Splitting Weyrs

Day 5 of Month 12 of Turn 2721
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrleader's Office
This large office is arranged in an H-shape with the weyrleader's desk in the middle of the room sitting slightly towards the back. The desk is made of sturdy wood of good quality, stained and finished to a dark mahogany. It is forever covered in stacks of paperwork for the weyrleader to look over, binders, books and clipboards as well as writing utensils. To one side sits a refurbished computer. The far wall from the door is covered in a large bulletin board, covered in maps, notes and memorandums. Below are a series of wooden drawers, for storing additional maps, paperwork or other odds and ends. On the right wall there are mostly bookshelves, leading to the weyrsecond's L-shaped desk that juts into the front of the room. The left wall is occupied by further bookshelves and filing cabinets, except for a small desk against the front corner, meant for an assistant. There are stacks of crates to either side of the door, pushed out of the way.
There are comfortable chairs situated at each desk, as well as two in front of the weyrleader's desk and one in front of the weyrsecond's. The floor is covered in a light colored wooden flooring over the stone. Over that is a plush blue area rug to match the chairs with Western's symbol on it. The room is lit by overhead electric lighting with glow baskets on the desks for extra light.

Things.. Well things are definitely getting worse at Half Moon - the tremors that have been rocking the Weyr increasing not only in intensity but also in frequency. While for many, it is still nothing to be overly concerned about - the Weyr seems to be structurally sound, and only the outbuildings have (up until this point) shown any signs of weakness. The sweepriders have reported oddities up and down the coast of the continent and riders have now been stationed throughout the area to report back instantly about conditions. Z’tan? Well, Z’tan is in his office this midmorning - the Weyrleader stubbornly ensconced in the inner chamber - because that is totally where you want to be when there are earthquakes - talking with a nervous Senior Weyrling who has just returned from patrols, the young man watching the ceiling and walls, distracted as he makes an attempt at his report.

Midmorning, with the increasing number of grumbles from those taking refuge in the bowl rather than sleeping in the residences where they would be more comfortable. While assisting with managing the outflow of riders to be on watch, there’s growing weariness and trepidation amongst them that is starting to draw further concern from R’en. He doesn’t knock, and beyond the rustle of his movement and the soft thud of his footsteps there’s no other indication he’s coming in until he does. The Senior Weyrling gets a look from the Weyrsecond’s pale blue eyes that denotes they should be quick with their report, but is assisted by a hastily said, “Well, spit it out already.” His tone isn’t particularly rude but hopes to break the concern about the room collapsing in on the young person along with all the rest of them.

The young man stammers a bit more, before managing, “We are still working on locating the center - it.. It seems. Well, the miners think it is close.” His voice trembles, continuing to eye the ceiling nervously, before taking the appearance of the Weyrsecond as the perfect excuse to remove himself from the situation, ducking his head as he scurries out past the older bronzerider towards the freedom of open air. Z’tan watches the weyrling go with narrowed eyes, the young man barely out the door before Z’tan is snorting at him. “I don’t know what he is so worried about. Everything is fine. Do you think I’d be sitting here, if it wasn’t?” Eyes slip finally to the Weyrsecond, watching him carefully. “You aren’t afraid too, are you?”

“Your own fear isn’t the only one you have to worry about, Weyrleader.” R’en says in a flat tone, before lifting his shoulders into a shrug and watching as the young man flees out of the room. “The tremors haven’t stopped, not yet. And while they haven’t ruined important structures, there’s no guarantee that they won’t.” He says, pulling out a chair to invite himself to a seat since it seems as though he’s not here for just a casual fleeting conversation. Seems he’s going to show that he’s not afraid as well, by settling down. “We should use the wings and have them transport people to .. somewhere outside of the affected areas. We have too many people here to deal with a full-scale disaster if it comes to it.” He says, crossing his arms as though he’s already made his mind up that this is the right decision, his tone conveys the same as well. “I’d start with those that would be hardest to move.”

“So you are afraid!” Z’tan latches on to the suggestions made by R’en almost immediately, leaning forward and propping his elbows on the top of the desk as he effectively closes some of the distance without leaving his chair. “Nothing is going to happen! They’ll stop as quickly as they started, and then we will have to waste time bringing everyone back - and we’ll just lose all the effort they could be putting into things now.” Leaning back, Z’tan shrugs, waving a hand, dismissing R’en’s idea outright. “The moment we show weakness, someone will come swooping in - I don’t know who, but someone will. If it isn’t some bronzerider desperate for rank, it will be holders looking for better territory, and thinking this is up for grabs.” Contemplating for another moment, he shakes his head again. “We don’t leave.”

R’en visibly narrows his eyes when he’s told that he is indeed afraid, though it doesn’t appear to stop him from holding onto his position. “/Or/ they could get worse and you’ll have deaths on your hand rather than just ruined outbuildings.” He reasserts, crossing his arms over his chest as though he’s trying to show an outward sign that he’s unlikely to budge on his decision. “THAT is what you’re worried about? That someone’s going to come lay claim to your territory?” He grumbles and pushes himself to his feet and leans over the table towards Z’tan, though still far enough to be out of reach. “You can keep riders on the borders to protect the weyr’s territory if that’s your will, and the able bodied that want to stay here. However, I will not budge on starting to move those that will be more of a liability than a help if these do continue.” He says, tone firm enough that he is unlikely to change his mind. “Don’t be a fool, /Weyrleader/.”

“You have exactly -no proof- that they are going to get worse, that it is anything more than some new island forming somewhere out there..” And Z’tan waves a hand off in the direction of the ocean, shaking his head. “Even the actual experts who, you know, do this for a job don’t know where it is centered yet.” Leaning forward, tilting his chin up to glare at the standing man, Z’tan snorts. “I am not a fool, jumping at every little rumble and jolt - Do you get worried every time there is thunder and lightning, too?” His tone turns mocking, even as he slumps backwards in his seat. “If you want to take people away, do it.. And don’t bother to come back.” Ooh, harsh. Emphasizing what Zel seems to think is a dismissal, the Weyrleader reaches for a report from the desk in front of him, settling in as if to look it over and ignore the Weyrsecond.

“What proof do you need? Injured and /worse/ from the caverns caving in? Where exactly is the line of ‘this is enough, we should at least think about making it easier to evacuate if we need to’?” R’en answers, though when it’s greeted with mocking his knowledge there’s a flare of anger that isn’t typically seen in the even-tempered Weyrsecond. “No, you’re not a fool, you’re worse than that.” He doesn’t specify what exactly that is. However, unless Zel’s quick, he’s going to find a fist flying towards his face and whether or not it was dodged – which, perhaps R’en thought is the most likely outcome – there’s a /tch/ sound as he takes the knot from his shoulder and tosses it at the younger Weyrleader. “I will, and if things get worse – you’ll thank me for the less blood that’ll be on your hands. I’ll take the people from the infirmary that are unable to fend for themselves, and as many elderly as Monaco will allow me to bring.” Why Monaco? Maybe it’s just because it’s where he feels like he might sweet talk Reya into agreeing with him where he can’t get Z’tan’s.

Whatever Zel *was* going to say is cut off as there is a fist flying towards his face, and perhaps the young man is in too much shock to dodge it - for it connects with his eye, and he is left reeling backwards, sputtering as he makes an attempt to regain any sort of composure at all. With the knot already flying towards him as well, what else is there left to say? “Good, get out of here. Go, try and explain to them that you are overreacting and a coward. Get out of here!” Even then, Z’tan is lifting a hand to cradle the side of his face - that is going to leave a bruise -, glaring at R’en even as a commotion begins somewhere outside, and Zel is muttering something else before pushing past the former Weyrsecond and towards the bowl - and the unhappy Ysgieuth.

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