Touch and Go (First Touching)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands underfoot are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

It's a balmy winter's day in Half Moon, the sort that begs one to skive off chores and enjoy the sweet salty breeze, so naturally, the candidates are being ushered onto the dark oppressiveness of the sands instead. "Mind your manners," R'hyn is drawling from the front of the pack, walking backwards with hands pushed into pockets of proper leathers despite the heat, "no roughhousing, no yelling, no slobbering on the eggs - basically don't do anything a mother would disapprove of." Because this mother is big enough to eat them, even if she is off to one side of the sands, leaving Xermiltoth to loom over them all like the proud father he is. The bronze is quiet, for once, attention perhaps devoted to the tall bronzerider leaning against him in true broody fashion as R'hyn sidles their way and leaves the candidates to do what they do best.

Catwin has had her eye on one certain egg, and this is certainly the one that she is headed for first. A glance is given to Celimoth and she gives the gold dragon a reverant bow. And then one is given to Xermiltoth as well before she steps out towards the eggs. There's a touch of trepidation as she hesitates a moment and then she's walking over to Storms Aegis, the coloration of it having caught her eye from the first time she looked out at it from the galleries. But up close, she notices the smaller specks and how it changes from how you look at it.

< Catwin touches egg 6 - Storm's Aegis Egg >

The only eggs that Baylee has any interest in slobbering over are the ones that go with breakfast. She will follow Catwin's lead and bow to each of the dragons before she slowly walks over to the egg that had caught her eye from above in the galleries, the Mirror Mirror egg. She gently places her hand upon it to see what the touching brings.

< Baylee touches egg 8 - Mirror, Mirror Egg >

Surprisingly enough, J'en is that tall rider leaning against Xermiltoth's side, also dressed completely in his riding leathers, even if the front of his jacket is left open to reveal the blood red tank top beneath it. Arms are crossed over his chest, golden eyes sending a silent warning of what might happen should what R'hyn just said not be followed to the letter.

Elixyvette bears a stoic expression that is either her default mode or deliberately crafted to attempt to do what her paler than pale features cannot, and conceal what must be a rather hefty dose of apprehension. She considers both gold and bronze, glancing between the two and back again, then dips her head to each in turn and moves on. And on. Until, seemingly at random, her path is blocked by the Improbable Dreams egg, which she lifts traitorous, trembling hands to touch.

Sevran is here, sporting a rather impressive bruise turning fun shades of greeny-yellow over his right eyebrow. R'hyn is given a lifted eyebrow, which results in a wince when said eyebrow is attached to the aforementioned bruise. "Who would want to slobber on them?" he wonders, mostly rhetorical. For the moment, he just kinda wanders, looking a bit lost and totally out of his element among the sands. Eggs. Well. Suppose he ought to touch one since he's out here, though the whole notion seems to strike him as rather odd, from the apprehensive look on his face. But no matter. He'll just reach out and touch this one. It looks nice enough, good ol' Outrun the Monster egg.

< Sevran touches egg 10 - Outrun The Monster Egg >

Catwin gasps and nearly jumps clean out of her skin. Certainly not what she was expecting nd yet, she holds her breath for several seconds in anticipation of all to be experienced. Danger? Life is danger and what is the darkness of a storm compared to the darkness she has seen in her life. Her brow furrows at the feeling of hard and heavy rain, and when she pulls her hands back to check her arms she blinks as she looks around at the sands. There's a thoughful look to her face as she runs a hand along her arm and then she regards the egg curiously and once more touches it.

Citayzleat is here. She looks like she would rather be almost anywhere but — eyes darting, hands clenching and unclenching at her sides — and yet she is here. She's also mumbling something rather unkind about the illustrious R'hyn, but that's neither here nor there. The healer-candidate steps onto the sands, glances around a little wildly — and stops. Breathes. It's fine. It's fine, and nothing is amiss, and those eggs are…okay. Probably more than okay. Cita still looks a little like she might run, though, even as she approaches the Drone, Hum, and Whirr egg, setting a hand on the side of the shell carefully.

< Citayzleat touches egg 5 - Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg >

Well now thats a fine kettle of fish. The look on Baylee's face is one of surprise. Krenn had promised that this would be unlike anything else and he does not fall short of that. "Your very loud for someone so little." she says to the egg softly. Though the egg does make an interesting offer, "Can you even do that?" she'll ask, hand still upon the egg. Apparently Baylee is interested in seeing just what the egg has planned.

Riohra will bow first, waiting a fully four beats before moving around the eggs to get to the one he wants. He will squat down abit as to get a closer look at the egg that has caught his fancy admiring it. Then with a soft touch and a hesitant hand will be placed upon the Rebirth egg.

< Sevran leaves egg 10 - Outrun The Monster Egg >
< Riohra touches egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Elixyvette flinches, yet, whatever response she's garnered, it appears to be something she's either accustomed to or willing enough to endure. She sets her jaw, not so content with having let that moment's reaction become a physical response, and when her fingers might curl into fists is when she lifts them away from the shell and instead folds them very properly before her. Except her feet don't move on and carry her away, so, after a few moments to breathe, she lifts her hands back to the egg, only letting her fingertips make any contact this time.

Catwin cries out, or to be more honest, she yelps even as she hunkers down against the torrent. Crazy, this is crazy, but the more the storm pelts her the more she's not wanting to step back. She's supposed to be more pro-active. Yes? Take more action? Well dang it. She'll take that action here and now, thank you very much. She'll stand her ground. "I'm not weak! I'm not!!" she suddenly yells, for no real reason at all it might seem. Still, it's enough to shake her a little and she screws her courage to the sticking point. Or well. She doesn't walk away. It's an egg. Right? No wonder they tell you to watch out for them. No one ever said they bite.

Riohra will blink for a moment then stifle a happy laugh saying "you are an excited one, and there is always time to play" he will answer softly. His hand will stay where it is but he will stare at the egg as if trying to decipher the riddle hidden under the shell.

Kassala is late. Or just bringing up the rear. Following the other Candidates, she pauses to give her curtsey to Kadesh and Celimoth both, her head bowed respectfully to rider and gold. And then she merely stands for a moment, taking in the fact that she's on the edge of the sands, so close to the eggs! Feeling the heat even more here than when she's been on the sands, she shuffles a little before finally moving forwards, her steps taking her towards Wavelengths of Light, seen from the stands as the palest of eggs on the sands. Pausing before it after glancing towards the gold, she finally reaches out to touch it.

< Kassala touches egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >

Sevran jerks his hand off the egg almost as fast as he touches it, but it's still not fast enough. That was… very unexpected, and from the look on the lads face, not to be repeated. Perhaps a bit more pale than he was a moment ago. "Yeah. About that." The monster egg gets a very wary look from him, and he just kinda slides away from it, looking reluctant to touch anything else on these sands. But maybe this one will be better? This time, there is hesitation and a brief re-think before he just sucks it up and drops his hand gently on the This Ends in Fire egg. Cause that one looks safe, right?

< Sevran touches egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >

Ok. Now that is weird. The look of surprise on Baylee's face doesn't change one bit and the question the egg asks is equally difficult to answer. So Baylee just stands there in silence as she ponders one of the ultimate questions. And like most young people the only answer that she can come up with is, "I don't know. Nobody has ever really asked me that before. Her hand remains on the egg though so clearly not having an answer hasn't persuaded her to leave just yet.

Don't mind Kadesh, she's just a figment of your imagination that's lounging on a chair out of the way, gnawing on some deep fried fish heads and pickled wherry feet. She'll nod her head back in response while appropriate, but don't expect any words. Her mouth is filled to the brim like a hamster up to no good.

Catwin jumps again and she's suddenly looking to see if her feet are smoking and seems relieved that they aren't and just when she's expecting something even more devastating, her jaw drops in a soft oh. "Beautiful." she mururs softly and then she smiles and caresses the egg one last time. "I understand." she murmurs and steps away from the egg. She looks around a little to see who is where and finds an unoccupied egg and walks over towards Binding Performance.

< Catwin leaves egg 6 - Storm's Aegis Egg >
< Catwin touches egg 9 - Binding Performance Egg >
< Sevran leaves egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >

Riohra eyes go wide and takes a half step shuffle backwards to keep from landing flat back on the sand. His hand is pulled of the egg slightly and he stares at it now, "how did…." He glances around to see the others and there reactions noting that some are having similar ones. He reaches back out again but hesitates before saying "What else you got?" and gently lays his hand again.

Baylee will remove her hand from the Mirror Mirror egg and pause to consider what the heck just happened. It's the first time ever that anyone or anything has been in her mind but herself. So she'll take a deep breath and look around the sands to see where she is going to next. The next egg that catches her attention is the Outrun the Monster egg. She'll move slowly across the sands and lay her hand upon that egg next.

< Baylee leaves egg 8 - Mirror, Mirror Egg >
< Baylee touches egg 10 - Outrun The Monster Egg >

Elixyvette darts her hands away from the shell of the Improbable Dreams egg, needing to break that connection as she ducks her head and lets stray strands of hair fall forwards to conceal the twist of her lips into a grimace and the press of her eyes tightly closed. She shakes her head as though to dislodge whatever it is that's set up residence there, fingers lifting to apply pressure at her temples to try and ward off a headache. She turns her back on that particular egg and takes careful steps to the Storm's Aegis egg instead, lifting one tentative palm towards it.

< Elixyvette leaves egg 7 - Improbable Dreams Egg >
< Elixyvette touches egg 6 - Storm's Aegis Egg >

Scorn — well, scorn Citayzleat can deal with. Canting her chin up, glaring at the egg frostily, the candidate stays. Because she can. Because she is the only person in this thing allowed to be disinterested in being here, pfft. Deeper, deeper; eyes widen, finally, and she draws a hand back like she's been scalded. "No." That's as good a place to put a boundary as any, but she does return the hand to the egg, sighing. "Sorry." It makes her nervous. She's still here, though?

This one now, gets more consideration. Sevran's hand twitches at the unexpected heat, but there's a look on his face, and grim determination that this egg is not gonna scare him off. Eyes close, breath exhaled, a shiver rippling up his spine. But this time, he's determined to wait it out. And then he's done. Hand is removed and rubbed quickly across the back of his neck as if to dispel the hair-raising feeling and then briskly on his leg to further remove the sensation. But maybe this one will be nicer? With a heavy sigh of resignation, he trails his fingers against the Mirror Mirror egg.

< Sevran touches egg 8 - Mirror, Mirror Egg >

Riohra will grin at the egg as he stands and takes a deep breath of the air about him. He will look down and just give a nod before taking a step back and thinking over what has just happened to him.

< Riohra leaves egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Catwin lets out a whimper even has her face turns pale. She's shaking her head as her knees buckle under some unforeseen weight. "I can't, I don't." Her head droops down as she lets out a long sigh "I am a disgrace. Its true. It's all my fault." Tears start to fall from her eyes as she stares at those eyes that she's seeing instead of the egg.

Baylee 's face gets a very uncomfortable look upon it. "Ewwwww." she says to the egg and whatever the heck is going on inside of it. "Just ewww." She will take her hand off the Outrun the Monster egg with a half snort, "Little egg you are very strange. And maybe there is something wrong with you. I don't know, but I think so." Not that she'd say it all that loud. She will lift her hand from this egg and move on to the next one which just so happens to be the Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter egg.

< Baylee leaves egg 10 - Outrun The Monster Egg >
< Baylee touches egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Kassala is getting the same surprise as so many others do as her fingertips trace over one of those lines that circle the pale egg. It takes a moment for her to realize what is being done, and in the end, she tilts her head, a brow raised upwards. Shades of yellow happiness mixed with those of pink love and sprinkled with grey of nervousness at being on the sands for the first time. "Strange…" She half whispers to herself as she continues to trace the egg's surface.

< Sevran leaves egg 8 - Mirror, Mirror Egg >

Cita swallows, looking a little green around the gills as her hand remains fast on the egg, almost trapped. "What —" The healer stammers, and tries to keep up, she does. It's all so fast, though. So fast, and so confusing, flashing in front of her eyes and maybe she actually is going to heave up her last meal. That wasn't in the rules, though? Stubbornly, the healer persists, eyebrows furrowing as she leans in closer. What does that mean.

Catwin is devastated, lost in whatever world she's been dragged into, and then there's a look of confusion. Something she hadn't expected. She shakes her head, not so much as in denial, but just not comprehending the sudden acceptance. She runs her fingers across her eyes as she wipes away the tears. "You do?" There's a little smile on her face even as she give a nod. "I /can/ do this."

Elixyvette lifts her head fraction by fraction, and, though her eyes drift closed and stay that way, the remnants of her grimace transform into something closer to a smirk, an edge of defiance there as she keeps her palm against the shell. She eases her shoulders back and takes a deep breath, her feet digging a touch more securely into the sand beneath them. A promise to stand her ground, even if she doesn't realise she's making it.

Riohra moves over now to another egg, again he will squat down to be closer to it and able to look at it better. He reaches out a tentative hand now to this egg but he grins happily as he softly touches the shell. "And who might you be?" he will whisper as his fingers trace the colors and lines.

At least this egg is happier than the last. But happy doesn't always mean good. Baylee will persevere though, "I don't mind playing with you, but you need to slow down just a little bit." It brings up memories of the outing with the children that they had in the gardens, "I want to try to see who you are, and if we keep spinning then we won't get to know each other." she will explain gently to the egg.

< Riohra touches egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >

At least this one didn't try to kill him. Sevran resists that urge to lean in, and instead will just stand straight, still. Stoic. And then with a jerk, hand is removed with a sour look towards the offending sphere. But it's the egg that Catwin's touching that has him all kinda of worried. "Cat? You OK?" and whatever kind of grudge might be between the two, he's pushed it aside. That egg she's got there? Yeah, he's not going near it.

Kassala leans a little closer, eyes falling closed as she listens to the egg, /feels/ what the egg is feeling. There's a hint of a frown that touches her lips as something comes up, but with a deep sigh, she murmurs, "Wish I could help, but I don't know how exactly… you have a good heart, this I can sense." Which leaves her smiling a little as fingers come to a pause, that purple line brushed against.

Cita stands, almost completely frozen — gawping absently into space without a lot to show for it. Drooling? She might as well be, for all the happening that's going on in her head, which. None. For a long beat, before she draws back, eyeing the egg hard. "Okay." Well. That was something. Not seeming to notice anything for a long moment, the candidate withdraws her hand, rubs it like it's hurt. Or maybe she's just thoughtful, as she shuffles a few eggs over, not-quite leaning on the Mirror, Mirror egg. You're not as fast, are you, egg? As for the others, Cita waves weakly with her free hand, but she still looks a little like she got smacked over the head. Not much use outta this one.

< Citayzleat leaves egg 5 - Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg >
< Citayzleat touches egg 8 - Mirror, Mirror Egg >

Catwin is so caught up with lightness that when the void returns she almost staggers from it. Her eyes are unfocused at first and she's blinking at the sound of her name. She looks around a moment. Oh, it's Sevran. "I. Umm. Yeah?" she murmurs as she steps back from the egg. She looks at it oddly. "It, I." She shakes her head "Strange." She gives a shaky little smile. "I'm okay." Another glance for the egg. Maybe. "Just a little intense." she says looking a little embarrassed and hurries on to another egg, before things get too awkward with the other candidate for her and nearly stumbles right into the Improbable Dreams egg

< Catwin leaves egg 9 - Binding Performance Egg >
< Catwin touches egg 7 - Improbable Dreams Egg >

Sometimes if you embrace the energetic the energetic embraces you. Baylee will tense up as she is 'hugged', though there is nothing visible there. Though her face will go a little slack when she the egg lets her have it. And boy does the egg let her have it. Though more in a good way than bad. At least the smile on her face would seem to say so. She'll keep her hand on the egg to just see what happens next because she is sure that it will be something good.

With one last careful pat of the Wavelength's surface, Kassala draws back, "Happy hunting on someone who can help you with those feelings.." She's a dragonhealer, not exactly a mindhealer! If only she was though! Stepping back only once she's certain she won't run into someone or hit another egg, she wanders, looking for another to touch and finds herself at Drone just after Cita leaves it. "So, what do you have to say or show?"

< Kassala touches egg 5 - Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg >

Sevran is not convinced. Especially since Catwin just spoke to him without any snark. But she seems well enough, so he'll leave it alone. Along with the egg. "I advise against that one," and appoint to the monster egg. "It's like… touching the grave." But this one? Maybe this one is OK?

< Kassala leaves egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >
< Sevran touches egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >

Kassala tilts her head upon touching the next egg, brows furrowed a little at the whispers that come to her mind. The speed leaves her a little breathless, but overall silent as she tries to get a better grasp of the mind of the little one hidden away within the Drone egg.

Elixyvette makes a huff of sound akin to laughter, yet there's not one trace of amusement there, only a bitter and faintly despairing edge. "You have no idea," she tells the Storm's Aegis egg, the words murmured low enough that she might not even know that she's spoken aloud. "Try me." Still, she keeps her hand pressed to the shell, daring to lift her free hand and run fingertips along it too.

"SHELLS." That's Cita, rule-breaker. Surely that shout echoes, but REALLY? REALLY. "You scared the living —" By the end of the sentence, the admonishment is a whisper, a glance around to make sure nobody's coming to cart her off. "piss out of me." Maybe not literally. She's laughing, though, a little weakly, glancing apologetically at the other candidates. Sorry about that. She stays, too, huffing amusement under her breath and squinting ominously in Xermiltoth's direction. This is your fault, probably. Alright. Leaaaaaan. She inches closer, tense. This can't possibly go well, right?

Head cant to the side, Sevran's eyes lose their focus, and for once he's not in a hurry to abandon the egg beneath his hand. Fingers twitch, and there's a small quirk to the side of his mouth as he grins a half-grin of amusement. Eventually, he does refocus on the Sands and the area around him. He lifts his hand from the egg, pauses as if in thought, and then touches it firmly back on the shell once again. This one he likes.

Riohra actually grins as he continues to run his hand over the eggs contours of colors. His voice is soft and teasing "It must be nice not to be in the dark all the time…" He is not aware of anyone else if they are watching let them watch.

< Baylee leaves egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Baylee hmms softly to herself as the Rebirth egg falls silent. Her hand will linger on it for a moment and then she will lift it off, "I think you are very nice." she says to the egg. Never hurts to give compliments even to little eggs. She'll lift her head once more and look around the sands for the next good egg candidate. She will move over toward the Binding Performance Egg and touch that one next.

< Baylee touches egg 9 - Binding Performance Egg >

Catwin glances over at the egg Sevran points out. "The grave huh?" she murmurs and then she's caught up with the new egg. And it is certainly not what she expected at all. "Uh." is all she gets out for a few moments. She shifts a little and seems quite uncomfortable with all it's questions, and indeed it's very nature. "Nothing much." she murmurs softly "Nothing special."

< Sevran leaves egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >

Lost is Kassala, that much is certain. Codes? She knows nothing about no codes! There's sort of a dazed look on her face as the mental touch continues, her hand gone still upon the egg's surface. Woa. The quickness of the little one's mind within, almost makes her a little nauseous, but she manages to hold her meal. "I… don't.. know any codes?"

< Elixyvette leaves egg 6 - Storm's Aegis Egg >

"Rather keep that to myself," Sevran murmurs, letting his hand trail over the egg for a moment before removing it completely. Deep breath. Encouraged that this egg at least didn't impart some sensation of dread, death, or pain, he'll go ahead and scoot over to it's neighbor for a little touch. Because surely Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter egg can't be that bad?

< Sevran touches egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >
< Kassala leaves egg 5 - Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg >

Catwin winces a little "You're making my brain hurt." she murmurs as she listens to it prattle on. "Unimportant would have been the right of it. And with all that." she shakes her head "You're looking to much into things." She notes "Silly is what you are."

Baylee makes a sound akin to a "EEEEEeeeeeee." as she touches the Binding Performance egg. The sensations that it produces are not at all pleasant and the scowl that crosses her face shows it. "No." she says firmly to that egg as she finds a way to wrest her had from its surface, "You don't get to do that. You need manners." she says to the egg as she dusts herself off and takes a breath, "Whew." Ok. Time to move onto the next one which happens to be the Wavelengths of Light Egg.

< Baylee leaves egg 9 - Binding Performance Egg >

There are a shimmer of tears in Kassala's eyes as she pulls her hand away from the Drone's surface. "I'm sorry.. I.." Stepping back, she turns, looking around as if searching for someone who might understand the egg better than she. Shaking her head, she moves on to another egg, and finds herself before the Storm egg. She studies it's surface before finally reaching out to touch it, uncertain for a moment.

< Baylee touches egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >
< Kassala touches egg 6 - Storm's Aegis Egg >

Riohra nods having his own conversation with the little being inside this egg, "Love, what else is there.." He shifts alittle as his boots slide in the sand, not discomfort but just re-balancing. He will absently glance at the red headed candidate with the matching necklace then back to the egg.

Sevran was wrong. He rips his hand away, leaning over to catch both his breath and his balance. Ugh. Freakin' eggs. The offending things get a glare from the butcher-turned-candidate. Although it only lasts a moment before grey eyes flash to bronze and gold, as to ensure no offense was incurred. None was meant. Honest. "I think I'm done touching things," and to make his point, he'll resolutely cross his arms and tuck his hands out of the way. Just gonna stand here now, thanks.

< Sevran leaves egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Woa. Kassala's gaze widens more as she shivers a little beneath the onslaught of the Storm egg. Cold? Wet? Yep, certainly feeling those things now, the heat of the sands long gone. Still, with a lick of her lips, she continues to touch the egg, "Storms are dangerous, but at the same time, quite beautiful and magnificent,if you ask me."

Catwin rolls her eyes and then she stops rolling them and she looks at the egg with a look of horror on her face. "No! No, no, no, no. no!" she cries out and rips away from the egg without hardly catching anything more, except for it's parting remark. Her eyes go wide and she glares at the egg. "Oh!" she stomps away from the egg and is muttering to herself about those that won't mind their own sharding bloody business. She too steps back away from the eggs a moment. Staring at them. Or is that glaring?

< Catwin leaves egg 7 - Improbable Dreams Egg >

In comparison to some of the other egg's Baylee's response to this one is more muted. She hmmms softly to herself as she just waits. After some of the images that came from the other eggs this one seems much more mellow, if brighter, "Not really sure what you are doing but it's ok." Baylee says as she keeps her hand upon the egg, just waiting to see what is next.

< Riohra leaves egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >

Riohra nods and steps back whispering "rest well" to the egg. He stands and wipes his brow and rubs his palms gently along the side of his trousers. He takes a good couple of steps back as if trying to cool off from movement. then he will walk over towards the Outrun the Monster egg, this one looks cooler he bends down to touch this egg.

< Riohra touches egg 10 - Outrun The Monster Egg >
< Baylee leaves egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >
< Baylee touches egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >

"Uh," and Sevran gives Riohra a look of warning. "I wouldn't touch that one if I were you…" but too late. Oh well. He tried.

While she flinches at the sudden crack of sound, she remains standing. Something about the egg's tactics don't sit right with Kassala, and she gives it a look, "Why would I leave?" She wonders, "I'm perfectly safe right here.." That given with a brief look towards the gold and bronze, "Well, as long as I don't make either of them angry, of course." That said, she stands before the worsening storm, chin lifted slightly as if to say — do your worse, I'm still here.

Cita is startled. Flabbergasted, even, maybe — but laughing, this time, staring down at herself like she's suspicious. "How." The candidate demands, glancing around shiftily. Shifting. Wiggling. It probably looks ridiculous, but look, these things happen. These little minds are confusing, and they make things weird, like Citayzleat doing a weird little dance. "I want to go home." She's a party pooper, but she's snickering to herself still, staring hard at her theoretical-hand on the egg's shell.

Riohra will actually fall back on his hind end this time and stare at the egg in front of him for a moment be fore shaking away whatever he was shown and gives a sly challenging smile. Nice try buddy but you're going to have to try harder than that. HE hunts things that goes bump in the night and gets back up to gently touch the egg again.

Baylee thinks she's got where this egg is going. "Ahh ok. I think I know what you are doing. I know that you all are telepathic." Duh! "So I get it." She isn't sure what she can do about it but she gets it, "Maybe I can help a little, but I don't know alot of these people yet either. I can't go prying into their personal business, they wouldn't like it very much." She's sure /she/ wouldn't like to be in the other end of it, "But you are trying to be helpful." Her hand will remain upon the egg.

< Baylee leaves egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >
< Baylee touches egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >

Laughing, laughing — freezing, head ducking. Something's touched a nerve, but Cita doesn't jerk her hand away or react much outwardly, just lingers, frowning a little. Shakes her head, at one point, eyes narrowed. "I don't think so." She grumbles, shoulders rounded, turning a glare on the clutchparents. Whatever she's mad about might not be their fault, but the glare is a good one. One last pat, and the candidate steps back, crossing her arms over her chest. She needs a breath. It seems to be going around, right?

< Citayzleat leaves egg 8 - Mirror, Mirror Egg >

Kassala cannot help but smile a little, her hand patting the egg lightly, "Sorry, I've been living in Ierne for a while. I'm used to strong storms coming up off the water. It's why I love a good storm.." Leaning in, she whispers a little softer, "You always get the most /amazing/ skies after one.." With those parting words, she draws her hand away, then looks about, no other free eggs nearby. For now, she'll walk to the side to stand and watch while considering where to go next, if able.

< Kassala leaves egg 6 - Storm's Aegis Egg >

Baylee does feel a sense of accomplishment having walked with this egg to the end of its journey. She'll remove her hand from the Wavelengths of Light egg and smile, "You are trying to be so helpful little egg. Thats good of you." She'll once more scan the sands to see which egg comes next and head for the Improbable Dreams egg next and lay her hand upon it.

< Baylee leaves egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >
< Baylee touches egg 7 - Improbable Dreams Egg >

OK, well, maybe he's a little curious still. With a look of trepidation, Sevran moves back towards the eggs, mingling among the candidates before deciding this one… maybe this one isn't as bad either? And with a gentle touch, his fingers meet the side of the Storm's Aegis Egg.

Riohra snaps back to the current and blinks till upright, still touching but he is a bit pale. Breathing hard, his hand closes and opens as if he is was searching for something in his hand to hold. He looks at the egg, oh you're good, but fears are easily overcome.

< Sevran touches egg 6 - Storm's Aegis Egg >

Another sarcastic quirk of a smile. Sevran is not afraid. Bring it, Egg.

Baylee is once more blown over by the sheer mental energy of the egg, though like it's immediate predecessors this egg appears to have a hopeful tone about it. She'll do her best to stand silently there as the egg does it's looking. It's getting easier to be observed inwardly, though the effect is still strange. She will hold still and then say, "What do you think?" Because this egg has got lots going on in its head she surmises.

And now a wider grin, wolfish and filled with some sort of private amusement. Sevran is still not gonna budge. "I've tangled with worse." Snort. "Try me."

Riohra stands and takes a soft step back from the egg and shakes his head in answer to an unspoken question. He moves away from the eggs for a time now to regain his thoughts.

< Kassala touches egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >
< Riohra leaves egg 10 - Outrun The Monster Egg >

Sevran grins, triumphant. He leans in and murmurs something to the egg, a sort of consolation maybe? A little, affectionate rub and he will leave the egg in peace once more.

Now /this/ egg knows things. Baylee is sure of that given the onslaught of all those images, which might just be the perfect thing considering that she knows next to nothing, "Your going to have to tell me more things, because as you can see I know some things but other things I don't really know anything about. This is a far more efficient learning tool than books." Just download stuff into your brain! Baylee will keep her hand on this egg to see what else it has to offer.

< Sevran leaves egg 6 - Storm's Aegis Egg >

Catwin has got her composure back. After that too sunshiny egg she's actually looking at the one Sevran told her to stay away from. And hey. Just because he couldn't hack it, doesn't mean she can't. With a toss of her head, she heads over for the Monster egg when Rio steps away from it. She's just going to ignore how he looks. And ny sheen to her face, well the sands are hot after all. Right? She's not scared. Much.

< Catwin touches egg 10 - Outrun The Monster Egg >

Several deep breaths down, and Cita seems to find her footing. Or at least, she stops glaring J'en and Xermi-wards, takes one last breath before she dives back in. If she's going to do a thing, she's going to do it; and keep at it until she has to stop. Hardcore. Badass. Timidly badass, maybe, approaching the Wavelengths of Light egg. This one gets a long, wary look — but the candidate presses a hand to the warm shell, curious. Not running away yet, at least.

< Citayzleat touches egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >

Kassala watches, and finally steps forwards after others move away. She seeks out Rebirth, her hand to touch it's surface lightly, tracing one arch of gold upon the shell before she feels herself being spun about. "Woooaa!" A grin finds it's way to the red head's lips, laughter soon to follow, "Fun.. yes.. let's play!" Even if her stomach might be asking to slow it down a little!

R'hyn's still here, quietly circling in the background, raising brows at loud noises and snorting quietly for candidates falling to their butts on the sand and generally just observing. Despite warnings, Xermiltoth is a patient clutchfather, amused by goings-on rather than threatened, rumbling good-naturedly in his throat at those glares in his direction and lowering his head onto the sand to whuffle at an egg left newly unattended. Don't worry, little sprout, he still loves you. "Get back, you big baby. It's not your turn." The assistant weyrlingmaster pushes his dragon's head back up before finally joining J'en against the blackened bronze's hide. A beat. Two. Then: "Doesn't seem all that long ago, does it?"

The Improbable Dream's Egg knows how to end with a bang and Baylee will stick with it to the very end. She doesn't want to go either! Though she'll give the egg a gentle tap, "I'll see you again though. It'll be different but good. Don't worry." She will smile even wider now. This egg gets it. Probably. At least in comparison to some of the others. She'll withdraw her hand and then take another breath letting things settle before she moves off to the next egg in her sights. Which is the This Ends in Fire egg.

Hugged? Well, Kassala can accept that, and offer one in back. She barely catches herself from giving the egg itself a big ole hug, pulling back to instead chuckle softly, "Celimoth might eat me if she sees me hugging you.." Still, she tilts her head, listening and feeling what the egg has to offer to her. There might be a blush growing on her cheeks at something dug up, but then again, maybe it's just the heat of the sands getting to her? Still, she lingers at Rebirth's side.

< Baylee leaves egg 7 - Improbable Dreams Egg >
< Baylee touches egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >

If Sevran is looking just a little smug, well… maybe it's cause he finally got an egg that didn't want to kill him? Maybe? Either way, he's gonna end on a high note, and just linger among the group without actually reaching out to any more of the eggs.

Okay, so maybe Sevran had the right of it. She's not going give him the satisfaction though. Catwin rubs at her nose a little, wrinkling it a bit as she does. So not what she expected, but not tooooo bad. Least not at first. Then her eyes are widening and then she's shaking her head "I don't know! No one! No one like that exists!" she then yelps a little and blushes. No one heard any of that. Right?"

Still laughing softly is Kassala, the egg's warmth and emotions to draw her back in again till she's leaning forwards, touching forehead to shell. Eyes fall closed, and for a long moment, she just stands there, her forehead against the shell, soaking it all in. "Thank you." For whatever it might have done, the red head is grateful for this one's touch. Slowly pulling herself away, she ducks her head, soon to scoot back off to the side. Maybe she'll touch more.. later.

Oh, J'en hadn't moved an inch from his spot, his gaze following one candidate or another. Watching out for antics and shenanigans no doubt. At one point he yawns big and wide, not bothering to cover it up, an idle hand left to pat the forelimb that was his place of leaning. Citayzleat's glare is met with his even neutrality, which is extended to egg nuzzling and sire hovering, his eyes following R'hyn as he comes around but they don't linger. Shoulders lift and creak from the leather covering them for what the older bronzerider asks, "Long enough." he replies flatly, back to watching over the touching.

< Kassala leaves egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Riohra shakes himself out of what ever daydream he was on and moves over to the Binding performance egg. Reaching out to place a hand on it and asks softly "and who might you be?"

< Riohra touches egg 9 - Binding Performance Egg >

Baylee begins to sweat. Not just because it's hot in here, but because it's hot in the egg as well. Even hotter thant outside and it seems so very real. She just stands there, hand on egg, sweating it out, "You are't going to push me away that easily." she says to the egg. Nope. She's got staying power and is going to stick with it, even if she ends up burning.

Catwin has no delusions that any of them died fighting for her. After all, she's no one special. Just someone to be tortured and scared and she suddenly finds herself screaming as she relives the horror she faces most nights in broad daylight "No!! Leave me alone!!" And then there's a thud. Catwin is sprawled on the ground, gasping and panting and a look of pure horror on her face. She starts to stand up again and uses the egg as balance….

Hrmph. Cita sees you, both of you. Even though she's occupied, she sees both R'hyn and J'en, and she sees Xermi too. She might even have softened from the glare to a mildly amused look — but, distraction. Blue? Well, almost…the healer smiles, a little, scritching fingers absently. "I don't know." It's true, really.

And then grin is gone, and Sevran is looking at Catwin intently. "Are you OK?" and he's heading her direction, because cries of distress do not get ignored, even from one such as her. "Told you not to touch it."

Riohra shakes himself free of where ever his mind went, he gives the egg before him a narrowed gaze but keeps the contact with it. He hasnt decided yet now to interpret this information.

Baylee could handle this eggs questions if it were not for the heat, the burning isn't getting any better and she twitches her leg when the thing within touches her, "Nope." she says to him, she's sure its a him in there, "Nope. Don't think that they do." This egg and her are done, at least for now. She'll lift her hand from the this ends in fire egg and make sure that there is no actual burn on her leg. When she sees there isn't she'll wipe the sweat from her face and once more cast her gaze about. The Drone Hum and Whirr egg is next.

< Baylee leaves egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >
< Baylee touches egg 5 - Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg >

Catwin whimpers as she's shown what she knows, what she fears and what has driven her to drink so often in the past. Tears are streaming down her face "I don't want it! I don't want a bloody army! Leave me alone!" And with that she flings herself away from the egg and runs off in a near state of panic. And poor Sevran, once again in the way as she bowls right into him.

Riohra gives a small smile for this egg he nods "No point in dwelling on things you can't fix" he is looking at the egg closer now looking to see the hints of strings on the shell.

R'hyn shoots J'en a sidelong look, vaguely surprised, as though half-expecting his question to have gone ignored, but he chuckles instead of commentating, twitching his gaze back out over the sands, skimming over candidates in various stages of reaction with a contemplative hum. "Mmm. I suppose. Just long enough that looking back on it doesn't make me want to twitch out of my skin anymore." A beat, in which he watches Catwin run, expression held carefully neutral as he says, "Though there's not much love for that one." Finally blue-greys flick back to J'en, curious, pushing the limits of this vaguely productive moment. "You stood before ours, yeah? Any ever make you want to run like that?"

Baylee will frown a little at this egg. The pressing is hard, though it's getting to be normal. Some of the eggs here are just too curious for their own good. Baylee's hand will remain on the Drone egg, though she will ready herself to remove her hand just in case.

< Riohra leaves egg 9 - Binding Performance Egg >

Sevran is heading this way, and Cat is headed that way, and unfortunately they are gonna collide. Hard. He's got the presence of mind to grab her, but the sudden weight throws him off. Down they go, with Sevran landing on his back in the sand, an audible 'Oof' as the air is forcibly thrown from his lungs. "Ow." And there is now a Catwin on him. And again. "Ow…"

Riohra will step back from the egg and nods to it. Lots learned today it seems for the young hunter. He will look around at the room and the others seeing that he isnt the only one who is taking this wild trip.

< Catwin leaves egg 10 - Outrun The Monster Egg >

"There are no codes here." Baylee says emphatically to the egg. "I don't think that I have what you need." she says as she removes her hand from the drone egg, "Maybe someone else here does…" Though she isn't going to put her hand back on that egg. Nope! Once more she will settle herself with a deep breath and then cast her eyes on the very last egg that she has yet to touch. The Storms Aegis egg!

< Baylee leaves egg 5 - Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg >

Celimoth begins to flick the tip of her tail, letting out a low and thunderous rumble deep from within her chest. She rises from the egg she loomed over menacingly, convinced it won't don an egg romper like a good egg. Off to the side she moves, but not far, red eyes whirling as she peers towards those Candidates.

< Baylee touches egg 6 - Storm's Aegis Egg >

Kassala is heading back to the sidelines when she hears the collision, and turns to hurry over to Sev and Cat, "You two okay?" She'll help Catwin up, if allowed, a hand held down to the vintner. As the gold rumbles, she turns eyes gone wide towards Celimoth, likely holding her breath for a tick to make sure the gold isn't heading in their direction, "Might wanna hurry up and stand though.."

If J'en is at all aware of R'hyn's sideways look, there is no indication of it, pushing himself up and off of Xermiltoth and growling softly in a rumble for all the falling and tripping going on. People might get hurt, "Ya two, cut the shit." His chin is jerked towards the side of the sands where more than a few candidates were chilling and trying to wrap their brains around all the young minds thrust into their own. A glance is spared to Celimoth, lashes lowering before golden eyes flicker back to the candidates and he turns towards R'hyn, "Yeah, Leketh's."

Catwin keeps running even when she comes up against a hard surface. Which might be why they went down. Hard. Lucky she's such a small thing though? "I'm not a monster, am I?" she whimpers a moment before she gets her bearings and finds herself laying atop Sevran. And being held. Poor Sevran, fate is so not kind to him. Eyes widen and she panics again and flails in her attempt to get up from tangled skirts and to be let up. "Let go! Let go! Let go!"

Cita frowns a little, head tilting. Eyes follow invisible things in the air, and she hums something, fingers tapping gently. Maybe so. Maybe. No — hey. "That's not mine." The healer murmurs, a little stern. "You shouldnt do that." It's a confidential whisper, no intent on hurting feelings, but. Noises? Noises start to break through the egg-fog, and Cita frowns, head tilting. "Wha?"

"Ow, Ow! Shards, get the «expletive» off me, woman!" And Sevran's doing his best now to dodge flailing limbs. And if she won't get off him, he'll just give her a little helpful shove to the side. Cough, sputter, groan, and a hand goes to the bruise on his head that has now taken another beating. Words that should not be uttered in polite company are coming out in a string of snarls. But with the weight of Catwin gone, he's quick enough to roll over and climb to his feet. "Ugh." Ow. And he's done, heading for the safety of elsewhere. Which is anywhere but the Sands.

Riohra comes out of his own introspective revere and looks over at the now running Sevran. He shakes his head at the young butcher who is having one bad day. He will move to stand beside Kassala, and glance at Catwin to see if she is alright as well.

Baylee once more will remove her hand with a start as this egg batters her all over the place, another firm "No!" is given to this egg and she removes her hand in time to catch that something is going on with Catwin and Sevran? Huh? She'll look around trying to get her bearings once more, "Catwin? Sevran? Whats going on?" she asks. Not really sure of what she should be doing now that all the eggs have been touched, except for the one being protected by the gold.

R'hyn doesn't get much of a chance to process that answer - he bounces up off Xermiltoth's hide for that candidate collision, already jogging to join the small cluster of candidates. "Hey, hey, take it easy," he says in the face of sudden flailing, keeping half an eye on Celimoth even as he gently motions Kassala back. "Give them space. Head back to the barracks. You guys are excused from afternoon chores - rest your brains and regather. Take any lingerers with you, yeah?," he asks with a polite grin before refocusing on Catwin and Sevran, wincing for expletives and hastened departures but keeping corrections to himself - for now. Instead, he puffs out a breath and settles hands to hips. "That could have gone better." There's a glance back at J'en, lips pressed together, but he lingers for the moment, waiting for candidates to disperse.

And all the people around her. Catwin, refuses any and all help. "I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine." she says with a face that is turning a brillant shade. A glance is given the gold and she swallows. Then there is R'hyn, and lets not even think about J'en. She's up, she's brushing off her skirts and hurrying away in utter shame and embarrasment, her head tucked down as she tries to remove herself from everyone as quickly as possible.

Cita's thoughtful as she pulls away from the egg — and finally takes in her surroundings. Celimoth, kind of hovering. Catwin…flailing. Nodding towards the clutch's dam, the healer jerks her head at the others, smiling thinly. "I know just the thing to steady up." She waves R'hyn off with a shaky kind of finger-wiggle, and heads off of the sands. It probably involves liquor, but in fairness, eggs.

Baylee will have to work on getting her brain together because she /thought/ she saw Catwin and Sevran rolling around on the sands together. That can't be right! Though when R'hyn speaks up she'll nod and do her best to get some sort of bow to the dragons as she makes her way back toward the way out! This experience has taught her something and given her loads to think about. She'll follow the great exodus of candidates out.

Finding Riohra there after her hand is ignored, and she hastily sidesteps any flailings that might have caught her, Kassala nods to R'hyn, and soon heads towards the galleries once he's spoken. "Got it.. rest.." A last look towards the eggs is given before she turns attention to Rio, "That was /amazing/.." She might be heard to say to him as they make their way off the sands.

J'en remains beside Xermiltoth as R'hyn bounds past him and makes for the clustering of candidates, hands shoved into the pockets of his jacket as he stares down at them and their continued misbehavior. Down go the lashes and up goes the chin as those eyes of his follow the one that hurries off and has a mouth that rivals his own. Then he's back to observing the dispersal of the rest, especially settled on Catwin, until R'hyn returns and he shakes his head. "Ain't like we can tie 'em up and chuck 'em in the ocean, see if they float or not." Though from the leveled look that's given past the assistant weyrlingmaster he might be considering trying it out anyway.

Riohra will follow the group out only half aware of the others but will nod to Kassala saying "Can't learn that in a book…"

R'hyn snorts and snorts hard for that sarcastic commentary from his fellow bronzerider, flicking a one-part chiding, one-part agreeing look over his shoulder before he rumbles out a low, "I mean, we could, but then we'd have to find a whole new batch of 'em to stand. Tempting, though." Lest any of them think they are safe. He clings to the sass, holds it together right until the last candidate disappears out the door, and then shoulders drop with a sharp exhale, one hand lifting to flick through his hair as Xermiltoth finally raises to his paws to sidle over towards Celimoth. "That was enough fun for one day," Ryn huffs, turning to give J'en a considering look. "Dunno about you, but I need a drink. Join me?"

Sarcasm, thy name is J'en, seeming relieved when the last nugget of frustration scurries out the door as the tightness of his shoulders all but dissipates at once. He adds his own snort to the mix in response to what R'hyn says, "Especially those two." Jae doesn't specify, but he's probably assuming that the older bronzerider will know exactly of whom it was that he was speaking of. The same two he'd told to stop, but didn't right away. Lucky for them, Leketh would never allow either to be hog tied and drowned. He glances to Xermiltoth as the bronze abandons them in favor of the egg-guarding queen, returning it quick enough back to R'hyn, a single brow twitching upwards vaguely for the considering look waiting for him…or it could be the invitation. There was a distinct delay that covered both nicely. "I guess." he replies tonelessly, his expression back to unreadable.

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