "Mir's the opposite," the goldrider remarks, tilting her head in a gesture in the direction of her weyr. "She was always up at night, weyrlinghood was /interesting/ with her."

Ze'an rolls his eyes and pushes the blue's muzzle away, "You're going to get me into trouble, and we haven't even broken anything yet." Ze'an tells the blue with pursed lips, "Sorry, like I said, he just needs to get into everything, even if there's nothing there." He offers an appologetic look, "I don't really think he was looking for food, really, he's not hungry yet." He pauses a moment, "Weyrlinghood was interesting with us, too, I'm surprised the barracks is still standing. I think the only reason I graduated was because Ae'gus wanted me out of there before it /was/ destroyed." He sighs a little, running a hand through his hair, "Now I get to deal with unhappy holders and stuff. I can't even do transportation because no one will fly on Orykoth 'cept me."

"You needn't worry," Enka comments, checking once again to make sure her notebook is securely tucked away beneath her arm. "You wouldn't be in trouble from me. I know dragons have their own natures and all, you can make 'em not be something they aren't." she pauses, watching the blue. "So he's just a naturally curious sort? Mir's like that, a little, always tryin' to find hidin' places, and little corners and crannies. Faranth's teeth, but she drove me crazy as a weyrling. 'Specially when she was small enough to still fit into the little hidin' places she found. Practically had to pull her out by the tail one time." there's a fond chuckle from the weyrwoman, recollection and time making the situation more amusing now rather than the frantic search it had been at the time. "Do you like dealin' with holders?" Enka can't help but ask. "Wing duties all right for you, though?"

Orykoth sniffs a little at the notebook before turning his head inquisively towards Ze'an, "It's for writing things on. No, you can't see." Ze'an offers another appologetic look to the Weyrwoman and slumps against the blue dragon, stuffing his hands into his pockets, "He doesn't really know the meaning of personal space, he just invades everyone's space whether they're comfortable with it or not…" He trails off, "Yeah, he needs to know about everything, and he gets into everything. He doesn't like that he can't go into places anymore, or that he can't look into places." He pauses a little, "He doesn't really so much as try to hide things as he tries to figure out what is in them." He laughs a little, "That sounds like what happened in the barracks, he got his head stuck in a oil barrel. And it ended up getting all over because we ended up breaking it.' He shakes his head slowly in amusement. "I don't mind dealing with the holders, but I don't think they like me too much, since I usually end up dropping their things." He shrugs, "It's okay, wish I was better at it."

Enka's nod is one of understanding. "She feels the same way," again, there's that little tilt of her head, back towards the direction of the weyrleader's complex. "Time was, she got too big to go pokin' and pryin' into the little hidin' places. But I didn't mind, she might still wander around of a night, but at least she can't get stuck anywhere. And she's big enough not to be bothered by much." she laughs, softly, somewhat amused at the bluerider's recollection of the oil barrel tale. "You've likely got your hands full then," there's a pause, as if she might be waiting for some kind of agreement, but it passes briefly. "Takes time," the goldrider observes, "but eventually, you'll be able to handle the holders, and maybe not drop their things. And you'll get better at your wing duties. Nothin' ever comes easy."

Ze'an laughs quietly as he rubs at the back of his head, Orykoth and I still manage to get into all sorts of trouble. Even when we're not doing anything." He shakes his head slowly, a smile pulling at his lips. "But at least our lives are interesting, and at least we can make a couple of people laugh, even if it's at my expense." His eyes glitter in amusement, quickly nodding his head in agreement at her question, "Yeah, between the two of us, we're always getting into some sort of situation, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Life would be boring." He chuckles a little, lifting his shoulders indifferently, "I don't know, I've always been clumsy and accident prone, but I've been trying to take my time in doing things and going through my lists to make sure I've done everything right. I still make mistakes, and I still trip over mmyself, but it's not nearly as much as when I try to rush things."

"So that's the key," Enka offers the thought to the bluerider. "Just take your time. Don't feel like anyone's pressurin' you to work faster or do somethin' you aren't comfortable with. Better to have a reputation for someone who takes the time to do things right, even if you're clumsy or accident prone, than to be someone who gets in trouble for rushin' a job and getting sloppy results." There's a pause, the goldrider nodding then. "I know what you mean," she says. "Sometimes, I still worry about Mir at night, but without that extra bit of wonderin', life would be dull indeed. I /like/ what my life has turned out to be. Could be better, could be worse, but at least it's eventful."

Ze'an sighs a little and nods, "I've been trying to do things slower, that seems to help. And I've been training with a couple of guards out on the grounds. I'm still clumsy, but not as bad." A hand rubs at the back of his head, "I still wouldn't dance if my life depended on it." He laughs loudly, a grin pulling at his lips, "I wouldn't trade Orykoth for anything in the world, we make a good team. Even if it's a good team for getting into trouble."

Enka's glance towards the living caverns is fleeting, her attention drawn there for a moment or two, before she's back to regarding Ze'an and Orykoth. "That's the way it ought to be," she states, nodding. "Best thing on all of Pern, havin' a friend who's there for ya, and to make you part of a team. No matter what. It doesn't matter otherwise, as long as you're happy with the life you got." Once more, she's glancing towards the living caverns. "I think," she says then, "that I'd better get goin' before I miss breakfast." A smile is offered, to both dragon and rider. "Good talkin' to you. Hope to see you around more."

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