Fruits and Secret Clubs

Western Weyr - Large Storage Cavern
A huge cavern that serves as a warehouse for the Weyr. There is a loading dock for wagons and supplies of all sorts are stacked neatly on huge shelves. Several smaller passages lead to various rooms used for storage. Sometimes one will see one of the smaller dragons helping lift things to and from the shelves with the rider directing the operation.

Another trip to the market done and complete. For the most part. It's been one of Keelyra's usual tasks since she was able to start hauling the goods around. The girl has an eye for the best fruits and vegetables. Two baskets are hauled in and schlupped over towards one of the rooms that's been outfitted by the Tech Craft to be cooled. She groans a bit as she sets them down, straightening to rub at her shoulder. From within one basket rises a small, green head. Eyes whorl sleepily on the small 'lizard who yawns.

When word reached the kitchens that the market wagons had returned, Idris was released to help sort through fruits and decide what would be stored in the cooler room and what would be brought directly to the kitchen. She hurries in from the tunnel and skitters through the unloading crews until she finds fruit. Keelyra is granted an affable grin, "Get the best fruits for me today?" She leans down to look at the baskets Keelyra's just set down, and rises, just a little startled, at the firelizard. "Faranth, you'd think I'd be used to lizards popping out of the baskets by now."

"Try finding the egg down here when you were clearing up room for the shipment," Keelyra says with a good-natured roll of her eyes. "I'm just lucky I had some jerky so easily at hand." And true to their nature, the critter starts up creeling again. The teen sighs and digs around in a pocket, finding a wrapped packet of meat that she crouches down and starts feeding to the 'lizard. Rapidly. Likely to avoid the critter going after the food in the basket. Once it's partially sated, she lifts the green out and nods to the fruit within. "Those were the best I could find. You should probably start freezing a lot of them soon. The crops have been steadily smaller."

Idris frowns at the news of smaller crops. "Bad weather or a blight? Hm. I hope the Headwoman knows, we might need to start buying more to save." She kneels down again and carefully examines the fruits. "Where's this lot from? Who all was selling this morning?" She scoots over to the next basket and continues the examination. "Not quite to full ripeness- these can go in the cooler room." She takes a handful of colored ribbons from her apron, selects two and ties them around the baskets to mark them for the freezer.

"Just cold weather," Keelyra says with a bit of a grin. "It's nearing the end of the season. I think we'll still have fruit coming in, but it won't be as good as the beginning of the warm months. So if you come across any really good fruits, you might wanna save 'em." She continues feeding the green, glancing over to Idris as she looks over the fruit. "Uh, some of it was brought in from Crom. The end of their growing season is close. I think they might be worried about the first frosts." The tiny green finally is sated and falls asleep again, climbing into one of Keely's pockets. "Since we know there's gonna be a hatching feast and all, you'll prolly wanna make sure you have some really good fruits saved for your pies."

"Oh right. The seasons. I'd quite forgot. It's /always/ warm in the kitchen," Idris laughs, shaking her head. "We will indeed," she agrees, "Hatching feast coming up, plus the baking contest- I know I'm not the only baker who wants good fruits for the competition." There's a friendly grin and she stands, motioning another worker to bring over more baskets from the wagon, which she kneels to examine. "You definitely picked out good fruits, Keelyra- you always do, though. Hardly any bruising, and ah, here's a ripe basket- this one'll go right to the kitchens."

"I can take it up there for you," Keelyra offers, moving to grab one of the ones to go into the cooler. "It's not hard to pick the ripe fruits," she explains, "you just have to be willing to get to the market really early and wait for them so you're first."

"Sure, you can run it up," Idris nods, then grins. "It's kind of nice, being there so early. Quiet. I used to do that job, when I was around, oh, your age, I think. You're what, twelve? Thirteen?"

"Fourteen," Keelyra says with a slight sniff. Yes, still that teenage type that gets antsy over age. "Sometimes I get to decide what the daily specials will be based on what I find," the girl says, ducking into the cooled smaller cavern to drop off the basket before turning for the next. "I don't mind it, though I let them think I do so they don't take it from me."

"My apologies," Idris is quick to toss out before Keelyra moves the basket. "Yeah? I confess I don't pay a lot of attention to the daily specials… I'm always in front of an oven, making bubblies. Usually, anyway. Sometimes they're short a cook and I work on the main courses. Like yesterday," she grimaces at the thought of the long day. "But nevermind that. Here's another two baskets for the cool room," she marks the basket in front of her, as well as the one beside it.

"It was my day off yesterday or I probably would have been able to fill in," Keelyra says with a brief sigh and a shrug. She hefts the two baskets and begins to make her way for the cavern. She pauses. "Hey, you're a weyrbrat, right?"

Idris returns the shrug. "Nevermind that, I like a change of pace once in awhile." Then she nods. "Born and raised, yes. Been here all but a few turns of my life. Why?"

"I had this thought," Keelyra says upon returning from the cooled cavern. She rubs at a spot on her wrist where a basket had dug in slightly. "We weyrbrats are kind of… alone, yet not 'cause we're all born and raised here. But most of us don't have someone to vouch for us to join a craft and we're just kind of lumped in where we can support the weyr. I wanted to make a…" she waves a hand slightly, "club or something for us. Y'know, to support each other and feel like we belong." Also because secret clubs are cool. Even if it's probably the most un-secret secret club.

The older girl sits back on her heels and listens intently, expression curious. When Keelyra finishes the explanation, Idris nods slowly. "It /is/ tradition for us to look out for each other. Surely you know that our leaders would vouch for us to join a craft, if we showed the aptitude and /wanted/ to join." She shrugs, though, a sly grin forming. "But clubs are nifty- no holdbred or craftbred allowed?"

"Well yeah, they would, but… it's not the same, really." Having a leader say 'Yeah, sure, go' or a parent there to support you. Keelyra rubs the back of her neck a moment, grinning at Idris as the girl catches on. "'xactly. I figure even riders like Zi'on who /were/ 'brats before they Impressed could be honorary members. Y'know, remembering their roots and all."

"So not restricted to just our weyr, then?" Idris grins. "Sounds interesting. I know some people would feel left out," she adds with a grimace. "Faranth knows there's people would make trouble about being left out of such a… special… club. And then it wouldn't be so special, you understand."

Keelyra rolls her eyes a little, shrugging. "So? I mean, not everyone is… a brownrider. Or in every wing. We could… start it here and have chapters. Y'know? Western would be the orginal chapter. Ista could have a chapter." She seems really into it now, perching on a crate. "I was thinking we could have patches, like the wingriders do. And special patches for the riders and crafters that used to be weyrbrats."

Idris nods slowly, expression wary. "It sounds quite promising, really." She's earnest, but cautious. "I'm interested. I'm only concerned about the reaction once word gets around." She busies her hands continuing to examine baskets of fruit. "I don't mean to rain on your excitement. I'll come, if you have meetings. I just hope you're aware it could cause a ruckus."

Keelyra scratches at her cheek now. The problem of being a kitchen worker. You've always got gunk on ya. She spends more time in the bath than an average teen. "I like causing a ruckus," she says with a flash of teeth, grinning. "It's fun like that. I'm gonna talk to some others, then I'll pass word on when we'll have a meeting."

"Well then, you're just the right person to start this up," Idris smiles. "I hope it is a success and there are no troublemaking naysayers." The last basket marked, Idris stands and fiddles with the handful of marking ribbons still in her pocket. "Well, that should be it for the fruit. I'll take this last basket on up to the kitchen myself. Thanks again for picking out the best for the weyr."

"Any time," Keelyra says to Idris, grinning at the other kitchen worker. "Save a bubbly for me." The 'lizard still, thankfully, fast asleep, she gets up to make quick work of moving the last of the baskets into storage. Then it's likely off to start prepping for the next meal.

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