Touch It Good (Second Touching)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands underfoot are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

It's late afternoon when candidates are summoned to the sands once again, interrupting a spat of rainy-day chores in order to explore the developing minds encased in Half Moon's eggs. Celimoth has finally reached an agreement of a sort with the cantankerous romper-egg, and has since surrendered it to allowed it to be perused by the candidates. Xermiltoth, picky to the last, noses the errant egg as R'hyn leads the candidates in, eyes whirling with delight as he croons to greet them. "Shush," the assistant weyrlingmaster chides, shooing the dark beast back before turning to point at the candidates. "Usual rules. No roughhousing, do try to keep the shouting to a minimum, and if we can keep from injuring ourselves this time, that'd be just dandy." The sarcasm's running strong today, but he gestures for them to emerge onto the sand and then sidles out of their way to join a dark-haired, eye-patched bronzerider against his dragon's side, since bronzer backup on the sands is a thing now.

Baylee makes her way onto the sands for round two of the egg touching. This time at least Baylee is a little more prepared for what she might find. She bows to both the clutch parents as she enters and quickly makes her way to the Mnemonic Memories Egg since it was one of the eggs she didn't get to touch last time.

< Baylee touches egg 2 - Mnemonic Memories Egg >

Shanatea is quiet, for once, he knows better than to be loudmouthed on the Sands where a queen has her eggs. Short tempers, or so he has heard…. Also, he'd rather not be one of the ones with two black eyes. Ahem…. or so he's heard about. He wanders around for a few minutes, after bowing to Celimoth and being all proper and respectful. Then he slides towards an egg silently, and slowly, but confidently, and carefully puts his hand on the This Ends in Fire Egg.

< Shanatea touches egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >

Catwin follows the rest out onto the sands, quiet and solumn and then blushing a little at the mention of keeping injuries to a minimum. Well, she'll just stay away from that monster egg, and since it seems Sevran is still caught up in chores, maybe things will stay safe. She looks over the eggs and then steps up t the Rebirth egg.

< Catwin touches egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Catwin squeaks in startled surprise and then she's shaking her head "No, no I don't want to play." Oh sweet Faranth, Did someone stuff sweetening into the egg? There's almost a look of horror at the unbounding energy that the egg seems to show.

Citayzleat has the frazzled look of somebody who's on their last straw — the one right before their back explodes, or something else equally exciting, as she trails into the sands. "Hrmph." The healer grumps at R'hyn on her way by, twitching only a little as she nods respectfully to Celimoth. Xermi, well, he gets a ghost of a grin, but then her hands are pat-patting at her frazzled hair. It's not going anywhere, though, except where it already is; all over the place. "Hello again." The candidate mumbles, approaching the Wavelengths of Light egg with slightly narrowed eyes. "Were we interrupted?" The question is a little strained and also to an egg incapable of actual speech, but she goes for it anyways, fingertips barely touching the shell.

< Citayzleat touches egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >

Surprisingly the Mnemonic Memories egg is low key. Even more low key than some of the others that Baylee has touched so far. A puzzled look forms on her face as she lets the egg into her mind, "It is how the world feels." she says softly, "You are little still. But when you get out of there it will be so much different." Her hand will remain on the egg to see what it has in store for her.

If Sevran looks a little… apprehensive, well. Maybe there's good reason? A hand idly lifts, rubbing ever so gently across that still-yellow-but-fading bruise. But there's no hard feelings, judging by the wry grin he flashes at Catwin. Yeah. No repeats OK?

Catwin scrunches her face a little even as her shoulders hunh inwards a bit "Do you have to?" she mutters softly and then lets out a sigh as she shakes her head some. "That's nothing you need knowing about. No one days." she murmurs with a touch of confusion.

Cita barely pauses at the bright egg — nods, to herself, humming something under her breath. Then she turns, still wide-eyed like she might actually snap, and does a stupid thing, considering the reactions of the others thus far. The Outrun the Monster egg, well, it hasn't gotten any happy reception from her peers, but it's just an egg, right? Cita approaches the egg like a man on a mission, shoulders squared, palm flat on the shell. It's just an egg, surely.

< Citayzleat leaves egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >
< Citayzleat touches egg 10 - Outrun The Monster Egg >

Catwin steps away from the egg and there's just an utter look of 'You're crazy' to the egg and she's shaking her head. She catches the grin from Sevran and she blinks. When did he get here? Never the matter, she does dip her head curteously at him. Grin back? Well, not after the freaky egg. Well. Freaky to her. She hmms a little and makes her way over towards the Mirror Egg.

< Catwin leaves egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >
< Catwin touches egg 8 - Mirror, Mirror Egg >

If some of the eggs had alot of knowledge this one seems to take wonder in the smallest of things. Baylee smiles at the joy taken in the change from day to night and back again, "You are going to appreciate the world so much when you go out of your shell. That changeover happens every day. Just wait till you see the sunrise and the sunset for real." Her hand remains on the egg.

Sevran has a little known superpower called 'always being where you don't want him'. Thankfully, it seems to be in reserve today, even if his feet take him suspiciously close to Catwin. "Hey." But clearly, it's the egg he is after as his hand whips out to press against the shell of the Rebirth egg.

< Sevran touches egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Shanatea actually GRINS as the egg reaches out to touch his mind too, and he continues to touch the Fire egg, his eyes actually closing in concentration.

There's a squeal and a yelp and then a blushing Vintner Candi who is looking quite sheepish as she jumps and then that sheepishnish turns to something that's not quite anger, but certainly not happy either. "Shells, that is not funny." she mutters and then she shakes her head. No she most certainly does not want to.

At first a grin, wide and somewhat amused. But slowly, as thoughts comingle, Sevran's grin begins to fade. Expression blank now, concentration, and then a quick intake of breath is sucked in with a hiss. Tension across his shoulders, eyes snap open and he peers around the sands briefly. But, despite what looks to be an unpleasant invasion of his mind, his hand remains there on that little egg, as if to see what else it may reveal.

Shanatea enjoys heat, and his mind leans in towards the egg again, his eyes opening a bit to peer at the surface of the egg, as if studying it again in return. Heat and dreams, beautiful things, especially combined.

At first, Cita's quiet, eyebrows a little creased as she lightens her touch; maybe a response to something within, rather than without. Her nose wrinkles, head cants to the side thoughtfully — but the first doesn't bother her. Death is just another part of life, and. Wait. The healer's eyes widen, and something like a startled noise escapes, pained and maybe a little close to terrified. Several sharp breaths, and she stays, shoulders gradually hunching in, and — thump! The healer hits the sands and scrambles back up, sand spraying around her in her haste to see. Glance one way, another: there. They're there, not there, and now she's mad, in addition to the fading terror. Brushing sand she may or may not have tossed around onto the shell off, the candidate lets her hand linger, scowling. "Stay out of there." She orders, futile.

< Shanatea leaves egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >

Catwin glowers a little as the egg presumes too much. "No, it is not great." she mutters. Too bad she didn't catch Sev's Hey, maybe she would have paused first and maybe changed her mind about the egg. She sould have. What does she want? Peace and to be left alone, she muses a moment as she starts to take her hand away, but her fingertips still stay in contact

Sevran's hand flings out, as if against his will, as if he's trying to reestablish an equilibrium that hasn't actually been lost. Carefully, as if unsure of his own stability, he removes his hand from the shell of the egg, only to press it against his forehead. Eyes close tightly, as if he's fighting off a headache. "Ugh." Stupid eggs.

< Sevran leaves egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Baylee smiles a warm and motherly smile to the reaction of the egg, "You are very sweet. Don't worry it will make sense some day." Exactly when she couldn't say, though she'd guess just after the hatching. "I have to say goodbye to you now, but I'm sure that we'll see each other again and you can hear about all the things that have changed since."

< Baylee leaves egg 2 - Mnemonic Memories Egg >

That hand remains on his head, fingers rubbing in a vain effort to dispel a pain that isn't even real, as Sevran moves away from the Rebirth egg. The Monster egg gets a wide berth; not even gonna try again. Nope. But that fiery egg? Sure, why not give it another go? This time, at least, he knew what to expect and can brace himself. And brace he does. Hand poised, he grits his teeth in firm resolve before placing his palm solidly against the smooth shell.

< Sevran touches egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >

Catwin is most certainly not. She's no kid to play pranks, and certainly not pleased with people enough to try and be charming to get away with things. She glares at the egg even as she's checking out her limbs. She grumbles to herself. "Just shove it." she mutters and walks away from the egg and wanders through them all a omnet before heading over to Mnemonic Memories Egg

< Catwin leaves egg 8 - Mirror, Mirror Egg >
< Catwin touches egg 2 - Mnemonic Memories Egg >

Baylee having finished the egg she hadn't touched she is now has a choice of eggs she has touched. Which eggs held the most interest, and which ones is she daring enough to touch once more. The first egg she will return too is the Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg.

< Baylee touches egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

A groan of discomfort and annoyance. Why did he think this was a good idea? Sevran is having a hard time remembering, but it's too late now. He's committed. Teeth gritted, he refuses to budge, or succumb. Nope. Not this time, egg. Just get it over with.

Catwin looks a little startles as she's not bombarded by a multitude of things an actually relaxes a little. She shrugs a little. What is she doing here? Well, there's a number of things she could say to that, but really it all settles down to one thing. "Learning."

Citayzleat here: still making bad decisions. She's had some particularly spectacular bad ones in her life, but this is probably decently among the upper echelons. Utterly undignified, the healer-candidate groans, the noise bitten off by pride still lurking somewhere beneath the emotions she doesn't mean to feel. And there she goes, breath picking up again, crumpling in on herself like that might protect her. It won't, of course, but that doesn't seem to occur to the healer as she just kind of hunches over, maybe hyperventillating a little. She's fiiiine. She's totally got this. She might pass out of either lack of oxygen or sheer terror, but her legs won't carry her away, so she stays. At the egg. Smartly.

There's al ittle bit of a chuckle from Catwin as she shakes her head "Some things must wait to be learned." she murmurs. And some things, may it never have to learn. She sighs a little and runs her hand along the shell. Oh, to be so innocent again.

And then, he is released. Sevran's expression says it all; he actually did it? Startled, a bit apprehensive, he gives the egg a hard look before he removes his hand. And then a smug grin. "Take that." Sevran one. Fiery-egg zero.

< Sevran leaves egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >

Catwin hmms thoughtfully as she steps away from the egg, lost in her own thoughts on things as she meanders through the eggs, looking for ones she hasn't yet met. She slips over to the Drone egg and looks at it a moment. There's a touch of trepidation on her face and then she's touching the egg.

< Catwin leaves egg 2 - Mnemonic Memories Egg >
< Catwin touches egg 5 - Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg >

That same exhileration is there, just like the last time she touched this egg. Baylee accepts the rush of the egg and her face flushes as she lets the egg direct her in the ways it wishes to go. Her hand will remain on the egg.

As he wanders, Sevran's eyes find the Storm's Aegis Egg, and without meaning too, he ends up headed that direction. There's a fond sort of look for the innocent looking egg, and a brush of his fingers against the shell. A bit of a smirk, a private humor dancing in his eyes, and he moves on to other things. With a deep, steadying breath, he reaches out to the Binding Performance egg.

< Sevran touches egg 9 - Binding Performance Egg >

Catwin twitches just a little, not quite at ease and not quite on edge. She's watchful, waiting. There's a slight frown as she tries to follow the brely tangible impressions and then it's moving faster and she gets a little more agitated as it starts trying to tap into things best left hidden "Stop!!"

< Sevran leaves egg 9 - Binding Performance Egg >

More gritted teeth, more tension through back and shoulders, as Sevran finds yet another egg that seems to be intent on… unpleasantness. A shuddering breath, a shiver down his spine, and he nearly falls to his knees in the sand. With the dismissal comes an immediate remove of his hand. Nope. No thank you.

Cita babbles something under her breath, still hunched, as her knees buckle. She doesn't seem to be bothered by the heat of the sands, still trapped in whatever mental anguish the egg feels like providing today. Slowly, the words become more audible — a litany of "No, no, no, no, no," repeated slowly and with growing horror. "Please," The healer interjects at one point, but then it's back to the denials, rising in tempo and volume until she flings herself backwards. Scuttling on her behind, utterly undignified, Cita eventually manages to get back to her feet, more or less. The candidate doesn't quite flee, but she does retreat a tactical distance from the eggs — and collapses, sprawled on her butt in the sands, and just kind of. Sits. She'll reboot eventually, probably. Whenever she remembers it's hot.

Baylee lifts her hand off the egg with a happy sigh. There is good things to be had in there thats for sure. That being done she'll hang back for a moment to compose herself before touching a new egg.

< Citayzleat leaves egg 10 - Outrun The Monster Egg >
< Baylee leaves egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Shanatea steps away from the egg, silent but with a silly smile on his face. He may just be one of those people who enjoys heat. He steps off towards another egg, and again his hands slowly slips across the shell of the Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg, head tilting towards it with interest.

< Shanatea touches egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Catwin is bound and determined to keep certain things under lock and key. "Leave off!" she cries "Those are no business of yours. Of anyones!" She gives her head a shake, as if to shake up the path. Distracting, deflecting. Some things are best left alone.

Catwin cries out, "You have no right!" Anger or maybe it's fear propels her away from the egg and she stands there, glaring at it, breathing quickly. "No right." is barely whispered and she takes a deep breath. "No right at all." What makes them reach for the most painful so much? The things best kept hidden? She steps bit further bac from the egg. She looks around at the others and then she steels herself and heads on to another egg, this time the Fire egg.

< Catwin leaves egg 5 - Drone, Hum, and Whirr Egg >
< Catwin touches egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >

Sevran is kinda done, at this point. He's kept tally, and there are an overwhelming number of eggs that would prefer to maim, torture, or destroy his psyche versus eggs that seem somewhat pleasant. Are all eggs like this? It's a rhetorical question that's written on his face but not spoken aloud. At this point, there's really only one egg that he may dare touch, and that is the one that Celimoth had been hovering over the last time they were there. Worth the risk? He's about to find out. With purposeful strides and a determined look, he marches up to the Mnemonic Memories egg.

< Sevran touches egg 2 - Mnemonic Memories Egg >

So far, so good? At least it appears so. Sevran doesn't immediately throw himself away from the egg. And maybe there's a bit of cautious relaxing as he stands there, eyes distant as he leaves his hand against the shell of the egg.

Shanatea chuckles quietly to himself, his hand being joined by the other hand, his head as close as prossible without touching the shell of the egg inappropriately. His eyes, once again, close as he concentrates, closing his mind off to the words of other candidates around him. With a small sigh, he listens again.

Well, if you're booked to burn, you're not going to drown. Catwin shifts a little uneasily, but flames are all too easy to face. She's not looking for tempering, but then she's not looking to go up in flames either, just yet. But the cauterizing power of the flame? Hmm

And still, nothing horrifically traumatizing has happened yet. Sevran is starting to think that maybe, just maybe, this is one of the "good" ones. His fingers flex, and the barest of smiles hints at the corners of his mouth. Are you going to behave, egg?

< Sevran leaves egg 2 - Mnemonic Memories Egg >

Shanatea is simply happy to experience such a different feeling than the previous egg. Experiences are what make life rich, right? And Tea is rather fearless. Once more he listens to the egg, just letting the feelings take over because what else is there. It would be silly to resist.

Cita is blank as she reboots, scrunching her knees up to her chest. Eyes listlessly rove the sands, without much in the way of awareness behind them until they catch on Catwin leaving the Drone egg. Huffing under her breath, the healer closes her eyes, lowers her head to her knees. Several deep breaths, and some part of the candidate's brain reminds her that she has a job to do — she heaves herself back to her feet, skirting around the edges of the eggs again. Egg. Egg. Egg. Goose! Or, actually, the Binding Performance Egg, approached with surprising timidity.

< Citayzleat touches egg 9 - Binding Performance Egg >

Catwin sighs a little, is the burning of her leg? Or maybe it's the ambitious nature of the egg. But she's shaking her head a little at it. "Not even out, and already pushing forth." she murmurs softly "It's not good to just take, so much that can be hurt." she says quietly. She has no desire to be highly ambitious as this one seems to want. Safety, peace, so much better to have.

Previous question has been answered. Yes. Sevran decides it was definitely worth taking a chance on this egg. There's even a fond smile and a little affectionate pat-pat as his hand finally leaves the shell. And on that positive note, he's just gonna casually slip out of the candidate-egg party and slide that-a-way. He's touched enough things today.

< Shanatea leaves egg 1 - Rebirth of the Elemental Quarter Egg >

Catwin removes herself from the egg, her eyes casting about as she refocuses on the hear and now. The sands, the watching dragons. Cita moving about, Sevran slipping away, Shanatea doing whatever he's doing with the egg. A glance at the Fire and she murmurs good luck on it's ambitious journey and makes her way to one last egg. She starts to set her hands on Wavelengths, hesitates a moment and then puts them down atop the shell.

< Catwin leaves egg 3 - This Ends in Fire Egg >
< Catwin touches egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >

Shanatea smiles and slips away from the egg, wandering around the Sands and eggs a bit until he reaches out and lays a hand on the Storm's Aegis egg. His curiosity is piqued by said egg in front of him.

< Shanatea touches egg 6 - Storm's Aegis Egg >

Arm twitches — Citayzleat almost immediately flees. She freezes, either way, something like a growl working its way up out of her throat as she glares down at the egg. "What." She demands, voice barely above a whisper, snappish and angry. Impatient, scornful; maybe, actually. It's a night of callouts on our Cita, but she's shaking only a little as she remains, glancing around watchfully. Nobody's fleeing like their tail's on fire, anyhow. Except possibly her, at this rate.

Wait, what? Catwin stands there, neither pensive nor glowering. More startled and perhaps a little off center. So many colors, so few of some though. She has no answers for it, she's almost as stymied as it might be.

This time, it seems that Sevran was serious about not touching any more eggs. Where last time, curiosity definitely got the better of him, this time he knew better. But he'll hang out. Because his friends are here, and it's a break from chores. So… loitering for the win.

Shanatea is so not afraid of a storm of any sort. He's lived through plenty of them, and even did the stupid thing and hung out in them previously, and so he leans in, as if greeting an old friend.

Catwin shakes her head in bemusement "Why change them though?" she murmurs as if trying to hold onto those colors that make her up. "They are me." And thus her resistance to change, even if some of that change is already happening.

Cita is still. Her breathing is still uneven, but she settles some, eyebrows creasing further and further down until she's frowning thunderously. "That's mine. Hey — no." Too late, the things keeping her in check slip through her hands, drift away, and what is she without what she's learned from? "Why'd you do that." There's little or no anger in the healer's tone, but worry hangs in the air, the dart of her eyes around the sands. Others: still fine. Mostly. Cita: kind of twitching, wary of the good like some sort of idiot. Her touch is gentle, though, tracing designs with a little frown.

Catwin moves back from the egg, more bemused and befuddled and giving herself a little bit of a shake as she regards the egg. Strange and different, but not so scary either. She wanders off the sands, her thoughts kept close, a frown on her face and furrowed brows. So much to contemplate again. But one thing the touching has done, it's washed away memories of mornings punishment chore.

< Catwin leaves egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >

Baylee has been there too. Mostly milling around and not touching the eggs, but looking at them. She's now had the chance to touch them all, some of them more than once. She spots Sevran lingering there and will move over to stand beside him. The look on her face says she's lost in thought.

Never give up! Never surrender! Tea's lost in thoughts as he waits to see what comes next, the stormy egg's shell still under his seeking hands. His eyes narrow and he peers at the egg, shaking his head just a little.

Cita remains still, frowning warily at the egg. Exhaustion settles over the candidate as she snatches her hand back, swallowing some noise or other down. "Fardles." The healer mumbles, shuffling away from the egg and nearly stumbling intoo the Improbable Dreams Egg. "Sorry. Really sorry. Your siblings are something." She tells it, patting carefully.

< Citayzleat leaves egg 9 - Binding Performance Egg >
< Citayzleat touches egg 7 - Improbable Dreams Egg >
< Shanatea leaves egg 6 - Storm's Aegis Egg >

All the milling around apparently is exhausting. Sevran stifles a yawn. No sooner is that done than his stomach gurgles. Hey, he's a growing boy. With a somewhat embarrassed look, he excuses himself from the Sands and heads back for some grub.

Breathing. Hey, Cita's re-mastered the skill, and this egg isn't even trying to scoop her brains out. "Hmm?" She asks, blinking vaguely down at the shell. A beat, and she laughs, shaking her head slowly. "I'm here?" Maybe she's recovered, if she's still got the ability to be a smartass floating around in her noggin. She doesn't leave, either, lingering next to the egg with a palm resting flat on the shell. It's not so bad.

< Shanatea touches egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >

Shanatea says, "wanders around a bit more before he stops and rests a hand on the Wavelengths of Light Egg. Interesting, the colors, and so he brushes it with his fingertips, careful and still silent."

Cita's expression softens further; a smile starts to form, small and a little weak around the edges. "You don't say." The healer murmurs, eyes closing briefly. "Yeah, I know —" BANG. Something makes her jump, but she doesn't go far, sheepishly reapplying her hand and standing mouth-agape for a long moment. Riiiiight. "Of course you have." Cita laughs, a short bark of amusement, hand twitching a little.

Shanatea considers the egg his hands rest on, his face not making an expression at the moment. Its bright, the mind inside.

Shanatea patpats the egg and then steps away from it. He steps off to the side of the sands and watches for a bit, his interest piqued as he finally watched the other candies for a few minutes.

< Shanatea leaves egg 4 - Wavelengths of Light Egg >

Citayzleat jumps again, but this time she's laughing even then, face scrunching up as she taps a little pattern on the shell. "Hey now, slow down." She huffs, head shaking. "No," She starts, amused, but it's too late — or not. Just as she's about to leave, Cita squeaks, and squints down at the egg beadily. "I'm what now." Yeah, no, nothing. She even lingers, but nope. Nothing more of an answer, and she steps back, taking a few deep breaths. The other eggs lurk in the corners of her eyes, though, and the candidate turns, nodding once to each humanly and dragonly presence on the sands. "I've got to get back to the kids before they riot." She lies, and she's off, like her tail's on fire. Flee, Cita!

< Citayzleat leaves egg 7 - Improbable Dreams Egg >

This time, the candidates are showing themselves out. R'hyn finally unclenches hands from where they've been pressed to his sides, wriggling fingers to loosen them as the tension in his shoulders finally eases. One palm gets pressed to Ila'den's with a squeeze of fingers, brief, fleeting, before he pries himself from his dragon's side to amble out onto the sands proper again. "Alright, the rest of you get goin'. You've undoubtedly got evening chores to get to, no freebies for the trauma this time." He makes to follow stragglers out, but not before flicking a wink in Ila's direction with a promised, "I'll see you later." For dinner, to corner Cita probably, but SHH LET'S PRETEND THAT WAS SEXY OKAY? Okay. The end.

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