Glitter Surprise

Half Moon Bay Weyr - [TP] Stable
On the forefront of a small paddock surrounded by a perfectly maintained wooden fence, is an equally tiny stable that houses no more than eight runners at a time. Each stall has a sliding door with a gap large enough for a runner's head and neck to stick through which allows access to feed, and is clearly marked with a number and the name of the animal currently occupying it. The stables are mucked out a few times a day to ensure the health and cleanliness. Fresh hay is always available either on hand at the stable or the adorable mini-barn located on the premises, which doubles as tack storage and interconnects with the stable itself on one side. One stall towards the back is always kept empty to hold a few bales, and conveniently enough looks like the perfect place to hide away and take a nap.

It's afternoon, just after lunch, when Sevran steps into the stables. He's polishing off the last of his meal, a redfruit in his hand with one chunk already missing. He's chewing thoughtfully as he wanders down the aisle, peeking in on the sleek runners that he passes by, appreciative. His career may have been herdbeast related, but he can appreciate fine breeding anywhere.

Kassala arrives soon after with a bucket of fruit from the kitchens. Pausing within the stables, she looks for a anyone who might be able to point her in the direction of the stable master. Spying Sevran, she calls out to the other candidate, "Sev, do you know if the master is here or not?" A pause, and she motions to the bucket, "Was told to bring this fruit here and give it to 'em." Perhaps it's a treat meant for the runners. Who knows, not her!

*CRUNCH* The sound breaks the stillness of the small stable as Sevran takes another bite. Naturally, it's now that Kassala comes in and addresses him. He lifts his thumb to catch a bit of juice on the corner of his mouth, and shakes his head at her. He chews quickly, swallowing hastily before he answers, "Just got here m'self. Not sure where he's at. Maybe out in the pasture? Or to lunch?" seeing as it's that time of day. "Whatcha got in there?" he asks curiously. "Just fruits?"

Wrinkling her nose a little, Kassala sighs, "I'm supposed to give it to him…" And no one else. Guess she might be waiting a little! Looking from bucket back to him, she chuckles, "Yeah, though I think the cook packed something extra at the bottom.." Maybe there's a little romance going on?

Sevran wanders closer, curious eyes peering down into the bucket as if he could see through to the bottom. "Well, I hope so," he decides, "Cause otherwise that's an awful lot of fruit for seven runners." Pause. "Wha'do you think it is?" He takes another bite of his own redfruit, chewing thoughtfully. He moves a few steps to the side, turns and leans his back against a stalldoor, elbows resting on the top. "Might be here a while," he notes with amusement. "May as well get comfy."

Kassala laughs quietly, "Heck if I know…" But now he has her doubly curious, "Should we look?" The grin is there upon her lips even as he mentions getting comfy to wait, "Then again, there are some things I just don't want to know either." Things you'd rather NOT see or know about some people!

"Hmm," says Sevran around a mouthful, chewing thoughtfully again. Swallows. "I say go for it," he decides, eyes alight with curiosity and humor. "I mean, if it was really that private, then why'd they give it to a candidate to deliver?" Right? Who trusts candidates? "Could be a juicy love letter. Or it could be nothing at all," he continues, a clear attempt at egging her on. "Won't know till you peek."

Kassala ponders this a little more before glancing around, making sure the master isn't around. Setting the bucket on a bale of hay, she starts taking out the carefully placed fruit till she can reach the bottom. Which seems to be a small wooden box that kept the fruit off whatever is inside. Holding that in hand, she glances to him, "So.. you think?"

Sevran stands up a bit straighter, his curiosity getting the better of him as Kassala gives in and starts digging through the bucket. The redfruit in his hand is more or less forgotten, though he doesn't toss it aside. He pushes off the stall, takes a few steps across the aisle to peer over her shoulder at the box. "Huh." Clearly not what he was expecting. "Is it locked?" he wonders.

Kassala turns the box around to reveal a simple latch on the front, "Latched, but not locked.." Again, she glances to him, seeing what he thinks. To open, or not, that is the question! Still, she looks about, making sure they're still alone. Wouldn't do to have the stable master show up and catch them red handed, right?

For his part, Sevran is all relaxed curiosity. Not at all concerned that they might get found snooping into someone's private business. Nope. He just gives her a little nod of encouragement, a half-smile on his face. Her glance around has him briefly peeking up, but other than a curious runner who's come to the stall door to peer at them, they are alone. "Well?" he adds, "Open it already."

At his urging, Kassala flashes a quick grin, then turns back to the box in one hand. Lifting the other, she works the small latch, swinging it to the side, and starts to open the box. IT all happens fast after that, for before she can open the box much, the thing springs open, and BOOM… they are both hit by the glitter bomb hidden within the small package. All the pretty multicolored glitter you could want from the spring loaded box. Sputter and spitting, Kass just stands there for a moment, too shocked for words.

Just before Kass opens that box, Sevran turns and offers what's left of his redfruit to the curious runner nearby. It's gently but eagerly taken from his hand. Sevran wipes his palm on his leg, turns back to watch Kassala open the box… and then gets an explosion of glitter. The runner behind him squeals and backs quickly, knocking into the door with it's haste to get the heck outta there. No such luck for Kassala and Sevran, who stand there with matching expressions of shock, and matching coats of glitter. There are just… no words.

Silence, beyond the runner's squeal as it backed up quickly from the explosion of glitter. Silence from Kass, and it seems, silence from Sevran as well. Closing her eye and tilting her head forwards, she shakes her head, trying to loosen the glitter in her hair and on her face to keep it out of her eyes. Other than that, she remains still. Eventually, she will speak up,sputtering a little when glitter ends up in her mouth, "Are… you okay?" That is asked of Sevran who stand behind her. Not yet turning to look at him just yet.

There is a vast arrange of emotions playing over Sevran's face at this moment, not least of which is shock and surprise. But all of them, like as not, are well hidden by his new glitter-face. There's a cough, and a bit of glitter floats off him for the movement, but it's another few long seconds before he answers Kassala. He has yet to move. "Who the fuck did you say gave you that bucket again?" he asks, voice solidly anger, though not for the girl at his side.

At least Kassala is free of any guilt associated with this glitter bomb gift, right? Her very marked surprise would be too good an act! And surely, no one would glitter themselves, just to get one person! Finally, slowly, she turns to look to him, only to cut off a laugh at seeing his face, knowing she looks the same, "One of the cooks in the kitchen.." Guess the weyr residents are not above pranking the candidates? Either that, or they interrupted a prank between the cook and the stable master. Whoops!

Sevran grunts in response. Very slowly, in an attempt to avoid getting more glitter on her, he turns away from Kassala, walks a few steps, and then bends over to try and shake the glitter out. Undoubtedly, a good portion of it is now down his shirt, and likely down his pants as well, from the way he's twitching and contorting his back. "Ugh," is all he has to say right now.

Kassala just watches him go off to shake the glitter off, and then proceeds to try and do the same. She'll have it in her hair for some time, for it's worked it's way into the long red braid, and her clothes as well. "I think I'm going to go take a swim… this is going to cling forever." Just look at Riohra. He's still finding glitter on him! "At least… it didn't happen in the dorm." But surely, looking at all the glitter on the floor, means someone's going to need to sweep it up. Can't be good for the runners.

Another grunt, this one of affirmation. Sevran gets as much as he can off of himself, but the humidity of the day, and the slight damp of sweat on his skin, means that he's mostly unsuccessful. "Think I'll join you," he decides, voice a bit hard. "A nice, long swim will do some good." And maybe save a couple cooks from being threatened savagely. He peers at the pile of glitter on the floor, the dismisses it quickly. "Here's what I think," he decides. "If that bucket was meant for the stable master, then it was either meant for him to be pranked, or he was in on it." Surely he couldn't be innocent. "The runners are out for the day, and they can't get to it, so I say leave it for them," the stablehands, "to clean up." That'll teach 'em. Or something.

Kassala worries her bottom lip, only succeeding on spitting glitter out of her mouth. "You think it'll be alright then?" She asks before shaking her head, raining more glitter down upon her shoulders, "Not like we could clean it up with so much glitter on us anyway.." They'd just spread it further! Leaving the box on the bale of hay along with the bucket and redfruit, she backs away from it slowly, "Then, to the lagoon.." She's not even going to worry much about grabbing a suit or anything. "I can't believe I fell for that.." She half mutters to herself.

"Nope," Sevran does not think it'll be alright. "I just don't care." Totally done. D-O-N-E. Done. There's another swipe of hands through hair, another halo of glitter cascading around him, and then with a firm nod, he heads for the door. "Lagoon then," and she can follow or not. He's moving with quick, purposeful strides, already stripping his shirt off even before he's out the door. He's out of there. Stupid glitter boxes.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Kassala doesn't waste much time either, and while she's not stripping yet, she is ruffling her hair and shirt as she goes. Her steps aren't as long as his, so he likely will pull ahead of her a little as they cross the bowl from stables towards the lagoon. No doubt, there's a few that will give them notice as they leave behind a trail of sparkling glitter, the rumor of the attack to make it's rounds before dinner meal. Once they find their way to the lagoon, only then will Kass start to strip down to her underthings, leaving her in panties and bra. Unbraiding her hair, she'll set the tie down on her glitter-laden clothing, and head for the water, already itching more than she'd admit.

There's a dismissive toss of his shirt; it's ruined and Sevran is not gonna try and save it. It lands by a rock, a puff of glitter floating around it. Now he pauses, if only to untie and remove his boots, which he carefully sets aside and out of reach of the glittery-shirt. Pants next, and underthings after. Hey, he's Weyrbred; nothing wrong with swimming in the nude. Thankfully, his hair is short and does not require preparation. And then into the water as quickly as he can get there. He dunks under, disappearing beneath the lukewarm water, a cloud of glitter rippling out from where he was.

Some might think it odd, but Kassala may still blush and turn her head away from him when he strips down completely. While she's lived near the weyrhold, she's not quite as relaxed with nudity as most would think. Like him, she's soon ducking her head, trying to rinse the glitter out of her own long locks, scrubbing at her scalp mostly. Damn glitter. Surfacing, she glances to him, "Will you tell me if I got most of it out or not?" Of the top of her head, that is.

Sevran comes up for air, much less glittery than before, though a fair amount still clings, stubbornly, to skin and hair. He blinks the water out of his eyes, finds solid footing as the water laps around his chest. "Sure," and he turns her direction. "Tip your head towards me?" he offers. The less glitter he wears, the more amiable he's going to become. "There's some here," and he reaches over to pick it out of her hair carefully, if she stays still long enough to allow it. "You're gonna have a tough time getting it all out," he notes, sympathetically. "Could just shave your head?"

Kassala tips her head, allowing him to look at her scalp and find where she might have missed. At his suggestion, she gives him a horror-filled look, "Or not!" She gestures to himself, and will check his head if he wishes, showing where some glitter might remain in his own shorter hair. Then it's time to duck again, to scrubb hard as she can through the red locks, hoping to get the glitter out of her hair as best she can. She'll worry about the body soon enough.

Sevran grins a bit, eyes dancing. "It was only a suggestion." His humor is back, though there's a glint in his eye that says he's still rather peeved about the prank. At her offer, he lowers himself a bit and tips his head for her to inspect. Bits of water drip out of his hair and back into the sea. As she goes back under, so will he, fingers rubbing vigorously along his scalp in an attempt to shake loose all the clingy bits of sparkle. Then up for air again, and a glance around as glitter particles float away with the current. Good riddance.

"No, not even a thought." Kassala is quite proud of her red hair. It's her favorite thing about herself! Directions are given as to where clumps of glitter might be found in his hair before she dunks herself, once more to scrub-a-dub-dub her head. Go away vile glitter! Surfacing again, she glances around, watching the glitter float away and then bakc under the wate she goes again.

"Well, as long as your OK with glittery-hair," notes Sevran with amusement. "Because I think it's gonna be tough for you to get it out completely. It keeps floating back in when you go under," he notes helpfully, though he has no suggestions. Satisfied that his scalp is as glitter-free as it's going to get, he wades out a bit further to remove himself from the cloud of sparkles and gets to work on his body. Thankfully, the repeat dunking seems to have done the trick, and he's more or less glitter-free.

Muttering at that, Kassala sighs, "Then I'll just have to make do.." She states, though she does move to another area, and goes back under, trying her best to get as much glitter out of her hair as she can manage. She did take the brunt of the bombing compared to him. When she finally hopes she got most of it out, she'll move to another area again, reaching for some sand to scrub herself with, to better get any glitter off of her. She'll work around the panties and bra left on.

Sevran offers a truly sympathetic look for Kassala and her long-hair plight. "Hey, I'm gonna go get us some towels, OK?" cause he has no problem romping across the bowl buck-naked. "You want me to grab you something? Like a brush or… comb or something?" whatever would help, he doesn't know. "You keep doing… that," and he flicks his hand in her direction for the various dunking and scrubbings. "I'll be right back."

"My comb, if you go into the dorms? I'll need to at least comb it out so it doesn't tangle." That would be a mess! Kassala offers a quick word of thanks, though turns away from his nude self as he climbs out of the water to go grab whatever. "Maybe something to eat!" Funny how getting glitter bombed makes you hungry. No doubt, it's more the fact she skipped lunch to make that delivery. She'll go back to scrubbing - she's going to feel itchy from the glitter for some time yet.

With a nod of his head, Sevran heads out of the surf. He gathers up his clothing gingerly, pinching shirt and pants away from his body but clutching boots close. And off he goes, ignoring the stares, bits of glitter clinging in inappropriate places. It's a good fifteen minutes before he can be seen again, a pair of swim trunks on this time, and a bag slung over his shoulder. He settles the bag in the pavilion, fishes out a comb and a bottle of oil, then scans the coast for Kassala. Once she's spotted, he heads her direction. "Here," he offers comb and bottle. "One of the other girls in the barracks said this might help, too. At least keep the tangles out?" but really, he's just the messenger here. Knows nothing of girl stuff.

Kassala will likely think of asking him to grab her some clothing… after he's already gone. Whoops. So she settles in for scrubbing until he returns. She's trying once more, with her hair, though it seems the glitter has settled against her scalp in some places. It'll just have to filter out once it's all dry, no doubt. She'll have sparly dandruff for a little while. Upon his return, she turns, and takes comb and bottle from him, "Oh? Thanks!" She says, then scoots upon a rock under the water to sit, leaving her half out of the water so she might start combing the knots out of her hair from the scrubbing.

"There's a towel back at the pavilion," Sevran explains, pointing back to the covered area. "As well as lunch. I just grabbed some left overs; they were pretty cleaned out," seeing as it's afternoon now. "But I managed to get some cold cuts and bread, so, sandwiches?" Grin. "You do your… thing," hair-stuff. "I'mma go relax in the sun." And with that, he's wading back out of the water and back to the pavilion, looking decidedly less glittery.

"Thanks again. Sorry about… yeah.." Well, one could /almost/ say it was Sev's fault for urging Kassala to be nosey about the box. But she won't blame him. Promise. She's left on the rock, combing out her hair till she can braid it back, and then head off for the towel to wrap up in while eating the food he brought. Eventually, she'll head back to the dorm with her glittery clothing to find something else to wear.

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