Garden Surprise

Western Weyr - Rooftop Herb Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

Fixing electronics wasn't the only hobby the bronzer's taken up, as it were. He's also done a bit of planting up in the rooftop garden. He's planted some vegetables and spice plants which seem to be coming in nicely. There are a few tomatoes ripe enough to eat. There's even a blackberry bush. But the reason the bronzer is dragging Enka up to the rooftop garden today is the flowers he's planted. Most of them are in bloom, and he wants to show the goldrider rather than pick them all to give to her or something. Lots of vibrant tropical flowers have been planted all around where there was empty bits of soil.

He fixes things, he plants things, he's the kind of guy that a gal would probably want to grab on to and never let go, or something like that. Enka is more than willing to let herself get dragged up to the garden. For one thing, the goldrider needed to get out of her office, and going home wasn't much of an option with a grumbly lumpy cranky gold dragon in the weyr. And so, catching sight of the flowers, Enka lets out a soft "Ooooh" of surprise. "They're lookin' so pretty," she observes, smiling warmly at Zi'on. "How lovely!"

That might be overselling the bronzer a bit. Really, he was just bored most of the time. Zi'on couldn't be bothering Enka -all- the time. She had work to do, running the weyr and all of that. As if Enka was one to talk anyways. She'd have no problem heading into any room on Pern and picking out whatever unattached man she wanted. Zi'on smiles to the goldrider. "I was going to pick a bunch for you… but I thought this way I don't have to kill them and you get to see them. We can still pick some if you want, though. You can put them in your weyr or office or something…" He checks on the rest of his plants, pulling off the ripe tomatoes.

"Mmm," Enka surveys the flowers with the air of a woman who's probably been blessed by a stroke of good fortune. Well, actually, she has. And while she was busy, running the weyr and all of that, she's trying her best to make time for friends, family and definitely the bronzer. So that's why she's here, sort of. Needing the time off the computer is one reason, but definitely being up here with Zi'on is another. And while she might be able to walk into a room and pick up unattached males, she hasn't seemed to got the inclination to do so — else, she'd probably keep a harem or something. "Thank you, Zi'on," she gives him a warm happy grin. "I like seein' them in their natural place first. I suppose now we could pick them and see which ones look best in the weyr." The goldrider does take a moment or two right then to check on a few of the herb plants that are good for baking. Like the mint.

Zi'on certainly appreciates all the time Enka makes for him. The bronzer tries to be accommodating, and not to bother her too much while she was working. His schedule was more flexible. He didn't have meetings with Lord Holders, and could usually switch his sweeps around with others. The bronzer might not appreciate a harem to compete with, or anything. "Mm… they look nice up here. There wasn't much growing here. A lot of healer stuff. So I decided to plant some of this other stuff. I've brought some down to the kitchens already." The bronzer wasn't big into cooking, but the kitchens could always use some extra veggies for meals. He sniffs at one of the flowers. "Anything here good for baking?"

Enka probably would have liked to have a lighter working schedule, especially when it came to meetings with Lord Holders. On the other hand, at least she's only got a few of them to meet with since the island holds are fairly small and close together. Then, since the bronzer doesn't like competition with a harem, it's a good thing the goldrider doesn't keep a string of men like a collection on display. He gets her all to himself. She nods a little. "Well, I imagine the healers would need a place to grow some of their herbs, but it looks nicer up here with flowers. More comfortin' and friendly." Enka remarks wryly, bending a little to inspect one particular mint plant before she plucks off a sprig, and sniffs. "Mmm, mint, for one." she says. "Add a bit of mint to make some nice cookies. There's a lot of herbs that healers use that can also be used for bakin'."

Such is the way of being a weyrleader, of course. There wasn't anything Zi'on could do to lighten her load of meetings, unfortunately. Unless maybe if he was a weyrleader himself. Zi'on might be the jealous type. He doesn't really know, or care to find out. "Mm. There's still plenty of herbs up here. I only planted in the free spaces, where there was enough room." He plucks a leaf from said mint plant and chews on it. Fresh breath! Then he picks out a firey red and orange flower, moving over to Enka to tuck it behind her ear. "There you go. Now you look like an island weyrwoman." The bronzer leans down to plant a kiss on her cheek.

Even the goldrider would ultimately admit it was all part of the job. She wears the knot, she does the work. And as long as she did, that's what the case was going to be. There wasn't much the bronzer could do, but who knew, if Suldith kept joining in chases for Miraneith, well… Zi'on just might find himself wearing the weyrleader's knot someday. Even if the gold seems to have clear preference and favorable desire for Glyith. Flights happened, and they could end up as accidents too. Let it not be said that Enka would be the type to test whether or not her boyfriend was a jealous one. So that bridge might never ever be crossed anyway. "Right." the goldrider nods, and then giggles when Zi'on chews on that mint leaf. She'll even do the same. Minty fresh! As he tucks the flower behind her ear, she grins at him, sliding an arm around his waist. After he kisses her, she leans against him, smiling. "I feel like an island weyrwoman."

Zi'on was alright not being the weyrleader, really. But he would always encourage Suldith to chase Miraneith, just in case his turn might be up. Maybe the gold would tire of Glyith eventually? Out of all the teasing Enka has done, she's never given the bronzer a reason to be jealous. Which if he was aware of, he would certainly be thankful for. The bronzer swallows down the mint leaf. It was a little bitter. Normally he'd probably spit it out, but Enka might get mad. The bronzer wraps his arms around Enka and smiles down at her. "It's kinda secluded and romantic up here," he admits.

"Mmmhmm." Enka is quiet a moment, just relaxing there in the bronzer's embrace. It was secluded and romantic, and the jut of caldera wall and low hanging tropical trees are arranged just so that it doesn't give much of a view for anyone on the ledges or flying around nearby to see. It was quiet and peaceful too. "I like it up here," she admits after a moment, nice and quiet." She rests her other hand against his chest, looking up at him with a look that made her seem a bit younger and innocent. "Could sit down." There were chairs and a bench, or they could relax on the grass together.

It maybe wasn't secluded enough for some messing around, but it was secluded enough. Or maybe they would risk someone coming up for herbs while they were occupying the garden. Wouldn't work of that get out fast! Zi'on hasn't really gotten around to telling anyone about their relationship, so even seeing them like this would be big news. "Mmhm. I come up here when I need some alone time, sometimes. When I don't want to be found in my weyr." The bronzer smiles down to her. Oddly enough, he looks older with her all nestle against him like that. "Good idea…" He leads her over to the grass, sitting down and inviting her to sit in front of him. "Backrub?"

It would probably be front page news within the Weyr before dinner time, and tongues would be wagging like crazy about how the weyrwoman was messing around with Zi'on in a public place like that. There was just too much of a risk of someone unknowingly tripping over them on a mission to gather herbs and well … they could at least sit together and talk and snuggle. That's not too much of a public display of affection. "I should do that more often," Enka says, looking thoughtful. "I've been in the habit of takin' a ride on Bubblies, but with the clutch comin', Mir won't want me to go too far." she smiles a little at him. They looked cute together. Settling on to the grass, her skirts a bit of a circle around her, the goldrider nods. "Would like that, yes."

Zi'on would know how to react to something like that. Deny it? Or cover it up? Or just gloat about how awesome he was to have snagged the weyrwoman? Enka likely would be embarrassed. But a little cuddling was harmless. It certain didn't speak the same as the two of them performing the horizontal mambo in the gardens. "Mm. You could always throw everyone out of the hatching stands. Post a guard on the entrance." The bronzer's hands start at Enka's shoulders, rubbing them out. He's gentle, but firm with her.

Enka probably would be embarrassed. Not so much at the event itself, but the fact that she got caught. Weyrbrats were supposed to be devious and sneaky and stuff. Having someone show up when she was getting busy with a bronzer would probably not be the best thing for her 'bratly ego. Cuddling though, was definitely an option, and it didn't look nearly so obvious as the two of them sans clothing and working up a good stuck-together time. "I could do that," Enka nods. "Of course, I wonder if there's a peep hole to the sands," the goldrider muses. "I probably shouldn't be tellin' you this, but there's one at Ista." She turns her head, taps the side of her nose — totally a secret, here! — and grins. "That wouldn't keep anyone out of the area, even with a guard at the entrance." She's definitely relaxing under his hands, the cares of the day worked free beneath Zi'on's fingers.

Zi'on wouldn't take it well. In his angsty teenage mind he would think Enka was embarrassed to be seen with him. And that would make a sad bronzer. Even if someone spots them, this was more like a date than anything else. Maybe it's their first? Someone else wouldn't know! He blinks, then laughs. "What kind of private time are you lookin' for? I don't do anything up here I'd care if someone saw. I ain't up here… fertilizin' the plants or nothin'." He laughs. The bronzer works his way in towards the base of her neck, then slowly starts down her back.

That poor bronzer. It's not that Enka would be embarrassed to be seen with him, but how can she tell him that without making him worry that she really was? She mmms softly when he works on her back and then peeks back over her shoulder at him. "Nothin' wrong with a little bit of cuddlin' or just sittin' together and talking," she remarks. "But don't you got gettin'

That poor bronzer. It's not that Enka would be embarrassed to be seen with him, but how can she tell him that without making him worry that she really was? She mmms softly when he works on her back and then peeks back over her shoulder at him. "Nothin' wrong with a little bit of cuddlin' or just sittin' together and talking," she remarks. "But don't you got gettin' any ideas about anythin' more private than that." She can totally give him a better … tour … of things later, but for now, just sitting on the grass and getting a massage is good enough for her. And if anyone saw, there's nothing wrong with a helpful bronzer giving a stressed out goldrider a massage. Since they're both wearing clothing, after all. "How was your day?" she'll inquire this of Zi'on, just because.

She can't! What a conundrum! But she can prove it by not being embarrassed to kiss him or hold hands in public. Or cuddle. He grins at her. "Well, can't help but think about it. But don't worry, I'll be good. Besides, I like cuddling with you like this." He would of course welcome a tour of places he's visited many times before! Not like he'd ever turn such things down. "Ah. It was alright. I have a meeting with a tech craftmaster tomorrow. For paperwork and such I guess. How about you? How's Mir feeling? Suldith said she looks like a sack of tubers."

Enka will just have to settle for the usual public displays of affection then. Like holding hands and kissing. Or cuddling, and giggling together. "Doesn't mean I aint thinkin' the same things." Enka says teasingly to the bronzer, taking another peek at him over her shoulder before she reaches around to take his hand. "Come here." it's not really an order, but not so much a request. The goldrider's had a good massage, now she wants to see him. Zi'on could even put his head in her lap if he wanted to. "Good," she nods. "Oh gettin' the meetin'. I think you'll make a great techcrafter." she pauses. "She /feels/ like a sack of tubers. Lumpy and bumpy. I'm tellin' you, this is goin' to be her biggest clutch yet." So far, Miraneith's been laying pretty steadily at around nine and ten eggs, but this one might be a bit bigger. I had to get out of the office, but she wouldn't let me into the weyr."

Zi'on continues to work over the goldrider's back. If she's got any knots, he works them out gently. He's not terribly experienced at giving back rubs, but he's passable. And he doesn't tickle or hurt her really. It just takes him a while. Once that's all over and she's beckoning him, he does lay his head in the goldrider's lap. Now he looks young. He nods about the techcrafting, then chuckles about Mir. "Yeah, maybe. or maybe all the eggs will be HUGE. Actually that might be painful for her… so uh. Hopefully a lot of eggs. Yeah." Zi'on picks up one of Enka's hands to kiss it.

Enka would consider it a good backrub. It certainly makes her feel more relaxed anyway. When Zi'on's settled down with his head in her lap, she rubs his shoulders with her fingers, a sort of semi-massage in return as she smiles down at him. "Shells, I hope not," the goldrider makes a face. "If they're too big, we could have a real problem on our hands." It's not like humans anyway. "I'm hopin' she has a big clutch. It was a good flight." As the bronzer kisses her hand, she rubs his shoulder again gently. "It'll be soon though. Any day now."

Zi'on chuckles. "Yeah. Maybe we don't want giant eggs. The little dragons will get smooshed. I hope she has a big clutch too. Then we can have lots of candidates and boss them all around." He laughs. "Suldith is excited to see little dragons. I told him he won't be able to visit them until they're hatched though. Mir doesn't like big fat bronzes on the sands with her." He peers up at her, then. "So uh… what about you? You planning on having any more kids?"

Enka laughs. "Maybe there'd be giant hatchlings in the giant eggs," the goldrider chuckles. "That happened with Mir's second clutch. They were positively monstrous." In fact, some of the biggest bronzes on Pern can boast of Miraneith as their dam. But then again, since her sire was /the/ biggest, until he sired her half-brother who was even bigger, giangantism must run in the family. On the other hand, there's Suldith to show that Mir throws size and tininess. "He really aint a big fat bronze though," Enka grins. "I don't think she'd mind if he watched from the ledges." there's a pause, and she looks down at him. "Mmm, I might. Someday. The twins are almost three though. It's been long enough since they were born for me to have a baby again. Not right now." Least he worry too much.

But not -the- biggest bronze! Nope. Mir was too young to be Azaeth's dame. But she was part of the family of gigantoids. All very big dragons. Probably all born of Ramoth or something. And then there was little Suldith. At least he was cute! The bronze doesn't seem to mind being small in the slightest really. He just has to be a little careful during flights. Zi'on chuckles. "I guess not. He's pretty small, actually. Pocket sized for my convenience. I'll see if he's interested in watching.' He nods about Enka wanting kids. Not that he was thinking right now. But he figures he ought to prepare himself for down the road. "My sister's pregnant I guess. Sort of wondering how you felt about it…"

It would be pretty weird if Miraneith was Azaeth's dam, because she would have had to time it and mate with her sire while pretending she was another gold dragon. Too weird and cliche or something. She /is/ his half-sister though, so the giant blood runs in her family tree — and since Xanadu blood is present in Istan blood, and Benden blood from Ramoth still probably was prevalent in the Xanadu line, that's probably where they all got their big size. After all, Mir's first gold daughter is the biggest freakingest gold on all of Pern, even if Mir isn't too huge herself. She nods. "He's a good size for a bronze. Like you said, pocket-sized." Which can be convenient. Better than trying to lug around a big horking gold. You'd get squished. At his next words, she pauses, quirking an eyebrow. "Well, that's good news for your sister." Yeah, she's sooo over this break up thing. "I'm sure she's happy. K'ael'll take really good care of her." Ask her how she knows. On second thought…. maybe not.

It's true. They're all descendants of Kilaueth, who at one point was largest dragon on Pern. And likely a direct descendant of Ramoth. And if Zi'on ever found out that Enka timed it he'd probably chew her out for being ridiculous and putting herself at risk. And Zeek… well Suldith probably wouldn't even chase her because she was scary. "Yeah. Easier to climb on that way. You need like… ropes to get on Mir." He nods at the goldrider. He's not sure how to take all of… that. "Mm." Zi'on sits up and leans over to rest his head on Enka's shoulder. "Are you happy Enka?"

So there one has it. Big dragons come from Xanadu. Xanadu dragons come from Benden Weyr. By a long long and far distance. Enka would deserve getting chewed out for that, so she wouldn't even try anything that stupid. Why would she? Zeek is scary. And people can't say her name right. And she made a lot of people hork their drinks the night she hatched, including Enka. "Yup, I need a rope. Definitely." the goldrider nods and tucks her skirts around her a bit more as the bronzer rests his head against her shoulder. "Of course I am, darlin'." she says with a reassuring smile. "I've got an expectin' dragon, the Weyr's still standin' and I've never felt better." She moves her hands to stroke his cheek softly. "I'm so happy it'd probably be a lot harder to make me happier." she does grin mischievously at him. "Although I know a way you could try."

Zi'on would have a heartattack at eighteen if he found out Enka was timing it. Zeek was… not something intended by Kitti Ping, that was for sure. Maybe she got too much sun or something while she was in her egg. The bronzer grins at her. "Yeah? That's good. I am, too. I got a bronze dragon, a good job, I'll have a craft soon… and I'm sitting here with the girl I love. Also she happens to be the weyrwoman." He chuckles. "Not that that last part really matter I guess. Other than the fact that you're trapped here at the weyr with be because your dragon is egg-heavy." Yep, he said it. The L-word. And he shows it by giving Enka a kiss.

Enka would feel terribly if the bronzer freaked out and had a heart attack. So she wouldn't time it. Or if she absolutely /had/ to, she wouldn't tell him and freak him out more. Which probably wouldn't help because Zi'on probably would find out. So no point in timing it at all. Zeek was what they called a freak of nature. Scary! Enka chuckles. "What could be better than that." Enka grins at him. Oh, he did say it. The L-word. And Enka's noticed because she gets all lovey-dovey soft and smiles warmly at him. Perfect! The kiss is certainly a good one. The goldrider will kiss him right back. Passionately. "If this keeps up," she giggles a bit. "We'd better go somewhere more private." Not that she minds staying here and snogging him, but if snogging leads to any other urges, the gardens are too public for them.

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