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Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Ze'an 's head turns towards Lissi, as if only now just realizing the woman is there, "Err, it's nice to see you ma'am, you look…well." He comments casually before turning towards the Weyrleader. "Finishing…classes…? Finishing what…?" He coughs quietly into his hand, "I don't know, sir. I need a lot of work, I mean, it hasn't been knocked out of me yet, right? You think this will…help?" He shifts uncomfortably in his position. "Be thankful you're not living in my weyr. "

A'ven winks and laughs, "I'm very thankful I'm not living in your weyr.", he says with a long pull of his fingers around his lips to keep from laughing more. "No offense Ze.. I'm sure you're a great man but…" He goes to get Lissi her food, happy to be of assistance there. He brings back some juice, a mild tropical blend, lacking the acids of some of the more common fruits, and a fresh fruit bowl. "Will this do?", he asks. "If it's any indication, I have hardly any decorations in my own weyr. I prefer to live… simply. My mom always said I should have been a Threadfighter… born at the wrong time."

Lissi smiles at Ze'an then looks down at herself and laughs softly, "I look like a three-day-dead herdbeast swollen up in the sun.." she retorts then shakes her head. She nods up at A'ven thankfully, "It's wonderful..thank you so much," she says as she takes up the juice first, drinking down a full drink.

Ze'an shakes his head, "You look wonderful, ma'am, very healthy." He points out and rolls his eyes at A'ven, poking a fork at his food. "My weyrs…a hazard area, that's all I can say. I haven't fixed it up since I moved in, I haven't really seen the point. I'd just destroy anything I'd put in there." He purses his lips a little and pushes his food away.

THUD. That's the sound of something rather heavy being tossed on to one of the tables as the figure of the Weyrwoman goes breezing by, her destination … the klah pitcher where she pours herself a drink, quaffs it down with a few gulps and then pours another serving. This mugful doesn't end up going down the goldrider's gullet, at least not yet. It's carried back rather carefully to that table where she left a thick record book, and claims a seat. Of course, one can't help but overhear the words from the the riders, and she leans against the table, brow quirking upwards at the Weyrleader's words. "Nothin' wrong with livin' frugally," she admits. "Course, it's nicer now that I've got the marks to spend if I want, but …" there's a droll chuckle, "I prefer livin' easy and savin' 'em. Great minds think alike, eh?" Ze'an gets a look, Enka studying him for a minute before she grins widely. "And how's your Orykoth? Still investigatin' every thing he can?" The bluerider's words about destroying things get a sympathetic wince. "How about somethin' you couldn't destroy?" she suggests. But what? That's the million mark question.

A'ven frowns just slightly, "Ze'an you really should eat.", he says gently, noticing that the food is still being ignored. "You'd tell me if it was something serious, wouldn't you?" He turns to Enka, "Maybe his blue is feeling a little off.." A shrug. "What's that you got there, Enka, are you doing some research?" He wrinkles his nose, "Last time I read a book that big was during my Apprentice days.", he says. Lissi's food gets a second look, "Is the fruit really that good?", he asks wanting an opinion. "I don't usually go for too much of it myself but… if you're liking it, that's saying something. Isn't pregnancy supposed to make you picky about your food?"

Lis smiles at Ze'an then as the WW passes by, talking to the gentlemen, she just sips her juice and nibbles quietly on her food, offering a polite nod of her head. She looks to A'ven again and smiles, "It's just fine.. light..I have to eat and it seems to not weigh to much on me.." she explains, eating another bite.

Kyldar comes in and passes by the serving table, heaping a plate with fish and veggies and gravy and grabbing a big mug of juice. She gives a wave to those whom she knows. "Hello, good evening, everyone," she greets cheerily, and plunks herself down in a seat.
V'ine comes walking into the living cavern with a redfruit in hand. He takes a large bite out of it before walking towards a decent sized group. "Why hello everyone. What's everyone up to?" He waves to the whole group in general.

Ze'an's head swivels as more and more people seem to take most of his attention, giving him a dazed expression. "I dunno, Enka, unless it's stone, and even then Orykoth might get into it and break it…" he trails off, "we're pretty good at breaking things. Maybe that's what we should do…a demolition service or something." He laughs a little, turning towards A'ven and then his food. "Yeah. Fine, sir, really." A hand moves through his hair, "Orykoth's fine, he's always fine," Ze'an insists quickly as the subject of his dragon is brought up. "My weyr's pretty bad. It's cold, everything was falling apart even before we moved in, and my cot…welll, I'm thinking about getting a new cot at least. I don't really like sleeping on that thing…"

Kyldar gets up and, if allowed, gives V'ine a big ol' hug. "Hey, deary," she greets. "Just the usual, it looks. Dinner and gossip and all that." To Ze'an: "It looks like you got the short end of some stick there. Most of the weyrs here are pretty decent."

Enka's sips briefly at her klah, makes a bit of a face, and reaches across the table for the nearest sweetener pot, whereupon she begins dumping a couple of spoonfuls in. There's an experimental sip, and she grins in satisfaction. "There's more like it," there's a brief pause, as she sips again, and then: "Just lookin' up some of the Weyr's finances," she says, glancing in A'ven's direction. "Found this big heavy book about the early Turns." Although why she's toting it around with her is anyone's guess. She taps a finger on her chin, frowning thoughtfully. "Stone'd feel awful hard though," she points out, "Maybe somethin' yielding. Like rope. Don't they make rope beds or somethin'?" There's a wave of her free hand for those newly arriving.

A'ven shrugs, and on Lissi's recommendation, gets some fruit for himself. "You sure it's not twins?", he asks her, not at all current on the latest with the pregnancy other than he knows it's somewhat soon. That's pretty obvious. For Ze'an, too, he spares a long thoughtful look, "Maybe you should consider the Minecraft…" He suggests, "Breaking things there is actually a good thing — it's no big deal if you happen to loosen a few rocks." Orykoth might even enjoy digging now and then…" V'ine and Kyldar both get bright waves of greeting, "Hello..", he offers jovially, "… just in time for something to eat." He likes Enka's idea and comments, "Rope? For a bed? I have heard of such a thing. Where did I hear about that? From a Seacrafter maybe…" he muses, and then says about finances, "Finances? What's an old book going to teach you about finances of today? Times were a lot different back then."

V'ine nods his head. "Yes they do Weyrwoman. They are called hammacks. I could get my mother to make a couple for the weyr. She makes enough for my father's ship." He hugs Kyldar back in return. "I would think so." He smiles at Ze'an. "Hey there Ze'an. Thinking of renovating your weyr." He smiles at Enka. "Actually I've been going over Seamounts delievery reports and we've done very well these last few turns. Though I've been outting a lot of extra time into doing more cargo runs then usual. If you want I could get extra copys of the reports drawn up for you Weyrwoman." He nods to A'ven. "Evening A'ven."

Lissi smiles at Enka, "And good eve ta you, Weyrwoman," she says then her eyes lift to V'ine and Kyldar and she smiles to them, lifting a hand to wave. She blinks at A'ven, "Shells no it ain't twins.." she says as if he just threatened her with actual torture. She looks from person to person then takes another drink and sits back, one arm draped over her belly, miserable but trying to hide it with a forced smile.

Ze'an rubs at the back of his head, "A hammock you mean, ma—Enka." See? He's trying to break the habit. "I think that'd be harder to break, and easy to fix…" He trails off, pursing his lips tightly in thought. "It'd be comfier than sleeping up against Orykoth all the time." He turns to A'ven, "A rider in the minecraft? Has that even been done? I mean, wouldn't it get cramped in there?" He tilts his head slightly to the side, and then his attention turns back to V'ine. "Actually, I don't know. I'm afraid of putting new stuff in there. Maybe I should go to that Harper thing A'ven was telling me about…"

Kyldar reseats herself and starts into her meal, munching mouthfuls of fish and veggies. "Well, you probably just need to get that weyr properly furnished and all that. A good cot, or hammock or whatever, a few other comforts. It'll be just as good a home as any." Then: "Well, if you do go, then you'll be in good company. Among harpers, I mean. Of course, I may be a bit biased there."

"Shells," Enka's voice takes on something akin to horror as she turns her eyes towards Lissi, smiling with that faint air sympathy possessed by all females concerning procreation. "I think I'd rebel against my own body," the goldrider states, "havin' twins. What kinda woman would want to put herself through /that/?" She pauses, smiling faintly. "How you doin' though?" There's a sudden nod from the woman, aimed at A'ven, Ze'an and V'ine altogether. "Yeah! That's it, hammocks. Could just string one up, right? Hard to break cause you can't jump on it." Sure, ropes could snap, but that's easily mended, right? "I just like readin' old things," Enka comments to the Weyrleader. "Helps me learn stuff." But is it something important?

A'ven smiles to V'ine in kind for his nod, "Good to see you… yes! Hammocks… I knew it had something to do with the Seacraft. The motion of the ocean, you know, can't get anything to stay put anyway so the beds just sway." He winces a little as Lissi reacts to his notion of twins, "Sorry…", he says with a little apologetic smile. "I certainly hope your baby is healthy.", he says, "But I have to encourage you just the same to bring them in for a checkup after a while… or I wouldn't be much of a Healer." "I'd say about three weeks after the baby is born hmmm?" he suggests with a nod. A'ven confirms for Ze'an, "There have been Minecraft riders.", he nods. "The dragons don't go underground… I don't.. think.. but they can sure do some surface digging if called upon." He chuckles as Ze'an also talks about charm classes. "Might do you some good…", he comments again but not unkindly. He looks at Kyldar, "That's right, you're a Harper.", he says as if only now noticing the knot. "Hmm… do you play an instrument or what is your talent Kyldar?", he asks and then adds, "I'm afraid that's just the point Ze'an's so sure that even his own shadow is going to break things he doesn't want to decorate his weyr with anything nice, at least that's the way I'm hearing him, right?" "I've got nothing against reading at all.", he agrees, "Wish I had more time to do it, actually… but then, I guess you have to make time…"

Lissi grins crookedly at Enka then nods, "Has ta be a boy.." she murmurs. Cause boys are trouble! "I'm alrigh but ready ta have this baby..feels way ta overdue but I see the healers tamorra can hope.." She shifts uncomfortably in her chair and then sighs, "I canna sit here.. gonna go try ta lay down a while..and aye, I promise I'll bring the lil ones ta see ya A'ven.." she says with an appreciative smile. She grins some, "L'ton's eldest is weyrmate to a Miner..he's a wher handler..odd creatures those.." she comments. "But he brings back the prettiest stones.." she says with a fond look to her ring. "Annaway.. everraone cross yer fingers..tamorra.." and she lifts a hand to wave in parting.

Kyldar munches down more fish and veggies. "My talent?" she says to A'ven after swallowing. "Well, I'm specializing in composition in my Hall studies, but I can sing fairly well, and I do play gitar and harp." To Enka and Ze'an. "Yeah, a hammock can be comfortable enough. Not really the /epitome/ of comfort necessarily but they can also make an interesting touch in home furnishing or whatever."

V'ine nods to A'ven. "Got that right. It's a seacraft thing." He nods to Lissi as she goes to leave. "Have a good night Lissi." He smiles to the rest of the group. "So then Ze'an being scared of breaking things which is hardly the worst thing that could happen." He takes another bite of his fruit. "So A'ven I would like to speak to you about some things I've been noticing from Seamount wing at some later time."

There's a sudden look to A'ven for that revelation, "That's it! That's totally it, sir. That's why things just seem to break around me, it's my shadow doing it!" Ze'an suddenly bursts into laughter, rubbing at his sides at the thought. "A hammock…comfy and not as destructable as a bed, plus easy to mend and get another. I like that idea, maybe I'll look for one in the storage caverns later…" he trails off, rubbing at his chin in thought, "I dunno, I'll try a couple of things, go to that…school…see if that works out. Can't hurt to try…right?" Right.

A'ven comments after Lissi has gone, "It probably is a boy.", he says, wondering if there's betting to be had over the event. Kyldar gets a raised eyebrow, "Composition.. hmm.. is that songs or does that mean thins like speeches too? I sure could use some help

Kyldar says to A'ven: "Well, songs mainly, but speeches would not be much of a stretch from there, I would think." She takes a long swig of her juice, eats a couple forkfuls of fish, then takes a bit more juice. To Ze'an: "So, problem solved." Grin. "And do do something about that shadow."

Enka hefts both hands skywards, displaying crossed fingers for the pregnant greenrider, with a call of "Know how you feel though. Hated waddlin' around. Hope it's all over you soon." There's another encouraging and sympathetic smile from the weyrwoman, and she glances over at A'ven. "Seems like all I do is read," she states simply enough. "Readin' this dispatch, that report, or some message or another. Aint much good at figures though, so that's why I'm lookin' at this," she pats the top of the big heavy book as if it were an old friend. "Hopin it'll keep me from makin' mistakes." She chuckles then, glancing sideways at Ze'an. "Can't hurt one bit," the young woman agrees. "Gotta try everythin' ya can if you want."

V'ine smiles at the weyrleader and weyrwoman. "Well as I've stated to Rea and A'ven before. If you ever need any assistance just ask me. I'll help you to the best of my abilities." He grins before snaping his fingers. "Oh A'ven. Glyith hasn't finished his telekinesis training has he? Well me and Rauxith are willing to help finalise things and Enka you can bring your gold if you want. See if she can learn."

A'ven comments after Lissi has gone, "It probably is a boy.", he says, wondering if there's betting to be had over the event. he muses. He chuckles at Ze'an, "Your shadow, of course! Shadows are evil…" he smiles "I do think you'd have fun trying… and they tell me that Moyrel is very patient with new students… those she's not patient with she simply hands off to Alisar for tenderizing.." He grins. His face falls a little as Kyldar admits that his speeches are his own problem. Hmm. "Mistakes? Oh goodness no, people make mistakes sure, but we're family… family forgives most of the little ones." To V'ine's latest comment he adds, "Aye, he started the training but somehow he didn't think he was very good at it… maybe he needs a little encouragement." A shrug.. "Something with Seamount you say?", he asks the same rider, referring to something earlier, "Why of course, you and I can talk about that anytime." He reassures.

Kyldar looks back and forth between Enka and V'ine. "Mm. Everyone is keeping up in their work it seems. So far all I've had lately is the usual drills. Of course, I'll be called to action in earnest one of these days, so I guess I need to be on the up and up." She looks toward the exit, whither Lissi has left. "Mm. Everyone seems to think it's a boy." To V'ine: "Hm, I really need to get Sinasapelth into those telekinesis lessons. They seem interesting." Finally to A'ven: "You need a speech written?"

Ze'an nods his head and pushes himself to his feet, "I think I'll go check the storage caverns, or something." he murmurs, conveniently forgetting about the food tha the hasn't touched. He grins at A'ven, nodding his head enthusiastically. "Yes. My shadow. I should have known it all along." He laughs, but that quickly dies out as he purses his lips. "Well, it wouldn't hurt to try, I'll go and see if they can tenderize it out of me. Or something." A hand runs through his hair briefly.

V'ine nods his head to A'ven. "Well I'll find a time to arrange a meeting with you and the weyrwoman. I realise this is normally done by the wingleader but I though I would take some responsiblity apon myself." He turned to face Kyldar. "It's been a while since we have talked. What have you been up to dear?"

"Well," Enka's fingers drum on the cover of the big heavy book again, "mistakes can't hurt too much, now can they?" she regards A'ven for a moment, and then shrugs. "Doubt anyone's family'd forgive anyone if they forgot to carry a one and ended up costin' the family half a Turn's pay, huh?" Not that Enka would make a mistake that drastic? Surely not! V'ine gets a curious look. "Mir might like that sorta thing," she admits thoughtfully. "I've got some free time in my day, even if it means I gotta stop readin' long enough to take a break. Maybe we'll show up for trainin'. Where do ya usually hold it?" Enka taps a finger on her chin again, glancing at Kyldar. "Me, I'm just settlin' into my duties," she offers a cheeky sort of a grin. "But it aint hard, and I know what to do." In theory anyway. Another look for V'ine as he mentions meetings. "Oh aye, y'do that. Can have a nice chat and talk things over." She means it, of course. That's when Ze'an gets a jaunty little wave. "You get that shadow under control, eh. And tell him not to make ya break things." There's a sympathetic smile from the woman. "Hope you find what you're lookin' for in the stores." She's given her blessing for that, just right there.

Kyldar says to V'ine, "Just fine, thanks. A bit tired, the wing wears me down quite a bit sometimes, but otherwise just fine. You?" To Enka she says, "Well, y'know, since I had been doing so much relief work at Ista at the time, I figured Archipelago would seem natural enough. I don't regret the choice. In fact it's good that I have the wing to keep me on my toes."

V'ine nods at Enka. "Well I normally hold it down at the lagoon shore. I'll have Rauxith bring extra items and I'll go find a couple of the detectors and see if your dragon has the ability." He grins and makes sure no one tells Enka what the detectors are. "As for the meeting I'll gather my reports and have everything set for a nice meeting. Oh right I haven't mentioned my name yet have I? I'm V'ine rider of Brown Rauxith."

Enka returns the brownrider's nod. "All right, if Mir and I have the time, we'll be down there." her fingers inch towards the mug of klah again, and a healthy swig is taken. "Would appreciate that, " she remarks, the topic concerning the meeting noted and then she's pressing on. "Oh," the goldrider's lips twitch slightly, perhaps even in some amusement. "I remember watchin' you impress," she says, "shards, was turns ago." Even before Enka herself did. "You probably don't remember me because you were talkin' to other people. But I was there at the feast. Nice t'meet ya." Again. Sort of.

Kyldar says to V'ine, "Well, you're still getting new students in this draconic telekenisis thing. I'll definitely have to sign Sinasapelth up." To Enka: "On that note, weren't you at Ista back then?"

V'ine snaps his fingers before looking at Enka. "That's right. You were still a candidate. Well that was around four turns ago. Time flys right." He nods to Kyldar. "Yes you can join the class."

"Yup," Enka's words are a little chirrup. "Just arrived there, after the big earthquake that brought down Red Sands Hold." the goldrider shrugs, frowning at the recollection of that less than happy event. "But I weren't gonna complain. Came here with my friends to watch the eggs hatch, and saw the both of ya get dragons." V'ine gets a little grin then, and a shake of her head. "Hadn't even been Searched yet." she supplies the brownrider with that tidbit of information. "But time sure does fly. Ellamariseth hadn't even risen yet back then."

Kyldar nods. "Yeah, the earthquake that had me doing that aforementioned relief work. Well, that and the flood." She smiles a bit, forks up some veggies, and leans back in her seat a little. "Yeah, I was the last one to Impress. I was just about to give up, and then all of a sudden there as the last dragon, calling me back. Needless to say, I couldn't resist."

V'ine nods. "I was the only one to impress brown in my group." He smiles before finishing his redfruit and giving Kyldar a kiss if permitted. "Well I've got reports to go over. Have a good evening everyone."

Enka regards Kyldar for a long moment. "You did more than I did to help," she remarks. On the other hand, the girl that Enka had been then had been one of those trapped inside the hold, having to have been pulled out. "But guess I coulda done more if I hadn't had to be rescued myself." She offers the greenrider a half smile. "Mir was one of the last in her clutch to hatch." That's when V'ine gets a look. "Oh, I remember. Saw the whole thing from the galleries."

Kyldar gives a nod to V'ine. "Good night to you, then. You go get some rest." To Enka: "Well, I hope I did well. I mean, y'know, I was just trying to do something to make the world a little better, and all that."

"I'm sure you did," Enka remarks, taking a few remaining gulps of her klah, and then reaching over to heft the big heavy book she'd recently tossed onto the table. "The world needs more people like you, takin' care of people and helpin' them out when there's a problem." Her chair scrapes, the woman rises to her feet. "Well, better get back to my readin'," she remarks. "See you around."

Kyldar nods and sighs. "Yeah, well, y'know I just needed to do something. Anyway, now I'm here, maybe having a dragon will help me be able to do more. It's the kind of thing my wing does, y'know. It's been all too quiet of late, though. Kind of eerie, that."

"Careful what you wish for," Enka's parting words are given as the goldrider pauses at the entrance to the caverns. "Might be quiet now, but shards, we could all wake up tomorrow with a crisis on our hands and you'll be run ragged helpin' out." she winks. "Take care." And with that, she's gone, back out into the bowl.

Kyldar nods. "Good night to you."

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