Landing - Library

Inside this vast chamber are many tall shelves filled with scrolls and hides. Being the main library and research facility of the Landing Craft Hall, there is usually someone inside the room at any hour of the day.

In the corner of the room, is a table with two research computer terminals. Here, the card catolog of the library is on line and much of the knowledge saved from AIVAS can be accessed through these computers. The waiting list is long for their use and they always seem to have someone at them, typing away on the keyboards.

Zi'on has been preoccupied with his projects lately. The monitor he's repaired has been sitting assembled on his front table for nearly a sevenday now. But the bronzer's been too distracted to find Kiley so she can see it work. Or maybe he's just been too embarrassed to find her. After all, it wasn't like their last encounter was his favorite between the two of them. He's been avoiding her. Just like he is today. The cold storage at Western has stopped working, and the bronzer is determined to figure out what's wrong and fix it before the techcrafters can get out there to do it. But that means he's got to research the device first, which is why he's plunked down at one of the terminals right now, taking notes in a book.

Despite her claims of wanting to speak with Zi'on, the computer crafter most certainly has not found him or spoke with him at all. In fact, she has found someone else to bring her to Landing. Stepping from the printing room, she winces and rubs at her ear for a moment and attempts to regain hearing. Her nose wrinkles just a bit more before she shakes her head and glances back towards the room, waiting for her papers to print. So while she waits, she turns attention to the library and scans quietly, settling her attention upon one of the computer. Or, more than likely, the occupant of said computer. She steps forward and approaches, leaning over carefully to scan the screen before tilting her head to consider the book her writes his notes in. "Did you reach a standstill in your progress, Zi'on?"

Zi'on has felt pretty badly about all of that. He's figured Kiley has sort of moved on from needing him. Both to get to Landing and also as someone she can trust to talk about things. And he doesn't really know how to push himself back into her life. When she addresses him, he turns to glance at her. There's an uncomfortable shifting in his chair before he answers. "Not exactly. The cold stores at Western have malfunctioned. I wanted to know how they worked, so I could try to fix them. It may be a but before the techcrafters can get out there to get the work done. If I can get a jump on it even by a day it will save the weyr from wasting some food." He pauses for a moment to write something down. "Are you back on your own work, then?"

Kiley gives an apologetic smile as her shifts about, moving away briefly to bring over an extra chair so that she may sit beside him. Fingers lace and she considers the screen again. "I see. Did you find anything yet?" Pause, "maybe consider joining the craft and leaning how to fix everything so you can save the Weyr some effort. There won't be extra costs of lost goods if you're there and able." She notes, her attention flickering back to the book as he writes, her attention lingering there while fingers lace together in an uncomfortable manner. "Yes. I am… I actually came here to look a few things up that aren't craft related." Another fidget and her brows furrow into a slight frown. "Are you angry with me, Zi'on?"

Zi'on nods. "I've found the original designs. I'm trying to understand how they work." He looks at the crafter. "My duties are to the Weyr first. I don't know if I have the time to join a craft, or if I have the ability to even make it past an apprentice. I'm still thinking on it," he admits. He hasn't brought it up with anyone, either. He raises a brow at her. "Look up things? What kind of things?" He sighs a bit at the last question and looks down at the keyboard of the terminal. "No… but I figured you probably wanted some space from me."

"You'll figure it out." Kiley states simply and then nods, "I know they are, and I know you want to help your Weyr the most you can… Why not speak to Enka about it? And, if you work hard enough you can make it past. I'll try and help, too, when you need it." Fingers twist a little more, twining and fidgeting and twisting about before her attention is drawn back to him and she offers a small smile. "Stories. Ones they used to tell a long time ago. I promised someone I'd bring one back." Her gaze follows his to the keyboard before lifting to consider him again and she gives a slight shake of her head. "I thought you needed space. I'm sorry I didn't realize…"

Zi'on sighs and nods. "It might be easier if I had help. But I don't want to sit in a bunch of boring classes taking notes all the time or working on projects that don't mean anything. I'll lose interest. I'll see what Enka says though. Maybe she has a feeling either way." He peers at her. "Stories? Like old harper's songs? I think you're at the wrong place." He sighs and then shakes his head to her. "Don't apologize about that again. We've each got our own things going. Let's leave it at that, Kiley. Some time apart is probably good anyways. That way you can focus on your work without all these social distractions."

"I think they're more interactive than that, but, you could always just do what you do now and fix things when they break rather than being an official part of the Craft. But, talk with Enka and see what she has to say about it." Kiley gives a slight shrug before laughing, "no. Different stories, I'm sure they have records here somewhere." Her smile grows a little wider before fading almost entirely. Her gaze drops to her hands and fingers twine partially together once more before looking up at him. "But, I like having social distractions, Zi'on. I've missed talking with you."

Zi'on nods. "Well.. I guess I can see. I've been too distracted lately with things to look into making it official or anything." He blinks at her then. "Different stories? Like what? The settler stories or something? Like about… um… Earth?" He peers at her then. "Since when? You always said you liked your computers better than dealing with people." There's a mumbling of how he missed her as well in there someplace. It was harder for Zi'on to have feelings and all. "How's your boyfriend, then?"

Kiley grins and nods encouragingly, "just see what your options are. I'm sure you have plenty that you can consider." She nods again in confirmation to his question, "mhm. There were some stories I remember coming across when I was going though a few things awhile back." When he peers are her there's a sheepish little look that crosses her face before she drops her gaze entirely, staring at her hands. "I know… It is true, but only because I don't understand a lot of how I'm supposed to behave or…. What I am supposed to do. People can be mean." Her hands tighten and then slowly relax and she peeks up at him. "He's the same. I have lunch scheduled with him most days. Some days he stays the night, depending on his schedule. We do everything by a schedule, for the most part."

Zi'on nods to her and smiles a bit. "Ah. About Earth? That's kind of a weird topic and all. I mean.. not like any of us are going back there. Alien worlds. I wonder if we even look like the first people who came here. Or if we've uh… mutated or whatever." He frowns to her. "Sorry. If I've been mean to you." he blinks then. "That sounds so… regimented. To me, dating and all of that… It's more exciting when things are spontaneous. You should surprise him once in a while. I bet he'll appreciate it." Speaking of surprises, the bronzer leans over to wrap Kiley in a hug.

"It is, but they've got interesting stories. I told someone I'd bring it back for them to read. Even if we're not going back, it is still an interesting read. I have to wonder if we all look different, that's true." Kiley grins before shaking her head and allowing a frown to settle on her brows, "not you. You haven't been mean to me, at all." As for the topic of dating, she shrugs a bit. "He doesn't really enjoy spontaneous things, I have tried a few times." A soft squeak comes as he wraps her into a hug and quietly she returns it, resting her head upon him and closing her eyes.

"Yeah? Maybe if they're good I'll read them, too." Zi'on's mind is running wild with the possibilities of hearing about all kinds of alien beasts and things. He blinks at her. "He doesn't like spontaneous things?" That… sounds horribly boring to Zi'on. He didn't need to be surprised all the time, but the same thing all the time… The bronzer holds Kiley close. "Do you like spontaneous things?" It wasn't all about Nikolas, either!

Kiley laughs softly, "I'll let you read it before I go back to the Weyr." She promises in a soft tone before peeking at him. She gives a slight shake of her head, "he doesn't like the unknown variable that comes into the equation, it leaves him incapable of solving or putting together a proper time line in which he can get his work done." She leans in a little more as he holds her close, not about to flail away though she does move her chair closer so she doesn't fall. "I like spontaneous things."

Zi'on laughs. "Sounds good. Make it a good one." He squints at Kiley then. "But… if it's always the same, it's boring after a sevenday or two. I mean, it makes things a little more scary, sure. But that's what makes it exciting… If no one ever did anything out of the ordinary nothing new would ever be discovered or anything like that." He looks down at her when she says she likes spontaneous things. Ooh, the sexual tension. One could cut it with a knife and serve it on bread! "Yeah? You uh.. tell him that?"

"It's a bit of a scary one. But if you rule out the illogical you can determine what really happened. If you want." Kiley notes, cheeks coloring a shade of red. "It isn't always the same. Sometimes we have a scheduled dinner instead of lunch. Or, he stays the night in my room. But… You're right. He just has to do things a certain way to make him feel more at ease. And he manages to get all his work done on a set schedule." There's a slight shrug before she peeks up at him, eyes slightly wide. "I told him I like the unknown variables that happen in my days, but, he said he couldn't really deal with them."

Zi'on laughs. "I never think logically when I'm reading a story. It's always spooks or monsters or time moving backwards or something." The bronzer peers at her. "Well… alright I guess. I mean… do you feel like you're being stimulated enough? Er, not just sexually. I mean, it's important that you have sex and all, but you need to have a good relationship that's interesting. Otherwise it won't matter how much you like him. Or… maybe you like routine, too. I dunno."

"Some people do, but not a lot do." Kiley chuckles softly and gives him a sheepish little look that quickly grows flustered at the mention sexual things. "Ah… Well." Brows furrow as she considers, "it is different. But we have things together that makes it work. I don't mind the routine so much, especially when I've had to cancel a few times… But," she gives a helpless little shrug, "I don't know what is normally in a relationship. So, maybe what we're doing now just works because it does. I don't know much about relationships, Zi'on."

Zi'on nods. He grins at her flustering, finally letting up with that hug. He's tempted to press her about the sex, but she never answers those questions anyways. "As long as you're happy and it works for you, it's fine. There aren't any rules. You just have to figure out what works for the two of you. Or if nothing does.. then you move on, I guess." He shrugs. "Or you go round and round like me and Enka." He grins a bit. "Anyways… I guess I should get back to this. If you need a ride back later let me know."

Kiley slowly sits back into the chair once he releases her, her smile a little shy. "Okay. Thank you… For talking with me about it. We'll figure it out." Cheeks flush a bit more and she fidgets before pushing up to her feet. "Ah… Right. Well. I'll be back to give you the story to read and… Maybe a ride back." She gives a small wave before quietly rushing back to the lab.

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