Lower Caverns Pow Wow

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lower Caverns
An oddly shaped cavern. Almost kidney shaped, with tunnels leading off to various parts of this side of the Weyr. Residential, craft and storage caverns mostly. Though one exit leads to the Candidate quarters, since with all their chores, it was thought to be a good idea to have them close to the Living Cavern and the Bowl, just to keep them from disturbing the rest of the Weyr in the mornings.

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It's the familiar voice that catches Sevran's attention, having tuned out the commotion up to this point. His eyes sweep the kidney-shaped cavern but find Kassala quickly. He quirks a half-smile but stays where he's at. He's content to remain far away from her glitter-trailing self. However, keen observers may have noticed that he left his own trail of glitter not that long ago. As it is, he spots a fleck on the back of his hand that suddenly has his attention, nails attempting to dig the offending thing out.

Saxi laughs, that booming laugh echoing about the cavern again "Oh no, I am sure lass. My beard alone would revolt and try to take my life should that ever happen" He will nod over at Sevran giving the shorter man a warm smile and adds "well congratulations the both of you, best of luck on the Hatching"

Kassala laughs a little more at Saxi's answer, her gaze taking in the beard before sighing, "Then I guess I should keep ti all to myself.. wouldn't want your beard trying to do you in while you slept or something. Imagine the healers trying to figure that one out!" Standing there, she adjusts the towel she's got wrapped about her, though one can see the straps of a bra instead of a swimsuit over her shoulders. "How much do you think they're going to hate me if I took my clothes into the laundry?" The question should be, how much will the whole weyr hate her, since glitter will get spread in all the laundry!

Sevran tips his head in a nod of greeting, a polite, "Thank you , sir," for the hatching well-wishes. He flashes a grin at Kassala and offers, "I snuck mine in with Krenn's stuff. They'll think it's his so…" shrug. No shame. He rolls his shoulders gently before bending over his paper once more, though he keeps an ear out towards the pair.

Saxi grins and nods saying "Oh, just call me Saxi. Never was one for that sir stuff", he turns to the lass and says "you know, if you dunk it in the oil they use for dragons and firelizards it takes the sparkles right off." He moves over to stand more out of the way if that is possible for the large man.

"Thank you as well, sir." Kassala is quick to say, though at Saxi's words, she offers a wry smile, "I think we'd get in trouble if we don't sir and ma'am people… " A good habit to have anyway. The suggestion has her pondering, only to murmur, "Where would the fun be in that though? Might as well share the love, right?"

Sevran bobs his head in acknowledgement of the name and offers a quick, "Sevran," as introduction. He sits at a chair near the candidate's barracks, a clipboard in his lap and a pen in his hand, though at this moment both are ignored as he is half-listening, half-participating in a conversation between Saxi and Kassala. His damp hair is pushed off his forehead with a swipe of his hand, and a bit of glitter twinkles annoyingly on his skin, catching the light but being impossible to remove at this point. "I don't know if putting your clothes in the oil would be a good idea, though," he notes. "Then you just have oil stains. Not much better."

Saxi grins and nods saying "yes you will have the oil stains, but then you have a bucket of glitter filled oil" He just leaves that out there to see who takes it and runs with it. He is leaning on one of the walls and checks a 'small' piece of paper in his hand quickly.

Kassala stands there, considering both Sevran's and Saxi's comments, her gaze turning back to her clothing held carefully in her hand before her, still raining the occasional dribbles of glitter. Laundry glittery bomb, or the oil. "They are old clothes.." Which they are/were. Which way should she go? That's the question now!

Serena makes her way down toward the laundry room with a bag slung over her shoulder. It is filled with clothes from her recent trip to Xanadu and she needs to drop them off to be washed. She looks happy a enough with a slight smile on her face. She is presently about 3 months pregnant so a baby bump is visible, but other than that she looks very much like her standard self. As she spots the people present she offers a wave, though offers Kassala a funny look. Where are her clothes? "Hello." she says to the gathered group.

By the look on his face, Sevran does not consider the trade-off a worthy one. "Rather try to save the clothes. What would I do with glittery oil?" Certainly not use it. He casts a glance to the clipboard, chews a little on the end of his pen, then carefully writes out a line or two. Hm. "If you won't want to keep 'em, you can always toss 'em," he says to Kassala for her clothes. "I only have, like, three good shirts. I can't afford to throw one away," even if it is currently unwearable. "Hey, Serena," says Sevran, lifting a hand in greeting. "How is Samiryth?"

Saxi still leaning on the wall will look up, or rather down at Serena saying "Minecrafts Duties, Ma'am" see even he has to be formal sometimes. He looks over at Sevran saying "How do you know the laundry people just wont toss it when they find it in your friends clothes?" He grins broadly pleased with himself as he goes back to his list, yup helping.

Kassala tilts her head, "I may just oil them. And wear them when we end up having to oil the dragons.." What would alittle more oil be on them then? That said, she blinks a few times as she turns towards Serena, having not yet met her. But with the way both the guys respond to her, she offers a smile to her, "Good day, ma'am." Samiryth? Oooh! She puts the name together with color and position.

Serena is a ma'am! Wow. That always sounds strange, "She's doing very well Sevran. We just got back from our trip to Xanadu. I'm sure that you'll be seeing her down by the pens when you are there." She offers a smile to Kassala, "I'm Serena. It's nice to meet you." she looks over toward Saxi too, "Both of you." Though she transitions quickly to the laundry related discussion, "Is there some sort of problem witht he laundry? Should I wait to drop off my clothes?"

Toss it? The thought hadn't occurred to Sevran. "That would be awfully wasteful," he says with a frown. "I'd be pretty upset if they did." Maybe he has sentimental attachment to the shirt? More likely he just doesn't want to have to go find a new one. He gives a quick shake of his head to Serena, a reassuring smile. "No. Well. Not yet," although now he's contemplating the consequences of his little glitter-bombed shirt. "Kassala and I were… well. There was a lot of glitter." His eyes narrow, his lips press into a thin line, and briefly there is a look of intense annoyance. But it passes with a shrug. He's almost over it. "There was a problem with us. The laundry is just fine."

Saxi nods his head to the green rider saying "a Pleasure, I am Saxi" he will grin over at Sevran and ask "how did you two get covered in this stuff? Or is this from the original glittering I hear the youngins talking about earlier" That is right, you all are youngins to him.

"Kassala." The name is given by the redhead before she glances between all of them. "We were hit in the stables." She'll leave it at that. "Went to the lagoon to try and get most of it off, except for my clothes." Thus the reason she's wearing her skivies and a towel and being wet. As for the laundry, she hmms, "Well, depends on whether or not you want your clothes being a little sparkly? Might wanna wait a day… or three… if you can."

"You got hit with glitter in the stables?" Serena says incredulously. "Thats…odd." she says with a shrug of her shoulders, "Why would there even /be/ glitter in the stables?" The greenrider can't even think of a good reason, "Was there some sort of accident?"

Sevran is more than happy to let Kassala explain, nodding along as she does so. As for how? They get the cliff-notes various. "There was a box. We stupidly opened it. Poof." And his hands flick into the air, mimicking an explosion (though careful to keep hold of his pen). "Glitter. Us." End of story. A head-shake at Serena. "Nope. It was clearly intentional. But we don't know who did it," he admits.

Saxi shakes his head "Well it sounds like you two weren't the direct target. But still, makes for a good adventure" He will turn to Kassala and say "best make your choice quickly lass I think I see the Headwoman coming" He will move to block the view of the entrance of the cavern so the candidate can pick her fate.

Kassala points to Sevran as he picks up the story, keeping it short and sweet. But with the word of warning given, Kassala will duck into the laundry, and throw her clothes into the wash as well. Guess she decided to go with the quick and easy. And that's before the laundry workers can figure out that what she added, has glitter in it.

"That makes no sense. Why would someone do that?" Serena asks. Though there are loads of things that zero sense so she won't dwell on it too long. She holds her bag just a little tighter to himself. "I think I'll wait and wash my clothes myself." Glitter is the last thing she needs to deal with.

Sevran's shoulders lift, pause, and then fall. A shrug of defeat. "Honestly, Serena, I've been asking that question since the first attack." Yes. Attack. Because that is what it was. "You may not have heard, if you were in Xanadu, but one of the other candidates triggered a box that dumped glitter all over him, his bed, and the bed next to him. It was a mess, and a nightmare to clean up." His lips press into a thin line briefly for the memory. "We've no idea who did it, but apparently they decided to strike again?" That's his estimation at least. "Because chores and strict candidacy rules are not enough; no. Apparently someone feels the need to torture us further." Clearly, he's not a fan. A nod to Saxi regarding targets. "The first time, it was definitely targeted. This, though…" and a look is given to Kassala upon her return, "appears to be random bad luck." Really bad luck.

Saxi thinks a bit and says "well then could it be the target, who ever that was just out for revenge?" He strokes his beard as the thinks about it. He gives a nod to Serena and her choice of laundry protocol saying "Aye, seems to best thing to do here is make sure you clean it your self". His stomach on the other hand lets out a rumble that makes a small child that is walking by jump and look around for a canine, causing the large man to grin sheepishly and ask "Is the living cavern glitter free or should I go to the Bar for a meal?"

Kassala nods some more at Sev's comment, "Poor Riohra.." The candidate who was the target of the first prank, is named. A wry smile is given both Serena and Saxi, "Washing them yourself might be best… and you may want to go to the bar." The last to Saxi, "I sort of walked through the living caverns to here.." So there was a trail left behind which may ormay not be there still.

Serena listens as Sevran explains the events that have taken place since she was gone. "Things have been busy. My candidacy was considerably more quiet." Thankfully so because if glitter had been constantly appearing she'd have been more than a little miffed, "Have you spoken to the weyrlingmasters about this? I'm sure the guards could be notified. They take that sort of things seriously. They don't want anything messing with the candidates." She nods to Saxi and Kassala, "I think that will be exactly what I do."

There's a quick, definitive shake of his head. "No way. There is no way on Pern that Rio would do something like that. Especially to her," and Sevran juts his chin at Kassala. "He'd be more careful than that. Nope. Not him." And there will be no convincing him otherwise. A long sigh, and he gives Serena a long look to match. "I have been asking for a quiet candidacy since I got knotted," he says dryly. "And all I get is trouble." In fact, the bruise on his forehead is still visible, if one should care to look. "I'm kinda over it." Pause. "I think Rio was going to, but I haven't heard anything since. It didn't happen to me directly, the first time, and well…" the second time? He looks just a touch sheepish, "Erm. Let's just say I'm not gonna snoop through anyone's things ever again." Probably. Maybe.

Saxi grins and nods at Sevran "Always good to learn something from life. Even if it is a warning not to do it again." There is a twinkle in his eye when he jokingly teases "Ahh so he is sweet on the young Lass, but would that really save her from him pranking her. People do strange things when love starts to talk hold" he grins like he has been there but will nod at Serena and ask "Do the Weyrlingmasters here take such interest in pranks? I wouldn't see the harm in something as small as glitter" How much could there really have been?

If someone thinks it's Riohra, she blinks, "No, he wouldn't.. he's not the sort to do that." AT leats not that Kass knows! Shaking her head at the very idea, she sighs, "Who knows who it is.." But she soon agrees with a bob of her head to Sevran's words, "Nope, not snooping.." Leave it to her luck, the first time she would get talked into snooping, she gets bombed with glitter! Talk about lesson learned!

"They might if it continues. A incident here and there perhaps not but ongoing pranks can creat stress and things are stressful enough for them." Serena explains to Saxi, "You might as well mention something Sevran. If they don't do anything then they don't, but they should know whats going on. It's their call to make in the end." she says to Sevran. "Good idea to not snoop. Especially since you all are living in a common area. Precious little privacy as is."

"Something… as small…" and in a flash, Sevran's face goes from annoyed-but-humored to just… dead. Expressionless. Ice. Lips are a thin line, not pressed so much as just… there. A look is given to Saxi, but it's a long moment before Sevran can take a deep breath in and try to explain. "Try to imagine… a bag of flour, bigger than a child really, but glitter. And then it's on you. And everything around you." Beat. "Eyes. Ears. Nose. Mouth. Hair. Shirt. Pants. Not to mention, the stuff hurts. It's worse than sand." Clearly, Sevran does not consider this some harmless prank. "Regardless. He wouldn't do it." He's pretty adamant about that, defending his friend to the death. For Serena, his expression melts, and he offers her an easier-going smile, though the tension is still there. "Thank you, Serena." Because she gets it. "All we wanna do after a long day is relax. Not pick glitter out of our—Well." And he doesn't finish that thought.

Saxi looks astonished, his mouth hangs open a little "Who does that much glitter?" or anything really? He shakes his head at Sevran saying "I stand corrected. That is something that should be brought up, if only to make sure something of that magnitude doesnt happen again." He starts to stroke his beard again as he thinks "This is quite the mystery here, but one sadly I will have to ponder over food. Would any of you have time to join me as I dont really know my way around yet?"

Kassala sighs, "I don't want anyone to end up in trouble. Maybe they didn't realize how much it was.." She likes to think the best of people, after all. And it being her first candidancy, she doesn't know how pranks should and should not go. "I should go get cleaned up and dressed and make sure I'm not needed in the caverns myself."

Serena would normally go but it seems she has to go unpack and clean up her own clothes. She smiles to Saxi, "It's not hard to find. If you just step out of the living caverns you can make your way over to the lagoon and then the Tiki lounge. You can't miss it. They have halfway decent food there." The poor candidates will get a smile, "Good luck. Hopefully you will all stay glitter free. But tell the weyrlingmasters." And then she'll be off back up to the living cavern back toward her weyr.

Sevran still looks hung-up on the 'little bit of glitter' thing, but he's willing to forgive once Saxi seems appropriately apologetic. At least he gets it now, too. He gives real consideration to the thought of food, but asks a qualifying question first, "Are we eating dinner in the living caverns, or going to the bar?" because those are two very different things. To Kass, he wonders, "Want me to bring you something back?"and to Serena, a small quirk to the corner of his mouth, a half-smile and a little wave. "Good seeing you again."

Saxi grins "I was thinking the Bar maybe relax a while on the beach with a nice drink" he reaches down and lifts his heavy pack and shouldering it "You are welcome to join" Yup he doesn't know about candidate rules.

A grimace, then, and a quick shake of his head. "No, but thanks," says Sevran, honestly. "I've already had my one drink today," probably after that glitter-incident. "But you enjoy yourself. I've actually gotta finish this," and he motions to the clipboard waiting patiently in his lap. "Was nice meeting you, Saxi."

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