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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

It might be winter in Half Moon Bay, but all that means is that it won't get to temperatures resembling a stroll across the surface of Rukbat. The warmth of midday is worsened by that pathetic excuse of a breeze coming off the water, doing nothing to cool down the ambient air temperature. Leketh is the first thing one can see long before his rider or much else for that matter, the bronze was enormous after all, and missing his riding straps. He waits patiently a few feet from the shoreline, his attention focused on a large crab that was side walking towards the water. J'en himself, sits on one of a cluster of boulders, wearing a knee length pair of black swim trunks. There's a square island dressing on the back of his neck and his left hand hand has been wrapped up from palm to wrist. Arms are folded over his bent knees, two buckets of dragon oil with paddles nearby, as well as a sizable pile of freshly dug sand. None of this holds his interest, as his distinctive golden-brown eyes are cast out towards the line of the horizon where the sky appears to touch the sea.

Riohra comes in at a good jog, wearing his swiming trunks but looks like he has been running most of the morning. He stops a few feet away and breaths deep to slow his heart rate before walking over and saying "Afternoon, Sorry I am late Remedial PT" he says by way of explanation he will stop and bow to Leketh and then walk over and get a grabs a brush to start in on his task.

Both rider and dragon turn at the same time to look at the rapidly approaching jogger. Leketh offers Riohra a soft welcoming croon, while J'en barely arches a brow, resolved to watching the candidate with a blank expression as he explains his tardiness and begins to scurry about. He even allows him to grab that paddle before he clears his throat, "Stop." On the premise that he's obeyed, he'll wait for him to turn back around, where it is revealed he is pointing to the very bucket that the tool Riohra holds came from. "Dun get ahead of yerself, put it back." J'en doesn't get up, returning his arm to his lap, jerking his head towards the pile of sand. "Ya gutta scrub off the dead shit before oilin' otherwise all ya got is a soft hided itchy dragon." Leketh chuffs, lowering himself as low to the ground as he possibly can, revealing a rope ladder of sorts that's been tossed over the base of neck for those hard to reach places. Although, all of him was flaking and twitching to some degree. Well, except the spaces between joints, those were beautifully maintained. "Grab some of that sand, use it to rub at 'im gently to exfoliate the dead cells." This said, he holds up his hurt hand in a 'have at it' gesture towards his lifemate. "Ya also forgot the 'sir' and salute, which earns ya a sevenday of latrine duty on top of yer other chores, candidate." All of this said as if he was reading the ingredients off a soup can label, flatly and evenly.

Riohra stops his movements and then turns snaps a salute and with his usual grin says "Sir, yes Sir". He reaches down and grabs a bucket and using some extra rope ties it off to the top. Once it is filled with sand he walks over to Leketh and addresses the dragon "I am going to start at the top, you got any places that require direct immediate attention just let me know" He starts to climb the rope ladder, the tall candidate moves easily up to the top and waits allowing the dragon to settle under him before he starts scrubbing with the sand.

Another will soon appear, walking alower than Riohra approached rider and dragon. Wearing a sundress over her bathing suit, Kassala makes her way down to the beach. Spying Riohra with J'en and Leketh, she heads in their direction after making sure there's no other dragons that might need her help. "Good afternoon, sir." The redhead calls out to J'en, and once closer, gives him a quick salute, "Finished with the laundry and the headwoman sent me this way to see if anyone might need help with their dragon…" Leketh has one candidate helping already, but his size may call for two or three to help, right? A glance is given to Riohra as he climbs the rope ladder and begins.

Again, there is no outward response for the crisply snapped salute and extra 'sir' to make up for the one Riohra had missed. Rather, the bronzerider waves his bandaged hand in a dismissive fashion, settling back in to oversee the work about to be done. Leketh rumbles only at the hunter-candidate, returning to his crabwatching but the creature had already returned to the water. A futile effort is expended in searching for it, to which the bronze cuffs and lays his head down to peer almost mournfully at J'en. "No, I ain't gunna go get it for ya." he growls softly, distracted from dragonic pouting by the arrival of yet another one he'd plucked from obscurity and brought back to home. It's as if he looks through her for several long uncomfortable moments with all that emotionlessness before jerking his chin towards Leketh, indicating she should get started then. "Sand pile is there, leave 'im to the top, ya focus on whatcha can reach down 'ere."

Riohra is scrubbing away at the large bronze making sure he is getting into the creases, and around the ridges of his back and shoulder wing joints. He will glance over at Kassala and give her a welcoming smile then go back to his task at hand. He is able to reach things easily now that he seems to have had a growth spurt, but does still have to stretch in his efforts. When he finds a particular bad spot he will make sure to take his time and get it done right working in small circular motions to really get up all the flaky and dry skin.

Kassala glances to Leketh at the crooning offered his rider, amusement to dance upon her face before she turns back to J'en, nodding once to his words. "Got it then, sir." Another salute, and she heads for the sand and the bronze, giving Riohra a wave as he works above. Turning to the bronze, she murmurs to him, "Good afternoon to you as well, Leketh. Forget to say thank you for picking me to Stand. Got to see the eggs the other day.." She'll ramble on a little, speaking with the dragon as she sets about scrubbing him down with the sand. Seems she's done this before back at the dragonhealing school. While working, she'll make note of any other spots on the bronze that might need a little extra TLC.

Another 'whatever just get away from me' hand wave, J'en sags back against the boulder, leaving the two candidates to do the job he likely would have to do all by himself. Watching them closely until he feel comfortable that he wouldn't have to hand out any extra duties just yet, his gaze wanders back to the ocean, drawing a leg up to his chest to wrap his arms around and resting his chin upon his knee. Leketh was not nearly as antisocial as his rider, a croon of greeting extended to Kassala, but no translation offered. He's not the type to be shoving his thoughts into the head of anyone else without expression permission, so she'll just have to assume he said 'you're welcome'. Soon though, he's rumbling in pleasure for all the scrubbing, very cooperative in that he shifts or slides his parts as necessary to give both of them access to the trouble areas rather than letting them just guess. Jae's eyes flicker that way before he rolls them skyward, grumbling something under his breath for the bronze puddle his lifemate had now become.

And such a nice puddle it is too! Riohra is as always enjoying himself in his work. As he scrubs he starts naming off the parts of the the dragon anatomy that he has learned about in his studies. Every so often he will lean out to spy on the pretty red head below but never so long or often to make the dragon upset. His rider on the other hand will probably give him more duties.. But Still worth it.

There's the occasional correction or help given from said redhead below once she hears Riohra's comments from below. "That's his wingspar.." Kassala continues her own duties, moving towards the bronze's head to find a few itchy places there, then dropping down to his front feet to check his claws, "They're good and sharp, though need a buffing. Can do that after we oil you if you'd like?" Dragon spa day, yep. Of course, there comes a voice from nearby, one that calls her name, "Whaaaat?" She ducks from under a wing to peer at one of the weyr kids, "The headwoman said she needs you back, Kassala!" Well, at least she hadn't gotten messy with water and oil! Giving Leketh a pat, she sighs, "Sorry, I'll have to buff those claws later maybe, if you'd like?"

It might appear as if J'en wasn't paying attention, but when there is more than a few peaks towards Kassala than was at all necessary, he snaps the fingers of his right hand at Riohra. "Hey, ya got shit to do, never mind checkin' her out. Ya wanna spend the next two sevendays bathin' senile old farts? I can arrange it for ya." Now standing, he places his fists on his hips and glares up at Riohra, sliding golden eyes the way of Kassala but finding that she was not nearly as distracted as her male counterpart. In fact, Leketh was falling in love with her himself, crooning at her adoringly as she sweet talks him and promises him the moon. Well, a talon buffing might be the moon. The weyrbrat's demands get a chuff and wuffle from the dragon half of the pairing, while the 'human' (this is still up to debate, demon might be a more appropriate designation) half snorts. "Just go." Something nasty is mumbled about the headwoman, so perhaps the candidates would not have to be alone in their suffering of him.

Riohra ducks his head but still smiles, try as you want rider man there are scarier things than you that exist. He goes back to his work making sure to keep his mind on his task at hand, he will give Kassala a wave as she has to leave saying "See you at Dinner" he works his way down both sides of the dragon as he goes.

Kassala smiles at Leketh, "Promise, I'll buff them later, after evening meal, if you want." The promise is made with one last scritch of the bronze's head before nodding to J'en, giving him a smile as well, "Thank, sir." A salute follows, and then a wave to Riohra, "Dinner." And with that, the red head is hurrying back towards the living caverns.

The bronzerider grumbles to himself, keeping an eye on Riohra now even as he nods and waves off Kassala, leaving Leketh to croon his thank yous and goodbyes adorably behind her as she retreats back to the weyr. When he's informed that all the trouble spots had been eradicated though, J'en barks up a "Yer done, get down 'ere so 'e can go rinse the sand off" up at the remaining candidate, returning to buckets and stirring up the contents to make sure its all evenly mixed. Leketh is far more patient, waiting for Riohra to put ground beneath his feet once more before shaking off the rope and stepping off to go for a quick little dip, "No chasin' no fish neither, rinse and get back up 'ere so we dun 'aveta be at this all day."

Riohra climbs down quickly, least he be thrown from another dragons side. He will pick up the other supplies, no point in leaving any kind of mess. He will hurry over and stand a good couple of feet from J'en. Man seems to like his space best give it to him, he goes about laying paddles and other things out in a very organized fashion on his long beach towel. Everything in it's place everything has its use.

If only Riohra could somehow know to impart his wisdom of giving J'en space to another of his rank, his gaze following the hunter-candidate to where he comes to stand at a distance, but coming off with the preparation of the paddles. Leketh does as he was bidden, rinsing off and returning with only a light shake that sends thousands of water droplets everywhere to create the briefest of temporary rainbows. The bronzerider appears unphased despite being wetter than he was a moment ago, arms crossed over his bare chest, giving his lifemate a long and partially lidded stony look. Drip. Drip. Drip. His bare back to Riohra, the hunter would be able to see the scar there. Dozens upon dozens of them, paler against the sun-kissed flesh. Varying in length and wide but none particularly wide or very deep, a decade old at least, scattered everywhere in a purposeful and intentional manner. They resemble lashes from a whip or some other device of cruelty, but the dressing on the back of his neck stood out even more, pristinely white beneath his dark hair, except for a dotted ring of dried blood that had seeped to the surface. "Put on a thin even coat, too thick and it'll just make 'im sticky." he says, snagging one of the paddles and getting to work himself on one of Leketh's haunches.

Riohra will glance and at the man in front of him and say "Yes, sir" he takes in the scars with glance at his own back full of thick ones two. Maybe they arnt so different he will grab a paddle and move to the other side of the large dragon. starting at the rear and working his way forward, he is a little slow as he seems to be meticulously making sure there is no dry spots before for moving on to the next area. "So you are aware, Sir. Your bandage is needing a change." His voice is a little far off as he is focused on his work.

J'en is paying no heed to Riohra's own hide, far too busy tending to that of his lifemate's, slowly and carefully smoothing the dragon oil over the section of dragon before him. He might note that the candidate had taken his paddle to the opposing side rather than joining him on this one, but he certainly doesn't appear fault him for it. No orders being barked, or punishments being threatened. Instead, he too moves on but in silence, completing one section before sliding down to the next. Perhaps J'en lets his thoughts wander a bit in front of the pale hued hide stretching out seemingly forever before him, that is until his reverie is disrupted by the hunter's random comment shatters the quiet that had fallen between them. "Unless ya 'ave the supplies and trainin' candidate," he says after a long pause, "Mah dressin' ain't none of yer business." Nope, don't even mention it Riohra, unless of course you happen to fit those requirements by chance.

Riohra is still working slowly and diligently on the dragons hide, being over six feet tall sure does help reach high places. "I am no healer, but i have tended every one of my own injuries. So if you dont mind a scar then yes I do have the requirements, Sir" He isn't even short with him his voice is carefully neutral but still has that annoying helpful quality to it. He moves down to get between the dragons hip joints.

There is no response this time as J'en focuses on getting his half of Leketh nice and oiled before he loses his helping hand to his stomachs cry for food calls him away. He lingers some at his lifemate's head however, using a rag he'd pulled from the pocket of his swim trunks to apply oil to the more delicate areas around his facets that needed it. He does this for both side with clear affection, being lightly nudged and crooned at throughout the process. It'd taken several hours from start to finish, but much quicker than if he had done everything on his own, returning the paddle to the bucket and the rag tucked away. Plopping himself back to the boulder that he'd seated himself upon at the start, a hand makes it about halfway to the bandage at the back of his neck and then falls back into his lap. "When yer done, ya can leave." As flat and cold as ever, getting started with gathering the supplies he'd have to heft back to the weyr.

Riohra finishes up the underside of the dragon, he stands up and brushes off sand from his body well away from the large bronze. He walks over to where the equipment is and wiping down the items he used no point in leaving it for someone else to do. he still gives the man some space saying "I can carry this stuff back for you, sir. I usually do when I help out riders" the offer is still in a neutral tone but he does reach out and lay a fresh bandage and disinfect supplies from his personal gear wrapped in a clean rag next to the man while he finishes gathering his stuff.

Golden eyes shift away from the licking waves rolling up onto the shore only when Riohra puts down the healing supplies, Leketh having started to head off where he can sunbathe some and let all that oiling soak in. It might be thicker than it needed to be in places, but he had no complaints surely. J'en flicks his attention to the candidate, lashes lowering but saying nothing, even as he turns his back on him and straightens out his spine. Again he reaches up, picking at one corner of the dressing and begins to peel it away, revealing what lies beneath. Bite marks, of the full grown adult variety. They were very deep, purple bruised and surrounded in red angry inflammation. "Make it quick and dun touch meh more than ya absolutely 'ave to." he growls low, sounding more like a warning than any anger directed at the hunter-candidate.

Riohra nods and moves behind him, his hands are quick as he takes the old bandage. But also tender as he cleans the would proper, adding a light layer of disinfectant. Once he is satisfied that the wound is clean he will press the new bandage back on to the bronze riders neck. The whole time he wont talk, which is strangely out of character for the young man but hey even he learns. Having finished he will start to rise up and go back to packing and cleaning the equipment for transport.

He remains absolutely still throughout the process of cleaning, disinfecting and reapplication of that bandage. The moment it's done J'en mutters something that might be some form of gratitude but its difficult to say. "I'll leave ya to it then." he says more clearly, shoving himself up and off the rock and following the exact same path that Leketh had gone without a single look back.

Riohra will wait till he is out of eye shot and continue about his task. Once the equipment is packed up and ready to be sent back he will lift up the equipment and carry it back up the beach with him to deliver it back where it belongs casting a small smile at where the rider disappeared off to "He isn't so bad" He will heft the heavy equipment and walk back up the beach to the weyr proper making sure his cargo is delivered back to its owners ledge.

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