Some New Faces

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl

This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

It is a hot day, but this is quite normal in Western standards. It is just after lunch and many people are filtering out of the living caverns to return to work or go about their perspective duties, or free time, really depending on their line of work. Kiley is among the few who have free time, so she is wandering about and enjoying the weather to the fullest from the lazy stride that brings her father from the living caverns. Her gaze occasionally flickers up towards the sky in consideration of the weather and dragons that come and go with the occasional thoughtful tilt of her head before a smile settles upon her lips and spreads into a wider one of bliss. Though her gaze never lingers for too long so that she may fix her path and avoid any oncoming traffic, not wanting to damage her laptop in any sort of way despite the padding of her carrying case, one can never be too safe.

Dressed simply, in a no sleeve shirt, its more of a breast-band really, Orlaithe stands in the bowl sorting through what look too be a bag of stones. Just sitting offto the side.

Padding along from the direction of the caverns is one short little weyrbrat - except he's more short than little, really. Patori is well into his late teens, though the lad's height seems to have been left a couple of turns back, as he couldn't make it to the shoulders of most boys his age. Pat is among the post-lunch crowd filtering out to do whatever, dressed in a loose, light shirt with short sleeves and missing buttons at the collar, pants threadbare at the knees, even his shoes badly scuffed and looking half a size too large for his feet. He wanders a bit aimlessly, peeking absently over his shoulder at Orlaithe and that bag of stones, eyebrows lifting curiously, though he has to quickly sidestep, almost talking into Kiley over there. Oops. "Oh! Hi-" recognition flickers, the boy blurting out a rather blank, "It's you."

Tineska has just recently come from the beach and thus is clad in only a pale green bikini and a grey towel which is casually wrapped around her waist. Her face lights up when she recognizes a fellow member of the ComputerCraft, and she greets Kiley with a wave of her hand. "Hello, Journeyman!" she calls out with a bit of exuberance before taking in the rest of the area. Her face twists quizically at Orlaithe and the bag of stones before her gaze catches Patori and offers him a friendly smile.

Kiley's gaze comes to rest briefly upon Orlaithe and her bag of stones with a curious uplift of her brows. There's silence for a moment as if debating with herself before Patori is breaking her silence with a squeak as he almost walks right into her. There's a quick shift and her laptop case is then held closer to her body and she gives the young man a wary little look before relaxing. "It is. I believe we have run into one another quite a few times without exchanging names, hm?" But, she smiles and inclines her head just so. "Kiley." She supplies after a moment before attention is drawn over towards Tineska as she greets her with title. There's another smile given to the younger and she inclines her head in a greeting while one hand briefly lifts away from the laptop case before pressing back down to secure it more firmly to her side. "Apprentice." And then, curiosity must be sated for she approaches the nanny with her bag of rocks. "What is it that you are doing?"

Orlaithe looks up. She smiles. "Sorting stones." she explains softly finding another larger wrong she brings the large rock down on it and breaks it open. She holds it ippen. "See." she says the inside of the stone is rather pretty colored stone. "Picking out 'scrap stones' for a project."

Patori returns Tineska's smile, just faintly, the weyrbrat bobbing his head to both computercrafters, and then looking a little sheepish. "I'm Patori," he mumbles, extending the introduction to the others with another slight smile, turning to Kiley with a softer, "Um, could you tell your friend thanks for me, if you see him? I think I kind of owe him one," hand brought up to rub the back of his neck. "Nice to meet you," is added quickly, though his gaze is drawn to Orlaithe and the bag of stones, his own curiosity sparked. "What kind of project?" eyebrows lift, the boy leaning closer to peer at the colored stone, "Where'd you find those?"

Tineska's smile broadens, clearly pleased at the reactions of the others. She nods at the offering of a name, and in turn offers her own to the group. "Tineska, at your service!" She moves next to Patori, compelled to peer into Orlaithe's bag as well, checking out the Nanny's collection of stones. "Pretty! Yes, what have you got planned?" Suddenly and abruptly, her attention turns to Kiley's laptop, and the young apprentice's eyes light up. She reaches toward it, then catches herself. "Oh, you've got your laptop with you! What kind of processor are you running in that? How much memory? I left mine back in my room.."

Kiley's brows lift further for the woman's explanation, as brief as it is at first before she goes on. "Ah. I see." Pause, "so the insides are not really worth anything, then? Or…" there's a tilt of her head as she considers again. Though she's drawn from those thoughts be Patori speaking and she nods, "well met, Patori." The talk of the other brings a shy little smile to her lips and she nods, "I will tell him when I see him next, which should be at some point this week. Or, you could simply find us when he's in and say it yourself? It is more heartfelt that way?" Shoulders drop into a slight shrug and she gives a slight smile towards the younger man. Though her gaze is drawn over towards the apprentice who reaches forward, mouth opening and then oh so carefully angling herself to keep the laptop case out of reach. "Yes. I use it for programming on the go. Being that Western has so few computers, it is easier just to use the laptop. But, hopefully with some work the Weyr will catch up technologically. Weyrwoman Enka's already bringing it forward, there just needs to be more eventually." As for her laptop? She's listing off the specs without hesitation and smiling brighter.

Orlaithe raises her eyes after a few more well-struck stones and seperating out the colored bits. "Ahh, Orlaithe." she stands slowly. "A pleasure." she says "Where'd I get them? They're left overes from the shipment of stones for the weyr's jewelers and the crafters around the area.. I asked for any stones that weren't up to quality of flawed in some way. I take them and make art.. or make the little children pretty baubles they otherwise wouldn't have."

Patori bobs his head again, to Tineska, at her greeting, offering her a another faint smile, and glancing between the computercrafters. The talk of memory and laptop specs eanrs only a bit of a blank look, the boy nevertheless tilting his head briefly to peek at the laptop case, at least somewhat curiously. He doesn't ask, though, turning back to watch Orlaithe and the stones. "Oh," he nods somewhat, "That's really nice of you." The making them into baubles for the littles, at least. Kiley's suggestion of thinking Nikolas himself has the boy's eyes widening some, though, and he mumbles a hasty, "No, I probably won't see him," pausing a second to shift awkwardly and tuck hands in his pockets, admitting with a half-sheepish mumble, "He's kind of scary." Or maybe just tall. COmpared to Patori, probably tall. There's some nibbling of his lower lip, before he ventures, "Do you think he'll.. tell off those boys again?" Somebody doesn't stand up too well, to seems.

The younger Computercrafter gleefully takes in Kiley's specs. "Wow! That sounds like quite a machine! I was so happy when my mother was posted here, there is so much going on, technology-wise. Way more interesting than Mom's dolphins. My laptop, it's really just a box of broken parts. I'm sure I can make it run, though. That would require a harddrive, screen, motherboard, CPU, and such, but..maybe one day." She looks a bit sad as she rambles off the myriad of parts the "laptop" would still require, but she does appear determined to make it happen. She eventually returns her focus to Orlaithe and the stones.. "Art? I would love to see what you do with them when you're done. Let me know when it is completed." She hasn't completely been paying attention to the conversation between Patori and Kiley, but she looks confused by his last words, and can't help but inquire. "Tell them off? Why don't you do that?"

"Well met, Orlaithe." She inclines her head in greeting and considers the stones as the other woman rises to her feet. Kiley smiles then and nods to the explanation, "that sounds really nice that you would do something like that for them." As for Patori's reaction, the computer crafter chuckles just a bit and offers him a smile. "You should, really. If you're thankful and it meant a lot to you. But, if you don't show up, I'll let him know." Fingers tap along the case and she lets out a laugh for his admittance, "he isn't that scary. I imagine that he'd tell them off again if they cause you a problem and you have to hide under his table again." Her shoulder shrugs at this reasoning and she offers another smile towards the young man though it fades as brows are drawn into a frown, "are they giving you trouble again?" While the concern still lingers, Tineska's enthusiasm brightens her expression. "That sounds like you have a lot of work on your hands. Will you be fixing it yourself, then? That is quite the project to undertake, but if you do it well, you'll have a wonderful computer at your side when you're a Journeyman." Though the final question from the girl has her lips pressing into a thin line before she speaks. "They were treating him poorly." In the bowl is a gathering of four people, two computer crafters though of different rank, a weyrbrat, and a nanny. It is after lunch and the sun still shines brightly upon the Weyr.

Patori perks a bit, at something Tanika says, eyes flickering back to the apprentice computercrafter with a quiet, "Your mom's a dolphincrafter? You're lucky," though any trace of a smile disappears when the girls start asking about him. "N- No, I can't," tell them off, apparently, "I mean, um." Hands shove deeper in his pockets as shoulders hunch, the weyrbrat looking somewhat awkward, promising quickly to Kiley, "I won't hide under the table again." And then he goes somewhat pink in the face, mumbling a hasty, "They weren't- it was just.. a misunderstanding." Poor boy, he looks like he's like to backpedal now. There's a darting look sent at the post-lunch crowd still filtering out of the living caverns, though he doesn't yet make to flee, if only for politeness' sake, offering the girls a slightly embarrassed smile, "Anyway, it wasn't a big deal. I was just wondering." The two computercrafters are standing off to the side somewhere with the short weyrbrat, the boy again nibbling his lower lip.

A pair of middle-aged men are of those that trickle out from the living caverns. There is a brief conversation once they've crossed the threshold of the bowl, with the apparent eldest, whom wears an master craftsman knot, claps the other, an exotic looking fellow whose wearing an Ierne knot woven in a traditional dragonrider knot. They part with the eldest shuffling off at a quick pace toward the most likely direction that the craft building is at. This leaves A'dmar clasping his hands behind his back to watch the other swiftly attend to business, the rider eventually pivoting once the master crafter is out of sight. A languid stride takes him closer toward the cluster of younger people, a cautious and most suspicious eye is given them, as if not entirely trusting of the actions of weyrbrats and the like. Still, he wanders there way, if only because there is a dragon in the background they might not have noticed in the general throng of weyr traffic.

Tineska flashes Patori a bittersweet smile at the mention of her mother, and addresses the both of them. "Yes, she's one of the journeymen here. Yoko, that's her dolphin's name. They do search and rescue stuff. She's disappointed that I turned out to be a computer geek, but once I manage to get my computer working, maybe she'll change her tune." As to Patori's apparent mistreatment, she offers a hand. "I'll help you. My father…he was a bit of a roughouser. He tought me how to fight. I can show you a few moves sometime, if you like—" She breaks off as the man approaches their little cluster. Taking note of the knot he bears, she offers him her usual jubilant greeting. "Hello!" It's almost /too/ jubliant, and could be considered annoying.

"Oh!" There's a sudden realization and she looks to Tineska. "Maybe your mother knows Jeyinshi. She's been posted here for awhile yet." Kiley notes rather cheerfully, before attention settles upon Patori. "Wonderful, you shouldn't hide under tables in general." But, her tone isn't one of lecture, instead she simply smiles before brows are drawing into a frown. "If you say so, then it was a misunderstanding." She doesn't appear willing to fight this, or to send the boy running. "You can speak to him. I'm sure he won't mind." Her attention shifts to consider the rider as her approaches, brows lift and then cheeks suddenly flush a dark shade and her laptop is held a little closer to herself. Her gaze settles on the younger crafter for a moment, brows furrowing but not saying too much. "Well, my parents didn't agree with my decision on a Craft, just do what you enjoy."

The jubliant greeting is matched with a visible disapproval, a scowl that sets the corners of his lips down. While he could have simply gone on his way and ignored the vicarious welcome, A'dmar draws his strides to a close, tipping his head at the group of younger folk. Considering the welcome came from Tineska, that is whom gets his own greeting, albeit stiff and toneless compared to the girls, "Afternoon." Eventually Patori falls under his scrutiny, a brow arching ever so slightly, likely to have picked up on some of the conversation surrounding him, not that the ridre makes a comment toward it. Why he lingers, there is no reason. Yet he does. And he invites himself to comment on something that Kiley says, in an aloof manner, "Your parents may have good intentions, though you should all consider what you yourselves are best at and strive for that goal instead. There is no point wasting your talents on attempting to pursue a dream that isn't of your making." That would be experience talking.

Patori doesn't notice the approacing Iernean rider, nor any nearby dragons, there generally being a lot of the latter around the bowl. He does blink at Tineska though, mumbling out a, "She didn't want you to be a computercrafter," eyebrows lifting slightly, but he doesn't comment further, instead coloring even more at the offer if a hand, "Noo.. no, it's fine. Really!" Look at those ears, bright as a redfruit. "I don't fi-" and then he;s edging behind Kiley. Because Kiley is safe. Also not suggesting trying to fight big scary boys. He'll just peek past her at the rider once people greet the man, bobbing his head politely, and then telling the woman, "I'll.. um. Talk to him." Incoherent mumbemumble.

Kiley tilts a slight look towards A'dmar, saying nothing as fingers tighten around the laptop case and she offers a smile. "It is better to do something you enjoy rather than chasing after something you have a hard time understanding or grasping or you show no interest in. Because you could do poorly with something you don't want to be studying." There's a glance over her shoulder as Patori begins to hide behind her, though she doesn't chance in expression much except for the addition of amusement that settles in. "Good." She smiles and then relents and allows him to stand there without much fanfare or fuss. She instead shifts focus to Tineska. "Jeyinshi is wonderful. She's training her dolphin partner in search and rescue, he's still young though." There's no comment aboutgreenriders, instead smiling with encouragement. "Just do what you enjoy." As for the fighting, she considers Pat and then looks back to Tineska, "I don't believe that he wants to. It is his choice, maybe he will change his mind later."

It is likely that A'dmar does not recall Kiley, so her reaction goes unnoticed other than her words bring around a chin drop of agreement and praise, with a hint of change in his tone, spoken a note higher, "Wise words. Your friends would do good to acknowledge them." Again, scrutiny for the hiding Patori, no empathy given, just a mild look of irritation at the cowardice. "Enjoy the afternoon," he speaks with a traditional edge to his otherwise steely voice, currently distracted with his responsibilities, such would be the task of a rider to look after his dragon. It would be toward a medium ranged black-copper dragon that he drifts, a hand reaching up to grapple at the riding straps as he bounds up the beast. Yarovith, his lifemate, lumbers toward an area that is clear of people before he leaps upward, large wings gusting winds at those upon the ground. An apologetic creel rebounds to those on the land, winging off toward the bowl rim.

"I can't swim at all," Patori pipes up, from more or less behind Kiley, "But the dolphincrafter girl, um," a glance between the two computercrafters, "I don't remember her name, but ..she told me the dolphins could teach me how to swim." He fidgets, hand tugged from his pocket to brush back through unruly hair, shifting where he stand (or hides). Catching his bottom lip briefly between his teeth, the weyrbrat considers, eyes taking in Tineska, with some indecision. "You could.. maybe teach me how to? I've never hit anyone," glancing again between the girls, the color in his face still more toward redfruit hued. He watches the rider go, peerng at the man till he leaves, and then tilts his head, shrugging and mumbling, "Who was that?" Not that he really knows any of them.

Tineska shrugs at Patori. "It's up to you, I guess. Just don't let them get the best of you." She peers around Kiley to add about the dolphins, "It's true, they can try. They never had a lot of luck with me. I was a swimming jinx." She gives a nod to the Bronzerider as he leaves, and shrugs again at the weyrbrat. "I don't know, but I guess I should head out myself. Going to do some more work on the computer before dinnertime." She gives an appreciative nod to Kiley. "I appreciate your encouragement. And perhaps I could bring my stuff by and see if you have any pointers for me?" She waits for an answer before heading off towards the caverns to dry off and change clothes.

Kiley relaxes when A'dmar's tone shifts into a higher one, nodding at the approval he gives. Fingers still play along the case of her laptop, giving a nod as the man takes off. Brows furrow and a hand lifts to briefly settle in her hair as the bronze takes off but her gaze doesn't linger as attention is drawn back tot he boy behind her. "Jeyinshi? She would know, and she's the only dolphineer that I know and she's nice. You should learn how to swim, though, it is an important skill." There is no protest as he asks to learn, instead, sidestepping so that he may more fully visible to the other computer crafter. "I'm not sure. He's a rider who seems to constantly be in a rather sour mood." She nods confirmation to the other crafter, "of course. Feel free to find me if you need anything." There's a wave of farewell and she smiles warmly.

Patori is totally nibbling his lower lip, almost-maybe-possibly-kinda considering Taniska's words, though he doesn't have an immediate reply for her. He does, however, shyly raise a hand with a mumbled, "Was.. noce to meet you," to the apprentice as she heads off, turning to Kiley to nod a bit, "I think it was her. She was talking to dolphins on her cot. I mean, talking their language, I think. It sounded.. odd." He's still mumbling, though at least is edging out from behind her now. He'll just nod about the swimming, totally not looking at Kiley as she sidesteps.

Kiley peeks over at Patori with a curious lift of her brows before she chuckles, "Dolphins have their own language, I'm certain that ours sounded weird to them at one point in time." This is a thoughtful musing, tilting curiously as she looks to him once more. "You're okay, Patori." She decides simply and then gives him a brief little wave. "I will let you know when Nikolas is around." She promises as she makes her way towards the other end of the bowl and then off to get some extra work done.

Patori nods slowly, glancing of toward the direction of the beach, somewhat thoughtful now. He's turning to blink at Kiley at her apparent decision about him, hesitating a moment before he mumbles, "Um. So are you?" and then is bobbing his head with a soft, "Okay." The weyrbrat turns and padpads off to the beach, possibly going to visit those dolphins. Or maybe just escaping from the crowd in the caverns.

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