A Confession by the Waterfall

Western Weyr - Waterfall Path

This jungle path is luxuriant in thick dark green vegetation and brilliant tropical flowers. There is a rich scent of them clinging to the air, mingling with the salty scent from the ocean. The path itself is a mix of the white beach sand and black volcanic pebbles worn smooth. Here and there, narrow tracks have been cut, branching off into the jungle and giving access to the fruit that weights the branches for much of the year, while older tracks are almost lost under the encroaching vegetation. The path ends at a waterfall of about 15 meters high, freshwater cascading into a crystal clear pool that is deep and wide enough for several people to wade in. The pool is bordered by large, flat black stones that jut from the rocks at the sides and base of the pool. There are sweetly scented tiny white blossoms growing from underneath and around the cracks in the black stones.

The day has only half begun at the Weyr and the weather is clear but unbearably hot. It's one of those days that have most weyrfolk dreading to be lingering too long outside in the blazing sun and summer heat of the early afternoon. It's a day to be by water or in the shade - or indoor, if one is lucky enough. Kelthero wasn't the lucky type today and never quite made it back off his patrol shift from the wee hours of the morning. The jungle paths offered refuge and so here the guard hides to wait out the worst of the heat. He's chosen to rest by a large fruit tree and judging by the damp tunic hanging over a branch, it would seem he's already made use of the clear pool nearby. At the moment though, the guard seems to be sleeping, arms loosely folded over his chest and the vest part of his uniform propped behind his head like a makeshift pillow.

Training for today has completely ended for a certain dolphineer, partly due to Sungie's dying attention span and partly because of her own desire to get out of the heat. Her hut however, was rather boring still and with Sungie out in the waters, the dolphineer was left to her own devices for entertainment. After a bit of thinking, Jey makes her way through the jungle, eventually coming up to the waterfall. Rather than jumping into the pool or walking into the clearing, the dolphineer stops by a tree, leaning on it and smiling as she takes in the scenery and….a man? Brows furrow in confusion at the unexpected company. It isn't until she moves closer that the figure becomes recognizable. With a small grin on her face, Jey leans over the guard, looking down at him and sort of waving a hand in front of his eyes. "Kelth?"

So much for having a peaceful nap in what the guard had probably hoped was a secluded enough area. Kelthero is a light sleeper however and just the sound of Jeyinshi's voice is enough to wake the guard. Frowning in drowsy puzzlement, the dolphineer's waving hand is met by his own coming up to either gently bat it away or equally gently grasp her by the wrist if his reflexes aren't too sluggish. Either way, Kelthero is awake now whether he wants to be or not. "Jey?" he replies, "What're you doing here?"
Jeyinshi doesn't pull her hand away, allowing it to be grabbed by the wrist. She does look a bit apologetic though as the guard begins waking and crouches down next to him. "Sorry. I didn't think you were actually sleeping, just laying down. Tired?" There's a slight pause as she listens to the question before shrugging a bit. "There was no one around at the beach so I thought I'd take a walk. Sungie's playing with the other dolphins so I didn't have anything to do."

Kelthero's grip lingers for a moment before he releases the dolphineer's wrist with a mumbled apology. When she crouches down next to him, he seems to welcome it, stretching out and then shifting a little to make room. The guard then sits up, managing a lopsided grin. "Had a pre-dawn shift." He stifles a bit of a yawn. "I was going head back to the Weyr to sleep, but this blasted heat made the trek back unbearable. I had in mind only to cool off in the pool but I guess I dozed off." Kelthero then gives Jeyinshi a curious look. "Which beach, the one nearby here? Huh, I figured everyone would be out by the waters today. And how is Sungie doing?"

Jeyinshi lets her hand fall before settling down beside the guard and leaning on the tree. She wrinkles her nose at the hours of duty and shakes her head. "I was out early with Sungie too. The one bad thing about search and rescue is that you have to be able to respond at any time. Even the most ridiculous." The dolphineer shrugs a bit before folding her legs and looking over at the guard with a shake of her head. "They're not by the water, they're in it. And no one I know is out there. Sungie is doing great. Energetic as ever. He's excited about the whole hut-warming party thing."

"I guess that makes sense, seeing as emergencies usually don't follow a schedule. Sounds like your like of work is just as random and chaotic as mine at times." Kelthero muses, adjusting his position so that he's leaning more on one side and facing the dolphineer. The guard then chuckles. "So it's crowded then?" he muses, before flashing Jeyinshi another grin. "That's good! I'm guessing the hut turned out well? We'll need to do that hut-warming party soon, it seems. Or did you have a day already in mind?" he asks.
Jeyinshi laughs, "The two of us are going to be completely worn out by the time we get older at this pace. But at least we enjoy what we do right?" The dolphineer also shifts slightly to face him a small smile playing at her lips. "Unbearably so. Part of the reason we're not training right now. Too many people in the way." Jey makes a bit of a face thinking about the crowded waters, but it isn't long before she's grinning again. "Yup, the hut's all set up now. Decorated and everything. I was thinking of maybe having it in a couple of days? You going to be free then?"

Kelthero laughs in return, a broad grin soon coming to play on his features. "Probably. I'll say by the time I'm reaching my thirtieth Turn I'll be feeling like I'm far older. But like you said, at least we enjoy our work. Even if it means rising at Faranth-knows what times of days." He then chuckles a bit at the face Jeyinshi pulls. "I can imagine it'd be tough to work with so many distractions." The guard then looks faintly surprised at her next comment. "Decorated already? Shells, that was fast." He then frowns, thinking, before replying. "I think I am, actually. Full days too, not half days." That seems to brighten his mood considerably and suddenly the guard is on his feet. "Hungry?" he asks, most likely already knowing the answer even as he juts a thumb to the various fruit trees scattered about.

Jeyinshi chuckles softly, "I'm afraid to think of what'll happen once we get into the 40's. Maybe I can get my brothers to take care of me when I'm old and rickety." She grins before nodding, "Yup, all done. I didn't want it to be real fancy, so decorations are sparse. A few curtain and some basic furniture. Some of the other dolphineers posted here may need to stay over when they're on call so I've got a row of search and rescue kits lined up. Those take up half the space and the rest is for sleeping rolls and such." News about his days off has the dolphineer brightening, "That's great! I'll let Kiley and the rest know next time I see them." Food? Jey grins broadly and nods, "Always hungry. Though I think you know that already."

Kelthero says "Forty Turns is hardly old and rickety." Kelthero replies, snorting slightly in amusement. "It's the fifties I hear that hit the hardest. There's an age to fear." His teasing tone makes it hard to make out if he's being serious or not. He grins though as Jeyinshi describes her newly decorated hut. "Sometimes simple is best, right? Sounds cozy. I'd like to see it, now that it actually isn't simply an empty shell." The guard then chuckles again. "Hopefully all our schedules can mesh then." He replies before reaching over to grab his now dry tunic and folding it into a makeshift net. It's just a few steps over to the variety of fruit trees and the guard wastes little time selecting a small variety of fruits. Kelthero then crouches down close to the dolphineer, bounty in hand and carefully sets it on the ground. "Nice thing about this part jungle." He muses. "Don't have to go far for a snack.""

Jeyinshi smirks, "Ah well, guess we'll have to find out when we get to that age. Worst comes to worst I'll live in the sea and have Sungie ferry me around." She snickers a bit at her own ridiculous idea before nodding. "You should stop by though. The only other person that's come by was Mari. She slept over, but that was before everything was fully decorated." Something about that night pulls a chuckle out of the dolphineer before she's turning to watch Kelth gather fruits. There's a grin of approval at the haul and she takes one, biting into it with a grin. "Exactly! The best places are where food is readily available and where it's pretty. Thus /this/ is one of those rare perfect places."

Kelthero simply shakes his head at Jeyinshi's remark at living in the sea, a crooked smile following. The comment about Mari however has the guard quirking a brow and giving the dolphineer a long, curious look. "Why… was Mari sleeping over?" he asks, probably thinking of various reasons already. Grins are infectious it seems and Kelthero seems to almost beam under the approval from Jeyinshi. He waits until she's selected her share before reaching in for one. "You've got a good point there!" he admits, casting his glance around the area. "Pretty and secluded. Off the beaten path." His tone is lower and he side glances back to the dolphineer, then glances away as he takes a bite of his fruit.

Jeyinshi snickers a bit, recalling the other night. "Well Mari was tipsy and got caught in a game of strip poker. And then I got roped in too because I didn't want them to take advantage of her. After that she was pretty drunk and asked to sleepover. I thought it'd be fun, plus it was a better choice than leaving her somewhere. She's a cutie. Kind of like a little sister." The dolphineer chuckles softly before falling silent and looking around at the surroundings. "Yeah, perfect place for my midnight encounters." The entire statement was meant to be a joke, but as the hand holding the fruit drops she simply stares at it, laughing awkardly.

Kelthero listens intently to the story behind the sleepover with growing surprise, an expression that doesn't change even as he takes another bite of his fruit. "You're kidding." He mumbles, before realizing that Jeyinshi is quite serious. "Does that girl ever stop drinking? Awful nice of you to bring her back to your hut … most would have just left her there." The guard shakes his head, before chuckling. "And I dunno about the little sister bit." With the fruit laid out, he moves to sit back against the tree but seems to be closer to the dolphineer this time — whether purposely or unintentionally, only he knows. His head tilts to the side in a curious way at the awkward laugh. "Trysts in the caverns and now midnight encounters?" he teases lightly.

"I'm not. Apparently she thought it'd be a good way to learn poker without losing marks." Jeyinshi snorts before an evilish sort of grin crosses her face. "But we sure showed them. Heh, should have seen their faces. Rude twits. But nah, I couldn't leave her there. If those riders from Igen came back or some other jerk picked her up I wouldn't forgive myself." A frown forms on her face, lingering for a few moments before disappearing. The guard's movement is watched from the corner of her eye, even as she bites into the fruit. Once she's finished her mouthful, Jey turns her head towards him and smirking. "Don't forget the dates at the lagoon. The boyfriend would never forgive me if I missed those since I can't see him anywhere else."

"Igen riders?" Kelthero echoes in surprise again before frowning for a moment and then dissolving into laughter at Jeyinshi's evil-like grin. "I could only imagine their faces. I don't doubt you showed them either." He then smirks a little. "Mari is lucky you turned up." The guard doesn't seem to notice that Jeyinshi is watching him, focusing instead on finishing off his fruit. The mention of a boyfriend though definitely gets his attention and he glances back to the dolphineer. "Oh?" he asks, trying to sound curious but instead coming off a touch - jealous? At least, that is, until he considers one part of her remark. "Wait, is this Sungie you're talking about?"

Jeyinshi grins, "I may have never played strip poker before, but I /do/ know how to play regular poker. We played two rounds and they lost both. I was supposed to drop them with the sharks if they lost, but they escaped." The dolphineer gives a sigh of mock disappointment before shrugging, "Well, she needs someone to look after her here, she's still just a girl." The dolphineer idly tosses her fruit from hand to hand, still watching him from the corner of her eye. After a few moments, she leans back against the tree again and twists to rest on her side to face him, a grin on her face. "Of course. You should know that by now."

Kelthero snorts in amusement. "No offense, but I never pictured you to be a poker player. But I would have loved to see them dropped in the ocean. Teach them some good… picking on a young drunk girl." The guard then grins a bit at Jeyinshi's mock sigh, shaking his own head a little. "Look after her? She needs a stern talking to." And he leaves it at that, turning on his side now as well to face the dolphineer once more. He watches her for a moment, before chuckling again. "I know. It just took me a moment to remember. You love your work that much, huh?" he asks, one hand idly reaching over to poke and prod at the remaining fruit for a moment before he finally makes a choice.

Jeyinshi grins, "Despite how I act, I /am/ from Rubicon. There are probably a lot of things that don't fit my image that I've been through." The comment about Mari earns a small snicker, "Maybe I should drop Mari in the ocean too? It's an alternative to the talking. I'll try and catch her again one day and give her a talk maybe. Though I doubt if she'd listen to anybody." Jey chuckles softly before finishing off her own fruit and reaching out for another. She doesn't bite into this one just yet, instead spinning it on the palm of her hand. "I love my work, sure. But in places like Rubicon, you learn quickly to develop an imaginary boyfriend. Keeps the unsavory folk away. In my case, I used Sungie. Now it's just a habit to refer to him like that."

"Dare I ask?" Kelthero teases, grinning back. The guard then laughs. "I don't think Eastern would forgive us if we dropped their folk in the ocean, drunk or not." He then seems to sober a little, sounding a touch more serious as he adds, "I doubt it too. Worth a try though." Kelthero then watches, as Jeyinshi seems to play with her food, raising the fruit he selected and taking a large bite. A brow quirks up at the last comment though and the guard seems to subconsciously shift ever so slightly back. "I can see how that'd come in handy." He admits, smiling crookedly. "Didn't know Rubicon had issues with unsavory folk though. Or just desperate men?"

Jeyinshi laughs, "If I told you, you'd have to sign a contract to secrecy with blood." The dolphineer is obviously joking now, but the serious expression does earn a raised eyebrow. "Worried about her? Or just don't mesh with her personality?" Finally done playing, Jey takes a bite of her fruit, the slight movement catching her eye. She furrows her brows at that, but otherwise keeps silent, soon breaking into her own wry smile. "Nah, Rubicon really isn't that bad. But we've got a rather barbarian like image apparently. We get a lot of riders that have lost flights coming around. They think they'll get easy pickings and when they don't…." She shrugs, taking another bite from her fruit.

"What, don't trust me enough?" Kelthero teases, feigning looking hurt. "Part of me is almost curious enough to consider it, you know." The guard then shrugs, frowning a little. "A bit of both? But mostly don't mesh, I think." He seems to relax again, shifting forwards again from where he rests on his side. All the while, he keeps his gaze on Jeyinshi, quickly finishing the second fruit. "I hadn't heard of Rubicon's barbarian image till now." He admits, his brows knitting together in disbelief. "That… can't be pleasant to deal with." Kelthero adds after a moments pause, choosing his words carefully again. "I'd probably do the same thing, if I was pestered day in and day out."

Jeyinshi grins, "You'd probably be more interested if I gave you my friends' stories. My brothers usually saw to it that I kept out of trouble." She nods a bit at his explanation before finishing the rest of her fruit and licking her lips with a grin. "Well, good! Perhaps it's dying down a bit. But it wasn't too bad. I could kind of understand where they were coming from I guess. When their dragons' were like that, they weren't exactly in full control of their faculties. And not all the riders were rude like that. Some were downright sheepish when they realized that most wouldn't fall into bed with them so freely." Jey shrugs before shifting her gaze upwards, "I didn't have to deal with it much, since my brothers were always around. But they taught me about the fake boyfriend thing for the times they weren't. Just in case you know?" After a while her gaze shifts back down to look at the guard, a dry smile on her lips.

Kelthero chuckles. "And did they succeed all the time in keeping you from trouble?" he teases gently, before giving the dolphineer another curious glance. "Well, that's expected, if there was a flight." The guard agrees, nodding his head a little, before frowning lightly. "But to be rude about it…" And he seems to struggle with finding a way to finish that sentence and not be rude himself. Eventually he simply gives up and shrugs lamely. The guard seems still mildly taken aback by Rubicon's supposed reputation. "You have some good brothers, then." Kelthero grins when he catches the dolphineer looking back at him. "Torince Hold never had issues like that. Too far north, I guess."

"Of course not. How do you think I got so good at poker?" Jey winks before shrugging at further talk rude men, apparently willing to drop the subject. "They are. Wonderful brothers. Though a bit overprotective at times. But I guess that happens when you're the only girl in the family." She answer the grin back with a smile, but is quick to avert her gaze, instead looking up at the leaves of the tree. "It sounds nice up there though. Peaceful." There's an almost wistful sigh that accompanies the last word and her eyes close for a few moments, perhaps trying to imagine that kind of life.

"Ahh, I see." Kelther muses, grinning. As the dolphineer speaks of her brothers, the guard looks away for a moment, drifting off in his own thoughts. "That's how brothers are though. I was like that to my younger sister, although I tried to be nicer to her then my older brother was." The guard follows that last remark with a smirk, before seeming to shake himself out of that mood and flashing Jeyinshi a grin again. But the dolphineer is looking up at the leaves of the tree and the guard smiles. "It is. Quiet, peaceful. Healing. It's very laid back, but in a good way." As he speaks, Kelthero quietly edges just a teeny bit closer to the dolphineer while she's distracted. "But it's not for everyone. It's wonderful to visit, to unwind and all. But to live there, in that lifestyle? You start to get stir crazy." He laughs softly. "Well, I did anyways."

Jeyinshi smiles, "But that's how we like it. No matter how much complaining we do, knowing that you guys love us enough to act in that way is something we wouldn't give up for the world." The dolphineer's eyes remained closed and her head tilted back. If she notices any movement, she doesn't say anything, oblivious to almost everything at the moment. A soft chuckle does escape her lips though, "I could last mabe a month, but there's a reason I'm in search and rescue. I need that adrenaline rush and sense of fulfillment. I'd go downright insane if I was idle for too long."

"Really? Or are you just saying that?" Kelthero asks, sounding both amused and curious. For a moment, the guard's mood seems to swing the other way. "I'm not even sure if Kaliena remembers me." He murmurs in a low tone, before chuckling dryly. Kelthero carefully edges closer a little more, almost closing the gap of distance between himself and the dolphineer before stopping. His gaze watches her carefully, even though she continues to keep her eyes closed. "You would definitely /not/ fit in long term then in Torince Hold." He admits with a laugh. "I was there for a Turn or so before I started requesting transfers out. I'd go back to visit, but not for more then a few days."

"It's true. And I'll tell you one more thing…" The smile on her face widens a bit and she stretches her neck, as if trying to get closer to the sky, "she remembers you. No matter you how young, how old, we can't ever forget. You may not believe me now, but one day you will." Jey's eyes still remain closed, but she chuckles softly. "Well I'm glad you did. If you hadn't, you probably wouldn't have ended up here, would you? Then I'd have been sad…who else would have helped build my hut." Her words carry a mildly teasing tone and the dolphineer can't help but to laugh. "There are other reasons too of course, but that's the main one."

Kelthero regards Jeyinshi with a warm look, not that the dolphineer can see him. But there's a subdued sigh from the guard, partly amused. "Thanks, Jey." He replies, no hint of teasing this round. Then his head tilts to the side again, almost resting it against the tree as he continues to watch the dolphineer - not to be creepy but he seems to be gauging her reactions. "No, I'd be still out in the middle of nowhere on the furthest points of the Emerald Isles." He muses, before chuckling. "Oh, I'm sure you would have found someone." He teases back, before lapsing into silence. Kelthero seems to fidget for a second, glancing away to stare at the remaining fruit. "And what are the other reasons?" he eventually asks, looking back at the dolphineer from the corner of his eyes.

"I'm just telling you the truth. And I'll tell you however many times you need to hear it." Her smile is also warm, but she keeps her face held towards the sky. "That would be rather unpleasant. But you're right, I would've found someone else to help me build it." She chuckles softly, eyes still closed, but it seems that the dolphineer isn't as oblivious to her surroundings as it seems. Her head drops slowly to the side, finally resting on his shoulder as her unopened eyes face the ground. "If it wasn't you though, I'd be lonely. That's why."

"I believe you then!" Kelthero chuckles, but his tone is serious. He then grins lopsidedly. "Don't think it would have turned out as nicely either." The guard jokes lightly one last time. When Jeyinshi's head drops down, he almost seems to straighten up a little in a hopeful way, only to realize the dolphineer still isn't looking at him. There's a moment, a brief one, when the guard looks frustrated, but his tone is still warm as he gently prods the dolphineer further. "Lonely, huh?" Kelthero lapses into silence, seeming to consider his reply. "I'd probably be lonely too." He truthfully admits, before continuing. "Jey, is there a reason why you aren't looking at me?" he finally asks, keeping his tone gentle.

Jeyinshi lifts her head up, eyes finally opening as she looks the guard straight in the eyes. There's a small glint of something, irritation? Or perhaps her own type of defiance? She may be the only one to know what it truly means. "Mari gets it, Kiley gets it, I don't want to admit it and you probably don't even realize it." A hand moves, gripping the grass directly beside her, but she doesn't avert her gaze, not yet. "Are you really going to make me say it? Do I have to?" Her tone is almost pleading as she asks the questions, but still tinted with an underlying hardness, for whatever reason.

Kelthero was obviously not expecting to see a glint of irritation or the reaction Jeyinshi quite gives him. The guard can only listen on in stunned silence as he's caught off balance, but his gaze doesn't waver either. Locked in some sort of weird staring match, he holds his ground, even if he's not quite sure why or how. "It's hard to realize something that's only been hinted at." He replies carefully, keeping a gentler tone despite his growing frustration. When Jeyinshi begins to almost plead though, Kelthero seems to give in a little, smiling lightly. "No, Jey, I'm not going to force you. If you don't want to say it, I can't make you say it." He replies, his expression serious, no hint of a smile or teasing edge to his voice.

The understanding tone just seems to make Jey even more frustrated. "I thought the hints were pretty blatant, but I guess not." His smile is what seems to finally make her snap, seeing it almost as a challenge though it wasn't meant to be. Jey is suddenly scooting away, swiftly standing and walking a few feet forward. She stops, freezes almost, and then takes a deep breathe before spinning around, her eyes quickly locking on Kelthero's. "I….." Another frustrated breathe, and then the words come out in one quick breathe. "ILIKEYOU." From there the dolphineer begins to glare, as if she was accusing him. It was all his fault apparently.

One moment, the guard is as close as he's ever gotten to the dolphineer and all seemed well enough. Now Kelthero watches as she scoots away, gaze following her and a look of pure confusion etched onto his features. What'd he do now? When she begins to walk away however, the guard quickly moves to his own feet, locking his gaze in turn with Jeyinshi as he stands to his full height. He ignores the glare and instead boldly grins back at the dolphineer when she finally blurts out the words. There is one last brief pause from Kelthero before he too takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "And I like you." He replies, remaining perfectly still as he waits to see how the dolphineer reacts. Judging by how tense the guard seems, he's preparing for the worst.

Jeyinshi sort of freezes as he begins standing and when he's straightened to his full height she takes an almost involuntary step backwards. The grin seems to just induce more fidgeting in the dolphineer and her glare continues. She still won't look away though, now that she's already said it, her pride won't let her stop until it's all out. "Not as friends." Again, defiance flashes in her eyes, the dolphineer fighting against something, though what is rather unclear. She digs her heels into the ground then, as if trying to ground herself. "I don't want to be just that one dolphineer friend."

Kelthero doesn't move, but his tense stance relaxes a little. As much as he may want to approach Jeyinshi, he doesn't dare at this point. He watches the dolphineer carefully, keeping his expression more neutral now and so the staring match continues on. "You /are/ the only dolphineer I know." The guard can't help but admit that, despite Jeyinshi's defiant look. Taking another deep breath, Kelthero decides to push the issue. "I already consider you more then a friend." He admits, gaze still unwavering. "I did the moment I told you about my past. It's not something I share lightly or with just anyone."

"That isn't what I /meant/!" And then Jey's stepping forward, no longer fronzen in spot but instead moving quickly towards him. She stops at an almost uncomfortably close distance, still looking up at him though her voice is no longer as harsh as before, but still only slightly softer. "I don't mean close friends or best friends either. I don't tell people about my past…but that isn't what I meant. That isn't the type of like I mean." Jey takes another deep breathe, clutching the edges of her shirt in her hands. "You know what I mean…right?"

It may be uncomfortably close, but Kelthero doesn't seem to mind, seeing as he was half expecting the dolphineer to run off. So he looks down at her, brows coming together in a faint frown as he lets Jeyinshi try to explain. In the end, the guard seems to have an idea but isn't sure how to go about it. One wrong move and he'll be regretting it. "I think I do." He murmurs hesitantly, lapsing into silence as he regards the dolphineer thoughtfully. Eventually, he makes his move in two ways. One, he attempts to bring one hand up to gently reach for the dolphineer, either to rest on her arm or shoulder. All the better to keep her from pulling away again, unless she moves before he reaches her. Secondly, he asks. "Are you looking for something like Kiley and Nikolas have? That sort've relationship?"

Jeyinshi doesn't move away, but her eyes do finally tear away from his face, watching the hand move. She stares at it for a few moments, but the questions soon bring her attention back to Kelthero and she furrows her brows slightly. "Maybe." The dolphineer falls silent for a few seconds before seeming to make up her mind, deciding to spell everything out clearly. But that doesn't mean she has to look at him while explaining. Instead, she chooses a spot on the ground to examine, tensing. "I don't know…I just know that I like you…romantically." Jey winces at the last word, as if she can't believe such a word came out of her own mouth, but she continues. "And it's not because I've seen Kiley and Nik together. It's cause it's you. Oh sweet Faranth, I sound like a sap." Now the dolphineer just sounds disgusted with herself.

Kelthero's hand comes to rest gently on the dolphineer's shoulder, despite her watching it move, he seems determined to make some form of reassuring physical touch. He lets her look away, even though his gaze continues to linger on her. His whole demeanor seems to soften though as Jeyinshi finally speaks clearly. Try as he does, he once again can't help but chuckle. "Hard not to sound a little sappy when it comes to matters like this." He then smiles warmly, even if Jeyinshi isn't looking at him. "But the feeling is mutual." The hand that rests on her shoulder now begins to drift a little after a lightly reassuring squeeze before moving to gently brush against her arm.

"Oh…." Jey may have been bracing herself for rejection the entire time. Kelthero's words certainly melt the tension in her body and when she looks up, there isn't much of anything in her eyes. Perhaps shock. "I didn't think you did….but you do. That's….good!" A smile finally returns to the dolphineer's face, though it is certainly a bit weary, her crazy behavior obviously having drained her. She even leans into his touch then, staying there for quite some time….before promptly ruining the mood. "Wait…when's you next shift supposed to start? Shards, you're not late are you?"

Kelthero seems relieved when the dolphineer seems to finally relax and smile back. Weary or not, he'll take it. "I do." He reassures her again, before startling a little. Ruining the mood indeed, the guard seems to panic for a moment, only to then exhale loudly when he realizes all is well. "No, I'm not late, not yet. But I… we, should probably head back?" He gives Jeyinshi a fleeting grin and then he's stepping back to gather his things, a task that only takes a few moments and then he's back by her side. "I think the sun is low enough that the walk back won't be too unbearable." Glancing towards the path that will take them home, the guard pauses one last time before adding. "My next shift won't be long. Would you mind if I dropped by afterwards?" Even as he waits for the answer, the guard begins to move off slowly, waiting to see if Jeyinshi will follow.

Jeyinshi manages a soft chuckle at the panic attack, but nods and runs the few steps to catch up to him, moving a bit closer to him than normal as she pulls up beside him. "The sun isn't too bad anymore. But yeah, I'd like that a lot. I'll cook something. It'll keep your energy up." The dolphineer seems to be back to her normal mood now, smiling though she probably won't get anymore training with Sungie in today. Perhaps a bit of playing though, to unwind the nerves. For now though, Jey heads back to the Weyr, following after Kelthero.

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