Hard Heads - Not Hard Feelings

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary

This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

It's supposed to be a day off, or at least an afternoon off. That's what R'hyn said. But alas, once again, Sevran finds himself with an injury. A repeat injury. From the same person. And this time, he's retreated into the hands of an actual on-the-job healer instead of the off-the-job "not working" Citayzleat. It appears he's already been clucked and tsksed over, and has been ordered to ice the wound. Again. And so here he is, on a bed, lounging with an icepack on his head and some numbweed smeared on the other bumps and scrapes that he endured during that little tumble on the sands. Fun times man. Fun times.

Peering through the doorway is one small Cat, she glances around and sure enough the face she was looking for is stil there. She winces a little as she looks at him and the ice pack he is sporting. Guilt has just been eating away at her and it eventually brought her here. She slips quietly into the infirmary, stepping aside here and there as healers go about their business until she's at the foot of Sevrans cot. And there she stands. Looking at him for a few moments before clearing her throat.

Sevran is more or less being ignored by the Healers at this point. His injuries are "painful but not life threatening". And so they are quite alone, the pair of them. One eye is covered by that icepack, but the other fixes on Catwin as soon as she clears her throat. Eyebrow lifts. He shifts a little more upright in his bed from the half-slump he was in. "Hey Cat." There's no malice in his voice, though maybe it's a bit apprehensive.

Catwin shifts a little from side to side. "Umm, hey. Sev." she murmurs and then she's looking around "Look, I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to hurt you. Either time." She murmurs softly "I don't typically make it a habit of hurting people." She sighs a little "I don't want it to become a habit now." She adds after a moment. "I really don't have anything against you."

And there it is, that half-quirk of his mouth, a sort-of smile sort-of smirk. "I know," says Sevran, confidently but gentle. "Even if it kinda felt personal, that first time." With the flask. "You have remarkably good aim for someone who's not trying," he teases. "And I'm over it. I get it," he continues. "Well. Maybe I don't, but I get that something's goin' on with you and it's not alright." The withdrawl he means. He bobs his head towards the end of his cot, which is now vacant of sock-clad feet as he moves. "Sit?"

Catwin shakes her head and blushes a little "It was personal, but not against you. I had no idea you were even there, to be honest" she notes As she's inited to sit, on the bed, she stiffens a little and then there is a deliberate deep breath and she gives a nod as she sits gingerly on the edge. "It's not been easy, but it's been better since I've talked with Master Eschalei. He's got me on a strict regime to taper me off." She shrugs a little "It's not ideal, but it's better than what it was." She quirks a half smile "No more head buzzing."

"Wish I could say the same," says Sevran, dryly, in regards to the head buzzing. He offers a reassuring smile and readjusts the icepack against his eye. "And you're not a monster, by the way. I was gonna tell you before, but then you started wailing on me." There's a grin, but lurking beneath it is a much more serious question that he's not quite ready to ask. Eyes study the dark-eyed vintner briefly before he says, "I'm glad it's getting under control." Beat. "I don't bite."

Catwin looks even more sheepish "I really am so sorry. I know what your head must feel like right now." she murmurs without really thinking about it. "And gain, sorry for that. It was umm" a pause and she's recalculating how to answer "I should have listened to you on that egg. It really was a bit more than I could handle." Now that sounds quite plusible to her ears. Then she's blinking a little "Umm, yeah. Uh. Okay?" How is one supposed to respond to that?

"You don't have to act like I'm dangerous, cause I'm not." Yeah, he caught that moment before she took her spot. Sevran is studious, watching her. Head pain? "I don't know. I've been drunk before, and this doesn't feel the same as a hangover," he decides. "Is that what you mean?" Shrug. "But really. It's OK. It happens, and I get it. I'm sorry if I freaked you out." Beat. "You lasted longer than I did on that egg," he encourages.

Catwin stares off and around the infirmary "Now, I don't suppose you are. I mean the worst thing I've seen you do is stick my poor, well. You haven't dont anything. I just, it's hard to help myself sometimes." she murmurs and then she's nodding. Black eyes definitely do not feel like a hangover." she says and she almost smiles there. "And not your fault you did. That's my problem." she notes and then blinks "I did? I wasn't even keeping track of time there."

"That they do," says Sevran with a wince. He pulls off the ice briefly, gives his bruise an experimental prod with his fingers, winces and replaces it quickly. Not swollen enough to cover the eye, but that bruise is probably back to purple-blue. "Had one before?" he teases good-naturedly. "I can't imagine what the other guy would look like." And speaking of the 'other guy'… he clears his throat, and now it's his turn to look a little guilty. "Sorry about your flask. I mean, if you really want it back I'll give it back but…" yeah. It's been places.

Catwin completely doesn't say anything more about having a black eye or what the other guy might look like. Nope, and she looked awy too so hard to see her face. Though she does look back at mention of her flask and her eyes are wide and she's shaking her head "Oh, no, no. no. Keep it. There's no way I could drink from it, know where. I mean. I just." Stop. Swallow. blush. Deep breath. Calm. "Litral has sent of an order for a new one for me."

Sevran will let it go, of black-eyes and other-guys, but he definitely caught the evasion. Hm. But the flask bit has him grinning like a fool. It was funny, afterall. "Alright. Well, I was gonna offer to buy you a new one then, but seems you got that taken care of. Hm. Since you tackled me on the sands, let's just call it even." And as far as he's concerned, they're good.

Funny, if in an ick factor sort of way. The poor flask. What a way to go. At the offer that might have been Catwin is startled and she shakes her head "Oh, that's quite all right. Besides, it's no trouble at all, and doesn't cost me all that much considering." She blushes again and once more looks sheepish. "That is so not why I accidently ran into you." Nope, no tackling on her part. She shakes her head a little "You do have this odd talent of getting in the way of things. Best not try it with a hatchling though. Might not go so well."

"And you have remarkably good aim," he repeats with a grin. "I bet we'd be just fantastic on the dancefloor." Of course Sevran's joking, a wide smile on his face at the thought. And then a wobble of that smile, at the mention of hatchlings. "Yeah," more serious. "I wasn't really worried about it until those eggs…" frown. "You've stood before?"

Catwin rolls her eyes a little "Maybe I should take up darts then, and we would be horrible. I don't dance." she scowls a little and then the wobbled smile as scowl disappearing. "It seems all the more real now. ANd no. I've never stood before, though I've watched my fair share of hatchings. Was always good to be at a Weyr during one when you've been out journeying. Always got good food and drink."

"If you do," take up darts, "I think I'll have to move Weyrs." Grin. Sevran drops the bag from his eye, the ice having done it's job of numbing the pain. "Yeah, me neither." For dancing. For Standing. "But I've seen plenty as well. Though I was often working," he explains, rambling bit. "Had to prepare the— well, you know." He tapers off, aware lately that his line of work seems to be disagreeable to most. "But the after party was always the best. Plenty of everything good; food. Wine. Company." Grin. "This one will be something different, eh? Either we're sleeping with a dragonet at our sides, or we're getting drunk at the party."

Catwin hmms a little "After today, I think getting drunk at the party might be the better option." she states almost soberly and then grins. "Either way, it has certainly been something." What kind of something, who knows, but something. She does look thoughtful "You know, if you do happen to Impress, you'll be a leg up on some of the others. Though Rio probably has experience too. With cutting meat up and all. You won't be as squeamish as some are when it comes to feeding the babies."

Sevran hmms in agreement. "For that part at least. But there are other parts of dragon-raising that I'm not so sure I'm keen on. Mucking, for one," though it doesn't last forever. He snorts, amused. "I never understood that. It's just blood. And the creature is dead. It's not like it feels anything. And yet some of them act like they'd rather die than stick their hand in a bowl of raw meat." Snort. "They'd probably faint if they saw the thing hangin' on a hook." There's a nod for Rio. "Citayzleat probably wouldn't, either. I dunno. She's a Healer so she should be used to the blood." Shrug.

Catwin hmms a little "It feels slimey." she says after a moment "And it does have a very sharp tang to the smell" she hmms a little "Honestly, I don't know how I'll do with that aspect. I mean, I'm used to fairly sanitary conditions when dealing with liquours. Dealing with blood and raw meat is far from sanitary in some ways. And if it's still warm?" she shudders a little "I do hope I don't faint though."

Sevran emits a very undignified sounding snort of derision. "It's only unsanitary if it lingers in the warmth. Otherwise, it's no different than anything else. A little messy maybe, but it's not like… I dunno." Shrug. "I'm sure we've touched worse without knowing it." Or so he'll say. There's a bit of a dry laugh and he states, "I can't picture that. You? Fainting? Nah." He dismisses the idea with a flick of his hand. "No way. Besides, I'm told that if you really do Impress, you're too distracted by the dragon to really care what yer hand is doing." But he can't help but tease a little bit with, "And it will be. Warm that is. It comes straight from the field, so to speak." Grin.

Catwin tilts her head a little "Oh, well, probably quite right on that, but it is the sort of thing that could introduce and off flavor to things, or invite bacteria if it's contaminated the area that you are working, so in that sense, raw meat is unsanitary. And then add to the fact that if we have to gut it, and nick the intestines or the." she frowns a moment as she ticks through things in her brain, "The gall bladder I think it was, or maybe that just affects the flavor. Still, the intestines aren't exacty very sanitary themselves." she does give a little shudder at the thought of the meat still being warm. "That just seems, so , weird." She won't say wrong, even if she might have thought it.

Sevran offers a one-shouldered shrug. "I don't think they do," gut it. "I mean, probably not at first a least. Could you imagine a bunch of untrained, unpracticed…" it makes him scrunch up his nose and make a face, which only pulls at the skin around his battle wound. A wince, and he picks up the icepack for reapplication. "Point is. If weyrlings gotta gut things, they'll do it later once they've been taught. Cause otherwise it'll just be a big mess of unusable… parts." And no one wants that. As for being warm? "Well, what else would it be? Dragonets like fresh meat. No point in breaking out the cold-stores for 'em if we can just off one of the weaker 'beasts." Head tilt. "Ever gutted something?"

Catwin can certainly imagine a lot. "It would likely be pretty messy I'm sure. Though I figured we would, I mean we hve to have the pieces small enough and all, right?" She really hasn't paid too much attention to weyrlings and their duties. After all. Not allowed to drink. So little point. "Well, I suppose at least they'd teach 'em. she notes and then is silent for a moment before she sorta shrugs and waffles her hands. "Couple of times. Fish mainly." There's a long pause and then she hads "And helped with a runner."

"You gutted a runner?" That earns a raised eyebrow and a look of surprise. "Huh. To eat?" he wonders, because he has a morbid curiosity. "Can't say I've tried it before." Hm. "Well, either way then, you've got a leg up. And hey, by the time the Hatching is here, you'll hopefully be weaned down enough that the lack of drink in Weyrlinghood won't hurt, right?" It's meant to be helpful. "And then only a couple months till they're old enough and we can drink, right?" he really has no idea on that one. "Or, we could both go walking off with no dragon, and just laugh at the poor fools who are stuck with gutting beasts and alcohol-less misery."

Catwin gives a bit of a nod "To eat." she agrees "It's kind of a sweet meat." she adds after a moment. "It wasn't the most pleasant of circum, umm experiences. But well, I didn't faint then. Though I did lose my lunch later." she notes as she looks down at hands and arms." She's silent a bit and then she's blinking and lookin a little confused as she wasn't exactly listening "Walk off? Oh yeah. IF we're left standing, I can certaily go back to the easy life I had."

Runner meat is sweet. But bad experience. This is filed away into Sevran's mind for pondering later. Right now though, he makes a bit of a face at the candidate-vintner. "Really? After all this work to taper off and not need alcohol constantly… you'd go back to it? Or do you just mean to the Craft part?" though his voice clearly says he's pretty sure she means the latter.

Catwin laughs brightly "Working my craft, yes indeed." she says "Certainly none of the crazy workouts and running and all the little piddling chores we have to do. Might even work on my Mastery, but well, not real sure on that one." she notes with a shrug. As for drinking? She doesn't answer one way or the other on that one. Not too sure at this point.

"Ugh, yes. I dream of the day I won't have to scrub a pot, or a latrine, or laundry." Sevran is right there with her on most of this. "The physical stuff I don't mind. Had that before. But all the monotonous, thoughtless, repetitive chores. Won't miss those at all." He won't press about the drinking. That's her thing, even if there's a bit of a disapproving look. "Master Catwin. Hm. Nice ring to it."

Catwin looks thoughtful "It does have a nice ring to it, and is certainly less of a mouthful." she notes and then rolls her eyes "Yes, the latrine duty leaves a lot to be desired. Some of the things." She shakes her head a little "It's not pleasant, and we'll just leave it at that. I could see how in your line of work that you'ld be used to the physical aspect. She does catch the disapproving look and just sort of lean in on her self a little. Defensively.

"True." For unpleasant chores. "But someone's gotta do 'em. And apparently that's us. The much-abused candidates." Snort. Wince. "Ow." Sigh. And now Sevran looks a touch guilty. Disapproving looks aside, it's her life and all. "Sorry. I mean. I shouldn't've judged. I don't know anything. Trust me," smirk. "But I do think, maybe… you should try without it for a while."

And at the ouch Catwin is going to look a bit guilty as well. Since that is her fault. She stands up off the edge of the bed. "I should let you get some rest. You're likely going to need your eyes soon enough for all the grunt work and all." she note quitely. "And it's okay. You might. You might be right." she says as she stands there awkwardly a moment "It's just made things bearable. But umm, take it easy." And with that she hurries out quickly before anymore questions can be asked.

There's a quick nod of his head, Sevran agreeing with the rest. "Thanks for coming to see me…," he offers hastily as she's departing. His gaze follows her as she goes; curious, concerned. But then she's gone, and he just sinks back into letting the ice do it's thing. He will contemplate curious Vintner-candidates later.

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