Sorting Seeds and Talks of Dreams

Western Weyr - Rooftop Herb Garden

Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

Whether it's part of her tasks as a kitchen aide or not, Keelyra does spend a fair bit of time in the herb garden. She's currently enjoying the nice weather as she sits in one of the chairs. A wooden tray sits on a table nearby, full of seeds. She seems to be sorting them. Some get tossed aside, while others go into packets. She's humming quietly as she works.

While not dressed in formal uniform, Kelthero still seems out of place in a garden like setting. The guard seems to pause for a moment, glancing around him and then back over his shoulder before frowning in confusion. Seems like he's gone wandering again and taken a wrong turn somewhere. Instead of turning back, he continues forwards down one of the sanded paths, idly glancing around. He doesn't see Keeylyra at first, but he does hear her. Curiosity getting the better of him, Kelthero pauses only to watch her sort seeds for a few more moments before approaching. "Good day to work outdoors, eh?" he says in way of a greeting, following it with a slight smile.

The garden is mostly towards its end. Largely harvested for the colder months. However, it has been arranged in such a way that even when not fully grown, it still looks nice. The trees and rocks do their part in that. Keelyra glances up and blinks at Kelthero a moment, before smiling shyly. "It's just about the perfect temperature," she responds.

Kelthero seems captivated enough with the surrounding gardens, as his gaze keeps slipping away to glance at some missed detail or curious plant he's not entirely familiar with. Keelyra's reply brings his attention back, however, and the guard smiles politely again. "Better then before. A few days back and it was scorching. Now it seems to be changing sides." He rambles on before catching himself and idly gesturing to some vacant chairs. "Mind if I join you?" he asks, then hastily adds in. "Hope I didn't interrupt your work either."

"You're welcome to," Keelyra says, tossing aside another handful of seeds. "There's no rush on this, really. Just nice to get ahead on work sometimes."

Kelthero tilts his head a little as he watches the handful of seeds being tossed aside, brows knitting together in thought. He takes a seat however, looking relieved to be off his feet finally. The guard then smiles a true smile this time, "Thanks." There's a pause and he's back to more questions. "What… are you doing exactly? I saw you toss some of the seeds aside."

"Going through the seeds for planting come spring," Keelyra says, glancing up to Kelthero with a smile. "Though some of the cooks try to make sure they stay separate, sometimes they do just end up in a box altogether like this," she nods towards the wooden tray. "So I'm separating them out and… some seeds just aren't good." She picks up a handful and sorts through, before holding one out to Kelthero. It looks cracked open slightly. "See? That one will never grow. The… outside of the seed is just a shell that protects the important stuff. It gets broken… well, it won't grow come spring. Better to get rid of those so we have a proper idea of how many seeds we have."

Kelthero leans forwards in his seat a little as Keelyra begins to explain her work. When the seed is held out to him, he tentatively reaches out with his own hand to pluck the cracked seed - that is if Keelyra doesn't move it away. "Ahh, I get it now. Never knew they actually had to be sorted. Figured they were all used and what grew is what you got." The guard admits with a bit of an amused chuckle. "Goes to show how much I know." He muses, before giving Keelyra another thoughtful glance. "You work in the kitchens then?" he asks.

There's a flash of a grin in amusement. "Different plants have different needs. Some need more space between each plant, some less. Some need more sun, some need shade." Keelyra shrugs, "I just know the basics, really, even. Talk to a Farm Crafter and they'll go on and on." She lets him have the seed, going back to sorting. "I don't even know which seed is what, I'm just matching them up in little packets. Someone else will have to label them." She glances up to the young man and gives a little nod. "Yeah. I just do whatever is needed. Today they handed me this."

"Even if it's just the basics, its far more then I know. And I don't doubt that a Farm Crafter would go on and on. Hard not too, when you're proud of your Craft." Kelthero muses, grinning faintly in return to Keelyra. With the cracked seed now in hand, the guard bounces it a little in his palm before bringing it closer to examine it. Then it too joins the pile of discards. "Sounds like both a relaxing and tedious job in one." He jokes again, before leaning back a little in his seat.

"My eyes always hurt afterwards," Keelyra admits, glancing up at Kelthero. "But it's cooler out here than it is in the kitchens." She finishes sorting a handful of seeds and extends said hand to him. "I'm Keelyra, but you can call me Keely if you'd like."

"I can imagine, probably just as much as record work." Kelthero says in agreement, although his tone is still quite amused. He blinks for a moment when she offers her hand to him, but he politely returns the gesture. "Well met, Keelyra. I'm Kelthero, guard posted here from Torince Hold." He then grins once the greetings are set aside and settles comfortably into his chair, folding his arms loosely over his chest. "Are you from Western?" he asks, simply out of curiosity.

"Kelthero," the teen repeats the name, "Well met, yes." She grabs the tray and shakes it around a bit before selecting a few more seeds to go through. Keely keeps her head bent as she works, but seems to be paying attention to the guard well enough. "Born and raised."

Kelthero smiles crookedly when his name is repeated. "If you want, I go by Kel too for short." As Keelyra goes back to her work, the guard watches in detached curiosity. "Born and raised, eh?" Now it seems his turn to repeat what is said. "Can't say I was as lucky, though I like it here. Only Weyr I've been in too, but I'm in no hurry to leave."

"I've never been far outside the Weyr," Keelyra admits, glancing up at Kelthero. "So you're well-traveled to me." She gives a brief flash of a smile. "Us weyr brats aren't really worth the time and effort of providing travel accomodations to." A pause and she considers, before shrugging again. "That and I've just never really had the desire to travel."

Kelthero laughs when Keelyra labels him as well traveled, shaking his head a little. "Hardly." He muses, waiting until his amusement has subsided to soft chuckles before continuing. "I was born outside of Torince Hold and only really traveled to the various Holds within the Emerald Isles. Western is the farthest I've been, but there's a /much/ more of Pern then these islands." The guard then smiles, but his glance to Keelyra is almost sympathetic as well. "Pity. Seems a shame that just cause you're a weyrbrat it means you can't travel." He then shrugs his shoulders a little, grinning crookedly. "Well, maybe it isn't half bad then, if you've no desire to."

"Well, we /can/, just… need good reason, y'know?" Keelyra gives a little shrug, glancing up from her work to Kelthero. "The riders tend to be fairly busy, carting journeymen and traders and the like around. I can't just waltz up and ask to be given a tour of Pern."

Kelthero snorts a little again, shaking his head. "Never said to travel by dragonrider." He admits, looking right back at Keelyra as she glances at him. "I know they have they're own duties, so I'd never even think to saunter up and demand that either." Smiling slightly, he continues, "I meant more by runner or other means. Takes much, much longer, but it's traveling all the same."

"Oh, well, yeah," Keelyra rubs at her cheek a bit. "I dunno how to ride a runner and the traders are always… well, they're pretty closeknit groups, y'know? I try talking to them when I buy vegetables and the like at the market, but they're a weird lot."

Kelthero chuckles a little, "Traders are a breed of their own, that's for sure." The guard admits with a grin. "But I guess it would be hard then, to travel when you take out those methods." He then brings one hand up to rub at the back of his neck idly, before settling even deeper into his seat, almost slouching.

"I'd really rather get to leave the islands," Keelyra admits, giving a little shrug. "Someday, maybe. When I'm something other than a brat." She gives a little roll of her eyes. "Maybe I'll get promoted to cook and be able to travel for… competitions or rare spices or something."

"You never know." Kelthero admits in the best reassuring tone he can muster. "I was born to a family of fisherfolk in a backwater cothold and … well it happened by chance that I could sign for the guards." He then lifts his hands up to spread them outwards, idly gesturing to the Weyr as a whole. "And here I am. Still haven't left the islands, but I've seen most of 'em. Doesn't mean it won't happen for you someday."

"Did you come to the Weyr to be a guard? Or were you a guard that got sent to the Weyr? I'm not sure how that works." Keelyra watches Kelthero, waiting for his reply. She's slowed down on her seed sorting a fair bit.

"I was sent to the Weyr." Kelthero explains with a lopsided grin. "Before that I was mostly going between Holds on the Emerald Isles. Places like Torince Hold, Bluefire Hold, Sykan Hold and the various places in between." The guard then gives a thoughtful sigh. "Kind of miss them, but I don't regret coming here, even if it was a shock at first."

"I hear that a lot… mostly when candidates come in," Keely admits, giving Kel a brief smile. "Apparantly Weyrs are a lot different from Holds, even the holds close to the weyrs."

Jeyinshi has walked the path from the roof garden.
Jeyinshi has arrived.

"Different in some ways, but not entirely." Kelthero admits with a shrug of his shoulders. "I adjusted pretty quickly, although I hear some never do." The guard then chuckles. "And I can imagine the worst of it would be from Candidates. They're usually brought in from all over Pern, aren't they? I think I'd be in for a real shock too if I was brought to a whole new area, far from family." He then glances away, looking over the herb garden again from where he sits partially slouched in a chair across from Keelyra.

"They are," Keelyra says, considering. She pulls the wooden tray into her lap and sorts through it. The pile of seeds within is dimishing fairly well. Even slacking off as she is now, she'll likely finish today. "It's… romantic, though. Being swept away to potentially find your lifemate. Some of them never seem to appreciate it."
Training has long ended and Jeyinshi seems ready to simply relax, something she's been doing a lot of it seems. The dolphineer is dressed in casual clothes, heels included of course. Every few moments she stops along the path, crouching down to look at the plants…and possibly talk to them? Or maybe she's thinking to herself…After a few minutes, Jey finally makes her way over to the chairs, smiling as her gaze falls on the two. "Mmmm, hey guys. Mind some extra company?"

"Romantic?" Kelthero seems to consider that term for a moment, frowning in thought. Eventually, the guard smirks a little. "I suppose that'd be one way of putting it and not one I've actually considered before." As Jeyinshi approaches, he sits up in his seat, grinning broadly at the dolphineer. "Of course not." He says without hesitation and gesturing to the free chair next to him.

"It's like the ballads," Keely explains to Kelthero. "Going off to a distant land, finding the one meant for you…" She's grown up with riders. She's heard all the ways they explain how finding their lifemate was. "It may not be a person, but to hear my mom tell it… it's even better than finding a weyrmate or whathaveyou." She nods to Jey and glances around. "There's still plenty of empty chairs."

Jeyinshi slips into the chair next to Kelthero with a broad grin. She listens to the conversation for a bit before leaning over in her chair a bit and joining in. "Perhaps it is that and all more, but until somone does Impress, they're still going to feel lonely and homesick." The dolphineer shrugs a bit then, "You have to remember there's always a possibility that the person doesn't find the one meant for them, and then…well, it feels sort of empty."

"Well, when you put it that way, it does sound rather romantic." Kelthero admits, although still sounds reluctant. His upbringing was much different and it takes the guard awhile to accept new views, which is obvious from the way he frowns in thought to Keelyra's outlook. To Jeyinshi, the guard grins again and nods his head. "Exactly. Although I hear the chores usually keep 'em pretty busy. Or do they do that still?" He then makes a soft 'tsk' noise with his tongue. "Ahh, there's that too. To stay or to go back home?" The guard then shifts a little in his seat, seeming to try to get comfortable. In the end, he seems to be leaning more towards the dolphineer. "I guess it's a little of both. Romantic, but tough at times."

"I suppose there's that," Keelyra says to Jeyinshi, tilting her head slightly, "but… they know what they're getting into when they say yes or no." She glances up, squinting through the tree cover. "I guess I'd just like the opportunity someday to travel and see a new, foreign place."

Jeyinshi grins, "I think they still do, or they did at Xanadu the last time I was there." Which was a few turns ago. The dolphineer nods then, "That's the question. It's different for everyone though I guess. Depends on what you're leaving back at home and what you've found in whichever Weyr." She shrugs a bit, watching the guard's shifting from the corner of her eyes before standing. In a rather abrupt movement the dolphineer moves over to his lounge chair and settling down on the end…unless of course he kicks or pushes her off. "That's true. But you're still young, got an entire life ahead of you, plenty of time to travel."

"Good point, Keelyra. I guess the moment you agree it's like signing a contact of sorts." Kelthero chimes in, mulling over that thought. He then gives the weyrbrat a smile. "Not a bad dream to have, actually." He then turns his head a little to glance back to Jeyinshi. "You were at Xanadu?" he asks, sounding surprised. "And good point. Must be why some of the Candidates stay on." When the dolphineer moves to sit instead on the end of his lounge chair, he doesn't protest but he does give her a curious glance before shifting his position again to give her a bit more room to be comfortable. "Plenty of time to do a lot more then just travel." Kelthero adds in to Jeyinshi's comment with a grin.

There's a roll of the eyes from Keelyra at the comments about time. She's at that age where all anyone ever talks about is how much 'time' she has… but she's also at that age where people begin to complain to her about their wasted time. She huffs slightly, but just gives Jey a brief quizzical glance as she moves seats. "Well. Someday." It's about all she can figure to say at the moment, hunching back over the tray to sort through seeds.

Jeyinshi shakes her head, "No, the Hall and Hold were near Xanadu, so I just had a general idea of what was always going on there." The curious glance is met with a bit of a shrug. Nope, no explanation seems to be forthcoming from the woman, not yet anyways. "Yeah you can travel….and do other things. Like…what?" Another confused look? Jey scowls a bit, looking back to her recently vacated chair, perhaps thinking of heading back.

Kelthero notices when Keelyra rolls his eyes and simply shakes his head, smiling crookedly. He decides to drop the topic once she goes back to sorting her seeds, turning his attention back to Jeyinshi. The guard looks a touch embarrassed when he's realized he's mixed up his locations. "Oh, right! That Hall and Hold." he mumbles, not bothering trying to save that small blunder. When the dolphineer ends up looking more confused, the guard laughs softly and quickly shuffles forwards a bit so that he's seated closer. Next move involves him slipping an arm behind her - unless she does manage to escape back to the chair. "Long day training, Jey?" he asks, grinning. "Or is your day just starting?"

"Things. I dunno. Just something other than drift through a kitchen for the rest of my life." Keelyra loves cooking, yes, but everyone has more interests beyond just what their job is. Especially when the job is more just where they ended up than what they chose.

Jeyinshi chuckles a bit at the mistake and nods her head. She doesn't move away as the arm comes around her, instead scooting back a bit and leaning into it. "Long day finally over. Sungie's stamina just increases as he gets older. It's crazy." The dolphineer shakes her head before shooting a smile over at Keely, "Well, if you ever have a mind to become a dolphineer, come talk to me. We've got unpaired dolphins galore."

"Have you considered a Craft?" Glancing back to Keelyra for a moment, Kelthero gives the weyrbrat a long look. "It'd let you travel, since you'd have to go to a Hall at some point…" The guard seems to falter here, knowing his source of information on Craft matters is shaky at best. So it's to Jeyinshi he looks to now with a look of 'help?' written on his expression. "… I mean you'd gain some good skills too." He finishes somewhat lamely. When Jeyinshi leans back, he moves in a little closer to better support her and glancing down at her. "I really need to come visit then, it's been so long since I've seen Sungie. How old is he now, anyways?" he asks with a grin before laughing softly, looking between both her and Keelyra. "Figures you'd try to recruit her!" he teases the dolphineer.

"I'm not a good swimmer," Keelyra tells Jeyinshi, nose wrinkling. "Plus, I'm past the age of most when they apprentice. It'd just be embarassing… that and I have no idea where I'd go. Baker, maybe, but I'm not sure I enjoy it /that/ much. Farm? I like dabbling in the garden, but I've talked to the Farmers here and I just get bored." She shakes her head, "I'll probably just hope for a position in the lower caverns administration someday."

Jeyinshi winks at Kelth as he gives her that look before turning to Keely with a nod. "You do get to travel a lot, especially depending on your craft. A lot of apprentices for the crafts get to travel and see the Halls. Our apprentices travel more." Yup, shameless plug for the dolphineers right there. But she isn't lying, the search and recue unit did let their apprentices travel a lot. She looks up at Kelther then, smiling, "One turn and 7 months. And you /do/ need to come visit, he misses you too. Nowadays I just hear him complain about lack of guests." Jey chuckles softly, "And yes, I would! You should see the amount of unpaired dolphins we have!" An eyebrow raises at Keely's comments then, "Well if you need to learn how to swim better, come down and we'll give you a few lessons. Doesn't mean you have to join of course. Which reminds me….I need to track down Patori. He can't swim but he's interested in the dolphins a bit I think."

Kelthero glances back to Keelyra, giving her a bemused smile. "How old are you?" he asks, before realizing how abrupt that was asks and clears his throat a little. "I mean… if you want to share that. What I meant was I don't think it's ever too late to become an apprentice." Again, the guard falters, getting into details he knows nothing about and eventually just shrugs helplessly. Jeyinshi comes to his rescue however, so Kelthero is simply content enough to listen and nod his head at all the right times. "Ahh, so he's nearing his second Turn. And you let him know then that the feeling is mutual." He then chuckles. "No guests, really?" he muses, the arm he has behind the dolphineer seeming to slip all that much closer. But then he too is quirking a brow up in a curious manner. "Patori? Who's he?"

"Fourteen," Keelyra says, giving a small shrug. "Most of the 'brats that apprentice our do so around eleven or twelve. I'd feel strange, I guess. And by the time I'd decide what I wanted to do… I'd be fifteen." She makes a face. Gaze drifts to Jey and she ponders. "I might take you up on the swimming lessons. I'm… alright at it, but not great."

Jeyinshi nods, "Yup, never too late to apprentice. Our Hall doesn't really have that many apprentices at this point. They'd just jump you to the older class." And the shameless promotion of her hall continues. "If you have any friends that are interested, please send them my way." She grins at Kelth then, nodding. "Yup, almost there, though I doubt he'll get any calmer. Mostly no visitors, but Sungie is slightly prone to exaggerating when it comes to playing, or lack thereof. Patori." Jey snickers a bit at the name. "One of the weyrbrats, he was hiding under cots the other day, hiding from a couple of brutes. Told him I'd teach him. And I'll teach you Keely. Stop by any time."

Kelthero looks puzzled for a moment, "Really? Apprenticeship starts at eleven or twelve Turns?" he echoes from Keelyra, looking sideways to Jeyinshi at his side for another confirmation. The guard really is behind on his knowledge of Crafts - or wasn't paying attention when he was younger. "Shells, I didn't even sign up to be in the guards until I was almost eighteen Turns and even then they were reluctant to take me." It's Kelthero's turn to roll his eyes slightly when Jeyinshi continues to push her Craft, but the guard wisely keeps his silence on that. "Will he ever mellow with age, do you think?" he turns his attention back to the dolphineer, chuckling. "Ahh, don't think I've crossed paths with him." At the mention of brutes and hiding though, the guard frowns. "Bullies?" he simply asks.

"Guards are more… strength and all, yeah?" Keelyra is working again at her seeds and only has a few left that she picks at slowly. "Crafts… They wanna get you while you're soft and easy to teach, I s'ppose. More time to squeeze all that knowledge in." She glances up a bit, though, squinting at Jey. "Patori? Point him my way sometime. Mayhap I can help."

Jeyinshi nods, "Yeah, some halls take them starting that early." She finally drops talk of her craft, yawning instead before chuckling softly. "Maybe after say…20 turns or so. And just by a little if by any at all. But I love him that way, wouldn't change him for the world." Jey stretches for a few moments then, "Mmm, probably, but he wouldn't say. Perhaps I should teach him self-defense too." The dolphineer /did/ grow up in Rubicon after all. She knew how to fight, though she didn't use it much. But Keely's suggestion earns a nod, "Yeah, I'll send him your way then. As for me…I need to be sent off for a nap."

"We're a bit more then just strength, but yes… that's the gist of it." Kelthero muses as he glances back to Keelyra. He gives a small snort though, "I honestly though apprenticeship started at fifteen. But I guess it makes sense to start younger." The guard doesn't seem to sure about that however. Looking back to Jeyinshi, his brows raise up in surprise. "Twenty Turns, are you serious?" he says, before laughing softly. "That's a long time, you must really love him." At the mention of self-defence, the guard grins. "I could help with that. But I'd also love to know the names of these two supposed bullies." When the dolphineer mentions a nap, Kelthero finally slips his arm around her and gives a gentle squeeze. He then withdraws his hold a little, smiling. "I should probably head off too. I'm sure I've got the rest of the day off, but I probably should check in to be sure. I can't trust Cranky with messages yet." That said, the guard gets to his feet, pausing only to stretch out. "It was nice meeting you Keelyra." He says, giving her a brief wave. To Jeyinshi, he grins. "If I'm not pulled onto extra shifts, I'll try to come by. I'll let you nap first though." She gets a little wave too before the guard begins to saunter off at a leisurely pace. Seems he's in no hurry to see if he has work waiting for him.

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