Sun, Sand, Chores, Eggs, Flirting.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

It's another of those disgustingly beautiful days at Half Moon Bay Weyr. The sky is crystal blue and almost cloudless, the surf sparkles in the sun, and there is a hint of breeze to keep the bugs at bay. Mid-morning, the sun is still in it's upwards climb and the humidity has not gotten bad yet. It's Sevran's day off, and he's decide to spend it on the beach, laying out in the sun to soak up the early rays and just… be lazy. Because there is no better way to spend a day off than napping.

It's no day off for Catwin, but she's just got done with helping care for the old ones. She's weary from her late night with them and an early morning with them. But for now, her time is her own and she's headed out into the light of day. Which really doesn't do much for mking her look better. Other than emphasizing the dark circles that just won't go away. Along the beach she walks, skirt slipping across the sand. She's got her bottle of 'medicine' and she's looking to enjoy ot peacefully.

There's a mighty yawn from the butcher-candidate, and one hand lifts to rub across his forehead, little bits of sand dribbling down to land in his hair. Thankfully his eyes are closed, so Sevran does not get the grit in there. With a little grump, he pushes himself up onto his elbows and glances around. Maybe he wasn't actually napping. Another grunt, and he sits up, as if the effort of moving himself is almost not worth it. And then Catwin is spotted. There's a moment of hesitation, a second in which he decides whether or not to say hi, but eventually he gives in and raise a hand in her direction. "Hey, Cat," he calls.

Lost in her own thoughts Catwin doesn't notice Sevran at all until he calls her name and then she see's raising his hand. She hesitates a moment herself. Socializing hasn't gone exactly very well of late, but then she's moving over his way. "Hello, Sevran." she murmurs softly as she gets close enough. There's an awkward pause and then she inquires polightly "Beautiful day today, isn't it?"

"Suppose it is," Sevran agrees with a grin, leaning back on his elbows again. Cause sitting up is just too much work. "Though, doesn't look like you're enjoying it much," he notes. The bottle in her hand is given a cursory look, but no comment or reaction. Nope. He's just noticing, nothing more. "Sit?" he offers, shifting a little so that he can reach out and pat at the sand. "Sand's still a bit cool."

Catwin settles down, spreading her skirt around her. "Well, morning started very early. Seems the old ones don't sleep terribly late for the most part. Or long for that matter. She notices the look at the bottle and she eyes it. "Just beer, nothing big. My 'medicine' so to speak. Though I must say after this morning, I wish I had something stronger. " she groans a little "The stuff that comes out of their.. well I don't think dinner agreed with too many of them, lets just say that."

Sevran offers her a look of sympathy. "Sorry to hear it. I'm usually a morning person myself, but, well," and he shrugs and leaves that thought unfinished, expression flickering towards serious for the barest of moments. "Didn't know they took that salute-stuff so serious, didja?" he continues, teasing mildly. Apparently, word has gotten around about Cat's unfortunate encounter in the living caverns. "If it makes you feel better, I forget all the time."

Catwin coughs a little as she takes a drink from her bottle. A small sip really. Making it last. "I think it was less that, than how I went about it." she murmurs. "Though, J'en does have a point. Proper curtesy and all." she shakes her head "I handled it rather badly, and it's not the first time really. One of the reasons I really haven't achieved my Mastery." she notes quietly and shrugs some. "Mornings aren't usually so bad, but in general I'm in bed earlier than I was to get up so early."

"Mm," is Sevran's intelligent response to that, offering an awkward one-shouldered shrug. He watches her curiously, eyes squinting against the bright morning light. "What did you do? I mean, I heard what you did, but really, the rumors are probably exaggerated. I mean, you didn't actually throw your food at him, right?"

Catwin stares "No! I didn't throw my food!" she exclaims and then she looks sheepish. "Though I may have brandised it at him. But I think the worst was I got a little snarky and flippant." she murmurs softly "Not one of my better moments. I also called him a bully and told him I'd rather look the the unmentionable regions of the old ones instead of his gloomy face." She actually blushes deeply at that. "I regretted it almost instantly. But, what can I do? It was said, I pologized and I gotta take my medicine so to speak. A month's worth of cleaning them all up."

Sevran grins, humor in his expression. "That's probably just as bad. And I can't believe you said that about his face. And too his face, too," he continues, looking entirely too amused. "I really, really wish I could've seen it," he admits. "His bronze Leketh searched me. He was all ice, then." With a sigh, he falls back onto the sand, as if the effort of holding himself more upright is too difficult. Arm flops over his eyes, blocking the sun. But rest assured, he's still paying attention. "You're taking it pretty well, I'd say," he compliments. "I mean… considering how you could be handling it."

Catwin gazes out onto the water and is silent for a few moments. "Well, it could be worse. And for the most part they seem just lonely and thus are very chatty." She murmurs, not even going into the actions of some of the geezers, though a cold shudder runs through her. "He can be pretty decent, though he is pretty touchy as well." She sighs "I knew this and yet I did the exact thing I knew would piss him off. I dunno why I did it." She shakes her head and then peers at Sevran "So, what did you get saddled with?"

"You knew him?" And this information has Sevran pulling his arm back and eyeballing the other candidate with a hard look. "You know him?" Subtle difference in the questions, but it's there. He's quiet for a moment, either lost in thought or considering her words. There's a long, drawn out pause before he answers. "A sevenday of latrines. It was actually my very first sevenday of Candidacy, too. A nice little welcome to the new life." He smirks, humor returning as he settles that arm back over his eyes. "Think I got a better deal than you. A sevenday's not that long."

Catwin hmms a little and nods "Indeed. I do." she cracks a bit of a smile "Just don't ever say he looks kinda cute when he's snuggling his loved one." she murmurs softly. Oh the things you see when you spend much of your free time on the beach. "But yeah, a sevenday of latrine duty isn't all that bad. Most people are pretty good at getting things where they need to go. The aunties and uncles? They can't always make it in time, and the mess?" she shudders "You can't hardly imagine the amount that can come out, and if they've eaten something that disagrees with them? I had to clean up the walls and the floors." She grins a little "Though, one of the aunties. Such a sweetie. Was bathing her and she lifts up her breasts and says 'Don't forget to wash under here, dear. I've got a date.'"

"Snuggling?" repeats Sevran, as if doubtful . There's a quirk to his eyebrow, though it's probably hidden by his arm, but the smirk is there for the world to see. "Yeah. I have a feeling that would not go over so well," he agrees. And for some reason, he seems to find this thought extremely amusing. But his laughter is for her retelling of the aunties exploits. "Oh! That's hilarious! I hope, for her sake, she really did have a date. Honest. Old people need love too, right?"

Catwin nods a little "Oh indeed. Him and Taeski, who can also be quiet touchy too." she murmurs quietly. "But we had a bit of a truce for a bit there. Course, that also centered on both of us being well into our cups before saying anything to each other. But well" she shrugs a little "Circumstances sort of prevent that." She hmms a little "I think so, one of the uncles was spiffing himself up as well and they were sitting next to each other telling each other stories. So I think it went rather well for them."

There's a thoughtful, maybe even confused, look on Sevran's face. Some thought chewing around in his brain that never makes it out into the open. After another long pause, he shrugs a shoulder, which turns into a whole body wiggle into the sand, using the grains to scratch at his back. "That's kinda sweet," he decides of the oldies. "Just goes to show that love can happen for anyone, you know?" Maybe he's a romantic? "I never saw my parents snuggle," he offers at random. "Course. They usually weren't together longer than it took to make a baby."

Catwin hmms and shrugs "Snuggling is certainly not for everyone, most are probably much to busy for it anyways." She flicks a bit of sand off her skirt. "My parents have been known to cuddle each other alot." she grins "Well, my mother mainly. Father just let it happen, because it kept him out of trouble." She's silent for a few moments "So, anyone you were snuggling with before you got tapped as a candidate?" she asks after a moment. Trying to be sociable and all. "Seems a lot of the candidates were in relationships or the start of some."

"I think it sounds nice." Snuggling. "Everyone likes to feel appreciated. I think close contact does that for some. My parents were just…" Sevran trails off, as if searching for the words to adequately describe that situation. "Well. Let's just say that my dad lives at Ista Weyr, and my mom at Igen Weyr, and they still managed to have eight children together." Yeah. Complicated. He flashes a look her direction, and though there's a grin, it's tense and a bit forced. "No. The only person I could convince to cuddle me was my little sister, and it was more her idea than mine. But you're right. I do get the distinct impression that most of 'em have paired off." Snort. "But apparently they all have this notion that they can't be together in candidacy. The rule is no sex not no relationships."

Catwin hmms a little "Are they both riders? That would make things a little easier to juggle. I know of a number of rider pairs that are at different weyrs.' she hmms a little as she thinks about the candidates "Well, perhaps they can't separate the sex from a relationship." she says after a moment. "Still didn't answer my question" she teases a little "But it's interesting. Tea seems to be enamored with the one guy that moved in from Xanadu. Cita seems to be entangled somewhat, not really sure exactly with R'hyn and Ila'den. There's Baylee and Krenn, and Riohra and Kass." She hmms a little "I think that about covers what I've noticed so far. It's really fairly interesting."

"I guess?" offers Sevran, unwilling to put words in other people's mouths. "I just think, if it was me… if I was in love, I would want something rather than nothing. I mean, sure, no sex would suck. Really suck." Catwin's tease gets a feigned glare from him, but after a pause he answers carefully, "No. There was no one in my life before candidacy that felt strongly for me. At least not in that way." Lips press into a thin line, considering things. And then there is an appalled and disgusted look on his face, and he flails a bit at the air. "Ugh, stop-stop-stop I do not need those mental images in my head!" Yeah. Picturing friends coupled up? Not fun. But then his ears perk a bit. "Wait. Cita and Tea? I mean, not // Cita and Tea // but… really? I didn't know either of them… I knew of Baylee and Krenn. Caught them on a date, actually. Before they were Searched. And Riohra and Kass, yeah. Knew of that too." Peek. "What about you," and this time it's his turn to tease, even going so far as to reach out and threaten to poke her with a sandy finger.

Catwin blinks a little as she looks over at Sevran "What? You didn't notice? Oh well, maybe that was because of the concussion I must have given you." she murmurs softly "I still feel bad about that. But there seems to be a bit of a spark there between them. And Tea, well it may bot be serious. I mean he'd gone out with J'en as well. Least I think they did. I was more than a little drunk at the gather. I really do hate those things. But I believe I saw them go off together. I did see J'en dip him and kiss him. That was something else indeed." As for her? She startles a little away from the sandy finger "No." she says simply and doesn't eloborte any further than that.

"Gather?" Sevran lifts his arm enough to see, but keeps it poised to block the sun. He peers at Cat intently for a moment. "Huh. Interesting." And that's all he has to say on that subject. He shifts now, pushing himself into a sitting position with much grunting and effort. Wipes the sand off the back of his arms as best he can, and then turns so that the sun is more behind him than in his face. "Well. Then at least I'm not the only one in the barracks without a sweet-heart in the next bunk," he says, grinning. "Though I'm sure Heyyu would be happy to oblige us, should we feel especially lonely."

Catwin rolls her eyes "I swear, there's something about them beastcrafters." she notes "Maybe it's all that exposure. I do know he was with Litral for a bit. Casual like." she snorts a little. "But yeah, the gather that was at Blue Fire before the explosion." she says. "Was pretty busy, had the Vintner booth. Litral pretty much ran it, but not having yet finished up everything for being a Journeyman, he was still just an apprentice and thus I had to stay and supervise. I'd rather have not, but well. What can you do?" She casts a side-long glance at Sevran "Well, I look at it this way. Less pining if we walk away with a dragon. After all, we'd be too busy for even a casual relationship for a couple of Turns almost."

"Tea?" asks Sevran, briefly confused about who exactly was shacking up with the Vintner. There's a screwed-up look on his face that says maybe he doesn't want to think these things through much further. "Not the biggest fan of 'em either," he admits of Gathers. "Oh, the food is good. The wine too. But so many people. Plus, there's the whole dancing thing." He shifts, picking sand out of the crease of his palm. "Suppose so," and then a rather confident sounding, "Turn and a half at least. But once your dragon's mature it's game on."

Catwin blinks a moment "Huh? Tea? No, the beastcrafter, Heyyu." she notes and then she hmms. "Well, the dancing can be interesting to watch sometimes. But that's about it." She is quiet for little bit "Yeah, mature dragons." She frowns some and then she shakes it off. For now. "Well, that is if it happens. No guarantees. There are more of us than there are eggs after all."

"Ohhhh!!" and there's a look understanding on Sevran's face. "Ha! Ok, I see now." Grey eyes narrow, assessing Catwin inquisitively. "Are you scared of something?" he wonders, curious but gentle. "And you're right. But if I go around saying that the numbers are not in my favor, I get snapped at," he remarks.

Scared? Question gets completely ignored as if she never even heard it. "Well, seems like most people really don't like pessimism. They're all optimistic. I think a dose of realism is needed and all. Odds are against, but I guess from what I heard, optimism might be called for as well. Might be what helps draw in a hatchling. Not sure."

"Thank you," says Sevran emphatically. "Pessimism has nothing to do with it. It's about the numbers. There are then of 'em, "eggs, "and freakin' tons of us. It's just…" shrug . "Well, you said it." But he shakes his head a little wryly, looking back down at his hand as he inspects the creases there. "I don't know about that. I don't think there's a trick at all. Either the dragon wants you or not. Nothing to be done about it but show up and wait." Shrug. "I've seen hundreds of Hatchings. I saw mean kids, nice kids, dumb kids, sweet kids, all of 'em Impress. Nothing to it but the dragon's choice."

It's mid morning or so and Sevran is laying on the beach and Catwin is sitting near as the two of them talk. "Well, dragons choice. But I think there could be something that might put off a dragon and have them chose someone else." she murmurs "And they're all about feelings from what I've heard. So maybe." she shrugs "Still. I don't think I've ever had quite so vested an interest in it. I've really never had anything to do with candidates or weyrlings. And now? Well."

Baylee makes her way with Krenn in tow toward the lagoon. Since it is mid morning she won't be able to stay long and likely neither will Krenn. Today is not their day off, but its worth a walk along the lagoon for a bit. She gives the beach a good look and spies Sevran and Catwin there, "Hey guys." she says with a wave of her hand. Though she doesn't approach just yet, wanting to make sure that she isn't interrupting anything. After the egg touching everyone has needed some private processing time.

What better use is there for a break from duties than a walk down the shore of the lagoon? Probably eating or resting or something boring like that, but Krenn likes the lagoon option. He follows along with Baylee, smiling and chatting. When the other candidates are spotted, he stops to give them a wave. "Hey there."

There is a super mature, super dignified tongue stuck out at Catwin for that. And a snort. "Please. That's why Search dragons pick us, right? Because they've figured out we got something they want. If not, we wouldn't be Searched. I think it's luck," but he holds up a hand, "Not like, a dice roll. I just mean… the dragons pick who they pick based on who they are. Not because we're thinkin' rosy thoughts." A lift of his hand for the approaching Baylee and Krenn. "Hey."

Catwin leans back from the tongue and blinks and then she glares a little "I never sid rosy thoughts. But I think if you're bound and determined to believe that one is not for you, then the hatchling would likely oblige. I mean, why go to someone who doesn't want you?" Hmm? She lets out a sigh and then there's a Baylee and a Krenn. "Hello, how are you two doing? Better tham my morning I hope."

Baylee shifts her course to walk toward the pair since both of them engaged, "Nothing wrong with thinking rosy thoughts." Baylee has her fair share of optimistic thoughts despite those pesky moments of pessimistic thoughts. "I think I'm doing ok." She stops to consider things for a second, "Yep. Pretty ok. Whats been wrong with your morning?" Hopefully nothings gone too wrong, "Did the glitter person strike again?"

"Yes. The 'glitter person." Krenn's eyes narrow, suspicion obvious as his gaze flicks from Catwin to Sevran then back again. Everyone is a suspect! "Hopefully we find him or her soon. Beyond that, all is well. Talking about the eggs and hatchlings inside, I take it?"

"Ok, I get what you're saying," says Sevran then, apologetic in tone. "And I will agree with you there. But otherwise, I dunno. I've heard weird things." Shrug. He blinks up at Baylee, squinting against the glare of the sun. "Sit?" he offers, giving the sand a solid thump with his hand. "And my morning's been pretty good. Got the day off, so catching some fresh air and sunshine." As for the glitter incident, it appears Sevran's moved on. "No. As I thought, they haven't bothered to try again." He makes the same offer to Krenn, a thump of his hand and a generous, "Sit? That way we don't hafta squint up at you." Grin. "More or less."

Catwin just eyes Krenn. "If you think I would do something as innane and juvenile as that…" she says in a very quiet and stern voice. And then she blinks at looks at Sevran "Weird? Like what?" she asks after a moment and then glances over at Baylee and grimaces a little "Stinky messes and cleaning them off of oldies and off the floors and walls." she says quietly and then adds. "Don't push J'ens buttons."

Baylee will take a seat since the invitation was there. She sits herself cross legged down on the sand and chimes in at the weird comment, "Some of the eggs were very weird. Like creepy weird and not just normal weird. I really didn't like some of them." She just makes the assumption that was what the weird was actually about, "Some of them, though, were amazing." Stinky messes get a distict ewww face from Baylee, "Sorry to hear that. Who is J'en?"

"It's always the one you least suspect." Krenn replies to Catwin. "So in a sense, you can consider it a compliment that you're a suspect. It means you're the least suspicious." That's a sort of logic, at least. In any case, Krenn takes the invitation to sit. Breaks are good for sitting. "From what I hear, eggs are always wierd." He shrugs, seemingly unconcerned. "They're raw emotion and instinct, no learning. They literally know nothing of the world beyond the inside of a shell. Shouldn't we cut them some slack?"

"Oh," says Sevran, looking thoughtful. "Well. The common theme among the younger candidates seems to be the idea that if you think about food, it'll help. Cause the dragonets are hungry," roll of his eyes. "Another told my sister that if she bathed in blood they would come to her. Not sure if he was serious or just a weirdo." He's going for the latter. "Um. Someone said… well. Let's just say it's gross and not to be done." Grimace. To Baylee, he offers a wide grin, far too amused for his own good. "A bronzerider. Make sure you salute him properly." As for the eggs, he just shrugs. "Guess so?" He eyes Krenn a bit, as if trying to assess his level of seriousness with that comment towards Catwin. "Hm. I really don't think she did it." And he will leave it at that.

Catwin narrows her gaze again at Krenn and then she's staring at Sevran before she even gets out anything. "Blood?! Shards! I doubt they'd let you out on the sands drenched in blood." she shakes her head a little "That is weird, and probably a lot of nonsense. Though I suppose thinking about food might help? Or maybe get you mauled. Hmm, maybe that's why people get mauled." She glances at Krenn "Why don't you think about food while we are out there. If you're not mauled then that will easily disprove the hypothesis." Can we say sore? As or some eggs being creepy. She doesn't even want to think about that last one she touched. But then she nods "Yeah, a very touchy bronzerider." Mr. Grumpy Gills. Or maybe he's the Grumpy Cat.

Baylee listens to Sevran's words about the hatching with a mixture of dread and disgust, "Do people really ever actually do that? I mean I don't know. Seems like if you are going to impress you are just going too and doing all that extra stuff wouldn't matter. I'd just be icky." Baylee for sure will not be covering herself in blood. When Catwin suggests that Krenn think she frowns, "We wouldn't want anyone to be hurt I'm sure." she says firmly. "I'll keep that in mind." she says in regards to J'en, "Though I doubt I'd know him on sight." Though Krenn will get an explaination, "Seriously though. When you get to touch the eggs you'll know what we are talking about. Some of them are sick or something."

Krenn smiles at Sevran. "Oh, I don't think she did it either. But in a way, doesn't that make her the most likely one to have done it? It'd be the perfect crime." Surely this makes sense to someone. The talk of blood bathing makes him cringe a little, but he ends up shrugging a little. "Hatchlings have weird cravings and little experience. If you lived soaked in yolk for months, I think you'd start having some strange thoughts. I'm inclined to cut them some leeway." He glances at Baylee. "Still a little envious that you all got to go first."

"She didn't do it," Sevran assures Catwin, "And no," he answers Baylee. "Well, I dunno about the thinking of food one, but Cat's right. They'd never let someone out onto the sands if they were covered in blood." He shrugs. As for J'en? Sevran's grin gets wider and he offers helpful advice, "If you see a grumping, stoney-faced bronzerider, just salute promptly and walk away. walk - away. You'll survive." He's way too amused. He chuckles a bit before glancing at Krenn, his amusement fading into a bit of a curious look. "I don't get it. I mean. How would it be the perfect crime?" but he's not really that interested, either. Eggs, though? "I dunno," and he looks rather apprehensive of them. "Given the chance, I don't think I'll be touchin' them again."

Catwin purses her lips as she continues to listen to Krenn. "You know. I at one point in tie thought you were a decent, if very young man. Now, I'm inclined to rethink the decent part." she mutters and then she's looking at Baylee and she lets out a sigh "Yes, I suppose we don't want anyone hurt." she murmurs and grumps a little, pulling her knees up and resting her arms and then head upon them after straigtening up her skirt. She sighs a little "There's a couple of eggs I wouldn't mind touching again." she notes quietly. Very quietly.

Baylee feels the need to defend Krenn so she says, "Catwin. He's very decent." she says reproachfully, "You told me so yourself. He doesn't mean it. He's just thinking out loud." Baylee is still interested in finding out who it was too, though the egg experience has taken over most of her thoughts these days. She nods in Krenn's direction, "I wish you could have been there too. Though I'm sure they will have you touch them soon. Still just be watchful. It is as intense as you told me it was." She will turn her head to face Sev then and nods, "I try to salute everyone and keep my head down. You stay out of trouble that way." It increases your odds anyway. "There were two or three that were pretty cool."

"That sounded very certain." Krenn says, now eyeing Sevran with a sly sort of smile. "There's only one person who could be absolutely certain Catwin wasn't the culprit, isn't there? The /true/ glitter fiend." Check and mate! Or so Krenn thinks, anyways. He shoots a wink at Catwin. "Apologies, Catwin. All part of my unique investigative technique." At least the 'unique' part is accurate, but probably for good reason. One could hope he's just joking about all of this, but his tone and occasionally dry sense of humor makes it a little difficult to be sure. "Well, I'm still looking forward to it. Sounds like a wild experience."

Sevran has an ear for quiet things. Really. It comes from growing up with so many sisters. Whispers were a good way to know what they were plotting. So he gives Catwin a curious look for her admission, wondering, "Which ones? The only one I really liked was the storm-y one that kept trying to scare me off." Snort. Clearly, he was not scared of it. "But the others? One tried to burn me, the other…" but he trails off, leaving it unspoken. But of decency, he has to stand with Cat. "Well, he really shouldn't keep insinuating that she had something to do with it," he points out, defensive. "Really," and this to Krenn. "No one likes to be accused of something they didn't do."

Catwin glances over at Baylee and murmurs a quiet apology to her. However, Krenn is glared at and his almost backhanded apology. She sits up and eyes him "Perhaps all this accusing of me is hiding the real truth. You seem so enamored with the stupid glitter incident. You seem almost to be milking it, as if seeking some pleasure from the retelling and poking of it as if you had some vested interest in it." she notes and then she's blinking at Sevran as she listens to his particular egg of choice. "Oh, umm. None in particular. Just the eggs." Uh huh…

While Sevran might have Catwin's back it seems that Baylee has Krenn's, "Whoa." she says to try to call a halt to the subtle accusations flying in every direction, "You insinuated that I'd done it and then insinuated that I was behaving inappropriately with Krenn." Sure that was right after it all happened but still it happened, "So yeah." No one does like it. Baylee didn't. "I think its safe to say no one here did it." she says trying to head of an argument. She switches gears quickly though and adds, "I liked the egg that /knows/ things." she says in reference to the Improbable Dreams Egg.

"Yeah, and it didn't feel so good, did it?" asks Sevran, his voice a low warning. "And I only said it cause you were throwing blame everywhere." But he's not the sort to really argue, and all he really ways is, "Let's just let it go," and he nods with Baylee. "I didn't do it, Krenn didn't, Cat didn't, you didn't." And that's that. He signs long-sufferingly and picks up a handful of sand, letting it trickle through his fingers slowly. It's a long moment before he comments on the eggs, though. "It was alright." Improbably dreams. "I didn't touch all of 'em though. Most of them seemed… dangerous."

Catwin stays silent for now. This social business is way too much of a pain. It really is. Nope. Best to keep her mouth shut. "Less said, the better." she murmurs, not really realizing that she said it out loud. Talk of eggs is listened too though there's a little shudder at the mention of the Improbable Dreams egg. Yeah, she didn't care for that one too much. "Better than that army of dead one." is again quietly muttered more to herself. Yes, she is not particpating in converation. Causes nothing but trouble it does.

Baylee falls silent as well. She isn't going down that rabbit hole again. There isn't a point to it now. "There were a few others that I liked, but yeah. That one was just creepy." Not really sure what is going on in the mind of that dragon, "What does that hatchling hope to gain? Or who does it hope to attract?" That might even be the stranger question, "I'm not sure there was anyone there that liked it." Course Baylee was so wrapped up in her own touching experience she paid little attention to what the others were doing.

At least they can all agree on the silly Monster egg. "Felt like death," says Sevran, shivering in the sunlight. Catwin is given a curious, concerned look but he won't push. She is perfectly welcome to sit in silence and just enjoy the day. "Baylee, did you always live at Half Moon Bay?" he wonders, changing the subject.

Catwin is silent and then she shakes her head a little. "It was more than death, it was the darkness within." she notes softly "A look into my soul and I didn't like what I saw. Because whoever likes the truth?" she asks after a moment "Who really likes who they are. What they are capable off?" She lets out a ragged breath and she stands up and brushes the sand off of her skirt and walks towards the water a little. The waves wash up and the roll back out and there's another step as the wave leaves.

Krenn also fell silent for a little stretch there. Probably mentally cataloging the evidence and suspects. Soon, the glitter marauder will be brought to justice. Just not right now. "Sounds heavy." He says of the egg touching experiences. "But… well, I mean, it's all fair, isn't it? The dragons have to pick someone they'll be paired up with for life. Under the circumstances, I think I'd want to know the darkest secrets of the candidates and all that. Yeah?"

Baylee shakes her head to Sev's question, "No. I live over at the Weaver Hall. Or I did until I met Krenn and he convinced me to come work on a project over here with him. Then I got searched and now I'm here." The story is slightly longer and more complex than that, but it's a good nutshell sort of thing, "It's better here than I imagined it being." She's still not up on everything weyr related but its coming along. "I think asking tough questions is fair, but yeah. Some were icky though." She says to Krenn. Catwin's comment earns a half hearted, "I do."

"Weaver?" and Sevran really perks up now. "When did you leave? My sister got there just before I came here," he explains. "She wants to be a tailor." There's a strong note pride and adoration in his voice for his little sister, and a wide smile breaks his face almost in half. It falters only slightly at Catwin's comments, and he watches her cautiously as she heads towards the ocean. Hm. "I didn't touch it as long," he admits. "But that light touch was enough. No thank you." But Krenn gets a thoughtful nod of his head. "I can see your point; especially if they are going to bond with us permanently. I just wish they weren't so… invasive." Another grimace at the memory.

Catwin turns to look at Baylee curiously "Do you now?" she asks "Do you really? Then why does that egg bother you? Hmm?" she asks. There's another look at the water as a little chill runs through her, or so it seems as she glasps and rubs her arms. "Well, maybe that's what decides them, not what happens when they hatch, but what they find out while still in the shell."

Krenn shrugs his shoulders and gives Baylee a smile. "Well, Baylee, if I'm being totally honest, you can be a little… reserved, for a weyr. Makes sense the eggs might try to push your buttons. But that's a good thing! You'll probably end up with a lifemate whose personality matches yours more closely. One that will respect your comfort zone." Krenn shrugs again, smiling at Sevran and Catwin. "Luckily, I don't have any secrets. I suppose this is the upside of living out in the open."

Baylee nods her head, "Yeah. Thats me." A weaver that is, "I left just a couple of weeks before candidacy started." And how time has flown since, "She's in the right place to do it. She'll learn alot quick." Surrounded by all those weavers you can't help but pick up skills fast. Or you don't end up staying long. She'll glance sidelong at Krenn, "You like it that I'm reserved." She won't argue with his assesment but she might argue with his conclusion, "Might not. There are not guarantees." But there's a plan either way so things are OK. She has it written down in her notebook even! "Cause its dead. Who likes dead things?" Baylee sure doesn't.

Sevran's lips press into a thin line, his eyebrows furrowed as he watches Catwin. Relaxed as he may appear, there's a tension across his shoulders that the suns warmth can't bake away. And then he looks at Kren with apprehension. "I don't believe you. Everyone has secrets, even if they're not big ones. Everyeone has things they hope others don't find out about them." And he is certainly not going to except himself from it, either. "You may live openly, but you're still a person with a past. I'm sure you've done things you're not proud of." Baylee gets a bit of a smile and a quick, "Ah. Likely missed her, then. But yeah. She's crazy about designing clothes. She's great at it, too," and he's only a little biased. As the couple-on-hold flirt delicately, Sev starts squirming a bit, a look on his face that says 'cut it out' without saying so aloud. Ahem. He'll look over this-a-way.

Catwin completely disregards the light flirting, after all, they should have a little fun while they can. "What kind of things does she like to design?" Catwin asks as she comes back to the group and sits down again spreading her skirt out a little "Fancy things or everyday things?" She'll just move on from the egg talk and focus on something a little brighter in nature. And less dangerous hopefully.

Krenn studies Sevran for a moment, smiling and shrugging a bit. "Well, I suppose you're at least half right. I have things I don't share as readily as others. But nothing that would be worth, you know, lying or covering up. It's just easier to be honest, you know?" He shoots a look at Baylee and grins. "Case in point. I was pretty upfront with Baylee here, and she still tolerates me." He chuckles a little bit. "Despite her reserved-ness. Which, I must admit, I do like."

It's not flirting! OK. Maybe a little flirting, but there are some things that just can't be helped. Baylee nods, "I'm sure that I'll get to meet her when I get back there." Whenever that may be. She has to make journeyman some day after all! "There will be lots of people there to help her. I'm sure she'll make friends fast." Clothes are probably a safe topic in almost any discussion unless you are at the Weaver Hall in which case its a veritable field of landmines that must be avoided at all costs. "I do tolerate you Krenn." she says with a wiggle of her head and a smile that she sends her way, "You were. I do appreciate honesty."

"Eh, a little bit of both?" is Sevran's answer to Catwin. "She likes floaty things," which is the best description you're gonna get from him. He's not the fashion-y type (have you seen what he wears? Srsly) "But it looks good to me." Again. Biased. "Ok, that's it," he says of Krenn and Baylee's flirting, though it's all in good fun. "I can't handle the love. Plus, I think it's time for food. I'm out." He pushes himself to his feet, slaps some sand off of his rear, and stretches. "See you later, OK?" and he spares a glance at each, though Cat's is a bit longer. "Stay out of trouble." And he starts heading back towards the Weyr Bowl and, presumably, the living caverns.

Krenn is much less subtle in his flirting attempts than he thinks he is. Probably why people keep fleeing from him and Baylee. Krenn himself remains oblivious. "J'en's a rider. They're a weird bunch. Imagine all of us candidates plus a few turns of incredibly intense stress. It's hard to avoid doing things that will piss them off." He chuckles and shoots another grin at Baylee. "I think we barely avoided it when we got searched. And glad to hear you appreciate the honesty. I'll keep it up."

What does happen when lovebirds outnumber a cat? "If I become a rider I'm not ever going to be weird." Baylee says. "At least I hope not. If we all impress we should make sure that we don't get weird and watch each others backs and let them know if they do." Catwin will get a smile, "He'll probably forget about it in a day and be on to other things." She will nod at Krenn, "Yeah. Stick with honesty it works for you."

Catwin snorts a little "He may forget, but I certainly don't think the Headwoman will forget I'm on butt washing detail." she murmurs and then she's up again. "Though Sev may have the right of it and getting some food. But, I aim to stay away from J'en if I can. If I don't see him, then I don't have worry about pissing him off again." she notes as she brushes at her skirt. "Well, if we all Impress, I think we may have other things to worry about than wether or not we are getting weird." she notes as a slightly worried look crosses her face. "Still." she says and leaves the sentence at that.

Krenn gives Baylee an equally amused and affectionate smile. "Baylee, dear, you may have been normal at the crafthall. But here? You are definitely one of the weird ones." He adds a teasing wink at the end of that. When Catwin makes her exit, he sighs a bit. "Well, have fun with the butt washing. Suppose I need to get back to duties as well. See you both a little later on." He says, smiling and waving.
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Baylee shifts so she can get to her feet and once she does she just smiles to Krenn, "Thank you. Thats the best compliment you've ever given me." At least in the top 5 for sure. Catwin will get a wave as she wanders off to do unspeakable things. Poor Catwin. "Good luck." she calls out to her and then Baylee will move off as well to where her duties take her for the day.

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