CGI - Computers, Generators, and Inventions

Western Weyr - West Bowl

The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

It is a quiet evening with not much to note for happenings. Kiley is coming from the lagoon, humming as she walks at a slow and easy pace. Her attention lingers on her surroundings, attention drifting here and there before returning forward so that she doesn't run into anyone if their path changed before she notices. She is without her laptop bag, but seems quiet content despite this fact.

Kh'zan seems to be wandering aimlessly through the bowl. Pacing at times, or just circling towards the wall and then back again, he's looking to be deep in thought and is murmuring to himself, almost as if he's working out some problem. He's not watching where he's going. And a few times a murmurs an absent 'scuse me when he about walks into someone.

Kiley's attention is naturally drawn towards the person who is pacing and circling from the wall of the bowl and back. Both brows lift and then she's wandering on over towards the man, head tilting just slightly in consideration as if looking at him alone would answer her questions. But, no. There's no such luck. "Is everything okay?" She asks after a moment, watching him pace and circle as he does. A slight smile settles upon her lips while her hands settle behind her back, lacing together and resting there as she waits for a response.

Kh'zan starts and then looks around and then he's glancing at Kiley "Hmm? Oh, yeah. Everything's good." He frowns a moment "Do I know you? I know you don't I? Or wait, no, maybe not." he shakes his head "Never mind, I'm Kh'zan." He goes silent as he watches her and then ohs. "No, nothing's wrong, just workin' out a problem is all."

"Sorry." Kiley offers quickly as he starts, her brows furrowing slightly. "Oh, that's good." Pause, brows draw down a little further as she considers and then gives a very slight nod. "We ran into one another, briefly. I remember your face." There's a soft chuckle and all traces of a frown are lifted and she smiles brightly, "Kiley. Journeyman computer crafter." She inclines her head just so in means of greeting before considering the rider a moment longer with a twitch of consideration playing on her brows. "A problem?"

Kh'zan hmmms a moment and then nods "Ahh, yes, the day the Weyrwoman tried out that new runner, I rememer now. Kiley, very pretty name. I myself am in the Techcraft, been workin on a generator that won't stay running for more than an hour or so."

"Yes, exactly then." Kiley beams a brighter smile and then chuckles softly, "that is the first I've heard that, thank you." There's a brightening of the mention of the tech craft, "oh! How wonderful. I wanted to be a tech crafter at one point, but I enjoy computers too much. I don't really know much about generators, but perhaps a part in it is damaged? It sounds like once it takes too much it shuts down. Or it could be opposite, perhaps a leak? Or did you try that already?"

"Welcome" Kh'zan murmurs "Well, I've checked many things, fluids are good, tubing seems to be intact along with the wiring. It's lookin' like I may just have to rebuild it from the base up. Wasn't wanting to do that. Was supposed to be a quick fix, in and out again and now it's just sitting and making funny faces at me. Heck, I'm almost half tempted to let Quamirth have a look-see at it."

Kiley hums softly in consideration, "that is odd." She lingers in silence to consider the possibilities. "Oh. I'm not sure. I don't think it is anything like a computer. I'm sorry." Though her brows furrow just a bit, "Can your dragon really understand what would be wrong with it? Is he good with that sort of thing?" Curiosity is heavy in her tone as she tilts her head once again.

Kh'zan laughs and shakes his head "Oh no, Quamirth is not at all good with that sort of thing, his talent lies in dismantling things. He's real great and leaving things in pieces. MOre often then not, it's a lot of hard work down the drain, but now, it could be useful."

Kiley laughs, "I see. Well, if you want to start over from scratch then that is certainly the way to go about it.. I'm sorry to hear that it isn't something that you can solve that easily. But maybe taking it a part piece by piece may show you where the problem lay and that way you do not have to get all new pieces?" The computer crafter considers, lips pressing into a thin line before she shakes her head. "May be the easiest solution."

Kh'zan laughs "May be, may be not. Depends on if anythings stuck and all too. If the case doesn't wanna come apart easily, again why I may ask Quamirth to help, but he doesn't do it bit by bit, it just kinda falls apart. And there is time in going through the parts and all and making sure pieces go back to exactly as they were. Not difficult, just time consumming. Reason I was out here tryin to remember things and all."

"Oh, shells. That seems rather frustrating. The whole situation." Kiley shakes her head and gives him an apologetic smile, "I really hope it works out. So, you were trying to remember all the pieces and the way it goes together just from memory and without seeing the parts?" Her brows lift at this and then she smiles widely. "That is wonderful. Amazing."
Kh'zan headshakes "Not quite, there's a bit of that and all, but more in the way of each specific system part and if I've heard anything about an area that could cause a similar problem. I've also sent a message back to the hall too to see if they've had something similar. It's amazing what can cause problems. Had one guy that had an fungal problem that kept distroying the wiring, so we used better seals."

"I see. So you're going to isolate the parts and check each one for a problem. It has always amazed me that one little part that seems rather insignificant could always cause the biggest problems." Kiley shares, "that is what drew me to my craft and to technology, because it is all so amazing." Her brows lift and she looks surprised, "I didn't imagine that fungus could grow in a machine. But I don't know much about fungus at all."

There's a soft hmm "Well, seems it was something from somewhere in the south. It fed of the oil we figured. Can be a lot of seepage sometimes, even without a true leak. Still, it was a lesson." Kh'zan notes "I can imagine there's a lot more little bits to go poof with a computer though."

Kiley considers this information and nods with understanding. "I see. Shells, fungus seems to grow everywhere, doesn't it?" Lips press together again as brows furrow good thing to learn, though, I agree. To always check and make sure things are running smoothly so that nothing causes an issue at some point." The computer crafter chuckles softly and nods, "yes. Much more." She holds up a pinky finger, "microchips can be smaller than the pad of my finger."

Kh'zan eyes said pinky and then whistles softly "That is pretty tiny. Bit too small for my liking I'm thinkin' still computers are handy little critters. Unfortunatly, I've yet to see one be impervious to all the oils and grime I have on me, so I tend to be limited in using someone's."

Kiley laughs, "it is. Putting them together sometimes requires a magnifying glass to find the pieces. It is interesting for the fact that if one of those breaks or gets knocked out, it can mess up everything." She nods, "they're handy indeed… But, they're not immune to liquids of any sort. But, you sound just the type to use the computer that I am working on… Eventually, once I get the proper plans for it." A bright smile settles upon her lips. "A computer that you don't have to touch beside turning it on. You just talk to it and tell it what to do."

Kh'zan blinks a little and then tilts his head a little "Well, that would be a handy little device." he says as he looks thoughful. "I'd be likin somethin like that. Course, it would still be as big as the others right? I wouldn't mind one a bit smaller and all. Would be handy to have and take with me as needed."

"I think it would help a lot of people, especially those who have problems using their hands." Kiley's smile grows even wider and she gives a cheerful nod, "I'm glad you like it, unfortunately, it will be big. I don't think we could manage to get the technology into the laptop, it is all kind've big. Or I imagine that it'll be bigger. I don't have the whole specs or any sort of plans, yet. But if I can get it working, and then if I can make it smaller, I'll talk to you about it?"

Kh'zan blinks a little "Bigger still? Oh my, yeah, I'd love to know if ya can make it smaller and all. Or pehaps a way to transmit from one of those cell phones to it?" he tilts his head a little "Or is that even possible?"

Kiley gives a slight shrug and gives an approximate size with her hands alone, giving an example of the shape of the computer. "The monitor may be a little bigger as well." She muses softly. Lips press together as she considers it. "Perhaps. But, that'd mean a big cell phone to store the extra equipment, I imagine. I'll have to work out plans once I get an actual idea of a model or something like that. Everything on the inside… I need to make some more trips to Landing."

Kh'zan ohs a little "I guess it wouldn't work than just to have the cell phone send to a similar thing in the computer then? I mean cell phones send to other phones right, couldn't that bit just be put into the computer? You know, call the computer?"

Kiley hnns, "maybe it would work. But, that would be a lot more manipulation to the computer to see how it could all mesh together. I don't see /how/ it would work. I'll have to talk with a few others and see what they think." The computer crafter shifts and considers the sky. "But, maybe. I'll have to see. But, having less parts would be simpler. A monitor, computer, and cell phone? Not everyone has one, so they'd be limited."

Kh'zan nods a little "Well, not everyone has a computer either and all. And not everyone would be needin' the speech interface and all." he hmms a little "Still, I suppose things would be too much of a conveniance."

"No, they don't. But this would be a sort've public thing in the Weyr. That is my goal, anyway, to allow anyone who has use of it to be able to use it. But, then there's times where you can type without voicing it. That what I am aiming for, at least." Kiley considers it all with another frown, "there's still things I've got to work out, but that is the general idea of the project."

"Sounds like a large undertakin, though I'm usre iffen it can be done, you'll be doin' it." he notes with confidence. "INventing is far beyond me though, course I've always like digging inta things and fixin' em myself."

Kiley chuckles, "thank you for the vote of confidence. It means a lot and I really do hope that I will be able to present you with something, eventually." She grins a little wider, "didn't really come up with it myself, I was talking with a few people and one gave me the idea, it was really good so I figured I'd go for it." She shifts and folds her arms over her chest, "it isn't a bad thing to do that, in my opinion. That is what first got me interested in my craft."

Kh'zan laughs "Just because someone comes up with an idea, doesn't mean they can do it, and just because you got the idea from a person, doesn't mean you don't have to still figure it out and all. That takes some thinkin', to make something from nothing. "

"That is certainly true." Kiley notes with cheeks flushing a light shade, "it is a lot of work, for a simple idea to come out from being an idea." Another smile plays onto her lips and she nods her agreement. "It'll be hard getting this idea into something that works, making it from nothing. But I am really looking forward to it."

Kh'zan tilts his head thoughtfully "How much time are you able to devote to it?" he asks curiously "Do you have other craft duties that'll have to take precidence and you're only able to research on off times, or can you spend more time on it?"

"At the moment, I am in sort of a lull, I started picking up my craft duties after I helped with getting the records here onto the computer. I also did a project for the dolphin Hall." Kiley pauses in consideration, "but, I should be able to pick it up in full swing soon. I need to speak with Zi'on about getting rides to the other Weyrs for research before heading back to Landing for more research on components and what should go into it. And then it will be trying to work on prototypes." The computer crafter pauses and flushes, "but that… Isn't what you asked. Sorry."

Kh'zan just listens, smiling as he does "Oh, that's all right." He certainly didn't seem to mind listening. "That must have been a lot of time consumming work to transfer the records onto a computer." A pause "Is Zi'on yer weyrmate?" he asks after a moment.

"I tend to ramble about my craft, I'm sorry." Despite the fact that he's said it is alright, cheeks flush a shade and Kiley smiles a little wider. "It was. Oh, paperwork, really… But is all much the same. I love paperwork and that sort of thing, it is all interesting." His question earns a quick flush of her cheeks and her head shakes firmly. "No… No. He's just my friend! A good friend, but, just a friend."

A soft smile and a headshake "I like listening to you." Kh'zan notes "So I don't mind at all hearin' about your craft. I do find it interesting. Well paperworks not bad, I don't care much for writing, but I'm a fair hand at drawin' though. Course, having to make yer own schematics does help improve that skill."

Kiley's cheeks flush a little more and she fidgets a bit, "thank you." It takes a moment for her to calm and smooth out some of the clothing, "I love my craft. I'd be happy to share more whenever you want to talk about it or something." Her brows lift and she gives him a rather curious look. "Do you draw anything other than schematics?"

Kh'zan watches the flushing of the face and smiles a little "Yer welcome and I can tell that you do. It's always nice to see someone enjoy their craft. It takes the work out of working I think." he notes and then a quiet hmmm "Not really, I mean I've done a few sketches here and there, usually of things that I am working on. THough I've tried drawing Quamirth, though he ends up looking like those pictures of salamanders I've seen from Earth. Well one with wings."

"I… Well, rather selfishly believe, that you should do what makes you happy, follow what makes you happy. Not to settle into something that makes you miserable. What I do never feels like work." Kiley insists softly, giving a sheepish little smile. "Practice always helps, too. Do you mind if I ask you for one? I have a friend who loves things from Earth, I'm sure he'd love it. I'd like to get him something for when he is graduated from being a Weyrling."

Kh'zan gives a nod "Tis true, love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life." It is then his turn to blush "Umm, I suppose." he murmurs looking a little surprised. "I do still have some in my workshop and all. Though I suppose I can try drawing an actual salamander." he shifts a little.

Kiley laughs, "that is true. I'll have to remember how you said that so I can share it again at some point." The coloring of his cheeks has the computer crafter furrowing her brows in concern, at least into he agrees. "Oh. Thank you. I could pay you for it?" Though his next offer has her brightening even more. "That would be /wonderful/. I can pay you for that one, then."

Kh'zan quickly shakes his head "Oh no, that's okay. I'm no trained artist to be takin' anything for it. I'd gladly do it for you. No worries and all about payin' me. I mean, your friend might not even like it."

"But, you are doing a service for me and it is only right to offer something back." Kiley states simply, considering him before furrowing her brows. "I could do something else for you, then, if you do not want payment. Whether he likes it or not, though, is another matter."

Kh'zan hmms a little "It's just a simple drawing, nothing like building a new computer." He hmms again and then tilts his head a bit "How about a smile? I'll do it for a smile." he says after a few moments.

Kiley chuckles, "but still…" She insists, even though argument is lacking. Though the final offer has her flustered all over again with cheeks turning another shade and she offers a shy little smile. "Thank you."

Kh'zan gives a little nod "You're welcome. It would be my pleasure." he smiles "Sides, it's not often I get to indulge someone's whims outside of Quamirths."

Kiley smiles brighter, "thank you so much. I am around, I'm sure if you ask around, someone can point you in my direction." There's a glance around and she lets out a soft 'oh!'. "I should let you get back to what you were doing. Thank you again." And with that, she's quickly hurrying off and into the Weyr.

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