Family and Eggs

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tidal Pools
Up a path from the lagoon sits a plateau of tidal pools. The shallowness of the pools combined with the dark stone they're made up of means that Rukbat beating on the pools in the daytime keeps them warm. The rock has been hewn gently on most of the pools to allow for ledges to sit on while still in the water. The pools allow for a more private, relaxed atmosphere than the beach below. When they are occupied, it is not uncommon to see a waitress or waiter come up from the Tiki Lounge to serve drinks to the occupants.

It is just after the evening meal, Rukbat is sinking in to the horizon sending lovely reds and pinks over the water. For the moment the Tide pools are unoccupied, well at least by awake people as it seems the tall hunter turned candidate is floating in one with a towel over his eyes enjoying a possible nap. There is a bucket with drinks in it, and what was probably ice or something in it that was too keep the drinks cool.

Escaping from the lagoon area is Kassala who's carrying a bucket in her hand. Glancing down at it, she moves towards one of the heated pools, pausing on the side to scoop some of the hot water into the bucket. "Come on.. if you get warm, you should be good.." At least she's hoping it will help whatever is inside! Glancing about, she spies Riohra, or who she thinks is him, "Rio??"

Done with her first day in the Half Moon Infirmary, Kelani has taken the time to do some explorations. She is wearing a long green sleeveless tunic over long pants and sandles on her feet. Her thick curly hair is let loose about her shoulders, with a thong for binding it up wrapped around one wrist instead. As she comes up to the tidal pool she spots at least one familiar face floating, then the other joining them who at least seems to recognize him as well. "Good evening…" She greets somewhat shyly, well at least at first.

Riohra grins but doesn't stop his floating as he says "Hello Love, all done with chores?" still not taking the towel from his eyes. He isnt sunburnt but looks like he is wearing sunblocker or at least keeping his body well below the water line so to avoid harmful rays. When another person arrives he will wave from the water "Hey hello, uh Kelani right?"

"You gotta come see!" Kassala begins before they're joined by another red head. Rio might be in trouble. Scooping up some more of the hot water, she studies what's in the bucket before moving higher along the pools to where he's floating. Kelani is givne a nod, then she turns to show Rio. Within the bucket is an egg. Obviously, by the size, a flit egg: A relatively small egg, the white of its shell lightly speckled with pink and red. It's not quite perfectly oval, indented on one side with a small reddish blemish that makes it look a bit like a bean… or a kidney. Or both!

Kelani gives a nod at the recognition from the hunter, "Yes, you can call me Kel if you want." She offers to the man before looking over to Kassala with curious eyes at the bucket she is dumping warm water into. "Oh my, is that a flitter egg?" She asks with eyes widened to look at it. "It is smaller than I expected."

Riohra hears talk about the egg and reluctantly moves from his relaxation he pokes his head over the rim and says "Wow, where did you get one of those love?" He will grin at Kassala then say "Sorry where are my manners, Kelani, this is Kassala. Kassala this is Kelani, she just transferred here from the healer hall."

"It's nice to meet ya." Kassala offers to Kelani when Rio makes the introductions, but then turns back to the tiny egg, "IT is smaller than most. I found it on the beach near the lagoon. The nest was empty, bunch of shells and… well.. I'm not sure if the others made it. This one has a crack in it, and it's a little cool. Hoping that heating it up will get the flit to moving again." Thus the reason she now puts the bucket in the shallow of the water - hot water inside to wet the sand to help it warm up! To Kelani, she asks, "How are you liking it so far?" Now, this close, they will likely both notice multicolored flecks of glitter that's stuck in her hair near her scalp, and perhaps a piece here and there still stuck to her skin. Someone might have gotten bombed recently.

Kelani peeks into the bucket at the small bean egg, then starts to help scoop some water water into the bucket as well. "Hopefully this will be enough." She says perhaps her healerly instincts coming through in the concern in her voice. "Well at least you will know you tried your hardest come what may.." She offers as condolence just in case. There is a glance towards the weyr proper at the question, "Well it is a bit different that is for sure, but I reckon I will settle in soon enough."

Riohra looks at the little egg in question saying "why not just put the bucket in the water and let it heat through into the sand? Should keep it warm with out getting it to wet so it wont soften the shell" He will look up at Kel and grin "any traumatic injuries today?"

"Wetting the sand, not the egg itself. Heats up the sand quicker." Kassala answers then, having stuck the bucket in the water for it to continue holding the heat. As she glances up, she offers a smile to Kelani, "Dragonhealer myself." So they might connect in that way as well. Hearing Rio's question, she turns back to him, completely missing the slight wobble of the egg in the bucket, "Injuries? What?"

"Oh just a cook's apprentice that nearly chopped off his finger…quite bloody but got it all patched up in the end." Kelani says almost with a note of glee in her voice, "Most else was bumps and bruises, well at least of what they had me tending." Kelani smiles over to Kassala, "That must be interesting…they are so big and different from us…I can't even manage how you make a dragon sit still to treat it."
Riohra grins and moves away from the bucket, as far as he can get actually with out getting out of the water. "See not me, I am good" he holds up his hands in surrender he will grin over at Kelani "I imagine she glares at them and then they do it." That is how it works with him anyway.

"Sounds like fun." Kassala answers, laughing as she shakes her head. About the time the egg stops wobbling is when she looks back, sticking her finger into the sand to test it's warmth. Yep, warming up nicely. Turning back to give Rio a playfull glare, she hmphs, "No, usually, we get the help of a metallic. Bronzes are good to have, but of course, a gold is even better. Combine that with their rider soothing them.." Then it's easy.

Kelani can't help but smile at Riohra's comment about Kass, "Well sometimes we have to get tough with our patients if they don't listen." She says with a firm nod as she makes little dips in the sand so the water will soak in without washing over the egg. "Haven't met too many of the metallics. Just them riders who visit the halls and stuff. Met my Ma's blue more than most when she came to visit."

Riohra nods and smiles happily "Oh I know I am the worse offender, cuz I dont always even get treated for my injuries" he will lean back, still staying far enough away from the bucket. "So why are you covered in Glitter dear one? I didnt leave any about when I cleaned up did I?" he will give a grin at Kel when she talks about her mom saying "Oh? she comes to visit that is nice, are you two close?"

"Blue? Where at?" Kassala asks of Kelani then before adding, "My brother rides blue at Ierne Weyrhold." No doubt, blue is one of her favorite colors because of that association. This time, she /does/ notice the egg move a little, the crack widening, "Oh! It's waking up!" Excitement leaves her practically thrumming with energy, "I've never gotten to see them hatch before.. the wild flits at Ierne seem to hide their clutches really well…" Is she ignoring the question about the glitter or not?

Kelani shakes her head, "Not really…she does her part, checks in now and then, but Da mostly raised me. Not meaning no disrespect to her , she has got her duties and now I got mine." There is a little shrug as if she is still dealing with how she feels about it. The mention of Ierne gets her attention, "Yeah, she is there too last I talked to her." Any further discussion of dragons and parents are halted as she looks down at the egg that is moving.

Riohra too watches the egg "Probably a got smart about the people there." he says about the flits and their egg hiding abilities. He will nod at Kelani "Yeah my cousin was the same way before her injury. She is stationed down at Irene too, I wonder if they all know each other" he looks back and peers in the bucket standing on his tip toes "how long have you been trying to get one?"

"Maybe they do. Would be interesting." Well no doubt Rio's cousin knows her brother. Their families all knokw one another well enough, right? Kassala bounces a little, urging the flit hatchling to… hatch. Laughing a little, she glances to Rio, "Well.. since I've been at the school? I don't go hunting for nests, just if I'm at the beach, I do keep an eye out for one? So many other things try and find the to eat.." Again, the egg wobbles, falling on it's side as the crack grows and one can see the snout of a hatchling poking out, whuffling a little.

As the others show a connection to Ierne weyrhold as well, Kelani looks curiously between them, "T'ana is her name, she rides a blue named…Korveth…no Korvath." She gives of the name before looking back to the bucket intime to see the snout breaking through. "Oh here it comes!" She declares then looks to the other lass, "Did you need me to grab some food or you got some? I hear they come out hungry."

Crack, is either the sound of the egg or Riohra's neck as he spins his head to look at Kelani, "Sorry I must of miss heard that, Who is your mom?" His full attenion is on the healer now as if trying to conect her a memory or image in his mind. Egg what egg?

Kassala is focused on the egg, patting her pockets, "I got some jerky here.." She hears the name, and turns as well to stare for a moment at Kelani, but is quickly pulled back to the small egg that wobbles and splits open quickly until a small green hatchling tumbles out, quickly crying for food. Feed her damnit!

How Does Your Garden Grow Green Hatchling(#5157)
Speckles of green mingle across the hide of this firelizard, like an herbal blend that shifts from the pure green of basil to the yellowish shades of yarrow on her belly and the purple tinge of lavender along the sails of her delicate wings. Nowhere is her hide just one color, but the mixture varies to make a halftone effect that's soft pea-vine green on top gradiating smoothly through lime juice and into speckles of yellow on her belly, while the shoulders of her wings slip through blue-green rosemary out along the spars before a sprinkle of violet and borage joins the leaves of her sails. Her tail is one long sprig, a sweep of green with a white two-petaled flower at the tip, while her neck is a bundle of chamomile whose yellow and white blooms sprinkle her face.
How Does Your Garden Grow Green Hatchling is banded in the colors of her owner's home.
How Does Your Garden Grow Green Hatchling is 0 Turns, 0 months, and 0 days old and is 6 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 10 cm.

"T'ana." Kelani responds absently as most of her attention now is on the miracle of life happening before her. As the egg splits open she marvels at the little greenling before leaning back, not wanting to take the moment away from Kassala. "She survived!" She declares with a bright tone to her voice, "You did it!"

Riohra looks like he is having an aneurysm, but when the little green comes out he awws at slowly reaches out to hold Kassala's hand "Good job love" yeah the power of babies makes people just go blank, be it dragon or human.

"She's beautiful.." Kassala offers softly, finally finding the pocket of jerky and pulls out a piece to dangle in front of the newly hatched green flit. Wiggling it a little, she murmurs, "I promise I will get you something a litlte better once you eat this." The dangling bit of jerky is watched before the green makes a quick dart of her head to snap at it, leaving Kass to jerk her fingers back, "Woa. You're quick!" Almost took fingers with that bite! Turning her head slowly as the hatchling gnaws on the jerky, she ask, "T'ana… from Ierne? We know her.."

Kelani sits back on the sand and watches the feeding of the baby green. "Love watching births. Figuring if I don't cut it for trauma will try my hand at obstetrics. Just something magical about it, eh?" She says before looking between the pair as they proclaim knowledge of her mother, "Oh?"

Riohra watches for a little longer and then will lean back, and takes a good long look at Kelani. "Yeah, we are really acquainted with her, me especially. I thought you looked familiar now I know why" he smiles softly at her saying "she is my cousin, so I guess that makes you family too"

Kassala allows Riohra to explain how they know T'ana, her attention turning back to the green flit when she chirps hungrily. She's finished the first piece of jerky and wants another which is given over to her, carefully. This time, there's no snapping, the green taking it daintily from Kass' fingers. "While not family, I Do know her. She's a friend… her and her girlfriend, Niki. "

Kelani looks over to Riohra with a surprised look on her face, "Never have met any other relations other than from Da's side." She looks a little stunned for a moment, "Wow.." She murmurs agains and glances over to Kassala to hear about her relationship with her mother to find that her mother has a girlfriend, "Oh..I have not met her." She comments biting her lower lip for a moment, "I suppose I don't know her too well, more like an auntie that visits now and again."

Riohra gives a her a sympathetic smile saying "Yeah T'ana can be a bit tight lipped" like she had a kid there is a secret for you. "And there is still time to get to know her, I am sure she will be wanting to." He will look out at the sunset and say "And of course I am here now too, that is if you want to claim me as family."

"It's something new for her." Kassala does offer to Kelani about T'ana having a girlfriend. As Riohra offers himself family to Kelani, she adds, "You and I will be family, eventually, if you accept this knucklehead as family." Hah! The green flit wil take another bit of jerky, but she's eating slower, and her belly is filling up. Soon, with a soft croon, she hops out of the bucket and seeks to cling on to Kass who picks up the flit and holds her close, giving a scritch under her chin. "I need to figure out a name for this one… Hmm.." She's so herbal-iciously colored!

"I reckon she didn't want to interfere too much with Da's raising." Kelani says with a shrug, her gaze lowering to the firelizard watching as it eats its first meals and bonds with Kassala. The talk of family though causes her to lift of gaze again, "That would be nice…I would like to learn more about my ma's side."

Riohra tilts his head back and will stick his tongue out at Kassala, but will move close to Kelani "Well I cant speak to her reasoning, seeing as she never told me about you." He will grin and say "Well, I seem to stuck here for a while till those eggs on the sands are ready to hatch. But even if they do and I get chosen or not, I will be around." He motions with his thumb at Kassala saying "she has been trying to get rid of me for years"

Kassala rolls her eyes at Riohra, only to grin back at him. One may note that for all the teasing, she does hold a certain warmth for the hunter. Hauling the bucket out of the pool, she sets it aside, then moves closer once the green has settled into her arm like an infant. "And if you want good stories about him and his family, I can give you those." All the embarrassing ones, right?

"I reckon that was part of the agreement between them. I am not the only rider kid at the hall, life is what it is. They got a job to do." Kelani says somewhat matter of factly but perhaps there is a hint of longing there too. Perhaps because of her age, growing into a woman. A time when a gal might want a mother around. She looks between them and finally smiles, "That would be great..I would love to learn more."

Riohra grins and turns around saying "well first thing you need to know in this family is that we Hug" he stretches his large arms out and round the young healer woman. He gives her a loving hug and in his excitement forgets his own strength and the fact he is still covered in water.

"Maybe. Your father still around?" Kassala asks before Riohra moves in for the hug. The rather wet hug, "Hey!" Even she is getting splashed, and she scoots to the side a little, holding the green to the side so she doesn't get wet either.

The embrace certainly catches her by surprise to the point she doesn't notice just how wet it is. Belatedly she quickly returns it before pushing him off, "Well thank you but you are really wet and now I am too." She responds with at least good humour. "Yeah, he is one of the teachers up at Harper hall. He teaches Poetry." She responds as she shakes the water from her tunic and brushes it down.

Riohra grins and nods feeling happy with himself he sinks back into the water and absently plays with his necklace "So just how old are you? Or is this one of those times I am not supposed to ask a lady her age?" yup he went there.

Kassala laughs, safely to the side where she can't get wet from the hugging. Yes, she's going to keep a careful eye on Rio, make sure he doesn't try to surprise her as well with a wet hug. "Talk to him, if you're curious. If it's bothering you? You're not a kid anymore, ya know?" She says lightly before glancing to Rio, snorting a little, "As if that stopped you before."

"I reckon I am young enough that is safe." Kelani responds with a laugh, "Turning sixteen in a couple of sevendays." She responds before tilting her head to Kassala's advice and nods slightly, "I know, I suppose though this is my journey to make. Just have to decide how I am going to do it."

Riohra will give Kassala a waggle of his eyebrows, but nods saying to Kel "Really, well we will have to get a party going for you." He starts planing and plotting, "I mean we got fifteen turns to catch up on" He will stop his plotting only slightly as he looks at his newly found cousin and say "best way to talk to T'ana is straight up. Sometimes she needs the direct approach"

This time, Kassala is the one to stikc her tongue out at Riohra before she turns to Kelani once he mentions turndays to catch up on, "Be warned, he likes to give gifts. I wouldn't be surprised if you end up with sixteen of them at this party." She's not kidding either! She does nod when he mentions how to speak with T'ana, "And if you need anyone to just talk with.. to vent.. well.. we're here."

"Well, I will just get settled in here first. I suppose I should let her know where I am, she usally comes for turndays." Kelani responds squaring up her shoulders as if facing an adventure. She gives Riohra a look at Kassala's warning, "Nothing too big, alright?" She asks of him though there is amusement in her voice. She looks back to Kassala at the offer to talk and nods, "It is what it is, but thanks for the offer."

Riohra shake his head and come out of his thoughts saying "I Promise it wont be big at all, but Kass is right. If you need to talk, even if it is because you had a bad day or what ever we are hear." He gives Kel a soft smile "I know your used to going it alone, I have been there too. But you got family now, we are here and not going anywhere."

"It'll work out." This is something Kassala seems sure of. Kelani will get her answers, and hopefully they will be acceptable to her in a good way! Always the optimist is this red head. The green flit in her arms turns over, soon to burp, leaving Kass to wrinkle her nose, "Okay.. no more jerky for you, Yarrow.."

"First time being away from home…still sorta taking it all in. Healer hall is next door to Harper so it hardly felt like a change." Kel says with a shrug, "But at least I got a job to do that is familiar." She says and looks over to the flitter that is full to bursting and smiles, "Ah, good medicinal name and she sorta has the colours of it too."

Riohra will laugh at the flits antics "I like her already" he will turn and nod to Kelani saying "one step at a time, that is how Pern turns". He will get thoughtful again and say "is that the stuff you gave me when I rolled into that needle thorn bush when we were kids? For the itching and stuff?"

"You would!" Kassala answers Riohra, shaking her head, "She almost rivals you with your burps.." The smile is quick when Kelani approves of the name, and nods to Riohra, "It likely was. It's good for itchy skin, amongst other things." Some herbs are used for both humans and animals, and being part of a small cothold, simple tinctures and the like were known by her mother.

"It has a few uses, yeah. Works on the lizard kind as well?" She asks of Kassala, medical inquisitiveness showing. At least it is a safer topic then distant family and how to deal with them.

Riohra nods and grins, becuase as the girls talk shop he is off in his own little world planing things. He absently starts to scratch at a glitter covered scab on his shoulder.

"In some aspects, yes. Same with.." Kassala will talk shop, sharing the various herbs that help dragons the same as humans. And others that might differ in effects between the two. The green moves, yawning, then burps again, "Sweet… yes.. no more jerky for you.." Horrible burps.

Kelani relaxes quite evidently at the shop talk. Her safe harbour in all the changes in her life just now. The little burb though catches her attention and she looks down at Yarrow, "Yes, well fed I think, look at that little belly." She says before looking over to Riohra and blushing a bit, "Sorry about that…forget not everyone is a healer…side affect of living at healer hall."

Riohra has by the time they are done talking, fully formed his plan and has been watching them chat for the last five or so minutes. "oh I dont mind at all gives me something new to learn, and now she can talk to someone who understands instead of having to dumb it down for me." He gives the pair a happy grin "Besides hunting, and my many contraptions I like to make as my hobby tend to get me the same way. And I know what it is like to not be able to share fully with people"

Kassala enjoys the conversation, her gaze dropping to Yarrow, "She's full, though I think I'm going to find her something else to eat when she wakes." Other than stinky jerky! When excuses are given, she turns to Rio, and soon murmurs, "I don't have to dumb it down that much. You catch on quick enough." Seems she doesn't like it when he puts himself down.

"Yeah, trying to explain to my father what I do…He just nods and smiles and tries not to look queasy." Kel responds with a hint of bemusement to her voice. "He might have rathered I followed him but he supports me all the same. I may be able to hold a note, but putting an instrument in my hand mind count as cruel and unusual punishment to those within earshot."

Riohra grins and nods "I got drumming down but nothing better than humming, but that is good. So why truama? besides you get to see dummies like me on an everyday basis?" he will look at Kassala and kiss the necklace he wears saying "Forever"

"Mine are farmers. And while I can certainly grow and take care of herbs that I might use… dealing with a large farm? Not what I wanted to do." Kassala admits with a shake of her head, "From the moment I got to really look at a dragon, and had someone explain things to me? " She was a goner. Curiously, she does listen to hear Kelani's answer to Rio's question, the smile turning decidedly warm at Rio's gesture with the pendant.

"I don't know… I suppose its more immediate and visceral. I know I shouldn't say it but its exciting. There is an adrenaline rush when a trauma comes in and everyone has to work together against the clock.." Kelali says before glancing at the two, "Probably makes me sound weird…but it really is a rush. As for being a healer…well like I told you, just when I got really sick when I was a kid and I was stuck with them for awhile. Well I knew that was the place for me." She listens to to Kass's comments and nods in understanding and then catches the looks between the two, "You two mated?"

Riohra shakes his head laughing "Nope, you sound like me" He turns around to show her his back full of scars saying "I go a little overboard with what i am doing sometimes, and yes I admit to chasing the rush." Leaning back says "one day we can compare notes of staying at the Healer hall for an extended period of time" When she asks about the two being mated he will actually blush and look away "of a nature…"

Kassala nods, completely understanding what Kelani is talking about. "I know the feeling. We've had a few dragons that came in.. " Dragons can get hurt during flights or bloodings, even without the threat of Thread falling from the sky! There's a look given as Rio shows off his back, one that speaks of a constant worry for the hunter and his crazy thrill seeking wishes. Like him, however, she blushes a little, pulling out a matching pendant from her short, though her necklace also holds a ring on it, "Eventually in the future." They're candidates. Can't be married or anything!

Kelani looks between the pair as they answer her question and she arches a brow, "Waiting on…" she starts then remembers things she has overheard, so many talks of candidates and eggs on the sands. Might not be weyrbred but she isn't completely oblivious, "Oh you both…" She glances towards the weyr proper and back to them, "Oh dear..well that must be a kick in the bum."

Riohra will grin and look at Kel "more like the fork of the legs but yeah, we are working through it" and he doesnt even drink anymore so go him.

Kassala nods, "We're both candidates, yeah. He went and got searched first though." She merely followed soon afterwards. "It can wait. We have to take the chance when it comes to us, right?" Young love, so romantic! Laughing softly, she casts her gaze to Rio, sticking her tongue out at him, "Poor poor you.." She teases lightly.

"I suppose you having something to look forward to either way.." Kel responds trying to think of a silverlining on the awkward situation. Well as long as both impress or both don't. "I think I am happy to not be…but I suppose, riders seem happy enough as well." She shrugs and removes sandles and dips her feet into the tidal pool.

Riohra sticks his tongue out at Kassala quickly while Kelani is taking of her sandals and then grins at the young healer " Oh no need to sprinkle sweenter on it, we will be fine no matter what comes. If one or both of us gets chosen then we will wait for each other. If neither well then we will see where we go from there." He leans back and winks at Kassala sharing some inside joke.

Kassala blushes a little as Riohra sticks his tongue out at her again, shaking her head and dropping her gaze to the green flit in her arms, one hand tracing the crest of her head, "We will make it work, come what may. We've waited so long before now.. we can wait another turn or two." The girl has faith in that.

Kelani looks between the pair as they give their assertions that all will be alright. Finally she just nods. "well I wish you luck. I guess I will be around to see the hatching Master willing." She says with a half smile. "Never have seen one before."

Riohra grins and nods "I saw one once but never such good seats as this" he still sounds a tad bit nervous about the whole thing. He will grin at Kelani "Thanks, oh and do you know how to get glitter out of hair and other places. It seems Kass has fell victim to it as well" he smiles sweetly at the dragon healer with the sleeping flit in her arm.

"I missed the one I tried to go see. Usually so busy, and the higher ranks tend to the hatchings, in case there'sinjuries." You want the best on attendance, right? As he points out the glitter, she sighs, "Yeah. I scrubbed in the lagoon the best I could.. it's stuck in my hair though. Someone said oil could work, but.." Not something she wants to try!

Kel's features grow serious as the pair ask abotu the cure for glitter, "From my wealth of experience…I fear glitter contimation is terminal. Once you have been infected there will be no getting rid of all of it.." Oh so serious except for the amusement in her dark hazel eyes.

Riohra nods saying "sorry I didnt clean it up well as I thought love. I guess I must missed some" he will look sheepish about the whole thing. He looks out at the setting sun and says "But I really wish to know who dumped all that on me, and why. I mean it was a lot of glitter" shakeing his head there is still some stuck in his hair and it has been at least a sevenday maybe more.

Kassala gives a long dramatic sigh at Kelani's diagnosis, "Well.. dangit.." That said she turns, only to shake her head, a few slivers of glitter to fall out of her hair, "No, it wasn't you… I.. hmm.." And with another sigh and a great bit of blushing, she begins to tell the story of her afternoon. "Just after noonday meal, one of the cooks asked me to take a bucket of fruit to the stable master. I ran into Sevran there. He noticed there seemed to be more than just fruit in the bucket, so I was curious and looked to see what it was…" Oh yeah, this couldn't be good. "It was a wooden box at the bottom. Sevran suggested we peek inside.. I mean.. curous to see what the cook was sending to the stablemaster!" Was it a love note? A gift? "No sooner than I unlatched it, the thing exploded and glitter went… all over us." Spring loaded glitter trap!

"So there are glitter bandits running lose in the weyr?" Kel asks as she listens to the pair, eyes lighting up with amusement at the predicament the pair have faced. "I best stay clear of you both lest I get infected." Alas there is a little sparkle on her arm from when he hugged her, so its too late! "Well I guess there are worse pranks out there, but not so long lasting."

Riohra just looks at Kassala for a long moment and starts laughing, it is a deep from the stomach laugh. He goes on for a moment or two then calms down a tad saying through giggling bursts "sorry, sorry I know not funny. Just the look on your faces must of been priceless…" he is lost in the giggles again. He finally gets it under control saying "And you tell me not to go poking my nose places"

"Seems there is, yep." Kassala says with a nod of her head in Kelani's direction. "It might be too late.." Especially if Kel had any laundry put in for washing. Then again, if glitter's hit the laundry, then it will be around for a WHILE. As Riohra starts laughing, she peers at him, then sighs, "It was.. funny.. now." Not at the time. The poor candidates were so shocked, they couldn't even say anything!

"I suppose the stablemaster was grateful? It could have been him." Kel pointed out helpfully though here is a amused smile on her lips. The case of the glitter bandit is a great distraction. She splashs her feet in the water a bit and looks around, "So much warmer here, it is going to take some getting used to."

Riohra nods and looks about as well saying "and I hear they say this is Winter, too" he will let the glitter subject drop…for now. he watches the sun sink and askes "how much exploring have you gotten to do?"

Kassala begins to say something, then just motions to Riohra and his comment, "It is winter. AT least it's warm. Could be Telgar?" So very cold! Glancing to Riohra, she shakes her head, "Only a little myself. Been too busy."

Kel looks over to Riohra as he declares that this is winter. "Really?" She looks a bit horrified, "Well maybe I will get another posting before it gets too hot then." She gives a little shake of her head. The question of her exploration gets a laugh from the girl, "Well a little wandering around the bowls because east is not west…and then spent the day in the infirmary working before I came out here."

Riohra grins at the ladies "well then, I think tomorrow after chores and such we should go exploring. I know a couple of little spots you both might like to see. Maybe we can get others to join in of you want?" he looks back towards the weyr and grins "I bet Sevran would enjoy getting away from the glitter bandit."

Kassala ohs, "That sounds like fun. I'm sure the others likely wouldn't mind getting out either." As for Sevran, she snorts, "Oh.. I think if he finds out /who/ the bandit is, they will be lucky they don't need a trip to the healers." A glance to Kelani is given, "You might get a trauma from a beating." Nope, Sev was NOT happy at all!

At the offer of some exploring Kelani nods eagerly, "I would love that. Wasn't sure what was safe to explore around here so been keeping close to quarters and infirmary." As she speaks of Sevran, "He another candidate?" She asks curiously and smiles a bit, "Well I will keep a watch out for any injured coming in with glitter under their nails."

Riohra grins and nods looking at Kassala "well to be fair he my just get himself hurt. I mean how many times has been to the healers this candidacy?" he leans back and floats somemore trying to prolong the inevitable march back to the barracks for night runs.

"You might wanna." Kassala throws to Kelani, chuckling still. She thinks for a moment, "I'm not sure, but at least a few, right?" Poor Sevran and his bad luck. "He hit his head.. then Catwin ran over him on the sands the other day." That's the few times she knwos of right offhand.

Kelani tilts her head to listen to the antics, "Dangerous on the sands then? Figure most mothers can be super protective of their nests…I can only imagine the damage a dragon can do if she decides she don't want anyone out there." She gives a little nod, "Yep, definately will be kept busy for the next little while. I noticed an abundance of burn salves in the infirmary, far more than we keep up at the hall."

Riohra grins and raises a hand "that is for idiots like me, who get drunk and lay out all day in the sun and burn." He looks sheepish but it is the truth "It wasn't my finest moment"

Kassala just shakes her head at Riohra's admission, "No, that wasn't at all." A pause, and she turns back, "Likely for those that forget their shoes on the sands. It gets hot in there." As for the dragons, she ohs, "Catwin is another candidate. She sort of freaked out and took off running for the exit, and well.. ran into Sevran and bowled him over." To Rio, she murmurs, "I thought for a moment, the dragons would chomp them both."

"Why did she freak out?" Kel starts before getting a shiver of her shoulders at the comment that the dragons might eat them, "Well you both be careful out there. I just me you and like this idea of family and hate to lose it to a dragons temper.." She seems quite serious in her entreaty to each of them then looks to Riohra, "And sunburn is bad for your health..please wear sunscrean." She says with a decided nod of her head.

Riohra grins and holds up his hands in acceptance saying "I learned I do, I made a promise and I am keeping it" He looks pointedly at Kassala. "Besides, if the dragon gets angry I am sooo tossing that Heyyu guy he sure looks like he could do with dropping down a peg."

Kassala opens her mouth, then closes it for a moment. How to explain? "We were doing our first egg touchings…. you get a sense of the dragonet within when you touch the egg. They are… unique.. wild… amazing. But they dredge up all sort of emotions and such. " She shares a look with Riohra who would likely understand what she's talking about, "I only touched a few of them, and I heard that some are rather.. intense. Almost scary." That said, she smiles, "Trust me, I don't want to do anything to piss off the queen.. she's scary. She stood over one egg, and glared at us the whole time we were there. No doubt, that one's a gold.." She snorts at Rio's comment, "He is.. I'm just glad my cot isn't anywhere's near his."

Kel draws her legs up from the water and tucks them under her chin, wrapping arms about her legs as she listens to the candidates talk of the dragons and touching the eggs. There is a curiosity to her gaze as things are explained. One thing to read in books but to hear from two people who have experienced it first hand. "Sounds all rather scary, hearing their thoughts and them hearing yours? I think I like my mind as my own. I can't imagine sharing thoughts with anything else." She starts and glances between them, "Any of them… to you or more like reactions and feelings?"

Riohra shakes his head "Not me, though I don't spend much time around them as others do" he looks over at Kassala "you have been around them more than me. what is it like?" yeah he assumes it has happened to her. He leans in to hear her response, his eyes twinkle with excitement like when he got to touch the eggs the other day.

"The eggs?" Kassala asks of Kelani, and should that be right, she shakes her head, "Those I touched, I didn't really talk to, no. It was more images.. sensation.. emotions. One, was very curious about every emotion it could find. Wanted to help someone." She chuckles, "I got the feeling that it would make a mind healer the perfect lifemate…" A glance to Riohra is given, then back to Kel, "Another one showed… code? What the computer craft is always going on about?" Brushing her finger against Yarrow's belly, she adds, "Another felt like a storm. You ever feel the sensation of a strong storm? The rain, the hail.. the winds? That's the feeling I got from it." When asked, she smiles, "A few times, they have spoken, yeah. It's not often tthat they will. Generally the dragons talk through their riders when we work on them."

Kel nods to the first question and listens quietly to the response. "And they aren't even born yet and yet they have such strong feelings. How do the riders do it.." Looks like another topic to finally bring up with her mother. Just one of those things she has taken for granted that they were a pair, but really she has never taken the opportunity to get to understand and explore it seems. The safety barrier up between mother and daughter. There is a thoughtful look on Kel's face and she nearly loses the train of conversation before shaking her head and looking up to them. "Definitely sounds interesting at least."

Riohra nods and grins "It is an adventure, that is for certain." He smiles at Kel saying "I would like to know that too, I sure hope they teach a class or something on it." he will look out as the light from Rukbat is slowly fading out will say "Well I need to go and do that extra chores for J'en least he add more on to them" he climbs out of the Tide pool being careful not to drip water on the two ladies. "Just let me know when your free tomorrow Kel, and we will go exploring"

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